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Network Services

Service Experience Engineering
& Management: Helping Assure
a Superior Customer Experience
of the Network

2 1 Accenture CMT Digital Consumer Survey.1 to sustain. 2015. . CSPs also face at least one additional critical Communications service providers (CSPs) are at the center of challenge. if not addressed. Assuring a strong customer franchise increasingly this transformation. Fifty percent of consumers are already facing connectivity issues daily or weekly. (ROI) from network investments. All these issues. having the technical capabilities and the depends on providing a superior network experience for the customer intimacy to exploit these trends. an enabling capability for business transactions and due to the difficulty of maintaining service availability. As Accenture research customer. and the rapidly growing volume of network usage shows. including business. In many people’s daily lives and a major contributor to their addition. This is attested to by an ongoing surge to the challenge of demonstrating adequate return on investment of data consumption in multiple areas.Service Experience Engineering & Management: Helping Assure a Superior Customer Experience of the Network Communication services—and their supporting networks— This rapid growth in network usage volume has consequences have already been transformed from being merely as well. social and machine to machine interactions. CSPs are experiencing rapidly growing operations costs. as well as a can lead to poor network quality. reputational impact and failure pervasive adoption of intelligent devices. 2 Ibid. They also entertainment to becoming a mission-critical element of face a high volume of customer claims and network repairs. consumers continue to trust CSPs to manage the personal is making a superior customer experience much more difficult customer data that is available through the network. they are finding it difficult to monetize the network due sense of well-being. smartphones to tablets to wearables. ranging from to achieve a strong customer franchise. In addition.

they must have adequate tools for a) measuring the network quality that is so essential to the customer experience. customers may still be reporting or having service issues. and c) maximizing the value of network investment. Accenture offers Service Experience Engineering & Management (SEEM) Services. there is little assurance that this expenditure can actually be correlated to the customer experience. To address these interrelated needs. b) optimizing that quality. While significant CAPEX is being invested in the network. KPIs for service and experience assurance have ultimately proven unreliable: even if operational KPIs are rated as green. Meanwhile. If CSPs are to succeed in addressing the growing stresses customers are placing on the network. network services and the consumer experience. SEEM offers CSPs a way to secure and maintain a growing percentage of Customer Lifetime Value. By providing an integrated approach to managing the network.The underlying problem is that traditional methods for measuring and assuring customers’ experience of the network have proven to be inadequate. .

For example. This The insights generated as an outcome are processed manually automation capability will be increasingly fundamental in by engineering and operations team members.SEEM: Overcoming the Traditional Limitations of Network Quality Management Many of the challenges of assuring a superior service • Finally. SEEM addresses these issues through an innovative “Analytics as a Service” approach. but instead is vertically performed on network approach to analytics is always on. there is also a high reliance on network In addition. SEEM’s to-end basis. optimization campaigns do not take into Accenture is providing CSPs with a means of overcoming these account the complex customer dimensions related to corporate traditional limitations for management of the customer’s network customers and VIPs and their individual “service experience. with no chance to quality management: react promptly to changes and customer issues. translating that customer experience into network optimization. There is no possibility of real-time optimization that is based on traffic. integrating with SON (Self Organizing Networks) duration. • In addition. SEEM automates the actions to be performed on performance and drive test data that is frequently limited in the network. network optimization is campaign based—that is. which is used for data • Further. . and is based on an automatic domains. with two weeks’ worth of data often being typical. on business results. leading to extra costs and a suboptimal overall Through Service Experience Engineering & Management (SEEM). experience are due to the traditional limitations of network scheduled for one restricted area at a time. on the network. without visibility on how full service quality is process for assessing ongoing customer experience. • Optimization is limited to technical analysis and often leads to or on the maximization of value through a superior customer optimization decisions that fail to take into account the impact service experience. customer portfolio and overall service experience.” experience. predictive analytics and network optimization. network optimization is not conducted on an end- discovery. directly perceived as a whole and by each customer segment. and NFV Orchestration (Network Function Virtualization). decision. resulting in managing the increasing complexity and volumes of network actions that are not timely and more likely to result in errors configuration activities.

drive test Network performance Optimization Optimization and drive test data . customer transactions. Network operations can therefore be optimized in real time. Figure 1: Integrating the Customer Experience into Network Quality Assurance Legacy Approach SEEM Approach Customers Engineering & Customers Engineering & Operations Operations Agent on devices. intelligent agents - Processes (Figure 2) with access to customer devices provides basis for analytics and - Tools and capabilities (Figure 3) insights. network performance. quality typically have taken place across a 6. customer data and transactions. network configuration. The use of data from network performance.SEEM requires transformation across three dimensions: Accenture’s SEEM approach. with no direct connection into the experience of the customer. network - Approach (Figure 1) configuration. by contrast. legacy approaches to assuring network parameters that are geared to each category of customer. This allows the customer experience to be continuously monitored and adjusted according to desired performance As shown in Figure 1. Network quality has been maintained by network engineers as a technical 12-month cycle. takes place in a closed- loop process.

