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& abu dhabi

Sheikh Juma al- Shindagha

Maktoum House Al
Heritage Village &
LE E J R D Shindagha
Diving Village
Bin Suroor Sheikh Saeed
baiba q Mosque al-Maktoum
Tunnel Fish
Souq Central Dubai
24 A L G House
ST YA @ Deira Ayal Nasir 10 3
ation @ Al Ras 1 q 10 AL KHOR S Bus station


A 112 2 Heritage T Gold Souq Hyatt Regency

Al-Ahmadiya School House q Deira
Amazing modern architecture
10 6 S 10 4
Bur Dubai I K K AT A L K H A I L Perfume 30 Al Murar

Al Souk Souq 4 Spice Souq Souq
C 8 KH
ALE 117

Al Kabeer


AL Al Buteen RO
Corniche Deira

2 6312 AD
10 Best shops, malls & souks
Bait Al 4 114 16




W Wakeel


Al Sabkha @
AL Deira Covered Souq

EE 11 Bus station

D 6A

10 Exciting desert excursions
ET 14
R B Ruler’s 20 B

44 18



B 2
Dubai Court 10 A

B 24


Souq 10 Naif


2C 6 4



10 Finest restaurants & cafés


A 2 IF 6



10 A
Bastakiya 4

Al Baraha









Saeediya M q Baniyas Square 122




12 B

10 Best golf courses and spa resorts



q Al Hamriya SQUARE U 30
16 B
15 A

28 EET

Mankhool 313 n H N C ROUNDABOUT
ai C

6 O AK

10 Excellent hotels for every budget
12 A L

S 16 Watch

Cemetery 10


18 Tower

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13 A





Al Rigga
10 Must-see sporting events





Al Mateena


119 EE

18 Radisson D


Deira Creek





KH 1 O

18 A AD

10 Historic palaces & mosques


18 B




26A 20 8 10



Mall 125 UNION

q Liveliest resorts, bars & clubs
28A M

Riggatal 1 EE


rjuman 22 N

2 B A
Al Ghurair ST

10 Insider tipsq for every visitor
2A Union Square

n RE



4A 6 Salahuddin ET
Al Karama Sheraton Deira 18


318 ET 26

National Bank IBA Reef
18 A L




8B of Dubai Mall

11 AL


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14 B 10 28

Hor Al








Dubai Creek



Hilton Al



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o ca. 375 Hudson Street. of roughly equal merit. Getty Images: Gulfimages / Pankaj & Insy Shah main.Alamy Images: David Copeman clb. ie the “first Culture & Tradition 30 floor” is the floor above ground level. recording. however. All 10 are. Getty Images: Gulfimages / Pankaj Shah cla. India Dubai Museum 8 Reproduced by Colourscan. Some details. Dorling Kindersley. Eric Nathan bl. Worli. The publishers cannot accept responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of this book. 2 . Singapore Printed and bound in China by Leo Paper Products Ltd Dubai Creek 10 First American Edition. Please write to: Publisher. 2010 © Dorling Burj Al Arab 16 Kindersley Limited. Desert Escapes 26 Floors are referred to throughout in accordance with British usage. photocopying. DK Eyewitness Travel Guides. Great Britain. no hierarchy of quality or popularity is implied. 2007 10 11 12 13 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Bastakiya 12 Published in the United States by DK Publishing. no part of this publication Madinat Jumeirah 18 may be reproduced. We value the views and suggestions of our readers very highly. or by Dubai Souqs 20 any means (electronic. mechanical. opening hours.Alamy Images: Yadid Levy b. Audacious Projects 32 Art Galleries 34 Shopping Malls & Souqs 36 Things to Buy 38 The information in this DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide is checked regularly. nor for any material on third party websites. London WC2R 0RL. in any form. Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above. such as telephone numbers. Editorial and Picture Research. Krishnamai. in the editor’s opinion. without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the Emirates Palace 22 above publisher of this book. Cover: Front . gallery hanging arrangements and travel information are liable to change.Contents Left An advertisement luring shoppers to buy Dubai’s gold Right Windtowers along the Creek Contents Dubai & Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Design. London All rights reserved. New York. Sir Pochkanwala Road. stored in or introduced into a retrieval system.Alamy Images: Jon Arnold Images / Joe Malone cra. 80 Strand. prices. Profimedia International s. Back . Abu Dhabi Authority for ISSN 1479-344X ISBN: 978-0-75666-187-8 Culture and Heritage 24 Within each Top 10 list in this book. Spine . Mumbai. by Quadrum Solutions. 33B. A catalog record for this book is available from the Library of Congress.r. and cannot guarantee that any website address in this book will be a suitable source of travel information. or transmitted. or otherwise). New York 10014 Jumeirah Mosque 14 Reprinted with revisions 2010 Copyright 2007. Every effort has been made to ensure that this book is as up-to-date as possible at the time of going to press.

Contents Left The impressive Jumeirah Beach Hotel Right A desert dune drive Middle Eastern Streetsmart Restaurants 40 Planning Your Trip 100 Best Bars in Dubai 42 Travel Information Sources 101 Beach Resorts 44 Arriving in Dubai & Spas 46 Abu Dhabi 102 Activities for Kids 48 Getting Around 103 Outdoor Activities 50 Banking & Communications 104 Indoor Activities 52 Things to be Aware of 105 Excursions 54 Things to Avoid 106 Around Town Useful Information 107 Deira 58 Security & Health 108 Bur Dubai 66 Budget Tips 109 Sheikh Zayed Road 72 Accommodation 110 Jumeirah & New Dubai 78 General Index 118 Abu Dhabi 88 Phrase Book 126 Left A windtower in Bastakiya Right Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club Key to abbreviations 3 Adm admission charges .


DUBAI & ABU DHABI’S TOP 10 DUBAI & ABU DHABI’S TOP 10 Dubai & Abu Dhabi’s Highlights 6–7 Dubai Museum 8–9 Dubai Creek 10–11 Bastakiya 12–13 Jumeirah Mosque 14–15 Burj Al Arab 16–17 Madinat Jumeirah 18–19 Dubai Souqs 20–21 Emirates Palace 22–23 Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage 24–25 Desert Escapes 26–27 Top Ten of Everything 28–55 .

A grabbing hotel (above) is guided visit to learn certainly a sight you cannot about Islam and miss. 1UOZ (  $' 52 $. 6 Previous pages The iconic Burj al Arab . Bedouin introduction to the city (see pp8–9). @ Dubai Creek Criss-crossed by abras (water 0DGLQDW %XUM$O$UDE '  taxis) and dhows -XPHLUDK ' -80( . $ Jumeirah Mosque Not only is this mosque (right) Dubai’s most beautiful. the richest and most powerful of ! Dubai Museum Set in a well-preserved fort. it’s the only mosque open % Burj Al Arab This iconic. attention- to non-Muslims. heritage and Islamic architecture. / . ' $/: $6/5 2$' !LŽ3AFA 1BSL 7ASL ' this waterway ' ( (below) is Dubai’s 5 2 $' $< ( '  lifeblood 6 + ( . += !L (see !L 1UOZ pp10–11). 0 5 ' 4BGB !L boats) each day.+ !LŽ $/ -ARQADH  NJMFT  LN  £ Bastakiya The gypsum and coral courtyard houses (left) in this quarter were constructed by Persian merchants who settled here in the last century (see pp12–13). . while Abu Dhabi is situated on a splendid Corniche. Dubai is divided by its bustling Creek and skirted with white sand beaches. all-suite hotel (see pp14–15). the the seven city-states that make up the Dubai museum. with its whimsical Dubai & Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 United Arab Emirates. building (see pp16–17).5$+ %($&+ 52$' '  (old wooden '  8 0 0 6 8 4 ( . It’s the world’s culture is a must tallest. along- side excellent shopping. provides a comprehensive East and West – Arab culture. sophisticated dining and luxurious hotels. Dubai & Abu Dhabi’s Highlights The Arabian emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. offer the best of dioramas (below) and fascinating displays.

