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Section A – Word Level

Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

1. Frogs and turtles can live on land and in water. They are __________.

A. reptiles
B. mammals
C. amphibians

2. My brother is making a __________ for my pet rabbits.

A. coop
B. hutch
C. kennel
D. burrow

3. The __________ of a tree holds the tree to the ground.

A. root
B. bark
C. trunk
D. thorn

4. My grandparents have two children. They are my father and __________.

A. aunt
B. mother
C. brother
D. grandfather

5. Aeroplanes are kept in a large building called __________.

A. hangar
B. terminal
C. lighthouse
D. garage



6. __________ is the currency used by the people of Indonesia.

A. Rupee
B. Rupiah
C. Baht
D. Peso

7. There are __________ months in a year.

A. seven
B. twelve
C. thirty
D. four

8. The boy wipes his face with a __________.

A. towel
B. apron
C. singlet
D. bib

9. The supplier stored all the goods in the __________.

A. hangar
B. garage
C. warehouse
D. lighthouse

10. Aishah wears a beautiful scarf around her __________.

A. elbow
B. thigh
C. neck
D. knee

11. Monkeys swing from tree to tree but horses __________.

A. waddle
B. gallop
C. crawl
D. swim



12. After sweeping, mother cleaned the floor with a __________.

A. watering can
B. broom
C. soap
D. mop

13. The tour guide took us to watch the bees in the __________.

A. nest
B. aviary
C. apiary
D. aquarium

14 Aisya was cold so she wore a __________ to keep herself warm.

A. towel
B. turban
C. blanket
D. cardigan

15 Azman cannot see well. He has to see an __________.

A. optician
B. engineer
C. accountant

16. Afeeda uses a __________ to gather the dried leaves.

A. rake
B. spade
C. sickle

17. Joshua`s mother uses a __________ to separate the tea leaves.

A. spatula
B. strainer
C. fish slice
D. can opener


spider 22. toothbrush 4 . A. A. bougainvillea B. fisherman D. toothpaste D. Lim bought a fish from the __________ in the market. orchids C. farmer B. labourer C. The __________ for my computer is not working well. mill D. HIKMAH MODULE 18. It needs to be replaced. mint C. Siti Hajar bought a pot of __________ for her mother on Mother’s day. soap B. cannas D. powder C. jeweller B. roses 21. A. Mrs. Susie has to call a _____________ to unlock her bedroom door. mine B. locksmith D. She can even see an old _________ where the farmer used to grind grains into flour. A. A. rat B. minaret 20. There wasn’t any __________ left in the tube. A. cat C. fishmonger 23. butcher C. blacksmith 19. mouse D.

A. The dog __________ loudly when it sees a stranger. A. The frog __________ to the pond. hoe B. rake C. pair of scissors 27. cup 5 . Arena B. A. A. sickle D. thread and a _________ to sew it. knife C. skips D. hops 28. walks B. plate D. glass B. roars D. Jamilah is sewing the torn skirt. Stadium C. Complex D.HIKMAH MODULE 24 The opening ceremony of the SEA Games was held at the Bukit Jalil __________. A. croaks C. barks 29. Auditorium 25. runs C. bowl C. house pipe 26. broom D. A. A gardener uses a __________ to dig a hole in the garden. saw B. She will need a needle. Paper is to pencil as _______________ is to saucer. neighs B.

microscope B. A. light C. bowling C. They look identical. spectacles D. radio D. hat 35. kite flying D. A. Zaidi and Zairi are __________. firewood 34. fan B. top-spinning B. Ali is chopping some __________ at the back of his house. HIKMAH MODULE 30. cousins C. plants D. A. The headmaster will buy a new set of bow and arrows for the __________ competition. twins B. archery 31. The room is too dark. vegetables B. Switch on the __________. trees C. telescope C. Leela uses _______________ because she cannot see very clearly. A. The policeman warned the motorcyclist for not wearing a __________. helmet C. A. A. binoculars 33. machine 6 . mask B. raincoat D. brothers D. friends 32.

yacht 37. headmaster C. A. technician D.HIKMAH MODULE 36. The __________ were nervous when they danced on the stage. A. Ali’s car broke down. mechanic C. hovercraft C. butcher B. A. lawyer 38. A. blacksmith B. electrician D. She ordered a ring and a chain from the __________. electrician 7 . He needs to take it to the __________. The __________ gave away the prizes to the excellent students. A. car B. barber B. contestants 37. architect B. customers B. aeroplane D. goldsmith C. engineer C. A __________ is a land transport. members C. cobbler 39. A. An __________ designs and draws buildings. barber 38.

A. uncle D. participant C. winner B. nephew 44. The astronauts traveled to the moon by a __________. The __________sells fish. father C. who is married to my __________ became an engineer last month. A. farmer B. A. My neighbour. fisherman C. A. HIKMAH MODULE 40. The __________ carried all the guests’ bags to the hotel room. fishmonger 42. maid B. Mariam is buying some meat from the __________. fisherman C. waitress C. A. porter 41. butcher 43. Kasmah. bus C. space ship D. green grocer B. candidate 42. A. helicopter jet 8 . The __________ in the singing contest was a five-year-old girl. submarine B. crabs and prawns at the market. brother B.

A. Malay 48. mother B. My brother slipped the ring onto my __________ finger and smiled.HIKMAH MODULE 45. niece D. I am Sheila’s __________. A. hat 49. stationeries 9 . My uncle’s daughter is my __________. son-in-law 47. aunt’s 51. noisily D. equipments B. Sheila’s mother is my aunt. A. A. Do you have a racquet and a __________? A. A. quietly C. tools C. So. ball shuttlecock C. patiently 50. nephew B. cousin C. A snail moves __________. shuttlecock B. mother’s B. Let’s play badminton. cousin 46. sister in law’s C. Kadazan C. A. slowly B. sister C. Indian B. You need the correct __________ to play any sports. The ‘rebana’ is a traditional __________ musical instrument.

worm 55. A __________ is a mammal that lives in the water. A young of a duck is called __________. police B. thief C. pirate D. The ___________ managed to steal valuables from that rich man’s house. kitten B. fourteen 53. toad C. A bird __________. bird D. A. guard 57. eleven D. A. stable B. barn 10 . A. Zain will be sitting for his UPSR in this coming September. flies 54. A. twenty C. kennel C. A. hops B. twelve B. He is ________years old. duckling 56. HIKMAH MODULE 52. dolphin B. runs C. A dog lives in a __________. A. shark C.

chirps D. A. shell 60. The home of bees is called a __________. chicks 59. eagle B. ducklings B. A __________ carries its young in its pouch.HIKMAH MODULE 58. swan C. barks 62. The two __________ swam behind the mother duck. growls B. A. nest B. peacock 11 . bird 61. A __________ has beautiful patterns on its feathers. A. A snake hisses but a bird __________. kangaroo C. monkey B. mouse D. A. lion B. snake D. crocodile C. neighs C. A. deer 63. A. beehive C. A cobra is a member of the _________ family. cygnets C.

tadpole 66. The __________ will change into a butterfly. The __________ is the largest bird that cannot fly. A. turkey C. An elephant has two big ears and a long __________. A __________ is a reptile that can change according to the surrounding. chameleon 69. A. mosquitoes C. A. elephants D. A. tusk C. ant C. A. A. The __________ are hunted by illegal hunters for their tusks. dragonflies 67. butterflies B. trunk D. goose 65. HIKMAH MODULE 64. snail B. Insects like houseflies and __________ can cause harmful diseases. grub D. maggot B. caterpillar C. rats C. buffaloes B. tail 68. skin B. cows 12 . ostrich B.

computer B. camera D. You cannot see well if you do not wear your __________. saw 72. spectacles 75. calculator 74. The carpenter uses a __________ to cut the plank. uses a __________ to dig a hole in the ground. mug B. axe B. scissors D. keyboard C. A. rake 73. hoe C. saw B. microscope C. A. helmet C. calculator C. Pak Samad. sickle C. stethoscope B.HIKMAH MODULE 70. knife 71. Rahmah needs a __________ to calculate the figures immediately. You need to wear a __________ to protect your head. A. cap B. A. A. the farmer. A. My mother uses a __________ to type her letters. hat 13 . Roller skating is a dangerous sport. microphone D.

HIKMAH MODULE 76. Ramu ran round the __________ during the 400 metres race. sneakers B. incinerator C. axe D. A. field 78. slippers D. She pours some __________ into the frying pan. handcuffs C. refrigerator 81. A. sandals 14 . oil D. pressure cooker B. boots C. My maid kept the vegetables in the __________. vase 80. My mother wants to fry some chicken. stadium B. Kamala puts the flowers in a __________. A. bowl B. I wear a pair of __________ when I go jogging. A. The police on duty will always carry a pistol and a pair of __________ with him. A. water B. chopper 77. milk C. A. Pn. sauce 79. glass C. track C. knife B.

celebrating 85. A. gloves C. After __________ for a month. broom B. Muslims celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. A. a __________. grocery C. stall 15 . brush C. working D. socks C. fasting C. baju kurung D. Mr.HIKMAH MODULE 82. hat 87. salwa kameez 84. Teck Chun wore her traditional costume. saree C. helmet B. Lee used a __________ to paint the wall. The beautiful lady wears a __________ on her head. belt B. Hashim is wearing a __________ made of leather. cloth D. The hawker sells food at the __________ A. shop D. pad 83. eating B. A. A. tie D. market B. A. for Chinese New Year. scarf 86. cheongsam B.

hangar C. post office B. prison 89. We usually put the refrigerator and the oven in the __________. Tina was sent to the __________ after her parents died. classroom 16 . Christians pray in the __________. kitchen C. porch 93. church D. pagoda 92. canteen B. library D. field C. temple C. He lives in a __________. A. store B. A. hospital C. A. church 91. Phillip’s uncle is a monk. A. People buy stamps from the __________. dining room B. The pupils buy food from the __________. bathroom D. mosque B. A. temple C. orphanage D. HIKMAH MODULE 88. mosque B. hut 90. A.

submarine C. The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games was held at the Busan ___________ A. studio 96. aeroplane B. boat 17 . taxi C. A. The football game was held at the nearest __________. ship B. ship B. Auditorium 97.HIKMAH MODULE 94. Complex C. cinema C. Arena B. train D. Ajib went to his son’s house in Putrajaya by __________. ___________ moves underwater. lighthouse D. stadium B. ship 98. My father keeps his car in the __________. John was late and he missed the __________ so he has to cycle to school. bus C. barn B. sampan 99. A. A. A. Stadium D. garage 95. A. terminal C. boat D.

eats the fish C. seaweed and pebbles 18 . catches the fish D. feeds the fish B. HIKMAH MODULE Section A – Phrase Level Choose the best phrases to complete the paragraph Jamal’s hobby is rearing fish. seaweed and rocks B. stones and weeds D. A. A. a plastic bowl B. He keeps his fish in __________(1). He ___________(2) with his food. a wooden hutch D. cleans the fish 3. a glass aquarium 2. Jamal decorates his aquarium with ________________(3) 1. A. a round cage C. grass and weeds C.

In the middle of the table is a _________(6) 4. box of cereals D. Badrul and his family are having breakfast ______________(4). vase of flowers B. packet of flower D. in the kitchen B. A. stalk of flower C. a bouquet of flowers 19 . in the bedroom D. at the park C. at the garden 5. There is a _____________(5) and some cakes on the table. plate of sandwiches 6. bowl of soup B. A. loaf of bread C.HIKMAH MODULE It is Saturday morning. A.

a box of rice B. a box of oil C. Mr. Many people buy things at his shops. a packet of rice 9. Raju bought _____________(8) and ___________ (9) at his shop. a bottle of oil D. A. a row of shophouses B. a row of shops and houses 8. HIKMAH MODULE Mr. Tong also sells clothes and stationery. Tong is a rich man. A. He owns ____________(7) in town. a packet of oil 20 . a sack of rice C. a line of shophouses C. Yesterday. 7. A. a tin of oil B.

small but heavy B. work with a computer. A. That is why not many people can _________(12) 10. cheap and affordable C. A. However. It is commonly used nowadays because it is ________(11). convenient to carry around 12. sell their computer C. afford to buy it B. an expensive laptop B.HIKMAH MODULE A small computer that can be carried around is called ____________(10). this small computer is expensive. available in computer shops D. a personal laptop C. 21 . A. a computer laptop 11.

He is a very diligent lawyer and is _____________ (15) 13. A. A. as busy as a bee B. A. as fast as a deer C. as silent as a mouse 14. as silly as a goat B. as brave as a lion D. an album of photographs 15. HIKMAH MODULE Mr Lee is a lawyer. as fierce as a tiger C. a library of books D. He carries along with him _____________(14) when he goes to work. He is ______________ (13). a pile of files C. as stubborn as a mule D. a kit of tools B. as hardworking as an ant 22 .

He stopped to _____________(17). On the way he saw ________ (16) . A. A. run in a field D. floors of shops 17. two bottles of water D. read in the car 18. stacks of shops D. He bought ______________(18) from a shop. Encik Ali drove to Batu Pahat.HIKMAH MODULE Last week. rows of shops C. two bags of food C. 16. walk in park C. eat in restaurant B. A. two boxes of food 23 . lines of shops B. two cups of drinks B.

he clears away __________(20). muddy earth C. He ensure the holes are in___________(21) Lastly he puts a few seeds into each hole and covers them with some soil 19. weeds and stones D. First. A. HIKMAH MODULE Encik Saiful wants to plant tomatoes in his garden. extra water B. round patch 24 . A. add fertilizer C. Next. mix the sand B. A. neat rows B. Then he uses along stick to make holes in the soil. neat bush C. roots and leaves 21. he uses a hoe or spade to _________(19). loosen the soil 20.

she ____________(23) into thin slices.HIKMAH MODULE Sarina is making an egg sandwich. 22. pours butter C. she puts the egg on the bread. First. cuts the egg B. mashes the egg 24. takes butter B. Finally. she _______________(22). boils an egg C. chops the egg C. Next. spreads butter 25 . fries an egg B. Then. A. scrambles an egg 23. A. she _____________(24) on two slices of bread. A.

25. washes the tea 27. A. boils some tea B. brews the tea B. she then ______________(26) and ____________ (27) to taste. drinks some tea 26 . she ___________(25) and puts a tea bag into a cup. adds some sugar C. adds some milk B. boils the kettle C. boils some water 26. HIKMAH MODULE Puan Lela wants to make a cup of tea. drinks the tea C. First. A. After pouring the hot water into the cup. A.

a stack of planks B. They are going to ____________(30) 28.HIKMAH MODULE There is ________________(28) in the jungle. A. A. play with fire C. a troop of scouts C. a team of scouts B. a bunch of branches 30. A. a bundle of sticks C. build a fire B. They are carrying ___________(29) each. cook some food 27 . an army of scouts 29.

chest of drawers 33. 31. spilled orange juice B. her daughter. bought her ________________ (33) to calm her down. A. poured orange juice C. plate of chocolates B. bowl of chocolates C. HIKMAH MODULE Mak Limah is very angry. So Tina. set of sofa C. Her son _______________ (31) on her new _______________ (32) . box of chocolates 28 . set of chairs B. pack of chocolates D. A. A. splashed orange juice 32.

a bunch of bananas 29 . a tin of sardines B. A.HIKMAH MODULE Encik Maniam went to a grocery shop last night. 34. His wife asked him to buy __________ (34) and a ______________(35) . a packet of sardines 36. a crate of bananas B. a loaf of bread 35. A. a bottle of sardines C. a slice of bread C. a bunch of bread B. A. he bought _______________ (36) at the fruit stall. a comb of bananas C. On his way back.

