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Marie Bashir Public School

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Issue 1/2017 3 February 2017

Term 1, 2017
27 January Staff Return
30 January Year 1-Year 6 Students Return
28 -1 February Kindergarten- Best Start Testing
1 February Years 3-6 assembly
2February Kindergarten Students start
7 February House Captains Elections
8 February K-2 Assembly
13 February Parent Information Afternoon
15 February Years 3-6 Assembly
Scripture Commences
Leadership Day in Auditorium
16 February Stage 2 and 3 Incursion (Together For Humanity)
22 February K-2 Assembly
28 February Swimming Carnival 12-3pm
1 March Years 3-6 Assembly
3 March Clean Up School Day
8 March K-2 Assembly
Zone Swimming Carnival
9 March Selective High School Test
13 March SE Swimming SOPAC
15 March Years 3-6 Assembly
16 March School Photos
20 March Stage 3 Public Speaking Finals
21 March Stage 2 Public Speaking Finals
21 March Harmony Day
Public Speaking Finals Stage 2
22 March Public Speaking Finals Stage 3
23 March K-2 Assembly
24 March Stage 1 Public Speaking Finals
29 March Years 3-6 Assembly
5 April K-2 Assembly
6 April Bilby Hunt
7 April Last Day Term 1
Principal’s Message
Welcome back to school! I trust that all students, parents
and staff had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. A special Miss Bronwyn Owen 2B
welcome is extended to the kindergarten students and
Miss Sharon Ng 2N
their families and also the new students enrolled in Years
1-6. Miss Tan 3T
Mr Wilson 3W
Happy Lunar New Year to all our families celebrating this
festival. Ms Mona Alfakhrany 3/4A
Miss Kate Sweeting 4S
This year promises to be another exciting year with the
commencement of the school’s refurbishment to take place Ms Le/ Miss Chen 5/6LC
in April.
Mr Samual Bray 5/6B
In 2017 Marie Bashir Public School will continue to invest Mrs Christaki, Mrs Parella & Miss Chu EAL/D
in a child focused system that mirrors; high expectations
and outstanding teacher quality. In addition to our strong Mrs Hethrington LAST
focus on literacy and numeracy, I welcome enrichment Mrs Scully Library
classes which will be conducted once a week commencing
week 5. The Crown Foundation and the Packer Miss Ponto Science (RFF)
Foundation will continue to fund the School’s art program Ms Julia Davidson Art
which has been extended to 3 days per week. The
students will also be involved in a music program Mrs Tracy Burjan Music
coordinated by Mrs Burjan. Science will also be an Ms Kim Gane School Counsellor
emphasis for all classes. An article which mentioned Marie
Bashir Public School’s Science program was in ‘The Mrs Wendy Butler School Administrative Manager
Australian’ on Monday 30 January. Mrs Claire Hall School Administrative Officer

As our student numbers have increased to 325, new staff Mrs Olivera Tomova School Administrative Officer
have commenced. Mr Ratinam General Assistant

I welcome the following new staff: Miss Ng, Miss Tan, Miss
Sweeting, Miss Chen and Miss Chu. The staff and I look forward to working in partnership
with students, parents and the community to achieve
Marie Bashir Public School also houses the departments outstanding results across all sections of our school.
Home School Liaison Officers- Belinda Elliot and Virginia
Villar for our area and an Out of Home Care Officer, David I trust that we, as a school community will settle in to the
Harcourt Norton. These officers are located in the office general life of the School and that you will enjoy being part
under the auditorium. of our school community. I encourage parents to be
involved in their child’s learning by volunteering your time
I welcome back Mrs Le who will be on class three days per at school or talking to your child about the school day.
week. She will be job sharing with Miss Chen who will
teach 5/6LC on Thursday and Friday. Mr Wilson will be For new parents, the newsletter will be distributed
taking 3W in Term 1. 3W will be taught by both Mrs Ling monthly via email. As of the next newsletter, hard copies
and Mrs Natoli in terms 2-4 on their return from maternity of the newsletter will only be made available at the front
leave. office and via email. Please complete and return the
attached form requesting your email address.
We will start the year with 14 classes for 2017 as we
prefer to settle children into their routines as quickly as I extend a warm congratulations to Mr and Mrs Dalton
possible. We anticipate that there will be no changes. who are expecting a baby in June.

