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With over 78,000 mission critical display wall installations worldwide, Mitsubishi
Electric plays an essential role in keeping our modern world moving.
From Moscow to Tokyo and New York to Istanbul, Mitsubishi Electric
displays operate around the clock, ensuring a smooth flow of infrormation
to the network and enables operators to zoom in quickly to any potential
trouble spots. With an expected lifetime of 100,000 hours, Mitsubishi
Electric display wall cubes are designed and built to meet the most
demanding requirements for 24/7 continuous operation environments.

Where there is a need to monitor and control information flows, Mitsubishi

Electric is there.
TOLL FREE 888.307.0309
PHONE 905.475.7728

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The Safe Harbor

in a Storm of Change
DistribuTECH 2017 Heads Back to San Diego

22 Ins and Outs of Outage Management

36 Stacked Value in DER


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The bar for smart meters
has been raised.
Sensus Stratus goes above and beyond other electricity
meters in safety standards, accuracy and performance
testing. It exceeds ANSI and UL 2735 standards and aces
stress and endurance tests beyond those requirements.

Smart? Yes. But it is also a safer, more dependable meter,

thanks to patented dual-sensor technology that detects and
reacts to out-of-range temperature rise.

And when combined with our secure FlexNet communication

network, your utility will also receive more data, faster. So you
can balance your distribution system with built-in phase detection,
and manage voltage more accurately than ever before. Taking
your grid not just to the next level, but the highest level.

Nothings out of reach.

Grant Imahara
Get the facts on smart grid, and Discovery Channel
meet Grant Imahara at DistribuTECH,
booth 3031 on February 1st.
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18 Beyond Smart Meters

The arrival of advanced connectivity, e-commerce and machine-to-machine
(M2M) communications will eventually encourage utilities across the country to
embrace new business models.
By Tom Blewitt, UL

22 The Ins and Outs of Outage Management

Who could blame operators who feel overwhelmed in dealing with outage

management? Weather, cybersecurity, customer service. Yada yada yada. Its a
wonder that utility pros dont blow a fuse with all of this.
By Rod Walton, Senior Editor

28 Drones Take off for Utilities

Connecting at the Bay Aug. 29, 2016, marked a historical day for the drone industry as the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) enacted the first operational rules for routine non-hobbyist use
You can harbor a vessel on a captains ambition, of drones. Electric utility companies like St. Louis-based Ameren Corp., wasted no
or harbor a fugitive despite your suspicion. time taking advantage of new FAA rules. The reasons for that are two-fold.
But lets be honest as allowed by law: Isnt By Jeremiah Johnson, 3DR
Harboring Energy Innovation the greatest of all?
That last line is the theme of the 27th annual 30 Are You Ready for the Future?
DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition Once a year, IDC Energy Insights analysts globally produce their vision of what
utilities should prepare for, focusing specifically on technology-related initiatives.
returning to San Diego from Jan. 31-Feb. 2. For each prediction, they provide detailed guidance for IT and line-of-business
By Rod Walton, Senior Editor decision-makers and influencers.
By Robert Bigliani, IDC Energy Insights

36 Stacked Value
From the Editor 4 There is no question that energy storage is transforming our power markets. Names
like Gates, Zuckerberg, Branson and Bezos are jumping in. Storage is hot. But when
it comes to achieving an ROI from storage investments, it could be a lot hotter.
Notes 6 By Eric Hoevenaars, Enbala Power Networks

Products 44
42 Clear Visibility
Calendar/Ad Index 46 Many utilities are moving beyond advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
deployments and expanding to more complex smart city initiatives. Systems
Parting Thoughts 48 initially deployed for AMI are now supporting multiple services. The challenge with
supporting multiple tenants and services on the same field network is that doing so
makes security increasingly difficult and raises the likelihood of vulnerabilities.
By Tony Bogovic, Vencore Labs

PowerGrid International (ISSN 1547-6723). back issues are also available on microfilm International is a registered trademark. er list available to carefully screened compa-
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the U.S. and $21 international. Copies of 122, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6S4. PowerGrid to copying. We make portions of our subscrib-

2 | January 2017

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With over 78,000 mission critical display wall installations worldwide, Mitsubishi
Electric plays an essential role in keeping our modern world moving.
From Moscow to Tokyo and New York to Istanbul, Mitsubishi Electric
displays operate around the clock, ensuring a smooth flow of infrormation
to the network and enables operators to zoom in quickly to any potential
trouble spots. With an expected lifetime of 100,000 hours, Mitsubishi
Electric display wall cubes are designed and built to meet the most
demanding requirements for 24/7 continuous operation environments.

Where there is a need to monitor and control information flows, Mitsubishi

Electric is there.
TOLL FREE 888.307.0309
PHONE 905.475.7728
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Richard Baker

Industry in 2017 EDITOR IN CHIEF

Teresa Hansen
I cant believe it is already 2017! By the time you read this, DistribuTECH
Conference and Exhibition will be just around the corner. The entire SENIOR EDITOR
Rod Walton
DistribuTECH team has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the 918.831.9177
event. Typically, I use this issues editors letter to tell you more about the event,
but I decided this year because you can read more about the event in the feature Jeff Postelwait
that begins on page 12, I would instead give you my top five predictions for the
electricity delivery industry in the year ahead. CONTRIBUTING EDITOR
TransmissionHub Senior Analyst Corina Rivera-Linares
1. The first high voltage direct current (HVDC) line to be built in the U.S.
in decades will break ground. Clean Line Energy Partners Plains and Eastern DESIGNER II
Heather Skeith
Clean Line project, which will run from western Oklahoma to Tennessee, has 918.831.9176

nearly all the state and federal regulatory approvals it needs to move forward, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-AUDIENCE
and expects to receive the remaining approvals soon. When completed, the June Griffin
HVDC line will deliver 4,000 MW of low-cost wind power from the Oklahoma
Panhandle region to utilities and customers in Tennessee and Arkansas. Linda Thomas
2. Distributed energy resources (DER), like rooftop solar PV, small combined
heat and power generators, energy storage and even microgrids, will continue AD SERVICES COORDINATOR
Cary Shipley
to be added to the edge of the grid, making it more stable, reliable and resilient 918.831.9438
and mitigating the need to build new capital projects, such as peaking power
plants, substations and transmission and distribution lines. Sara Jones
3. The Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to make headlines in 2017 and
the electric grid will be a big part of it. More digital devices will continue to
be added not just to the electric grid, but to buildings, electric equipment and
many other devices that are connected to the grid. More data will be collected PENNWELL CORPORATION
1421 S. Sheridan Road, Tulsa, OK 74112
through these devices and data analytics will continue to move automation, PO Box 1260, Tulsa OK 74101
Phone 918.835.3161 Fax 918.831.9834
machine-to-machine interface and IoT forward.
4. Cybersecurity spending will increase. All the new data and devices I men-
tioned in No. 3 will be prime targets for hackers and cyberterrorists, so utilities PENNWELL CORP. IN EUROPE
PennWell International Limited
will continue to invest heavily to protect their infrastructures, equipment and The Water Tower, Gunpowder Mill
Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 1BN, United Kingdom
data, as well as their customers data and information. phone +44.1992.656600
fax +44.1992.656700
5. Investment in renewable energy and other sustainability efforts will continue;
despite the new administration. Although President Trumps administration will
CHAIRMAN Robert F. Biolchini
take a different path than President Obamas on energy policy, states have been
VICE CHAIRMAN Frank T. Lauinger
and will continue to drive renewable energy, energy efficiency, demand response PRESIDENT AND CHIEF
and other sustainability/green program investments. States like California, New
York and others in the Northeast will continue to lead in these efforts. DEVELOPMENT AND STRATEGY Jayne A. Gilsinger
Ill hang on to this issue until next year and see how I do on these predictions. CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Brian Conway
And, oh yeah, Id like to add one more: DistribuTECH 2017 will be the best
DistribuTECH yet! I hope to see you there. P.O. Box 3264, Northbrook, IL 60065
phone 847.559.7330

POWERGRID International is the

official publication of
4 | January 2017

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A fully rugged Toughbook on Americas largest, most reliable
4G LTE network helps you stay connected so you can keep
energy flowing even in the toughest environments.

2016 Panasonic Corporation of North America. All rights reserved.

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Donald Trumps plan to appoint two Betsy DeVos to head the Department of
southeast U.S. conservative icons for key Education). Actor Bryan Cranston revived
energy and environmental posts may dim his Breaking Bad meth dealer Walter
the lights of clean energy advocates who White as the Trump appointee to head
Rick Petty
hoped he would see things their way. the Drug Enforcement Administration.
But should they despair? Many crit- Other opponents responded by going
ics took to the airwaves and Twitter to the metaphorical route, comparing the
decry Trumps announced nominations anti-EPA Pruitt running that agency
of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and to Gandhi taking over the Defense
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt Department or putting the fossil indus-
to head the U.S. Energy Department and try fox in charge of the climate-change
the Environmental Protection Agency, henhouse.
respectively. Surely these were signs of But some have encouraged those
the coming climate apocalypse: Perry is freaked out to calm down, that theres Scott Pruitt

a man who only five years ago talked only so much either Pruitt or Perry could reaction to Perrys appointment. Yes, Perry
of getting rid of the energy department, do to damage their massive agencies. Plus, called for the shutdown of the Department
while Pruitt has sued the EPA numerous some might even be surprised at how well of Energy (when he could remember to
times, including the recent legal fight clean energy and smart grid advancement name those agencies he would eliminate
over the Clean Power Plan (CPP). may survive during those terms. as a prospective president). But, no, he
Pruitt may have been the biggest stun- There are statutory limits to what could not or did not derail much of the
ner among Trumps controversial cabinet any agency head could do, said Austin clean energy growth in Texas and likely
announcements. He has sued the EPA Whitman, director of regulatory affairs for wont do so from Washington D.C.
over just about every major edict affect- FirstFuel, a firm focused on cloud-based Perry has a reputation for standing
ing power plants, including regional digital engagement for energy companies. up for his constituents. So while we can
haze, cross-state pollutions rules and He cant single-handedly repeal those expect him to shape the DOE research
finally, the CPP, which calls for a 32 per- laws or single-handedly dissolve the agenda in support of traditional oil and
cent reduction in carbon dioxide emis- EPA, Whitman, who admitted that he is gas based on his Texas background, Texas
sions from power plants by 2032. more of a regulatory expert than a legal is also home to more than one-fifth of the
Saturday Night Live even used its cold scholar, said. There are certain things he onshore wind capacity in the U.S., which
opening December 10 to make a funny, can do with regard to funding, focus and benefits ranchers and property owners as
if biting, point about Pruitts nomina- legal challenges. well as electricity usersso he wont be
tion (and that of school choice advocate Whitman also urged caution on the able to ignore this group, Whitman said.


Arizona Public Service (APS) has Partner Program (SPP) and represent reliability for customers. Through SPP,
signed on to 4-MW energy storage AES first installation in Arizona. more than 1,500 customers had pho-
agreement with AES Energy Storage that The Solar Partner Program studies the tovoltaic rooftop solar panels, totaling
will provide enough storage capacity to use of smart inverters and energy storage 10 MW, installed on their homes at no
power 1,000 homes. The pair of 2-MW to examine how best to integrate solar charge, and receive a $30 monthly bill
AES Advancion energy storage arrays onto the grid in areas with a high pen- credit for the next 20 years for their
will be deployed as part of the APS Solar etration of solar while still maintaining participation. The information APS gains
Storage Continued on page 8
6 | January 2017

1701PG_6 6 1/5/17 8:26 AM

New regulations are going to change
the way you work from the field to the

Laptops and equipment you use to test and

maintain your substation assets have been
identified as potential cyber security risks.
There are new NERC CIP requirements to
protect these assets from being compromised.

What does this mean for your testing


Doble can help you develop a compliant Field

Force Automation program that will not only
meet new regulationsit will fit into your work
practices and improve efficiency.

We will work with you to make sure the program

makes sense for your teams, your needs, and
your systems.


