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Feminism in

In recent years, feminism as a term has gotten
equated with a hatred for men and a general
desire for women to take power. But take a look
at feminisms definition: An advocacy of
womens rights on a basis of equality between
sexes. This definition of feminism remains most
feminist movements main goal and also gets
included in what freedom and liberty we seek
within libertarianism.

Libertarians Party Platform states We seek a

world of liberty; a world in which each
individuals exists as sovereign over their own lives and no one gets forced to sacrifice his or her values for benefit of
another. But what does that mean? In feminism, traditional cultural expectations get struggled with between gender roles.
Often it gets found that these expectations hold women back from following career goals or participating in many
traditionally male-dominated groups such as political groups for instance. Often seeing men gathering, networking, and
gaining opportunity as women stay at home with their children. Libertarians, seek sovereignty over such expectations. A
goal of individual liberty means women get encouraged to participate in a life of their choosing.

Its Platform continues We defend each persons right to engage in each peaceful and honest activity, and welcome those
diversities that freedom brings. Some women wish to place their family before their career. These women will get
encouraged to do so, not berated for going against feminism. Feminism doesnt mean putting career first but rather about
freedom of choice. Men also exist who desire to play a role of stay-at-home parent. Culturally, this choice still gets judged
and questioned. These personal and family choices do not get coerced into change because they seem against a norm.

In fact, this Libertarian Platform supports these choices further: We hold that each individual has a right to exercise sole
dominion over their own lives, and has a right to live in a manner they so choose, as long as they do not forcibly interfere
with equal right of others to live in whatever manner that they choose. When decisions get made based on a potential that a
woman may take time off work to have children, those judgments og her base on cultural norms of a womans gender and
age and not about offering women career choices solely based on those expectations.

National Organization of Libertarian Women explains practicing Libertarian principles offers women liberty to work, live,
believe and engage in activities that present no obstacle to liberty for fellow citizens of each gender. It continues by
explaining a better way of achieving this leve of freedom happens by removing violent enforcement and control and allowing
women to control their own worth and destiny.

Specific issues that women fight for or against many of which Libertarian as a Party supports. For example:

Domestic Violence - Libertarian Party opposes violence and holds strongly to a Non-aggression Principle. Actions
causing harm to another get condemned and prevented.
Reproductive rights - although members of this Party remain still torn on this issue, an officially adopted Platform
states that it does not exist as a place of government to make these decisions, but rather a personal private choice.
Breastfeeding - no victim occurs when a woman feeds her child. As such, no rules or laws shall stand against such.
Furthermore, by not allowing it or judging a woman negatively for feeding a child, this womans freedom gets
needlessly limited.

Libertarianism encourages people of each gender to consider making a choice towards liberty. Libertarianism as a Party
believes strength grows through diversity. Through respectful discussion we learn from differing backgrounds and