A. carries his bicycle C. Every day he__________ (37) . A. A. to school. will wash his bicycle C. 37. drives his bicycle B. to read and borrow B. HIKMAH MODULE Chong Wei is a good boy. will bathe his bicycle B. The bicycle was given to him on his 10th birthday. He sometimes cycles to the stall and library near his house. rides his bicycle 38. will walk his bicycle 39. to take pictures from C. Every weekends he _______________ (38) . so that it will be always clean and shinning. He loves __________ (39) books from the library. to buy 30 .

party of singers 42. crowd of people troupe of people B. pack of people 31 . collection of musicians C. staff of people C. A. 40. class of singers C. Then. First.HIKMAH MODULE The school concert was wonderful. A. string of musicians 41. A. cluster of singers D. a ____________(41) from the English Society sang a few songs for us. staff of musicians B. band of musicians D. The concert was attended by a large ____________(42) . troupe of people D. choir of singers B. a _________(40) from the Music Club played popular Malaysian folks songs and we all sang along.

on the school wall 44. on the school noticeboard D. A. in the concert leaflet C. Marina’s name is called out. participates in the concert 45. one teacher _________ (45) who have been selected. 43. Marina ________ (44). A. She has been chosen to join the concert. After the audition. A. announces the names of the pupils C. scolds the pupils in the hall B. goes for the audition C. It invites pupils to audition for the concert. on the school noticeboard B. HIKMAH MODULE Marina wants to take part in her school annual concert. practises for the concert B. talks to the teachers at the concert 32 . She sings in front of the teachers and her friends. She reads a notice __________ (43) .

giggle of geese 48. 46. pride of geese B. A. she saw a ________ (47) Soon. flock of birds B. shoal of buffaloes C. She hid behind a ___________(46). but there was no sign of her friends. bunch of trees 47.HIKMAH MODULE Carol was playing hide and seek with her friends. As she was hiding. A. A. a ____________(48) also passed by. herd of buffaloes 33 . gaggle of geese C. clump of trees B. box of trees C.

bundle of drawers C. drawer of letters B. pack of drawers B. A. string of pearls D. A. bunch of pearls B. set of drawers 50. line of pearls 51. bundle of letters 34 . HIKMAH MODULE Today is Saturday. My aunt is clearing her ___________ (49) In the bottom drawer. she finds her missing __________ (50)) and a ___________ (51) 49. tie of letters C. pack of pearls C. A.

a bouquet of flowers 54. there is a___________(53) There are also a _________(54) and box of chocolate cereals. in the bedroom D. At the centre of the table. plate of sandwiches 35 . A. A. at the garden 53.HIKMAH MODULE It is Saturday morning. loaf of bread C. A. bowl of soup B. at the park C. vase of flowers B. Shahid and his family are having breakfast __________(52). packet of flower D. in the kitchen B. stalk of flower C. 52.

rides to work C. cycles to work B. A. She stops her car when the _______________ (56) . She _______________ (55) every day. traffic light is red B. traffic light is blue 57. goes straight 36 . 55. she _______________ (57) . drives to work 56. turns around C. A. HIKMAH MODULE Salina is going to work. turns left B. Salina is a careful driver. After the traffic lights. A. traffic light turns not working C.

goes to bed C. hangs his school uniform D. puts on his school uniform 37 .HIKMAH MODULE Kamal _____________ (58) at 5. A. makes the bed 59. folds his school uniform B. A. gives a bath C.30 a. Then. takes a bath B. He _____________ (59) and brushes his teeth. A. irons his school uniform C. makes a bath 60. wakes up B.m. every morning. he ____________ (60) 58.

has to _______________ (63) and rearrange the tables and chairs. vacuum the floor C. A. Her friend. A. tidy the cupboard B. HIKMAH MODULE My class is having a “gotong royong”. mop the windows C. wash the windows 63. clean the blackboard up 38 . 61. wipe the windows B. Swee Ling. mop vacuum the floor 62. A. sweep the floor B. Sara has to _____________(61) and _____________ (62). empty the wastebasket C. up date the notice board D.

A. pupils and fans B. trims the hedges C. A. wife and children 65. sister and friends C. A. They live in a garden where Pak Karim plants __________(65) Pak Karim always keeps the garden tidy and _______________ every month. breaks the hedges 39 . (66). rails of flowers 66.HIKMAH MODULE This is Pak Karim’s _____________ (64). friends and family D. lanes of flowers C. cuts the hedges B. rows of flowers B. 64.

A ________ ( 69) is around him eating some worms. A. brood of chicks C. bunch of bananas 68. herd of chicks B. A. uses a rake C. group of chicks . uses a hoe B. 67. A. He ____________ ( 68 ) to dig a hole. 40 . banana plant B. banana seeds C. uses a spade 69. He is planting a __________ (67) . HIKMAH MODULE Pak Mat is in his garden.


Abu and Ramu are good friends. They went to the town
to buy a _______________ (70) and used it as a bait.

They wanted to _______________ (71). They also

_______________ (72) !

70. A. bucket of worms
B. packet of worms
C. pail of worms
D. basket of worms

71. A. going fishing
B. goed fishing
C. go fishing
D. went fishing

72. A. pack their fishing nets
B. buy their fishing boots
C. bring their fishing rods



It was a hot and sunny day. Ahmad was _______________ (73)

. Suddenly, _______________ (74)

attacked him. Ahmad quickly ran and _______________ (75) .

73. A. picking some guavas
B. picking some durians
C. picking some rambutans
D. picking some mangosteens

74. A. a swarm of bees
B. a swarm of mosquitoes
C. a swarm of grasshoppers

75. A. fell into the river
B. jumped into the river
C. swam across the river



One day, there was a hungry lion searching for food. It _________(76)

with one of its huge paws. It wanted to eat the mouse. The mouse begged
not to be eaten.

The lion agreed and decided to _________ (77).

The frightened mouse ___________(78) to its hole. It was really its lucky

76. A. ate a mouse
B. saw a mouse
C. caught a mouse

77. A. set it free
B. eat it alive
C. make it scared

78. A. quickly ran back
B. angrily went back
C. slowly walked back


A. twelve sticks C.s sister C. Then. Her brother.s mother 80. Lina cuts the cake with a knife. claps their hands D. snaps their fingers 44 . baked her a big chocolate cake. twelve candles 81. A. Everyone ____________(81) when Lina blows out all the candles. ______________(79) . Her father. A. She has invited her friends to her birthday party. Her mother. ten candies B. shakes hands B. Aunt Liza.s wife B. HIKMAH MODULE Today is Umiza. 79.s birthday. stamps their feet C. There are ________________(80) on it .

a comb B. my mother and I went to the Grand Supermarket. a bunch C. a pair of pants B. a slab of butter B. A. a pair of sneakers 83.HIKMAH MODULE Yesterday. A. a pair of shorts C. a packet of sugar 45 . 82. A. I bought ________________(82) My mother bought_____________(83) of grapes. a packet of flour C. She also bought_____________(84) because she wanted to bake a cake. a bouquet 84.

When the egg is cooked. A. After that. HIKMAH MODULE Milah wants to make scrambled egg for breakfast. into a plate C. beats the egg 87. shows off 46 . she ___________________(87) the stove. boils the egg B. 85. First. she heats the oil and pours the beaten egg. into a bowl B. switches off C. Then she adds salt and ________________(86) with a fork. into a saucer 86. takes off B. she breaks an egg ______________(85). A. A. blends the egg C.


The road along Capital Street is very busy. There are ______________ (88)

on both sides of this long stretch of road. On weekends,

_____________ (89) come and visit the shops. They haggle with

the shop owners and buy many things at a cheap price. After their shopping, they

carry _______ (90) to take home for their family and friends.

88. A. rows of apartments
B. rows of shops
C. boxes of food
89. A. groups of tourists
B. crowd of spectators
C. groups of pupils

90. A. boxes of gifts
B. bags of souvenirs
C. baskets of presents



Section A – Sentence Level
Study the pictures carefully. Then choose the best answer.

A. Jane is holding the organ.
B. Jane is playing the piano.
C. Jane is singing on the stage
D. Jane is reading the music note

A. Meng is cutting the weeds with the
B. Meng is mowing the lawn with the
C. Meng is pushing the machine over the
D. Meng is cutting the grass with a sickle.

3. A. The gardener is cleaning his hoe.
B. Abdullah is polishing the sickle.
C. Muthu is washing the penknife.
D. The butcher is sharpening his



Study the pictures carefully. Then choose the best answer.

A. Qamarul is buying a fish tank
B. Qamarul is catching some fish
in the tank
C. Qamarul is feeding the fish in
the aquarium

A. Adila and her friends are buying some
B. Adila and her friends are learning to the
C. Adila and her friends give their teacher a
bouquet of flowers.

6. . A. The gardener is trimming the hedges

B. The gardener is planting a few trees

C. The gardener is watering the plants

A. We must not talk loudly in the library.

B. We must talk loudly in the library.

C. We must not walk loudly in the library


There was a flood in Kampung Atap B. The fireman is rescuing a cat from a tree 50 . A. The fireman is putting a cat on the tree B. A. 10. A fire destroyed many homes in Kampung Atap 11. 8. HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. Gerald’s hands are painful. Yu Fook is sleeping in his bedroom. D. Gerald’s legs are dirty 9. The fireman is leaving a cat on tree C. Then choose the best answer. Yu Fook is not feeling in the well. Yu Fook is not feeling well. C. A landslide happened in Kampung Atap C. A. A. Gerald’s hands are soft. Gerald’s hands are dirty. B. B. C.

Then choose the best answer. It is raining and Ali is waiting at the bus station. D. Kamal is holding an umbrella at the bus stop. The girls are playing table tennis. Sally is playing tennis with Salmah. D. The girls are counting the number of the plants 13. A. A boy is holding a walking stick at the bus stop C. 51 . 3. B. 12. A. The girl is hitting the ball through the net C. It is raining and Abu is waiting for the bus 14.HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. A. Swee Lin and Aini are playing badminton B. The girls are drawing pictures of plants C. B. The girls are scribbling on the paper.

A. The pencil is on the floor 52 . Lee is having breakfast at 6. There is pencil near the floor. Mr. My uncle is having his supper. Ali has netted a fish 17.00 a. 15. Ali is fishing at the beach. B. There is a pencil on the table. A. D.30 pm. D. Ah Seng is having his lunch at 1. Ali is fishing at a pond. HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. Then choose the best answer.m B. The boy is eating fish for dinner. C. The pencil is under the table. C. Ali has caught a fish D. 16. A. C. B.

The boy and an old man are walking along the road. The fisherman has a basketful of fish D. Latif is waving to his friends D. The old man is crossing the busy road alone. 19. D. Hamid has missed the bus. Raju has a basket of fruits on his bicycle. Abu is carrying the books on the shelf. The man is reading a book in his room 21. C. A.HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. He is waiting for the bus B. My father is cycling to the office 53 . A. B. B. Encik Salleh is writing a letter B. A. The boy is waiting for his friends 20. C. The old man and the boy are standing by the road. 18. The monkey is plucking the coconut. The boy is helping an old man to cross the road. C. A. C. Then choose the best answer.

Mr. B. Anita is reading a book in the library. A. You are looking at the picture of my school. Anita is looking at the books on the table. Then choose the best answer. C. Lim is selling cakes and bread. HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. Mr. 23. The maid is cleaning the kitchen. This painting must be expensive. 22. C. 54 . A. Lim is putting a cake into the Oven. D. B. What an ugly picture! 24. B. Mr. C. Lim is eating a cake. A. Anita is dusting the table in her bedroom.

B. 25. D. C. C. C. My father is buying some pills from the road pharmacy B. Dr. A.HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. B. Basri is busy painting in his art class D. A. They are having their dinner in a a living room 27. 55 . The nurse is checking the man’s pulse. Bong is examining an old lady. . Siva is serving food for her family. Sujen is writing a letter. 26. Then choose the best answer. Han Bee Ping is admiring his friend’s drawing. The family is enjoying the day in the living room D. A. Rajen’s family is having afternoon tea at home. Malik and Nita are waiting in the hospital. Mrs. Kumari is sketching a portrait.

A. C. A. Vijaya is cleaning her cat. Then choose the best sentence. 56 . B. Tina is putting on her boots. 29. D. There are many people at the funfair. 31. A. 28. 30. B. There are many people at the carnival. Tina is hanging up her coat. Vijaya is feeding the cat. Vijaya is brushing the cat’s fur. The children are cleaning their bicycle. Tina is putting on her shoes. C. D. C. D. The children are riding beside the houses. C. The children are learning how to ride their motorcycle. The children are cycling outside their house. HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. A. Tina is wearing a hat. B. D. There are many people at the beach. B. Vijaya is playing with her cat. There are many people at the road.

HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. Lina is studying with her brother. There is a doll on the floor. Anuar is taking a letter from Lina. The teacher uses a camera in his work. A. B. 34. A. The patient is sitting on the bed. Anuar is drawing a picture. My uncle is typing a letter with his typewriter. C. 33. 36. The cat is sleeping on the sofa. Then choose the best sentence. There are many patients in the ward. The doctor is talking to the nurse. C. B. Anuar is reading a book. 32. The girl is playing with her cat. 57 . B. A. D. The nurse is taking Hani’s temperature. He is using a computer to type the letter. 35. The old man is writing a letter. C. C. The reporter uses a camera in his work. C. A. B. The girl is holding a doll. A. D. The baker uses a camera in his work. The photographer uses a camera in his work. The old man is sitting on the sofa. B. D. D. D.

39. B. Then choose the best sentence. A. D. A car has hit a motorcycle. 40. Father is cutting the grass. There is nobody at the beach. HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. The goats are eating grass. A. C. 38. A. A woman is swimming. D. The motorcyclist is talking on his phone. A. B. The driver of the car is driving. A woman is coming out of the car. 58 . There are three cows on the farm. Mother is smelling a rose. The man is skipping. D. The girl is pulling out the flowers. The ducks are sleeping. The chicks are looking for food. The boy is planting a seed. C. D. B. C. C. There is a girl eating an ice cream. 37. B.

The boy is asking the librarian to help him. D. My father bought some rambutans at the supermarket. The cat is watching over her kittens. The boys are picking some rambutans from the tree. The man is selling rambutans. D. A. A. The librarian is arranging the books on the shelf. The kittens are sleeping. C. A. B. Hadi is taking a book from the top shelf D. The boy is reading a book at the table. A young boy is getting a haircut. B. Justin and his parents are eating rambutans. The old barber is reading the newspaper. Then choose the best sentence. 59 . The boy is carrying a kitten. The girl is playing with the kittens. D. C. C.HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. 41. 43. A. B. 42. 44. The boy’s mother is talking to the barber. C. B. A man is combing his hair.

C. Anand is buying prawns. Najib is catching a fish D. A. My sister wakes up early every day. A. Kamal rides his bicycle to school. Fazil is feeding his fish. HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. C. 60 . Najib is frying a fish. The jar is filled with water. The jar is filled with rice. C. Salmah is frying a fish. 48. 45. B. Najib is cooking a fish. Then choose the best sentence. C. The bowl is filled with water. Mother switches off the light for my sister. B. A. D. 46. B. 47. 49. B. Lokman pushes his bicycle to the market. Fuad rides the bicycle with his friend. A. A. Hanna rides her bicycle to the park. D. Salina says good night to her mother. Siti is not feeling well today. The basin is filled with soap. B. D. Jalil is packing some crabs. D. Najib is cutting a fish. C.

