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How to Pass the Board Licensure

Choose the Right Review Center - Choosing the right review center for you gives you the
instant edge, you will discern which review offers the best review programs from your
classmates and schoolmates because they will speak lofty of the review center they engaged with
before. Bear in mind that the aspirant's factor will always prevail at the end but getting ample
help from the best available review center around is indeed tempting yet very helpful. In review
center you will be able to gain access to the past problems that were given, you'll get to learn
survival techniques, you'll learn about the current trend, get a lot of lift from your classmates or
fellow reviewee and give you a lot of confidence. There is a big "but," here however, if you don't
have enough cash to enroll in a review center, it is okay there are still an option to get you around
and still have strong chance of passing. Depending on your budget you may settle for the second
best or any review center that offers cheaper rates. Remember that you carry your own tail and it
is you who will determine your passing chances, no more no less. If you don't have cash at all,
you need to persevere a lot, be resourceful and this is the key. The following tips will help you
pull through in case you cannot afford to enroll in a review center.

Gather a lot of review materials and books by borrowing from your classmates and friends.
Ask a lot especially about what transpired in the recent examination like what certain problems
in a particular field that appeared in the examination, the techniques they used to hurdle the
examination, and ask anything under the sun. There is no harm doing this because you are in an
all-out effort to be a Licensed professional, what at stake is so great and this is what matters

Pile up Stock Knowledge - My reviewer one time told me that many honor students even from
reputable school also flunked the examination, and they are many, in other words, the outcome of
the examination doesn't rely on intelligence alone, and I agree on him. The culprit could be over
rationalization, over confidence and/or even lack of preparation. The licensure examination is not
a quiz bee thing where the most intelligent individuals are most likely to prevail. This is a
marathon contest and the one blessed with immense patience and good study habits are favored. I
reviewed 4 to 10 hours a day learning the elements of the examinations and concentrating on
problem solving. Yes, stock knowledge is the key in passing any given licensure examination,
and it takes a lot of perseverance to do it. Keep on moving by reading as many as you can and if
necessary solve a lot.

Do not rely on luck - Extreme luck comes in a blue moon when trying to pass the examination,
but I believe that you create your own luck based on my experience. Why? Simple, the more you
review the more you are exposed to a lot of knowledge and when the time calls for you to make a
guess, you are actually making an educated guess. So when you are better prepared and indeed
battle ready, your answer in every questions have strong chance of extracting the coveted right
Know the Trend - immerse yourself with questions and problems that were previously given,
this undertaking will help you a lot in your review. It eases out the tension and pressure in you,
plus it acclimatizes you to the real examination. Solving past board problems also helps in
boosting your confidence.

Unwind Once in a While - You are not a machine and neither a robot, c'mon get real, if you are
experiencing burnout already, find time to go to beach with your friends, watch movies or do
some activities that will help you regain your energy. Reviewing is a very strenuous job, and you
need to relax to keep going and energized. Bear in mind that even the greatest chess
grandmasters around the world plays sports or find time to unwind.

Don't Rely on Prayers - It is very okay to ask for divine providence all the time, but God only
help those who help themselves. While you pray do all your job, review hard as you could and
for sure God's blessings will be with you when you take the examination.

Motivate Yourself - Always say to yourself that you need to pass the examination with all your
might and capabilities, you're future is at stake here.

Do Not Pressure Yourself With the Expectations of Other People - You are determined to
pass the examination, and what will people speak of your performance is irrelevant they are not
the ones that feed you or shouldered your collegiate fees and expenses. This is your fight not
theirs and be sure you are giving your best shot.

Rest, Eat Well and Exercise - The big three in regaining lost energy and will inevitably make
you sharp at all times.

Before the Examination - Most examinees usually relax themselves three days before the
examination. One fay before the Examination be sure that you have the necessary materials with
you that you will need in the examination and be sure that you know your room assignment.

During the Examination - Alas, this is your day, relax, take a deep breath often. Answer the
easy ones first but be sure that you have answers for every questions 30 minutes before the given
time. Don't get carried away with those examinees that passes their papers at an earlier time. Use
your time well, these people are not genius, but rather lacks preparation with the examination
and as a result they made guesswork with the test.

God Bless!
How to top the board examination?

Read and understand what you are reading.2.

Buy or gather review materials as many as you can.3.

Attend review classes regularly. Take down notes.4.

Believing and improving the result of your mock board examination.5.

Put Go first in everything you do.6.

Read more than 8 hours in 24 hours

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Guidelines in reviewing
How to fail the board examination?1.

Read once in a while.2.

Do not buy or gather review materials. Be satisfied with what you have3.

Do not attend or join review classes. Attend review class irregularly.4.

Dot not believe on the result of your mock board examination.5.

Do not pray. Do not believe in God.6.

Sleep while others are reading.

How to pass the board examination?

Read 3 hours a day.2.

Gather review materials.3.

Attend the review lectures regularly.4.

Believe on the result of your mock board examination.5.

Depend on God.6.

Spend more time in reading than relaxing

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