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Pilbhit Bypass Road Near Mahanagar,
Bareilly 243122


ADTEK PRINT & MEDIA PVT. LTD. Purchase Order No : 39240

Tiwari Market, Opp.Ramjanki Mandir, Janakpuri Date : 15-Feb-17
Indent Date : 04-Feb-17

Department :

Fax/Phone : 9837087641/ Location : PUB - Main Mall

Attention : Sub-Location :

E-mail : Date :

: 09407313137 Management In-Charge : Mr. Atam Prakash
PAN No. : AALCA3996K Mobile :

Service Tax Registration : AALCA3996KSD001 Contractor's Quot Ref :

: Service Category :
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By accepting this WORK/PURCHASE ORDER, SELLER/CONTRACTOR agrees to furnish the GOODS/Work specified in full accordance with all conditions
set forth herein and/or attachments hereto. All drawings, designs,
specifications and other data prepared by OWNER and related thereto are the property of the OWNER and must be returned to OWNER upon completion
by SELLER/CONTRACTOR of the obligations under this WORK/PURCHASE ORDER. The information contained herein is not to be released or disclosed
for any other use or purpose other than for the execution of this WORK/PURCHASE ORDER. Unless replace by an agreement. This formal
WORK/PURCHASE ORDER constitutes the entire agreement and only written changes by way of an amendment to this WORK / PURCHASE ORDER will be
legally binding. It is important that SELLER/CONTRACTOR signs and returns the Purchase Order copy within three (3) days of receipt. No other form of
acceptance will be accepted. Failure to return the acceptance does not diminish the responsibilities, as set forth herein, but may result in a delay to any
payments that may be due and may be cause for termination of this WORK/PURCHASE ORDER

Delivery Date : 04-Feb-17 Total Basic Value 171,389.00
Total Misc Charges
All Orders to have 0.5% per day penalty of the last order value for Total Excise Duty
All orders to have 5% retention wherever required and applicable as per Total Sales Tax/Vat
generally accepted standards
All Orders to have 10% deduction for quality control as per generally accepted Total Service Tax
standards and special standards specified/explained Total SB Cess
Total KKC
W/O Start Date : 04-Feb-17 Total Octroi Charges
Total Transportation Charges

W/O Completion : 28-Feb-17 Total Other Charges if any
Total Deductions if any
Applicable Taxation Note :
Rounding Off 0.00

Total Order Value: INR 171,389.00

Value in Words: (Rs One Lakh Seventy One Thousand Three hundred Eighty Nine Rupees Only)

Rate validity: Till completion of work and value is inclusive of all applicable.
For Payment terms, other terms conditions/ details, please refer line items see page inside and terms conditions Annexure.

Page No: 1

PO No : 39240 Date : 15-Feb-17 Page No: 2 .

Bareilly 243122 Page No: 3 .AADCB2661A Purchaser : For BLACKWOOD DEVELOPERS Vendor Acceptance PVT LTD Phoenix United Mall: Authorised Signatory Signature Title Date Registered Office :Pilbhit Bypass Road Near Mahanagar. PO No : 39240 Date : 15-Feb-17 Company's Registrations VAT/TIN No- Service Tax No.AADCB2661AST001 PAN No.

000. Page No: 4 .00 Total Basic Value of Work/Order 171.389. Amount Rs 1 Paper Ad Amar Ujala 1.00 Each 136.389.00 Order value in Words: (Rs One Lakh Seventy One Thousand Three hundred Eighty Nine Rupees Only) Value is inclusive of all applicable. PO No : 39240 Date : 15-Feb-17 WORK/PURCHASE ORDER Please supply the following Materials / Services subject to the conditions specified below No Material Description / Work Quantity Unit Rate Rs.389.389. The above mentioned agreed rates validity till completion of work.00 Total Misc Charges Total Excise Duty Total Sales Tax/Vat Total Service Tax Total SB Cess Total KKC Total Octroi Charges Total Transportation Charges Total Other Charges if any Total Deductions if any Rounding Off 0.000.00 35.00 GRAND TOTAL 171.389.00 Applicable Taxation Note : Total Basic Value 171.00 2 Paper Ad Times of India 1.00 136.00 Each 35.