Visit us at booth #1123 during DistribuTECH
Download our white paper: What does
NERC CIP mean for my testing program?
Go to for more information.

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Following eight years of comprehensive the environmental impact statement pro- interregional transmission infrastructure
federal environmental review, the Bureau of cess. A notice of availability of the ROD like the TWE project, which will allow
Land Management (BLM), U.S. Department for the TWE project will be published in California and other Desert Southwest
of the Interior has signed its Record of the Federal Register. utilities to directly access high-capacity
Decision (ROD) approving the TransWest BLMs ROD follows the May 1, 2015, Wyoming wind to balance and diversify
Express (TWE) transmission project. publication of the TWE Project final their generation portfolios in a cost-effec-
tive manner, said Bill Miller, president
and CEO of TransWest, an independent
transmission developer.
Todays important federal permitting
milestone further advances the TWE
projects progress and brings this critical
infrastructure project one step closer
Bureau of Land Management to constructioncreating employment
opportunities across the West.
The TWE is a high-voltage, direct environmental impact statement. The The projects construction is estimated
current (HVDC) electric transmission final environmental impact statement to create up to 1,500 direct construction
system being developed by TransWest reflected years of detail-driven environ- jobs each year for an estimated three-
Express LLC to directly and efficiently mental analysis, public input and collab- year construction period.
access diverse renewable energy supplies oration among 50 federal, state and local The TWE will extend from south-cen-
while reducing greenhouse-gas emis- cooperating agencies. tral Wyoming, to the site of a poten-
sions. This significant energy infrastruc- The BLM ROD approves issuing a tial interconnection near Delta, Utah,
ture will add 3,000 MW of backbone right-of-way grant for the TWE project and then to the Marketplace Hub near
transmission capacity between the Desert on BLM-managed land, which represents Hoover Dam in southern Nevada,
Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions. about 60 percent of the 730-mile route. which provides interconnections to the
A ROD is the final step for agencies in The Western U.S. needs new California, Nevada and Arizona grids.

Storage Continued from page 6

from this study will help craft what the which have a total of 120 SPP customers 2015, AES opened
future of renewable energy integration and a high penetration of solar. The bat- up the Advancion
looks like for utilities across the country. teries will deliver energy to customers at platform to
The best renewable energy is the the time of day when electricity is in the third-party own-
type a customer never thinks about. greatest demand and is most expensive. ership, and this
A light goes on, a load of towels gets APS anticipates Arizonas energy needs project with APS
washed and life goes on as reliably as will be approximately 25 percent higher will be among the Courtesy AES
ever before, all powered by the sun, by 2025. The company plans to meet 50 first utility-owned APSAdvancion system being installed
said Scott Bordenkircher, APSs director percent of that growth with renewable Advancion battery in Arizona.
of technology innovation. This is the energy and energy efficiency. storage arrays.
future APS looks toward as it studies AES Advancion has more than 3 mil- The pair of 2-MW Advancion ener-
energy storage. lion megawatt-hours of delivered service gy storage arrays began installation in
The two Advancion battery arrays will across a fleet of deployed energy storage November 2016 and are expected to
be installed in Surprise and Buckeye, projects spanning three continents. In become operational in early 2017.

8 | January 2017

1701PG_8 8 1/5/17 8:26 AM



PJM Interconnections board has Among the projects approved were the: The board approved the IRM and
approved changes of nearly $260 million to Reconductoring of the entire Dequine- associated parameters for each of the
the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan Meadow Lake 345-kV circuit No. 2 next four delivery years based on results
in the AEP Transmission Zone, at an
(RTEP) to incorporate baseline and network estimated cost of $6.6 million; the from PJMs annual IRM Study, PJM said.
upgrade changes. required in-service date is June 1, 2021 It noted that those parameters are key
The approved facility upgrades were Reconductoring of the entire Dequine- inputs to the reliability pricing model
presented to the Transmission Expansion Eugene 345-kV circuit No. 1 in the auctions; the IRM study also satisfies the
Advisory Committee in November, PJM AEP Transmission Zone, at an esti- requirements of the resource adequacy
said, adding that all of the approved proj- mated cost of about $22.2 million; the standard for the ReliabilityFirst Corp.
required in-service date is June 1, 2021
ects will be incorporated into the RTEP. The study results re-set IRM for the
Adding a second 345/138-kV transform-
PJM said that the board authorized $259.34 delivery years of 2017/2018, 2018/2019,
er at the Chamberlin substation in the
million for: 2019/2020, and establish the initial IRM
ATSI Transmission Zone, at an estimat-
Construction of new baseline reliability ed cost of $3.8 million; the required for 2020/2021, PJM said, adding that
upgrades totaling $158.11 million and in-service date is June 1, 2021 the study examines the 11-year planning
associated cost allocations for the upgrades
With the newest changes, PJM said that horizon, from June 1, 2016, through
Changes to previously approved RTEP
it has authorized more than $29 billion May 31, 2027.
baseline upgrades for a net increase of
$47.26 million in transmission additions and upgrades Based on results, PJM said that it rec-
since the first RTEP began in 2000. ommended a 16.6 percent IRM for the
Addition of facilities, network upgrades
and withdrawal of cancelled facilities PJM also said that its board has approved 2017/2018, 2019/2020, and 2020/2021
related to the interconnection queue the 2016 Installed Reserve Margin (IRM) delivery years, and a 16.7 percent IRM
for a net increase of $53.97 million Study results of 16.6 percent for 2017-18. for the 2018/2019 delivery year.

Go to for more information.

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CPFL Energia Investing in MRT Transmission Network to Link So Paulo Grid
Brazilian private power utility CPFL Energia is investing in says Raphael Macedo, sales leader for vertical markets in Brazil.
deployment of a new microwave radio transmission network CPFL is already a user of Siae Microelettronica radio
that will interconnect its So Paulo operational sites including systems and relies on the high quality of its products said
substations and data centers in that city. Jefferson Alberto Scudeler,
The new network will replace an existing analogue super automation and smart grid
high frequency (SHF) network that reached its end of life, offer- manager in CPFL, adding
ing a high capacity communication ring interconnecting over 27 This network enables us in
sites including electric power substations, operational centers offering a better service and
and a CPFL data center, the company reporting. For this project modern management of our
CPFL awarded Siae Microelettronica together with its partner So Paulo infrastructure.
CMA to deliver a full turnkey solution including network design, CPFL holds 12.4 percent
deployment and training. The network will be fully managed and of the Brazilian electricity
based upon the latest digital microwave radio platform, offering market share with 7.8 million
integrated ring protection. customers in the states of
The integrated ring protection mechanism, and multiple So Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul,
radio management from a single compact network element, Paran and Minas Gerais. It is the nations third largest electric
offers CPFL the opportunity to minimize the equipment on site, utility after Eletrobras and CEMIG. Sales by the CPFLs eight distri-
minimizing the cost effort for the renewal of their backbone bution units totaled nearly 58,000 GWh last year.

Analog Devices and China Electric Power Research Institute Collaborate to Improve Smart Substations
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) announced a collaboration with cooperation. By combining the strengths of electric power sys-
the China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) to improve tems and electronic systems, this cooperation will advance the
reliability of smart substations. The ADI-CEPRI team will engage reliability of smart substations.
in joint laboratory and field research to drive innovations Cross-functional groups from both companiesincluding
advancing the reliability of smart substations. members of ADIs energy systems engineering and semiconduc-
CEPRIs expertise in the analysis of electrical systems, com- tor reliability teams, and CEPRIs departments of high-voltage,
bined with ADIs smart energy capabilities, will offer engineering relay protection, power automation and metrologywill iden-
solutions that solve complex grid challenges and enable the tify specific reliability issues, jointly create innovative solutions,
transition to the digital grid, according to the release. hold technical workshops and draft international standards, all
Reliable electricity is the lifeblood of modern society, said with the ultimate goal of continuing to improve the resiliency
Rick Hess, executive vice president Analog Devices. By improv- and reliability of smart substations.
ing reliability in smart substations, this collaboration between
ADI and CEPRI will ensure Chinas utility users enjoy enhanced
productivity, comfort and safety.
ADI offers applications including high reliability signal process-
ing and sensing technologies for the protection, monitoring and
control of electric power systems. CEPRI is a multi-disciplinary
and comprehensive research institute within the State Grid
Corporation of China, the largest electric utility company in the
world and a leader in the adoption of smart grid technologies.
Analog Devices is a world leader in the development of
high-performance, high-reliability signal processing, measure-
ment and sensing technologies. CEPRI has rich experience in the
area of system application, testing and inspection, and power
grid operation analysis, said Jianbo Guo, president of CEPRI.
Both parties can carry out innovative and complementary ADI-CEPR ceremony

10 | January 2017

1701PG_10 10 1/5/17 8:26 AM

Innovation drives everything we do. At Vencore Labs,
we turn transformative research into mission-critical
applications. Thats why weve created SecureSmart,
the industrys only wireless network intrusion detection
system that provides real-time network health, anomaly
detection, threat analysis and visualization for smart grids.

Come see for your yourself.

BOOTH 3638

Go to for more information.

1701PG_11 11 1/5/17 8:26 AM



Connecting at the Bay

DTECH2017 Brings Global T&D Leaders Back to San Diego
Y ou can harbor a vessel on a cap-
tains ambition, or harbor a fugitive
There are few opportunities like
DTECH to pulse such a large cross-sec-
despite your suspicion. But lets be honest
tion of the utility industry, said Steve
forefront of many smart grid and dis-
tributed generation movements, recently
named PA Consultings ReliabilityOne
as allowed by law: Isnt Harboring Energy
Schneider, chief solutions architect at Award winner for the west region. And
Innovation the greatest of all? Leidos Engineering Inc., one of the #DTECH2017as it will be known on
That last line is the theme of the 27th
events sponsors. At Leidos, we par- Twitteris where many industry inno-
annual DistribuTECH Conference and ticipate at DTECH because we greatly vations will be announced and vetted by
Exhibition returning to San Diego from value the feedback and input we receive scores of insiders.
Jan. 31-Feb. 2. And, frankly, you cantfrom our customers and other industry DistribuTECH offers both the cut-
conceal the industry splash that will be
stakeholders related to their challenges ting edge and the valuable real-world
made for those three days at the San and our latest technology and service experiences in technology from the sub-
Diego Convention Center. More than offerings. station to the home meter and beyond,
11,000 attendees, 500 exhibitors, 100- DistribuTECH returns to San Diego Conference Program Chairwoman
plus expert speakers and 14 conference after two years to partake in the citys Teresa Hansen, also Editor-in-Chief of
tracks will see to that. devotion in using technology to pro- POWERGRID International, the events
duce a cleaner, more efficient and prof- official publication, said. POWERGRID
itable power grid. Our Internationals parent company PennWell
host utility, San Diego owns and produces DistribuTECH.
DistribuTECH 2017 in Detail Gas & Electric, is at the Every year, whether its about

When: Jan. 31-Feb. 2

Where: San Diego Convention Center

Attendees: More than 11,300

Exhibitors: More than 500

Conference Tracks: 14

Total Social Media Audience Reach of

#DTECH2016: 6,762,028

Website to register:

12 | January 2017

1701PG_12 12 1/5/17 8:27 AM


substation automation, microgrid islanding, post- businesses. Colvin is a veteran of Bill