Scripture Classes
The staff include: There are six scripture classes offered at Marie Bashir
Ms Amenah Mourad KM Public School in 2017. The scripture classes include:
Judaism, Catholic, Anglican, Hindu, Islam and Greek
Miss Sara Skaf KS Orthodox.
Miss Kylie Chan KC If you wish to change your child’s scripture class from
2016, could you please inform the office.
Miss Kristina Smith 1S
Miss Jessica Dalton 1D
Miss Katherine Moi 2M
Assembly You are also reminded that if you are supervising your
Marie Bashir Public School will conduct a formal assembly children in the playground after school they must be
each fortnight to present students with awards. Each class visible to you at all times and they must abide by the
is rostered to present assembly in order to build their school’s safety rules. To avoid any injuries, please
confidence and self -esteem to speak in front of an discourage your child from playing on the new fixed play
audience. equipment and walking or jumping on the silver seats in
Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 assemblies will be the playground.
conducted each odd week on a Wednesday from 2pm-
2:30pm, commencing Wednesday 8 February. Parent Visitors
Years 3-6 will be conducted each even week commencing Parents are requested not to visit classrooms or approach
Wednesday 1 February. class teachers during class hours or whilst teachers are on
playground duty. If volunteering in a classroom, parents
Houses are expected to sign in at the front office and wear a
There are four sport houses- Phillip, Hunter, King and visitors badge during their visit. Teachers have been
Bligh. These are named after the first four Governors of advised to direct any inquiries, parents or visitors without
New South Wales. Each student is allocated to a specific badges to the front office.
House and can earn points for his/her house through
sporting endeavours. Each house will have a House If you would like to make an appointment to speak to your
Captain who is usually a senior student. Siblings will be child’s class teacher, please telephone the school office.
placed in the same house.
Please do not follow your child’s class to the
classroom. This can be disruptive and does not help
School Leadership
your child to settle.
Elections for our school captains were conducted at the
end of 2016 and school captains were announced-
Cynithia and Karthik
Each year the students in Years 3 & 5 complete a basic
Captains 2017.
skills test called The National Assessment Program In
Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). This year the test will
Swimming Carnival be conducted on the 9-11 May.
A swimming carnival has been organised for students in
Years 3-6. The annual swimming carnival will be held on
Health Plan
Tuesday, 28 February 2017 at Enfield Pools. Parents are
If your child is an asthmatic or has an allergy, you are
invited to attend. Volunteers are required. Please note:
asked to provide the school with an asthma/health plan.
All students in Years 3-6 will be attending the carnival.
Parents are also asked to notify the school to indicate
whether their child will be carrying their Ventolin and
Students Leaving School With Another Parent
epipen in their school bag or whether it needs to be kept in
Parents are advised to write a letter to the class teacher if
the front office.
there is a change of person picking their child up in the
Nut Free Lunches
Chess Coaching We have students enrolled with nut allergies. Parents are
Sydney Academy of Chess is running chess asked to pack peanut free/ nut free/ sesame seed free
coaching/chess club at Marie Bashir Public School in lunches for their child. This will ensure a safe school
2017. The classes will be held each Thursday before environment for students who have nut and sesame seed
school from 8:30am- 9:25am, commencing 9 February. allergies.

