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Masham, Healey, West Tanfield,
North Stainley and Well with Snape

March 2017
Masham, Healey, West Tanfield, North Stainley and Well with Snape.
March 2017
Volume 32 Number 3

Vicar: The Revd. David Cleeves, The Vicarage, Rodney Terrace, Masham,
HG4 4JA (01765 689255) email:
Curate: Revd. Nick Morgan 01765 635039 email:
Children & Youth Worker: contact Revd. Nick Morgan.

Masham Healey
Judy Wall 01765 688404 Anne Ramsay 01765 689278
Robert Arnold 01765 689116 Delia Richmond 01765 658765
Jim Hunter 01765 689828
Irene Saunders 01765 688306 Well with Snape
North Stainley David Webster 01677 470480
Pat Sutcliffe 01765 635479 John Knopp 01677 470204
Scilla Kealy 01765 635253.
West Tanfield
Christopher Bourne-Arton 01677 470385
David Bryant 01765 635206

Methodist Church: Minister: Rev. Dr. Pat Malham 01765 688556.

Leadership Team: Stewards:
Masham West Tanfield
Jennifer Peacock 01677 460215 Mr Simon Abel 01677 470297
Pauline Staton 01765 689175
Janet Newey 01765 689302 Snape
Nigel Wright 01677 427249 Graham Pentelow 01677 470904
Steve Laugher 01765 689559

Magazine Editor: Miss Christine Greensit. 5 Chapman Lane, Masham HG4

4EE Telephone: 01765 689711. Email:

Advertising. Lynn Simms.

or Telephone: 01765 689784

Material should either be posted or emailed to the editor who reserves the
right not to include items if space is limited.
Donations are always welcome. Please make cheques payable to
'Masham PCC' and sent to the editor. Thank you.
Closing Date for the April magazine is 10th March
From the Vicarage The Leopard Can Change His Spots
Theres a section of the Anglican Church that is traditionally wary of
conversions, clinging to the adage that a leopard never changes its
spots. Whenever we hear of a public figure announcing that they are a
Christian you can almost hear the collective sniff of cynicism.
Of course there are conversions that turn out to be shallow and short-
lived. Jesus himself recognizes that in his parable about the Sower in
Lukes Gospel. Whether a change of heart is genuine or not, only time
tells: as it did with former MP John Profumo, who spent the rest of his life
doing social work in the East End of London. People, unlike leopards,
can change their spots. Zacchaeus (again in Lukes Gospel) is probably
the prototype, not just feeling sorry for what hed done (and for himself,
being found out), but setting out to make amends.
In March the Church remembers a certain 16 th 17th century leopard
(from the Churchs point view). After a somewhat rackety early life,
including time spent as an adventurer, taking part in the sacking of Cadiz
and hunting Spanish treasure ships off the Azores, he entered public
service and took up politics. Within a very short time, however, on
discovery of his secret marriage to the niece of his employer and patron,
he lost his position and was thrown into prison. The next fourteen years
were spent in hopeless attempts to live down his disgrace and find
suitable employment, living in the meantime, in some poverty, on the
charity of friends and his wifes relations.
Finally, he was persuaded, as a last resort to enter the Church, which he
did with great reluctance. Six years later, he was appointed Dean of St.
Pauls, and became one of the most celebrated preachers of his day.
Even today, four centuries later one of his phrases has entered the
popular lexicon no man is an island His name was John Donne.
His effigy is still to be seen in St. Pauls.
Theres a slogan thats been popular in some parts of the Church: Be
patient, God hasnt finished with me yet. Irritating but true. Who would
have given anything for Donnes chances as a restless young man with
the reputation of a libertine and writer of erotic poetry? Yet his
conversion wasnt an overnight affair. Anyone reading his Holy Sonnets
for example, can see something of the powerful inner conflicts that
continued to plague him throughout his life.
Perhaps in this season of Lent, his is a story that we can draw
encouragement from for ourselves and for others who need our
encouragement: the example of someone who, largely against their
natural inclinations and against all odds, ultimately strove to grow into the
life and work that God had for him to do.
For John Donne it wasnt easy and probably wont be for us either as
we try to learn more about God and what he wants for our lives, trying to
become the people he wants us to be (or we feel we can be), and fulfil
the purposes he has for us.
So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.
For what is seen is temporary; but what is unseen is eternal.
(2 Corinthians 4.18) David Cleeves


First Sunday 8.00 am Masham Holy Communion
of Lent 9.15 am Healey Holy Communion
5th March 10.45 am Masham Family Service/Baptism
10.45 am North Stainley Holy Communion
10.45 am Well Holy Communion
10.45 am West Tanfield Holy Communion

