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The Nursing Care of Pneumonia

Author(s): Lena Steuer
Source: The American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 11, No. 7 (Apr., 1911), pp. 515-519
Published by: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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disease. and avoiding all unnecessary exertion. Lakeside Hospital. Cleveland. . hydrotherapy measures. Relapse. Finally. and the well-nigh useless humanity that sometimes remains of the disease-toSsed wreckage. contracted contracted while in while attendance in attendance upon upon cases cases suffering suffering from from thethe disease. infectious. toAtyou. consequently consequently care care must must be beexercised exercised to to prevent preventinfection infection fromfrom handling handling the discharges the discharges from fromthese theseparts. One that would quite thoroughly cover a case of pneumonia is: Preparations: the patient. channels.-The Patient. myocarditis. sick-room.Dr. Crisis. medications. I will not have to caution nurses about this danger. Convalescence. in the nose. THE NURSING CARE OF PNEUMOINIA BY LENA STEUER.136 on Wed. parts. daily care. Richardson. theAt present the present time time poliomyelitis poliomyelitisis isconsidered considered infectious. Ohio THE nurse in assuming her duties should have in mind at least a general synopsis of the nursing care of the case at hand. the withered and blighted legs and arms. house. The nurse with abrasions on the lips.jstor. 01 Feb 2017 03:04:36 UTC All use subject to http://about. especially any sudden movement which might cause acute dilatation of the heart. membranes. This content downloaded from 114. Nursing Care of Pneumonia. It isIt known is known that the thatinfectious the infectious organism organism responsible responsiblefor forthethemalady maladygainsgains access access to thetospinal the spinal centrescentres throughthrough the the nasal nasaland andbuccal buccal mucous mucousmembranes. emergency treatments. PREPARATIONS. When infantile paralysis is treated as infectiows as diphtheria there will be fewer nurses infected. of Boston. makesmakes it imperative it imperative that allthat that all is that is known knownrelative relativetotothese these matters mattersbe known be known to you. of Boston.166.It is thought It is thought that thethat organ- the organ- isms isms find findtheir their exits exits through through the the samesame channels.--The two principal things in the treatment of pneumonia are the saving of the patients strength to combat the disease. has no business whatever in proximity to the infection.-Steuer 515 their theirlives livesfrom from infantile infantile paralysis. paralysis. Complications: pleurisy.125. endocarditis. pericar- ditis. the more fear and respect one will have for this most fearful of adolescent infections. the more one sees of the disasters in the wake of infantile paralysis. the better it will be. and the sooner all who come in contact with the disease assume the infectious char- acter of it. the paralytic curvatures of the spine. or having even the slightest inflammations of the throat. All state All state boardsboards have assumed have assumed the the attitude attitudethat thatit it should should be reported be reportedand quarantined and quarantined by cardsbystating cards stating that that aacase caseexists existsin in thethe house. Care: nourishment. believes believes that thethat twothe two fatal fatal cases casesininhis his own ownhome home werewere acquired acquired by hisby children his children kissing kissing a a neighbor's sick child.