KDOLGL\DK $O %DWHHQ 7 ^ Madinat Jumeirah (Dubai) $O 5 ((  67 .. dine at a waterfront . ( Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage Enjoy the tranquil palm-shaded gardens of Abu Dhabi’s elegant white fort palace (above) before taking in the handicraft displays ) Desert Escapes A visit to the UAE is incomplete without and art shows on Emirati culture a desert experience. Stay at enchanting at the Authority for Culture and desert resorts Al Maha or Bab Al Shams Heritage (see pp24–5). spend a few days 7 in Dubai.+5$6+.KXEHLUDK $+ 81 Shop for handicrafts. 7 0( ' * 28 Emirates Palace The jaw-dropping display of gold lining the walls (right) and Swarovski crystals dripping from the chandeliers at Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace hotel make for an impressive sight (see pp22–3).77.+$' 6$(('$/0$.+$/(( - $/$5 $%. -XPHLUDK ' 0RVTXH 'XEDL 'XEDL *UMEIRAH 0XVHXP 6RXTV 2$ ' %DVWDNL\D $/ : $6 /5 $EIRA "URŽ$UBAI '  '  !LŽ3ATWA '  '  'XEDL '  ' $< ( '  5 2 $ '  6 + ( . += &UHHN ' ' /UD ' & Dubai '  -ETHA Souqs FF L Bargain for gold.1 $/.= 67 Dubai & Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 52$' $/.. To enjoy the highlights at a more relaxed pace. or take a fun desert safari (see pp26–7). '%. perfume.728067 648$5( $O 6 8 ' $ 1   67 0DQKDO $/  1 $6 .5' $O .IPS"M restaurant.+$/.1 *TMBOE $%'(/$=. 5 6 7   6 7 &2 7DEEL\DK 51 5 67 "M-VMV .1*. or simply  ' *ADDAF take in the heady atmosphere of 5 +$ Dubai’s souqs (see pp20–21). see theatre or sip a cocktail as you enjoy #BUFFO the sunset at this Arabian-themed souq.1 %$ . . enter-  NJMFT  LN  tainment and hotel complex (see pp18–19). ( $6752$' !BUŽ$HABI 6+(. a day or two in Abu Dhabi and a day in the desert. & + (     $O = $ < ( '   7 + (  ) .'%. %VC BJ   $S (  ( spices and textiles. .

After your visit. Visit here to gain a sensory 0 Wooden Dhow insight into traditions past and present. this fort. historic Dubai with lunch or coffee in the shady courtyard of nearby Basta Art Café (see p71). the Ardah. it now serves as a city museum. the development of weapons and tools of the modern Dubai from 1960 Bedouin people. A souvenir area sells @ Barasti traditional Bedouin Wind- artefacts. with its magni- ficent watch tower. t"M'BIJEJ'PSU  "M'BIJEJ4U t t0QFOBNoQN 4BUo5IV oQN 'SJt"EN $ Multimedia tXXXEVCBJUPVSJTNBF Presentation £ Bedouin Traditions Display A 10-minute film presentation. common in the region up retain the flavour of to the 1950s. explains costumes. The film takes graphic video presentation you through a pictorial of a tribe performing the tour of Dubai’s trans- ceremonial sword dance. Bedouin wax figures Renovated in 1971. was constructed to defend the Emiratis against invasion. 6 Islamic School Dioramas 7 Desert at Night Exhibitions Al Fahidi Fort. It offers a 1 Al Fahidi Fort vivid picture of how Dubai has crammed into a 2 Barasti Windtower House Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 third of a century what most cities achieve in 3 Bedouin Traditions Display several. but it’s tower House more fun. A holo. and The fort’s courtyard houses cheaper. the museum is housed within 5 Old Dubai Souq Dioramas and beneath one of the city’s oldest buildings. It traces the city’s meteoric 8 Underwater Pearl Diving development from small desert settlement to Exhibition centre of the Arabian world for commerce. decade-by-decade. home CFMPX and wind- tower cooling system. ! Al Fahidi Fort Originally built in 1787. Dubai Museum A visit to Dubai would be incomplete without a Top 10 Features tour of this cleverly-planned museum. onward. is hypnotic. 8 . formation over 40 years. with A gallery displays the archive footage. 9 Archaeological Finds finance and tourism. Located near the creekside historic 4 Multimedia Presentation Bastakiya district. jewellery. t.BQ. to bargain in a CBSBTUJ (date palm frond) the souqs.

a device copper and have imbued Bedouin that determines alabaster culture with a strong latitude using the objects and honour code and a angle of the Pole Star pottery (left). sailors used such as fine hardships of the desert the kamal. the dhow Interesting artefacts from would move from oasis (above). * Underwater Pearl Diving Exhibition This gallery explains the techniques used by pearl divers (above) who wore nose clips to descend to impossible depths. above the horizon. 3. 8 ^ Islamic Dioramas School 7 Young Emiratis recite 9 the lines of the Koran (right) under the eye Key to plans of their tutor in this reconstruction of a Ground floor 1950’s school. the Arabic word from which the name Bedouin is derived. scale agriculture. date back to would engage in small- For celestial navi. smells. famous hospitality. The gation. Bedouins vessel. sounds and archive 4 5 6 Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 footage transport you into the creekside souq of half a century ago. is on show at excavations of graves that to oasis by camel and the museum’s exit. Bedouin Culture Bedu. are on display.000 BC. 2 0 % Old Dubai Souq Dioramas Holographic technology 3 combined with waxwork figures (left). ) Wooden Dhow A traditional Arab ( Archaeological Finds means “inhabitant of the desert”. Basement & Desert at Night Exhibitions Learn how animals that live in the Arabian desert have adapted to cope with lack of water. extreme temperatures and shortage of 9 . Share your travel recommendations on traveldk.

such as the glass dome-fronted Bank of Dubai (see p61) and the giant ball-topped Etisalat building. is fascinating. The two sides of the Creek are Deira (north) and Bur Dubai (south) and a walk along either is an enjoyable way to discover this multi-faceted city.BLUPVN)PVTF traditional sailing vessel 0QFOBNo of the Emirates. Cram t. fed by the waters of the Arabian Gulf.o. in with other passengers – t"CSB$SPTTJOH"&% the abras carry 40.000 FBDIXBZt$SFFLTJEF people per day – and enjoy 1BSL0QFO the great views. These QN4BUo5IV  beautiful wooden boats oQN'SJ"EN (left) are used for tourist t)FSJUBHF%JWJOH rides as well as for trade. 7JMMBHF0QFO BNoQN4BUo5IV  oQN'SJt#BUFBVY £ Waterfront Heritage In the Shindagha area near the Creek mouth you will %VCBJ find the restored house and museum of the late ruler 0QFOQNEBJMZ Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum and the Heritage and Diving XXXCBUFBVYEVCBJDPN Village (below). Getting across the Creek is easy: the nearest bridge for cars is Maktoum Bridge but the cheapest and most authentic crossing has to be by abra.BQ. Top 10 Features 1 Abra Trips 2 Dhows 3 Waterfront Heritage 4 Wharf Walk 5 Bur Dubai Waterfront 6 Bait Al Wakeel A creek cruise 7 The Diwan By night illuminated 8 Creekside Park dhows glide along 9 Creek Cruises the Creek. open-sided textile souq. t"M. Dubai Creek Dubai Creek. water taxis (right) and are a breezy way to travel.BOTPVS%IPX 3BEJTTPO#MV)PUFM  #BOJZBT3PBE EFQBSUTQN t$SFFL$SVJTFT XXXDSFFL DSVJTFTDPN tXXXEVCBJUPVSJTNBF 10 . 0 Bateaux Dubai ! Abra Stop for a fresh juice Trips at the stall at the Abras are flat- entrance to the bottomed. is the lifeblood of old and new Dubai – a vibrant mix of the past and the present. which showcases Arabian culture. The contrast of traditional wooden dhows being unloaded at the wharfage against stunning Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 modern architecture. BNoQN4BUo5IV  QNoQN"EN t4IFJLI4BFFE"M @ Dhows The dhow is the .

& The Diwan With its modern white windtowers and imposing wrought-iron gates. around the palm-fringed mouth of the Creek. . . Four. minarets and the ^ Bait Al Wakeel Built in 1934. this being unloaded.$ Wharf . a fun cable car ride from Creek especially if accompanied one side of Once a tiny fishing by live belly-dancing and the Creek to settlement sprawled Arabian music. <$ alongside the $EIRA $ "UR    6 . owes its existence to glass-encased Bateaux the 14-km (9-mile) Dubai is a luxurious way Dubai Creek which led to enjoy the views. ( Creek Cruises Several tour * Creekside Park A wonderful expanse operators offer creek of parkland. It has been completely restored and now houses a restaurant. along the water’s edge. Creekside cruises with buffet lunch Park (below) stretches or dinner and enter. Baniyas Road. /  6 7 colourful painted $UBAI   dhows moored on $/ Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10  ) the Creek on & $+ ' . 67 They arrive each day from India. the other. or Ruler’s Office. is impressive (below).5 ' Walk . 11 . was the Dubai office of the British East India Company (below). romantic indulgence. the Diwan. ) Bateaux Dubai An evening on the Dibei. Creek aboard the sleek. white and established itself as table linen and live piano a flourishing hub for music make this a entrepôt trade.% % VC B J $ 2$' taking an amble $67 65  % $ 1 .+$/((  $/ It’s worth  $/ SF F L *+ 8% $. domes of the Grand Mosque. the watery vistas or take A sunset trip is a treat. historic architecture of “Old NP NP You can wander Dubai” can be enjoyed from the by and watch their interesting wares Deira side of the Creek BCPWF : windtowers. into a natural harbour course dinners. . as it was known in the 16th Century. $7  $ / . tainment on traditional Walk its length and enjoy History of Dubai wooden sailing dhows. % Bur Dubai Waterfront The ruler’s Diwan and Iran and Oman. + $ .