Chess is a valuable activity for children, developing their Awards System
logical thinking skills, concentration and discipline, as A successful Behaviour Modification Program promotes
well as being a source of much enjoyment! What better positive behaviour.
way to combine learning and fun!
At Marie Bashir Public School, students are rewarded via
Chess notes are available from the front office. the presentation of the following awards during a formal
For all enquiries, please contact Sydney Academy of Chess • Each Class Teacher-Two class award;
on (02)97451170. • Sports award- one per teacher
• Science- One award presented to a K-2 student
One award presented to a 3-6 student
Parent Supervision • Library- One award presented to a K-2 student
Supervision commences at school at 9.00am (in the One award presented to a 3-6 student
quadrangle for all students) and ceases at 3.25pm.
If students are late to school, parents must obtain a late Students can also earn cards in the playground/ moving
note from the front office before they drop their child off to around the school. Once a child accumulates 5 champion
class. The late note needs to be presented to the class choice cards the child earns a merit award.
teacher. Children are not to go to the classroom without
being officially handed over to the classroom teacher by Once the students receive 3 merit awards, they are asked
the parent. to return them to the office. Students will be rewarded
with a Bronze Principal’s Award at assembly.
It is extremely unwise to leave your child unsupervised in Another 3 merit certificates entitles the students to a
the playground outside these hours. Silver Principal’s award and a total of 9 merit awards will
earn students a gold Principal’s award and morning tea Hats
with the Principal. Students are reminded that they are required to wear their
school hat to school, at recess and during their lunch break.
Finally, Marie Bashir Public School rewards students for Students who do not have a hat will be required to play under
citizenship each month by presenting a child with the the covered area or in the shade.
Aussie of the Month Award. One student is selected from a
different stage each month.
Road Safety and ‘Kiss and Ride’
At the beginning of the year, it is necessary to remind
Behaviour Modification Program
parents about safe and appropriate places to drop off and
The attached flow chart is an overview of Marie Bashir
pick up their children at school. The school has a pick up
Public School’s Behaviour Modification program for
and drop off zone at the front of the school. Please note
Kindergarten through to Year 6. Please note the program
that this is strictly a ‘kiss and ride’ zone and you are
will be applicable for a year. Each year the children start
not permitted to leave your car in this area.
with a clean slate.
Please respect our neighbours and do not park in their
If a child’s conduct is of concern, class teachers will call
driveways or contrary to road notices.
parents before a letter goes home.
Never double park or call your child across the road.
Permission Notes and Payments Never do a u turn in front of the school and Never use
All permission notes and payments that need to be the school driveway. Parents are asked to drive to the
returned to the school are to be placed in the white box in end of Albert Road where they can safely turn their vehicle
the front office unless otherwise stated on the note. at the cul de sac.
Receipts will be issued for payments.
A few steps on your part could save your child’s life.
Parents and Citizen’s Association (P&C) Infringements for parking offences around schools have
The P&C’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the first considerably increased and rangers will regularly
P&C meeting will be held on Wednesday February 22 at 6 supervise parking in the area. Please see note below for
pm in the school library. I encourage all parents to attend. more details.

For those that are unaware of what happens at the AGM, Bikes and Scooters
parents elect the new P&C Executive Committee for 2017. Students are asked to wear a helmet if they ride their bike or
All positions are made vacant on the night. You will also scooter to school. Bikes and scooters can be kept in the
hear an annual summary of what the P&C achieved in enclosed area under the stairs beside the Out Of Home Care
2016. room during the school day. Students are not permitted to
ride bikes or scooters in the school grounds before and
Take Your Holidays When We Do! after school.
Parents and teachers are concerned when students fall
behind in their studies because of long absences. Families Dogs in Schools
who plan to travel should do so during the school holidays. Parents are reminded that dogs are prohibited from
Parents are reminded that the Department of Education entering the school grounds.
and Communities expect all students to be at school during
the school term. Principals no longer have the authority to Healthy Recess and Lunch
exempt a child from attendance at school due to a family I encourage all parents to pack a healthy morning tea and
holiday. lunch for their child. Fruit, crackers, sandwiches and a rice
salad are examples of food you need to pack. Do not send
School Holidays for 2017 are: chocolate, lollies, sweet biscuits and chips. These are
treats you can keep at home.
8 April until 26 April
1 July until 17 July The uniform shop is open each Wednesday from 9am-
10am. It is situated on the left hand side of the driveway.
22 September until 8 October
Parents are reminded that students are expected to
have a blue school bag with the school’s logo which can
Summer holidays begin Monday 18 December be purchased from the uniform shop.
English Classes For Parents
Parents are asked to apply their child’s sunscreen each
morning. Students will have the responsibility to re-apply English classes are being conducted in the school library
if they wish at recess or lunch time. for parents every Monday from 10am. Parents are most
welcome to attend.