Lan and his brother are washing the car. They are watching a cartoon. B. D. C. 52. The girls are painting some pictures.HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. C. The boy is teaching his brother and sister. Lan and his friend are polishing the car. Hazli fell asleep under a tree. Mariam read a book under a tree. A. C. 51. 50. D. Puan Rose wrote a letter under a tree. 61 . Hazli sat under a tree. D. Then choose the best sentence. C. Lan and his sister are scrubbing the van. 53. A. Zaza and her father are jogging in the playground. D. My mother and I went to the market. B. A. D. B. B. John helps his elderly neighbours to cross the road. Kuhan and his grandparents go a walk in the park. A. My brother and I went to the supermarket. B. The boys are reading story books. My uncle and I went to a fun fair. A. Lan and his sister are cleaning the van. Kuhan takes his grandparents for a ride in the park. C. My father and I went to a jumble sale. 54.

My sister is visiting my aunt. 62 . A. C. Alina has just finished cleaning her room. He swims in the sea everyday. B. My sister is taking her medicine. He cycles every morning. D. A. He plays hockey on the weekend. 58. Then choose the best sentence. C. 55. D. My sister is resting in bed. A. C. B. Alina likes to keep her room tidy. 56. D. Badrul washes his hair everyday. My sister is in the hospital. A. He rides his bicycle every evening. Badrul scrubs his hands everyday. D. Alina’s room is very messy. Alina is cleaning her room. B. HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. Badrul rinses his mouth everyday. C. 57. Badrul brushes his teeth everyday. B.

HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. My uncle is sitting on his motorcycle. C. C. B. A. A. D. D. C. D. 63 . C. She is playing with her dog. D. 60. The girls are listening to the radio. She is petting her dog. 62. A. My uncle is washing his motorcycle. The king is sitting on the throne. Then choose the best sentence. B. The girls are buying movie tickets. The people are bowing to the new king. The queen is sitting next to the king. The girls are watching a movie. My father is pushing his bicycle. The boys are walking. 59. She is bathing her dog. A. B. My father owns a bicycle. She is feeding her dog. B. 61. The king is eating food.

B. C. 63. We were at the zoo yesterday. The Headmaster is dancing and singing. 65. A. B. B. My sister likes to sleep in the garden. We played at the zoo in the evening. A. C. The nurse checks the boy’s temperature. D. B. The nurse looks at the boy’s teeth. My brother likes to sleep in the garden. HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. 64. The Headmaster is giving a speech. The Headmaster is cleaning the windows. The nurse checks the boy’s mouth. D. 66. We saw our friends at the zoo yesterday. D. My father likes to work in the garden. 64 . C. C. We went to the market yesterday. The Headmaster is performing a play. The nurse checks the boy’s hands. D. A. A. Then choose the best sentence. My uncle likes to cook in the garden.

Hazlan plays football in the field. D. The boys are cleaning the table. A. B. The pupils are drawing some pictures. B. Hazlan plays hockey in the field. The girl is holding a big pail. 65 . D. Hazlan plays tennis in the field. D. Hazlan plays basketball in the field. Then choose the best sentence. The pupils are reading in the library. A.HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. The girls are helping their brother. C. B. 69. The boys are fixing the table. Yazid. The girls are wiping the table. Alex is making a photo frame. A. The pupils are doing their homework. C. The boys are clearing the table. The pupils are collecting stamps. D. 70. C. B. C. 68. Maiza and Mas are cleaning the house. 67. A.

HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. Arul is playing his drums. A. D. A. D. A. Encik Ali is taking some measurements. Miss Lily is teaching in the canteen. 74. B. Roslan is reading a book B. A. Miss Lily is teaching in the library. The boy plays with his kittens and rabbits. Miss Lily is teaching in a classroom. 72. Puan Aida is cutting a piece of cloth. Then choose the best sentence. D. 73. C. C. Arul is playing his guitar. C. Joe gives some carrots to his rabbits. Miss Lily is scolding the pupils. Karim is sewing a shirt. My friend feeds his pets every day. 71. B. D. C. 66 . Jalal is playing with a rope. The cats bite the boy. Arul is polishing his flute. B.

B. D. B. Zahid wears baju kebaya. The boys played hockey in the field. The boys played football at the park. The children receive gifts on Christmas Day. 67 . C. Nabil is peeling potatoes for his mother. James celebrates his birthday today. B. Mahmud has just returned from the office. 76. Nabil is stirring the curry in the pot. 75. D. C. Nabil is cutting meat in the kitchen. A. Zahid designs clothes. A. D. B. Zahid sews clothes C.HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully. 77. A. Then choose the best sentence. The children bought their mother a present. D. A. The boys played netball near the river. The boys played basketball in the court. 78. C. Nabil is helping his father in the kitchen. Zahid does batik painting.

Then choose the best sentence. C Johan is studying for his mid-year examination. 68 . A Johan does his homework in the afternoon. 79. D Johan is reading a magazine. B My brother’s hobby is collecting stamps. HIKMAH MODULE Study the pictures carefully.

4. 1. HIKMAH MODULE SECTION B Question 11 – 15 Choose the best sentence to fit the situation in the pictures. 2. 5. 69 . 3.

A. I don’t know whether you deserve this present 10. You can have one C. B. D. Who told you about it? B. It is not your brother’s fault. 8. C. Are you one of the singers? D. Don’t touch it. Why don’t you buy it? D. C. It is a magazine. Would you like to buy one? 7. A. A. 9. B. they aren’t B. I must have dropped it. Great! That’s a good idea. I won’t as you have tried your best D. Yes. Are you sure about going to Bukit Jalil? 70 . You are so lazy. I always talk a lot every day. C. I hope the pupils will benefit from it. A. Yes. Do you need more information? C. HIKMAH MODULE 6. You can call me whenever you want. D. What is this? B. No. A.

it’s almost cooked. HIKMAH MODULE 11. A. A. 15. Yes. C. A. I can’t help you. C. It’s alright. A. You must cry loudly. I am sorry. Can I help you? D. Can I go home now? C. B. B. I’ll help you to look for her. B. I don’t need it. Let’s go home and eat. 12. B. B. She’s lost too. Let’s give it away. Where did you learn to cook? 14. I am going home now. Don’t cry. A. D. C. I didn’t see the light. Thank you. D. Where are we going? D. C. Can I have some? 13. D. That’s a good idea. Let’s forget about it. I thought it was green. 71 .

A. D. The show has just started. I don’t like to eat biscuits. Have you bought the ticket for the show? A. C. C. C. D. C. He wants to be an engineer.00 pm. I enjoy fishing. HIKMAH MODULE 16. 18. B. 20. C. It has passed my bedtime. I can buy them myself. 72 . He stays with his parents. I have already eaten. She is a doctor. We’ll be here until 11. A. What’s the matter with you? A. B. I catch a lot of fish. He has short and curly hair. I like to eat fried rice. B. 17. A. B. B. He will be here soon. Are you the doctor? 19. Do you know what time is it now? D. Where is the doctor? D. D. Thank you very much.

I’ll do it this evening. 73 . You must cut the grass every three weeks. A. A. I’m quite busy right now. All right. B. Ask your baby brother to fix it for you. I don’t know. B. When are you going to post it? D. I’ll eat it. 23. Do it yourself. Alya wants a slice of it. D. A. Wait. Wow! The cake looks delicious. I left it under the table. A. C. sir? D. The weight is 10 grams. Am I going to eat the cake this evening? 24. A. HIKMAH MODULE 21. D. sir. I gave it to our dog. 25. C. Don’t worry. let me have the key. B. let me weight it first. Are you going to bake another cake. Mother. You are sure the cat didn’t eat it! B. Oh! What a surprise to meet you here. B. C. Yes. 22. C. D. mum? C. Read the instructions from the booklet. Can you do it for me.

Which heavy fruit are you looking for? 27. Excuse me. I eat pizzas every weekend. I prefer sandwiches. the watermelon is just as heavy. D. Hello. C. B. A. No. A. HIKMAH MODULE 26. 74 . Yes. A. C. 30. Could you please give me the number of your Sibu office? 28. Is this the Sibu branch of Lion Assurance? C. Wow! It is very heavy. C. the watermelon is the heaviest. You shouldn’t be out here on your own. Let’s have lunch B. 29. Is your grandfather very old? C. A. Grandfather! I haven’t seen you for a long time. I’m sorry to hear of your grandfather’s death. When did your grandfather pass away? D. B. A. is this 223344? B. I don’t like pizzas. can I help you? B.

kids. A. D. Doctor Amir. B. 32. B. Good. kids! A. B. B. Hello. Hello. the plants here are beautiful. That’s wonderful. Would you like to have one for a pet? C. Yes. Is that Mutiara Clinic? C. C. we have more time to practice. D. My pet cat gave birth to two cute little kittens 33. can I speak to the doctor? 34. Do you have a pet? A. Don’t worry. Hello. these are my pet kittens. please. HIKMAH MODULE 31. D. A. C. I’m glad the match is cancelled. Hello. Welcome to Cameron Highlands. pleased to meet you. B. D. C. We should stop practicing now. Shall we do a scrap book on insects? D. I will help you 75 . Enjoy yourselves. Do you need my help with the project? 35. Yes. Who told you that the match is postponed? A. Let’s do our Science project together.

D. We should go swimming. D. how are you? B. sir. B. I don’t like to eat bread. Hello. 40. 38. HIKMAH MODULE 36. B. It’s nice to see you. Let’s go swimming. We shouldn’t go fishing now. Do you like to eat bread? C. I am not paying for it. C. Why are you late? D. I’m sorry. B. D. Is he driving carefully? D. Why are you sorry? 39. Let’s go fishing. B. 37. C. I don’t want to buy any pencil. Sure. It’s on my desk. Goodbye and drive carefully. A. Use your own pencil. I like to be late. A. A. Can you sell me some bread? 76 . I want two loaves of bread. C. C. A. A.

keep it up! D. D. C. A. You will get better. B. B. Oh. A. C. You must put in more effort. C. The alarm clock did not ring. Thank you. C. A. no! Not again! B. 42. C. You’re welcome. B. HIKMAH MODULE 41. It is mine. Never mind. 77 . You have to pay me for my time. B. D. 45. Have you search for them? 44. A. You must try to work. I did not have time. Never mind. I’m sorry. Do your best. Excuse me again. Congratulations. It’s my duty to do so. 43. The bus arrived early. A.

D. It is about one and a half hours. B. B. I am watching a sad movie. A. C. Thank. Show me the proof. C. A. A. You book is overdue. 78 . B. 49. B. Where is your book? 50. C. C. Tina. I am watching a funny movie. B. I studied sometimes. You have taken a book. 47. I can’t believe it. This is the book. I must see your reading record. C. I must ask someone. I am watching a thriller movie. I read many English books nowadays. HIKMAH MODULE 46. 48. A. A. I know my English is good. D. Don’t ask me. D. I am watching a new movie. That is good.

time. Are these cats? B. C. Excuse me. How often do you go jogging ? A. It makes me feel hungry. I’m sorry to hear that. A. D. What are these? C. 52. I’m sorry. 54. 53. B. The fish smells delicious. Sure. C. This is a good place to jog. I was very ill yesterday. Be careful next crossing the road. Those buses go to Ipoh. B. Jogging is a good way to exercise. That one. What do they like to eat? Those are rabbits. B. which bus goes to Taman Damai ? A. I cannot help you. I think it is the smell of the lemon grass. you can join me. I tripped while I was walking. A. Bus number 21. I was knocked down by a car while I was A. 79 . 55. it does. Yes. C. B. I jog three times a week. Would you like something to eat? C.HIKMAH MODULE 51.

Yes. Can I help you? 59. 80 . may I speak to Salina. 58. Thank you for C. Uncle. D. This is Salina speaking.she didn’t leave any message. Am I late? B. you borrowed it from me. B. please. A. Lara. I’m looking for some sports shoes. You’re happy. A. Aina isn’t at home. Lara. 56. D. C. I hope you lending me this book. 57. I’m fine. 60. enjoyed reading it. A. Azam. Hello. thank you. I’m happy for you. B. Uncle. What do you need? D. I enjoyed reading it. Oh. C. Uncle. C. ------- . too. You’re welcome. -------. Yes. I’m proud of you. am I invited? Thank you. -------. Happy birthday. please? A. B. You’re welcome. I’m sorry. C. -------. Thank you. I’m proud of you. HIKMAH MODULE Hello. -------- A. Please come in. Sorry. this is Salina’s mother. - B. I’d like to see the menu.

happily B. A. we D. they B. it 4. she C. was cheap. bravely 5. more B. so 6 The ship sails ……………………. most C. the clinic and waited for the doctor. across C. along B. Filex dressed up ……………………… to go for an interview. some 2. through 81 .. She sat ………………. sweetly D. by D. the ocean. The building was damaged recently ……………… heavy storms. in B. on D. A. A. because B. across 3. smartly C. A. to C. although C.HIKMAH MODULE Section C – Grammatical Items Choose the best answer to complete the sentences 1 Amin obtained the …………………… marks in his Science test. A. Farahana had booked her flight ticket earlier because ………. A.


7. We celebrate Labour Day …………………. 1st of May.

A. on
B. in
C. at

8 The scouts ……………….. in the jungle last week.

A. camp
B. camps
C. camped

9. That is the woman ………………….. husband is a pilot.

A. why
B. what
C. whom
D. whose

10 You must drive …………………. to avoid accident.

A. carefully
B. recklessly
C. carelessly

11 The thief …………….. to escape by the back door because it was locked.

A. able
B. was able
C. was unable
D. could able

12. The two policemen walked on ………………… side of the robber.

A. neither
B. inside
C. either
D. between



13. Unless he hurries, he ……………… the train.

A. miss
B. misses
C. missed
D. will miss

14. This work is very easy. ……………….. can do it.

A. Everthing
B. Anybody
C. Nobody
D. Somebody

15. The soldier fought ………………… and was given a medal by the king.

A. weakly
B. badly
C. bravely
D. happily

16. Rahman was excited because he flew in an aeroplane ………….. the first time.

A. over
B. for
C. on

17. My friend ……………… not do the sum because it was very difficult.

A. will
B. must
C. could
D. would

18. A ………………….. of bees was flying towards the beehive on a tree.

A. flock
B. herd
C. group
D. swarm



19. …………………………… is our national flower?

A. Whose
B. Why
C. What
D. How

20. Mr. Chan, the mechanic , ……………………. the green car tomorrow.

A. will repair
B. will be repaired
C. repaired
D. is repairing

21. My elder sister ……………… going to the cinema. She usually ………… there with her

A. likes, goes
B. liked, goes
C. like, going
D. will be, going

22. Rosli and his brother …………… the show twice last weekend.

A. watch
B. watches
C. watched
D. watching

23. Hazimah stayed at home by …………… while ……………… parents were away.

A. myself, my
B. herself, her
C. himself, him
D. yourself, your

24. You must ……………. finish the milk …………… put it into the refrigerator.

A. so, if
B. so, and
C. either, or
D. neither, nor


our B.. were 27. was D. A. a lot of D. your D. at. Hashim is the …………………. to 26. under D. behind C. his 29. little C. their C. some bushes. Everyone …………… happy when they received a present. A. many B. are B. tall B. away. above B. There isn’t ………………. boy in his class A. A day before Teachers’ Day. taller C. The thief ran ………………… the road and hid …………. tallest D. towards. the pupils carried ………… chairs to the school hall. any 28. is C. most tall 85 . A. across.HIKMAH MODULE 25. A. rice left in the pot.

to 35. tore C. Kampung Rhu is almost______________ hour’s drive from Kuantan town. well before UPSR. him C. ourselves B. A. A. on C. into B. themselves C. yourself 31. his D. in C. himself D. The Year 6 pupils have to prepare ………………. the D. from over 86 . an C. HIKMAH MODULE 30. A. A. far 32. Puan Aneesa waits for the bus______the bus stop every morning. Mujahid jumped ________ the bench and fell into the drain. torn B. her B. on D. at B. A. is B. hers 34. A. The angry girl ____________ the book and threw it into the dustbin. tearing 33 Zali is flying ___________ kite in the field. tear D.

