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Five Major cloud Platforms and Their service

S.N Model IBM Amazon Google Microsoft Salesforce
1. PaaS BlueCloud,WCA,RC App Windows
2 Engine(G Azure
2. IaaS Ensembles AWS Windows
3. SaaS Lotus live Gmail,Doc .NET Online
s Service,Dyna CRM,
mic CRM Gifttag
4. Virtualizati OS and XEN Applicatio OS
on n level/Hypel-V
5. Service SOA,B2,TSAM,RAD, EC2,S3,SQS,Sim GFS, Live,SQL,Hot Apex,
Offerings Web 2.0 pleDB Chubby, mail Visual
Big Table, force,
Map record
Reduce security
6. WebSphere2 and PKI,VPN,EBS to Chubby Replicated Admin./rec
Security Power VM tuned recover from locks for data, Rule ord
Features for protection failure security based access security,
enforcem control Uses
ent metadata
7. User EC2 Command- Web- Windows
Interface line interface based Azure portal
tools admin.
8. Web API Yes Yes Yes Yes YES
Programmi AMI Phython .NET
ng Framework

WAC-Websphere CloudBrust Applianc EC2-Elastic Compute Cloud CRM-Consumer Relationship Management RC2-Research Compute Cloud S3-Simple Storage Service RAD-Rational application Developer SQS-Simple Queue Service TSAM-Tivoli Service Automation ManagerEBS-Elastic Block Storage .