Bastakiya The old and atmospheric Bastakiya quarter Top 10 Features has benefited from extensive renovation work 1 Bastakiya History by Dubai Municipality. Restaurant ! Bastakiya History Bastak.cultures. decorative gypsum panels & Hotel and screens. they settled here permanently. Drawn by Dubai’s liberal A Bastakiya window tax policies. can be Understanding explored as you wander the maze of shady 7 Majlis Gallery narrow streets and alleys. museums and atmospheric cafés. the The need to remain cool golden light and long prompted the distinctive shadows add to the vernacular style of the atmosphere. The buildings have 8 Basta Art Café been restored to their original state. www. Café Arabesque windows. windtower courtyard houses (right). in southern Iran. Traditional 5 Stamp & Coin Museum sand. Open 12:30pm– lated building. with 9 XVA Gallery.. It gives a picturesque 2 Traditional Architecture Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 glimpse into the city’s past in sharp contrast 3 Al Fahidi Fort to the futuristic architecture and audacious 4 Old City Wall construction projects elsewhere. DDD at one angle. with elegant courtyards. salad and sandwiches. coral and gypsum windtower 6 Sheikh Mohamed Centre for Cultural houses. This area is now home to art 0 Bastakiah Nights galleries. Adm t#BTUB"SU$BGÏ 04 353 5071. and narrow windows with Basta Art Café offers intricate Arabesque healthy options such designs are characteristic. Set aside a couple of @ Traditional hours to fully see the Bastakiya quarter: Architecture late in the day.. stone. with a tower 11:30pm. this Fort 8am–10pm Sat–Thu (above) dates back to original city as a crucial t#BTUBLJZBXBMLJOHUPVST defensive zone. $ Old City Wall Restoration work tMap K2 of the original 200-year-old tSheikh Mohammed city wall (below) has Centre for Cultural reinforced the importance Understanding: 04 353 of this section of the 6666. as fresh soups. It was traders from Bastak who founded this area by the Creek in the early 1900s. is the origin of the name Bastakiya. Thick walls For a light lunch. 10am Sun & Thu. t#BTUBLJBI/JHIUT A sighting recorded in 1822 Restaurant: 04 353 calls this “a square castel- 7772. with three or four guns mounted”. 12 . Open £ Al Fahidi Fort Now Dubai Museum (see pp8–9).

each of which was hollowed ) Bastakiah Restaurant Nights into a concave v-shape. inside or on the rooftop. wind-towers deflected This restaurant’s (right) Arabian the air down. ^ Sheikh Mohamed Centre for Cultural Understanding Established in 1999 to promote understanding of traditional Emirati culture and Islam. The restored building was thrown on the floor has been traditionally furnished. & Majlis Gallery Majlis means meeting place in Arabic and this bijou art gallery. Local currency in the UAE. It Emirati and expat artists explores postal activities feature alongside original before the federation pottery. * Basta Art Café Set in a traditional courtyard of a Bastakiya house. Arabic courses and cultural awareness programmes. Water after dusk. crafts was born. Basta Art Café (below) is a great spot to sit among flowering bougainvillea and enjoy lunch or a snack. and jewellery. ceramics. % Stamp & Coin Museum with a central garden area. four open sides. cooling atmosphere is best experienced the rooms below. beneath the tower to Enjoy Arabic and Emirati food cool the house further. The building is a stunning architectural Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 example of a courtyard house. this centre offers walking tours. ( XVA Gallery. With boutique hotel. Café & Hotel Windtowers Enjoy contemporary art Windtowers were the in galleries off the shady most distinctive courtyard of this restored architectural element of traditional house (left).com 13 . It Arabic houses in the also has a café and early 20th century. Sign up for DK’s email newsletter on traveldk. is constructed Philately House (above) around a beautifully hosts an exhibition of the converted whitewashed history of post and Arabic house (left).

£ Mihrab The attractive mihrab – t. Open Opposite the mosque Minds” Tour is Japengo Café: it’s 6 Five Pillars of Islam a pleasant spot for a 7 Prayers drink or light lunch 8 Ramadan on the terrace. The height of the tallest one – the highest point of the “House of Allah” – is deter- mined by how far the call to prayer should be heard. Jumeirah Mosque Dubai’s culture is rooted in Islam. the t. 14 . but the jewel in the crown is undoubtedly Jumeirah Mosque. Virtually every neighbourhood has its own mosque. Built of smooth white stone. Photo– relief over the stonework. is a city landmark and an important place of worship. the mosque.PIBNNFE $FOUSFGPS$VMUVSBM 6OEFSTUBOEJOHXXX DVMUVSFTBF @ Minarets t+BQFOHP$BGÏ  PQFOBNoBN  Two minarets (above) 4BUo'SJ crown this mosque. Top 10 Features 1 Mosque Architecture 2 Minarets 3 Mihrab 4 Minbar The mosque’s interiors 5 “Open Doors.BQ& the niche in the wall of this t#FBDI3PBE +VNFJSBI and every mosque that t indicates the qibla. a fact that touches all aspects of everyday life.PTRVFUPVST4BU  direction one should face 4VO 5VFBOE5IV BN  when praying – gives the "&% OPCPPLJOH impression of a door or a SFRVJSFE NFFUJOHQPJOU passage to Mecca (below). with its elaborately decorated twin minarets and majestic dome. It is a dramatic sight set against blue skies and especially breathtaking at night. this mosque is the most of the inspired by the Anatolian question time to find style. This fine example of modern Islamic Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 architecture was built in 1998. PVUTJEFNPTRVF t5FM t4IFJLI. graphy is permitted. when it is lit up and its artistry is thrown into relief. so make (right). The exterior is out what you would decorated in geometric like to know. 9 The Haj 0 Mosque Etiquette The mosque tours are intended to help visitors gain a real understanding of the ! Mosque Architecture With its vast central dome Islamic faith.

Open Minds” interactive guided mosque tour run by the Sheikh Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Mohammed Centre for $ Minbar The minbar (above) is Cultural Understanding. & Prayers The adhan (call to prayer) rings out five times a day – all able Muslims must supplicate themselves (below) to Allah by praying on a musalla (traditional mat). the belief in the oneness of God. ( The Haj Every able-bodied * Ramadan During the holy Muslim is expected to month of Ramadan. Remove your the call himself. religion (right). make the annual Muslims abstain from pilgrimage to Mecca. the five daily prayers. to pray and to cele. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter mosques. alms-giving. Open Minds” Tour The “Open Doors. ^ Five Islam Pillars of The “Five Pillars of Islam” are: Shahadah. This is a year millions of Muslims time for purification and from all over the globe to focus on Allah. the vatively to enter (right). Wherever you are in Dubai. . “Allahu akbar” (God is you must dress conser– great). but frequent 15 cultural visitor tours permit you to enter this mosque’s interior. do so to be forgiven of sins. loudspeakers. the pilgrimage to Mecca. in food. Salat. you are likely to ) Mosque Etiquette Dubai may be cosmo- be within earshot of a mosque and to hear the politan. in the women must wear a past the muezzin made headscarf. Zakat. offers an opportunity to the pulpit from which the admire the subtle interior Imam (leader of prayer) decoration and to gain stands to deliver the insight into the Islamic khutba (Friday sermon). drink and other Saudi Arabia. Call to Prayer brate the glory of Allah. Each physical needs. once. % “Open Doors. Today. shoes before entering. self- purification and Haj. modern-day call is No shorts or sleeveless transmitted through tops for either gender. but in keeping daily calls to prayer with mosque etiquette. Siyam.

it is dazzling white by day and rainbow-coloured by night when its façade is used as a canvas for spectacular light displays.BQ$ t+VNFJSBI#FBDI The shore-facing façade of the Burj is covered by a £ Design Details The interior oozes with 3E %VCBJ stretched translucent exotic opulence. is an exclusive all-suite hotel. it takes the trophy for being the world’s tallest all-suite hotel. Top 10 Features 1 Architectural Inspiration 2 Exterior Architecture 3 Design Details The Skyview bar 4 Interior Architecture To visit the interiors. @ Exterior Architecture t.BIBSB 0QFOQNoQN  QNoNJEOJHIU%%%%% t4LZWJFX#BS 0QFOBNoBN tXXXKVNFJSBIDPN 16 . from the t fabric. 8 Skyview Bar cocktails or a meal. 5 Fish Tanks you must make a 6 Lobby reservation for 7 Underwater Restaurant afternoon tea. and geometric designs. at a soaring 321 m (1. call 9 Spa & Swimming Pool 04 301 7600 or email 0 Suites BAArestaurants@ jumeirah. To do this. This is Teflon-coated shell-shaped reception t$IFBQFTUFOUSZ woven glass fibre. Access is sandals (not in the via the causeway Rolls case of women Royces for guests or by however). The uphol- &EEBS "&% PS has been used in this way stery is a riot of patterns ESJOLTQBDLBHFBU in any building worldwide. shoes or trainers. sports helicopter. shorts. It is the desk (below) to the gold- BGUFSOPPOUFBBU4BIO first time such technology leafed surfaces.053 ft). 4LZWJFX#BS "&% GPSESJOLT BOEDBOBQÏT  t"M. With its helipad on the 28th floor and a restaurant Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 seemingly suspended in mid-air. was the inspiration for this t-shirts (collared contemporary architectural shirts only). Burj Al Arab So recognisable that it instantly became an international symbol for modern Dubai. Set on its own artificial island against the backdrop of the turquoise waters of the Gulf. completed in 1999. creation (right).com ! Architectural Inspiration The dress code at the The billowing sail of the hotel means that you traditional Arabian dhow cannot wear jeans. the Burj Al Arab (meaning “Arabian tower”).