Second 8.00 am Masham Holy Communion

Sunday of 9.30 am West Tanfield Family Service
Lent 10.45 am Masham Confirmation and
12th March Holy Communion
10.45 am Snape Holy Communion
4.00 pm Healey Evensong

Third Sunday 9.15 am. Healey Holy Communion

of Lent 10.45 am Masham Holy Communion
19th March 10.45 am North Stainley Holy Communion
10.45 am Well Holy Communion
4.00 pm West Tanfield Evensong

Mothering 8.00 am Masham Holy Communion

Sunday 10.45 am Masham Holy Communion
26th March 10.45 am West Tanfield Holy Communion
6.30 pm Healey Evensong
6.30 pm Snape Evensong

Altar Flowers At St Marys, Masham

We are at present compiling the flower rota for the coming year and
again are including ADOPT A SUNDAY when families can provide
flowers in memory of a loved one.

The flowers may be arranged by families themselves or we will do them
on their behalf. Volunteers to join the rota are always welcome!
A sincere thank you to all those who have provided altar flowers during
the past year so enhancing our beautiful church. Please contact either:
Judy Wall (01765 688404) or Lesley Hunter (01765 689828) Judy Wall

Our New Diocese Hows It Going? A Message From Bishop Nick

So much has been achieved since the Diocese of Leeds was created
just two and a half years ago. Bringing together three very different
dioceses was a hugely complex procedure, but we are all now part of a
large, coherent body, whose benefits are being increasingly revealed.
The bishops and archdeacons are working closely with their areas, and
the combined spiritual wealth of 656 churches, over 240 church schools
and three cathedrals has brought increased creative energy.
We now have a central office in Leeds (complete with a charitable coffee
shop thats open to all), a new parish share system, new governance and
further delegation of authority from the diocesan bishop to the area
bishops. Some of the challenges we face include: getting the right
balance between one diocese and the five episcopal areas, tackling
the anticipated fall in clergy numbers, growing our churches and
maintaining parish share. And it remains vital to reach children and
young people with the Gospel in order to build future generations of
strong Christians. At the heart of all we do are the values captured in
our diocesan strap line, Loving, Living and Learning. Its a useful list to
check against everything we do. What does that mean for you and your
church? +Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds
Loving, Living, Learning. We aim to: Love God, the world and one
another. Live in the world as it is, but, drawn by a vision of something
better, we want to help individuals and communities flourish. Learn
when we get things wrong, by listening and growing together.

Lent Meditations 2017 at Cogden House, 34 Market Place Masham,

Sunday evenings at 6.00pm
This year the Lent Meditations will be based on the anthology of poems
collected by Mark Oakley, Chancellor of St Pauls Cathedral, called
The Splash of Words: believing in poetry.
The book is a beautiful and wise meditation on 29 poems which make
the connection between poetry and belief, with a commentary on each
one, drawing out the often hidden meaning behind the words. Each
session will take one poem, which will be the focus of our meditation;
everyone is invited to bring other poems by the same poet to share with
the group. The format will be as in previous years, with music, candlelight
and silence.
Sunday 5th March: George Herbert: Love
Sunday 12th March: R S Thomas: The Moon in Lleyn
Sunday 19th March: U A Fanthorpe: Getting It Across
Sunday 26th March: Mary Oliver: The Journey

Easy Fundraising For St Marys Church Masham

Did you know that whenever you buy anything on line from weekly shop
to your annual holiday you could be collecting free donations for St
Marys Church Masham There are over 3,000 shops and sites on board
ready to make a donation, including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, the
Trainline and Sainsbury's. It doesn't cost you a penny extra.
1. https//
and join for free.
2 Every time you shop on line go to easyfundraising first to find the site
you want and start shopping.
3 After you've checked out the retailer will make a donation to your
good cause for no extra cost whatsoever.
There are no catches or hidden charges and St Marys Church, Masham,
will be really grateful for your donations. Thank you for your support.
Burns Supper
Thank you for supporting this years Burns Supper. It raised 630 which
will be sent to the PCC towards the cost of the installation of the church
boiler last year. The provisional date for 2018 is 26 January.

