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Who is Celestino "Les" Reyes?

Let s D e f in e

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Th e V i s i o n
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of RH C

is a ?FilipinoFamily Salon?which caters to
every member of thefamily and cuts across
incomelevels. RHC perfected a system for
delivering value- priced services totheentire
family in a convenient no- appointment
environment. Having goneahead of its
competitors in myriad ways, through
franchising, Reyes Haircutters has becomea
cutting- edgeleader in thepersonal care
industry. Today, Reyes Haircutters invites
entrepreneurs tobepart of theCountry?s #1
Family Salon chain!

the Philippines # 1 in the Beauty & Wellness I ndustr y. is the leading pr ovider of per sonal car e ser vices whose excellence & constant innovation makes the RHC the continuously r ising ?Salon ng Bayan? MISSION Reyes Hair cutter s is a company that finds its meaning in ser vice. beautician. R ey es H a i r c u t t er s VISION V i si on a n d M i ssi on Reyes Hair cutter s. Filipinos involved in the national endeavor towar ds nation-building. and skin exper ts who ar e. supplying the countr y with accomplished and accr edited hair dr esser s. massage ther apist. . at the same time.

in less t han eight years and soon t o open in Doha. U. Reyes Haircut t ers cont inues t o gain recognit ion not only in various consumer award giving bodies. Reyes earned his M ast er of Ent repreneurship Degree at t he Asian I nst it ut e of M anagement (AI M ). he was recognized as one of t he count ry's Top 10 Ent repreneurs and was included in t he Top 50 Ent repreneurs by Ent repreneur M agazine and Top 50 I nspiring Ent repreneur St ories of GO NEGOSYO by M r. Qat ar and in Unit ed St at es. . The idea was t o provide qualit y salon services available t o every family member wit h prices affordable t o all. Wit h an effect ive and unparalleled mark et ing t erms and expert s." Les began t o t ransform his salons based on t he vision he has set for it s growt h. Les E. RHC Chairman. but in t he Philippine business communit ies as well.K. Les revolut ionized t he way salon operat ions are done in t he Philippines. t he Reyes Haircut t ers concept was born! Reyes Haircut t ers opened it s doors t o franchising aft er a few years of successful operat ions which enabled t hem t o share t heir t rade secret s and branding success t o ent repreneurs who have t he same passion on cust omer service. I n 20 0 3. Reyes Haircut t ers grew t o more t han 20 0 branches nat ionwide wit h one (1) in London. I t k ept our client s delight ed and feels good regardless of t heir social class. Joey Concepcion. He said. Quick t o spot a growing t rend in t he personal care indust ry. "Using branded qualit y product s and high st andard expert services wit h affordable pricing is an essent ial component of our business. I n January 20 0 1. Today.WELIVEUPTOOURNAME Les was t he first t o int roduce t he concept of a "Filipino Family Salon" t hrough his Christ ian Reyes Salons. He's a recipient of t he 20 0 5 AGORA Awards for His Out st anding Achievement in Ent repreneurship and was cit ed as 20 0 6 Out st anding Filipino Franchise of t he Year and 20 0 7 Out st anding Filipino Franchise of t he Year (HALL OF FAM E) in service cat egory awarded by t he Philippine Franchise Associat ion and Depart ment of Trade and I ndust ry.

and "conf or mance t o r equir ement " [Cr osby. pr ice. "f it ness f or use" [Jur an. Ther ef or e it is an imper at ive f or a company t o ident if y such needs ear ly in t he pr oduct / ser vice devel opment cycl e. saf et y. This is a cor e st at ement f r om which some eminent def init ions of qual it y have been der ived. 1988]. and ot her business act ivit ies and pr ocesses wil l pl ace a f ir m ahead of it s compet it or s in t he mar ket . per f or mance.Let s D e f in e Quality! Qual it y can be int er pr et as "Cust omer 's expr essed and impl ied r equir ement s ar e met f ul ly". 1994]. 1979]. The abil it y t o def ine accur at ely t he needs r el at ed t o design. . It is impor t ant t o not e t hat sat isf ying t he cust omer s' needs and expect at ions is t he main f act or in al l t hese def init ions. They incl ude: "t he t ot al it y of f eat ur es and char act er ist ics of a pr oduct or ser vice t hat bear s on it s abil it y t o meet a st at ed or impl ied need" [ISO. del iver y.

Chairman and CEO of Reyes Hair Co. the salon is getting tourists as their usual clients in Boracay.Celestino "Les" Reyes YOU can?t miss the very popular Reyes Haircutters (RHC). He was first to introduce the concept of "Filipino Family Salon" in his ?Xristian Reyes Salon? in San Juan. Inc. Celestino "Les" Reyes. yes it can. blow-dry. it is now nearing its 300-branch expansion. usually found in almost every city district all over the land. Nationwide franchise Since its first cut in January 2000. The signage displays the word ?Reyes? glaring in dark pink and white letters against a green background. and ?Haircutters? in white text reversed in dark blue. At Reyes Haircutters. styling. is a Internationally Certified Franchise Executive who started Reyes Haircutters (RHC) with that unique zeal and passion for making others feel and look good all the time. He belongs to a renowned clan of salon entrepreneurs. Now. . starting off with "Mama Ada" of Ada's Beauty Salon in the early 1960's. the Reyes salon franchise mushroomed all over the country.99 sign in big red numerals. International. With that price. one can already get a basic professional haircut that also includes shampoo. But more eye-catching is the P49. He also has a Masters of Entrepreneurship degree from the Asian Institute of Management and is a director of Strategic Franchising Concepts Inc. and a little massage.

