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1 MARCH 2017

LTC Landon Raby
Deputy District Engineer
Mobile District

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civil works. and stakeholders. OCONUS Boundaries: • Central & South American countries • US SOUTHCOM AOR (minus Caribbean) District HQ CONUS Boundaries: • Military boundary includes TN. AL & FL • Civil boundary outlined in blue 2 .MOBILE DISTRICT AREA OF OPERATIONS District Mission: To provide quality engineering and environmental products and services to our military. MS. and support for others customers. partners.

FL Cudjoe Key AFS 3 . FL Arnold AFB Marshall Space Flight Center Redstone Arsenal Fort McClellan Anniston Army Depot Columbus AFB Gunter AFB Maxwell AFB Fort Rucker 7 Army Installations Camp Shelby 10 Air Force Installations Stennis Space 3 NASA Space Centers Center Cape Canaveral AFS Tyndall AFB JFK Space Center Eglin AFB Patrick AFB Hurlburt Field Pensacola NAS Southern Command Homestead AFB MacDill AFB 7th SFG – Eglin AFB. CONUS Military Program Military SOF Operations Facility – Hurlburt Field.

WOSB. Project Projected Advertise Award Set-Aside Project Title Location Date Value Category Procurement Method Source Sought W91278-17-L- $45m 0020 AE Survey shared Closed 13 Feb and Mapping US 2nd Qtr FY 2017 capacity 2017 RFP-SATOC $30m UR Military 8(a).NAICS 541330– Est. Design US FY 2017 $49m SDVOSB $19m RFP-SATOCs $9m UR Military $1m SBSA Planning AMC US FY 2017 $10m RFP – SATOCs . A-E OPPORTUNITIES .

Project Projected Advertise Award Set-Aside Procurement Project Title Location Date Value Category Method MEDCOM Single Phase Western D/B Region 3rd Qtr FY 17 $49m SDVOSB RFP-MATOC 2nd Qtr FY 17 W91278- MEDCOM US 16-R-0030 $475m UR RFP-MATOC .236220 Est. SAM CONSTRUCTION .

Haley New 100 Room Veterans Bed Tower – Hospital W91278-17-R-0002 Veterans Adm Tampa.3rd Qtr $245m (2) UR under evaluation North/South Military Region Mobile Construction District “ $200m (2) SBSA RFP.Step 1 – 2nd Qtr Market Research Construction District Step 2. SAM CONSTRUCTION . Award Set-Aside Procurement Project Title Location Date Value Category Method North/South RFP -MATOC Military Region Mobile D/B .MATOCs North AL – 8a South AL – SDVOSB Gulf Coast – 8(a) Area South FL – Military Construction Step 1 . FL Phase One Closed $100+m UR RPF “C” Contract .3rd Qtr $46m (4) RFP-SATOC James A.236220– Project Projected Advertise Est.2nd Qtr WOSB Construction Offices Step 2.

Award Set-Aside Procurement Project Title Location Date Value Category Method Redstone D/B .Step 1 – 2nd Qtr Arsenal and Step 2.3rd Qtr ERDC – 8(a) IIS .CONUS ERDC $46 ea (2) Redstone – 8(a) RFP .SAM CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES– Project Projected Advertise Est.SATOC NAMRU-6 Sources Sought Minor Repairs Posted Peru 3rd Qtr FY17 $10m UR SATOC NAMRU-6 Building 2 Repairs Peru 4th Qtr FY 18 $10m UR RFP “C” Contract .

mil 8 .mil Office of Small Business FOR MORE INFORMATION Mobile District 251-690-3597 www.