Ash Wednesday
This year on March 1st opens Lent, a season of fasting and prayer. Ash
Wednesday comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of penance and
fasting. The practice includes marking a cross of ash on the forehead.
The ashes symbolize the dust from which God made us. As the priest
applies the ashes to a person's forehead, he speaks the words:
"Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. Turn away
from sin and be faithful to Christ."
Ashes also symbolize grief, in this case, grief that we have sinned and
caused division from God. Priests administer ashes during Communion
and all are invited to accept the ashes as a visible symbol of penance.
There are two Communion services on Ash Wednesday 10.00 a.m. and
7.30 p.m. both at Masham, the latter with the imposition of ashes.
Womens World Day Of Prayer. Am I Being Unfair to You?
Friday 3rd March. 7.00 p.m. Masham Methodist Church
On Friday 3rd March over 5,000 services will be held in the British Isles
on the theme of Am I Being Unfair to You? The Christian women of the
Philippines wrote the service and it has been translated into 1,000
different languages and dialects, to be used, throughout the whole world,
on Friday 3rd March, starting at sunrise over the island of Samoa and
continuing until sunset off the coast of American Samoa.
In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan named locally as Yolanda struck the
Philippine islands in the western Pacific Ocean. This is mentioned in the
service but you will also hear the stories of a girl, a mother and an older
woman, recounting their situations and their hopes and fears. The
service focuses on the Bible story of the workers in the vineyard:
Matthew 20. 1- 16. There is a reflection on the artwork designed by
Rowena Apol Laxamana-Sta.Rosa. It is very thought provoking and
illustrates contrasting scenes. Why not find out more about the theme,
the Philippines and the service? The Day of Prayer is not just for women.
Everyone is welcome to attend the service.


The Sports Pavilion, Masham @ 7.00 p.m.
Supper, followed by a talk. Tickets from Kate (Tel. 01765 689255 or
email at 3.50 each.
Thursday 16th March Susie Hart: 10 years in Tanzania and beyond.
Susie Hart is a textile artist and social entrepreneur, and was a CMS
mission partner in Tanzania for 10 years. She received the international
Woman of the Year award in 2010 and also an M.B.E., for her
pioneering work with disabled people in the developing world. Since
returning to the UK she has set up a charity called Craft Aid International
to relieve poverty in people with disabilities in the developing world
through social enterprise, as well as running therapeutic workshops in
the UK. Come and hear how God can use even the most unlikely people,
if we will just place ourselves in his hands.
Thursday 23rd March - Kathy Couchman: Being there - working as a
Hospice Chaplain. Kathy Couchman is Chaplain at Saint Michaels
Hospice in Harrogate. Kathy is married to Jonathan and they love living
in the Dales. Kathy says, It may be a long drive to work at the hospice,
but Saint Michaels is such a special place to be that its worth every
mile! Kathy is a Priest in the Church of England and, since being

ordained in 2006, she has worked in parish ministry and prison
Thursday 30th March Robert MacKenzie Johnston: The Seven
Questions. Robert was in the Army for 20 years before becoming a
teacher. He retired two years ago as Headmaster of Queen Mary's
School in Topcliffe.
He will be exploring the many possible answers to the seven questions
about life which have puzzled men and women through the ages and will
attempt to give a personal and provisional answer to some of them,
informed by his own Christian journey so far.
"What is bad? What is good? What should one love and what hate?
What does one live for? And what am I? What is life, and what is death?
What power governs all?"
There was no answer to any of these questions, except one, and that not
a logical answer and not at all a reply to them. The answer was: "You'll
die and all will end. You'll die and know all, or cease asking." Pierre
Bezukhov in Tolstoy's War and Peace.
Thursday 6th April Clare Nelson: Love Changes Everything. For 20
years Clare worked as a solicitor in the aggressive world of commercial
intellectual property law, before giving it all up to speak out on behalf of
some of the worlds poorest children for Christian child development
charity Compassion. This complete change of direction came following
her decision to sponsor a child through Compassion when she found out
how easy it is to change the world - one child at a time, and that doing so
enables us to live out what we say we believe - loving God and loving
our neighbour. It just makes sense - love really does change everything.
She now spends most of her time on the road meeting with church
leaders and her Sundays speaking in churches across the north of
Pram Praise: Tuesday 14th March from 2:30-3:15pm. A relaxed session
of stories, songs and rhymes for young children, parents and carers with
comfortable chairs, carpet and cushions. Toys, tea, coffee and time to
talk afterwards. Finishes in time to collect other children from school or
Acorns.For more information please call Kate Cleeves on 01765689255.