? To all SMEs. subdivisions.99 haircut. came within everybody?s reach. hotels. himself. Hong Kong and Malaysia. catering to the beauty and grooming needs of the Pinoy family. he intended it to become the ?Filipino Family Salon. the high end ones and their elusive prices were located in malls. with clean interiors and smiling staff. To be able to live up to the speedy growth and maintain adherence to quality. his formula is getting good people to work for him and getting the right franchise partners to work with him. quality grooming and beauty services. are safe and effective to use on the face. via joint ventures. the latest being facials. chairman and chief executive officer of Reyes Hair Company International Inc. both branded and signature ?RHC?. all of a sudden. And so as to reach more of our countrymen in the Asia-Pacific region. England) and more to come locally there is no stopping their expansion.When Celestino ?Les? Reyes conceptualized Reyes Haircutters (RHC) in January 2001.? . and other plush addresses vis-a-vis the neighbourhood beauty parlours which were reasonably-priced indeed. The extraordinary growth of Reyes Haircutters is now history. RHC is going to Indonesia. at prices which were not intimidating at all. With its 153 outlets (including one in posh London. Even the products. Out of the total 153 stores. Salons back then had extreme niche markets. With every Reyes Haircutters Salon. spas and massages. hair. believe in your products. yet offered no assurance of product quality. with the most affordable being the P49. 14 are company owned and 139 are franchise outlets.. yourself and your people. Guam. Reyes says ?work hard.? Sure enough. body and skin and have passed the stringent quality check by the Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD). He says ?communication with franchisees regarding the franchise system is key because franchisees are your best advisers when it comes to operations. admits to being overwhelmed with the positive reception of the market to his company?s products and services. Les Reyes. there was this accessible salon in the community. this brilliant positioning captured the family of the Pinoymasa especially because.

ServicesOffered byRHC Hair Color Perming .

Quality Cost Em p l o y ee Tr ai n i n g s .

. Consistency There is an employee who oversees the performance of each staff to make sure that the services offered to their clients are consistent. Tangible Factors They are checking all of their equipment from time to time to make sure that the services they deliver are of good quality.

The staff of the salon maintains a good environment for their co-workers as well as for their clients. . Courtesy/ Friendliness When you enter the salon you will be greeted and immediately attended by their manager. Whenever they receive complaints from their clients regarding the services offered to them they make sure that they will give a solution to it immediately and will have an agreement between them and the client of what will be the most appropriate action to be taken. T O TA L QUALITY MANAGEMENT Responsiveness to customer needs & Timeliness/ Promptness Reyes Haircutters have a receptions desk to easily attend to their clients?needs.

Appraisal Cost: there is an overseer who checks regularly the work of the staffs to make sure that they are doing their assigned duties according to their standard operating procedures. QUALITY FAILURE COST Internal Failure Cost: whenever there is defective equipment they immediately replace it with a new one to avoid possible problems regarding their services that will arise if they continually use that defective equipment. they immediately attend to it and make an agreement between them and the client of what is the most appropriate action to do. External Failure Cost: whenever there are complaints from clients regarding the services the staffs rendered to them. .

Reyes Haircutters have policies that are practiced by all its branches nationwide RHC Santa Maria have in-house policies aside from the policies given by RHC main office.v MANAGEMENT?S COMMI TMENT Satisfying our clients by providing the best services at an affordable price. Rendering good quality services and providing a relax environment for both our clients and employees. .

Focus on customers and employees Complaints ? whenever there are complaints from customers RHC make an agreement between them and the client before making an appropriate action. % 5D . Telephone services.(044) 641-4560 they also have a website www. Focusonfacts 1.reyeshaircutters.(quality services w/ cheaper prices) Image of the product/ service ? established brand which is known Advertisements ? through social media Services of staffs ? friendly staffs Price.

2 types of compensation: Commission Monthly salary \ .Measurement of employee satisfaction All employees have complete benefits and bonuses.

Clients ? feedbacks on services rendered to them 4.E v er yb od y?s p ar t ic ip at ion Management Regular meetings Giving trainings to employees Every quarter ? 2representatives Initial trainings for new employees 2. Employees ? giving suggestions 3. Supplier ? Giving good quality beauty products and equipments .

A w a r d s & Re c o g n it io n s .

B R A N C H ES .



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Corner F.maria .reyeshaircutters.Mercado St. RHC St a.Bulacan Business Name: REYES HAIRCUTTERS (FRANCHISE) Owner: CORAZON Email: rhc_franchisedept"at"yahoo. Santa Maria. Santiago. HERMOGENES Address: R. Bulacan Phone: (044) 641-4560 Website: Description: Les was the first to introduce the concept of a "Filipino Family Salon" through his Xristian Reyes Salons. The idea was to provide quality salon services available to every family member with prices affordable to all Franchise year: 2003 . Poblacion.


L or enz o M iguel L iw anag .A ngelo R esur r ec c ion .A r m and o C r ist ob al ht t p:/ / www.V er nad et t e G ar c ia .ph/ .reyeshaircut t ers.C am ille D ula .Pr epar ed by Gr oup 6: .com.E m m anuel G r egor io .D aisy C r uz .J unel A ngeles .