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1)What is the name of your teaching activity in ‘’Learning by
doing’’ project?

Grow through theater.

2)Can you explain the steps of the teaching activity?
First, the teacher and children create a story titled Tangled stories that
includes parts of Romanian fairy tales because then the story becomes
a play script. Then, the children and the teacher will go and watch a
play for children to become familiar with the performance hall, with
stage, backstage, scenery and all other elements that round out a show.
In kindergarten, it organizes a casting that each child to receive a task
for final performance. All the children can participate in casting but
their parents, too. For casting, they will be prepare songs, poetry,
riddles, rhymes or dances. Then we will organize a workshop to create
the necessary setting and we have invited a painter and a carpenter.
Next, we will organize workshops to create costumes and then
puppets. Also, specialists will be participate in activities such as the
tailor and the man who produce puppets. They will help the children
to create all the necessary things for the final piece.
Another step is to learn roles and to handle the puppets. It will be an
activity in collaboration with actors from theater. At kindergarten, we
will organize a poster and an invitation contest and the most beautiful
will win. Now that everything is ready, we will present the final piece.
3)What are the teaching materials used in this activity?

All materials needed for realization of the activities above
memtionate. For example: materials for making puppets, scenery,
posters, incitation, costumes, games for development diction,
breathing games, fingers games, musical games etc.

to pronounce correct and clear statements. . the kids have fun and learn to appreciate the results of their know forms of theatrical manifestations. but also teamwork. The child has freedom and at the same time learn. . • Creativity stimulated . so the asimilation occurs in a natural and fun way. . Children participate with great know the jobs involved in theatrical life. to be natural in front of the public theater or in front of the camera. -to recognize and use simple operations working with natural and synthetic materials. to help them seek inside them and discover their true potential. . 6) What are the objectives that you aim to reach with these activities? -to express their impressions triggered by watching shows. because the method consists of games that require competitive spirit. Meanwhile. Many of these games are universally used in working with professional actors. . which can be used in any aspect of life. It is encouraged to use their own behavior. • Distributive attention development. • Self-knowledge and know the various stages of a show. • Diction Improvement. . 5)What is the output of this activity?  Memory development. Participation on this activity helps children to easily manage emotions in any situation in life with good self-image and a rich imagination.4)Which skills of the students will be improved with this activity? The activities will focuses on encouraging and valuing each child. The children get a strong self-confidence. personality and charm in any situation. • Body expression and self control notify through appropriate lines the understanding of the message. Our goal is to focus on the task temperamental children and to pull out the most retired. using appropriate vocabulary.