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State Estimator

State of a system is defined as the value of all parameters of
the system, i.e. Pressure, Temperature, etc.
Measurements of the parameters are used to estimate the
state of a system. Measurements may be noisy. We need to
generate best guess for the state, given the noisy

Weighted Least Square (WLS) method:
Minimizes the weighted sum of squares of the difference
between measured and calculated values.
Error analysis
Error = Measured Value – True Value
Find Probability Density function of error
Standard Deviation and Variance
Determine the estimate that best fits the measurement model
Minimize the WLS function.
For unconstrained minimization problem, efficient solution is
obtained by Newton’s method (Gauss Newton method)
State variables are represented as vector [x 1,x2 … xn]

Bad data detection
Method used: Chi-squared test
For variables [x1,x2, … xn ]
Define a new variable Y = Sigma (i=1 to n) xi2

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