Both C. much B. a . was D. Camping ______________ an exciting activity. the C. Her children are very polite and everybody ____________ them. a D. A. All B. loved D. were B.HIKMAH MODULE 36. an B. a little C. love B. Either D. a few 40. speaks D. A. are 87 . the . spoken 38. loves C. any D. spoke C. is C. Neither 37. That was _____________ most challenging task and we only have ___________ hour to finish it. a . A. The weather is so hot that there is only _____________ water in the well. the . speak B. Did Nazrin _______________ English well at the seminar last night? A. ______________ Suzana and Zaharah are school prefects. an 39. loving 41. A. A.

she ______________ her money. bite C. stingy 43. am B. bitten 46. A. counts B. A. were counting 45. ______________ ? A. bit D. is counting C. When I saw Linda. wasn’t you 88 . cleverer 44. friendly C. didn’t you D. was counting D. don’t you C. cleverest C. A. Mr Lim’s dog ______________ his neighbour’s son last week. Roslan is the ___________ in the class. Everyone likes her very much. rude D. Sarifuddin’s fingernails ______________ short and clean. bites B. A. Of the three boys . You went to the library . Asiah is very _______________ . HIKMAH MODULE 42. are D. isn’t it B. clever B. impolite B. is C. was 47. A.

A. Syahmi ___________ to school every day. There are many shophouses ______________ Jalan Bendahara. returns C. I B. smartly C. The workers walked ___________ into the factory because they were late for work. A. under B. A. through B. between C. slowly 49. walking 52 . Have ______ finished your homework? A. walked D. beside 51. A. you 89 . against 50.HIKMAH MODULE 48. down C. walks C. he C. Ameera ___________ the library books just now. returning 53. return B. she D. hurriedly D. along D. below D. The man placed the ladder ____________ the wall. politely B. returned D. A. walk B.

“Do not _____ the trees in the park. A. shyly 59. strong 57.” says the ranger. a B. HIKMAH MODULE 54. A. highest 90 . Azuani also knows how to play the piano. Although C. politely D. A. climbed C. high B. loud C. Pluto was barking ___________ at the stranger. Mardiana got the _____________ marks for English. greedily C. higher C. Besides B. bright D. an C. fiercely B. I brought _______ orange for lunch. Furthermore 55. A. Tom’s dog. A. climbs D. Turn down the volume. climbing 58. ________________ painting. the 56. climb B. big B. A. Therefore D. It is too _____ .

It B. A. on C. Theirs 64.HIKMAH MODULE 60. _________ she had to rush for work. Might B. soundly D. Who 63. from 91 . Should C. Would D. ________ must listen carefully when in class. gracefully 65. Why D. You D. silently B. or B. the buffalo or elephant? A. My C. sweetly C. A. and 61. to B. with D. _______________is the biggest mammal on land. Which C. The eagle caught the chick ____________ its claws. Where B. therefore D. but C. Hana woke up very late. _____________ I have the cake or the ice-cream for my dessert ? A. Damia sang ______ during the party. Ought 62. A. A.

seldom C. after B. for B. A. although 92 . because C. more young 70. on D. A. by 71. sadly D. nor C. younger C. My father lives ____________ Kelantan. Neither Fara _________ Cathy won the dance competition. to 69. while 68. always B. now 67. Shina lived here ___________ 1999. Syafeeq is a clever boy. A. He ___________________ makes mistake. at B. young B. youngest D. and D. A. or B. from D. Syahira is the __________ in her family. since D. before C. HIKMAH MODULE 66. A. A. Lunch comes _________ breakfast. in C.

by D. She D. I C. but D. A. We B. over C. and 75. ought B. _______________ went there by bus. Should 76. would C. He tried to open the door __________ it was locked.HIKMAH MODULE 72. were 74. There __________ some kittens in this box a few minutes ago. A. should D. please ? A. Can B. Arif and I went to the zoo. or B. A. was D. is B. You are getting too fat. They 77. You _______________ exercise more. A. _________ I borrow your pencil. Might C. might 93 . A. The train went _________ the tunnel. so C. along B. through 73. May D. are C.

kind 81. Why B. living 82. is helping B. lived D. is walking B. A. kindest C. HIKMAH MODULE 78. lives C. Where 79. A. cycling 94 . cycles C. were helping 83. am helping C. A. How C. are helping D. Kamil ___________ to school everyday. are walking D. They _____________________ home when the accident happened. ________________ did the players feel after winning the game ? A. A. He is the ____________ man I have ever met. were walking 80. A. was walking C. He has been _________ in Jakarta for ten years. kinder B. When D. I ____________________ my auntie now. cycle B. cycled D. live B.

the. draw D. are D. a. The wind blows ______ by the seaside. am C. draws B. Chong Meng wants to be an artist because he loves to ___________ . the C. drawing 86. is B. Nadia likes to sit and read under _______________ tree. the D. My mother likes to __________ curry puff. to C. of 87. A. a. an. is B. A. immediately 88. was D. My father’s sister ______ my aunt.HIKMAH MODULE 84. A. A. cook C. Each of the students ____________ given a pack of biscuit. carelessly D. cooking 85. were 89. the 95 . There is _______________ mangosteen tree in Nadia’s garden. cooks B. A. A. an B. strongly C. cooked D. drew C. bravely B.

HIKMAH MODULE 90. A. The mangoes in that basket _______________ sweet. We ________________ the food hungrily yesterday. the 96 . himself C. A. I made the desk _________________ A. ate D. at B. Was 91. a B. as B. herself D. since D. myself B. and 93. hockey _________ badminton. A. Malaysia is famous ____________ its beautiful beaches. eating 95. for D. but C. is B. an C. eat B. are C. in C. The games Ranjit enjoys are football. to 94. A. Muthu gave Sarah _____ silk blouse for her birthday. themselves 92. eats C. A.

The tigress licked _____ paws after eating a hearty meal. itself B. planted D. A. A. A. their 97 . She hurt ___________ while cutting the vegetables yesterday. but C. silently D.HIKMAH MODULE 96. quickly 97. and D. loudly C. neatly B. plants C. planting 100. herself C. They like to swim ___________ play hockey during the weekends. so B. My father wants to _______ a papaya tree there. our D. Ahmad ran __________ to catch the bus. themselves 98. plant B. himself D. because 99. A. his C. A. its B.

A. It is safe to swim in the swimming pool. HIKMAH MODULE SECTION C Give the opposite meaning of the underlined words. Encik Fadzil . who is a wealthy man. is very generous. 1. dangerous C. short D. long C. weak D. His brother is strong but his sister is _______________ A. heavy B. careful D. The knife is very sharp. curve 2. timid B. bald 3. shinny 98 . blunt D. The old woman walked with a crooked stick. A. A. protect B. poor C. rich 4. A. straight B. wealthy 5. famous B. light C. brave C.

tasty 8. Fatimah accept her friends invitation to the party. A. politely B.HIKMAH MODULE 6. I can answer all the questions because they are easy. The old man walked with a crooked stick. A. short D. proudly C. wisely 11. big B. difficult D. stale B. A. curve 99 . Many women like to shop at Roslan’s stall as his vegetable are fresh. popular 9. long C. interesting C. rejects C. A. impressive B. A. new C. tiny D. soft C. responds B. straight B. A. huge 7. He sometimes speaks rudely to his parents. They could not eat the biscuit because it was too hard. answers 10.

timid 13. heavy B. The sword is very sharp. soft C. A. Ahmad is strong but his sister. HIKMAH MODULE 12. It is safe to swim in the swimming pool. tiny 17. poor B. wealthy B. A. careful D. Mr. raw 100 . I could not eat the biscuit because it was too hard. A. protect 15. A. dangerous C. bald B. new B. shinny 16. who is a wealthy man. rich D. light D. small D. Alina is _______________ A. A. stale C. Many people like to shop at Pak Abu’s stall as his vegetables are fresh. famous C. kind 14. Soon Teck . is very generous. blunt C. big B. brave C. weak D. tasty D. His brother.

proudly C. sleeps under the table while Harry. A. honestly 21. puts B. answers D. over 23. holds 101 . She accepts her friend’s invitation to the birthday party. politely B. the hamster. Ah Meng throws the ball and his dog ________it. resists 20. the Persian cat. rejects B. saw B. keeps C. impressive B. A. looked 22. A. difficult D. Tompok. A. Farina lost her earrings but ______________ a few days later. popular C. A. interesting 19. plays _____ it. found C. catches D. A. uncover D. up C. He always speaks rudely to his parents. I can answer all the sums because they are easy. responds C. into D. wisely D.HIKMAH MODULE 18. on B.

short C. We will go back now but we will ______ again tomorrow. A. Every year he gives donations to many charities. run B. accidentally B. blunt D. rich B. Dato’ Yusof is a generous man. escape D. tiny B. boring D. fascinating 102 . My pencil is sharp but Hisami’s pencil is ____________. sad B. stingy D. I have short hair but my sister has _______________ hair. careless 29. A. long C. tall B. carefully C. A. cautiously D. HIKMAH MODULE 24. It was very exciting. high D. kind C. A. small 28. A. noisily 26. A. come C. He quietly reads his book while his sister is chatting _______ on the telephone. We enjoyed watching the movie. large 27. arrive 25. slow C.

began B. The soldiers fought bravely in the war. A. stopped 2. ended C. below C. pastime C. prison B. 1. opposite Section C – Similar Meaning Choose the word that has the same meaning as the word underlined. on B. A. A. The game started at 4.m. A. court C.HIKMAH MODULE 30. A.30 p. battle 4. class B. relaxation 103 . in D. Reading is Ranjit’s favourite hobby. adventure 3. activity B. After recess there will be an assembly in the school hall. The aeroplane flies above the sky. interval C.

m. I suggest you read the story book because it is very exciting. disturb B. stopped D. began B. stop B. yell 10. A. boring 11. crowded 9.30 p. scold B. greet 6. The football match started at 8. Why did you shout at him? A. finish C. opened 104 . Hasnah could not complete her work on time. interesting C. participate 7. join B. A. Aliah is going to take part in the competition. I’m sorry to interrupt you. A. HIKMAH MODULE 5. see C. ended C. Who is staying in that vacant room? A. A. Sir . spacious B. guard C. A. return 8. perform C. empty C. amusing B.

HIKMAH MODULE 12. A. disturb B. A. Madam. adventure D. Collecting coins is Hani’s favourite hobby. A. pastime C. After recess there will be an assembly in the school hall. resting time 15. A. see D. greet 16. perform C. enter D. job 13. relaxation D. interval B. participate 105 . A. court C. The soldiers fought bravely in the war. annoy C. join B. class C. I’m sorry to interrupt you. battle D. stage B. Daniel is going to take part in the singing competition. prison 14. activity B.

talented C. stop C. f inish D. guard C. expensive B. famous 106 . Who is staying in that vacant room? A. fascinating C. small D. excellent B. A. return 18. A. Baggy 22. A. interesting D. A. Why did you shout at me? A. mad 20. boring 21. She has acted in many movies. spacious B. I suggest you read the story book because it is very exciting. My brother’s shirts and T-shirts are very loose. Bakri could not complete his work on time. short C. crowded 19. wealthy D. amusing B. empty C. scold B. submit B. Natasya is a well-known actress in Malaysia. HIKMAH MODULE 17. yell D. big D.

quiet C.” says Lillian. powerful 27. fresh D. sick C. large 26. A. beautiful 107 . colourful C. strong D. wants 25. solid C. Alvin is in hospital. tired D. hates C. bright B. “That bouquet of pink roses is lovely. unhappy B. healthy 24. A. It was a tough fight between the two tennis players. The tourists visited big cities such as London and Paris while touring Europe. A. nervous B. He is very sad. bored D. A. busy D. A. Salima sleeps with her mother because she is afraid of the dark. Faridah likes hot drinks very much. scared 28. A. dislikes B.HIKMAH MODULE 23. prefers D. hard B. tiny B. tensed C.

large B. ancient C. worn D. HIKMAH MODULE 29. new 30. The scouts reached the foot of Gunung Ayam yesterday. base D. A. top B. bottom 108 . A. The pupils visited an old fort last year. peak C.

C. “ Run! Run save your life!” shouted Azlan. The Cimb bank is ten storeys high. They are going to seremban next friday. Azimi. B. A. C. 1.Punctuation Mark Choose the sentences with the correct punctuation. The CIMB Bank is ten storeys high. D. D. “ Run! Run save your life!” shouted azlan. A.HIKMAH MODULE SECTION C . D. Norazman. “ What are those?” asked Nazris sister. C. C.” said Harma. Norazman. C. C. “ Run! Run save your life?” shouted Azlan. 4. “Please help me. Teachers’ Day is celebrated on May the sixteenth. azimi. “please help me. “ What are those. B. A. They are going to Seremban next Friday. “ What are those?” asked nazri’s sister. B. A. They are going to Seremban next friday C. Anita and Yusof will be going on a camping trip. D. Teaches day is celebrated on May the sixteenth. 5. Azimi. 3. norazman.” said Harma. 109 . 2. A. “Please help me. Anita and yusof will be going on a camping trip. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on May the sixteenth. “ asked Nazri’s sister. B. They are going to seremban next Friday D. B. The CIMB bank is ten storeys high. Norazman. Anita and Yusof will be going on a camping trip. 7. run save your life!” shouted Azlan. “ Run. “Please help me. ” said Harma. A. “ Said Harma. “ What are those?” asked Nazri’s sister. The Cimb Bank is ten storeys high. 6. B. B. A.

D. Watch out. “Do you know Sujak’s address. Watch out! there is a bulldog behind you. We visited Ayer Keroh during the deepavali holidays. D. B. Sujak’s address?’ Asked Buang Kardi. A. Watch out. Look. Look! Someone is trying to break into our neighbour’s house. Watch out! There is a bulldog behind you. Morissa? C. D. C. There is a bulldog behind you. someone is trying to break into our neighbour’s house. Are you going to town . A. 11. C. “Do you know Sujak’s address!” asked buang kardi. 14. today Morissa. My Uncle took me to Pulau Pisang for fishing. Yes. repaired the car ourselves. Are you going to town today. “Do you know Sujak’s address?” asked Buang Kardi.” Asked Buang kardi. C. My uncle took me to Pulau Pisang for fishing. C. 9. A. A. Yes Hassan and I . We visited ayer keroh during the deepavali holidays. My uncle took me to pulau pisang for fishing. B. A. D. B. B. Look someone is trying to break into our neighbour’s house. 13. My uncle took me to pulau Pisang for fishing. yes Hassan and I repaired the car ourselves. C. D. 12. HIKMAH MODULE 8. A. 110 . C. “Do you know. yes. Look! someone is trying to break into our neighbours house. A. B. We visited Ayer Keroh during the Deepavali holidays. D. B. there is a bulldog behind you. Are You going to Town today Morissa? 10. Hassan and I repaired the car ourselves. We visited Ayer keroh during the Deepavali Holidays. B. Hassan and I repaired the car ourselves.

