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1923 (VALIDATION)ACT, 1924.1
(Receivedthe assent of the Oovemor on the 3rd January
1925, rmd that of the Qovernor-General on the 31s:
January 1925 ; the assent of the Qovernor-General
was first published in the Fort St. George Gazette
o f the 17th February 1925.)
An Act to remove all doubts a s to the validity of the
l[ Tamil Nadu ] S u n e y and Boundaries Act, 1923.

WHEREAS it appears that the l[Tamil Nadu] Survey i[~amil I

m b k
and Boundaries Act, 1923, as assented to by thc !:,"& I
Gover~>or on 1he 2 1st day of February 1923, and by of
the Governor-General on the 12th day of March
1923 and as published in the Fort St. George Gazette,
on the 29th d ly of May 1923 contained the words
"order regarditlg" in sub-scction (2) of section 11
of the said Act instcad of the words ' map recording '
which occurred in the said sub-section as passed by
the Local Legislative Council ;
ANDWHEREAS doubts have arisen as to the validity of
the sxid Act and of things done und2r the same ;
AND WHEREAS it IS expedient to remove all such
doubts ; It is hereby enacted as follows :-
borr tltk 1. This Act may be called the ' [Tamil Nadu]
Survey and Boundaries Act, 1923 (Validation) A C ~ , I

2. In this Act, " the '[Tamil Nadu] Survey and ~ [ T
e s 1923, " shall mean what was publi- N a d u ] h
~ ~ u n d a r i Act,
shed under that title at pages 121 to 126 in Part IV VIU of
~ I

of the Fort St. George Oazette, dated the 29th day of lgu*
May 1923.
I Thego words ware substituted for the word " Madrasu by t b
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order. 1969, as amended by the
Tamil ~ a d Adaptation
came of Laws
into force on the(Second knandment)
14th January 1969. Order,
a pot Statamant of Objects and R w n s , see Ford St. G I ~ O ~
-ria, d a d tho 25th Novomber 1924-Part N, pago 272. .
I ---

1925s T.N.Acf XI] Sirpvay and B o u w

$ 101

3. The provisions contained in the '[Tad Nadu]

Survey dnd Boundaries Act, 1923, are hereby enacted of tho
with the substitution of the words A copy of the P I W P ~
order and a wpy of the map recording the bounda- Act-
ries as determined under section 9, 10 or 11 (1) shall
be furnished to any person interested in such order
or map " for Che words " A copy of the order under
section 10 or 11 (1) and a copy of the order regarding
the boundaries as determined under section 9, 10 or
11 (I), shall be furnished to any person interested
in such ordws " occurring in sub-section (2) of
section I1 of the '[Tamil Nad':] Survey and Boun-
cialies Act, 1%3. -ttqnd
And the said provision? with the said substitu-
tion shall be deemed to have been in force with effect
from the 29th day of May 1923.

1 Them aords were substituted for thd word " Madm by t60
Tamil N d u Adaptatbn of Laws Order, 1969, as amended. by tho
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of h w b @&hd h d m h t ) Otdar,
1969. which catno into force on tile, 14th f a f i w 1969..