Jacqui Attard
159 Albert Road Strathfield, 2135
Phone: (02) 8736 4400 Fax: (02) 8736 4450


Marie Bashir Public School is pleased to offer a music tuition program where music lessons will take place on
the school premises before and after school hours or during lunch break. We offer the following choice of
instruments for tuition: violin, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, piano/keyboard and drums/percussion.
When choosing an instrument for your child, you may take into consideration the following points:

1. Your child’s preference should be considered. Some children have a very strong attachment to a
particular instrument. If this is the case, you should follow their preference because they are more likely
to be motivated to practice and will probably make greater progress.
2. Consideration should be given to the child’s physical make-up and size. For example, some children
are not big enough to manage certain instruments comfortably at certain ages.
3. Please also be aware that some instruments such as the piano/keyboard offer limited opportunities for
children to join the orchestra or band.
While it is hoped that Marie Bashir Public School will be able to build an instrument library for hire in the future,
students wanting to participate in the music program at this stage are asked to purchase their instrument of
choice or rent it. Note: this does not apply to drums/percussion students. For more information, please contact
Mrs Clare Hall on

How Parents Can Facilitate Progress
Parents can encourage their child with their musical studies in many ways. The most important is to organise
your child into a regular practice routine. This should preferably take place at a set time each day – before
school, after school or in the early evening. Beginners should aim to start with approximately ten to fifteen
minutes each time. The rate of progress and the amount of pleasure derived from playing an instrument
depends largely upon the amount of practice and the concentration and effort that are applied during the
practice routine.
A child’s interest will sometimes wane during the course of their tuition; however it is very important to maintain
continuity of lessons during these periods and to encourage home practice at all times!

Student Absence
As our music tutors are employed part-time, it is often not possible to make up lessons missed due to student
absences. If the tutor is not able to give the full number of lesson in the term/year, a credit will be given to
cover the difference. A credit will not be given for lessons missed because, for example, a child forgets to
attend the lesson, is ill, or has a dental appointment. Lessons are made up at the tutor’s discretion and will
only be made up if it is possible to do so.

Please read the following terms and conditions of Marie Bashir Public School Music Program. In signing the
Application Form, you agree to these terms and conditions.

1. Commencement of Tuition
The Application Form for Private Music Tuition should be completed and returned to the School Office. The
tutor will contact you regarding lesson times and information regarding purchase or rental of a suitable
instrument, if necessary. Upon enrolment, an annual Music Administration Fee of $30 is charged by the
Music Program to cover expenses such as music tutor insurance, photocopying and stationary costs and
general maintenance. This fee is non-refundable.

2. Commitment To Tuition
To build up an effective musical foundation, all children who enter the music tuition program must
assume a commitment to lessons until the end of the current school year. Music tutors will render their
own accounts at the beginning of each term and monies are payable directly to the tutor concerned by the
date on the invoice. If not paid by this date, tutors may choose to discontinue tuition.

3. Payment of Tuition
The following conditions apply to all instrumental lessons:

• Lessons must be paid for in advance for the term ahead.
• No refunds will be given for lessons discontinued during the term. In the case of a student going on
holiday or leave during the term, the lessons will still be charged or the position forfeited.
• In case of tutor absence, the fee will be adjusted.
• Fees as detailed below:

Private lesson fee 30 minute lesson (one lesson per week) $35 per lesson

4. Termination of Tuition
If a child decides to withdraw from lessons, notice must be given in writing by the parent/carer on or before
the last day of term to the Music Program.
(One application form per student)

STUDENT NAME: ____________________________________CLASS _________

Parent /Guardian 1: _______________________________ ph: ________________
Email: ______________________________________ mob: __________________

