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Road Improvement ADB Completed 1993-2001
Sai Gon Port ADB Completed 1994-2001
Second Road Improvement ADB Completed 1997-2003
Third Road Improvement (including ADB Completed 1998-2005
Implementation of Sector Development
Policy - ISDP component)
GMS: HCMC-Phnom Penh Highway ADB Completed 1998-2005
GMS: East-West Corridor ADB Completed 2000-2006
Provincial Roads Improvement ADB Ongoing 2001-2008
Central Region Transport Network ADB Ongoing 2005-2010
GMS: Ha Noi - Lao Cai Railway ADB/AFD Ongoing 2006-2010,
Kunming-Haiphong Transport Corridor: ADB Engineering Loan 2007-2011
Noi Bai-Lao Cai Expressway Implementation
GMS: Southern Coastal Corridor ADB/EDCF Implementation 2007-2011

uk Transport sector co-ordination DFID/JBIC On going November Yoshifumi March 2006 Simon Lucas: s- ADB Preparation Stage Standby (MoF) Modernization of the signalling and France Completed sylvain. JBIC:y- (SEDP inputs and other (MoF) F/S on pilot rail urban transportation line France Completed 2005 ldthang@adb. support) 2004 .org Mekong Connectivity (two bridges in Tien ADB Preparation Stage Firm 2009 pbroch@adb.Ho Chi Minh– Long Thanh – Dau Giay ADB/JBIC Preparation Stage Firm 2008 and Hau rivers) Transport Infrastructure in Northern ADB Conceptual Stage Stanby 2009 telecommunications system of the Hanoi .org Ho Chi Minh City Metro Rail ADB Preparation Stage Firm 2008 FINNVERA Mauri. (MoF) Vinh railway (phase 1) .org Expressway Engineering Loan Mountainous Provinces F/S on rehabilitation of Long Bien bridge France Completed 2004 Second Northern GMS Transport ADB Conceptual Stage Firm 2009 Bridge Inspection and Repair Project Finland/ Ongoing 2003-2006 Network (MoF) F/S on tramway line France Completed 2004 HCMC Ring Road No. Review of Rural Road Strategy DFID On going May 2005 – Simon Lucas April 2006 2008 ldthang@adb.

org repairing of locomotives (MoF) Rehabilitation of 4 railway tunnels at Hai France Completed sylvain.go.biard@missioneco. JBIC a- miura@jbic.biard@missioneco.go. 18 Improvement JBIC Ongoing 1998 -2008 Ai maintenance of the rail track between (MoF) Hanoi and Vinh Hanoi Pilot Metro Line Nhon Third National Highway No. JBIC a- Project miura@jbic. (MoF) Vinh railway (phase 2) Procurement of equipments for the France Completed sylvain.vnn.2008 Ai Bai Chay Bridge Construction Project JBIC Ongoing 2001 . 10 Improvement JBIC Ongoing 1998 -2007 Ai . 1 Bridge JBIC Completed 1999 .go. 1 Bridge JBIC Completed 1996 .org telecommunications system of the Hanoi .2005 Ai Miura.biard@missioneco.go. 5 Improvement JBIC Completed 1996 – 2004 Ai Miura.Hanoi France Ongoing 2007-2010 sylvain.Modernization of the signalling and France Ongoing sylvain. JBIC a- Rehabilitation Project miura@jbic.go. JBIC a- Project miura@jbic.go. 1 Bridge JBIC Ongoing 2003 .vn National Highway National Highway National Highway No. JBIC a- Rehabilitation Project National Highway No.2009 Ai Vietnam Railways Project GTZ Ongoing FFEM) Van Pass (MoF) Procurement of equipments for the France Ongoing sylvain. JBIC a- Rehabilitation Project miura@jbic.2006 Nguyen Van Tau Second National Highway No.biard@missioneco.2006 Ai Railway Station (MoF/AFD/ megueullec@groupe-afd. JBIC a- Project miura@jbic.

go. JBIC Bridge Rehabilitation Project Tan Son Nhat International Airport JBIC Ongoing 2002 Red River (Thanh Tri) Bridge JBIC Ongoing 2000 .2008 Ai Miura.go.go. JBIC Development Project (II) (Rural Road) y-ojima@jbic.2007 Yasuhisa Cai Lan Port Expansion Project JBIC Ongoing 1996 . JBIC a- National Highway Hai Van Tunnel Construction Project JBIC Completed 1997 .jp Hai Phong Port Rehabilitation Project JBIC Ongoing 2000 .jp Coastal Communication System Project in JBIC Ongoing 2000 . JBIC y-omura@jbic.go.2010 Yasuhisa Ojima.2007 Yoshifumi Omura.2007 Ai Miura. JBIC Project y-omura@jbic.2007 Yoshifumi Omura.Binh Bridge Construction Project JBIC Ongoing 2000 . JBIC Development Project (Rural Road) y-ojima@jbic.2007 Yoshifumi Omura.2007 Ai Miura.2009 Ai Miura. 1 Bypass Road JBIC Ongoing 2001 . JBIC a- miura@jbic.2005 Yoshifumi Can Tho Bridge Construction Project JBIC Ongoing 2001 .go.go.2009 Ai Small-Scale Pro Poor Infrastructure JBIC Ongoing 2003 . JBIC a- . JBIC a- Construction Project miura@jbic. JBIC Terminal Construction Project Small-Scale Pro Poor Infrastructure JBIC Ongoing 2006 Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City Railways JBIC Completed 1994 .go.2006 Yasuhisa Rural Development and Living Standard JBIC Ongoing 1999 . JBIC Improvement Project III (Rural Road) y-ojima@jbic. JBIC a- Construction Project Sai Gon East-West Highway Construction JBIC Ongoing 2000 .jp Da Nang Port Improvement Project JBIC Completed 1999 .go.go.2007 Yasuhisa Ojima.2008 Yoshifumi Omura. JBIC Southern Vietnam y-ojima@jbic.go. JBIC (Phase II) y-omura@jbic. JBIC y-omura@jbic.2006 Yoshifumi Omura.