and also the total for the twenty- four hours. and bringing it to the bedside. where and how often pains occur. the nurse should keep an accurate account of temperature. character of the cough. As the patient generally lies on the affected side. The bed should be hard and cool.516 The American Journal of Nursing Therefore. but protecting the patient from draughts. number and character of stools. respirations. A few flowers are very cheering. thus not only sifting out the dirt. This may be had by either attaching a rubber tube to the spout of a tea-kettle. or by having a small alcohol lamp burning underneath a dish. For this an old pitcher and a cone made of newspaper will reach to the patient's mouth and nose and save exertion. and the coverings light.136 on Wed. Before starting to prepare the sick-room. containing creosote or some medicated solution as pine-Aeedle oil. for much depends on the condition of the heart.125. the color and appearance as well as the This content downloaded from 114. and the air must be pure and moist if possible. CARE.jstor. as the temperature of the room should be 60? to 70?. Inhalations are also soothing to the irritated mucous membrane of the throat. Pneumonia being an infection of the air-passages moist air is most beneficial. and well ventilated.-From the first. She must bear in mind the things which will help to establish a rapid convales- cence and give the most comfort with the least exertion. the color and amount of each urination. A small pillow for the knees and one under the head will give comfort. number of baths given and if well taken. The room should be quiet. the things used for and on the patient should be gathered and kept in easy reach. with a good spring. . The windows in the room may be covered with towels or cheese-cloth. nourishment and water intake. Screens may be used to good advantage for this same purpose. and growing plants are very beneficial to the patient. The nightgown should be made of flannel. and coverings that are light and warm. An orderly room is not only restful to the patient but to the doctor and the nurse. any distention of the bladder or abdomen. the patient should at once be made as quiet and comfortable as possible. light. pulse. causing the hip to become numb as well as painful. filled with boiling water. The pillows should number according to the patient's comfort and the doctor's judgment.166. for it is not well to upset the home nor have the patient disturbed by too much rearrangement.-It is very important in preparing the sick-room that the nurse use tact and discretion. a pillow at his back will support and give comfort.-Bedside Notes. of all medicines given. duration of chills. A sputum cup with a solution of 1-20 carbolic is a good preventive for spreading dis- eases. such as gowns. 01 Feb 2017 03:04:36 UTC All use subject to http://about. linen. and all utensils.

or lifted so as to help to raise the rusty colored . After the bath is finished. the room should be put in order without raising dust or making any noise. if a mustard plaster is ordered. cleansing them after each feeding. but hot water bag filled. An hour after nourishment. The nurse must be ever watchful to give all the little attentions that gain the patient's perfect confidence and rest of mind. and in a uniform way best suited to the individuality of the patient. This must be done without alarming or offending the family. or a 1-8 Listerine solution. turned. is also a preventive of bed-sores. 01 Feb 2017 03:04:36 UTC All use subject to http://about. Daily Care. amount of sleep and rest the patient has had.125.02 solution. At this time attention must be given to the changing of the bed linen and gown. Straighten the bedclothes and serve nourishment. If the patient is quiet. Medicine should be measured and if it is a hypodermic the needle should be sterilized and wrapped in cotton saturated with alcohol. An alcohol rub. which is so conducive to an early convalescence.-Steuer s51 amount of sputum. a cleansing bath is given at a temperature of about 85? or 90?. All orders for medicine and treatment must be carried out as the doctor instructs. There should be at hand cold cream for herpes. the patient may not feel the need of it. Visitors must be limited. Cold applications for old age and children are often distressing.166. not only the necessary articles for the bath. If it is long. Heat is best used in these cases. thus avoiding much trouble. This content downloaded from 114.-When the patient awakens in the morning the hands and face should be washed and the hair brushed back. the hair should be combed and the nails cleaned. The paroxysms of coughing are usually painful. It is very important that special care be given to the mouth and gums. while soothing. alcohol and powder for a general rub which should be given after each bath. to induce sleep and rest. whichever is more comfortable for the patient. Cleanse mouth and teeth with a 1-4 H . and all the treatments given.136 on Wed. All through the illness the patient will exercise many peculiarities and these must not be overlooked. this should be ready and when administered care must be taken not to blister. It should not be necessary to mention that the nurse should have everything in readiness before starting to give the bath. The turning of the patient must be as little as possible. or. on account of the illness. It is well to offer a bed-pan at this time as. During these spells the patient's head should be held. it is best to wait until after the cleansing bath to comb it. alboline for the nose. the ice cap refilled with very finely cracked ice. Nursing Care of Pneumonia. an endeavor should be made to relieve all worry or excitement. explaining to family and friends that absolute quiet is essential.jstor.

