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(Anfangsaufgabe/Anfangsaktivität/Denkt mit!)

(Refers to establishing a certain mind set in a classroom, in anticipation of what is to come. Also known as anticipatory set, warm up,
attention getter, etc. It gets students ready to learn, ideally using some strategy that will lead into the lesson. The set induction should
take no more than 2-5 minutes.)

Set Induction
Set is a mental state of readiness
Induction brings it on
Set Induction gets learners thinking and ready for the lesson
Anticipatory Set is another name used

Set induction should:
Contain a statement of the learning
Relate the objective
Involve the learner in the learning

Daily Warm-Up:

The need for predictability remains high at the beginning of the lesson, especially if the teacher is using the target language exclusively. Follow a fun regimen of
daily routines.

Create a poem or chant describing daily routine. The students can gesture as they recite target language rules such as "I sit down", "I watch", "I listen", etc. This
warm-up activity takes less than one minute, yet it serves a dual purpose of reviewing familiar material and reminding students of the expectations.

Next, it's calendar time. Produce a magic wand pointer to review the days of the week and count the numbers. Each day, systematically choose a special "magic
wand student" to point to the calendar as the other students respond chorally.

Finally, greet students individually and ask, "How are you?" This can be done in a variety of ways.

Examples and Ideas:

Objects (using pictures, statues, variety of relevant objects, experiments, video clips, etc.)

Teacher (can dress up, act something out, use physical motions, write something on the board and not say anything at all, do anything
out of the ordinary.)

Guests (can come in and do any of the above)

(See below) Set Inductions (Warm ups. Guy is sitting & teacher. animals. depicting a boot." you can count Just remember to keep the games dinosaurs.. etc. coloring. For possibilities for guided practice are languages and focus the children's example. teacher has students find important in school. lost love. stories. instruments. She pulls out the with a broom and sweeps. graph them. The order to signal the shift in foreign language lesson. strict wearing boots and short skirt to a big pot. friendly puppet friend to a game of other student. speaking in another language. identify items that they pull out of a current theme. Ask about weather picture. attention getters. act out stories as the conditions. questioning the students re: something very relevant or totally irrelevant to them. (Good for pot“ and gives to a student to subordinate conjunctions on the things they did together. pictures. better. reading an excerpt of something unusual and/or relevant. attention.) Students (change seating arrangement.Audio (this can be music. if the weekly theme is as limitless as your imagination.) #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 New Persona: Teacher Act: Kitchen Pot: Sweeper: Lost Love: Teacher comes into classroom Teacher comes into classroom Teacher comes into classroom with Teacher comes into classroom Dating skit to fit with a song about using a „new persona“. coordinating picture and then Choose a traditional song from the teacher narrates. two people act out all cannot speak English. either the opposite circle time with a simple "Hello" fun and surprises. ask a question. Begin each Now is the time to bring out your reinforce the new language describe the pictures according to their match. i. that now the verb goes at the the girl because he does something end of the sentence. etc.) Be creative and always save your ideas in a file to be used at another time. If possible. teacher and students similar). and tell dinosaur everyone gets a turn. do an out of the ordinary group activity or boredom busters. Students like to costumes. crafts. skits. visitor who illustrate a grammar point adjective endings that are „in the Then she tapes signs with reminiscing about having this great relationship. etc. Use the same song each day in Reinforce the weekly theme in the concentration or tic tac toe. or challenge that introduce new language have students find a clue from target culture or create your own. storybooks. expressions and concepts.e. or small group games can extend the lesson.. . Then Spanish teachers) superimpose over German the broom handle to illustrate another guy shows up and steals adjective ending chart. bell ringers. "Dinosaurs. songs and movement to mystery bag. #6 #7 #8 #9 # 10 Memory Cards: Memory Match: Opening Song: Input of New Words and Guided Practice: With memory game of lots of With memory game (or something Routine and structure are Phrases: Short games or activities will pictures. Use props. the matching or song in the foreign language. sort them non-competitive and make sure by size and color. hooks. drama. expressions. movie star. simply quoting something unusual and/or relevant.

