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Group K

whoever is the one singing during that time. It then proceeded to the short warm up before the activity. Singing of a community song was also a part to conclude this group activity. This group activity was planned as part of the celebration of Valentine’s or Hearts Day. Patients who didn't have the chance to sing during the activity had given the chance to sing. . The patients were then asked at the end of every song 2 questions: To whom they dedicated the song and what is the reason that they chose that particular song. reading of house rules and explaining the mechanics of the game. The patient had draw lots before the game and has given the chance to choose the song that they wanted. orientation. "Sing Your Hearts" is the second group therapy that has been facilitated by the student nurses of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila in-line with their exposure at the psychiatric ward in Philippine General Hospital. The activity was done on February 14 and 15. Each patient had equal chance to sing in the limited time given. On the first day. he or she will be the last one to sing. the patients had a group dance therapy by following the a choreography presented by facilitators in front and choosing partners for the group dance included at the end. On the second day (continuation). The activity started at approximately 8:45 AM. The important rule that has been implemented was that at exactly 9:45 AM. The group therapy has started by gathering all the patients on the multi-purpose hall. 2017. the patients were about their insights or how they have feel during the activity. room 101.

Additionally. Although that is the case.  The patients were able to develop The goal was met. Success Indicators Evaluation  All the patients in Ward 7 were able to The goal was partially met. about their insights at the end of every song and even at the end of the activity.  The patients were able to interact socially The goal was met. to state every members name inside the room. follow the mechanics and the golden rule of the game. The patient were given time with others.  The patients were able to develop The goal was met.  The patients were able to share with others The goal was met. The patient’s were able to relaxation skills through listening to songs and the story behind each song. The patient’s were able to instructions and do what is expected for them.  The patients were able to follow The goal was met. because there are participate actively in the Activity. majority of the patients who were in the activity have been cooperative and participated actively. have healing time while jamming and enjoying as manifested through their happy faces and certain behaviour and talent revelations presented all throughout the activity. the patients were given a . verbalize to whom they are dedicating their song and were asked about their insight at the end of the activity. 1-2 patients in the Ward 7 that weren’t able to participate due to some restrictions. The patients were asked awareness of their emotional state. Each patient were able to their personal feelings and insight about the song.

Although there are weaknesses to be strengthened. The goal was met. spreading around the patients with their assigned patient on their side to initiate Nurse-Patient Relationship even during the group activity. The activity was considered to be success as majority of the success indicators was met. chance to sings and everyone of them participated by singing their chosen songs. Moreover.  The patients were able to develop self. . communitys song wherein they had group singing and dance activity as the concluding part Sing Your Heart. the group should have been equally distributed. Recommendations The student nurses should also have been focused when it comes to promoting patient control in the said activity. new revelations of behaviour have been discovered during this distinct group activity which serves as great achievement in the course of giving group therapy. Additionally. Moreover. the strengths still dominated all throughout the activity. the relatives and significant others to the patients should have been on the first Day of the activity for them to successfully given their made flowers to their loved ones during the introduction song “Salamat”. All patients were given a esteem after singing and sharing.