plus in-suite facility with soothing marble and 8.648 sq ft) of glass BCPWF are equipped On the 18th floor is the cover the building. The Construction The Burj Al Arab is said to be one of the most * Skyview Bar This rooftop bar expensive buildings ever constructed and the with its sky-high cost has never been location offers revealed. It is the seabed. 250 found- spectacular vistas ation piles were driven of the shimmering 40 m (132 ft) deep into coastline. carefully main- tained by a dedicated in-house team.472. 43. a fitness different types of technology. 70.111 sq ft) of 22-carat two Royal Suites offer is reminiscent of baths gold leaf are incor- unsurpassed luxury.000 reached by an cubic m (2. Dine on fresh seafood and watch exotic fish glide by in the aquarium (below). A must for more than 17 . including a private cinema. $ Interior Architecture ^ Lobby The upper lobby is an The vast gold columns airy space of marbles. & ‘Underwater’ Restaurant Eating at Al Mahara is like taking a submarine voyage. The ocean views. steel were needed to construct the tower ) Suites The 202 duplex suites ( Pool Spa & Swimming structure. Eastern civilizations. There is an Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 sensation. Sign up for DK’s email newsletter on traveldk.000 sq m check-in and butlers. The decor (86. impressive multi-hued dancing fountain.446 sq m (467. % Fish Tanks The lobby boasts two-storey high tropical aquaria. and many layers of floors mosaics (below) and rising up (left) from the carpets in swirling lobby give a dizzying patterns. used by ancient Middle porated in the decor. 30 with the latest remote Assawan Spa.026 express panoramic cubic ft) of concrete and lift.000 tons of cocktails at sunset.

It is designed in the t. On sale Hotel and Burj are Arabian handicrafts. 18 . however. Built around a lagoon. stairways and terraces – as well as its ingenious construction around a series of man-made waterways. The 4VRFJN %VCBJ encircling citadel houses shops and restaurants. in old-fashioned abras. Al Arab.000 t. As a result. Madinat Jumeirah The spirit of old Arabia is the inspiration for Madinat Jumeirah.BEJOBU+VNFJSBI  "M4VGPVI3E 6NN style of an old fortress. 29 traditional Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 courtyard summer houses. QNoQN the Madinat Theatre (above) – a 442-seat luxury venue – has provided this previously rather culture- starved city with a lively programme of opera. Al Qasr and Mina A’Salam. and the exclusive Dar Al Masyaf.IFOH)FT £ Madinat Theatre Host to the Dubai 0QFOOPPOoQN International Film Festival. Top 10 Features 1 Souq Madinat Jumeirah 2 Madinat Amphitheatre 3 Madinat Theatre 4 Central Plaza: live music 5 Al Qasr Hotel 6 Mina A’Salam Hotel 7 Talise Spa 8 Arabian Waterways Souq Madinat Jumeirah 9 Canal-side Eating If you get lost. ask 0 Jambase for a resort map at any of the many information points.BQ$ people. an extravagant complex located on the beachfront comprising two luxury hotels. comedy and film. arches. Guests can use a ! Souq Madinat Jumeirah This souq is a beautifully connecting board– recreated Arabian market- walk to nearby Wild place and as it is air- Wadi Water Park. all.PVCCB#BS 0QFOQNoBN t. try an espresso martini on the @ Madinat Amphitheatre Koubba Bar terrace. this multi-purpose amphitheatre (below) seats over 1. For a real pick-me-up. t t+BNCBTF 0QFOQNoBN t. The charm of the place lies in its detailed Arabian architectural styling – sand-coloured windtowers. ballet. carpets and curios. navigation around the resort is Venetian-style. is a delightful Jumeirah Beach place to browse. There is an Arabian-style souq. conditioned. restaurants and bars. at tourist prices.

this quieter part of Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 central plaza. and R&B. It is a stylish jazz Morgan Freeman bar and offers a expects that the festival rare chance to will become “big listen to great enough to rival Cannes” live jazz. An opulent and galleries to the hotel. host to the Dubai International Film ) Jambase This is one of Festival (DIFF) which has seen celebrities Dubai’s most such as Richard Gere. International Film Dubai’s reliable sunshine. The spa has 26 treatment rooms located on island clusters so you ( Canal-side Eating Many of the res. & Talise Spa Relaxation is taken seriously in this tranquil oasis. bration of movie magic. fantastic resort rise. Arabic twist – the perfect place to enjoy coffee and sample ^ Mina Hotel A’Salam shisha. labyrinthine canals Dubai making alfresco dining with BCSBT BCPWF are a delight thanks to magical and romantic. * Arabian Waterways arrive by BCSB. where the whole complex is you’ll find A’Rukn – a surrounded by water street café with an on a virtual island. eclectic music Oliver Stone and venues MFGU Laurence Fishbourne where you can converge for a cele- dine and dance. Only in the desert of Festival Zheng He’s terrace is Dubai could such a Madinat Jumeirah is particularly charming. Built in the style of a mythical Arabian city. this sea-facing hotel (below) is home to lively eating and drinking venues. 19 . All the rooms and suites have balconies. Each treatment is described taurants and bars have There’s no doubt that as “person-centric”.$ Central Plaza Follow the % Al Qasr Hotel Al Qasr MFGU is meandering paths designed to reflect a through the souq past Sheikh’s summer open-fronted shops residence. blues in the years to come. large terraces overlooking the beautifully designed the tranquil waterways.

jasmine. crafts. perfume and burners for them). oudh. making it easy to spot a good deal. such as the gold. each type of stall. such as cloves. Dubai Souqs ! Deira Gold Souq This souq gleams with Shopping in Dubai is a shopaholic’s dream – gold. Start at half 7 Bur Dubai Textile Souq of the initial price. date back to Dubai’s beginnings as a palm-fringed trading port.dubaitourism. amber and 2pm–10pm Fri rose and will also mix twww. and 9 Satwa “Souq” haggle with a smile 0 Dubai Fish Souq until you reach a compromise. be it spices. perfumes or clothing. Traditional Arabian attars (above) are for sale alongside Western brands. There’s a great choice of good-value Indian restaurants in the Bur Dubai souq area. Most souqs tend to be £ Deira Perfume Souq Fascinating shops sell open 10am–1pm & heavy exotic scents like 4pm–10pm Sat–Thu. Top 10 Features 1 Deira Gold Souq 2 Deira Spice Souq 3 Deira Perfume Souq Gold Souq’s wares 4 Deira Covered Souq 5 Naif Rd Souq. Many of these. there’s almost nothing you can’t buy here – but dealers come in from away from the air-conditioned marble-floored around the globe and strict Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 shopping malls is another experience: the souqs. 20 . @ Deira Spice Souq This tiny souq is a Tax-free prices in sensory delight. plus an electronic goods array of spices (below) highly affordable. Prices are competitive. Generally. regulations are followed. silver and gems. cardamom and cinnamon. too. Deira Bargaining is 6 Bur Dubai Covered Souq expected in the souqs. textile and spice souqs clustered beside the Creek. are located close together. Iranian saffron is good value. Exploring these through their warren-like alleyways is a delight and a visit to the UAE would be incomplete without spending time in at least some of these fascinating individual “signature scents”. Bring cash and keep in mind that bargaining is expected. You can Dubai tend to make buy aromatic frankincense luxury items such as and myrrh (with charcoal CDs. 8 Karama “Souq” more if you dare.

 . You can find everything from cheap clothes and fake designerwear to child- ren’s toys and trinkets. a local Satwa and Bur Dubai. & Bur Dubai Textile Souq Be warned. Visit to a Tailor’s Dubai is a great place for tailoring. clothes  $/ +$ + %.$ Deira Covered Souq The Deira Covered Souq feels   $SF F L . It makes for an and more (above). this colour imaginable from creekside souq (left) is all over the world – silks. although fake. * Karama “Souq” This souq offers all kinds of “copy” items. ( Satwa “Souq” This bustling street is especially watches and handbags. kitchenware. Here original item or photo- you can also barter for graph or you can select fresh barracuda. is worth a buy. a visit here may prompt a visit to a ^ Bur Dubai Covered Souq tailor. The quality of a great place to rummage much of the merchan- for cheaper products. spices. Various tailors’ shops can be found around the Textile Souq. with a great $EIRA $/ (( -5 ' $ medley of merchandise on offer   6 .. Most will copy from an fish.'  5 . but also elsewhere in ) Dubai Fish Souq Hammour. is as 21 . brocades. including colourful and interesting .  0 2$ 67 $ / ' % Naif   Rd NP %$1. giant from an array of inte- crab (above). Wonderful fabrics of every texture and Beautifully restored. such dise. . Deira 648$5( NP A kitsch faux desert fort houses this traditional-style souq (below). household astonishingly good.$ '  2$ & 7$ / 5 5' . atmospheric walkway lined with money lenders and little stalls. Share your travel recommendations on traveldk. items and electronics.<$6 Souq.+ more Indian than Arabic.<  $/ 6$ $+ ) $UBAI  $ $6 86 . with textiles being so widely available. linens pergola. as well as majlis cushion sets (below). lobster and resting pattern books. covered by an arched satins. <$ 6    5 2 $ BJ $1 ' % VC $/ % ./ % Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10  "UR 67 6 $ // $ $1 and henna being hawked. other shellfish. +$ textiles.