Black Energy cybersecurity or top-shelf customer OReillys show on Fox News and ABC
service, the latest and best information gets talked World News Tonight.
about here, Hansen added. Its all business all day, Joining Colvin on the keynote program
but we also try to have a lot of fun in the evenings. will be Audrey Zibelman, chair of the
DistribuTECHs 14 conference tracks will include New York Public Service Commission,
the usual draws such as Advanced Metering, and Scott Drury, newly promoted presi-
Communications Solutions and Distribution dent of San Diego Gas & Electric.
Automation, among others. But any event that truly DistribuTECH 2017 also will
desires growth also encourages change, so three new announce the coveted annual Projects
tracks for the 2017 version are added: Microgrids, of the Year at the keynote. The catego-
Internet of Things/Smart Cities, and DER, DR ries are Customer Engagement, Demand
and Other Non-wire Alternatives. The former will Response/Energy Efficiency, Renewable
feature panelists from all over the globe, from the Grid Integration and Grid Optimization.
Korea Electric Power Research Institute to GE Grid Last years winning utilities included PPL
Solutions, Oncor to EDF. Electric, Duke Energy Ohio, Hawaiian
The newly minted IoT/Smart Cities track will hold Electric and CenterPoint Energy.
sessions on the Connected Home and Connected Augmenting the drill-down depth
Utility: Bring Your Own Device and Smart Cities of the conference tracks will be Mega
and the Energy Transition. Comverge, Schneider Sessions and the Monday, Jan. 30 all-
Electric, Black & Veatch, the U.S. Department of day Utility University. The conference
Energy and Commonwealth Edison will be among prelude, Utility University offers topics
the vendors, researchers and utilities offering their ranging from distribution management
expertiseand offering hard-earned answerson systems to SCADA, AMI operations,
this growing field. Gartner research indicates that outage management in deeper measure
so-called smart cities are already using about 1.6 often required by most ambitious grid
billion connected things this year, including 314 professionals. The mega sessions, slotted
million devices involving utilities alone. on Wednesday, Feb.1, pull out meatier
What makes IoT an exciting frontier is that the examinations of sector challenges such as
Zilbelman value of connectedness of intelligent devices now plugging into the Smart City Revolution
forms a platform where applications, driven by busi- and hiring the next generation of electric
ness intelligence and data analytics, can transform power engineers.
envisioned capability into reality, said conference The morning starts bright and early
track chairman Ron Chebra, Verizon Enterprise with a variety of Breakfast Roundtables
Services senior IoT architect for energy and utilities. on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Those morn-
It provides the means to deliver practical solutions ing sessions include au courant topics
driven by logical orchestration of activities that can such as aging infrastructure, AMI/AMR,
be tailored by condition-based information. cybersecurity, drones, grid-edge devices,
Such things may sound like inside baseball to mobile technologies and synchrophaser
utility novices, but DistribuTECH also boasts some measurement and precision time. The
heavy hitters outside the industry. The Jan. 31 key- Women in Utilities networking breakfast
note features Geoff Colvin, senior editor-at-large for also occurs on Wednesday morning at
Fortune magazine, who will share his views on how the same time.
the digital transformation impacts energy-related That sounds like a lot of workalbeit

January 2017 | 13

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with great food thrown in for good mea- International and Electric Light & Power finale is the Car
surebut even the most ambitious grid at Pennwell Booth No. 3648. On Giveaway at the
professional needs to cut loose every Tuesday evening will be DistribuTECHs Pennwell booth.
once and a while. And #DTECH2017 Opening Reception on the exhibit floor. At last years event,
will offer plenty of opportunity for net- Follow up Wednesdays array of round- a lucky attendee
working and fun, since those two words tables, mega sessions and exhibitions won a brand-new
can surely be interconnected. by dancing and connecting at the net- Camaro. This time
The conference has a party planned working party hosted by POWERGRID around, someone
every night from Monday, Jan. 30 International magazine. can go home with
to Wednesday, Feb. 1. First up on Those are all the days parties, but a sleek, eye-catch-
late Monday is the Exhibitor ONLY the fun doesnt end there. Wrapping ing Dodge
Reception hosted by POWERGRID up DistribuTECHs Thursday afternoon Challenger.
Who knows?
You could come
in by airplane and
leave by automobile, Hansen quipped.
Truly DistribuTECH has something for
Itron is Diamond Sponsor for
DistribuTECH 2017. Other gem-lev-
el sponsors include AES, GE, Oracle,
Landis+Gyr, OSI, Leidos, Honeywell,
S&C Electric, Accenture, Smart Utility
Systems and Siemens.
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Advertising Exhibitors

Company Booth #

ADVANCED CONTROL SYSTEMS 1712 ALERTENTERPRISE 1320 electronic locks and programmable keys increases security, accountability, and key
control throughout a facility without hard wir-
ACS is a leading provider of smart grid solu- Leaders in NERC CIP Compliance and Critical ing. CyberLock can help you meet NERC/CIP
tions and advanced automation technology Asset Protection. See our software in action. standards and secure gates, control houses,
to the global electric power industry. For 40- Find out why four out of the top five Utilities server racks, and more.
plus years, ACS has pioneered control center are using AlertEnterprise IT-OT Convergence
solutionsincluding SCADA, advanced software for NERC 693 and NERC CIP compli- DOBLE ENGINEERING 1123
distribution management (ADMS), renewable ance; smart grid cybersecurity and physical
integration, outage management (OMS), en- identity management.
ergy management (EMS), network simulation As the power industrys trusted source of
and optimization, network display strategies CYBERLOCK 1030 apparatus performance knowledge for nearly
and ergonomic design. a century, Doble Engineering Company
partners with electric power industry clients
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Outdoor Systems
Design the smart grids of tomorrow

Siemens Outdoor Systems with vacuum switching technology

offers a range of intelligent solutions to ensure maximum
reliability in medium-voltage networks.
All devices are provided ready for smart grids, using state-of-the-
art communication protocols to exchange data at lightning speed,
quickly reactivating distribution networks in the event of failure.
Therefore outage times and the number of affected customers
can be reduced. As a result a higher network availability,
reduction of operating costs, penalty payment avoidance and
a quick amortization of investment is guaranteed.
Siemens Outdoor Systems ensure reliable power supply for
overhead lines, regardless of the environmental conditions.
Automatic restoration and fault isolation in meshed grids
Higher network availability
Reduced operating costs
Penalty payment avoidance
Scan the Quick amortization of investment
QR code
for further

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Advertising Exhibitors

worldwide to optimize electric power system products to control center environments that signs solutions, and innovates technologies
performance. To accomplish this, Doble include interchangeable light devices, LED to improve the reliability of electric power
supports clients with innovative diagnostic technology and fiber-optic cable connections. grids worldwide. Maintaining its legacy of
solutions, expertise and services that help invention, S&C continually advances the grid
reduce risk and maximize power delivery of MOXA AMERICAS 3337 of today and plans for the grid of tomorrow.
electric system assets.

ENERGY OTTAWA 653 Moxa offers network communication and SENSUS USA 3031
www. computing solutions for substation au-
tomation. Our industrial grade products
Energy Ottawa offers a state-of-the-art, ensure reliable operations even in the most Sensus helps public service providersfrom
non-destructive, innovative system for demanding conditions. utilities to cities to industrial complexes and
dependable assessment of medium-volt- campusesdo more with their infrastructure
age distribution cables. We partnered with OPEN SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL 3313 to improve quality of life in their communi-
National Research Council Canada to help ties. We partner with them to anticipate and
diagnose the health of XLPE cables without respond to evolving business needs with
damaging the cable. Open Systems International ( innovation in metrology, communications
provides open, state-of-the-art and high-per- technologies, data analytics and services.
GRID ONE SOLUTIONS 2444 formance automation solutions to utilities worldwide. These solutions include Supervisory SIEMENS ENERGY 3113
Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems,
Grid One Solutions, Inc. specializes in AMI network management systems (NMS), energy
deployments for electric, gas and water management systems (EMS), distribution From the control room to the consumer, we
utilities. In addition to smart grid implemen- management systems (DMS), outage man- provide our customers with what they need to
tation services for in-home displays and load agement systems (OMS), generation manage- maintain flexibility, consistency, and speed to
control devices, Grid One performs meter ment systems (GMS), substation automation answer todays as well as tomorrows chal-
reading, field service work, customer call systems (SA), data warehousing (Historian) lenges. With an installed base of 1.4 million
center operations and back office services analytics, situational awareness systems, digital protection devices, 20 million intelligent
including secure data transfer and storage. individual software and hardware products, and managed meters, and 1600 control centers
smart grid solutions for utility operations. worldwide, let us show you our full range of
HUBBELL POWER SYSTEMS 3431 agility-enabling solutions and services--all PANASONIC 3617 proven in real world utility applications.
Hubbell Power Systems manufactures a
wide variety of transmission, distribution, Whether you are connecting to the smart VENCORE LABS 3638
substation, underground, communications, grid or reading smart meters, Panasonic
protection and enclosure products includ- is helping to keep utilities moving forward.
ing overhead and pad-mounted switches, Panasonic is the only major manufacturer Vencore Labs delivers visionary thinking that
vacuum switches, reclosers, capacitors, that designs, builds and tests its mobile enables utilities, government agencies, &
sectionalizers, motor operators and products devices in its own factoryallowing quality commercial enterprises to fully exploit tech-
to monitor and protect the grid. control, consistency and parts availability to nology futures by solving the most perplexing
be monitored every step of the way. security, network & operations challenges
LEM USA 4012 with innovative cybersecurity, reliability, & POWER ENGINEERS 1231 inter-operability tools. Offering SecureSmart, the industrys first real-time wireless AMI/
A market leader in current and voltage trans- DA and SCADA Continuous Monitoring as a
ducer products, LEM has recently designed POWER Engineers is an international leader Service to quickly scrutinize relevant data to
smart sensors such as the ART Rogowski in power delivery. We bring strength, depth, determine ground-truth network health.
Coil, Split-core ATO, and the Wi-LEM wireless and expertise to utilities and developers fac-
energy management system for renewable ing system upgrades, multi-faceted power de- XPLORE TECHNOLOGIES 3231
power generation, home energy manage- livery projects, or unique system performance
ment, sub-metering, battery monitoring, and issues. Our services help clients achieve
EV charging stations. improved system functionality, responsive- Today, Xplore offers the broadest portfolio of
ness, and reliability, while controlling costs genuinely rugged tablets and the most com-
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC VISUAL AND and minimizing response times. plete lineup of rugged tablet accessorieson
IMAGING SYSTEMS 2921 Earth. Its mobility solutions are purpose-built
www. S&C ELECTRIC 2430 for the energy, utilities, telecommunications, military and defense, manufacturing, distri-
Imperative in the power distribution sector,
bution, public safety, healthcare, govern-
Mitsubishi offers a wide line of data wall Solutions for the self-healing grid. S&C ment and field service sectors.
Electric Company manufactures products, de-
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Cable Testing

Introducing a proprietary state-of-the-art It is a trusted non-destructive method for Asset

Management that helps Hydro Ottawa effectively
service that measures the health of
manage its aging cable population, enabling us
XLPE cable quickly and easily to maintain the reliability of our underground
without damaging it. distribution system.

Bill Bennett
Preserve cable integrity Director, Distribution Operations
Extend cable lifespan 5-10 years Hydro Ottawa Limited

Signicant ROI on the cable

testing investment
Visit us at DistribuTECH (Booth 653)

Go to for more information.