Masham Local History Group

14th March Captured Memories 1900-1945 - Dr Peter Liddle
28th March Cocoa, Pastilles, Bricks and Houses -History of the
Joseph Rowntree Foundation- Brian Jardine
Meetings are held in Masham Town Hall and begin at 7.30pm.
From the Registers
8th January Philippa Simms at Masham
5th February Harry Alderson at Masham
4th February James Matthewman and Megan Geraughty at Masham
5th January Sally Lees at Masham
11th January Memorial Service for Willie Wise at Masham
20th January Dorothy Bryant at West Tanfield
24th January Margaret Boshier at Masham
25th January Thanksgiving for Jean Waghorne at Well
30th January Sophie Gillies at West Tanfield


Sunday 5th 10.30 am Masham Rev Dr. Malham-sacrament
10.30 am Tanfield Mrs H Garbutt
10.30 am Snape Mr D Boddy
6.30 pm Maple Creek-Rev Dr. Pat Malham
6.30 pm Snape Mr S Laugher

Sunday 12th 10.30 am Masham Rev. Sue Barclay

10.30 am Tanfield Rev. Dr. P. Malham
2.30 p.m. Circuit Service at Boroughbridge-Rev Bell
10.30 am Snape Rev D Wood
6.30 pm Snape Mr Collard

Sunday 19th 10.30 am Masham Audrey Barnett

10.30 am Tanfield Mr D Boddy
10.30 am Snape Mr Emison
6.30 pm Masham Kings Praise

Sunday 26th 10.30 am Masham K Phipps

10.30 am Tanfield Mr F Bell
10.30 am Snape Mr Baynes
6.30 pm Ellington Rev Helen Bell
6.30 pm Snape Rev Dr Pat Malham

Methodist News
Something for the children? Junior Rendezvous meets in the chapel
Schoolroom on the first and third Wednesdays of the month during term
time, and is open to all children of primary school age. The sessions for
March are on 1st and 15th. For more information contact Jennifer Peacock
on 01677 460215.
The Wednesday Drop-in is the place to go for a good cup of coffee (or
tea!) and someone to have a chat with. Come along to the Methodist
School Room from 10.30am to 12noon.
The Saturday Coffee Morning is open in the chapel School Room each
week from 10.30am to 12noon. A good place to refresh yourself on your
way to or from your Saturday shop! On 4th March there will be produce
stalls. For chapel bookings, phone Diana Pybus on 689875.
Hope Community Project
The Knitting Group meets every Tuesday afternoon in the Methodist
School Room. Novice or expert, or just wanting a chat, you are welcome
any time between 2pm and 4pm. We are a very lively and supportive
group either working on our own projects, or adding to the growing list of
items which are being knitted by the group to bring comfort and pleasure
to a wide range of people both in England and abroad. If you like the
sound of this, but dont know how to knit, heres your opportunity; there
are plenty of experts on hand to teach you everything you need to know!
If you want to know more, give Lynda a ring on 688170, or just turn up!
.The Thursday Club normally meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the
month at Maple Creek at 2.30pm, although there is a change in April -
see below. Refreshments, good company, speakers and music.
Coming sessions:
March 9th Singalong: Songs from the Shows with Damian Boddy
March 23rd A return visit of Jan Reed from The Making of Mashamshire
April 6th An Easter celebration (note the earlier date)
Are you at a bit of a loose end on a Sunday afternoon? You are always
welcome to join us at the Sunday Afternoon Drop-in every week at
Maple Creek from 3.00 4.00pm. Conversation, refreshments, and a
good laugh guaranteed to cheer you up!
The Hope Community Garden. Signs of spring can it be that time of
year already? If your thoughts are turning to growing a few vegetables
but youve no room at home and couldnt manage a full allotment, why
not have a word with Jim Hunter to see if there is a small bed vacant at
the Community Garden? Jim and his team will soon be sprucing it all up

for spring, including completing the raised bed for use of people with
mobility problems or who are wheelchair users, and improving access to
the plot. If you havent yet visited the garden, why not pop down there
when it is a nice day and sit on the bench in the rose garden and dream
about what else we could do down there. Jim Hunter would be very
pleased to hear your ideas, and if you would like to join his band of
volunteers, just get in touch on the number below.
Good news! We are delighted to have received a response to our cry
for help in the last issue of the magazine. Irene Verity has very kindly
offered to prune our roses for us thank you Irene! We look forward to
an even better display this summer.
The HOPE Community Garden is joint enterprise of Masham Allotment
Association and HOPE Community Support. If you would like to be part
of this exciting project, or want any other information about HOPE,
please contact Joy Rayden on (01765) 689310 or Jim Hunter on (01765)

Masham Church Trust - New Chairman

John Waddington, co-founder and Chairman of the Masham Church
2000 Trust since it started 16 years ago, has decided to stand down.
The Trust is an ecumenical community organisation, set up to provide
funds for the support and maintenance of the buildings and churchyard
of St Marys in Masham, which is a focal point for many activities, arts &
music projects as well as regular worship. For more information or to
donate, visit John has been a strong
and respected Chairman who has achieved much. He has worked
tirelessly to build up and manage the Trust funds which have been used
for many projects, including Churchyard maintenance, roof repairs, a
new lighting scheme, restoration of gargoyles, wall memorials, Coats of
Arms. We are very grateful for all he has done. He will remain as a
Trustee and the role of Chairman will be taken by Robert Jameson
Masham Church Trust Annual Meeting Monday 3 April at 7.00 for 7.30
pm in Sutton Grange, Masham. Wine and canopies will be served.
Anyone interested in the Trust will be very welcome.