Mezzaluna or Sayad (see p93). Abu Dhabi is painted to reflect the t02 690 9000 variations in colour of tTaxi. regal service and a palatial experience like no other. While its staggering size is impressive. the lavish interior is breathtaking. Owned by Abu Dhabi government and Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 operated by Kempinski hotels. Until Emirates Palace was built. incorporating tradi- tThe Corniche. spectacular fountains. tional Arabian elements. as Emirates Palace 9 Emirates Palace Theatre is situated on a 0 Majlis with Arabian million sq m (over 10 Horse Mural million sq ft) of land. Abu Dhabi was a modest lobby’s gold interior (left) is dazzling. Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi’s stupendous Emirates Palace hotel dominates the horizon. marble and crystal throughout. Triumphant Arch gate with For a full meal. Top 10 Features 1 The Triumphant Arch 2 Palace Gardens & Fountains 3 Gold-plated Lobby 4 Domes The Triumphant Arch 5 Palace Suites 6 Swarovski Crystal If offered a buggy Chandeliers ride while wandering 7 Petrified Palm Trees the grounds. (above). call Before entering Emirates into Al Majlis coffee Palace you’ll be impressed lounge or the by a majestic pink Viennese style café. 22 . It is only opened for royalty @ Palace Gardens & Fountains and dignitaries on some The exterior of the palace tMap N6 special occasions. This is the first time her wealth has been on display in such an ostentatious way. it would be advisable to take 8 Algerian Sand Beach it. a “Palace”. with the opulent furnishings of a royal palace. Emirates Palace classifies itself as just that. For a coffee or ! The Arch Triumphant afternoon tea. a rating that doesn’t exist. there’s the Arabian sands. if driving. Emirates Palace was built over three years by the architects responsible for Claridge’s in London. with gold. emiratespalace@ £ Gold-plated kempinski.emirates The opulence of the palace. try a dome on top and a long and very grand driveway. It is valet parking beautifully enhanced by its tOpen 24 hours landscaped gardens and Lobby twww. While the Burj Al Arab is touted as a “seven-star” hotel. The gate is usually closed.

and there are 170 given Abu Dhabi its first The most impressive of chefs to keep you theatre. & Petrified Trees Palm There are 8. Saudi suite even has its own barbershop. Ambassadors from ( Emirates Theatre Palace ) Majlis with Arabian Horse 17 countries greet guests in the main Emirates Palace has Mural lobby. of Arab stallions. A popular beach On a Scale Like for swimming and cricket before Emirates Palace no Other was built. Arabic orchestras and blue ceiling with frescoes Simply show up and musical shows like “The and a magnificent mural admire the structure. It has a entrance fee here. with programs such spaces here is the majlis to book or pay an as the Russian Ballet. * Algerian Beach Sand The white sand of the 1.000 trees within the hotel.002 chandeliers made 23 with Swarovski’s premier Strauss crystals.3 km. ^ Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers You’ll notice the extra- vagant use of chandeliers (above) throughout the hotel – at Emirates Palace. The glass mosaic tiles and a gold finial at its apex. the largest in the the many plush public sated. There’s no need UAE. is everywhere. they’re used like light bulbs and appear to be sparkling everywhere. Some of the palm trees. . Emirates Palace has a collection of some 1. petrified to preserve their natural beauty. Spirit of the Dance”. The most stunning and heads of state and is the Grand Atrium on the eighth are suites dome (above). decorated designed especially for with silver and gold the Gulf Rulers. look real and are very impressive. it was felt the The sheer scale of sand wasn’t soft enough Emirates Palace for royal feet! impresses if nothing else. The date palm (below). On the fifth floor Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 There are 114 domes is a reception for kings here. a national icon. (meeting area). % Palace Suites Emirates Palace has 302 plush rooms and 92 sumptuously decorated Khaleej and Palace $ Domes Suites.(1 mile) long beach was imported from Algeria.

Former home to the Al Nahayan family. perfor. The large wooden door has a smaller door that was for daily use. building. 0 Heritage Corner In the Heritage Corner is a Bedouin ! Al Hosn Palace History tent where an Built in 1761. the historic Qasr Al Hosn has been converted into a museum. opposite Etisalat building t02 621 5300 @ Al Hosn Palace Gate & Wooden Door tOpen 8am–10pm daily The main entrance (left) to twww. They see the city as an intellectual and cultural centre (whereas Dubai is all about the glitz and glam). City Centre. Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage Emiratis proudly refer to Abu Dhabi as the New York of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 UAE and Dubai as its LA. A plaster moulding Top 10 Features 1 Al Hosn Palace History 2 Al Hosn Palace Gate & Wooden Door 3 Al Hosn Palace Towers 4 Al Hosn Palace Gardens A display of Islamic 5 Al Hosn Palace Interior calligraphy 6 Interior Details Pick up a copy of the 7 Authority for Culture and program from the Heritage Architecture information desk for 8 Authority for Culture and exhibition. The Authority aims to make the UAE heritage and culture accessible to the city’s residents and the fort is decorated with elegant Portuguese-style tile work that is typical of tiles found in the Islamic world. No two buildings exemplify this more than the Authority for Culture and Heritage and Qasr Al Hosn. It is embedded with protective black iron . governance until 1966. Heritage Exhibitions mance and film 9 Delma Café listings. it was evening when it’s used as the seat of at its liveliest. 24 Share your travel recommendations on traveldk. Try to visit the rulers of Abu Dhabi without Authority for Culture interruption from the 18th and Heritage in the century until today. Qasr Al Hosn Emirati serves (right) is the city’s oldest coffee and dates. tMap P3 tAirport Rd.

You just might bump into an Iraqi composer or a Syrian Cultural poet here. saddu mote Emirati heritage (textile weaving) and talli and it’s a great place to (embroidery). * Authority for Culture and Heritage Exhibitions Displays on musical instruments and history. such as is to preserve and pro- basket weaving. With their trickling fountains. ( Delma Café Delma Café is a regular performances of various arts and skills. The Islamic tiles are worth noting. Preservation Emirati culture is found ) Heritage Corner The wonderful live in its many dances and songs. Take a postcard or book along – the gardens are a lovely place to 25 sit and relax for a while. during the cool weather. The most impressive is the round tower with the blue dome. due to finish in 2011. its tradition of oral handicrafts displays storytelling. corridors from which all mashrabiya screens and the high-ceilinged rooms old painted decorations are accessible. its religious outside Delma Café rituals and its wonderful provide a rare opportunity Bedouin heritage. sandwiches and displays are held here. You can learn about local culture. sweets. The to see Emirati women Authority for Culture practicing their traditional and Heritage’s mission crafts (right). pleasant place for fresh exhibitions and thematic juices. they make a wonderful place to rest and write a postcard. concrete Authority building has an elegant colonnade designed to catch the breeze. . % Al Hosn Palace Interior ^ Interior Details The interior is much The elegant palace interior as it was with intricately (below) has long light-filled carved wooden doors. & Authority for Culture and Heritage Architecture The functional. $ Al Hosn Palace Gardens The simple yet pretty (and underutilized) palace gardens (below) are spread across several courtyards and are shaded by date palm trees. Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 £ Al Hosn Palace Towers The several towers (above) were once used to protect the palace. The palace featuring beautiful conservation project is flowers and peacocks. also buy the items.

sandboarding. a t#BC"M4IBNT%FTFSU sunset camel ride.  XXXKVNFJSBI CBCBMTIBNTDPN £ Bedouin Tents Traditional chocolate- coloured goat. Emiratis love to get away from the cities and take their children camping so they don’t forget their heritage. If you don’t have a 4WD and off-road driving skills.BIB3FTPSU%VCBJ mountains and rocky east o coast. camels graze on desert Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 grass. There are stunning XXXBMNBIBDPN dunes CFMPX dotted with t"SBCJBO"EWFOUVSFT camels on the roads to %VCBJo Hatta and Al Ain. visits to the 0 Al Maha Resort desert are best done in spring. they’re lots of fun and allow you to tick off a range of experiences you otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to do. Arabic 3FTPSU4QB buffet and belly dancing. While desert safaris are touristy. Protect yourself from the sun by slathering on sunscreen. These may include BSBCJBOBEWFOUVSFTDPN an exhilarating desert drive t%SFBN%BZT in a 4WD BCPWF . Not far out of the cities. but the  "CV %IBCJo most spectacular dunes are in the Liwa Oasis. An Arabian camel Top 10 Features 1 The Desert 2 Desert Safaris 3 Bedouin Tents 4 Dune Bashing 5 Quad Biking 6 Camel Riding A magical desert sunset 7 Belly Dancing Unless you want to 8 Bedouin Feast experience the 9 Bab Al Shams Desert scorching heat for Resort & Spa which the UAE is infamous.and camel- hair tents dot the desert dunes in winter. 26 To avoid dehydration in the desert. summer! apart from Al Ain’s lush date palm oases. . or on a popular desert safari. autumn or winter – never ! The Desert The UAE is all desert. falconry  displays. drink plenty of water. Desert Escapes The Emirates’ desert is sublime in parts and a trip here is incomplete without experiencing its myriad textures and colours. stay overnight. If you have time. the Hajar t"M. sleep under the stars and enjoy the silence. the best way to experience the desert is at the magical desert resorts Al Maha or Bab Al Shams. @ Desert Safaris Tour agencies like 0QFOBNoQN Arabian Adventures 1SJDFTTUBSUBU"&% organize exciting desert QFSQFSTPOXXX safaris.

