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KOICA-KU Scholarship Program 2015

Evaluation Questionnaire for Students of KOICA-KU GSIS Scholarship Program (Post-education)

The survey is conducted to evaluate the outcome of KOICA-KU GSIS Scholarship Program. This survey will be used for evaluation purpose only. The
information contained in this survey will not be used against you in any manner. The following survey will take approximately 20 mins to complete.

Section A. Student Information

Please write your name and student ID number.


2. Student ID: 2015475055

Section B. Program evaluation


Please indicate your level of knowledge of the following topics using this scale: 5: Very
knowledgeable 4: Somewhat knowledgeable 3: Moderately knowledgeable 2: Slightly knowledgeable 1: Not at all knowledgeable

1. Learning Evaluation
Understanding of Economic Policy and Development
3) Competitive forces in global industries and global markets 5
International Business
4) Factors contributing to successful foreign investment decisions 5
5) The role of multilateral institutions such as the World Trade Organization(WTO) in the global
International Trade Policy
6) Practical tools of trade policy including tariffs, trade remedy measures, and other non-tariff trade
Theory and practices of 7) Macro-economics of the European and world economies 5
Economic Integration 8) The historic development and transformation of European economies 5
9) Historical background of international relations during WWI, WWII and the Cold War 5
World Politics 10) Leading contemporary theories of world politics including Realism, Liberalism, Neo-realism &
Neo-liberalism, Structuralism & Constructivism

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