Annual Report Live St. Marys is alive with the sound of music
A coffee morning on Saturday 22 April in St. Marys church between 10
am to 12 noon. A short performance of songs and music performed in
the church during 2016 at 10.30 a.m. Donations of Cakes welcome.

Have you any unwanted sherry glasses you could donate to the
Masham church? Please put them in the box on the square table at the
back of the church or tell a member of the Social Committee who can
arrange collection. Lesley 689828

Pie & Pint At Bay Horse Pub

An opportunity to have a chat, joke and eat together.
20 March 12 for 12.30 pm. 7.50 pie of the day, peas and chips.
Pint of Theakstons or Black Sheep beer. The usual pub menu and drinks
are of course also available. Please let Jim or Lesley Hunter know if you
are coming? Tel. 689828 or email

Blue Light Gallery: Christopher Evans exhibition, Polaroids has

three parts to it: The Ghost & the Folly where he is working on a poem
and visuals based in Hackfall Woods. Hedgerow which is a visual
poetry book about the 12 months of the English Hedgerow. Still Life
shows Christophers interest in the art of Vanitas. Chris exhibition
finishes on Friday 3rd March.
Louise Webbs love of drawing is captured through her drypoint and lino
prints. Her exhibition is called Off the Press and she experiments with
unusual surfaces and collaged elements that regularly appear within her
work. Her personal collage favourites are maps; particularly the linen
backed ones with personal notes added by the previous
owner. Louises exhibition runs from Saturday
11th March Friday 31st March.
ArtisOn Felt Addicts: have taken over the cabinets for the month of
March. All the felt work has been made by an enthusiastic and energetic
group of artists addicted to feltmaking. They met and continue to meet
and work regularly at ArtisOn to share ideas, skills and their passion for
felt making. The addicts featured are Louise Curnin, Gilly Knowles,
Chloe Greenwood, Helen Heard and their inspiration, Sheila Smith.
ArtisOn is a small, enthusiastic, not-for-profit organisation providing art
and craft workshops, just outside Masham and there are range of felt
making workshops available where you too could become addicted! Tel: 01765 689 637. For more information about
future exhibitions or if you would like to exhibit, please contact The Blue
Light Gallery at the Community Office, 7 Little Market Place, Masham,
HG4 4DY or call 01765 680 200 or e-mail:
Citizens Advice Drop-In Advice Session (Craven & Harrogate
Districts): Thursday 2nd March at Mashamshire Community Office.
Drop-in session from 10am-12pm. Free, confidential, independent,
impartial advice. For more information, call 01765 822981leave a
message Advice line 03444 111444 standard rate Email:
Health Visitor: Tuesday 7TH March, 10-11:30am at Masham Town Hall.
For further details please contact Deborah Ingham on 01609 798095.
Dominoes: Thursday 2nd March, at Masham Golf Club, Swinton Road,
HG4 4NS from 7.30pm. Members and guests welcome. 2 entry fee,
prizes and bar available.Contact Pauline/Richard Howard 01765 688649.
Yoga: Every Tuesday from 1.30-3pm and Wednesdays from 6.30-
8.15pm. Johan Welsh invites you to come and experience the
energising and revitalising benefits of Dru Yoga. Please call, email or pop
into Health Fusion, next to the Co-Op, on the Leyburn Road to book a
place or for further information. 30 for 5 sessions (or 6 per class). Tel:
01765 689 556. e-mail:
Sponsored Walk:Sunday 12 March 10.30am-2.30pm. Commencing
from Masham Town Hall, walk round the Wetlands and along the River
Ure. Easy 2.5 mile walk/1 hour duration with points of interest enroute,
departing at 11am. Refreshments served in the Hall from 10.30am to
2.30pm with hot drinks, sandwiches and homemade cakes. There are
also some stalls, so pop along and see us, even if you don't want to
walk. In aid of Saving Yorkshire's Dogs. For
more information, please call: 07922 071266 for sponsor forms.
Masham WI: on Monday 13th March at 7.15pm. Shepherds Purse
Cheese A talk and tasting. Competition - An unusual kitchen item.
Non-members welcome, 3 per meeting.
Laughter Yoga: on Tuesday 14th March and every 2nd Tuesday of the
month at Masham Town Hall from 5.50-7pm. Laughter Yoga is a simple,
gentle and healthy exercise that suits all ages and abilities. For more
information, please call Tim on 07861 388307 email:
Little Acorns: at Masham Town Hall every Wednesday from 9-11am.
Little Acorns welcomes all families with children aged 0-5 years. Come
along to our friendly drop-in where children can play and make friends
whilst adults swap ideas, suggestions and support one another. For
more information, call 01765 680 203.
Keep Moving: A new exercise class has started this year for gentler
exercise and movement at a steadier pace for those of us challenged by
age, weight, injury or indolence. Good company. Every Monday at
10am at Masham Town Hall. Just turn up!