B. “How old are you now. B. A. Ramli and nizam like to play hockey. Ramli and Nizam like to play Hockey. volleyball and golf. A. Shafiee?” asked Jalal. 111 . The capital of terengganu is Kuala terengganu.” said Bibi! C. A. Volleyball. Wahab visited the Crocodile Farm and Melaka Zoo last Sunday. A. C. The capital of Terengganu is kuala Terengganu. Volleyball and Golf. please?” asked Farid. B.” said bibi. “A cat is sitting near the fence. 16. B. C. 20.” said Bibi. D. “A cat is sitting near the fence. Ramli and Nizam like to play hockey. “How old are you now. Wahab visited the crocodile farm and Melaka zoo last sunday. “May. “A cat is sitting near the fence. B. Shafiee?” Asked jalal. have you read ‘the prisoner of zenda’? 21. The Capital of Terengganu is Kuala Terengganu. A. “How old are you now shafiee?” Asked Jalal. volleyball and golf. “ May I borrow your eraser. and golf. C. 17. Have you read The prisoner of Zenda? C. D. “A cat is sitting near the fence” said Bibi. “May I borrow your eraser please?” asked Farid. Have you read the prisoner of zenda? B. Ramli and Nizam like to play hockey. please?” asked Farid. Wahab visited the crocodile Farm and Melaka Zoo last Sunday .HIKMAH MODULE 15. The capital of Terengganu is Kuala Terengganu. Have you read ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’? D. 19. I borrow your eraser. 18. C. B. D. C. A. A.

These are the Boys’ Comics. “Help! Help! My house is on fire!” shouted Anuar. A. help. My house is on fire. David Mary and Danny bought some pies. my house is on fire?” shouted Anuar. C. A. hong at the Airport. D. The mountain climbers have reached the Peak of Mount Kinabalu. 112 . B. Hong at the airport. Mary and Danny bought some pies. Hong at the airport? C. Where are my markers. A. are my markers? 28. Eskimos use ice to make igloos. D. B. A. C. A. HIKMAH MODULE 22. Eskimos use ice to make igloos? D. B. ramli will meet Mr. These are the boy’s comic’s. David Mary and Danny bought some pies! C. These are the boy’s comics. D. C. D. B.” shouted Anuar. “Help. Help. Najib goes to the island in his Boat. Hong at the airport. C. Where are my markers? C. C. David. Najib goes to the island in his boat. A. Where are my markers! B. My house is on fire!” Shouted Anuar. 26. Ramli will meet Mr. B. Eskimos use Ice to make Igloos. Eskimos use ice to make Igloos. 25. Ramli will meet MR. The mountain climbers have reached the peak of Mount Kinabalu. 24. The mountain climbers have reached the peak of mount kinabalu! D. Najib goes to the Island in his boat. Where. Ramli will meet Mr. Najib goes to the island in his boat? B. mary and danny bought some pies. 23. “Help. 29. The Mountain Climbers have reached the peak of mount kinabalu. D. “Help. David. D. A. 27. Help. A. B. These are the boys comics.

Pulau Sibu is a famous Holiday Resort. B. May I go to the toilet please? D. please? B.” asks Leha. B. The mechanic uses a spanner. please! 32. 34. Helena is going to Genting Highlands This Thursday. “Do you like to jog in the park. B. D. Pulau Sibu is a famous holiday resort. The mechanic uses a spanner to loosen the nuts? D. Helena is going to Genting highlands this Thursday. May I go to the toilet. A.” says father. please. C. May I go to the toilet. “Don’t lie to me! Sazali. A. B. C. “Do you like to jog in the park” asks Leha.HIKMAH MODULE 30. A. A. helena is going to genting Highlands this thursday. What are your plans for the school holidays?” asks Zainah. What are your plans for the school holidays” asks Zainah. C. “Don’t lie to me Sazali” says father. “Hello! Imran. C. D.” says father. D. Pulau sibu is a famous holiday resort. 35. The mechanic uses a spanner to loosen the nuts. to loosen the nuts. A. D. 31. “Hello. A. “Hello! imran. B. Sazali. 113 . What are your plans for the school holidays” asks Zainah. Helena is going to genting highlands this thursday. Imran. C. C. “Don’t lie to me. D. B. 36. The Mechanic uses a Spanner to loosen the Nuts.” asks Leha? C. “Don’t lie to me Sazali. 33. What are your plans for the school holidays?” asks Zainah.” says father. May I go to the toilet. “Hello! Imran. A. Pulau sibu is a famous Holiday Resort. “Do you like to jog in the park?” asks Leha. “Do you like to jog in the park.

A. B Faizal will be going to england to study soon. The pupils are singing Malay. 114 . will be going to England to study soon! D faizal will be going to england to study soon 40. The pupils are singing Malay. C Wow! You are so lucky! You have visited so many countries. D Wow! You are so lucky! You have visited so many countries 39. B Wow! You are so lucky You have visited so many countries. The pupils are singing malay. C Faizal. A Wow! you are so lucky! you have visited so many countries. A Faizal will be going to England to study soon. A they had an enjoyable day at the taman rimba recreational park B They had an enjoyable day at the Taman Rimba Recreational Park. C They had an enjoyable day at the Taman Rimba recreational park. Chinese and Tamil songs in the competition. chinese and tamil songs in the competition. HIKMAH MODULE 37. The Pupils are singing Malay Chinese and Tamil songs in the competition. D They had an enjoyable day at the taman rimba recreational park. D. C. Chinese and Tamil songs competition! 38. B.

flouwer 115 . batterfly . aligator 2. alliggator C. flouwer D. choose the answer with the correct spelling. butterfly . flower C. Bee Lian saw a ____________________ sitting on a _____________________ A. 1. aligattor D. Aliman saw an __________________ in the river behind his house. A. butterfly . batterfly . flower B.HIKMAH MODULE Section C – Spelling Based on the pictures. alligator B.

My father gives my youngest brother a ___________________ on his birthday. aodience D. audience B. aodiense 116 . pampkin C. A. The __________________ clapped and cheered as the dancers were perfoming on stage. pumpkin 5. tricycle D. A. trycycle 4. traicycle C. HIKMAH MODULE 3. Kamal grandmother’s buys a ____________________ at the market A. pumpkeen B. pumpken D. audiense C. trycylcle B.

A.HIKMAH MODULE 6. appoinment B. calkulater 117 . Mr. apointmen C. A. apointmen 7. Kamaruzaman would like to postpone his ____________________ with his doctor to Saturday. appointment D. calculator B. calculater C. kalculator D. Neither the radio nor the _____________ is needed for the camping trip.

touchlite B. torchlight C. His brother gave him a camera for his birthday because his hobby is _____________ A. A. HIKMAH MODULE 8. touchlight D. Kumaran brought along a ___________________ when he went to the camp. fotography B. torchlite 118 . fotograpy 9. photograpy C. photography D.

dintist C. bruchure C. A. building 13. dentest B. boot B. The firefighters are putting out the fire in the __________. Vanessa went to see the ________ because she had a toothache. A. billding C. dantest 119 . boat D. A fisherman catches fish by ________. boute 12. biulding D. A. En. baot C. broshur B. brochure 11. buliding B. A. brusher D. dentist D.HIKMAH MODULE 10. Shamsul is looking at ___________________ to help him choose a place to go to for his holiday.

luanch 120 . homewrok D. waman B. wacht 15. A. The pretty __________is wearing a baju kebaya. watch B. A. woman 17. Yazid eats nasi lemak for __________. HIKMAH MODULE 14. A. lunch B. homework C. The clark used a _________to print out the letter. A. whatch D. womaan D. watches C. printa 16. printerr D. womon C. hoemwork B. Anita is sending her Science teacher the finished ________. luunch C. A. printeer B. lanch D. Jamal does not have a ________. hoomwork 18. printer C. so he asked Fendi for the time.

flower 20.HIKMAH MODULE 19. cinema C. ceinima B. flawer C. flouwer D. cinemi D. A. flowre B. Kareena and her family are watching the movie ‘Spiderman 3’ at the _________. A wild orchid is a type of ________. ceimna 121 . A.

A. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. on C. twelve B. many C. in B. in 5. Maria had a birthday party at her house. A. 1. on B. invited C. Her friends gave her 5_________________ presents. at C. with D. invites 3. A. for D. It was her 1_________________ birthday this year. few 122 . A. twenty 2. She 2______________ her friends and relatives to the party. with 4. much B. inviting D. Her mother prepared a lot of food 3_________________ the occasion. Last Sunday. A. HIKMAH MODULE SECTION D Activity 1 Based on the picture. invite B. Maria looked pretty 4__________________ her pink dress. twelfth C.

on 123 . leave C. nestlings D. are 5. left B. leaves 4. A. they will find their own food. ducklings B. A. is D. chicks C. 1. to B. The mother bird 3___________________ its nestlings in the nest while it goes out to find food. ate B.HIKMAH MODULE Activity 2 Based on the picture. eating 3. eat C. A. A. When the nestlings 4___________________ big enough to fly. A. at D. of C. were C. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. was B. eats D. The mother bird is feeding its 1 ___________________ The little birds are looking up to 2___________________ the worm from their mother’s mouth. They will not depend 5____________________ their mother for food any more. goslings 2.

did C. and B. but C. A. Banana. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows.(4) one place to another. We C. durians and watermelons are local fruits. eating 124 . do B. Apart from that. papayas. A. eat B. with D. at B to C for D. It B. eats C. A. They …………. ……………. does 4. although 3. ……………(1) are grown in our country. HIKMAH MODULE Activity 3 Based on the picture. They 2. A. from 5. Local fruits are not delicious ……………(2) also cheap. A.(3) not take a long time to be transported …………. (5) local fruits can make our body healthy as they contain a lot of vitamins 1. Them D.

My family usually ……………. among 2. A. is B are C.(2) all kinds of goods like groceries. There are many stalls ……………. sell B. A. selling 3. went C. goes B. were 5.(5) there to buy fruits and vegetables. and 4. sells C. fruits …………. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows.(4) mostly fresh and the price is reasonable too. A. gone 125 . Goods sold here …………. near C. on D. in B.(3) fish. was D. with C. but B.HIKMAH MODULE Activity 4 Based on the picture.(1) my place which operates every Sunday morning. There is one market …………. A. vegetables. sold D. 1. A..

and 3. if B. taught 5. Atan and Ali like fishing. They can also learn more ……………. or B. with D. and 4.(3) bait. HIKMAH MODULE Activity 5 Based on the picture. 1. They usually ………………(1) fishing at the river. with C. A. as B.(2) there are a lot of fish in it. They bring their fishing rods and some worms ……………. for C.. The river is not deep ……………. A. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. between D. A. went C. goes C. A. Fishing …………. teaching D. go B. about 126 . teach B teaches C.(5) fish. going 2.(4) them to be more patient. went D. A..

The park is usually crowded ………………. Sometimes. at B. during C. A. on C. enjoys C. Most children like to play ……………(1) the park. My friends and I ………………(3) playing badminton there. at 127 . A.HIKMAH MODULE Activity 6 Based on the picture. in B. an C. played D. Almost every housing estate has …………(2) park. play B plays C. A. A. enjoy B. above 2. A.(5) weekend. enjoying 4.(4) hide and seek at the park. a B. enjoyed D. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. we ………. playing 5. the 3. 1.

had C. while C. must 128 . A little boy is using a life buoy ………….(4) how to float in the water. His mother is teaching ……………. HIKMAH MODULE Activity 7 Based on the picture. He …………………. A. having 2. swimming 4.(1) a lot of fun. swam C.(3). swims D. he B his C. should C. A. him 5. The children are in the swimming pool. They are ………………. swim B. have D. A. can B. which 3. 1.(2) the others are playing with a ball. where B. A. has B.(5) learn very fast. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. Some of them are swimming …………. A..

choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. 129 .HIKMAH MODULE Activity 8 Based on the picture.

his B its C.(5) directed at the fire. warehouse 3. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. the firemen managed to bring the fire under control. Immediately he telephoned the …………. A. A. notices C. was D.(1) thick. A. A. fire brigade D. noticing 2. are C. black smoke coming from a palm oil factory nearby. After about twenty minutes. on D. is B. It was past midnight and Kevin still could not sleep.(2) . courthouse C. The firemen quickly set up ……………. 1.. them D.(4) equipment and soon several jets of water …………. He looked out of his window and ……………. beside 4. A. two fire engines arrived ……………(3) the scene of the fire. in C. HIKMAH MODULE Activity 9 Based on the picture. Within minutes.. hospital B. their 5. were 130 . at B. notice B. noticed D.

before D. A. was D. boys C. A. later B after C. them C. They asked …………. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows.HIKMAH MODULE Activity 10 Based on the picture.(3) class teacher to buy them some paint and brushes. are C. on B. under 3.(5) very pleased. pupils B. above D. at C. A. The headmaster …………. is B. 1. teacher 2. between 5. The canteen looked very beautiful ……………(4) they had finished their painting work. A. A. were 131 . He treated them to some snacks and drinks. The …………. our B. girls D. their 4. It was the last week of the school term.(1) of Year 6 Budiman decided to paint a mural …………(2) the canteen wall.. we D.

was D. The happy family will sing their______________ (5) songs. is B. piano B. they D. They spend most of ______________ (2) time together inside or outside home. A. A. boring D. their B. This is Encik Lokman’s family. A. are C. theirs 3. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. among D. them C. A. with 5. famous C. 1. keyboard D. A. HIKMAH MODULE ACTIVITY 11 Look at the picture and read the passage carefully. against B. guitar 4. They _______________ (1) always happy. Encik Lokman’s father likes to play a ______________ (3) He is sitting ______________ (4) his granddaughter. favourite 132 . above C. Aina on a bench. Based on the picture and the passage. were 2. bad B. drum C.

teaching 5 A. His children and his wife __________ (3) having their lunch. Mr Lim is having ____________ (1) picnic with his family. at 3 A. watching B. herself C. They are enjoying__________(5) . fruits and drinks. They are __________ (2) the beach. ourselves 133 . are C.HIKMAH MODULE ACTIVITY 12 Look at the picture and read the passage carefully. in C. chatting D. was 4 A. themselves D. of B. They have sandwiches. It is a sunny day. reading C. an C. a B. on D. the 2 A. myself B. 1 A. is B. Based on the picture and the passage. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. At the same time Mr Lim is __________ (4) a newspaper. were D.

a lot B. at C. play 4 A. plenty D. At the zoo. the B. a C. There was __________ (4) elephant plucking some leaves from the nearby tree. Last week. HIKMAH MODULE ACTIVITY 13 Look at the picture and read the passage carefully. many 3 A. my family and I went to the zoo. go B. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. goes C. jump C. My little brother was afraid when a lion suddenly roared loudly __________ (5) we walked by. going 2 A. Based on the picture and the passage. 1 A. along 134 . an 5 A. to B. look D. as D. much C. We __________(1) there by car. tease B. went D. we saw _______________(2) animals. We also saw the playful monkeys that liked to _________(3) the visitors.

