MY WEBSITE ACTION PLAN Name: Alicia Sambrook


Possible elements of my issue I could study (you may add more):

1. What is happening with child brides in Yemen? 2. What does an activist website look like?

Issue element # 1 Issue element # 2
What do I already know? What do I already know?

I know that young girls are forcefully I know that activist websites have to be
married to often older men in Yemen, very interesting, and not a lot of text so
sometimes as young as 6 years old. I know that people reading it don’t get bored. I
that many of them die from complications have to have powerful images so that
during pregnancy or childbirth. people feel something.

What do I need to find out? What do I need to find out?

I need to find out the reason why families I need to know what techniques to use to
do this to their daughters. It might be make people take action after looking at
something to do with culture, it is just so my website. I need to learn how to format
ingrained in their culture and beliefs it the website so that it is interesting and
doesn’t seem wrong. I think it could also clear and easy to understand. I’m not
have something to do with being in really sure how to use Weebly very well,
poverty, so the husband will pay the family because I want it to look professional. I
a dowry, and so they don’t have to care for want to have links to charities and petitions
their daughter anymore. I’m curious to see so that people going on my website can
if they know or think it’s wrong, and just do take action very easily and quickly after
it out of desperation, or if they think its looking at it. I want to find good videos,
right and there are no problems with it. I maybe a speech or a talk from a survivor. I
want to now what is being done about it, want to learn how to design the website to
are there many organizations fighting look professional, because if it looks like
against it? What can normal, everyday unprofessional, or badly done it wont
people do? Can they donate to charities or create the effect I want. I want people to
sign petitions? I need to find out personals take action after looking at my website. I
stories about survivors and what happened need to find good examples of a well-done
to them. I would also like to know some activist website.
statistics, like the percentage of children by
what age are married. What search terms should I use?

What search terms should I use? Activist websites, anti-child brides, protect
child brides in Yemen, How to help child
Charities against child brides, child bride brides, how to design a website with
survivors, child brides in Yemen, Yemen Weebly, and speeches against child brides,
culture, Yemen in poverty, problems with and talks against child brides.
child brides, what to do to prevent child
brides, education, the causes of child
brides in Yemen and child bride statistics.
ACTION PLAN: (add more rows if needed)

SOURCES of Information: Don’t just say ‘Library’, ‘Books’ or ‘Google’. For example, Library
Database eg Time Magazine, Biography in Context, Issues: Understanding Controversy & Society

Fill this table in BEFORE and DURING your research.
What What SOURCES could I use to get How useful was this source?
information do this information? (be specific)
I need to find?
Charities - These sources were very useful
protecting Girls not Brides because they provided a lot of
child brides information for my page: How You
empowerment/child-marriage - Can Help. I needed to know what
CARE charities were helping to protect young girls from marriage.
child-marriage/ - 16 different
Child bride I used all of these sources for the
stories work/child-marriage/i-was-a-child- information on the child bride’s
bride-sadia%E2%80%99s-story stories. I found them very useful as they all gave in depth
rian-child-brides/#ffx_60TTkaqq explanations about what had happened to the child brides, and
dstyle/2013/oct/01/story-yemen- some even had quotes from the
child-bride child brides.

Child brides I found this source very useful
and their es/education/ when I was writing the section of
education. the Home page about their
education. I understand now that
most of the girls have to stop their
education and be taken out of
school when they get married and
the consequences of that.
Child bride - I used quite a lot of these
statistics. Girls not Brides, statistics because they were very
shocking and I hope they will
make people want to take action. I
think statistics are good because
they are a very easy way of
showing something in numbers,
which I think people often find
more impactful than just an
Videos/talks I linked all four of these videos to
about child v=nIkdvtb8nJM my home page, as I think that
brides they are very good explanations
v=n_19_xIYEmI of the child bride problem in Yemen. I think that the video of
v=ip2UZ3RLkbE the young Yemeni girl who escaped is very powerful as you
N1H2qL3Aw can see she is so emotional and
incredibly intelligent even though
she’s only eleven.
The cause of I found this source incredibly
child Brides -increasingly-resort-child-marriage- useful as I wrote one very
yemen%E2%80%99s-conflict- important section about. I found
grinds that I used most of the
information on this website.

Methods or tools I will use to COLLECT & RECORD my information are: (give some detail –
be clear about HOW you will collect & record)
eg Tools: easybib, diigo, word, evernote, scoopit etc.
eg Methods: Notetaking, summarising, paraphrasing, mindmapping, brainstorming, cutting &
pasting relevant notes etc
Fill in AFTER you finish
Fill in BEFORE you start your research researching
What TOOLS or METHODS will I Why will I use them/do this? What did I actually do?
use to collect & record (Justify why you chose
information? (Include detail) this/these methods)

I plan to write all of my notes I think I will do this because I actually wrote most of my
in a Google doc. Google drive is really easy information straight onto
to use and I know how to the document, as I thought
use it effectively, so I won’t that writing everything on a
waste any time learning. It separate document then
also saves automatically, so copying it into my website
it’s less likely that I will lose was an unnecessary waste
everything. of my time.
I already know how to use I did use RefME, as it is the
I plan to make my bibliography RefME to make the right only bibliography creating
using RefME. kind of bibliography, and it website that I know how to
is incredibly easy to use use and that I know is
because it automatically correct as my teachers, in
formats your bibliography, other subjects and other
you just have to fill in the years, have told me that it’s
information. a reliable website.
I think that this is the best
I plan to summarise my way to take notes, as Instead of making an
information, and to take short brainstorming and mind additional research page, I
notes. mapping takes a long time, wrote everything straight
and I find it unhelpful. I into my website and edited
think short notes are the it there, as I thought it
quickest and most effective would be more efficient and
way of taking useful notes. a better use of my time.

