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TM Key in Steps 2017

i) Team Manager software - Download
1) Go to, click on Download Demo, Click on Lite,
2) SAVE the file. Swim_Team_Manager_Lite.exe (May need about 30 minutes)

3) Once download complete, install Swim_Team_Manager_Lite.exe.

ii) To Start : Go to FILE ( Open / New) file
Type all in capital letter - (File Name : MSSS 2017)

1) From FILE import Meet Events ( 2 blank files downloaded, just pick any one)
2) Go to Teams and Go to ADD - your Team code : kod Akuatik not the usual school code ,
school name: full name with daerah. eg ; SMK CONVENT (HL)
# Daerah: PP , KLG , PU, HS, GOM, KS, SPG , HL, KL , HS
Team Registration: OTH, Team Type: AGE, Country: MAS, then OK.
3) Go Set Up> Preferences> System Preference> (ENTER) > System Age Up Date:-
Type 31.12.2017 > OK
4) Go to Athletes and Go to ADD (enter swimmers last name, first name, birthdate and gender)
example : Abu bin Baba - last name : Baba, first name: Abu bin
- ID, email, primary mailing info and primary contact info is not necessary.
- Team 1 box, select your team code. The rest you can leave it empty.
- Click OK and proceed to enter your next swimmer.
5) Once all the swimmers are entered, exit and Go to Meets, select the meet on the screen below.
You should see Kejohanan Akuatik MSSS Selangor

a) Go to Entries - Entries By Name (You should be able to see all your swimmers name appear at
the bottom) click “ Only Pre- Entered Athletes” if names not show

b) Select 1 swimmer at a time and click on the box next to the events. Enter their best times in the
Custom Time Column.
c) Enter time as 5900 , DO NOT enter 59:00 (The : is not necessary)
d) To check Go to Reports - Entry Reports. You should be able to check your entries.
6) Print out the entries, double check with your hard copy, make sure all particular are correct
(Team / name / gender / age group / event no / time ….)
** Each event limited 2 participants only
** No entries for Open event no 121, 204, 229 & 310 .
** No any open event for primary group – UNDER 10 & 12
** Event no 201, 301, 401, 402, 415 & 416 for secondary only (can mix 15 &18 for same gender)
7) Edit the mistake and re-check again through reports.
8) Once completed, go to File and Export Meet Entries (non-changeable again )
9) Attach the zip file (Team code with Meet name ) and email to
**Pls ensure you attach the correct file which can be found in Drive C/ Tm Data 5.
The zip file has your Team code with Entries Kejohanan Akuatik….
10) Check your entries sheet with the reply email File from Jason.
11) No need send new correction entries file if just minor mistake.
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