Figure 2 shows how this continuous network management are now integrated through a Service Experience Management process is managed functionally through an enhanced operating function. performance management and network provides an optimized service experience. Third CFG Fix. Cfg. This proactive configuration of the The network surveillance. Level Mgmnt. Mgmt. and driving continuous network optimization and automatic configuration. configuration management processes. New Tools Tool Drive Test Network Ntw Drive Test Network CEM (probe agent) Optimization Performance Configuration Performance and Automatic CFG Counters (stand alone) Counters . Management Initial From stand alone process Initial Opt CFG to ingrated one Third Fix. parameters. Mgmt. Figure 2: An Integrated Process for Service Experience Management Marketing Customer Marketing Customer Operation Operation Network Engineering Network Engineering Planning/ Network Planning/ Service Experience Optimization Engineering Quality Engineering Engineering Enhanced Operating Model Network Operation Report Network Operation Report First Surveillance First Surveillance Operating Level (Service) Level (Service) Model Service Second Troubleshooting Second Troubleshooting Experience Level Perf. Cfg. overseen by Service Engineering according to specific model. formerly stand-alone. CFG Level Mgmnt. Level Perf.

A SON dashboard and management platform. this platform is designed to be integrated Network Configuration as appropriate with existing telco Service Operations functions. Consulting/audit services for development of use cases and business cases and for definition of architecture. TELCO NW Ops TELCO Customer Ops 2. multi-tenant multi. which adds on to Service Analysis Insights Auditing Assurance. System Network/ Integration OSS/ BSS Services . Analytics Injection Working through a service layer. Design and Customer Value Management. Best Config. combines technologies that address multiple Service Experience Service Quality CFG Auditing & functions. managing the process Monitoring & Optimization Configuration from Network Optimization to Customer Insights. Fault Management and Performance Management. Multi-Technology Platform 3. SON customer and network data allow CSPs to perform their own Accenture service engineering functions. Wireless diagnostics solution. Network Configuration Platform PM FM Management. management and integrated SEEM Platform control. Experience Optimization as a Service. the SEEM solution is composed of both Figure 3: Bringing Together Value-Added Services Accenture services and a cloud-based. Customer Experience Customer Exp. Perf. the insights generated by Data Collection Automation. Customer Experience to Network Optimization Analytics for Network Care Optimization Benchmarking Planning. Service SON Optimization Operations Management As Figure 3 also shows. System integration and operations for Customer Experience Closed Loop Management and Network Analytics solutions.As shown in Figure 3. SQM CEM Optimization Workflow including Service Quality Management. and a Multi-Technology Platform technology platform. Network Customers Services include: & Services 1. Operations Capacity CFG Automation Services Automation Optimization with SON 2. Healing Services Services Services Usage & behavior Service Experience CFG The SEEM technology platform. including: Monitoring Benchmark Management Proactive SON Enabled RAN CFG Tuning & 1. Cloud Based Multi-Tenant. Service Experience Engineering & Management 3.

Engineering and Figure 4 provides an example of the easy-to-use interfaces that Experience Management with a consistent framework for identifying empower the Service Engineering function to capture and act on trends. segment and service level. • The SEEM Dashboard. Figure 4: Easy-to-Use Interfaces for Managing the Service Experience . critical Service Experience in a holistic way. • Combine strategic. including: • Health Map. • Predictions and Improvements. which consists of a geocoded cluster map that is color-coded according to Heath versus Value status at the cluster. performing forecasts and enabling corrective actions. long-term upgrade priorities with real-time analytical insights. • Insight Monitoring. demand. a flexible and powerful console for end • Understand customers’ quality of experience and maximize to end service experience management and optimization. which provides forecasts and trends for selected network nodes. ROI in supporting that experience. customer segments • Leverage powerful forecasting algorithms to predict future and services.Thanks to this integrated approach. These tools provide managers in Operations. a powerful tool for real time service troubleshooting. they are needed most. which offers configurable insights on the • Analyze each node independently to plan for upgrades where main factors influencing the health status. SEEM is able to: • Log Analytics.

and ultimately. upsell and monetization of network services in direct proportion to customer requirements and needs. transformation of the way the provider operates. NOC SOC CEM SEEM From NOC to SOC From SOC to CEM From CEM to SEEM ENABLEMENT TRANSFORMATION VALUE LED . including its organization. addition. a network utilization boost with service quality itself and the customer experience of the network. technologies and people. SEEM offers a transformation Through this transformation. SEEM delivers continuous network roadmap for the process of managing both the network optimization. Accenture has command of the technologies that make • Ultimately. including powerful Experience Management. transformational change across all these dimensions. processes. always-on approach to measurement of a fully integrated approach to both Service Engineering and network quality and the customer experience.Why Accenture As shown in figure below. Accenture has • It in turn allows the organization to expand the functionality extensive experience working with network providers in managing of the SOC into a broadly based Customer Experience complex. analytics and self-organizing networks. In Management (CEM) function. it permits value-led transformation from CEM into possible a continuous. • SEEM enables the functionality of the Network Operations Center (NOC) to be fully integrated with that of the Service Managing customers’ network experience effectively requires a Operations Center (SOC). improvement.