$ Dune Bashing
Experience an & Belly Dancing
Belly dancing is
exhilarating “dune known as Oriental
bashing” session – a dancing in the Middle
white-knuckle 4WD East. Try to pick up some
desert drive across the moves from the dancer

Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10
monstrous sand dunes. at the desert safari
– she may even
% Quad Biking
Quad biking over the ^ Camel Riding
Get up-close-and-
pull you up for a shimmy.

dunes is a popular and personal with this local
thrilling way of seeing beast of burden. Nothing
the desert. This activity, is quite like a camel ride
however, is not for the (above) along spectacular
faint-hearted and safety dunes at sunset on
equipment must be worn. a desert safari.

* Bedouin Feast
Try a delicious Arabic
buffet CFMPX
, such as
the Bedouin feast at Bab
Al Shams’ Al Hadheerah
Desert Restaurant. Try
local specialities including
roasted baby camel.

) Al Maha Resort
Book a private and ( Bab Al Shams
Desert Resort & Spa
romantic tent-like The palm-shaded gardens
luxury suite, and you and trickling ponds make
get your own personal this desert resort CFMPX 

plunge pool with the enchanting. A wonderful
Liwa Oasis
golden desert as infinity pool overlooks the The most spectacular
your “backyard”. desert. Enjoy falconry here. desert scenery can be
enjoyed at Liwa Oasis,
just a few hours drive
from Abu Dhabi. The
sand dunes of the
Liwa are the prettiest-
coloured, in shades
of peach and apricot.
They are also the
largest in the UAE –
best appreciated shortly
after sunrise or sunset.

Following pages: Camels being led across the desert sands 27

d Dubai Falcon of the Bedu tribes – most of Centre: Nad Al Sheba. d Visit the Heritage desert survival. @ The Camel Mainstay of the Bedouin’s d Bateel (see p37) sells good dates. . Camel’s milk quenched the main occupations along the their herders’ thirst when water coastal settlements. You can buy it at the local supermarkets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dance & Song Emirati poetry takes many Beloved by the Bedouin for forms. d Ride a and tours. fishing. wasn’t found. bags and cloaks. An Emirati wedding procession 30 Camel’s milk is more nutritious than cow’s milk. Dubai (see p67). $ Falconry In the past. the Arabian horse is one of the world’s oldest and purest of breeds due to the Bedouin’s careful inbreeding. the camel enabled tribes to move their possessions ^ Fishing and the Dhow Historically. Today. They were used Villages in Dubai (see p67) and Abu to create tamr. d Visit dhow-building camel at the Heritage and Diving Village in wharves in Abu Dhabi (see p90). textiles.Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left Camels grazing in the desert Right Henna application Culture & Tradition ! Bedouin Society The semi-nomadic lifestyle Some desert resorts and safaris display falconry. long journeys. There are over 50 date varieties in the UAE. from the romantic baiti their elegance and valued for style to the vernacular nabati their strength and sturdiness. dhow from coastal villages to inland building and pearl diving were oases. Emirati men still train their falcon daily. while the fur was Emiratis still use the old wooden used to make tents. Today. practiced for centuries. a preserve. trading rugs. nomadic life. 2pm–8:30pm Fri inland at the cool date-palm oases and their winters fishing by the sea – is a source of pride % The Date Palm Dates were essential for for Emiratis. which Dhabi (see p89) for a glimpse into the helped sustain the Bedu over Bedouin culture. falcons were used by Bedu to capture small birds and hares. £ The Arabian Horse & Poetry. dhow boats for fishing. d Appreciate the beauty of the Arabian horse on display at the Heritage and Diving Village (see p67) during Eid and Shopping Festivals. open 8:30am– whom spent the harsh summers 8:30pm Sat–Thu.

Moments in History
! 5000 BC: Abu Dhabi
Date stones on Dalma Island
and flint tools on Merawah

Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10
Island attest to human life in
Abu Dhabi in 5110 BC.

@ AD 700: Islam arrives
The Umayyads bring Islam
and Arabic to Arabia.
An Emirati with his falcon

poetry. Wedding processions are
£ 1507: European
traders reach the Gulf
Portuguese invasion of Gulf
an occasion for song and dance. islands and the east coast
Songs and group dances such as paves way for British, French
the ayyalah and liwa celebrate and Dutch trading ships.
bravery in war and at sea. d Enjoy
traditional performances at the Heritage $ 1793: Al Bu Falah tribe
settles in Abu Dhabi
and Diving Village (see p67) during Eid Al Bu Falah and Al Nahayan
and the Dubai Shopping Festival. tribes settle in Abu Dhabi.

* Rifle-throwing
Prior to Federation there was
% 1833: Al Maktoum
tribe arrives in Dubai
Under leadership of Maktoum
periodic warring between tribes, bin Buti Al Maktoum, Al
and Bedu were respected for Maktoum tribe settles at the
how they handled weapons. mouth of Dubai Creek.
These days, young Emirati men
practice throwing their rifles high ^ 1894: Tax-free trading
Dubai first introduces tax
in the air while dancing and exemptions for foreigners. The
clapping. d Watch gun-throwing Persians are the first expats.
competitions at the Heritage and Diving
Village (see p67) during Eid and the Dubai
Shopping Festival.
& 1930s: Pearling trade
The Gulf pearling trade
collapses when the Japanese

( Traditional Dress
Women wear a black cloak-
develop cultured pearling.

like abaya and black shayla to
cover their hair. Men wear a
* 1950s: Discovery of oil
Oil is discovered in Abu
Dhabi in 1958 and Dubai in
white dishdasha and a white or 1966, changing fortunes.
checked gutra (head scarf) with a
black agal to hold it in place.
( 1971: UAE established
UAE Federation forms

) Henna
from the seven emirates, with
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al
Intricate henna patterns Nahayan, ruler of Abu Dhabi,
were painted on pottery across as President.
the Middle East in Neolithic
times, around 9000 BC. Today,
Emirati women have henna
) 2004:
Death of Sheikh

UAE goes into mourning with
designs painted on their hands the death of visionary leader
and feet for weddings and other Sheikh Zayed, and in 2006,
celebrations. d Get henna designs at the death of Sheikh Maktoum.
“henna tents” in shopping malls.

When Marco Polo visited Dubai in 1580, he described it as a 31
bustling seaport that was rich from its trade in pearls.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10

Left Dolphins near Saadiyat Island Centre Sir Bani Yas Island Right The World project

Audacious Projects
! Sir Bani Yas Island
This cone-shaped island £ The World
This grand project involves
in the Arabian Gulf has been a marine development of 300
transformed into an extraordinary artificial islands 2 miles (4 km)
conservation project open to offshore, designed in the shape
tourists. If you are lucky you of the world map. Buyers can
may spot African giraffes and take their pick of “countries”;
ostriches, llamas from Peru and prices range from $10–45 million.
even the more local Arabian oryx. 326 million cubic metres of sand
d Off the Abu Dhabi coast t were required for land reclamation and a 17-mile (26
km) oval-shaped breakwater is

@ The Palm Jumeirah
This palm-shaped island may
being built. d .BQ$o%t%VCBJ
qualify for the “Eighth Wonder of
the World” tag. It is one of the
largest man-made developments $ Ski Dubai
The largest indoor snow park
on earth and is visible from in the world, this cavernous
space. Housing premium location space contains 6,000 tonnes of
property, the Palm is also home manufactured snow. Five runs
to the enormous Atlantis, The vary in difficulty, the longest
Palm hotel TFFQ
. Two even being almost a quarter of a mile
bigger palm island projects, Palm (400 m), making it the world’s
Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, are first indoor black run. d .BQ$
under construction. d .BQ# ttMall of the Emirates, Al

The amazing Palm Jumeirah project


% Dubailand
Conceived on a phenomenal
scale, with completion in 2020,
this $4.5-billion development will
be the biggest entertainment

Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10
attraction on the planet, twice
the size of the Walt Disney World
Resort. Under construction are
enormous themed areas as well
as a giant wheel that will permit
a view of up to 31 miles (50 km).
d .BQ$

^ Masdar City
Abu Dhabi’s “green city” will
rely entirely on solar energy and
other renewable energy sources,
with a zero-carbon, zero-waste
policy, when it is completed in Space & Science World in Dubailand
2013. The city is being constructed
at a cost of some $22 billion at
a site beside Abu Dhabi Inter- ( Dubai Infrastructure
With so much development
national Airport. Once finished, it planned for the near future, the
will host the headquarters of the city’s transport infrastructure is
International Renewable Energy crucial. Two of the three major
Agency. d Abu Dhabi t projects have been completed.
The first saw the expansion of

& Dubai Festival City
A “city within a city”, this
Dubai International Airport,
creating an exclusive terminal for
huge waterfront lifestyle resort Emirates (Dubai’s airline). The
extends 2 miles (4 km) along the second was the development of
Creek. It comprises a mind- the Dubai Metro, the world’s
boggling 20,000 homes, with longest automated unmanned
schools, malls, hotels, a marina, metro, linking various parts of the
waterside restaurants, event and city with an under- and overground
leisure facilities, including a golf railway. The third project will be
course. d .BQ&t%VCBJ twww. a freight-focused airport on the city outskirts at Jebel Ali.

* Burj Khalifa
At over 800 m (2,600 ft), the ) Saadiyat Island
Set to become a major
Burj Khalifa (formerly known as tourist destination for Abu Dhabi,
the Burj Dubai) is the world’s this island is scheduled for
tallest tower. It took over five completion in 2018. It will be
years of construction by more home to some 150,000 people
than 7,500 workers to reach and this cultural hub will boast
completion in 2009. The tower many world-class museums,
houses the Armani Hotel, an including the Guggenheim Abu
observation deck and the world’s Dhabi, to be designed by Frank
fastest elevators. In front of it, the Gehry, a branch of the Louvre
Dubai Fountain TFFQ 
is the TFFQ
, and a Biennale Park
setting for a sound and light show. with 19 pavilions.

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BQ$t"M2VP[JOEVTUSJBMBSFB PGG provocative and playful work by *OUFSDIBOHF %VCBJt artists from around the Gulf. Its Courtyard Gallery and Café. ceramics white villa. like Mohammed Kanoo’s playful pop art. courtyard café is also used as an d . d . Exhibitions change every few CHBMMFSZDPN weeks.BQ$t"M2VP[JOEVTUSJBMBSFB PGG exhibition space TFFQ . this gallery has hosted great exhibitions by Middle Eastern and Emirati artists. & Green Art Gallery Set in a modern minimalist Browse for good prints. d .BZFE3Et  t 0QFOBNoQN.Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left Exhibition at B21 Centre Pop art at Art Space Right The Third Line gallery Art Galleries ! The Third Line This sleek gallery shows themes from Persian theatre. photography and mixed media predominantly by Middle Eastern artists. local talent. d . this established and sculpture here TFFQ . commercial gallery showcases the work of Emirates-based as $ Art Space With a mission to nurture well as international artists who are inspired by the heritage. *OUFSDIBOHF %VCBJt5PUBM"SUT 5IF$PVSUZBSE(BMMFSZ £ Majlis Gallery Dubai’s oldest commercial tXXXDPVSUZBSEVBFDPN art gallery focuses on Arabian and Middle Eastern themed work. t0QFOBNoQN4BUo5IVtwww. launched by champagne openings.POo4VO % B21 Check out the provocative paintings.BQ$t"M2VP[ JOEVTUSJBMBSFB PGG*OUFSDIBOHF %VCBJ ^ The Courtyard: Total Arts and The Courtyard Gallery tt0QFO BNoQN4BUo The highlights at this rather 5IV$BMMBIFBEtXXXUIFUIJSEMJOFDPN whimsical-looking Mediterranean- style complex are two wonderful @ XVA This superb art gallery is set galleries – Dariush Zandi’s Total Arts at the Courtyard and Samia in a stylish boutique hotel in a Saleh and Louis Rady’s lovely restored traditional house.BQ&t'BJSNPOU )PUFM 4IFJLI. Standout shows include Iranian artist Ramin Haerizadeh’s photo-manipulation using his own face to recreate An exhibit at XVA 34 .

IBMJGB4U OFBS3VTTJBO &NCBTTZ "CV%IBCJt ) UAE Desert Challenge A demanding 4-day motor rally through the desert. d . * Ghaf Art Gallery This gallery features regular d .BStXXXEVCBJXPSMEDVQDPN artists are also on show. 4IFCBSBDFUSBDL %VCBJt'FCo Pieces by local contemporary .BQ2 % Dubai Marathon Compete or simply run for t. d $JUZXJEF Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 t%FDo'FCtXXXNZETGDPN @ Global Village Multicultural bazaar and fun fair.BSDItwww.BQ$t%VCBJMBOE  &NJSBUFT3PBEt%FDo'FCQNo Artwork at Hemisphere Gallery NJEOJHIUtXXXHMPCBMWJMMBHFBF cultures and environment of the Middle East.PP 4VRVFJN %VCBJt%FD tt0QFOBNoQN t XXXEVCBJmMNGFTUDPN oQN4BUo5IVtXXXHB HBMMFSZDPN $ Dubai International Jazz Festival Global jazz gigs on the grass.BS artists and also runs painting tXXXBSUEVCBJBF courses and workshops. area. d Map 2t 7JMMB 4USFFU "M#BUFFOBSFBJO & Dubai Desert Classic Renowned golf players "M. The gallery exhibits ( Art Dubai An annual contemporary a variety of styles by expat art fair. d Map C4 t. d . among the shops and EVCBJUFOOJTDIBNQJPOTIJQTDPN laundries around the Russian embassy. t 0QFOBNoQNQNoQN tXXXVBFEFTFSUDIBMMFOHFDPN 4BUo5IV t XXXIFNJTQIFSFBF The winter months of December to March are crammed with 35 festivals and events .IBMFFK"M"SBCJ4Ut  fun! d 'SPN4IFJLI.BQ#t%VCBJ.BBCtt0QFOBNoQN participate.BQ#t.BS oQN4BUo5IV tXXXEVCBJEFTFSUDMBTTJDDPN ) Hemisphere Gallery * Dubai Tennis Championships Abu Dhabi’s foremost art Catch the top tennis seeds in gallery is set in the most unlikely action. There is a £ Dubai International Film Festival season of changing exhibitions Glam galas and film screenings.BZFE3E t 0QFOBNoQNoQN4BUo5IV UP+VNFJSBI#FBDI3Et+BO tXXXEVCBJNBSBUIPOPSH ( AlHeadQibab Gallery to this gallery to see ^ Dubai World Cup World’s richest horse- works by up-and-coming as well racing cup. d .BEJOBU"SFOBt.FEJB$JUZ  6N4VRVJFN %VCBJt. d Map 1t0GG. Top 10 Festivals & Events ! Dubai Shopping Festival Sales and shows. d .BS monthly exhibitions of work t XXXEVCBJKB[[GFTUDPN from local as well as well-known international artists.BQ%t /BE"M as established Iraqi artists. d 'FCo. d . d Map C2 from October to May.BEJOBU+VNFJSBI 6N t4USFFU +VNFJSBI CFIJOE%VCBJ.

not to mention an Choo. Egypt. from date as Chanel. most visitors come mainly for the excellent people watching (see p62). There’s a Saks Fifth Avenue. Ibn Battuta.Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left The amazing Ibn Battuta Mall Right Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall Shopping Malls & Souqs ! The Dubai Mall Next to the world’s biggest % Emirates Boulevard Towers tower sits the world’s largest This elegant shopping centre is shopping mall. Gucci and Jimmy 1. and shops selling books. While you’ll find all the usual Dubai stores here. (see pp78–81). £ Burjuman Mall & Abu Dhabi Mall You’ll find a gamut of global This glamorous mall houses franchises here as well as exclusive designer stores such delightful local shops. The mall also boasts Chloe and Miu Miu. @ Mall of the Emirates ^ Ibn Battuta Mall One look at the five themed Over 300 stores. use the mall’s countries that Arabia’s own website to create an itinerary Marco Polo. an aquarium and a vast chic of all.000 stores. But Villa Moda is the most ice rink. the second largest outside the USA. decor for each is inspired by the If you’re in a rush. This monument packed with style gurus such as to consumerism houses over Georgio Armani. including a malls within this mall and you swish Harvey Nichols. make this won’t regret your long drive! The the city’s most sumptuous mall. d Map D6 over 150 food outlets offering t4IFJLI. $ Deira City Centre This mall may not be as spectacular as the newer shopping centres. travelled identifying the most direct route to: Tunisia.BZFE3E %VCBJt everything from fine dining to t0QFOBNoQN4BUo5IV QNoQN'SJ casual eateries (see p75). and jewellers like Cartier and Tiffany. India to the shops you wish to visit and China (see p82). shopping malls are about socializing as much as they are about shopping. music. Dior and Kenzo. The posh interiors of Burjuman 36 For Emiratis. . Persia. perfumes and cosmetics (see p70). but it’s a local favourite. with its niche cosme- cinema and entertainment tics and coveted brands such as complex.

