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Competency Name: Foundation - Core Java (JDK 1.3 / 1.


Broad Definition: This competency refers to the ability of an associate to design, develop and support applications developed in Core Java.
Criteria E0 E1 E2 E3
I Criteria for defining
proficiency vis-à-vis
knowledge & skills
1.Precondition Should have E0 Proficiency Should satisfy all conditions Should satisfy all conditions Should satisfy all conditions of the
[ Expressed as a prerequisite in Foundation - OO of the previous level of the previous levels previous levels
- in terms of academic Programming and
qualification AND / OR Foundation - Object Should have E1 Proficiency in Should have E0 in Should have one E2 or 2 E1s in
industry experience Oriented Analysis and Foundation - Object Oriented Foundation - Java EE - Foundation - Java EE Technologies
(whichever is applicable) Design Concepts Analysis and Design Technologies - Foundation - Java Swing or Eclipse
AND / OR relevant RCP
knowledge in any other Should have E1 in
competency Foundation - RDBMS

Should have E0 on
Foundation - Java SE 5 / 6

TCS Confidential

Java Internals. Math. Assertions. Sandbox security. Knowledge Should have knowledge of Should have knowledge of Should have knowledge of Should have knowledge of the [Expressed as Area of the following the following the following following knowledge and not skill. Swing or AWT basics wrapper classes. NIO. Threads. Class Loader b. compiler. JAXP. JDBC . Tools .Overriding and practical working variables. System JVM settings components . debugging.Streams. Java Security. Java IO. c. Object Lifecycle. Reflection Basics Models. d. Advanced programming .Classes a.code checkers. JCP and JSR specs. Best Practices .Java f. Mighty Components members and instance b. Readers and Writers.volatile b.Apache and Runtime Commons. dates and calendars g.Drivers and Data Sources. File Management. Java Language a. Classes. New Features in Java 5. OO in Java .] and Overloading. Applets. Data Structures and usage. e. Synchronization. Basic references variables and scoping. Inheritance. Tools – profiling.2. 6 and 7. JNI.semantics Synchronization . Specifications . JUnit program execution model. exception handling. Java lang package . Reflection. text and util Coding and Design packages . multithreaded c. String and IDE. Logging. process. Polymorphism . b. Buffering. TCS Tools. soft and weak primitive data types. build management naming conventions g. Java Runtime and JDK . Inner Collection. Basic Programming . c. Advanced Threading and a. etc. Java Net Package. f. formatting classes. Java reusable String Buffer. TCS Java Reusables concepts and tools. conditions. a. XML & c. Garbage members. Query and DML execution TCS Confidential . includes knowledge of and Interfaces. class path. heap javadoc Standards and thread dump analysis. loops. Unit testing – based on runtime environment. methodologies. Class knowledge programming best practices d. packaging. Log4J. TCS & Sun standards. e. Java Beans RMI. RMI Concepts. d. ORO. Other Java API - casting.

Should have designed and developed services. 3 consulting development team projects of minimum 6 months duration . frameworks required for Java engagements AND / OR the Should have been part application development Number of projects AND / of application framework or OR Time spent on the reusable component project ( for eg. 3) No.5 Should have overall minimum 5 years experience of development experience minimum 2 projects on Java years of coding experience of project delivery experience in Java [Includes 'type' in the form of and should have developed technologies.2 Beyond project N/A N/A Should have performed at Should have contributed to at least 5 development experience least 5 java code reviews as large Java technology proposals. project. Experience [Expressed as duration in months / years wrt exposure. Should have reviewed at least 5 Java assets on Knowmax or Mighty TCS Confidential . including breadth & the depth of assignments. end-to-end at least one small Should have minimum 1. also beyond project experience] 3.3. roll outs. coding experience in Java in Java technology projects.5 one year as architect.. application. professional period. and related technologies with at least implementation. [1) Solutioning of proposals Should have conducted over 4 large 2) Reviews done Should have contributed to Java technology project reviews. consulting technology projects. 1 roll out project of at least 18 months] 3. or POC in this Should have 1-2 years of years of design experience upgrades.1 Type of project Should have over 3 weeks Should have experience of Should have minimum 2. [Includes EQA. support. (outside the project). of contributions made at least 3 proposals or 5 to trainings/training material] design reviews or 5 Core Should have conducted at least 5 Core Java training sessions with Java or Advanced Java training feedback rating of 85% + sessions.