Rhythm Time: Every Thursday in Masham Methodist Hall from 12.30-
2.30pm. Fun music classes for your baby, toddler or pre-schooler. Free
trial. Call Ami 07340 048804 for more information.
Masham Youth Group: for children in Years 5 to 8 every Thursday from
6-7.15pm at Masham Town Hall. For further details email: Revd Nick
Morgan: or check the website for updates.
Tai Chi: takes place on Friday mornings, 10.15-11.30am at Masham
Town Hall. The ancient art of flowing moves that help maintain general
health, promotes healing, relieves stress and improves energy levels.
The class is for all abilities and you can work at your own pace. 5.50
per week, pay as you go or block discount. For more information,
contact Sifu Anwar on 07889 852360 or email
Calling all carers: Come and join us for lunch at The Kings Head,
Masham on every third Tuesday of the month at 12.30pm. Lunch is from
the menu and will cost approximately 10-12. For more information call
Louise Wilson on 01677 470843.
Find a lift with Masham Area Liftshare: We are always looking to
improve the transport options in our area and are now delighted that we
are starting a Masham Area Liftshare, thanks to a grant from the NYCC
Stronger Communities Fund. The service offers a FREE journey
matching service to all those who live, work, or travel in and around
Masham. Do you travel regularly to your place of work or do you need a
lift to College? Do you need to visit a relative or fancy a days shopping
trip in Harrogate, Northallerton or perhaps Thirsk? You can choose to
car share as little or as often as you like, it doesnt have to be on a
regular basis. Please look out for publicity regarding a launch date and
event at Masham Town Hall this month. For more information and to
register the offer or request of a lift, please
visit or contact Mashamshire Community
Office on 01765 680 200, email:
Tour de Yorkshire via Masham: A note for your diary for next month.
The third outing of the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race takes place from
Friday 28th Saturday 30 th April and will fly through Masham on
Saturday 29th Stage 2 of the race. Activities are still not confirmed at
the time of going to print but for more information, please call
Mashamshire Community Office on 01765 680 200.
Email: Lets make it a day to remember and
enjoy showing off Masham again!

Wanted: Enthusiastic volunteers of all ages to help run Mashamshire
Community Office. Do you have a couple of hours a week to spare
either on a regular weekly basis or as and when? Whatever your skills
or talents we have a role for you and will be very grateful for your help
and support but in particular we require people with computer skills for
admin assistance and co-ordinating our Blue Light Gallery. All training
will be given. For more information, please contact Tessa Klemz at the
Community Office on 01765 680 200. Email:

Masham Players 70th year Production continues with

` Brassed Off by Paul Allen & Mark Herman
Wednesday 5th ;Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of April at 7.30pm
The central image in "Brassed Off'' is that of a face: shiny, homely, dead
serious. It is the face of a man who earnestly believes he is doing the
most important thing in the world. Masham Players will present the play
in conjunction with Ripon Brass Band A Brass Band and an excellent
play what more could you want in Masham Town Hall. Tickets 7.00
Available from Masham Community Office 01765 680200:
Please note there is some language in this play which may cause
offence for religious or personal sensitivity reasons, we do not feel it is a
suitable play for children.

Mashamshire Tennis Club

After serious flood damage caused by the storms of winter 2015, the club
has restored the courts to their pristine condition following re-laying in
2012. Now we would like to welcome new members. Why not have look
at the website:, where full details on
all aspects of the club are available. From 5th April one session starts at
6.30pm on Wednesday evenings, then for those who are not working full-
time there is a session on Thursday afternoons starting at 2pm and
finally one on Sunday mornings from 10:30am. For enquiries contact
club chairman Tom Johnson on 01765
603593.or match secretary David Miller on 019690625193.
Mashamshire Tennis Club will hold its' AGM on Wednesday 8th March
starting at 7pm. This is your chance to find out what plans the club has
for the future and what activities we run throughout the year. All are
welcome to attend, but please note that only members can vote at the
meeting. For further information please contact Tom 01765 603593