A. few 135 . in 5. on C. twelfth C. much B. with D. twenty 2. A. twelve B. on B. inviting D. A. A. many C. invites 3.HIKMAH MODULE ACTIVITY 14 Look at the picture and read the passage carefully. Last Sunday. invite B. with 4. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. 1. Her friends gave her (5) _________________ presents. Saleha had a birthday party at her house. in B. Saleha looked very pretty (4)_________________ her pink dress. for D. It was her (1)________________ birthday this year. A. Based on the picture and the passage. Her mother prepared a lot of food (3) _________________ the occasion. invited C. She (2) ______________ her friends and relatives to the party. at C.

choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. A. plays C. for 2. A. They are enjoying the contest. by D. HIKMAH MODULE ACTIVITY 15 Look at the picture and read the passage carefully. is B. Today is Singing Contest at SK Cahaya Alam. 1. A. some 4. Another girl is playing _______________ (3) keyboard. play B. playing 3. are C. A boy _______________ (4) playing the drums. A. was D. The audiences are clapping _______________ (5) hands. the D. A young girl is singing _______________ (1) stage. A. played D. our D. Two boys are _______________ (2) their guitars. were 5. his B. a B. their 136 . her C. an C. on B. at C. Based on the picture and the passage.

an C. mine D. hers C. watched D. is B. Danny _______________ (3) his sister are playing chess. Ken is _______________ (1) television. A. and 29.HIKMAH MODULE ACTIVITY 16 Look at the picture and read the passage carefully. A. a B. Mr. 26. are C. A. Danny’s grandmother is knitting _______________ (4) sweater. His mother. Based on the picture and the passage. His grandfather is sleeping in _______________ (5) rocking chair. His father. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. were 28. Lucy _______________ (2) reading the newspaper. Danny and his family are in the living room. watching 27. but D. some 30. He likes sleeping there. watches C. was D. the D. his B. A. watch B. so C. A. theirs 137 . or B.

A. catching 2. makes C. We B. on D. of D. in C. _______________ (1) are arachnids. HIKMAH MODULE ACTIVITY 17 Look at the picture and read the passage carefully. Some people are scared _______________ (5) spiders. 1. A. All spiders _______________ (2) eight legs. They C. A. A. had 5. from 3. make B. Based on the picture and the passage. having C. Spiders are not insects. caught D. Spiders ________________ (3) webs. have B. A. made D. catch B. has B. catches C. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. It 4. making 138 . The web is used to _______________ (4) small insects.

Noodles and fried rice C. About 30% of the pupils preferred fast food such as burgers and fried chicken while 15% of them would have pizzas for their lunch. Pizza and noodles B. However. Fried Rice Nasi Lemak Noodles Pizza Chicken Rice Burgers and Fried Chicken The pie chart shows the various food preferred by 100 pupils in Sekolah Kebangsaan Gemilang during lunch time. only 7% of the pupils enjoy noodles and 3 % take fried rice. Which is the most popular food among the pupils? A. Burgers C. Chicken rice D. Fried rice and nasi lemak 139 . Pizza B. The majority of the pupils interviewed liked chicken rice. Fried chicken 2. 1.HIKMAH MODULE SECTION E Activity 1 Study the pie chart below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Which are the two least popular food for lunch? A. Nasi Lemak and burgers D. Another 10% of the pupils usually take nasi lemak.

most of the pupils like to eat pizza B.m. 35 pupils prefer chicken rice to other food 4. Hanafi. 3% of the pupils like fried rice D.A couple and their ten years old son were killed on the spot while their nine years old daughter sustained minor injuries when their car collided with a bus at the 24 km Tongkang Pecah – Segamat road last night. Sun. 38. a few of the pupils C. The least popular food is noodles 5. a small number of the pupils Read the newspaper report below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Selamah binti Mamat. 43 . Many pupils like chicken B. HIKMAH MODULE 3. 140 . many of the pupils D. his wife. However. Which of the following statements is not true? A. The word majority means A. BATU PAHAT. all of the pupils B. The family was from Segamat Their unidentified daughter escaped with slight injuries and had had to undergo a minor operation to remove broken pieces of glass from her head. after visiting relatives here when the accident occurred near Bukit Berapit. The deceased were identified as Majid bin Husin . The bodies were sent to the Batu Pahat district hospital mortuary for a post mortem. we know that A.. nasi lemak is a favourite food for lunch D. From the pie chart. none of the bus passengers were injured. 30% of them enjoy fast food C. Firemen spent about an hour to extricate the bodies from the wreck. and their son. all the above food is available in the school canteen C.30 p. The family was travelling in their car to Segamat about 1.

wreck 9. cover D. All the following words describe the accident except A. Saturday night C. The family was travelling home A. remove C. deceased C. The word extricate means A. The accident happened on A. A couple and their nine years old daughter. Saturday afternoon B. after the bus accident B. A nine – year old boy C. out 10. mortuary B. Sunday night 8. 7.HIKMAH MODULE 6. after a minor operation C. injuries D. 141 . after visiting their relatives D. Who died in the accident? A. A couple and their ten years old son D. operate B. after going to the mortuary. A couple B.

Holiday tips for travellers . Sponsored by: Nutrition Centre N C 1. who suffering from malaria B. – 3.m.00 p.30 p. who has a newborn baby C. Level 3. half past one D. please call 03-28269157 during office and safety .m.malaria and other infectious diseases .traveller with special needs .15 p.30 p.m. Samad.m.m. Registration 2.30p.m. Puan Rashidah. who wants to work in Munira Hospital D. Encik Johari. Munira Hospital Registration fee: RM5 per person Programme: 1. End Pre-registration is required.vaccination .00 p. To register. Who should attend this talk? A. 1. who is going to Indonesia for a vacation 2.30 p. HIKMAH MODULE Activity 2 Read the notice below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Question and answer 3. The talk actually begins at A.m. three o’clock C. Refreshments 3. two o’clock B.before you leave for your holiday .when you get home 3. Conference Rooms 1 & 2. Munira Hotel Open To The Public Holiday Tips for Travellers 4th August 2007 (Saturday). Kian Peng. half past three 142 .

Vaccination D. go for a medical check-up B. 4. buy a product from Nutrition Centre 143 . how to give themselves injections B. more about the new drugs available C. Jokes C. What is served after the talk? A. participants will learn A. how to keep themselves healthy before. she must A. call to register for a place C. Food and drinks 5. about the attractions in each country D. see a doctor at Munira Hospital D. During the talk. during and after their holidays. Before Mrs Chia goes for the talk.HIKMAH MODULE 3. Tips B.


Read the diary below carefully. Then answer the questions that follow.

This is a page from Danial’s diary.


8.00 Fourth day at camp. Crawled out of tent and made my way to the
waterfall to wash – the water was very cold and refreshing.

9.00 Returned to camp for breakfast – had a slice of bread with jam, some
cakes. Two hard – boiled eggs a cup of Milo.
Hakimi and I caught a few butterflies. Saw a rare one – ran after it

10.00 Tripped over a stone and fell into a puddle of water. Grazed my knees
a bit. Butterfly escaped.

11.00 Went birdwatching with a few other boys. Nearly got lost but
managed to find the trail back to camp.

12.00 Lunchtime. Opened lots of canned food to cook - baked beans,
chicken curry, sardines, etc.
So farnished that we finished everything, even the badly cooked

1.00 Spend the next half – hour or so cleaning and washing up.
Collected more twigs and firewood for campfire later at night.
Played some games and bathed in the waterfall.

6. The boys camped
A. in a field
B. beside a lake
C. beside a river
D. near a waterfall.

7. Danial spent some time in the morning
A. playing games
B. cleaning and washing up
C. collecting twigs and firewood
D. catching butterflies and birdwatching.



8. The word farnished tells us that the boys were
A. very tired
B. very happy
C. very hungry
D. very thirsty

9. Danial has been on the camping trip for
A. one week
B. four days
C. five days
D. four weeks

10. From the diary, we know that
A. the rice was burnt
B. Danial slept in the open air
C. the boys had eggs for lunch
D. Danial did not catch the rare butterfly

Activity 3
Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

Do you know how libraries begin? The first libraries existed about 8 000
years ago.
The Mesopotamians were people who wrote on wet clay tablets with a
wedge-shape stick called a cuneus. Hence their writing is known as cuneiform. The
tablets were baked and the rarest of them are placed in clay envelopes, stored in
palaces and temples and arranged in subjects. Such palace collections were the
first real libraries.
The libraries in early Egypt were in the temples and were under the care of
priests. The most famous library of ancient times was the library in Alexandria,
established about 300 BC. It had as many as 70 000 papyrus rolls which were
completely catalogued and classified under 120 classes.
It was the Romans who first had the idea of establishing public libraries.
Julius Caesar planned a system for public libraries and after him; the public library
was a Roman institution. When the Christian era began, libraries became part of
churches and monasteries. The monks read and copied books, and most of the
libraries that existed were due to their efforts.
By 1400, the University of Oxford began to organize its library, which is
called the Bodleian, is today the biggest university library in the world.

Adapted from ‘Tell Me Why’
By Arkady Leokum



1. The clay tablets in Mesopotamia were arranged according to ____________
A. classes
B. subjects
C. alphabet
D. languages

2. The collections of work of ancient times were kept in the following places except
A. temples
B. palaces
C. churches
D. universities

3. The people who first set up public libraries were the_____________.
A. Romans
B. Egyptions
C. Christian monks
D. Mesopotamians

4. When was the biggest university library in the world built?
A. In 300 BC
B. 1400 years ago
C. In the 15th century

5. What is the best title for this passage?
A. Romans
B. How Did Libraries Begin?
C. The First Library in the World


magnesium.HIKMAH MODULE Read the text below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Orange: Sweetest medicine Taking two to four oranges a day may help keep colds away. Guava is also rich in fibre which helps prevents constipation. heart attack and stroke. HEALTHY TIPS-SUPER FRUITS Kiwi: Tiny but mighty This is a good source of potassium. that is good for the eyes. 147 . Watermelon: Coolest thirst quencher The watermelon consists of 92% water and is packed with nutrients which help to boost our immune system. lower cholesterol and dissolve kidney stones. it has antioxidants which help to lower the risks of colon cancer. Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Although an apple has low vitamin C content. Papaya is rich in carotene. Guava and papaya: Top awards for vitamin C! They are the clear winners for their high vitamin C content. vitamin E and fibre. Its vitamin C content is twice that of an orange.

it is rich in fibre and prevents C. kiwi C. it is the sweetest medicine A. D. Which fruit is good for our eyes. the apple is delicious and juicy to eat. An apple a day keeps the doctor away 8. A. B . the doctor does not like apples and A. Papaya 7. C. it quenches our thirst B. it has lots of vitamin C and helps us D. Kiwi C. HIKMAH MODULE 6. Which fruit has twice the amount of means vitamin C of an orange? A. potassium and magnesium. Guava will keep away from you. B. D. Guava B. The apple is a good source of keeps colds away. Fruits packed with nutrients help to constipation. Carotene helps to prevent B. it is big. 148 . it lowers the risks of heart attack and stroke. boost our immune system. 9. Apple D. apple D. We eat watermelons on hot days 10. The orange is tiny but mighty. Watermelon C. Which of the following is true? because A. round and delicious constipation.

They like to hide themselves among the leaves and tall grasses. Herbivores eat A. How is a tapir related to the horse? 4. Tapirs live in swamps and streams. 149 . elephants C. Tapirs are herbivores. The tapir is the same as horse in the sense that both have odd hoofed legs. bats C. horses B. Their senses of hearing and smelling are very good. Sumatera and other tropical countries. rhinoceros D. The tapir is a relative of horses and rhinoceros in some ways but it is quite different from the horses. It looks like a rhinoceros. It has odd hoofed legs. The animals below do not have the 5. Its head looks like a pig’s head 2. Horses D. They eat leaves. D. plants B. fish D. It is smaller than a rhinoceros and has no horns. birds C.HIKMAH MODULE Activity 4 Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Which is the most suitable title for the same sleeping habits as the tapir above passage? except A. air C. A tapir is usually heavy and clumsy. The tapir’s tail is short. They sleep during the day and search for food only at night. Rhinoceros A. it has small eyes and short ears. It looks like a horse. Its head looks like a pig’s head. B. You can usually find them in jungles and forests of Malaysia. 1. too. Tropical countries 3. Thailand. Tapirs B. soil B. fruits and other vegetation. They are also good swimmers and often find protection in the water. water D. Like the rhinoceros. Where does the tapir go for protection? A. chicken Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. A. sand C.

HIKMAH MODULE A tamu is an open-air market. The tamu draws crowds of people with its carnival-like atmosphere and value buys. A tamu takes place 9. baskets and rattan mats. early in the morning B. to make sure the fish are fresh D. the villages C. in a village A. in the evening D. Why do the traders arrive early A. salted fish. various types of river fish and prawns so fresh that they are still jumping. Most of the traders come from the nearby villages. mountain rice. colour and value buys B. in the afternoon C. carnival-like atmosphere C. There are fresh vegetables. visitors to the Activity 5 150 . only in Kota Belud D. to buy the different types of food 8. The tamu begins A. once a month C. to get colourful rattan mats C. the customers tamu D. The biggest and most colourful tamu is found in Kota Belud in the north of Kota Kinabalu. The tamu is also a place to get colourful boxes. 6. to arrange their goods B. Finally the tamu is also the place to taste many types of home-cooked dishes and colourful cakes that are not found in the city. Handmade traditional musical instruments can be found here too. place and the prices D. It takes place once a week in many towns in Sabah. Almost anything can be found at a tamu. in the open B. They arrive at dawn to arrange their wares. size and the things A. at night 7. the traders B. The tamu draws people because of its 10. The word They refers to A.

One day . When the paddy is full ripe. Instead. Your wife and children sold the paddy that you planted in your fields and saved the money they received. In the meantime. “I heard that you know the secret of making gold. I am very poor. of course. “Do you know the secrets of making gold?” 151 . Bring me the pot when it is full.” Now. ‘You must plant your fields with paddy. He never planted any paddy on his land. “ I need one more item before I can make the gold. the old man unlocked a large iron chest. When Aizat took the pot to his uncle. Then answer the questions that follow. My wife is sick and my children are starving. His uncle handed him a large pot and said. It was full of gold coins. Will you help me to get it? Aizat agreed . his wife and children quietly harvested the rest of the paddy and sold it. Aizat’s uncle replied. “These gold coins belong to your family. Please tell me. Aizat went to his rich uncle and told him.” Aizat did as he was told. He spent all his time looking after his paddy plants and collecting one grain from each stalk. put one grain from each stalk into this pot.HIKMAH MODULE Read the text below carefully. his fields were full of weeds. everybody knew how lazy Aizat was.” Aizat’s uncle looked at him. It took five years for the pot to be filled up.

Planting paddy D.30 p. How did Aizat’s wife get the gold? of making gold? A.m. He was a patient man C. He wanted to make his uncle rich D. She sold the paddy from Aizat’s fields 2. A person who is starving has no_____ . Why did Aizat want to know the secret 4. She worked for Aizat’s uncle C. 2006 Time : 8. Venue : Bukit Tinggi Golf Club Co-organized by: Kuala Lumpur University Hospital Blood Bank 152 . HIKMAH MODULE 1. He was a hard-working man 3. to 4. She took it from Aizat’s pot B. He needed money badly C.m. She sold the paddy fields A. He wanted to buy land B. Hard work B. BUKIT TINGGI GOLF AND COUNTRY RESORT DONATE YOUR BLOOD You Can Help Save A Life! Day : Sunday Date : 30 March. A. What is the secret of making gold? A. food to eat B.00 a. He was a good man A. What did the uncle know about Aizat? 5. clothes to wear C. money to spend Study the poster below and answer the questions. He was a lazy man B. Doing magic C.

