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Case Study

Cicade de Goa

• Location
• Panjim (Capital City) -Approximate
driving time is 10 minutes &
distance is 7 kms (4 miles) from
the hotel.
5 -S TA R S e a B e a ch H o te l/R e so rt

Capacity –211 rooms
Site Area –40 Acres

SITE DESIGN The site is contoured and drops down hill towards Vanguinim Beach. and hence every room gets a view of these a from the balconies attached. . The Old and the New Blocks have been oriented along these afacing them.

cinemagraphic. historical. for distraction andamusement. platforms and views creating color. mythical. • Correa engaged some of Bombay’s legendary film-poster painters like Bhiwandkar embarked upon the creation of a kaleidoscope sequence of visual images. • It has reality and illusion through painting and Kasturba Samadhi. unlike anything he has done previously.Amenities •Four restaurants offering international & Goan cuisine •Poolside barbecue •2 bars •Swimming pool •Children's pool •Children's room •Badminton •Shops •Ayurvedic & Swedish massage centre •Health club •Beauty saloon •Activity centre •Casino •Steam & sauna •Tennis •Pool table •Live entertainment •Water sports •Beach volleyball & cricket • Its a rural vacation village almost inherently a creation of physically and mentally agreeable spaces for relaxation. ‖Non Spaces‖ Cidade de Goa is full of tasteful. whimsical and . throughout the public spaces of the hotel. either in privacy or collectively.

whimsical andambiguous allusions to Goa’s cultural history. Hindu. Muslim and Portuguese. . It imbibes very f ew architectural clichés: the door way with armed guards on either side is purely trompeloéil painting on a free standing wall which has nothing behind it.Cidade de Goa is full of tasteful. an open to skycourtyard (one of several) has additional sky perceptible through a paintedwindow with a human silhouette.