The Making Of Mashamshire, Community Heritage Organisation.
As many of you will already know, we are busy raising funds to renovate
a building into a Masham Heritage Centre. It will be somewhere that
people from the area, and those visiting, can come and see exhibitions,
look through our map and photo catalogues, take workshops in heritage
crafts as well as do personal or MOM research of the local area. We will
also be able to do more local history activities with schools.
Lots to look forward to - but in the meantime we are still busy protecting,
exploring and celebrating our local story. Can you help by;
Becoming an Oral Interviewer (training provided), digitally
recording the memories of older folk for generations to come,
Joining us to catalogue the thousands of fascinating old
Mashamshire papers at Northallerton County Records Office
(alternate Tuesday afternoons),
Helping to produce school "loan boxes" filled with activities,
images and objects that look at different periods and themes of
Mashamshire history?
Email on or call 01765 689702. Our AGM is
to be held at the Kings Head at 6:30pm on Monday 6th March. Finally,
can you fill in the gaps in a Masham story? We have heard that the
building next to the chip shop (was Fancy That Tea Room) was once
home to a small school on the first floor (possibly in the early 1800s). It
is also though that the top room was used as a millinery school? Do you
know any more about this? Jan Reed


Methodist News
1st - 12.15pm - Lunch in the schoolroom
20th - Homemakers - Safer Communities - Speaker Simon Aston

Lent Lunches In West Tanfield

In aid of St. Nicholas Church funds and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
Tuesdays March 14th 21st & 28th & April 4th all at The Bull. 12.30 p.m.
Soup and Sandwiches for donations of whatever people feel they would
like to give. It would be helpful if people could book their places at the
communal tables in advance. Please telephone 01677 470678.
West Tanfield
On the 20 January, "Two Talking Heads" was presented at St Nicholas
Church to a full house. It was a fabulous evening. Many thanks to all

who supported it and also all who helped behind the scenes.We raised a
magnificent 600 for Church funds.

West Tanfield Bowling Club

West Tanfield Bowling Club are appealing for anyone willing to donate
unwanted sets of lawn bowls to the club for visitors to use. We are a
welcoming friendly club and would like to encourage more visitors to
come and play but are a bit short on sets of woods, particularly in smaller
sizes that are suitable for women and children to use. Please contact
Rachel on 01677470148 and leave a message and drop off or collection
can be arranged. Rachel Elliott - Chairman

Tanfield and District Flower Club

16th March. 'Easter Parade' by Club Members.
Meetings are held at 7.30 pm in West Tanfield Memorial Hall. Visitors are
always welcome and are charged 4.

Tour de Yorkshire - Tan Fest 17!

The best riders in the world will be in West Tanfield again on Saturday
29th April when the village plays host to the Tour de Yorkshire 2017.
To celebrate the visit of the TdY women's race in the morning and stage
two of the mens race in the afternoon, West Tanfield will be holding 'Tan
Fest 17', a village festival incorporating the very best of Yorkshire with
food, drink, music, art. The main feature of Tan Fest will be a soapbox
race where amateur drivers race homemade soapbox vehicles. Parking
and entrance to all attractions is free so put the date in your diary and
come and watch the Tour de Yorkshire in West Tanfield on Sat 29th April
and enjoy a fun filled family day.For further details, please contact Stef
Bennett (01677 47080)


Well Walkers March longer walks, generally around 5-7 miles, will be
on Monday 6th & 20th March, 10.00 am from Orchard House. Telephone
470305 for more information if you want to come along and join in,
everyone welcome, you dont have to live in the village to join in.
Shorter, easier walks of up to 4 miles to take place on Monday 13th & 27th
Feb, 10.00 am from Orchard House, everyone welcome. Tele 470426
for more information if you want to come along or know of any shorter
walks we could do or that you want to suggest
Well Ladies Coffee Wednesday 8th March at Antje Reams, Rawdon
House, Church Street, 10.30 am
Wellies Craft Group Tuesday 7th February venue to be arranged, 7.00
pm, everyone welcome, you dont have to be crafty to join in. Just come
and listen if you dont have anything you particularly want to do
Well Parish Council the next meeting will be held on Monday 10th April
at The Institute, 7.00 pm
Well Village Website, or
Village Email Contact Group several emails a month are sent out to
those on the list, if you want to be included or no longer wish to receive
emails please contact the clerk on Your email
address will not be disclosed to any other parties and kept confidential.
Defibrillator Code the code for the defibrillator machine is C147 and is
also on the side of the porch at The Milbank Arms is on the notice on the
notice board across the road next to the bus shelter. Please let the Clerk
know in the event of it being used so that new pads can be ordered.
Following the closure of Well Post Office, I would like to extend my
personal thanks to all the many customers who have supported me over
the last twenty years. Avril.