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Beyond Smart
Utilities in a Connected Future
T he beginning of the smart utility era is
upon us. With digital meter installa-
tion reaching nearly 70 percent of all meters
While the utility industry has histori-
Given how critical smart technology
installed in the United States, according cally tended to focus more on reliability will become, utilities and municipal-
to an October 2016 Edison Foundations than innovation, a few major disasters ities are launching experimental pilot
Institute for Electric Innovation report, have started to change that thinking. projects for specific smart technology
smart technologies embedded in utility In October 2012, when super storm initiatives. Cities such as San Diego and
infrastructures are seen as the new normal Sandy hit the East Coast of the U.S., Jacksonville, Florida, have partnered
rather than the exception. millions of homes went dark. Falling with GEs Business Innovations Unit for
The smart meter is the first of many trees pulled electrical wires to the ground local smart street lighting pilots, a pro-
new intelligent devices that impacts util- and power substations filled with water. gram that is focused on highlighting how
ities. The arrival of advanced connectivi- In New York City more than 700,000 connected lighting will be beneficial for
ty, e-commerce and machine-to-machine citizens endured days without electricity,
(M2M) communications will over time while in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Tom Blewitt is Underwriters Laboratories Inc.s
encourage the utilities industry across the more than 3 million people lost power. (ULs) director of principal engineers for the ap-
pliance and lighting industries. He is based on
country to embrace new business models. Sandy, 9/11, the Northeast Blackout
Long Island,New York and has spent most of his
Utilities also will get smarter, leverag- of 2003 and Hurricane Katrina, have 39-year career in engineering and engineering
ing their data and bandwidth capabilities collectively increased awareness of the management roles involving household and
to support a slew of connected devices vulnerabilities of the nations electrical commercial appliances. A William Henry Merrill
that will provide increased system resil- infrastructure. The lack of system resil- Society member and Corporate Fellow, Blewitt
is responsible for technical consistency,integrity
iency, reliability and security, cost sav- ience at the time highlighted the need
and engineering quality for ULs standards and
ings, real-time monitoring and commu- for investment in smart grid technology, certification ac-
nication for theft detection and voltage and needed incentives for utilities to tivities.Mr.Blewitt
regulation, as well as improved outage modernize the future infrastructure for has published
g and restoration. ggrid resiliency.
y numerous ar-
ticles and has
Now, smart technology can increas-
regularly pre-
ingly help utilities be more so sophisticat- sented to trade
ed in taking preventive measumeasureslike association and
proactively addressing a power line that government au-
is about to fail by m monitoring diences on product safety, standardization and
international standards harmonization. He is a
its subtly changing proper-
licensed professional engineer in the State of
ties, such as wo
worn-down New York and a member of the U.S. National
insulation or damaged Fire Protection Association.
conductors. In addition
to identifying area
areas of con- One more thing! Tom was featured in a profile on
ULs blog Inside UL recently, so if youd like to link
cern, smart technol
technology also
to additional info on Tom for the online version of
allows utilities to better control the net- the article, please see the post below.
work and route around such problem
areas when and if a failure occurs.
18 | January 2017

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Xylem and Sensus are now one.

Starting today, were one company, with a strong ow of innovation and ideas for smart grid solutions. Were
embarking on an exciting journey of innovation in advanced sensing, measurement and analytics to help you
deliver safer, more efcient and reliable service, and give you more insight into your network than ever before.

As one company, our innovations span electric, gas, water and lighting networks. Innovations that cross
traditional utility boundaries, building on each other to deliver on the promise of the Internet of Things for
utilities, municipalities and smart cities.

Join us as we chart a new and exciting course ahead. Go to for more information.

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the energy industry and the overall infra- For example, with smart meters, util- dynamic pricing and real-time access to
structure of future smart cities. ities help ensure that the data and infor- connected devices, they will also make
Both cities have deployed 4,000 smart mation sent out to and from the meters it easier to remotely monitor, analyze
LED street lights equipped with video follows a certain format and protocol. and control usage, as well as enable new
monitors to track parking spaces and This procedure is critical, as it pertains to integrated energy services. By leveraging
pedestrian traffic during large events. charging people accurately for the energy these smart technologies, utilities can
The smart LED streetlights also provide they have used, and reporting that reading start to position themselves more broadly
better energy efficiency and reported- in an intelligible way back to the system. as a service provider rather than a util-
ly have saved each city approximately Interoperability becomes a challenge ity provider, leading to supplementary
$350,000 annually on electricity. for utilities when they try to take advan- revenue opportunities.
In Texas, a cooperative of utilities tage of a new technology, in which they In the near future, utilities could
formed Pecan Street Inc., a consumer-ori- do not have the time to fully vet and position smart meters as a hub for
ented smart grid research lab to encour- test it, to understand how well it works interoperating with all sorts of Internet
age the deployment of sensors and smart within their current system. Pilot proj- of Things (IoT) devices and sensors at a
meters in neighborhoods. First in Austin, ects help minimize the risk of large scale customer location. As smart utility tech-
Pecan Street has now expanded to more problems. They too, however, represent nology becomes ubiquitous and even
than 1,300 residential participants in an expense and risk in the pilot area. more sophisticated, smart meters could
locations across 17 states, with more hypothetically provide concierge ser-
than 2,000 devices being monitored. The
The smart meter is vices; for instance, managing the access
data collected helps improve both smart the first of many new necessary for trades people to do work
grid functionality and policy decisions intelligent devices at customer homes. Consider that the
about clean energy in the U.S. that impacts utilities. utility, with the relationship it has with
For any manufacturers looking to sell all of its customers within a service area,
INTEROPERABILITY FOR SMART UTILITIES to utilities, or utilities looking to deploy could be a trusted enabler of autho-
To realize the advantages of smart new smart technologies, these risks can rized personnel to enter the property to
utility technology, the interoperability of be mitigated when the new technology remove a tree limb resting on a power
these devices is critical to their effective- has been designed to and already been line or roof or to clear a clogged septic
ness and ability to function, and it must found to conform to established indus- systema reinvention of todays utility
be addressed before being deployed for try standards for devices and commu- provider model.
mass adoption. nication protocols. Third party testing Until then, utilities should continue
Interoperability standards can encour- and certifying of new smart technologies to build strong networks by installing
age wider adoption of connected technol- before deployment is one of the best smart, reliable devices that can com-
ogies. From a utilitys point of view, it is means for manufacturers to more quickly municate with one another at optimum
essential to establish expectations for the demonstrate the new technologies will efficiency. These networks can provide
compatibility of devices for wide adoption meet a utilitys needs. consumers with not only the services
by fully understanding how the devices they need on a daily basis, but also with
operate, connect to a home or city infra- THE FUTURE OF THE SMART UTILITY the resiliency needed in times of disaster
structure and can be updated in the field. The opportunities for the smart util- to quickly recover and restore services.
In addition, interoperability standards ity of the future are only beginning Recent natural and man-made disasters
can contribute to achieving citizen trust to come to fruition. The rapid growth are a major driver for the new innovative
in smart utility technology. Thinking in smart technologies will enable util- smart technologies now entering the mar-
about not only the specific application of ities to rethink the customer relation- ketplace at a rapid pace. Utilities are being
the device, but also how the technology ship and their overall business model. presented with a rare opportunity to lead
could be altered if it interacts with anoth- As utilities update their capabilities to the country into a connected future and
er piece of smart technology or system is provide consumers with new and pre- reap the rewards, if they are nimble in
vital to successful interoperability. viously unavailable services that include adapting their business models.

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World Leader in OT

More Users, More Solutions, More Projects

Delivered with 100% Customer Satisfaction
2017 Open Systems International, Inc. All rights reserved.

Go to for more information.

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Ins and Outs of Outage Management

Reliability Quest Pushes Utilities Beyond Storm Response

Who could blame operators who feel important, said Scott Thomsen, senior revolutionize operations and mainte-
overwhelmed in dealing with outage strategic advisor for communications at nance savings at utilities.
management. Storm damage conjures up Seattle City Light. Research by Chartwell In the future, if there was a hack or a
the same old dread, whether from wind, shows that the cause of an outage is very large storm, every utility will under-
rain or wildfire. becoming more important to a custom- stand the impact and be able to support
And, on top of that, a fourth horseman er. It appears to be a case where people (with crews, messaging, supplies, etc.),
rides in the form of bi-directional distrib- want the context, which might help them Canders said. We have a hunch you
uted energy which complicates things for decide how good an estimate for resto- can bypass network-based management
workers trying to figure which side of the ration might be. systems via a natural language processing
circuit is safe. Responding promptly and predicting of text to identify when/where/why an
As if that wasnt enough, hackers both the future are now part of the equation event has occurred.
near and far never seem to sleep, always that utilities must solve during every New-age, de-centralized outage
probing for a weakness in the software emergency. And money is part of math, reporting. Sounds pretty far out, right?
and hardware keeping the grid alive. with Navigant Research predicting that But Seattle City Light is hardly in the
Meanwhile let us count the ways that the global OMS market will grow from minority of utilities investing in not only
customers want to know about the when, about $929 million in 2014 to $1.3 billion hardening their systems but also embed-
why and how long of their disrupted in 2023 (Figure I). Utilities everywhere are ding those lines with all kinds of systems
power. Communication is key, whether moving fast to install smart meters, sen- which can communicate across the inter-
by computer, cell phone or even door to sors, switches and fault indicators to give connections and maybe even predict
door if its local enough. And they dont them the eyes and ears they need from the where the fault will happen.
want to just passively wait for the outage grids edge to the substation.
alert; they want a two-way route to ask Seattle City Lightwhich serves about SWITCHING SCHEMES AND FINE
questions and get specifics. 415,000 customers is among a hand- MACHINES
Weather, cybersecurity, customer service. ful of utilities in the U.S. which share Southern California Edison (SCE) is
Yada yada yada. Its a wonder that utili- their outage data with other utilities, one of the biggest, providing power
ty pros dont blow a fuse with all of this. vendors and emergency departments at to about 15 million people in the Los
what used to called hyper-drive speeds. Angeles and nearby regions. SCE installed
CUSTOMER-FACING STORMS Zac Canders, co-founder and CEO of about 5 million smart meters from 2009
The customer is always first, so let us software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider to 2012 and now is seeking regulatory
begin there. DataCapable, which is working with approval for a massive grid modern-
The flow of information is just as Seattle City Light on many of these ization plan that would install remote
important to the customer as the resto- outage communication challenges, is fault indicators, intelligence switches and
ration is; in some instances it is more wagering that mega-speed sharing will other sensor technology all along the

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Xplore Recommends Windows Pro.

In 1996, Xplore became the first rugged tablet manufacturer to design and deliver the complete
computing experience that field service personnel required, in a mobile form factor that worked the way they
did. Twenty years later, were still the only ones building long-lasting rugged tablet PC solutions to customers
specific requirements.

Thats just one reason why Xplore has become The Rugged Tablet Authority for thousands of companies
big and small, in all industries, worldwide.

Here are several more reasons why you should work with Xplore to engineer your next mobility solution:

Backwards Compatible and Future-Proof Flexible, Scalable, and Responsive

Backed by the Most Complete Lineup of Designed to Protect Your Entire

Accessories on the Market Mobility Investment

Powered by Microsoft Windows Pro and

Intel Core Processor Technology.

Visit us in DistribuTECH booth 3231 or call us at 1-866-682-2538
Go to for more information.

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utilitys massive distribution system. FIGURE 1: Outage Management System Spending by Region, World Markets: 2014-2023
Jeff Gooding, who is heading up that
grid modernization effort for SCE, point-
ed out that the smart meter rollout cov-
ered one end of the outage management
needs, while substation automation is
helping smooth things on the other side.
The next phase is the in-between stuff of
about 95,000 miles of distribution lines
and almost 5,000 circuits.
Southern California deals with a lot of
wind and wildfire threats which damage
the grid components. But another huge
complication for the OMS, Gooding noted,
is all of the rooftop solar installed at homes
and businesses, as well as the energy stor- is changing with solar panels, electric Gooding said. With reverse power flow,
age scaling up due to regulatory edicts. vehicles and battery storageat times on that changes the switching scheme and
The distribution network was designed the grid were seeing reverse power flow, operators dont see what theyre expect-
for one-way power flow, using a bulk making reliability more difficult. ing to see.
generator connected to the transmission Grid operations teams have switching Placing scores of remote fault indi-
grid, he said. Because the landscape schemes in mind for particular areas catorssoftball-size devices which can
based on what they go on the end of hot sticks or right on
know about the the wire to confirm the breaksand

bulk generation remote intelligence switches can help
and transmission open switches and isolate outages auto-
as well as where maticallywill help answer of those
circuits are located unknowns involving distributed energy

SMART LOCKS FOR to control electrici-

ty coming from one
resources. SCE installed about 1,000
remote fault indicators in its service area
A SMART GRID way. The struggle last year (2016).
gets real fast when The plan is to install more all along the
Secure remote locations it also arrives from 90,400 miles of SCE distribution line,
Meet NERC/CIP Standards behind meters and replacing more than 14,000 mechanical
Track and control who knows how fault indicators. The sensitivity could
access activity many locations. get so good that hyper-intuitive sensors
Sometimes we perhaps will detect falling power lines
work hot (with and cut power even before the cable hits
power on) but the ground.
most of the time Its aspirational, Gooding admitted.
VISIT CYBERLOCK we take it out of But we believe its possible once we get
AT DISTRIBUTECH, service if we can, all the grid modernization out there.
BOOTH #1030

CyberLock, Inc. | 1105 N.E. Circle Blvd. Corvallis, OR 97330 | 541.738.5500

fax 541.738.5501 | |

Go to for more information.

