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Pressure Temperature Level Flow

Switch Switch Switch Switch Circuit Breaker
or Motor Variability

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AG-C4 L-C12 Switch (Normally Closed): A switch that will open at a specified point (temp. The plug and receptacle 2 contain both pins and sockets. 325-AG135 PK-14 Harness identification code: This example indicates wire group 325..COMPENSATED Pilot Symbol Loaded Line Restriction Controlled Spring Loaded Gas Charged Restriction (Fixed) Unidirectional Bidirectional MAIN AUX..).) L-C12 Sender: A component that is used with a temperature or pressure gauge. 1 Deutsch connector: Typical representation of a Deutsch connector. C2.ELECTRICAL ELECTRICAL SYMBOLS G M T Pressure Temperature Level Flow Transducer Transducer Generator Electric Pressure Pressure Switch Temperature Electrical Switch Switch Switch Switch Circuit Breaker (Fluid) (Gas / Air) Motor Switch (Adjustable) Switch Wire BASIC ELECTRICAL COMPONENT SYMBOLS HARNESS AND WIRE SYMBOLS Wire. Magnetic Latch Solenoid: An electrical component that is activated by electricity and held latched by a permanent magnet. Fuse (5 Amps) 9X-1123 Part Number It has a coil that makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. 111-7898 3E-5179 No circle indicates that the wire cannot be disconnected from the component. etc. etc. The plug contains all 2 sockets and the receptacle contains all pins. It has two coils (latch and unlatch) that make electromagnet 1 Sure-Seal connector: Typical representation when current flows through them. Part Number: for 1 Connector Plug Ground (Wired): This indicates that the component is connected to a grounded wire. Cable. The electromagnet can open or close the switch part of the relay. The electromagnet can open or close a valve or move a piece of metal that can do work. the latch coil circuit open at the time the coil latches. press. 5A Component Relay (Magnetic Switch): A relay is an electrical component that is activated by electricity.). The circle indicates that the component has screw terminals and a wire can be disconnected from it.. press. . AB. T Its resistance changes to give an indication to the gauge of the temperature or pressure. Harness Identification Letter(s): (A. harness (C1. AC. B. 2 The grounded wire is fastened to the machine.COMPENSATED CYLINDERS Fluid Spring (Adjustable) Two-way Three-Way Four-Way Conditioner Unidirectional Bidirectional CONTROL AB AB Single Acting Double Acting MOTORS Pressure FIXED DISPLACEMENT Spring P T P T Compensation Normal Position Shifted Position Infinite Position CHECK Control ACCUMULATORS Unidirectional Bidirectional Valves Line Restriction (Variable) VARIABLE DISPLACEMENT Basic Spring Shuttle NON. Includes Harness Identification Letters and Harness Connector Serialization Codes (see sample).. C3. Plug Receptacle Pin or Socket Number Ground (Case): This indicates that the component does not have a wire connected to ground. or Harness Assembly Identification: Fuse: A component in an electrical circuit that will open the circuit if too much current flows through it. Wire Gauge Solenoid: A solenoid is an electrical component that is activated by electricity. . C. . It is grounded by being fastened to the machine.SCHEMATIC SYMBOLS AND DEFINITIONS VALVES INTERNAL PASSAGEWAYS PUMPS BASIC HYDRAULIC ENVELOPES FLOW IN ONE DIRECTION FLOW ALLOWED IN EITHER DIRECTION PARALLEL FLOW CROSS FLOW FIXED DISPLACEMENT COMPONENT SYMBOLS One Position Two Position Three Position Unidirectional Bidirectional Pump Infinite Two Three Variability Positioning Position Position or Motor PORTS VARIABLE DISPLACEMENT NON. 3E-5179 The sender measures the temperature or pressure. it opens the contacts of a normally closed reed switch. Switch (Normally Open): A switch that will close at a specified point (temp. Wire Color It has a coil that makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. AA. A magnet closes the contacts of Harness Connector Serialization Code: The "C" stands for "Connector" and the number indicates which connector in the a normally open reed switch. Line Restriction PILOT CONTROL 2-Section RELEASED PRESSURE ROTATING SHAFTS Variable and Pressure Compensated Pump Unidirectional Bidirectional External Return Internal Return Attachment Pump: Variable and REMOTE SUPPLY PRESSURE Pressure Compensated Internal Hydraulic Pneumatic Simplified Complete Supply Pressure Energy Triangles COMBINATION CONTROLS LINES MEASUREMENT Solenoid Solenoid Solenoid Solenoid and Servo Thermal Detent Crossing Joining or Manual and Pilot Pilot or Manual Pressure Temperature Flow MANUAL CONTROL FLUID STORAGE RESERVOIRS Push-pull Lever Manual Shutoff General Manual Push Button Pedal Spring Vented Pressurized Return Above Fluid Level Return Below Fluid Level HYDRAULIC SYMBOLS . wire 135 in harness "AG".) Reed Switch: A switch whose contacts are controlled by a magnet. It also has an internal switch that places of a Sure-Seal connector.