University Hospital blood Bank B. The blood donation drive is organized by the A. six hours B. fully organized. eight and a half hours 8. C. The donors are free on Sundays. not organized. The event will take about A. Kuala Lumpur University Hospital Blood Bank 7. jointly organized. The donors want to donate blood on Sundays. Bukit Tinggi Country Resort C. eight hours C. The Golf Club is open only on Sundays. Bukit Tinggi Golf and Country Resort C. 10. Co-organized in the poster means A. B. four and a half hours D. Bukit Tinggi Golf Club 9. Where will the blood donation drive be held? A. Why is the blood-donation campaign held on a Sunday? A.HIKMAH MODULE 6. Kuala Lumpur blood bank B. C. B. 153 .

Hope to hear from you soon. I will have no chance to watch my favourite programmes on television. I prefer magazines about famous people. but they have not send me even a postcard since I moved to my new school. They will keep me busy. HIKMAH MODULE Activity 6 Read the letter carefully. I would like to write to Zurina and Ranjini. Jalan Desa. 36000 Kluang. please? I have written to Mei Ling. My uncle likes to watch sports programmes. but they help you to be more prepared for your UPSR. Next week. That’s all for now. Linda 154 . I do not like washing the dishes because I often break them. To keep me away from the television. Johor Darul Takzim 6 NOVEMBER 2007 Dear Maria. but she always asks me to help her in the kitchen. but I prefer cartoons. Your friend. Then answer the following question 175D. Most of them are about education. he buys me magazines. too. My aunt enjoys cooking. I know you always score good marks. How are you? Are you busy preparing for your monthly tests? I know you do not like tests. Can you get the addresses for me. Tina and Sarah too. my uncle and aunt are coming to visit us.

wants to write to them B. her aunt asks her to wash plates C. “do not like tests” B. her uncle and aunt are visiting her D. The word ‘them’ in the third paragraph refers to A. television programmes B. best friends D. “score high marks” C. “ busy preparing” D. she has to write many letters B. “prepared for your UPSR” 2. Linda will be busy because A. Linda needs a few friends’ addresses because she A. magazines bought by Linda’s uncle 5. magazines on famous people D. she must prepare for the coming tests 3. cousins B. is moving to a new school D. has not receive any news C. Tina and Sarah are probably Maria’s A. wants to send the postcards 4. Mei Ling. new pen pals 155 .HIKMAH MODULE 1. Which phrase in the first paragraph tells us that Maria is good in her schoolwork?” A. classmates C. Linda’s favourite magazines C.

Angry today. Full of noises. He maybe quite smart or tricky. Lean on it and you’ll never fall. It’ll warm you on the coldest night. Sister’s love is a loud kettle. soft and light. When you fall sick or feel the slightest pain. Giving you shade and fruits for free. you need fear no bully. But when he’s around. He will share in all your fun or sorrow. shrieks and bubbles. But he buys lots of food when he gets his pay. He maybe tired from working all day. When she’s not busy with all her books. She’ll be fussy about your clothes. She’ll stay close by you till you’re well again. she will be there. HIKMAH MODULE Read the poem carefully. Mother’s love is like a pillow. You will be fed like little birds in a nest. Answer the following questions. but he’ll be fine tomorrow. (Practical English Year 5) 156 . Brother’s love is a mango tree. shoes and look. Father’s word is always true. Should you ever drop a tear. You can be sure he will do the best for you. Sister’s heart is caring and fair. Father’s love is a strong brick wall.

Her father C. Who can protect the writer from bullies? A. Which of the following phrases BEST describes father? A. drip C. Rich and loving B. we know that A. the writer’s father likes to buy clothes.HIKMAH MODULE 6. fall B. Sister 7. B. 157 . Father D. shed D. From the poem. the writer’s sister is fussy about food. the writer loves her mother most. Mother C. rickle 9. the writer’s brother often gets angry. Brother B. Rich and strong C. Loving and caring 8. The word drop in the last line of the poem can be replaced by A. Who will look after you when you are not feeling well? A. Her mother D. Her brother 10. C. Her sister B. Loving and tiring D. D.

I would like to apply for the above post in your bank. Bandar Seberang Perak. Perak . 5 MAY 2008 Application for the post of Junior Accountant With reference to the advertisement in the New Straits Times today. Number : 820518 – 08 – 5199 Sex : Female Academic Qualification : SPM Grade 1 with credits in Bahasa Melayu. The Personnel Officer. 36800 Kg Gajah. Victory Bank. 2. 158 . Professional Qualification : Diploma in Accounting (Oxford Business School) Co-curricular Activities and Posts : Treasurer of the Mathematics and Science Held in School English. Secretary of the Computer Club and member of English Society. Perak. Jalan Temenggung. 31650 Ipoh. HIKMAH MODULE Activity 7 Read the letter and then answer the questions. Nur Nadhirah Hakimi bt Suhaimi. Below are my personal particulars and qualifications: Name : Nur Nadhirah Hakimi bt Suhaimi I. KS 7 Jalan Bendahara. Mathematics and Science Society.C.

I enclosed a copy of my passport-sized photograph. I would be happy to attend an interview at any time convenient to you. Nur Nadhirah (NUR NADHIRAH HAKIMI) 159 . I hope that you will consider my application. I will be able to serve your company effectively as a Junior Account. MS Excel and MS Word Working experience : Junior Account Clerk in Fresh Water Company since 2003 3. Having worked as a Junior Account Clerk at Fresh Water Company. As requested. I am confident that. Thank you. Your sincerely. with my accounting qualification. I can manage the company accounts without any difficulty. 4. I look forward to hearing from you soon.HIKMAH MODULE Knowledge of Computer Software : Lotus 123. computer knowledge and experience in a similar job.

160 . “ I hope that you will consider my application’”. position 5. give her the job immediately. B. 4 May 2008 D. job B. How did Nadhirah know that the bank needs a Junior Account? A. 3 May 2008 C. mail C. C. 2 May 2008 B. Nadhirah has been working at the Fresh Water Company for A. deliver D. When did the advertisement appear in the newspaper? A. From the bank itself. D. she hopes that the manager will A. HIKMAH MODULE 1. The bank wrote to her. 4. The Personnel manager phoned her. 5 years. come and see her. 3. 2 years. 8 years. call her for an interview. C. B. 4 years. D. 5 May 2008 2. Through the advertisement in the newspaper. D. ask her for further information. When Nadhirah wrote. The word post in the letter means A. B. C.

NATURE CLUB Are you a nature lover? Do you like watching birds and animals? Are you interested in learning the names of insects and flowers? What about your hobbies? This clubs will organize walks in the countryside every weekend. Firemen. riddles and memory games.30 am on Saturday 3 January 2008. The clubs are meant for co-curricular activities 161 . SAFETY FIRST CLUB This club is meant for pupils who want to learn about first aid. policemen and nurses will teach you what to do in emergencies. The first meeting for the clubs will be held at 8. There will be camping trip and jungle trekking during the holidays too! 6. Which statement about the three clubs is untrue? A. Answer the following questions. There will also be special classes for swimmers who want to learn life-saving skills. Each pupil can join one club B. BIG BRAIN CLUB The big brain club will organize various activities to activate your brain! If you like Mathematics. The clubs do not have members yet D. Pupils in years 5 and 6 can join one of these three new co-curricular clubs this year. The winners will get a prize and a title “Genius of the Month”. this club is meant for you! You can also take part in our monthly contests for inventions and fast mental calculations. crossword puzzles. You will learn how to avoid accidents when you work or play.HIKMAH MODULE Read the notice carefully. Only Year 6 pupils can be members C.

be special swimmers 9. find words for crossword puzzles D. firemen and policemen 162 . do a lot of difficult sums B. be nurses B. During the contest for “inventions”. Nurses only B. Who will teach the pupils what to do in emergencies? A. enjoy outdoor activities 8. like Mathematics B. Nurses. The Safety Club will teach pupils to A. pupils will most probably have to A. make or build something new C. start emergencies C. The Nature Club is mainly for pupils who A. want to live in the jungle C. show that they have good memory 10. Firemen only C. avoid accidents D. HIKMAH MODULE 7. Policemen only D. are interested in games D.

He needs RM25. “My parents have gone out of town for a few days. Bandar Baru Uda.” said Anuar. He said to his parents. open his coin box C. I live at 39 Jalan Semerbak.000 for an operation. “ I read in your newspaper about the baby boy with a hole in his heart.HIKMAH MODULE Activity 8 Read the story and then answer the questions.” He slipped the letter into his coin box. It is full again.” “Do your parents know about this? Where do you live?” asked the editor. He walked straight to the editor and said. They always donate money to poor people too. 1. “That’s a lot of money for a young boy to donate. I study at SK Temenggong Ibrahim. The operation was successful. donate his savings 163 . It said. “My name is Anuar bin Affendi and I am eleven years old. Anuar went to the newspaper office to A.” Then the young boy took out an old coin box and poured all the coins on the table.” Anuar read the note many times. It is filled with great joy.” Four months later Anuar receive a letter. see the baby boy D. “Now may coin box is no longer empty. I am donating all my savings. “Thank you very much for your donation. Don’t worry about them. Our baby is healthy now. talk to the editor B. What’s your name and how old are you? What’s the name of your school?” asked the editor. “ This is a letter of great joy. A young boy enters the newspaper office.

the letter made him happy B. Twenty-five ringgit B. not worry about Anuar 5. Two thousand and five hundred ringgit D. kind to poor people C. the coin box B. the editor’s question 4. Anuar read the letter many time most probably because A. How much money is needed for the operation? A. he did not believe what he read D. the baby boy C. From the story. Twenty-five thousand ringgit 3. always not at home B. we can say that Anuar’s parents are A. he wanted to keep it in his coin box 164 . HIKMAH MODULE 2. busy all the time D. Anuar’s action D. The word “this” in the question “Do your parents know about this?” refers to A. Two hundred and fifty ringgit C. the operation was successful C.

YOU ARE WANTED A well known firm in Johor Bahru offers citizens of Malaysia a great opportunity to fill the following vacancies. please contact Ms Diana at 07. planning for work schedule and arranging appointments GOOD SALARIES AND BONUSES! If you are interested. Receptionist Qualifications  Able to speak English and Bahasa Melayu  SPM with good results and languages  Must be cheerful and respectful all times Duties  To help customers with enquiries and services Secretary Qualifications  A diploma in secretarial courses is must  Efficient and willing to travel  Must be able to write reports and speak in English and Bahasa Melayu  Able to speak a third language  Willing to work long hours Duties  To help the General Manager in report-writing.HIKMAH MODULE Read the advertisement below and answer the questions that follow.3862170 Before April 15 2008 165 .

the salaries for the jobs B. Last week of April 9. Why must a receptionist be cheerful at all times? A. Both position require the applicant to be A. school leavers 166 . He/ She will be meeting customers C. He/She will be looked at by the customers 7. people C. When is the last day to call Ms Diana? A. He/She must entertain the managers D. efficient and willing to travel C. the telephone number to contact 10. Another word for citizens is A. The advertisement does not tell us A. First week of April C. the duties of a secretary D. have good grades in SPM and diploma D. He/She will be meeting people B. Middle of April B. able to speak in Bahasa Melayu 8. workers B. immigrants D. pleasant and cheerful B. HIKMAH MODULE 6. that there are only two jobs vacancies C.

Encik Said. Sunday night B. broke into a house in Bandar Penawar last night and robbed a family more than RM15. The robbers were armed with a A. 1.HIKMAH MODULE Activity 9 Read the news report and answer the questions. One of the robbers. then told Encik Said to place all the jewellery and cash into a big bag. armed with a butchers knife. the robbers warned Encik Said not to contact the police. Anyone with information regarding the robbery may contact Inspector Sahab at the Batu Pahat Police Station. butcher’s knife 167 . Bandar Penawar. All four men wore ski mask. pistol C.000 in jewellery and cash. One of pointed a butchers knife at his wife and ordered his family to keep quite. said that he and his family were asleep in their bedrooms when four men suddenly dashed into his master bedroom. Sunday morning D. Monday – Four men. 42. When did the robbery take place? A. Monday morning 2. Monday night C. gun B. short gun D. Before leaving through the back door.

Asleep in their rooms C. vegetables 168 . Having a family meeting 5. Why did the robbers wear ski mask? A. They were shy B. What were the victims of the robbery doing when the robbers broke into the house? A. meat B. A butcher’s knife is use to cut A. It was a cold day D. fruits D. Having their dinner D. HIKMAH MODULE 3. They wanted to hide their faces 4. wood C. Watching television B. They were skiing C.

rest for a while.00 am .45 am .Woke up to the sounds of birds chirping 7. SUZANNAH’S DIARY Saturday 24 May 2008 7. Others were having fun. 4. 12.Had dinner. couldn’t wait to go home.Cleaned the area and went for a swim near the waterfall. 6.HIKMAH MODULE Read the diary below. A song B.30 am . ‘special instant porridge’ 2. Home sweet home! 6. What did Suzannah hear when she woke up? A.Hiked up the hill.30 am . Had to stop a few times. Answer the following questions.Had lunch.00 pm . Took too long to come down.00 pm .Friends angry. 10.Woke up early. 10. singing song.Had breakfast. 8. Breakfast cooking D. 8.Collected fire wood and enjoyed cooking lunch over an open fire. Chirping of the birds 169 . Sunday 25 May 2008 8. enjoyed the food. tiring.00 am .00 am .Packed up and cleaned the area.30 pm .00 pm . Too tired. slept early.00 pm .Reached the top of the hill. The sound of the waterfall C.

trekking in the forest C. Suzannah was probably A. excited D. What did Suzannah enjoy most about the lunch? A. tired B. She is not physically fit 10. scared C. Cooking it D. From the diary entry. holidaying at a resort 9. Eating it B. She always goes camping C. Which statements is true about Suzannah? A. Preparing it 8. hiking up a mountain D. camping in the jungle B. Suzannah slept early because she was A. unhappy 170 . HIKMAH MODULE 7. Burning it C. She is an animal lover B.

The people of Kelantan like to celebrate ____________ the harvesting season. June is a happy month for them because the harvesting season is over. The kites look beautiful and colourful against the clear blue sky. It is time to celebrate. It is usually held on the beach or in a big field. ‘Kite-fighting’ is also an important part of the sport. The most exciting event is the kite-flying competition. Most have the shape of a bird or a half-moon. The kite-fliers turn their kites here and there. it takes more than one man to control a kite. after B. They try to cut the strings of each other’s kites. top-spinning contest and kite-flying competition. Some of the kites are more than three metres across. When the wind is very strong. Some of the kites are fitted with small whistles which make different sounds. Many of them are farmers. during D. 1. A. People come from many villages to watch the event. dikir barat. Among these are wayang kulit show. before C. The Kelantanese have many activities for their celebrations.HIKMAH MODULE Activity 10 Read the passage and then answer the questions The people of Kelantan are very hardworking. There is also a lot of cheering and shouting among the spectators. throughout 171 .

the farmers who come from other villages D. B. B. HIKMAH MODULE 2. C. D. A. They like to hear people cheering and shouting. They want to cut the strings of the other kites. the people of Kelantan. the people who are watching the competition 172 . C. the wayang kulit show. More than one man is needed to control the kite when ______________. the kite is over three metres across 4. the kite-fliers who win in the competition C. the different types of kites. the people who take part in ‘kite-fighting’ B. The word these in the last sentence of the first paragraph refers to A. Why do the kite-fliers turn their kites here and there? A. They find it very hard to control the kites. The word spectators in the last paragraph means ______________. 3. A. the wind is blowing strongly B. D. They want the whistles to make different sounds. the activities for their celebrations. 5. the kite is shaped like a bird C. the competition is held on the beach D.

more than 150 words. The competition may be participated by A. C. Year 1 pupils. B. D. Year 3 pupils. Year 4 pupils. 173 . C. The length of the report must be at least A. 100 – 150 words. Year 2 pupils.HIKMAH MODULE Read the poster below and answer the questions. 100 words. 150 words. B. 6. D. 7.