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1701PG_24 24 1/5/17 8:29 AM

Native PRP/HSR Substation Computer
with SUBNET SubSTATION Server and SubSTATION Explorer

Integrate IEC-61850 and DNP3

This solution is designed and certified to operate in a substation environment, while enabling utilities to
save time and money by eliminating the need to purchase, configure and maintain multiple legacy
integration devices. Moxa's substation computers and wide range of communications hardware work
hand in hand with SUBNET's advanced software solutions, so you can connect to nearly any type of
equipment and easily manage and protect your connected assets.

Built with multi-vendor interoperability in mind, now you can integrate all of your devices and maximize
your investment with one simple, secure,
secu and powerful solution.

See a live demonstration at DistribuTECH 2017, Moxa Booth #3337 and SUBNET Booth #1723.

1701PG_25 25 1/5/17 8:29 AM

Bradley Williams, vice president of must support.
industry strategy at Oracle Utilities, said Certain utilities, such as those on the
the industry to doing better protecting east coast blasted by Hurricane Sandy
against the two-way danger of distribut- five years ago, have invested heavily in
ed energy with the IEEE 1547 standard. system hardening. However, elsewhere
IEEE 1547 requires that the interconnec- the focus has been on renewable ener-
tion with a distributed generation source gy resources and advanced distribution
trips out when the outlying grid is down, management systems, he contended.
thus protecting workers from unexpect- That is very important, and we at
ed current. However, utilities still strug- Oracle certainly support that, Williams
gle with grasping the level of generation added. But because of that, the need to
out there behind the meter. Their cus- inaccurate estimates of an outages scope invest in scalable outage management
tomer-facing side may know where all and also notify people who are not even restoration has taken a back seat.
the rooftop solar is, but the operations affected by it, Nielsen noted. Waiting until Several years ago, Williams wrote an
side doesnt always know what the level it is fully confirmed by an onsite crew can article about outage management that
of bi-directional electricity is. be too late in a customers mind. included a prospective report card in
Another component of outage man- Damage assessment teams which are which utilities could judge themselves
agement that is only slightly less high- not responsible for outage repair but (Figure 2). He still contends that utilities
tech but certainly just as important is patrol and record downed wires and bro- need to be their own harshest critics,
customer communication. Customers ken poles can certainly help pinpoint the ever observant about the threats to their
want to know that an outage is an out- often bedeviling details. pieces of the grid.
age and not just their breaker tripped. This can dramatically improve the He also would like to see utility
They want to know how it happened ability estimate the amount of work planners incorporate IEEE 1457 and
and how long it will endure. Finally, required to do restoration and there- distributed generation sources to aid
they want to be alerted in multiple ways fore improve outage restoration estimates the grid during outages. Why not put
on various devices. long before a crew is able to make it to schemes in place which could incor-
Sometimes they may act like they want the actual repair, Nielsen said. porate the still producing solar PV and
to kill the messenger. help keep the lights on in sections oth-
A few utilities that have been on OMS SHOULDNT TAKE BACK SEAT erwise shut down because of an out-
the forefront of doing more frequent TO RENEWABLES age? Plus, manufacturers of things like
and proactive outage communications Williams, of Oracle Utilities, has air conditionerswhich when trying
have had some challenges and gotten a argued that investment in the customer to restart stress the load while grids are
bit of bad press for not getting things engagement for outage response could trying to get back up and running
right when they rolled out their new be much stronger. He also stressed that could incorporate delays that spread
programs, Terry Nielsen, executive vice utilities should be prepared more on the the load out over a longer time and
president at outage management special- field side for the big storms as well as avoid new faults.
ist GridBright, pointed out. But, in the the typical, more limited outages from All in all, several sources agreed that sys-
end, even with the temporary setbacks downed lines and blown transformers. tem average interruption duration index
I havent seen anyone pull the plug As utilities move to combined OMS (SAIDI) and frequency index statistics
and retreat to doing outage restoration and DMS storm-proven system per- have improved. Smart meters are finding
behind closed doors. formance becomes even more import- their second level of value in helping read
Determining outage extent and esti- ant, Williams said. I am not hearing the grid better and sensoring technologies
mated restoration times dictates how the same emphasis on systems perfor- are locating the faults quicker.
early and detailed that utilities can be mance like we used to. We have not I think were headed the right direc-
in their communications with custom- had a huge storm like Hurricane Sandy tion, SCEs Gooding said. Intelligent
ers. Jumping out too early can result in in years, yet that is what these systems switches and sensors are the key.

26 | January 2017

1701PG_26 26 1/5/17 8:29 AM

Visit us at DistribuTECH
2017, Booth #3113.

It takes agility to turn the

evolving energy landscape
into an advantage.
Enabling agility in a digital and distributed
energy era.

Agility is the best protection in changing times. Forward-looking

utilities look to Siemens. Our holistic, integrated solutions
based on real-world utility applications provide the flexibility,
consistency, and speed you need to confidently address major
industry challenges. Ensure grid modernization and resiliency.
Integrate and enable distributed energy resources. Engage
customers and enable prosumers. Let agility in energy turn
your challenges into business opportunity.

Go to for more information.

1701PG_27 27 1/5/17 8:29 AM


Drones Take off for Utilities

Site Scan drone in use

Aug. 29, 2016, marked a historical time taking advantage of new FAA rules. by utilities organizations include line
day for the drone industry as the Federal The reasons for that are two-fold. First, inspections and maintenance, storm
Aviation Administration (FAA) enacted the value Ameren sees in applying new damage assessment and more. These
the first operational rules for routine technology within day-to-day workflow assessments were at one point performed
non-hobbyist use of drones. Named Part aligns with the companys core princi- by helicopters and third-party inspection
107, the regulations allow anyone who ples of delivering services with safety, services. Not anymore. With tight profit
passes the remote pilot certificate exam speed and efficiency. Second, to remain margins and safety an utmost concern,
to legally fly drones for commercial pur- competitive in a market that PwCs 2016 drones ensure both efficiency and situ-
poses. By implementing Part 107, the Utilities Industry Trends report says will ational awareness, as well as the ability
FAA encouraged the notion that drones quadruple by 2020 and reach $6 billion to identify easily avoidable problems on
represent true value to a number of com- worldwide, innovation is a necessity. the horizon, such as loosening electrical
mercial industries. cables, missing screws and more.
Electric utility companies like St. ENTER DRONES With our drones, we might be able to
Louis-based Ameren Corp., wasted no Traditional activities performed go somewhere really high up, like a 200
-foot communication tower, and spare
the need to send one of our guys to man-
ually climb up there for inspection, said
James Pierce, Amerens UAV (unmanned
aerial vehicles) technical lead. With
drones, we can quickly get the shots of
the sites we need, which then gives us

Jeremiah Johnson is 3DRs solutions archi-

tect, helping solve clients problems using
drones as an aerial data acquisition platform.
Before working with drones, Jeremiah was a
geospatial developer responsible for develop-
ing QC software for
electric transmis-
sion data collected
via manned heli-
copter with LiDAR
sensors. Jeremiah
is located at 3DRs
Ameren uses Site Scan to obtain new insights of their assets headquarters in
Berkeley, California.
28 | January 2017

1701PG_28 28 1/5/17 8:33 AM

a full view of the conditions were up Ameren, our business values include at something more quickly, it benefits us
against and we can plan accordingly. integrity, respect and accountability, all in the long run and helps break every-
Amerens use of drones has helped so the trust of our customers always one from working in a silo.
leaders keep a finger on the pulse of remains a top priority for us. Amerens mission is to lead the way
site activity at all times. It also keeps the With the need to stay proactive also to a secure energy future and to power
companies more than 8,500 personnel comes the need to be quick and efficient. the quality of life. By staying ahead of
regularly in proactive rather than reactive Compared to older, more manual methods the curve and adopting technological
mode. For example, rather than waiting of data capture, Kennedy and his team methods that increase worker safety,
for an inspector to notify the team of a now obtain the data they need from their improve speed and results, and ulti-
trip on a line between structures, site drones more quickly. What once took a mately foster a more collaborative,
leaders can instead use re-fly features month now takes only a week. In addition, unified environment, the company
to set up routine inspection flights to the data and images captured are sent to stays true to its word that drones have
capture and remedy issues before they the drones web application in moments, helped its leaders stay committed to
grow in cost and resources. which the Ameren UAV team can now use the values they were built upon.
Our whole goal with our drones to quickly assess any issues and collabora- We are definitely putting our drones
is not having to react in the future, tively develop preventative methods. to work, said Pierce. Theyve brought
said Robert Kennedy, project manager With the web application, there are a whole new level of service and collab-
at Ameren. Acting on things before definitely more peoples eyes on the prize, oration to our business processes and we
they happen increases our reliability as which is super helpful, said Kennedy. foresee them remaining an integral tool
well as the trust of our customers. At Anytime we can get more people to look here at Ameren.

Save Energy.
Rent Test Equipment.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals makes renting easy so you can

focus your energy elsewhere.
Rent: Regenerative Grid Simulators AC / DC Loads
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The Knowledge. The Equipment. The Solution.

January 2017 | 29

1701PG_29 29 1/5/17 8:33 AM


Are You Ready
IDC Energy Insights outlook is
presented through the lens of its 2017
For the
Roberta Bigliani is associate vice president

worldwide top 10 predictions at IDC Energy Insights.

No. 1: Competition. By 2020, non-util-

I t is a long-established tradition that,
once a year, IDC Energy Insights analysts
globally produce their vision of what utili-
ity companies and digital disrupters will
seize 20 percent of the energy retail market,
demanding, traditional energy retailers
risk losing to new energy market entrants
if they do not step up in the customer
ties should prepare for, focusing specifically tripling the profitability gap between thrivers experience domain. In addition, it wont
on technology-related initiatives. For each and survivors. be the low-margin, pure-energy com-
prediction, we provide detailed guidance Over the past few years, the utility modity play that these new entrants are
for IT and line-of-business decision-makers value chain has been disrupted with after, but the more promising energy-re-
and influencers. Heres a look at what we new technologies and emerging digital lated services market. These new revenue
prepared for 2017 (also refer to Figure 1). disruptors. As customers become more streams are also the ones traditional

FIGURE 1: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Utilities 2017 Top 10 Predictions

30 | January 2017

1701PG_30 30 1/5/17 8:33 AM

deployingaugmented reality capabili-
ties and wearables technologies, especial-
ly to enhance their field force workers

e Future?
capabilities. The most appealing uses
cases include asset inspection and main-
tenance, remote monitoring of tasks, as
well as health and safety.