Emergency Treatments. may cause the patient to become toxic.jstor. of course. must be reported at once to the attending physician. After sleeping two hours she awakened feeling much better and in a warm perspiration. 01 Feb 2017 03:04:36 UTC All use subject to http://about. the face will be flushed.166. After rubbing the whole body. the breath will smell of alcohol. and was therefore omitted.-Nourishments. pulse 110. A warm sponge was rapidly given and the damp This content downloaded from 114. on the ninth day. A sponge bath seemed a disagreeable thought on account of the intense pain in her side and . These symptoms.-The crisis may come at any time between the third and tenth day and is determined by a decided change in the patient's con- dition.125. She must watch for any cyanosis or more marked dyspncea. given in large doses. There will be a decided drop in the temperature and the patient undoubtedly will be in a warm perspiration. Her temperature at 8 P. When too much Spiritus Frumenti has been given. and if not watched may put a patient in a semi- conscious condition. is high in color and scanty. and the muscles twitch. An alcohol rub proved very soothing. Nourishment is best given in liquid form and at fixed intervals. while in many instances the doctor may be deterred from ordering it early in the case on account of its cost. as its proper preparation takes three days. To have saline solution in readiness is very important and the nurse must not be caught unawares. Great care must be taken in their preparation and in the serving to make them appeal to the patient.-Water and nourishments should be urged. respiration 32. However. the patient was turned on her left side and her back was rubbed for ten minutes.-The nurse must know the effects of the different medi- cines ordered and should be ever watchful for the toxic symptoms of an over-dose of the two drugs most frequently used. and after many attentions to make her comfortable in about one-half hour she fell asleep. was 103.-The bath is very essential for the elimina- tion of poisons through the skin and affords considerable comfort to the patient.-Oxygen may be at hand. This particular evening the urine record was much higher. Medications.136 on Wed.6?. on account of increased acidity.518 The American Journal of Nursing Hydrotherapy Measures. Strychnine. The drinking of water also helps this elimination of poisons and increases the urine which. CRIsIs. to complain of vertigo. So it is well to have a change of clothing in readiness. the nurse must be quick to see the patient's need of it and have everything in readiness for its prompt administration by funnel or mask. the pupils will contract. CAuE.M. seemed more uncomfortable than at any time during her illness. I recall a case of a young girl of eighteen years who.

but the patient must be kept quiet so as to build up strength and avoid com plications. Th intendent must not only be nice to the patients.d. The task of educating a community to the needs and ties of the hospital. B. and of con it that it is not a source of revenue.6 pulse. among people who know little or nothin hospitals.136 on Wed. In the large . from q. if th doctor permits. the public is considered. these left soon after hot stupes h been applied. Her appearance had changed decidedly. Convalescenc was complete in three weeks. with poor railroa ties. Baths may be changed. At midnight her temperature had dropped to 99. The symptoms would be chills and feve as in pneumonia. RELAPSE. and in a small town. About the second week she complained of pain in t shoulder and left arm. as lat as the eighth or ninth day.-As complications may come at any time.i. in the small town. At the end of fourteen days she was allowed to have back rest and a full tray. respiration 26. During this convalescence there was n irregular fever or rise in temperature nor at any time a feeble pul or dyspnoea. She was very hungry and ate a bowl of mil toast.125. and especially is t if it is a new hospital. There were no signs of delayed resolution.jstor. of combating its indifference. THE ADMINISTRATION OF A SMALL HOSPITAL BY A. the patient was kept very qui for ten days. COMPLICATIONS.-Convalescence is generally very rapid. ITS TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS IN the administration of a small hospital. and the care would be the same. However. to b. In the above-mentioned case. Having had charge of a hospital in a town o thousand. much depends on it is located. 4 h.-A relapse may come at any time after the crisis. the greater the trials and tribulations. CONVALESCENcE. poor trolley service. I would say that the smaller the hosp town. 92. a ver close watch of pulse and temperature should be kept during the disea being taken every four hours at least. in the sm pital. E.166. the individual must be considered. in a large city. is far from an easy one. One disgruntled person can make a world of trou This content downloaded from 114. 01 Feb 2017 03:04:36 UTC All use subject to http://about. but exceeding their friends. and she seem more comfortable. Administration of Small Hospital 519 clothes changed.