HIKMAH MODULE 8. The writer’s name B. A. fortnightly 9. weekly C. To have an annual activity C. Why do you think the competition is being held? A. The name of the organizing society 10. To encourage pupils to read books D. This activity is carried out by the society ______. The prizes to be won C. Which of the following needs to be included in the report? A. yearly B. To promote the books from the library 174 . To give away prizes B. monthly D. The title of the competition D.

Some oil palm workers 2. Some factory workers D. One of them climbed into the van. Five men B. Goods C. Biscuits 175 . The police freed him and asked what had happened. The police received a telephone call saying that five men had stopped a van which was carrying money.HIKMAH MODULE Activity 11 Read the passage below and answer the questions.” 1. The police searched for a few hours. “Five men stopped me soon after I left the bank. What was the van carrying? A. “They hit me on the head with a gun. Men B. Who stopped the van? A. Then they drove my van and reached this oil palm estate. They had attacked the driver and stole the van. The policeman C. Money D.” said the driver. Then they left. tied me up and threw me to the back of the van. each contains RM20 000. then they found the van near an oil palm estate. “Five. kicked me and took the bags. The thieves had tied a handkerchief around his mouth so that he could not shout. The driver was lying with his hands and legs tied.” “How many bags were stolen?” asked the police inspector.

biscuit factory D. The driver could not shout for help because A. RM 200 000 176 . The van had left a __________ when the men stopped it. How much money was stolen? A. RM 10 000 B. RM 100 000 D. the thieves told him not to shout. B. a handkerchief was tied around his mouth. oil palm estate 4. C. HIKMAH MODULE 3. bank B. 5. he was hurt. RM 20 000 C. D. police station C. A. he was afraid.

Who is the author of this book? A. Will. Hester Burton 177 . The two main characters were Rachel and Will Quakers. Rachel Quakers B. Their father had been jailed in the Bridewell Jail because he came from a family of Quakers. Through the Fire C. Rachel. What is the title of the story? A. The story happened on the year of 1966 in London. The Book Review Hester Burton wrote this book in 1969. a tough girl. The story is full of tragedies and events. 6. Will. survived for herself and her brother. Through the Eyes 7. However they managed to live happily together at last. Through the Glasses B. Notes Title : Through the Fire Author : Hester Burton Main characters : Rachel Quakers and Will Quakers Summary : adventure – conflict – solve problems Like and dislike about the story: Very interesting story. Hester Quakers C. Most of the story line showed the maturity of the writer.HIKMAH MODULE Read the book review and answer the questions that follow. It is an interesting story to read. Rachel has to work very hard in order to get shelter and food for her and her brother.

They were imprisoned like their father. C. How many main characters in this story? A. 10. HIKMAH MODULE 8. What is the story about? A. B. C. What do you think happened to Rachel and her brother in the end? A. Two 9. Four B. 178 . A girl and a boy who liked acting. Three C. They lived happily. A girl who survived a hard life with her brother. A rich girl who became an orphan. B. They became millionaires.

” Ahmadi and Teik Soon wrote down the directions. something had happened to the old man. At last. They found the old man inside.” Teik Soon said. The people there gave them different directions because they were not sure. One of them said.” Someone else said. he had not seen the old man for five days. Ahmadi became worried when he did not see the old man for five days.HIKMAH MODULE Activity 12 Read the story. Ahmadi always wished him “Good morning. he did not know where the old man lived. An old man walked past Ahmadi’s house every morning on his way to sell ‘petai’ in the market. “After crossing the bridge. One morning. They compared all the directions given by the different people.” Ahmadi told his friend. Then answer the questions that follow.” Sometimes the old man gave Ahmadi a few strips of petai. Teik Soon. The next day. Ahmadi became worried because A. They went around searching for the old man’s house. “It’s not easy. But we must not give up. “Something might have happened to him as he lives alone near Kampung Petani. They drew a map and marked all the places they should search. C. “Take this path and turn right when you reach a bridge. the two boys went to Kampung Petani after school. 179 . The old man may need help. they reached a wooden house by the waterfall. turn left. “Pakcik……!” 1.” Another person said. pakcik. “Go along this road and turn left at the second junction. the old man lived alone in Kampung Petani. D. B.

waiting to get well. From the story. happy to see them. think and plan carefully. The directions given by the people in Kampung Petani were ________ . angry with the boys. they had marked the places on a map. C. 5. people told them the different directions. C. write down directions quickly D. believe everything they heard. tricky B. 4. HIKMAH MODULE 2. correct C. they had reached a wooden house near a waterfall. C. The two boys did not give up because A. the old man might need help. the two boys could A. B. B. B. difficult D. A. different 3. D. draw maps very well. he was probably A. D. 180 . very weak and hungry. When the old man was found by the boys.

Sri Ledang C. This is because for a long time the village had dried up and there is no more padi to eat. Title : The Kindness Author : Sri Langkasuka Characters : Tuan Yusuf .HIKMAH MODULE Read the book review below and answer the questions that follow. Four C. Salbiah. Two 181 . One day. Three D. Sri Langkasuka 7. a rich farmer who invited the poor children to his house everyday to collect some buns for themselves and their family. Salbiah The book review An interesting story to read. Tuan Yusuf gave her some money and she lived happily with her family. Sri Langbuana D. Sri Lanang B. Five B. one of the poor children who is an honest girl willing to return the money that she had found in the bun to Tuan Yusuf. In return. The story is about Tuan Yusuf. Who is the author of this book? A. How many main characters are there in this story? A. 6. The story tells us about one of the best ways to test the humbleness and politeness of a person.

The rich should help the poor C. give D. There was no food in the village because A. 9. Tuan Yusuf bought all the food. What is the main idea of the story? A. eat B. C. The word collect in the story can best be replaced with A. We must fight to get better things D. The humble and polite person will be rewarded 182 . Hungry people fight for food B. D. grab C. the people were very poor. the sun was too hot. take 10. all the padi had died. HIKMAH MODULE 8. B.

HIKMAH MODULE ANSWER SCHEME SECTION A .WORD LEVEL 1 C 21 C 41 C 61 C 81 C 2 B 22 D 42 A 62 C 82 A 3 C 23 C 43 C 63 B 83 B 4 A 24 B 44 C 64 C 84 A 5 A 25 A 45 D 65 A 85 B 6 B 26 D 46 C 66 B 86 A 7 B 27 B 47 B 67 B 87 C 8 A 28 D 48 C 68 C 88 D 9 C 29 C 49 A 69 C 89 C 10 C 30 D 50 A 70 C 90 A 11 B 31 A 51 B 71 A 91 B 12 D 32 C 52 A 72 B 92 C 13 C 33 D 53 A 73 B 93 B 14 D 34 B 54 C 74 A 94 A 15 A 35 B 55 A 75 D 95 D 16 A 36 A 56 C 76 B 96 A 17 B 37 A 57 B 77 B 97 C 18 C 38 B 58 B 78 B 98 B 19 C 39 B 59 A 79 C 99 B 20 D 40 B 60 B 80 C 100 B 183 .

HIKMAH MODULE SECTION A .SENTENCE LEVEL 1 A 21 A 41 B 61 D 81 2 A 22 D 42 D 62 A 82 3 D 23 B 43 D 63 D 83 4 C 24 C 44 B 64 C 5 C 25 C 45 A 65 A 6 A 26 B 46 C 66 C 7 A 27 A 47 D 67 A 8 B 28 A 48 B 68 B 9 C 29 C 49 B 69 B 10 A 30 B 50 D 70 B 11 C 31 A 51 B 71 C 12 B 32 A 52 B 72 C 13 C 33 A 53 D 73 B 14 A 34 A 54 B 74 D 15 C 35 B 55 D 75 B 16 C 36 A 56 B 76 D 17 D 37 D 57 A 77 A 18 D 38 C 58 B 78 C 19 B 39 A 59 C 79 C 20 C 40 C 60 B 80 184 .

HIKMAH MODULE SECTION A .PHRASE LEVEL 1 D 21 D 41 A 61 A 81 C 2 A 22 A 42 A 62 A 82 C 3 C 23 A 43 A 63 D 83 B 4 A 24 B 44 B 64 D 84 B 5 D 25 D 45 B 65 A 85 A 6 A 26 B 46 C 66 B 86 C 7 A 27 A 47 B 67 A 87 B 8 B 28 C 48 C 68 A 88 B 9 C 29 C 49 C 69 B 89 C 10 B 30 C 50 C 70 B 90 B 11 D 31 A 51 C 71 C 12 A 32 B 52 A 72 C 13 A 33 D 53 A 73 C 14 B 34 C 54 C 74 A 15 D 35 A 55 A 75 A 16 B 36 B 56 A 76 C 17 A 37 C 57 A 77 A 18 C 38 B 58 A 78 A 19 C 39 A 59 A 79 C 20 C 40 C 60 D 80 C 185 .

HIKMAH MODULE SECTION B – SOCIAL EXPRESSION 1 A 21 A 41 A 2 B 22 C 42 D 3 A 23 A 43 C 4 C 24 C 44 B 5 D 25 D 45 A 6 D 26 B 46 C 7 D 27 C 47 C 8 D 28 B 48 C 9 C 29 B 49 B 10 A 30 D 50 C 11 D 31 C 51 B 12 A 32 C 52 C 13 C 33 A 53 A 14 A 34 B 54 A 15 B 35 C 55 B 16 B 36 D 56 A 17 C 37 D 57 C 18 D 38 A 58 A 19 D 39 B 59 B 20 B 40 C 60 B SECTION C – OPPOSITE MEANING 1 A 11 A 21 B 2 C 12 C 22 A 3 B 13 A 23 C 4 B 14 B 24 B 5 C 15 B 25 D 6 B 16 B 26 B 7 A 17 B 27 C 8 C 18 C 28 C 9 B 19 A 29 C 10 A 20 A 30 B SECTION C – SIMILAR MEANING 1 A 11 A 21 D 2 A 12 A 22 D 3 C 13 C 23 A 4 C 14 A 24 C 5 A 15 A 25 D 6 C 16 D 26 C 7 B 17 C 27 D 8 B 18 B 28 D 9 C 19 C 29 B 10 B 20 C 30 D 186 .

HIKMAH MODULE SECTION C – SPELLING 1 A 11 C 2 B 12 D 3 C 13 C 4 D 14 A 5 A 15 B 6 C 16 D 7 A 17 B 8 C 18 A 9 B 19 D 10 D 20 B SECTION C – GRAMMAR 1 B 21 A 41 B 61 B 81 D 2 A 22 C 42 B 62 B 82 B 3 D 23 B 43 B 63 C 83 B 4 B 24 C 44 B 64 B 84 B 5 C 25 B 45 C 65 C 85 C 6 B 26 C 46 C 66 B 86 A 7 A 27 D 47 B 67 B 87 B 8 C 28 B 48 C 68 B 88 A 9 C 29 C 49 D 69 C 89 B 10 A 30 B 50 C 70 A 90 B 11 C 31 B 51 B 71 C 91 A 12 C 32 A 52 C 72 D 92 D 13 B 33 C 53 D 73 B 93 C 14 B 34 A 54 A 74 C 94 C 15 C 35 B 55 B 75 C 95 A 16 B 36 B 56 B 76 A 96 D 17 C 37 B 57 A 77 C 97 B 18 D 38 D 58 A 78 B 98 C 19 C 39 B 59 C 79 D 99 A 20 A 40 B 60 C 80 B 100 A SECTION C – PUNCTUATION 187 .

HIKMAH MODULE 1 B 11 B 21 A 31 A 2 A 12 C 22 A 32 C 3 A 13 D 23 D 33 A 4 A 14 D 24 D 34 C 5 A 15 B 25 D 35 B 6 D 16 A 26 C 36 A 7 C 17 A 27 B 37 B 8 C 18 D 28 B 38 C 9 B 19 C 29 A 39 A 10 C 20 C 30 B 40 B SECTION D – TEXT COMPLETION ACTIVITY 1 ACTIVITY 2 ACTIVITY 3 ACTIVTY 4 1 B 1 C 1 D 1 A 2 D 2 B 2 A 2 A 3 C 3 C 3 A 3 C 4 C 4 D 4 B 4 B 5 B 5 A 5 C 5 A ACTIVITY 5 ACTIVITY 6 ACTIVITY 7 ACTIVTY 8 1 A 1 A 1 D 1 C 2 C 2 A 2 B 2 C 3 D 3 A 3 A 3 A 4 A 4 A 4 C 4 D 5 D 5 B 5 D 5 C ACTIVITY 9 ACTIVITY 10 ACTIVITY 11 ACTIVTY 12 1 C 1 A 1 B 1 A 2 C 2 A 2 A 2 D 3 A 3 D 3 A 3 B 4 D 4 B 4 D 4 B 5 C 5 C 5 D 5 C ACTIVITY 13 ACTIVITY 14 ACTIVITY 15 ACTIVTY 16 1 C 1 B 1 A 1 D 188 .

HIKMAH MODULE 2 D 2 B 2 D 2 A 3 A 3 C 3 C 3 D 4 C 4 C 4 A 4 A 5 C 5 B 5 D 5 A ACTIVITY 17 1 C 2 C 3 A 4 A 5 C SECTION E – COMPREHENSION ACTIVITY 1 ACTIVITY 2 ACTIVITY 3 ACTIVITY 4 1 C 1 D 1 B 1 B 2 B 2 A 2 D 2 D 3 D 3 B 3 A 3 C 4 D 4 D 4 B 4 B 5 C 5 B 5 B 5 B 6 C 6 D 6 C 6 D 7 B 7 D 7 A 7 B 8 B 8 C 8 A 8 A 9 B 9 B 9 D 9 A 10 C 10 A 10 C 10 A ACTIVITY 5 ACTIVITY 6 ACTIVITY 7 ACTIVITY 8 1 B 1 B 1 D 1 D 189 .

HIKMAH MODULE 2 B 2 C 2 D 2 D 3 A 3 A 3 C 3 C 4 D 4 D 4 D 4 B 5 A 5 C 5 B 5 A 6 C 6 B 6 B 6 A 7 D 7 D 7 D 7 D 8 C 8 C 8 C 8 A 9 C 9 D 9 B 9 A 10 A 10 B 10 D 10 B ACTIVITY 9 ACTIVITY 10 ACTIVITY 11 ACTIVITY 12 1 A 1 A 1 A 1 D 2 D 2 D 2 C 2 D 3 D 3 A 3 A 3 A 4 B 4 B 4 A 4 B 5 A 5 D 5 D 5 D 6 D 6 D 6 B 6 D 7 C 7 A 7 B 7 D 8 A 8 A 8 C 8 A 9 C 9 A 9 C 9 D 10 A 10 C 10 A 10 B 190 .

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