and neutral faces. or as triangle. Teachers of other in search of something no one score to determine the champion culturally appropriate as well. sad. simple request such as. or Sprees. languages can develop their own else has found. You See? by Eric Carle and Bill on a "Rainbow Walk. Use the appropriate target in the target language. Choose from the for them to speak. Carle [HarperTrophy. Kids can create to the theme.and Translate the code for geometric. 1988] Land (Milton Bradley) in small Smarties. Brown Bear. Make a players with a clean fly swatter and construction paper. online and create target language  Brown Bear. 1995] effective partner and small group color activities. Play games of Candy in packs of Skittles." reciting allowing them to graph -. Keep and rhymes are effective and Spanish. clap. Martin [Henry Holt and Co. more complex by telling children the game of Twister (Hasbro) are active game. Color-Shape Bingo and homemade versions of this fun.the colored candies mosaic surprise pictures for  The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric path. . early stage of language acquisition.” Kids will love the on the floor. After about 20 independently read colors in the word. Visual aids can be respond. and basic vocabulary are approach developed by Dr. M&M’s.) Lionni [HarperTrophy. Spread out their favorite color. or zoom to a food. An James J. In the vocabulary. Make the activity swatter. 1995] to identify colors out loud. (Just be  Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo groups.. electronic device instructs players students to physically respond to Fly Swatter Game. if they are wearing a particular color. Go  Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh Fish and Tic Tac Toe are other [Voyager Books. The fun and effective TPR Speaking is not required at the Use immersion techniques to happy. or roar like a lion games. # 16 # 17 # 18 # 19 # 20 Hullabaloo by Cranium: Total Physical Response (TPR) Listening Comprehension Introduce Colors in the Masks for Warm up: Hullabaloo is an outstanding TPR Activities: Games: Target Language: Create paper plate masks with game. model the new colors Students hold up a mask to spread out on the floor. provide two as simple as pieces of colored to spin to an orange mat. Mats with various colors. even more motivation. Asher encourages so focus on listening instead. it’s time human bar graphs depicting language versions of classics such as: minutes of language immersion. or the color will be time for individual multitude of free coloring pages a path of colored paper of their clothes. hop to a teacher commands. en-couraging players aware of allergies. shapes.# 11 # 12 # 13 # 14 # 15 Goodbye Song: Coloring: Reading about Colors: Speaking Games: Graphing Colors: Create closure to the day's learning Color-by-number activities are a After aural-oral color activities. Color songs purchased in either English or opportunity to be up on their feet see who can swat it first. it target language. Call out a color and the target culture. use Once kids are comfortable Enrich language learning with a with a rhyme or finger play related fun way to help students children’s books to introduce the written hearing and identifying colors little content. "Goodbye's" and a closing song. spin. What Do stepping stones and send kids Surprise your students by color-by-number activities. hair or eyes. “Touch an array of color visuals spread out complex as works of art from Cranium’s Hullabaloo can be something red. to do various actions such as other motivating color-themed jump. 2007] the colors as they walk the then eat -.

giving teacher. rhythm. # 26 # 26 Announcements: Word Search: Students take turns giving Students go around the room announcements. jumbled words (no matter what verb conjugations to put in the the language).# 21 # 22 # 23 # 24 # 25 Puppets for Warm up: Inflatable Globe or Ball: Chant: Word Jumble: Clothes Line & Clothespins: Bring out a mascot-puppet to greet Gently roll or toss an inflatable Create a chant or a song to keep Underline the first letter for Word hung in wrong order for each student. (CLV style looking for certain items listed by standing on chairs. questions or greet them. why they are in the classroom. Or even the most timid to speak. then they describe the a greeting to wish the clas well…) items. . in rhyme. right place with the right subject. what they are called. etc. This trick encourages globe to each student as you ask the responses rolling along in those kids who struggle with students to put in order. what they are for.