1 Process frameworks N/A N/A N/A N/A defined [Articulated as the process improvement designed OR a new process framework designed] 4. this should be published on Knowmax Should have reviewed more than 5 assets and rated more than 20 assets on Knowmax or Mighty. OR TCS Confidential . [Expressed as reusable and practices in Java. deployable assets created (like those in Mighty & Should have contributed at Should have contributed at least one Knowmax] least 2 Java assets (tools / macro asset that allows for large scale components / whitepapers / competency development or how-to documents. etc. Asset Creation [Expressed as any reusable and deployable assets created in the knowledge management system of the organization] 4.4.2 Tool creation N/A N/A N/A Should have developed simple tools for [Expressed as a system or code generation / build / other activities function tool designed OR to improve development productivity created towards improving business delivery / learning] 4. whitepapers. components.3 Reusable & deployable N/A N/A Should have contributed or Should have contributed by creating assets created contested at least 5 best more than 5 assets like methodologies. tools. etc) and productivity gains.

of training material N/A N/A Should have created at least Should have conducted at least 2 train- created one training case study of the-trainer sessions on java related [Expressed as the number of Core or Advance Java / topics. measured by appropriate (AND) mechanism such as TCS Should have at least 3 best rated GEMS] answers.No. created towards development of a particular Should have reviewed or body of knowledge or skill] created training material on at least one topic related to Java.1 Recognized by Peers N/A N/A Should be recognized as an Should be recognised as an SME by [Expressed as the SME by virtue of providing virtue of the following: - recognition given by the peer solutions to queries posted Should answer at least 10 queries community and should be on Knowmax and JustAsk. 5. related to Java in a year. relevant training material J2EE. Industry contribution [Expressed as the contributions made to the industry. AND/OR Recognized by a Parent Body [Expressed as the contribution recognized by a renowned and recognized parent body] AND/OR Invited as Speakers N/A N/A N/A N/A [Expressed as recognition from an external body when it extends an invitation to the speaker to address a recognized forum] TCS Confidential .This criteria should be measured by mechanisms for eg: TCS GEMS] 5.

II Assessment / Evaluation Methodology vis-à-vis Proficiency Level 1. (for eg.. Certification Should have completed Should have completed Sun Should have completed [Expressed as achievement Sun Certified Java Certified Java Programmer Brainbench Java test of external programs . Should have completed Should have completed SCJP waiver of 6 months Achievement of internal SCJP Mock Exam on Mock Exam on iCalms with experience. Evaluation Test Should have completed the Should have completed the Should have completed the Should have completed the following [Expressed as a certification following following following Self assessment the individual has to achieve Self assessment and Self assessment and Self assessment Learning object towards the said proficiency Learning object. Learning object and Supervisor assessment and level. Programmer with score of over 80% masters certification (score certifying a part of the of over 4) (this can provide a proficiency level.Role & Facilitated by Date Remarks 1 Vijay Shankar Technology Excellence Girish Pradhan (102344) Gail C (187629) 2-Jun-09 Krishnamoorthy Group Technology Excellence Group Executive RCM (170316) TCS Confidential . SME assessment for each proficiency should be defined-like for E0 level it will be only self assessment. Learning object.25 score of over 3 2.Role & Group Approved By .internal trainings iCalms with over 65% over 85% attended] (or) (or) Should have completed Should have completed Brainbench Java / Java non.Type of tests Supervisor assessment. for E1 it should be panel review etc)] Version History Project Details: Java EE Solutions Unit: Technology Excellence Group Parent Project : : Foundation Technology Services Project Owner/GL: Vijay Shankar Krishnamoorthy(170316) Amendment History: Version Defined By .) programs .Brainbench Java / Java Non GUI test on iCalms with a GUI test on iCalms with a score of over 2.