Parent /Guardian 2: _______________________________ ph: ________________
Email: _______________________________________ mob: _________________

Please tick the instrument on which you wish to commence lessons:

Violin  Cello 

Guitar  Piano/Keyboard 


State any previous experience on this instrument____________________________

• I have read and agree to the terms of the “Conditions of Enrolment” of Marie Bashir Public School
Music Program and have discussed them with my child/ward.
• I give my permission for the above named student to begin lessons.
• For private lessons, I understand that the cost of lessons is $35 per lesson and that I will be billed
directly by the music tutor at the start of each term. The tuition fees are due and payable by
the date stated on the invoice.
• I enclosed the Music Administration Fee of $30 in order to join the Music Program.

Parent/Guardian1 signature: ____________________________ Date: ___________

Parent/Guardian2 signature: _____________________________ Date: __________

Please return this signed form and $30 (Music Administration Fee) to the School Office.
159 Albert Road Strathfield, 2135
Phone: (02) 8736 4400 Fax: (02) 8736 4450

All parents are invited to attend

Meet the Teacher Afternoon
Monday 13 February 2017
The afternoon will commence in the school auditorium with an introduction to
staff and a short talk.

You will then be invited to your child’s classroom where the class teacher will
provide an outline of class procedures and expectations for the year.

At the end of the talk, a bell will ring, so that if you have more than one child
you can move on to the next teacher who will repeat the talk for the second
group of parents.

We look forward to seeing you.

Jacqui Attard
30 January 2017
Marie Bashir Public School
159 Albert Road Strathfield, 2135
Phone: (02) 8736 4400 Fax: (02) 8736 4450

General Permission to Publish and disclose information

Dear Parent/ Caregiver,
I am seeking your permission to allow the school/Department of Education and Communities to publish and/or disclose information about
your child for the purposes of sharing his/her experiences with other students, informing the school and broader community about school
and student activities and recording student participation in noteworthy projects or community service.

This information may include your child’s name, age, class and information collected at school such as photographs, sound and visual
recordings of your child, your child’s work and expressions of opinion such as in interactive media.

The communications in which your child’s information may be published or disclosed include but are not limited to:
• Public websites of the Department of Education and Communities including the school website, the Department of Education and
Communities intranet (staff only), blogs and wikis
• Department of Education and Communities publications including the school newsletter, annual school magazine and school report,
promotional material published in print and electronically including on the Department’s websites
• Official Department and school social media accounts on networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
• Local and metropolitan newspapers and magazines and other media outlets

Parents should be aware that when information is published on public websites and social media channels, it can be discoverable online
for a number of years, if not permanently. Search engines may also retain copies of published information. Published information can also
be linked to by third parties.

Please complete the permission slip and return to the school ASAP.

Yours sincerely
Jacqui Attard
Marie Bashir Public School

Permission to Publish
I have read this permission to publish and:

Tick the appropriate box
[ ] I give permission
[ ] I do not give permission

to the school/Department of Education and Communities to publish information about my child as described above, including in publicly
accessible communications.

This signed permission remains effective until I advise the school otherwise.

Child’s name: ………………………………………………………………………………

Parent/carer/caregiver’s name (please print): ……………………………………………………………..

Parent/carer/caregiver signature: ………………………………………………………….Date:_____________
New Families
Our newsletters are sent out to our school community via email. Electronic distribution is a much better method of communication with
families as it allows the school community to enjoy a coloured and more extensive newsletter without the environmental impact of
substantial paper usage.

We would appreciate it if you could take a minute or two and fill out the slip below so we can add you to our school newsletter email
list. The school will only use this email list to send out school newsletters and your email address will not be displayed.

Only one slip needs to be completed per family. If more than one family member would like the newsletter emailed, please write in the
second email address on the slip below.

If you do not receive the next newsletter via email and have handed in the slip below, please first check your junk mail. If it hasn’t come
through, please let the school know so we can update our email list.