If required by the other contractors working in the premises/area. Supply to be made at mentioned address. Price: The payment will be made as per actual quantity/measurement on site. Schedule of the rates is attached with this order. subsequent decision. unambiguous and without any discrepancies Owner reserves the right to delete any item for the BOQ get it executed from any other agency for which no compensation shall be paid.5 Half Page Ads Display on 20. as mentioned above. Office Address: Pilbhit Bypass Road Near Mahanagar. PO Notes 1.Display At Times of India Bareilly Edition Size 32. office within 1-week from the date of delivery/work completion. PO No : 39240 Date : 15-Feb-17 Enclosure terms: ANNEXURE Note(S): 1 The above mentioned are the estimated quantity and the billing will be done on actual certified/measured quantity basis. It is also essential that the Vendor attaches a Service Acceptance Note (SAN) with joint measurement sheet. TERMS & CONDITIONS . the Contractor shall co-relate all relevant drawings and information and satisfy themselves that the information available thereof is complete. Page No: 5 . Before commencing any item of work. in the Delivery challan / Packing List and invoice for case of material Inwarding and Bill Processing. The contact/order rates/value is also inclusive of scaffolding wherever required to complete the work.For any faulty material. and information gathered from site of work and any other relevant documents / information given to the contractor The quantities mentioned in BOQ Variation of Actual Quantity will be acceptance up to 15% of the order quantity.Display At Amar Ujala Bareilly Edition Size 33X25 CM Page No. including the drawing issued and as per the revision their on.ANNEXURE Guarantee----. Bareilly 243122 Scope of Work (Brief Description of the scope of Work): The Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that all works are executed in the most substantial. Failure to do so may be the grounds for the rejection or delay in release of payment(s).01. It is essential that the vendor shall mention PO No. Delivery Details: Delivery to be accompanied by our material inward form/challan. along with corresponding Material Description.5X25 Half Page Display on 20. proper and workmanlike manner with the quality of material and workmanship strictly in accordance with the specifications and to the entire satisfaction of the Engineer-in-Charge. Invoices should be submitted to BLACKWOOD DEVELOPERS PVT LTD.2017. the scaffolding shall be provided by you/vendor free of cost/within the cost.2017 2. Order Validity: 30 days from the date of the order.01. specification and all applicable standards. Handling instructions if any. Safety Data sheet. Manufacturer's test certificate mentioning the serial number/batch number of Supply. replacement or maintenance will be done by vendor free of cost. The Work shall be executed as per BOQ item rate basis and as mentioned in the special Condition of the contract.

The Phoenix Mills Limited and the Vendor’s name and deposit such policy with the consultant. Further distribution to be done by contractor at his own. that are taken by contractor on the basis of this contract awarded to contractor. The Vendor shall buy All Risk Policy in the joint name of M/s. Risk Purchase: In case the PO/Work order is left incomplete/uncompleted within the stipulated delivery period. the Owner shall be entitled to recover the same from the Contractor/ contractor shall be obliged to pay the same to the Owner. Packing: Packing is expected to be worthy the transportation and handling involved. Packing should be kept in mind that the goods may be stock transferred from warehouse/site to other sites. penalties. agency. damages. expenses. Materials will be stored at the premises entirely at the Vendor’s risk and cost. out of any actions (either directly or indirectly). material tools tackles etc. All packing to have labels mentioning the product name. PO No : 39240 Date : 15-Feb-17 Delivery and Installation Schedule Material at site (Responsibility of watch and word for owner supplied material): Contractor shall indemnify and have sufficient insurance to cover the cost of owners supplied materials. charges. proper man. Water and Electricity: Water & Electricity shall be provided by owner free of cost at one point. The Vendors all risk policy. Insurances: The Vendor shall provide at their cost. batch number and the site name for which it is destined. The Vendor Shall Indemnify “M/s The Phoenix Mills Limited. OWNER reserves the right to do what is necessary to keep the site in neat & clean condition & recover the cost so incurred from contractors’ bills. himself and any compensation due shall be payable by the seller/contractor. that may arise. i. Copies of such insurance policies shall be deposited with the Consultant before the commencement of work. Work men’s compensation policy and third party liability subject to the individual limits. labor cum third party risk also. officer. compensations. fines. at all period of the contract. PML shall not be responsible for any damages on this account. insurance coverage for all the Import/Domestic supply (all the material insured by the vendor should be delivered at site location of respective floor & layout). costs and expenses whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the contract. All the materials shall be insured against fire and theft. Page No: 6 . consultants and all other parties appointed by client on his behalf of the owner against. Contractor to Indemnify the Owner: The contractor shall indemnify the owner and every member. House Keeping: The site shall be kept neat & clean at all times throughout the duration of the project at no extra cost to owner & on completion of project the site shall be handed over in a clean condition. works. The amount of insurance should be as per Vendor’s estimate to adequately insure all workers including those by their sub-contractors. we are at liable to set the same completed through any other vendor of our choice and debit all the related/incidental cost to you. including the Government or Statutory Authorities. employee representative. sub- contractor of the contractor. Indemnify the Owner from all liabilities and losses: Contractor will at all times keep Owner indemnified from all losses..e. The cost of all the materials supplied by the Vendor shall also be included for the insurance. The seller/contractor shall indemnify the company (The Phoenix Malls Limited) in event of any injury/death of any of this work.” from this risk. As principal employer if Owner is required to pay any money to any person.