UENR3874 December 2012 793F APECS Transmission Electrical System SND1-UP SSP1-UP © 2012 Caterpillar.S. . All Rights Reserved Printed in U.A.

XMSN Intermediate Speed D-4 2 Sensor .XMSN Input Speed G-3 1 Sensor .COMPONENT TABLE Component Location Schematic Machine Component Location Location Sensor .XMSN Lube Oil Temperature G-3 3 Solenoid .XMSN Clutch 4 D-6 7 Solenoid .XMSN Clutch 5 D-6 8 Solenoid .XMSN Clutch 1 E-6 4 Solenoid .XMSN Clutch 2 D-6 5 Solenoid .XMSN Clutch 3 D-6 6 Solenoid .XMSN Clutch 6 C-6 9 .

CONNECTOR TABLE Connector Location Schematic Connector Number Location CONN 1 G-5 CONN 2 E-3 CONN 3 G-1 .

SPECIFICATIONS AND RELATED MANUALS Related Electrical Service Manuals Title Form Number Cross Reference for Electrical Connectors: REHS0970 Systems Operations: KENR8392 Troubleshooting: KENR8394 .

Specifications and Systems Operations. COMPONENT SPLICE CALLOUTS BLADE.CONTROL Name Component Locations Table) 138-1234 Part Number ABBREV COLOR RD RED WH WHITE OR ORANGE YL YELLOW WIRE GROUP COLOR DESCRIPTIONS PK PINK WIRES THAT HAVE SYSTEM VOLTAGE WHEN THE KEY SWITCH IS ON TRANSMISSION CONTROL CIRCUIT BK BLACK MONITOR CIRCUIT GY GRAY CHASSIS CIRCUIT PU PURPLE INTEGRATED BRAKING CONTROL CIRCUIT BR BROWN OTHER COLOR DESCRIPTIONS GN GREEN HIGHWAYS BU BLUE THIS SCHEMATIC IS FOR THE 793F APECS TRANSMISSION ELECTRICAL SYSTEM IDENT PART NUMBER CHANGE SHEET LOC DESCRIPTION NOTE MEDIA NUMBER: UENR3874 HARNESS AS. RING OR SCREW TERMINAL Callout Number Component (Machine Location from (52) VALVE GP . VERSION: - XA 378-1002 00 1 G1 XMSN INPUTS STD Components are shown installed on a fully operable machine with the key and engine off. CHANGE: 03. XMSN XA-C3 XA-C1 CX-C2 1552267 9X4391 1030213 (3)XMSN LUBE OIL TEMP SNSR +8V OR A X800-XA8 OR-16 1 XG-C2 XA-C2 134-2252 GROUND BK B C241-XA30 BK-16 769-XA4 BU-16 2 7X6222 9X0145 SIGNAL WH C 428-XA15 OR-16 770-XA5 GN-16 3 TO THE XMSN / 1 113-XA6 OR-16 799-XA11 WH-16 4 RR CHASSIS HARNESS 2 C429-XA10 GY-16 X743-XA45 GY-16 5 3 J845-XA36 PU-16 6 4 799-XA11 WH-16 7 5 C484-XA7 YL-16 XA-C6 8 CONN 3 6 A700-XA3 OR-16 1552269 9 7 E900-XA13 WH-16 (1)XMSN INPUT SPEED SNSR BK-18 1 E909-XA43 WH-16 10 TO THE POWER 8 E906-XA18 OR-16 201-6615 WH-18 2 E908-XA33 BR-16 11 TRAIN HARNESS 9 769-XA4 BU-16 12 10 770-XA5 GN-16 13 11 113-XA6 OR-16 14 CONN 1 12 429-XA24 YL-16 E900-XA13 WH-16 15 13 E901-XA14 GN-16 769-XA4 BU-16 C467-XA25 BU-16 16 14 E907-XA19 GY-16 770-XA5 GN-16 C473-XA1 GN-16 17 15 J806-XA9 GY-16 799-XA11 WH-16 J806-XA9 GY-16 18 16 C243-XA20 BK-16 C484-XA7 YL-16 19 17 A700-XA3 OR-16 113-XA6 OR-16 20 18 C243-XA20 BK-16 A700-XA3 OR-16 21 19 429-XA24 YL-16 C429-XA10 GY-16 22 20 C467-XA25 BU-16 C467-XA25 BU-16 751-XA17 GN-16 23 21 X743-XA45 GY-16 C473-XA1 GN-16 752-XA21 YL-16 24 22 P997-XA35 BR-16 C484-XA7 YL-16 754-XA22 BU-16 25 23 