Our school newsletter will be accessible on our school website, which can be found at:

I would like to have the newsletter emailed to me
Name of child: __________________________________________________
Class: ____________________________
Name and class of sibling(s): ___________________________________________________
Name of parent(s): ___________________________________________________________
Email address: ______________________________________________________________

Please return to your child’s teacher ASAP
Welfare Policy

Management of Problem Behaviour

Classroom Playground
Two warnings – verbal reminders Two warnings – verbal reminders

Quiet area – Time limit determined by teachers (age Quiet area in the playground (silver seats) - Time limit
appropriate) determined by teacher on duty (age appropriate)

If problems behaviour continues OR if problem behaviour is If problems behaviour continues OR if problem behaviour is
deemed serious by classroom teacher. deemed serious by executive on duty

Yellow support slip Green support slip
Written/oral conference at Written/oral conference at
Support Desk in another classroom. Student remains for Support Room 1st half of lunch. Slip and reflection sheet
remainder of session. Slip and reflection sheet sent to class sent to class teacher for student file.
teacher for student file.

Three support slips (in a year)
Parent/carer notified by phone. Class teacher sends letter home to parent/carer, and records return slip.

Additional three support slips (6 in total in a year)
Interview with parent/carer and class teacher

Additional three support slips (9 in total in a year)
Interview with parent/carer, class teacher and principal. Learning Support Team informed. Individual Behaviour Plan
(IBP) for the student – weekly review of IBP.
At this level, student safety will be considered when excursions off school site are planned.

If IBP is working If IBP is not working
Parent/carer notified by phone. Decision made about need Interview with parent/carer, class teacher and principal.
for ongoing IBP New IBP
Weekly review
In-school suspension. Formal suspension may be
Information for parents, guardians and students
Our school has partnered with Transport for NSW to use the new online process for you to submit
school travel applications.

This means we will be able to process your applications online, making it easier and faster for
parents, guardians and students to apply for school travel.

Applications for school travel in 2017 are now open, including for travel to Mascot and Green Square
station and for private ferries. Parents, guardians and students are encouraged to apply as soon as
they are able via:

Applications for 2017 school travel are now open via

A new application is required when:
• applying for a School Opal card or travel pass for the first time,
• enrolling in Kindergarten, or
• requesting an additional entitlement as a result of a shared parental
responsibility situation.
You will need to do an update application if the student has a current school travel pass and:

• is progressing from Year 2 to Year 3,
• is progressing from Year 6 to Year 7, or
• changes address, or
• changes school or campus.

Already have a School Opal card or travel pass?
• When you’ve updated, and you are eligible for free school travel next year, Transport for NSW
will send you an email confirmation once your application has been processed. For travel in
rural or regional NSW, we’ll also inform your nominated transport operator(s).
• If you already have a School Opal card that does not need updating, or you’ve successfully re-
applied, the Opal card will automatically be updated for travel next year. Do not throw it out as
you’ll be able to use it when the school year starts in 2017.
• If you currently have a printed travel pass provided by your transport operator, a new pass will
be will be ready at the beginning of the new school year.


Parking signs around schools are there to maximise children’s safety.
Demerit points apply for offences committed in School Zones.

No Parking areas are where children can be set down or picked up.
You cannot park there, you must be in the act of setting down or Penalty
picking up and the driver cannot leave the vehicle unattended.
* (2 Demerit Points)

No Stopping means that you cannot stop in this area under any
circumstances. These areas provide clear vision at danger points Penalty
and where children may cross roads.
*(2 Demerit Points)

Only buses are permitted to pick up or set down passengers in a
bus zone. You must not stop in a BUS ZONE under any Penalty
*(2 Demerit Points)

Double park: $304 *(2 Demerit Points)
Stop on or near children’s crossing or pedestrian crossing: $405 *(2 Demerit Points)
Stop on path/nature strip in built up area: $169 *(2 Demerit Points)
Stop on or across driveway: $169 *(2 Demerit Points)


Registrations for the 2017 season ARE NOW OPEN!

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