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Educational Philosophy of Jessica Snyder

Jessi Snyder
Huntington University
As a Steward of Knowledge it is my responsibility to teach and share my knowledge with
my students. One of the most important things I can do every day is love and care for my
students. I will expect and encourage them to learn; with that I also expect and encourage them
to give their best, to be organized, and to be responsible. Along with sharing my knowledge, it is
my responsibility to be a positive role model. I value the opportunity as a teacher I have to be a
positive influence, illustrating the importance of helping others and benefitting our community.

As a Steward of Learner Development, my relationship with my students is as an

instructor, learning provider, mentor, and role model. Every student is blessed with different
abilities and learning styles. To approach these differences I need to align my teaching style to
work best for them, engaging each learner. In a successful learning situation, my students will
leave knowing or better understanding something they didnt know when they came in; and
feeling confident in that knowledge. The classroom is a safe place where respect is modeled,
where discussions about differences of opinion can be addressed to respectfully.
As a Steward of the Environment, teachers need to create a safe environment that
promotes learning. The classroom should be set up so that distractions are minimal, there is a
comfortable distance between students, and the teacher is conscious of lighting and sounds.
Classroom management is essential to keep a positive learning environment; keeping students on
task, promoting positive attitudes, and assuring students that it is okay to ask questions or not to
understand. It is essential to promote friendship and peer interaction in the classroom to support
interpersonal intelligence.
As a Steward of Instruction, teachers need to come into the classroom prepared for that
days lesson. Not everything will always go according to plan. Being prepared also means being
flexible. Students need to feel comfortable in the way instruction is delivered. Having an outline
of the days schedule will help students know what to expect and is a good way to transition from
one subject to another. Assessments are critical to measure the success of instruction; if students
do poorly on a test rethink the method of instruction to make the material click for them.
It is a general expectation that children will learn and achieve skill sets. Along with
teaching the subject matter, it is also important for a teacher to teach life skills. Students need to
be taught to be respectful, independent thinkers, give their personal best, and be considerate of
others. Teachers are responsible for the education of the future leaders of our society, giving
them the basic understandings and life skills needed to be informed, upstanding citizens. The
teachers role in society is to be a model example of a good citizen. A teacher is a public figure
who represents the school and the community.