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Assignment Physical Properties of

Crude Oil

1) This assignment has to be submitted to me no later than 7 days
from the date of upload.
2) I WILL NOT accept an assignment after 12pm on the 7th Day.
3) Assignments have to be hand submitted to me and given to me in
person in my room.
4) Any identical assignments will not receive credit.
5) Graphs are given at the end and students are highly advised to
make their own print out of the respective graphs and show me
how they came to the solution.
6) I will take a small viva or can ask any question when the
assignment is handed to me by each individual in person.
7) Pay careful attention as concepts will be tested. Not all data given
is relevant

Q1) 200 cu ft of ethane is to be compressed from 32F and atmospheric pressure
to 550 psig and a temperature of 620R. What volume will it occupy under these

Q2) 30API oil has been discovered and must be analysed in the lab. Assuming it
is kept at conditions of 32F at atmospheric pressure, what is the density and
specific gravity?

Q3) Calculate the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of a 50API
mixed base oil from 200 to 400F.

Q4) Calculate the density of a 25.7 API material at 60 and 500F.






Data Density = Specific gravity x 8.0001 4 . 0.0025 2 50 2000 .328 1 cu ft of water at 60F is 62.37lb Molecular weight of air is 28. 0. 0.0090 10 30 300 .0003 1 60 5000 .8g R= 10. 0.731 API Volume (cu ft) Temperature Viscosity (cp) Density (lb x ft (F) cu) 20 100 . 0.0030 5 40 600 .