regulations in force or as amended subsequently till completion of work shall be to Contractor’s accounts. Duties and Levies: All duties. machineries. and other plant. Workmen’s Compensation Act etc. Contract Labor (Regulation & Abolition) Act. courts of laws. in force and applicable to the labor employed by him or his sub-contractors including those working on labor-rate basis on the works. Maharashtra. epidemics. prevent or overcome because of any of the following events (“Force Majeure”): war. that fell upon contractor in connection with this Work Order / Agreement. typhoon. proof of all payments made to various Government departments. Rules and Regulations: The Contractor shall strictly comply with all the labor laws. Before commencement of works. Insurers. The Contractor shall not pay less than what is pro- vided under law from time to time to laborers’ engaged by him on the work. any other levies. Municipalities or other authorized bodies. Labor laws. Contractor shall ensure that no person of doubtful antecedents and nationality is in any way associated with only work. Service tax will be deducted as per statutory requirement/prevailing rate from their bill. as may be levied/imposed in consequence of execution of the works or in relation thereto or in connection therewith as per the Acts. No labor below the age of eighteen years shall be employed on the work. flood. ESIC. hostilities. land slide. earthquake. or Acts of God or delay in statutory approvals from Indian authorities. air raids or civil commotion. As per Maharashtra state Regulations contractor should be registered with Regional Provident Fund Commissioner. provided that such event materially adversely affects the ability of the affected Party to fulfil its obligations under the Contract and is beyond the reasonable control of the affected Party and such event is not the result of any failure of the affected Party to perform any of its obligations under this Contract. Bank guarantors. surcharges. octroi/entry taxes. regulations. draught. as applicable). Termination of the contract: If and when contractor neglect or refuse to execute the construction as per this works order / agreement or if the Company is adjudged as an bankrupt / insolvent or goes into Liquidation. taxes etc. PO No : 39240 Date : 15-Feb-17 Taxes. and furnish a copy of the same to the Engineer-in-Charge. all penalties shall be borne by contractor. if applicable. We shall deduct income tax as per prevailing rate from their bill and TDS will be issued against such deductions. fees. others as the case may be. Force Majeure: Neither Party shall be considered in default in the performance of its obligations under this Contract if such performance is prevented or delayed and which. / agreement and take possession of the premises along with all materials. except where otherwise expressly provided in the Contract. then Owner is entitled to terminate this works order. Contractor should produce the challans of the same to owner as a proof of submission. Page No: 7 . fire. strike of a whole national category of workers. even after the affected Party has acted with due diligence. of various liabilities or dues. The Contractor shall be responsible and liable for all obligations imposed on him by the provisions and requirements of any Central or State Statute Ordinances or other Laws or any Regulation or By-laws of any local or other duly constituted authority which may be applicable including any amendments or additions during the period of the Contract. the Contractor must ensure that he possess a valid labor license from the concerned authorities under the Contract Labor (Abolition and Regulation) Act 1970. etc. expenses. riots. the affected Party is unable to avoid. sureties. Employee’s State Insurance and Minimum Wages Act. Contractor shall pay PF & ESIC of all Employs/Staff/Labor working at our site failing which. including the Employees’ Provident Fund. WCT. Included in Rate (including sales tax/trade tax/turnover tax. explosion. Rules. Office of the Liquidators. labors. Only VAT & Service Tax shall be paid extra as applicable. Contractor will not be entitled to the Final payment or any unpaid balances unless and until they deliver to Owners satisfactory releases and waivers of all claims of any sub contactors. Contractor shall employ only Indian Nationals after verifying their proper antecedent’s honesty and loyalty to the Company & Country. cess. cyclone. equipment and other assets and also work out Owner rights against guarantors. Laws.

agents. Defect Liability Period Deposit /EMD if any ESIC Deductions: 1. servants. If at any time from the commencement of the work the Owner shall for any reason whatsoever not require the whole or part work thereof as specified in the tender/contract to be carried out then in that event the Engineer-in-Charge shall give notice in writing of the fact to the Contractor. Warranty Warranty/Additional AMC Despatch Intimation: Pre intimation of dispatch of goods is essential to the person who is preparing the order. or employees whose continued employment in his opinion is undesirable. drawings. Submission of Invoices: Invoices (mentioning our PO number. Contractor shall not be allowed or paid any compensation on this account. ESIC. Bill Payment Terms: After completion of work. who shall have no claim to any payment or compensation whatsoever on account of any profit or advantage which he might have derived from the execu-tion of the work in full. but which he did not derive in conse-quence of the full amount of the alterations having been made in the original specifications. -at least 2-3 days before dispatch of goods. out-ward form. PO No : 39240 Date : 15-Feb-17 The Project in charge or his representative of Owners shall have full powers (without giving any reasons) at his discretion to ask the agency immediately to cease to employ in connection with this contract any representative. work permit form. Manufacturer Test certificate and Warranty certificate. workmen. PF. CST. and copy of the ESIC certificate. Transportation/Octroi and Packing invoices to be separate.75% of invoice value will be deducted from your payment in case you are not providing the ESIC No. as an along with invoice. designs and instruction which shall involve any curtailment of the work originally con-templated. Service Tax number etc. TIN.) to be submitted to Purchase Department in duplicate along with acknowledged Challan /Inward. accepted PO Copy. Despatch instructions: Page No: 8 . vendor VAT.