Institute News
Following major improvements to the kitchen, with financial assistance
from Awards for All and the West Tanfield Tour de France Community
Fund, the Committee sought views from the parish about developments
and new activities they would like to see. As a consequence a number
of new activities will be starting soon:
Luncheon Club with the first lunch at 12 noon on Thursday 2 March
(price 5) and then on the first Thursday each month (except in May
when the luncheon will be held on 11 May).
Gardening Club an inaugural meeting will happen at 7.30 pm on
Wednesday 15 February.
Table Tennis at 7 pm on a Wednesday evening.
Tai Chi this should commence in March on a Friday morning 11.30 am
to 12.30 pm.
Yoga classes will commence soon on a Tuesday morning from 11.00
am to 12.30 pm.
Zumba classes are currently being arranged.
Please contact Sarah, 01677 470444, for
further information on the above.

On Saturday 18 March there will be a Moveable Feast. A three course
Italian-themed meal will be served with individuals/couples moving tables
after each course with the opportunity of you spending time with a
number of different people throughout the evening. There will be a bar.
Tickets, 10 each, should be booked with Sarah, 470444 by Friday 10
Snape Local History Group
Friday 24th March - COACHING MEMORIES- Recreating the era of the
Stage Coach & Coaching Inn (Studies of two routes - Bawtry to the River
Tees via the A1 & A162 and the A19) - Illustrated talk by Eric Houlder,
LRPS MifL. Meetings held at 7.30pm in Snape Institute. Non-members
very welcome - admission charge of 2-50 includes light refreshments.


Lent Lunches
The North Stainley Lent Lunch will take place on March 15th 12noon at
North Stainley Village Hall. 3 for lunch and a collection to support St
Mary's Church. Please book via North Stainley School on 01765 635276.


St Pauls Organ Restoration Appeal
The restoration of the church organ at St Pauls has been completed.
The refurbished organ was rebuilt in the church just before Christmas. It
looks and sounds beautiful. The members of the St Pauls PCC would
like to thank everyone who contributed to the Organ Appeal which has
been an outstanding success. A celebratory evening of organ music,
featuring amongst others the Asgarth School Choir, will take place in
early summer (when the evenings have stretched out a bit) to which
everyone is invited. Keith Marshall
Kell Bank School
Staff and Children from Kell Bank C.E. Primary School are celebrating
after their school scooped 10,000 from the Lottery in order to build a
purpose built trim trail. The pupils designed the trail themselves in order
to develop a wide range of skills. It even includes a covered house
where pupils can chat and participate in imaginative play. School
Business Manager Karen Thompson led the bid for the project funding.
Now she is eager to see the playground features used for the benefit of
all the children and the community. She said: " The trail will encourage
children to live more active lifestyles and, because of the all weather
surface, give the children somewhere to develop their play throughout

the year. We were really pleased to have received the funding, and were
very excited to see the childrens design come to life.

Can you help Fearby & Healey Village Hall NEEDS you NOW!
Calling everyone who uses and values Fearby & Healey Village Hall.
We are due to start major urgent repair work to the Village Hall roof at
the end of March 2017 and whilst fund raising so far has generated
17,000 of the 22,000 we need to complete the work (10,000 through
our successful grant application to the Lottery Fund) with the remainder
committed from reserves held by the Village Hall. In order to complete
all the necessary works to repair the roof and provide much needed
insulation we are still short of 5,000. If we are unable to raise this
money through donations then we will only be able to complete the main
building work SO please could you dig deep and make a donation to help
us! We have included an envelope in this edition of the Parish Magazine
to enclose your donation which can be left at the Masham Community
Office or dropped through my door. Please include your name and
contact number on the envelope in case we are unable to raise the full
5,000 and would therefore wish to return the donation to you. We have
to commit to the full work or partial work with the contractor by the end of
MARCH 2017 so do please help us with your donation.
Sue Mould, Hill House, Fearby (01765 688128) on behalf of:
Fearby & Healey Village Hall Management Committee.

For Claire Walker - 1964-2017

You watched your world with compassionate eyes.
You were in all lights a place of love and mysteries.
Bright fire of you, here, lives still,
Blooms in cool unvisited dreams,
Burning icons of loss and sorrow.
You came to us bringing gifts,
Lantern at the door of the house of the unquiet heart,
Lamp to the room where despair lay waiting.
Dearest Claire, we sense you still:
As a sun walking towards troubled islands
Over water that flames in a path aimed at their shores
To free from deep midwinter's spell
Those ice-bound places' lakes and meres
Still mists and standing streams, suspended airs.