No. 5: Asset digitization. By 2020, 25

percent of utilities will integrate asset perfor-
energy retailers are chasing to help save utility-independent subsidiaries. mance management investments with sensor
them from poor financial performances. As microgrids and DERs become stan- data and cognitive capabilities, boosting asset
New entrants will have an easier time dard in campuses and office buildings, efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.
selling these services, steadily expanding it will become commonplace for facility Sensors collect data to monitor asset
the profitability gap between thrivers and owners to put any excess energy on performance, decrease maintenance cost
survivors. Meanwhile, traditional energy the wholesale market. Commercial and and downtime, and increase reliability
retailers will need to invest in digital industrial companies will form indepen- and availability of assets. Of course, asset
technologies, like customer analytics and dent subsidiaries to aggregate and con- digitalization is more than just about
cognitive systems, to create an effortless trol their own DERs. In the U.S., Apple reliability and maintenanceit is an
customer experience. Corp. formed Apple Energy as a wholly opportunity to analyze historical and
owned subsidiary, which will guaran- real-time data using cognitive capabili-
No. 2: Business models. By 2020, 50 tee Apple facilities have their needed ties to achieve better business outcomes,
percent of competitive-market energy provid- power, and then take excess power to and it is a mechanism, for instance, to
ers will drive their revenues by transforming the wholesale energy market, bypassing move fleets of generating assets toward
into convenient lifestyle providers. the net-metering process. The technolo- operational excellence. Through digital
Utilities are betting that consumers gy now exists. The trend will follow the technology and cloud-enabled comput-
will progressively seek more advanced regulatory environment for wholesale ing, utilities can manage an assets main-
energy-related products and services to markets and the push for renewable and tenance cycle while performing predic-
reduce their consumption and carbon distributed assets. tive analytics. Digitalization of traditional
footprint, generate their own power, fossil fuel generation is a necessary strat-
spend less, and possibly earn something. No. 4: Workforce digital augmentation. egy to compete with flexible clean, and
Whether it is through new business By 2019, 70 percent of the mobile utility affordable generation, which is expand-
models, such as home comfort services workforce will not be equipped with aug- ing at a rapid pace.
and leasing of PV systems, or value-add- mented reality and wearables, missing out
ed services supporting the core busi- on optimizing operations, improving safety No. 6: Distributed energy resource
ness, like e-mobility charging services, and easing the skills gap. management systems (DERMS). By
distributed generation management and The past 24 months were leap years for 2019, utilities will need to learn how
demand aggregation, most utilities will digital technologies like wearables and to integrate externally originated asset,
eventually become convenient lifestyle augmented reality, with the likes of the market, and grids data, and 30 percent
providers for the new energy consumer. Apple Watch and Pokmon GO. Despite will invest in Distributed energy resource
wearables and augmented reality becom- management systems.
No. 3: Power markets. By 2020, 2.5 ing mainstream, these technologies will While utilities adapt to the rise of
GW of electricity will be generated by 20 still remain Sci-Fi-esque for most util- DERs and an abundance of new inter-
percent of Fortune G500 (global) compa- ities for the next few years. Nonetheless, mittent supply being introduced to the
nies, which will wholesale their distributed a handful of utility digital transformers grid, new technology and processes will
energy resource (DER) excess power through are actively pilotingand in a few cases be needed to support power systems. In

January 2017 | 31

1701PG_31 31 1/5/17 8:33 AM

State of the addition to ensuring reliability and efficiency, utilities will invest
in DERMS to create a new distribution system model that will
provide electric consumers more choices. The pace of rooftop


solar, the option to sell power back to the grid, and customers
voluntary involvement in demand response (DR) programs
makes technology upgrades to the distribution system a priority
for many utilities.

No. 7: Customer experience (CX). Failing to deliver superior

customer experiences, only one in five utilities will raise customer satis-
faction scores by 10 percent or reach positive net promoter score (NPS)
by 2018.
Faced with the rigidity of their legacy customer operations
systems, utilities are starting to actively invest to improve their cli-
ents customer experience. Most have streamlined their contract-
to-cash processes by opening low-touch self-service channels.
Many are deploying omni-channel management tools to deliver
consistent content across touchpoints. Some are adopting appli-
cations to automate campaigns and engagement initiatives, while
deploying digital commerce platforms to effectively cross-sell
new products. While selective investment into CX management
systems is ongoing, in the short term, only a fraction of utilities
will be able to design a digital omni-experience for their custom-
ers that is truly effortless and experience-centric.

ATO Series No. 8: Cybersecurity. By 2018, 60 percent of utilities strategic

and operational security technology will be managed at the board
Split-core Current Transformers level and orchestrated by government agencies.
Compact, self-powered Cybersecurity is becoming a board-level issue, pushing utilities
10 & 16 mm diameter aperture to get involved in setting and directing a cybersecurity strategy,
Accuracy class 1 & 3 especially regarding critical infrastructures. Several companies have
Operating frequency: 50 / 60 Hz already formed special board-led subgroups focused on cybersecu-
rity preparedness and compliance to local government mandates.
At the same time governments or international agencies are more

ART Series
involved with utilities to address issues.

No 9: Internet of Things (IoT). By 2018, misaligned regula-

Unique, IP67, exible and thin tory frameworks and poorly considered commercial models will
1 kV Rogowski coil cause 50 percent of smart metering IoT initiatives to fail to deliver
Rated insulation voltage 1 kV CATIII value beyond the pilot stage.
Accuracy class 1.0 without calibration The promise of IoT for utilities is enormous, and there are
2mm hole to pass security seal myriad use cases, such as smart metering. This fact is not lost on
Electrostatic shield utilities and IoT is firmly on their agenda. Most of them, how-
ever, are only just beginning to put together IoT pilots, and only
a few examples where pilots have successfully scaled out across
At the heart of Smart Cities. the organization exist. Utilities are challenged by the requirement to manage, access, store and process data on this scale; they

Go to for more information. 32 | January 2017

1701PG_32 32 1/5/17 8:33 AM

Join us for a live webinar at DistribuTECH:

imagining the utility

of the future
The opportunity to lead the next generation of utilities and cities is within our reach.
The technology to drive the utility of the future is not some far off concept, decades
away from becoming a reality; it is here today. All we need is a vision for what is
possible and an ecosystem of solutions and collaborators to solve the challenges
of today, tomorrow and beyond.

Join us for a live, in depth discussion about how progressive utilities and innovative
partners are shaping the way energy and water resources will be managed, and
how we are creating a path for non-traditional utility applications that bring even more
value for utilities, cities and consumers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 12pm

Room 23, Convention Center (lunch will be served) | Streamed live on creating a more resourceful world

Go to for more information.

1701PG_33 33 1/5/17 8:33 AM

are challenged by the constraints of the in front of unprecedented challenges. different market context and under dif-
regulatory models they are operating in With traditional approaches, utilities ferent regulatory environment frame-
and the need to build new commercial IT organizations are still too slow, and works. This means that for each compa-
models. In addition, IT environments business organizations need speed and ny these predictions apply with slightly
in place are built around requirements flexibility. For this reason, large IT infra- different relevance, urgency or resource
fundamentally related to existing regula- structure transformation initiatives that requirements. Nevertheless, IDC Energy
tory frameworks. Getting fundamentals in leverage cloud will bloom in utilities glob- Insights summarizes the following guid-
place is one part of the requirements, but ally. Even if the traditional capex/opex ance for utilities executives who want to
so is recognizing the shift in regulatory model adopted to define rates in some champion business transformation rath-
frameworks and commercial models that monopolistic utility markets could slow er than surrender to it:
will be required for success. appetite for cloud, utilities operating in
competitive markets are moving ahead. In Leverage digital to create new revenue
No. 10: Cloud. By 2019, to support their Europe for instance, almost 50 percent of streams and modify how the company
digital transformation agenda, 25 percent of utilities view cloud as either transforma- operates.
the top 100 utilities will cut IT costs by at tional or strategic for their business. To Use the power of data to create a cog-
least 30 percent by migrating IT infrastruc- support innovation and digital transfor- nitive enterprise.
ture into public cloud. mation, IT will increasingly operate with
Blend digital and physical to innovate
Utilities business transformation is a leaner model, based on service delivery
your operating model and customer
accelerating and IT organizations have and more predictable expenditure.
worked hard over the years to learn how These are the 2017 top 10 predic-
to cope with change. But the current rate tions prepared for worldwide utilities. Create an open innovation culture
of acceleration and the order-of-magni- Of course each company operates in a and expand the use of incubators and
DX innovation teams.
tude is putting chief information officers different segment of the value chainin

Go to for more information.

1701PG_34 34 1/5/17 8:33 AM

Go to for more information.

1701PG_35 35 1/5/17 8:33 AM


Stacked Value
Combine Distributed Energy Resources and Goals to Dramatically Raise ROI

T here is no question that energy

storage is transforming our power
markets. When organizations like the
whereas dispatching batteries for a pri-
mary application and then re-dispatch-
ing them to provide multiple, stacked
the regional independent system oper-
ator (CAISO) using behind-the-meter
storage systems. The utility would retain
Breakthrough Energy Coalitionbacked services make the economics of storage the rights to the value from such capacity
by world leaders that include Bill Gates, much more favorable and create much supplied by these assets.
Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and greater cumulative valueto customers, As long as the network could maintain
Jeff Bezosdeclare energy storage as an utilities and the grid. its commitment level to the ISO, howev-
investment priority, the once somewhat In fact, bundling grid applications to er, additional services and associated rev-
nerdy topic has become downright sexy. stack up multiple values can potentially enue streams could be stacked on, with
Storage is hot. deliver a total value that exceeds the the ESP retaining the rights to this addi-
But when it comes to achieving an ROI energy storage cost, especially in com- tional value. Using conservative assump-
from storage investments, it could be a bination with a holistic approach that tions, the project demonstrated that the
lot hotter, mostly because many energy combines battery storage with other dis- ESP could provide the reliable capacity
storage purchasers today are using only tributed energy resources (DERs) such as needed by CAISO while also stacking on
a fraction of its capacityand for only controllable loads. Constraint-based load greater value by offering C&I customers
a small percentage of the available years. control captures the energy storage that peak demand management capabilities.
In addition, many target only one use inherently exists at commercial and indus- Following is a look at the study that
with their energy storage systems, even trial (C&I) customer sites in the form of shows how using multiple DERs to
though batteries can provide multiple HVAC systems, water storage tanks and achieve multiple goals is the key to gain-
uses and value streams. more. By combining behind the meter ing maximum value from storage and
In the Rocky Mountain Institutes battery storage with onsite load control, other DER investments.
(RMI) report titled The Economics of value streams increase dramatically and
Battery Energy Storage, researchers note can cut battery project payback times in
Eric Hoevenaars is a senior systems analyst
that most cost-benefit analyses of energy half through benefits like smoothing grid
for Enbala Power Networks, an industry leader
storage devices focus on a single pur- fluctuations and providing the foundation in distributed energy resources management
pose, and usually one of three intents: for demand response (DR), ancillary ser- systems. He has spent more than six years
demand charge reduction, backup power vices and dispatchable power programs. modelling advanced energy systems with
or increasing solar self-consumption. renewable and energy storage technologies
and holds a master of science degree in me-
RMI points out that business models 1 + 1 = A LOT MORE THAN 2
chanical engineering with a focus on power
which plan only to use batteries for a Enbala recently quantified the eco- systems modelling from the University of Vic-
minority of the time represent a lost nomics of storage alone vs. storage plus toria. His experience has included techno-eco-
opportunity and leave significant value load for a large energy service provider nomic optimization for system sizing and
sitting untouched on the energy table. (ESP). The ESP wanted to control battery customer targeting, which he used to develop
detailed models of economic opportunities.
For example, RMI findings say that an energy storage on C&I accounts so that it
Eric has also been a member of the Institute
energy storage system dispatched solely could engage in a power purchase agree- for Integrated Energy Systems (IESVic) and the
for demand charge reduction is utilized ment (PPA) with a West Coast utility. The Sustainable Systems Design Laboratory.
for only 5 to 50 percent of its useful life, primary goal was to provide capacity to

36 | January 2017

1701PG_36 36 1/5/17 8:33 AM

Staying power.
AECOM has been supplying the power that
energizes the world for more than 100 years.

AECOM is a world leader in electric and the evaluation of advanced

power delivery systems with extensive concepts in design and utilization. Our
experience in new and upgraded construction and project management
power transmission and distribution teams have overcome challenges to
systems. Our projects have included successfully build transmission lines,
the design of hundreds of overhead, substations, and SCADA systems in
underground and underwater power locations ranging from cramped urban
transmission lines. environments to the mountains of the
desert southwest.
From alternative route analyses,
licensing and permitting, conceptual The number 1 ranked* global
engineering, and right-of-way engineering design firm, AECOM is a
services, to detailed engineering and leading construction contractor. We
design, through construction and combine specialties in architecture,
regulatory compliance, we meet the building engineering, construction
demands of modern delivery systems services, economics, energy,
for all system voltages up to 800 kV environment, government, mining,
AC and 500 kV DC. oil and gas, consulting, program
management, transportation and water.
Our technical personnel have
extensive backgrounds in system To learn more, go to
planning, transmission, distribution
and substation engineering, with
experience in feasibility studies, *Engineering News-Record 2016 rankings
conceptual and detailed design,
rehabilitation of existing systems,

Go to for more information.

