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Role of a teacher

A teacher's role involves more than simply standing in front of a classroom and lecturing. Good teachers enable their student to
learn more than they would on their own and to prepare their student to realize their potential regardless of
their situation in life. Teachers play important role in developing successful and productive lives in the society
and nation. They provide education, teaches leadership, develop positive attitudes, teaches discipline to their
students to become successful students by becoming engineers, doctors, chartered accountants or by becoming
successful parents to devlop their children.

In earlier days, teachers were teaching their students without considering any benefits from him and that’s why
our parents still remembers and tells good things about their teachers. Now a days teachers are more
professional and money minded and hence students are also forgetting those teachers easily but still they can
not forget good teachers and the good thought taught by good teachers in present time also.

Apart from parents, teachers play the most important role in building good society and nation.

Importance of education:

Education provides basic skills to survive in the world. It is understood and proved that better educated persons
are more successful in the family, society and nation. Education

Everyone live to improve their lives and education is the means to progress and improve the life.

Education provides better understanding of life, goals of life, challenges and success or achievements.

Educated person can face challenges of life better and can find better solutions of problems and hurdles in the

Education provides better earning and better life, better opportunity and growth to succeed in the life. socia

Education improves social life and supports in building nation.

Education creates better communication and hence, promotes healthy society.