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Define representation
How something is shown or presented.

Tutor de studies this means the way in which aspects of society are presented to an
In Media
audience by specific media text.

What are the two elements that create representations?

Encoding and Decoding

How are representations put into texts and read by audiences?

Construction and Selection

You should ask the following when studying a media text:

•Who or what is being represented?
•How are these people or objects represented?
•Why was this image, or series of images, chosen rather than another
•Who is presenting the images and why?
•How do the people receiving the images (including yourself) react to them?
•Over time what do the images suggest about certain groups in society?
•What points of view are neglected or ignored?

Select a celebrity or public figure and make an annotated
example of how they are represented in the media. You can look
at articles, pictures and videos. Make sure you consider codes
and conventions.

In this image Trump looks aggressive. He looks like he is opposing or arguing against a
question a reporter has asked. He looks relaxed and informal as he is not wearing a tie. He is
on board a plane which suggests he is traveling. Trump being on a plane backs up the
headline which is ‘Donald Trump speaks out about immigration in Sweden’. The plane
suggests he is traveling and the headline tells the viewer that he is in Sweden.
This image of Trump shows him being more formal. He is sat in his office answering the
phone. He is dressed in a suit with a tie which makes him more formal. You can see his desk
with papers on it.