1701PG_37 37 1/5/17 8:33 AM

TABLE 1: Facility Types and Battery Sizes

PINPOINTING PROFIT Facility Type Floor Area Number of Floors Peak Demand Average Demand Inverter Size Battery Size
(sq. ft.) (kW) (kW) (kW) (kWh)
The two types of DERs evaluated in
this project were battery energy stor- Large office 498,588 12 1,503 677 360 1,440
age systems and loads under control by Medium office 53,628 3 205 75 30 120
Symphony, Enbalas distributed energy Primary school 73,960 1 289 94 60 240
resource management system (DERMS). Secondary school 210,887 2 1,033 305 240 960
Supermarket 45,000 1 309 185 60 240
The primary value stream examined was
Hospital 241,351 5 1,389 1,012 330 1,320
the aforementioned PPA between the ESP
Outpatient health care 40,946 3 275 139 60 240
and a California utility that was con- Large hotel 122,120 6 423 274 90 360
tracting with CAISO to provide 5 MW
of capacity with a four-hour duration energy must be optimized between the load control to the battery asset, the total
during the four highest cost hours in the DR and demand-management goals. value created by each battery storage
day-ahead market. By purchasing this Thats where the extra value comes in. system is an even higher percentage
capacity, the utility gained the value of the The study calculated this tradeoff for of the inverter capacity. Table 2 shows
capacity resource, and the ESP was paid several types of premises and examined that by combining storage with load the
an assumed PPA price of $20/kW/month. four-hour battery storage systems with storage systems effective inverter capac-
Meanwhile, the ESP retained rights varying sizes depending on the on-site ity increases by 11 percent for demand
to the energy and ancillary services that demand profile. Table 1 give a look at reduction, plus an additional 3 percent
could be provided by the storage systems the various facility types used in the for DR capacity.
and loads at C&I customer sites. In this calculations and the assumed battery size
project, demand-charge management installed behind-the-meter: INTERPRETING THE NUMBERS
surfaced as a win-win opportunity for Looking at the large office building These results demonstrate two funda-
the ESP and its C&I customers because example in Table 1, consider the poten- mental conclusions:
they faced some of the highest demand tial value a battery alone could deliver. 1. By stacking value streams with intel-
ratchets in the countrysometimes as With a 360 kW/1,440 kWh energy stor- ligent co-optimization, a battery sys-
high as $36/kW/month. age system, a large office could aver- tem at an average facility can reduce
age an 83 kW reduction in monthly on-site demand by 30 percent of its
THE PAYOFF IN THE TRADE-OFF peak demand (equal to 23 percent of inverter capacity while still achieving
In looking at the two value streams, the inverter capacity). By leveraging a a 92 percent response to a four-hour
researchers recognized the trade-off in DERMS platform, this same system could system capacity event.
using a battery energy storage system for stack value streams to provide an addi- 2. By aggregating and optimizing the
multiple goals, such as DR capacity plus tional 331 kW of capacity (92 percent of behind-the-meter battery with onsite
demand charge reduction. The trade-off the inverter capacity) in a DR event. load control, those value streams
doesnt necessarily, however, lower the In going one step further and adding increase to 47 percent for demand
capacity to be gained from the battery
investment. In fact, it raises it. TABLE 2: Average Capacity and Demand Reduction (as a percentage of inverter capacity)
Suppose a 1 MW battery is installed Battery-only Battery + Load Difference
at a site to be used for DR. The logical Facility Type Capacity Demand Reduction Capacity Demand Reduction Capacity Demand Reduction
assumption is that a full MW of capacity Large office 92% 23% 95% 34% 3% 11%
could be used. For example, when the Medium office 94% 42% 95% 78% 1% 36%
Primary school 94% 30% 93% 49% -1% 19%
asset is called by the utility or ISO, 100
Secondary school 90% 39% 96% 48% 6% 9%
percent of the inverter capacity could be
Supermarket 92% 34% 103% 52% 11% 18%
drawn for the duration of the four-hour Hospital 93% 18% 94% 26% 1% 8%
event. If part of that battery capacity is Outpatient health care 92% 34% 95% 45% 3% 11%
also being used for demand manage- Large hotel 93% 21% 92% 46% -1% 25%
ment, however, the use of the stored Average 92% 30% 95% 47% 3% 17%

38 | January 2017

1701PG_38 38 1/5/17 8:33 AM




Even geniuses depend on others

to bring brilliance to the masses.
In the ever-changing world of
automation, Hubbell proudly
manufactures products and
infrastructure that puts smart
at the forefront.



To learn more about automation products,

visit us at Distributech, booth 3431.

Go to for more information. AD_00_145E

1701PG_39 39 1/5/17 8:33 AM

FIGURE 1: Aggregating DERs and Stacking Value Streams Improves Economics
reduction with a 95 percent capac-
ity response, an improvement of 17 12% 16
10% 14
percent demand reduction plus 3

Simple Payback (yr)

8% 12
percent for capacity.

All in, these benefits translate into a real 6
2% 4
impact on the bottom line. The research 0% 2
project calculated that by leveraging a -2% 0
DERMS to stack the values of storage Battery-only; Battery-only; Battery + load;
Capacity-only Stacked value Stacked value
plus load, the payback for a battery
project will be cut in halfdown from IRR Simple Payback
15 years to 7.5. Similarly, the project
internal rate of return (IRR) approaches optimization is needed. The system must full value and can introduce new risks
10 percent for a project that otherwise be able to calculate benefits for players because, typically, battery controllers do
would have no return on investment. at different levels of the gridfrom the not have any awareness into the other
A DERMS platform can also deliver end-use customers like C&I accounts or a processes occurring at the customers
additional electricity bill savings by shift- college campus to a feeder, a substation, an premises. This lack of awareness can
ing energy use from on-peak to off-peak ISO or a utilitys system. The hierarchy can unintentionally impact the DR baseline
periods. In the service territory studied, be configured to match the topology of a while operating for other purposes,
the potential savings through time-of-use solution. For example, a coordinating node such as reducing the sites monthly
(TOU) rate optimization are generally could be deployed at a substation to man- demand charge. It also can result in
smaller than for demand charge reduc- age a feeder that is communicating with power export during periods of low
tion, but when storage and load-shed- DERs on that feeder. Another coordinating consumption or unintentional shifting
ding werent needed for demand charge node could be deployed within a pricing of the site peak to another time of day,
reduction or capacity, there still would zone to manage all the substations within rather than reducing the peak.
be value for C&I customers, although it that pricing zone. Given these capabilities, an optimi-
wasnt factored into the calculations for To make hierarchical optimization pay zation platform can provide enormous
this particular project. off, the software also should have a system value for power providers and their
In addition, the value of ancillary ser- that allows for formulation of resource customers. On the utility side, it can
vices or deferral of distribution-system cost curves or price signals at each DER. help defer capital investments, balance
upgrades were not calculated for this proj- In other words, each resource and opera- demand with capacity or provide renew-
ect, but both of these value streams might tion of that resource should be represent- able firming, regulation service and
come into play over the next few years. ed as a dynamic cost. This allows each more. Many of these benefits carry over
Depending on the location of the assets, resource owner to specify parameters to to the system operator, as well.
it might be possible to manage peak at a be taken into account in the cost profile For C&I customers, peak-demand
substation or feeder to defer new distribu- of the resource. A simple transactional management means energy-bill savings.
tion system investment. After all, upgrades approach can then be used to compare Depending on the type of business and
often are driven by a small number of peak the price that a utility or system opera- utility rates, a demand charge can add
hours, so they frequently can be avoided tor is willing to pay and the cost of the as much as 50 percent to a C&I custom-
by leveraging the flexibility of DERs. resource to provide a service at any given ers electric bill, according to Navigant
time. These calculations need to take Research. Lowering peak demand can
MAKING IT WORK place in real time. translate into a sizeable payoff.
Gaining the ability to optimize multiple In addition, the solution needs coor- All of these value streams are impres-
revenue streams requires specific func- dinated control and intelligent optimi- sive individually and even more compel-
tionality within the optimization solution. zation. Without these critical features, a ling when they can be stacked together.
First, a system that can provide hierarchical network of batteries will fail to realize its

40 | January 2017

1701PG_40 40 1/5/17 8:33 AM

Customized News
at your fingertips

Personalized Power Dashboard

Customized News eDigest
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1701PG_41 41 1/5/17 8:33 AM

Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring is Smart Grid Necessity
As Vencore Labs vice president, Tony Bo-
govic is a seasoned management and tech-

I n todays world, regardless of where you

are or who you work for, we all require
(and expect) connectivity and access. Our
fault sensing, transformer health mon-
itoring, volt/VAR optimization of feed-
ers, load control and demand response,
nology leader, having held multiple positions
within Bellcore, Telcordia, Applied Communi-
cation Sciences and Vencore Labs. Currently,
increasing dependence on information sys- smart water and gas meters, and home as head of the Advanced Consulting & Engi-
tems and smart devices, however, height- area networks with in-home display neering group, he directs the development
ens the need for strong cyber security in devices. In addition, utilities are using and delivery of solutions and services across
a wide spectrum of telecommunications op-
devices that never needed it before. The field networks to support city services,
erations, security and network management
modern cyber threat is real and while its such as intelligent streetlights and wire- technologies and integratedd
finally getting more attention broadly, it still less parking meters. systems. He holds a mas-
needs to be addressed and discussed more This creates a great deal of traffic tra- ter of science degree inn
across the electric power industry. versing smart grid field area networks electrical engineering
from Columbia Uni-
Utilities are responding to the need (FANs) for a continuously expanding
for a more flexible, reliable and efficient set of utility services. In fact, most traffic
energy system by introducing intelli- within these wireless networks is vendor
gence in the grid, most notably in distri- proprietary and stays within the FAN as step toward achievingg
bution, through the deployment of large part of node-to-node communications this is to increase visibility
multi-service field networks. Many utili- that maintain these mesh networks, but into the operations and activities of the
ties are moving beyond advanced meter- it is never visible to back-end systems FAN via monitoring.
ing infrastructure (AMI) deployments and is therefore invisible to utilities.
and expanding to more complex smart The challenge with supporting mul- VISIBILITY IS ESSENTIAL TO
city initiatives. Systems initially deployed tiple tenants and multiple services on SMART GRID SUCCESS
for AMI are now supporting multiple ser- the same field network is that doing so Robust security monitoring requires
vices as utilities add system intelligence, makes security increasingly difficult and three key steps: Defend, detect and
improve system reliability and provide it raises the likelihood of vulnerabilities. respond. Utilities in partnership with their
customers with more options. In other words, as modern utility net- vendors have made great efforts to imple-
Utilities are using their field network works expand and become more com- ment security controls into new smart grid
investments, besides supporting smart plex, utilities must maintain a strong systems. Progress on FAN anomaly detec-
electric meters, to support automatic security posture to ensure the FAN per- tion and response capabilities, however,
feed circuit reconfiguration, line and forms at a high level. The most important are still immature and many utilities have