C473-XA1 GN-16 E900-XA13 WH-16 755-XA26 OR-16 26 24 J765-XA2 BU-16 E901-XA14 GN-16 900-XA27 PU-16 27 E906-XA18 OR-16 28 E907-XA19 GY-16 E901-XA14 GN-16 29 J765-XA2 BU-16 C429-XA10 GY-16 30 J806-XA9 GY-16 X800-XA8 OR-16 31 J845-XA36 PU-16 E907-XA19 GY-16 32 P997-XA35 BR-16 428-XA15 OR-16 33 (4)XMSN CLUTCH SOL 1 X743-XA45 GY-16 C241-XA30 BK-16 34 XH-C1 P997-XA35 BR-16 35 226-9622 1552269 901-XA31 WH-16 36 1 H801-XH1 PU-18-TFE H801-XA37 PU-16 37 2 751-XH11 GN-18-TFE H801-XA38 PU-16 38 H802-XA39 GY-16 39 H802-XA40 GY-16 40 (5)XMSN CLUTCH SOL 2 H803-XA41 BU-16 41 XH-C2 H803-XA42 BU-16 42 226-9622 1552269 E906-XA18 OR-16 43 1 H802-XH7 GY-18-TFE 751-XH11 GN-18-TFE 429-XA24 YL-16 44 2 752-XH12 YL-18-TFE 752-XH12 YL-18-TFE E908-XA33 BR-16 45 754-XH13 BU-18-TFE E909-XA43 WH-16 46 755-XH14 OR-18-TFE J845-XA36 PU-16 47 (6)XMSN CLUTCH SOL 3 C243-XA20 BK-16 48 XH-C3 900-XH15 PU-18-TFE J765-XA2 BU-16 49 226-9622 1552269 901-XH16 WH-18-TFE 50 1 H803-XH4 BU-18-TFE CONN 2 51 2 754-XH13 BU-18-TFE 52 XH-C8 XA-C4 53 H801-XH3 PU-18-TFE 1086177 4W4293 751-XA17 GN-16 54 (7)XMSN CLUTCH SOL 4 XH-C4 H801-XH1 PU-18-TFE H801-XH5 PU-18-TFE A H801-XA38 PU-16 752-XA21 YL-16 55 226-9622 1552269 H801-XH5 PU-18-TFE 751-XH11 GN-18-TFE B 751-XA17 GN-16 754-XA22 BU-16 56 1 H802-XH6 GY-18-TFE H801-XH18 PU-18-TFE 752-XH12 YL-18-TFE C 752-XA21 YL-16 755-XA26 OR-16 57 2 755-XH14 OR-18-TFE 754-XH13 BU-18-TFE D 754-XA22 BU-16 900-XA27 PU-16 E902-XA12 PU-16 58 755-XH14 OR-18-TFE E 755-XA26 OR-16 901-XA31 WH-16 E903-XA16 YL-16 59 (8)XMSN CLUTCH SOL 5 900-XH15 PU-18-TFE F 900-XA27 PU-16 60 XH-C5 901-XH16 WH-18-TFE G 901-XA31 WH-16 61 226-9622 1552269 H802-XH7 GY-18-TFE H E902-XA12 PU-16 62 1 H803-XH2 BU-18-TFE H802-XH6 GY-18-TFE J E903-XA16 YL-16 63 2 900-XH15 PU-18-TFE H802-XH10 GY-18-TFE K H801-XA37 PU-16 64 H802-XH19 GY-18-TFE L H801-XA38 PU-16 65 (9)XMSN CLUTCH SOL 6 M H802-XA39 GY-16 66 XH-C6 H801-XH18 PU-18-TFE N H801-XA37 PU-16 H802-XA40 GY-16 67 226-9622 1552269 H803-XH9 BU-18-TFE P H803-XA41 BU-16 H803-XA41 BU-16 68 1 H801-XH3 PU-18-TFE H803-XH4 BU-18-TFE H803-XH20 BU-18-TFE R H803-XA42 BU-16 H803-XA42 BU-16 69 2 901-XH16 WH-18-TFE H803-XH2 BU-18-TFE H802-XH10 GY-18-TFE S H802-XA40 GY-16 70 H803-XH9 BU-18-TFE H802-XH19 GY-18-TFE T H802-XA39 GY-16 H803-XH20 BU-18-TFE XA-C7 XA-C5 3E3364 1552269 (2)XMSN INTERMEDIATE SPEED SNSR BK-18 1 E903-XA16 YL-16 201-6617 WH-18 2 E902-XA12 PU-16 SYMBOL DESCRIPTION CIRCUIT CONNECTED CIRCUIT NOT CONNECTED ELECTRICAL CONNECTION TO MACHINE STRUCTURE INTERNAL ELECTRICAL CONNECTION TO SURFACE OF COMPONENT CONNECTOR H# CIRCUIT GROUPING DESIGNATION ATCH WIRE. SPADE. . SCHEMATIC PART NUMBER: 289-6289. Refer to the appropriate Service Manual for Troubleshooting. transmission shifter XH 378-1001 00 1 E3 XMSN OUTPUTS STD in neutral and with parking brake set. CABLE.