Pages needed to complete my website: What information and links will I need
Fill this table in BEFORE and DURING your website creation.

What information do I need What Pages could I use to get How can I link the pages
to convey? this information across to the together?
audience? (be specific)
The causes and effects of I think that this should be I think that a good idea
child brides in Yemen. I will the second page of the would be to have a link to
talk about the reason why website, and I would call it every page at the bottom
Yemen has such a big child the Causes and Effects of or middle of the home
bride problem, and what Child Brides. I think that will page. I could also have at
effect is has on the make it very clear what it is the end of each page, a
families, specifically the about, so there is no link to the next so it’s easy
young girls. confusion. to in the intended order so
as best to understand what
I’m trying to say.
I want to say what is being I think that I will make this I can try and link these two
done and what you can do page two obvious sections. I pages so that they can be
to help stop child brides in will call the first one What is grouped together so that
Yemen. I also want to being done? And the second there aren’t too many
mention the laws in place one What can I do? I might pages so that someone will
helping prevent child make the laws a second look at it and think there is
brides, and their page, depending on how too much information. I
opposition. much information I find on think I will make it one
them. page.
I would like to put most of I will write all of this on the I want the link to the page
the videos and the home page because I want about how they can help to
statistics, that aren’t this to be the first thing be the most obvious one
specifically related to any people who go on my so that people will see a
other pages, on the home website see, because I think real story about a girl and
page. It will also be where I that it is the most eye- then want to help them.
write about the survivor’s catching and intriguing The other links will be at
and their stories. thing. I also want people to the bottom of the page,
see the stories of the girls while this one will be in the
and then go to the page middle so as to draw
where they can do attention to it.
something about it.
I also want to write I want this to be on it’s own I think this will be linked to
something about the page, because I think that it at the bottom of the home
importance of education is very important and there page. The order of the
for the child brides, and is a lot to write and show pages will be: Home (The
how their lack of education about it. Causes, Education, and
will greatly impact their any videos or statistics) ,
lives for the worse. How to help, Their Stories,
Action Plan and

TIMEFRAME: (add more rows if needed)

Intended Actual Dates
Steps in the Process: Briefly Dates
If dates differ briefly
outline (list) the steps you will work explain why.
through to complete this
assessment. You should include (If the dates are the same,
planning BEFORE researching, you do not need to fill this
WHEN you will research, then in)
WHEN you will put together the
final product. Fill in the ‘Actual
Dates’ as you go.
Break the steps down to be clear
and specific. You need a minimum
of SIX steps.
Plan for my research and Start: Start:
pages/format for the website. 8/2/17 8/2/17 I finished this step early,
Finish: Finish: and the 15th was the due
15/2/17 12/2/17 date.
Start: Start:
Research and take notes for the 12/2/17 15/2/17 I started late because I
sections on their stories and Finish: didn’t plan according to my
their education. 16/2/17 16/2/17 after school activities and
other commitments.
Research and take notes for the Start: Start:
rest of the pages: Home, what 16/2/17 16/2/17 N/A
you can do, the stories of the Finish: Finish:
child brides and any statistics or 19/2/17 19/2/17
videos relevant to any specific
Start: Start:
Design and create the following 19/2/17 19/2/17
pages: How You Can Help, and Finish: Finish:
Their Stories 20/2/17 20/2/17 N/A

Start: Start:
Design and create the Home 20/2/17 20/2/17 N/A
page. Finish: Finish:
21/2/17 21/2/17
Finish and make any last Start: Start:
touches, including adding the 21/2/17 21/2/17 N/A
bibliography and this action Finish: Finish:
plan. 22/2/17 22/2/17

Things that went Things that need Ways of improving
well improvement
I think that my plan I think that it might I just need to make a
Creating & was quite accurate have been a good separate document or
following as to what I actually idea to have a just add it into my action
action plan did, even the dates document showing all plan, and I need to follow
of when I should of my research, just my plan about the
have done things. I incase I missed researching part. I need
think that my something or decided to use short, quick notes
research part was something that I and trt and paraphrase
very helpful and I’m hadn’t recorded or put the information I found
glad that I put all of in my website was from my sources.
the resources in, important last minute.
otherwise it would I think that I might
have taken me a lot have missed out some
longer to research useful information
and find information because I skipped that
for my website. step.
I think that my I need to record all of I need to make a
Collecting collectiong of my data in a document recording all of
and information was document, or in my my information in a table,
Recording quite good as I found action plan, with the with the source,
some really useful source it came from information and what I
and relevant sources because I think that think I will use in it. I
and charities. this would help me a think it will help me
lot in remembering prevent any mistakes, like
what useful missing sourcing
information I found information I used in my
and where I got it website.
I think that the I think that my I think that I should have
Creating videos that I used on designing skills could spent more time looking
website my website were have been better, at other activist websites,
really good, and I because my website as I think this would
think that my page still looks like an improve my designing
about the girls’ amature’s work. I skills and also making my
stories was good. I think that it would website look more like an
think that it was a have been better if I organization’s website.
good idea to link to had explained my
all of the other organiation a bit more
charities. because I only did a
short paragraph, and I
didn’t really make it
seem like an
organization, more
like a website
explaining the