42 | January 2017

1701PG_42 42 1/5/17 8:33 AM

ear r
everything sent across the network is device management tools can get infor-
encrypted. In most cases, however, only mation from end devices, but they cant
certain payloads are encrypted. A signifi- provide a holistic view of network for-

cant amount of traffic for node discovery, mation or real-time dashboards of key
routing and system maintenance is not indicators. Utilities today require a more
encrypted, making monitoring for anom- comprehensive, integrated monitoring
alous behavior even more essential. solution to enhance cybersecurity and
The Ukraine power grid incident is a operations.
good example of why proactive monitor- A holistic, continuous monitoring as
ing and visibility is important. Experts a service (CMaaS) solution offers many
estimate the attackers were operating benefits for utilities. It can eliminate
within the power network between six silos that have restricted organizational
months to a year before actually launch- insights and create an environment of
ing the attack. With the right monitoring enhanced situational awareness across
yet to recognize the need. capabilities, the utility might have been the network. Real-time network health
The Internet of Things (IoT) move- able to detect and remove the threat monitoring, anomaly detection, security
ment and the emergence of smart grids before the power outage occurred. While analysis and visualization are all criti-
are linked together. Smart grid is one many people point out that a high-profile cal, while flexibility, scalability and ease
of the first large scale examples of IoT, attack hasnt occurred in the U.S., that of deployment are also characteristics
representing some of the biggest IPv6 doesnt mean U.S. utilities arent vulner- that should be considered by utilities
networks in the world. Hundreds of able. Earlier this year, a Michigan water considering procuring grid monitoring
thousands and even millions of remote and electric utility suffered a ransomware applications.
intelligent devices, such as smart meters, attack as have several co-ops. The attacks
are deployed by large utilities. Without didnt result in a power outage, but it INVESTMENT IS INEVITABLE
the right tools, that sheer scale makes it shows that threat actors have the capa- No utility can be 100 percent secure
extremely difficult to effectively monitor bility to infiltrate U.S. utility networks. from threats in todays environment, but
the FAN and identify anomalies and vul- utilities can continuously improve their
nerabilities quickly. THE SOLUTION security posture and further solidify
From a defense standpoint, a utility While it is impossible to prevent every trust with customers. This starts with
must close every hole because attackers attack, and weaknesses always exist, a utilities recognizing what the problems
need only find one exploitable weak- strong cybersecurity monitoring and are, understanding the potential impli-
ness. The reality is no utility knows detection capability can greatly solid- cations for security and reliability and
every weakness in its networks and ify defenses and stop attacks in their proactively taking steps to address the
some weaknesses remain undiscovered reconnaissance stage before damage is issues. With the right monitoring tools,
(zero-day), but deploying strong mon- inflicted. It is no secret that utilities are processes and expertise in place, utilities
itoring is essential to improving utility increasingly experiencing cyberattacks can do just that.
security practices. on the operations side. These evolv- As utility operations and security
For instance, monitoring is needed ing, persistent threats require proac- threats become increasingly frequent
on a daily basis to validate that privacy tive detection through network visibil- and complex, integrated monitoring
controls are operational. Without verifi- ity and enhanced situational awareness. capabilities are more critical than ever.
cation, utilities cant confirm the system This begins with a need for utilities Now is the time to make the necessary
is working properlyeven though their to embrace a defend, detect, respond investments to ensure utilities have the
management system claims everything is approach to smart grid security. visibility required to protect the grid
secure. A common fallacy among utili- Utilities need better insight into their and operate securely, efficiently and
ties is that employing encryption means smart grid network activities. Network effectively.

January 2017 | 43

1701PG_43 43 1/5/17 8:33 AM


Spring Rewind Grounding Reel Underground, Submersible Distribution Sensor

The Hannay Reels SGCR Series Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. (SEL) announced
Spring Rewind Grounding Reel the release of the SEL-8301 underground distribution sen-
is designed to help meet OSHA sor, featuring wireless fault location, accurate load data, fault
requirements for vehicle ground- type determination, vault water volume, remote monitoring
ing. This reel features a fast, conve- and the ability to withstand harsh environments including
nient, automatic spring rewind with submersion in water up to 15 ft. (4.5 meters)
a ratchet mechanism to lock the deep. With typical line current measure-
reel. It comes with a built-in cable ment accuracy of 1.5 percent and load data
hoop with an internal rotary device. readings every 15 minutes,
It has been independently tested to the SEL-8301 allows for more
43 kVA for 30 cycles. Independently tested to 43 kVA precise switching decisions.
for 30 cycles. Using a wireless Ingenu/
Hannay Reels Trilliant RPMA network, it
GO TO WWW.PGI.HOTIMS.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION sends fault, load current and water depth information to con-
trol centers. The flexible design connects up to 12 CTs, allows
Programmable IoT Gateway for monitoring up to four three-phase circuits.
Sierra Wireless, a provider of fully integrated end-to-end Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc.
solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, announced GO TO WWW.PGI.HOTIMS.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION
the availability of the FX30, a small, flexible and rugged pro-
grammable cellular gateway. It provides a precertified, inte-
grated embedded platform to Software as a Service
connect any machine to any Siemens has introduced a new Digital Grid Services platform
IoT application or cloud, for the U.S. market that will allow utilities to better access an
enabling fast, scalable increasingly digital operational environment through the use of
and global deploy- cloud and managed service offerings. The offering will consist of
ment of IoT solu- software as a service grid management applications offered via
tions. The FX30 provides a subscription service, managed services including engineering
Legato open source Linux-
based programmability and 2G, 3G and LTE
connectivity to manage any type of machine, including indus-
trial equipment, infrastructure, building automation systems,
laboratory and medical equipment, automation systems,
construction equipment, commercial appliances and portable
and renewable energy systems. Entire fleets of FX30s can be and operations expertise, and cloud-hosted environments via
monitored, managed and controlled remotely through Sierra Siemens secure data centers. The solution provides Siemens
Wireless AirVantage Cloud Services. The FX30 is available in customers with more flexibility for their smart grid deployments
both Ethernet and Serial variants, and supports an IoT con- and relieves them from the burden of investing in and operat-
nector to enable hardware extensions to interface with an ing complex software, hardware and networking infrastructure.
unlimited range of sensors, and wired and wireless networks. The Digital Grid Services offering will enhance much of Siemens
It offers best-in-class low power consumption, consuming less existing grid portfolio including microgrid software, outage
than 1W in idle mode and 2mW in ultra-low power mode, management systems, smart meter systems, and data manage-
making it ideal for solar and battery-powered applications. ment, including grid and asset analytics, among others.
Sierra Wireless Siemens

44 | January 2017

1701PG_44 44 1/5/17 8:40 AM

January 23-25, 2018
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center | San Antonio, TX

Owned & Produced By: Official Publication of DistribuTECH: Supported By:

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DistribuTECH 2017: The industrys most
comprehensive conference on automation, grid optimization,
T&D engineering and customer engagement. Jan. 31-Feb. 2,
2017, San Diego. 918.832.9265
ADVERTISER. ............................. PG#
.31 -Feb. 2

.............................................. C4
San Diego
RENTALS ........................................ 29

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Richard Baker 8- 9

CYBERLOCK INC. .......................... 24 Energy Storage 2017
Daniel Greene DISTRIBUTECH 2018 ..................... 45 storage-conference/
918.831.9401 Paris
Glenda Van Duyne DOBLE ENGINEERING CO. ........... 7 Smart Energy Summit
ENERGY OTTAWA INC................. 17 energy-summit
1421 S. Sheridan Road, Tulsa, OK 74112 .26 -March 1
P.O. Box 1260 : Tulsa, OK 74101 HUBBEL POWER SYSTEMS .......... 39 TechAdvantage 2017
918.835.3161, fax 918.831.9834 Conference & Expo
ITRON ............................................. 33
San Diego
NATIONAL SALES MANAGER LEM ............................................... 32
Tom Leibrandt
U.S., Canada, International MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC ................... 3
918.831.9184 fax 918.831.9834
MOXA AMERICAS INC. ................ 25

1 3
& SPONSORSHIP SALES MANAGER ............................................... 21
Sandy Norris Tokyo
918.831.9115 fax 918.831.9834 PANASONIC CORP. ........................ 5
14- 17
PENNWELL HUB ........................... 41
For assistance with marketing strategy or ad creation,
The Work Truck Show
please contact PennWell Marketing Solutions
POWER ENGINEERS ....................... 1
Paul Andrews
240.595.2352 S&C ELECTRIC COMPANY.......... C3

20 23
SENSUS USA ................................. C2
REPRINTS International Battery
Rhonda Brown
219.878.6094 fax 219.561.2023 SIEMENS AG .................................. 15 Seminar & Exhibit
SIEMENS ENERGY INC. ............... 27 Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


................................................. 9

VENCORE LABS ............................ 11


XYLEM INC. ................................... 19

46 | January 2017

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18-20 JULY 2017

Let us match you up with the

VIPs of Africas power sector
This is the must attend event for all those generating and delivering power.
Make connections with high-level dignitaries, officials and executive management from
government, utilities and private enterprises from Sub-Saharan Africa.
We understand time and money is precious, so we have set up a personalised B2B matchmaking
service that gives you the opportunity make the right connections through pre-arranged meetings
based on your marketing objectives.
Best of all, as an exhibitor its free of charge!



3,000+ 75+ 60+ Sub Saharan Africa Free Networking Targeted B2B Matchmaking
Attendees Exhibitors VIP Delegation Receptions Service

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TALK For too long, the Environmental

Protection Agency has spent taxpayer
dollars on an out-of-control anti-energy While integrating VER (variable energy
agenda that has destroyed millions of resources) can be challenging for grid operators,
jobs As my EPA Administrator, Scott
Pruitt, the highly respected Attorney
in reality these resources have been integrated at
General from the state of Oklahoma, higher levels than expected, reaching nearly 44
will reverse this trend and restore the percent of power generated annually in Denmark
EPAs essential mission of keeping our
air and our water clean and safe.
without impacting reliability.
President-Elect Donald Trump on nominating Deloitte: Managing Variable and Distributed Energy Resources: A New Era for the Grid
longtime EPA adversary to head that agency
When asked to describe their investment plans, almost half
of utilities (46 percent) said that digital grid is either one of
Its a safe assumption their top three strategic programs or has been earmarked for
that Pruitt could be the most investment in the next 12 months. Only 8 percent said they had
hostile EPA administrator no plans to invest in digital grid.
toward clean air and safe EY: Digital Grid: Powering the Future of Utilities

drinking water in history. Mexico also targets grid investment of $26 billion to $33 billion by 2029 for
Environmental leader Ken Cook, to the New York Times 25,000 kilometers of transmission lines, increasing integration with the United
States and Central America and improving internal power movement.
These efforts strengthen our The ScottMadden Energy Industry Update: As Yogi Berra Might Say
commitment to work with state

and local communities to unlock
the Wests abundant renewable
energy resources, create jobs and
support development that makes Why energy storage may be the most important
sense for both the economy and the
environment. technology in the world right now @JCESRHub -
U.S. Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell, about approval
for some 4,000 miles of power lines @argonne

In 2010, there were 0 utility-scale solar projects in the United States. Theres now 50.
Its taken seven years @ENERGY
and will cost $2.5 billion
to build. It will need 2,000 Major barrier to adoption of solar PV and EVs:
modern wind turbines in lack of knowledge on tech benefits + perception of
the Panhandle to fill the line high initial cost.
to its ready capacity.
Clean Line Energy Partners CEO Michael Skelly,
about the Plains & Eastern Clean Line, a 700-mile HVDC
Navigant: North America remains the leading region for
transmission line planned to bring wind power from #Microgrids, with 54 percent of the market.
western Oklahoma to Tennessee and Arkansas. SandC_US

January 2017 | 48

1701PG_48 48 1/5/17 8:40 AM

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1701PG_C3 3 1/5/17 8:40 AM

Ryan Meller
Manager of Technical Services
Northwestern Rural Electric Co-operative Association, Inc.

What was a sustained outage

is now just a blink. Centrix allows
us to recover in seconds!
In the event of a power supply outage, we utilize automated restoration with Advanced DMS
CentrixTM to lock out a feeder and restore it from another source. In only three
months, we saved over 1.1 million customer minutes of interruption time (CMI)! Outage Management
Without 24-hour dispatch, we rely on Centrix to provide safe and reliable Crew Mobile
switching. It has been a big leap forward for Northwestern REC in improving
service reliability for our customers. Customer Engagement
All Rights Reserved.

Our customer-relationship secret is trust. Our customers trust ACS Energy Management
to execute their vision while we work as a team to deliver innovative
automation solutions worldwide. Since 1975, our systems & services Substation Automation
have enabled improved grid reliability, resiliency and eciency for Feeder Automation
utilities of all sizes. Let us help you realize your goals with proven
2016 Advanced Control Systems, Inc.

technology, turnkey services and industry-leading support. Infrastructure Solutions

Contact us: 800.831.7223 | Extension 4 | SCADA

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