and unless asked in writing by the Company for delaying the supplies/services longer than the dates as mentioned in the Purchase/Work Order. reserves the right for third party inspections/product testing of the same. the actual applicability shall prevail. Extra Items: Cost of material +cost of Labor +cost of machinery+15%towards OH& profits +Actual Taxes.5% per day from the date after 2-days of completion date subject to maximum of 20% of the value of Purchase/Work Order. PO No : 39240 Date : 15-Feb-17 In case of different instructions received from site related to supplies or installations. cannot issue C forms. The liability of payment to respective authorities lies with the suppliers. hence for interstate dispatches the correct CST will prevail Page No: 9 . Contractor shall abide by all local or government authorities law/ rule and indemnify owners of any liability and actions with respect to the contract/order. In the event of a situation where the product supplied/installed does not meet the quality parameters. labor Hutment. the vendor agrees to bear the entire liability of the same and replace the entire lot with the product meeting the quality parameters or can be debited for an equivalent amount in case of his inability to do the same. State Permits/Forms: In case of direct dispatches’ where in certain state permit forms/way bills are required and are hence issued by . Waiving off the LD penalty is the sole discretion of the Company and is independent of any other terms and conditions of the order. Applicable Taxes: It is the responsibility of vendor to inform and charge the correct applicable VAT/CST. Sales tax registration: All vendors are presumed to be registered under Sales tax.T. PD team to be immediately informed and the decision of PD team shall stand abiding to the vendor. is enclosed/shall be issued subsequently. Service Tax etc. For the current dispatch of above order form no. No forms to be submitted at sites. the vendor necessarily needs to submit the form back at PML along with/prior to submission of bills and take its counter receipt. No payments shall be released if Counter folio of Forms are not submitted in original. equipment and machinery. in circumstances where delivery/services are not completed by the vendor in the defined time period. the same financial implications need to be borne by the supplier and shall be paid by against a debit note along with original receipts. Vendor/contractor to file regular returns with labor department. and where the dispatch is direct from the vendor to the site. Transportation NIL Statutory Obligations/ Conditions: For any conditions that are not pre-decided but are statutory like Octroi etc.. In case of variations in the order v/s the actual applicability. I. Equipment/Machinery/Labour Hutment: To the extent possible client will provide space for store. If not the contractor has to make his own arrangements for equipment and machinery at his own cost. Penalty /Late Delivery Clause: Late Delivery penalty shall be levied from the last date of delivery/services as specified in the Purchase/Work Order @ 0. Department and Sales tax department.

Variation of in actual Quantity will be accepted up to +. joint measurement signed copy for payment processing. No extra claim shall be entertained for payment apart from same additional item or increased quantity. all inclusive and valid till final completion of work in all respects and no escalation or extra amount for any reason shall be considered. The quoted rates shall not alter on account of any variation / deletion nor shall it vitiate the WORK ORDER in any way. Special Terms if any: The Original Bill should be accompanied with duly signed POD Copy. Vendor Shall complete the work within the delivery schedule as mentioned in purchase order. Escalation: The price as agreed above are firm and final.installation or re- workmanship not found satisfactory or defective by consultant. Installation report and accepted PO copy.15% of the order quantity. Page No: 10 . If it is not mentioned in PO then completion date as mentioned in work permission will be treated as delivery schedule. Vendor shall carry out the work as per requirement of mall management to avoid any obstructions to customer OR Retailers. Vendor shall procure the material make mentioned in purchase order. PO No : 39240 Date : 15-Feb-17 Variation: The quantities indicated in the bill of quantities as per annexure against each item are only indicative and are likely to vary. service acceptance notes. Vendor shall get the approval of materials from Mall Engineer before procuring the same.e. Vendor shall execute the work as per instruction and to the satisfaction of the Mall engineer/Site in-charge. Vendor Shall visit the site before the quoting for the work and he shall incorporate the cost of some relevant items to execute the mentioned in PO. Monday to Friday Tools and tackles that will be brought at site on returnable basis needs prior approval from authorities so kindly furnish the list of materials 2 days in advance of bringing any material to ensure there are no bottlenecks at site. Inspection: Workmanship being done at site shall be subjected to the condition that the liabilities will include re. Entry of all materials in to the site will be restricted from 11PM to 9AM on all working days i.