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Fit for-Life Health Campaign

Dear Readers

With the increasing number of global health issues, we are once again reminded to make health centre
stage in out lives. In line with that, Fitness Pharmacy is stepping forward to introduce our Fit-for Life
Health Campaign to you.
This year-long campaign is none of our many initiatives to help the community achieve good
health. With road shows scheduled across the nation all year round, you will get a chance to participate
in many activities, including free eye tests and health checks. Look out also for our exciting promotions
that will help stretch your ringgit further as you invest in your health.
At Fitness Pharmacy, we promote good health, as well as beauty and personal care. All our
stores are equipped to meet your comprehensive needs; we offer qualified pharmacists, prompt service
and an extensive choice of quality healthcare products. Most importantly, we are at your service in
every neighbourhood.
I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter. Please dont forget to look out for our Good Health
promotions in the months to come.
May you and your loved ones continue to be in the pink of health for years to come!

Joan Tan
Fitness Pharmacy (M) Sdn. Bhd

1. The main aim of the Fit-for-Life 5. Base on the newsletter, we can conclude
campaign is to that
A. sell healthcare products A. Fitness Pharmacy will be having a sale
B. conduct road shows everywhere soon
C. promote good health among people B. Fitness Pharmacy has an outlet in
D. educate people on global health every neighbourhood
issues C. Fitness Pharmacy will be selling more
beaty products
2. The phrase centre stage can best be D. Fitness Pharmacy has been organizing
replaced with the the campaign for many years.
A. role C. issue
B. focus D. hope 6. Which of the following statements is true?
A. Fitness Pharmacy is cutting down on
3. The road shows will be held promotions.
A. once a week B. Fitness Pharmacy is the organizer of the
B. once a month health campaign.
C. once in two months C. Fitness Pharmacy is hiring pharmacists
D. throughout the year for its new stores.
D. Fitness Pharmacy is opening more
4. The phrase stretch your ringgit further stores worldwide.
means to
A. save your money
B. multiply your money
C. get more value for money
D. spend your money carefully

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The programme has been so successful that there are now over 2000 centres
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