jp Nhat Than Bridge Construction Project JBIC Ongoing 2006 .org.go. JBIC Construction Project y-omura@jbic.go. JBIC a- Regional Road Network Project Plan lethithuhang@jica.go. JBIC Project in Hanoi VAI International Terminals Transport Sector Loan for National Road JBIC Ongoing 2004 .Kenichi@jica.2009 Yoshifumi Omura.Kenichi@jica.2006 Yasuhisa Cai Mep-Thi Vai International Port JBIC Ongoing 2004 . JBIC a- Safety Improvement Project The Study for Roadside Stations Master JICA Ongoing 2006-2008 BinhPhan.go.2012 Yoshifumi Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City Railway Line JBIC Ongoing 2004 .vn The Comprehensive Urban Development JICA Completed 2004-2007 The Project for Traffic Safety Human JICA Ongoing 2006-2009 Programme in Hanoi Capital City lethithuhang@jica. JBIC Bridges Safety Improvement Project y-omura@jbic.2010 Ai (TRAHUD) The Study for Traffic Safety Master Plan JICA Ongoing 2007-2008 Kobayashi.2011 Ai Miura.3 and JBIC Ongoing 2005 .vn The Project on the Improvement of Port JICA Ongoing 2005-2009 Northern Vietnam National Roads Traffic JBIC Ongoing 2007-2012 Ai lethithuhang@jica. JBIC a- miura@jbic.2008 Ai Metropolitan Area (HOUTRANS) Detailed Design Study of CAI MEP-THI JICA Completed 2004-2006 Plan and Feasibility Study in Ho Chi Minh JBIC Network Improvement Resource Development in Hanoi The Study on Urban Transport Master JICA Completed 2002-2004 Infrastructure Development JBIC Ongoing 1999 .jp New National Highway Management System lethithuhang@jica.

VT@jica. Mr.Masayuki@jica.go. Nguyen Van Minh Feasibility Study on Urban Railway KfW completed 1999-2000 Project for strengthening training JICA Completed 2001-2006 Supply of Modern Railway Cranes KfW Ongoing 2000-2003 Mr. Workers in Transport Technical and Professional School No. capabilities for Road Construction Advisor on Railway Planning and JICA Under Preparation 2007-2008 Management Main Line Locomotives KfW Ongoing 2001-2007 Mr.2005 Development Strategy (VITRANSS2) Hopper Suction Dredger KfW Ongoing 2000-2005 Mr. Nguyen Van Minh office@kfwvn. The Project for Reconstruction of Bridges GOJ/JICA Pending 2003-2006 the Northern Mountainous Provinces lethithuhang@jica. Richter. Nguyen Van Minh office@kfwvn.1 Building Railway Technical Standard Set JICA Under Preparation 2007-? PhanBinh. Nguyen Van System of Hanoi Minh office@kfwvn. Workshop Programme Danang KfW Ongoing 1999 .jp Project for Reconstruction of Bridges in GOJ/JICA Pending 2005-2008 in the Central Area – Phase 2 . Richter. Richter. Nguyen Van Minh office@kfwvn.vt@jica.VT@jica. Richter.(HAIDEP) The Study on the National Transport JICA Under preparation 2007-2008 BinhPhan. Mr.

Shomik Mehndiratta 6/2005 smehndiratta@worldbank. Paterson 9/2008 or Phuong Thi Minh Tran ptran1@worldbank. Shomik Mehndiratta of bus System in HCMC (PPIAF) 1/2006 smehndiratta@worldbank. Richter. Mr.vnn. Maria Margarita Nunez Project 06/2006 Road Network Improvement Project WB Ongoing 12/ Mekong Transport Infrastructure WB Under preparation 2006-2011 Simon Ellis Development project pmu5@hn. Baher El-Hifnawi (PPIAF) summary 1/2006 Third Rural Transport Project: WB/DFID Under preparation 2006 . Multi-Modal Transport Regulatory Review WB Draft executive 5/2005. William Simon Lucas s- . Nguyen Van Minh Study on Consolidation and Development WB Completed 6/2005. Paterson Inland Waterways and Port Rehabiltation WB Ongoing 03/1998. O. Mekong Transport and Flood Protection WB Ongoing 06/ 12/2005 Simon Lucas s- Hanoi Urban Transport Development WB Under preparation 2006-2011 Shomik Mehndiratta Project smehndiratta@worldbank. Simon Ellis Project 04/2006 Urban Transport Improvement Project WB Ongoing 11/ Second Rural Transport Project WB/DFID Ongoing 01/05/2000 .Vietnam Railway Control Center KfW Ongoing 2007-2010 Road Safety Project WB Ongoing 2005-2010 William Northern Delta Transport Development WB Under preparation 2008-2012 Baher El-Hifnawi Project melhifnawi@worldbank. Simon Ellis .org Rural Road Surfacing Reasearch WB/DFID Ongoing 01/05/2003 .gov. RITST or Robert Petts 7/2006 intech-trl@fpt.