operational costs and optimize their network assets. measured as an end user. b) enabling a higher level of automation via tools. customer-centric insights. and d) reducing time to repair. including: average per cell. enabling engineering of the best possible with analytics-driven. • Increased NPS through early identification and resolution of • And. reduce their engineering and • An 80-to-1 ratio from old NOC events to SOC events. applying the tools of SEEM in an NOC-to-SOC (Service Operations driven engineering and operational services that help digital CSPs Center) transformation. It offers a number of platform. • Reduction of 70 percent in the escalation of trouble tickets. to ensure that optimization has an effect on the service experience. customer-centric insights. while performance. . One major European provider achieved significant benefit from driven. investment.SEEM enables providers to run network operations with analytics. • Increased quality through measuring perceived quality before and after optimization activities. Key results included: optimize their service performance. increasing proactive/preventive work versus reactive work. The SEEM solution has helped CSPs achieve significant improvements that have directly translated into benefits for the • A 20 percent increase in service availability. service issues and through measurement of the customer In summary. SEEM enables providers to run network operations service experience. a significant increase in NPS. The platform- experience per customer segment. while reducing their engineering and operational enhancing the ability to verify the effectiveness of network costs. • Reduction in cost with increased quality through a) streamlining processes and organization. driven engineering and operational services comprising SEEM • Reduction in cost through direct network investment in target help digital CSPs optimize their network assets and service areas to specifically improve the service experience. • Increased quality with reduced cost through proactively and timely optimization of the network in order to ensure the best possible quality of experience.

as global network. But it’s also clear that what got you to complex task. a workforce that innovates. . Integrated Digital Service Providers. turn your vision into reality. and with the convergence of network and • From operating a hardware-based network… to operating information technology. There is no organization better at IT transformation. process and governance to the network world. needs CSPs are seeking to address. minimize disruption. and ecosystem relationships Accenture has the industry expertise. Accenture also • From working with a few hard-wired vendors… to creating has an extensive track record working with a vast majority of an open environment that can be rapidly extended into new the large enterprise customers—Fortune 500 and others—whose industries. collaborate with partners who have the industry expertise. providers are looking to where you are now. Inc. self-learning digital platform that makes breadth of your requirements… and is fully equipped to help you you the best choice for your customers in the future. Achieving this transformation is an extremely to the value… fast. Accenture is a leader that can help them maximize the benefits of their existing assets in the digital context. along Accenture brings multiple advantages to organizations seeking multiple dimensions: to achieve this transformation. depth in technology. ecosystem partners and end-to-end solutions to operations. To reach their destination. networks and experience. digital insight. won’t get you to where you want to go.Achieving the Full Promise of Digital Network Transformation Evolving from a traditional service provider to a platform. and create • From employing a workforce that “maintains”… to empowering new capabilities that bring revenue from new sources. insist on having a partner who understands the the intelligent. help build your next-generation network. CSPs are evolving from traditional service providers into based Interactive Digital Service Provider is a complex task. Accenture is now bringing its tools for a digital network platform using software. demonstrates that among vendors working with a seamless connection to third-party cloud ecosystems. We can help you make the move from a traditional network to a digital network. As you pursue the opportunities offered by Digital Network • From being pigeonholed as a “dumb pipe”… to inventing Transformation. digital orientation. • From confronting regional limitations… to running a Accenture’s positioning in the communications industry. technology to help them build their next-generation services. with digital at the heart of You want to minimize cost.. reflected in reports by independent industry analysts such as • From being constrained by corporate boundaries… to providing Gartner. CSPs. and get everything they do.

The company generated net revenues of US$31. people serving clients in more than 120 countries. its logo. comprehensive capabilities across all Donatello Gassi. Accenture. Copyright ©2016 Accenture. and High Performance Delivered are trademarks of Accenture. All rights reserved. with more than 358. technology services and outsourcing company. Its home page is Combining Accenture Network Services unparalleled experience. . This document makes descriptive reference to trademarks that may be owned by others.0 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. The use of such trademarks herein is not an assertion of ownership of such trademarks by Accenture and is not intended to represent or imply the existence of an association between Accenture and the lawful owners of such trademarks. 31.000 Gianluca Noya.For more information About Accenture Contact Accenture is a global management consulting. industries and business functions. and extensive research on the Accenture Network Services world’s most successful companies.