* Marina Mall This glamorous mall has over ^ Mumbai Se A must-visit for glam 300 shops.BZFE3E  %VCBJt The nights are the liveliest at the Shopping Centre. new Gold “Souq”.BZFE3E %VCBJt traditional Arabian perfume. There’s an excellent range of & Azza Fahmy Jewellery Inimitable jewellery cafés including Hediard from combining Arabic calligraphy Paris TFFQ .BMM 4IFJLI. d Map D6 t+VNFJSBI&NJSBUFT5PXFST ( Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre & Gold “Souq” #PVMFWBSE 4IFJLI.  sweets and clothes shops.BQ"t*CO#BUUVUB. Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 @ Paris Gallery This store has an enticing array of make-up and perfume at bargain prices (see p62). $ Bateel Buy date goodies such as chocolate-coated dates or date jam as gifts.BZFE3E %VCBJ Emirates Towers Boulevard shopping centre t sellers Bateel to boutiques selling Emirati national dress % Villa Moda An elegant place for exclusive designerwear. specializes in jewellery and watches TFFQ . and 4IFJLI. ( Sauce You’ll love the chic acces- sories and fashion. when you arrive in town 37 for more on local fashion. d . exclusive stores such as d . brands. home to global * Amzaan Creative Dubai designers brands and local speciality share space with hip foreign shops. and Islamic motifs.BQ% ) Souk Al Bahar Just over the waterway from t7JMMBHF. Expect big name Bollywood-style fashion. or labels (see p70). The glitzy Gold Centre.BQ$t5IF%VCBJ is also an excellent selection of .BMM %VCBJ eateries and bars TFFQ .BQ+ t#VSKVNBO. Get Alef magazine. £ Plug-ins A digital and electronics retailer – the first stop for gadget lovers (see p62).BMM +VNFJSBI3E  %VCBJt The Dubai Mall sits a more Arabic- themed affair with various ) Candylicious The world’s biggest sweet boutique and antique shops. d . There shop.BMM  Rolex and Tiffany & Co. Top 10 Shops ! Damas Visit the Gulf’s largest jeweller for a huge selection of dazzlers (see p62).IBMJGB #JO. d . . from and sandals TFFQ  Alexander McQueen to Stella McCartney TFFQ . the Emirati Vogue.

Traditional Bedouin jewellery enjoy the tea – the ritual is half the fun of it. You’ll Bedouin jewellery comes from also find traditional Emirati Oman. baskets. the red and white an acquired smell.BQ$t4IFJLI. Moroccan engraved and intricately set with lanterns. but only experts can tell. burner. If offered PVE including Amzaan TFFQ and (fragrant wood) in an incense Sauce TFFQ .BZFE3E *OUFSDIBOHF  %VCBJtt0QFOBNo QN4VOo5IV BNoNJEOJHIU4BUo'SJ tXXXHPMEBOEEJBNPOEQBSLDPN @ Carpets The UAE is the best place to buy Persian carpets outside of Iran. see p109 for tips . striped textiles made into camel necklaces. embroidery and red Expect to find chunky bangles. 38 Bargaining is expected at the souqs. don’t forget to waft the smoke under your arms – it is £ Arabian “Antiques” & Handicrafts used traditionally as a deodorant. encrusted bottles. They buy them for the beautiful jewel. $ Arabian Attars & Perfumes ^ Pink Sushi Designs This local label features cute The heady aromas of exotic handbags and quirky skirts made Arabian BUUBST (perfume oils) are using the HVUSB. Turkish and Persian gemstones. A discerning market ensures the best quality rugs come here while no tax keeps prices low. Afghanistan and handicrafts such as woven India. engraved trays and % Bedouin Jewellery Much of the old silver framed LIBOKBST (daggers). earrings and rings. Gold is sold by weight. The Gold and Diamond Park glitters with ornate jewellery.Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left Dazzling gold bangles Centre Arabian antique lamp Right Beautiful designer textiles Things to Buy ! Gold Dubai is “the City of Gold”. Arabian “antiques” include brass coffee pots. cowrie shells and miniature paintings and Indian dangling little bells. Shop around and bargain hard but most of all. bags and rugs. cushion covers are also popular. Many women checked Emirati head-dress. Yemen. intricate designs are more expensive. are available from various stores. d.

) Bateel Buy dates in a variety of beautifully-packaged gift boxes (see p37). a Moroccan band in a Black and white photographs restaurant or contemporary of Dubai’s iconic symbols. Designer Brands Being tax-free. 4pm–10pm Fri 10pm Sat–Thu. or even Burj Al Arab paperweights. . d Map P2 • Madinat Zayed neigh. silver jewellery * Global and ceramics (see p70). Dubai • 04 348 bourhood. along with antique prayer beads. 4–8pm Fri ( Arabic & Middle $ Pride of Kashmir Renowned for soft Eastern Music pashmina shawls. the world’s best designers and exclusive £ Showcase Antiques Art and Frames labels here go for a fraction of A collection of old Bedouin the price they do elsewhere. d Arabic lounge at a hip bar. Buy Map C2 • Madinat Jumeirah. Dubai • 04 368 6048 ( Ajmal Arabian attars and oils in ornate bottles (see p62). Abu Dhabi • Open 10am–1pm 8797 • Open 10am–1pm & 4– & 4–10pm Sat–Thu. tional songs performed at a heritage village. (don’t be surprised to see a dozen electronics stores all in a row) means amazing prices and @ Al Orooba Oriental The finest carpets and bargains if you shop around. d Map J1 • Bur Dubai shaped alarm clocks. d Map C2 • Jumeirah Rd. jewellery. you’ll get it here.& Electronics/Digital Products Top 10 Places to Buy Arabian Handicrafts The range of electronic products is enormous – if there’s a gadget & Souvenirs on the market. kilims. by the abra dock camels that play Arabic music • 050 515 4351 when you squeeze them. 39 priced souvenirs if you forget something. p62). Umm Suqeim. cuddly Souq. ! Al Jaber Gallery Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 The tax-free environment means An Aladdin’s cave selling prices are low. You’ll hear music everywhere in cushions and throws (see the Emirates. Dubai. ) Pick up some kitsch key Fun Souvenirs & Allah-din Shoes Beautiful sequinned rings and ashtrays. * Camel Company Shop for cute camel gifts. mosque- slippers. Middle Eastern music at Virgin Dubai • 04 368 6055 Megastore at the malls or at a music shop in the souqs. whether it’s tradi. khanjars and coffee pots. Humorous souvenirs Dubai Duty Free at Dubai Airport has a wonderful range of well. but competition exotic Arabian handicraft and souvenirs (see p62). carpets. ^ Khalifa Centre Bargain for carpets and handicrafts here (see p92). d Map C2 • Madinat Jumeirah. Egyptian pop on % Gallery One Fine Art Photographs the radio.

aromatic tagines and Dubai t04 317 1234 tOpen 12:30pm– couscous dishes (see p83). Sheikh Zayed Road Ask to sit in one of the half. The mezze is soup for starters can be followed excellent. Sheikh Zayed Road t04 343 8888 tOpen 1pm–3pm & 8pm– 12:30am tDDDDD & Shoo Fee Ma Fee Book a table outdoors on the terrace overlooking the £ Shahrzad You will be enchanted by waterways. t04 319 8088 tOpen 12:30pm–3pm & moon booths. with great desserts. cocktails and shisha (see p83). completed by live generous. Friendly Lebanese live music. D6 tEmirates Towers. d Map K2 tRadisson Blu Hotel t04 222 7171 tOpen 12:30–3pm & 7–11pm tDDD Moroccan setting at Shoo Fee Ma Fee 40 Recommend your favourite restaurant on traveldk. soft ^ AlDon’tNafoorah judge Al Nafoorah by its lighting and graceful arches staid atmosphere – the Lebanese create a strong North African food is fresh. d Map C5 8pm–midnight tDD tShangri-La Hotel. d Map couscous royale and tagine kofta. with pigeon pastilla. fountains and oriental carpets. d Map J6 tGrand Hyatt by kebabs. delicious and atmosphere.Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left A lit-up Almaz by Momo Centre Live music at Tagine Right A taste of Persia at Shabestan Middle Eastern Restaurants ! Tagine A vast wooden door leads % Awtar A late dinner here is a you to a sumptuous cultural spectacle with a nightly perfor- dining experience at Tagine (a mance by an exuberant Moroccan clay cooking pot) with bellydancer. candlelight and an waiters add to the vibrant exotic decor. d Map L1 tHyatt Regency Hotel. 3pm & 7:30pm–3am Sun–Fri tDDD @ Marrakech The mosaic-tiled walls. You’ll find an extensive oud and Moroccan classics like . Deira t04 209 1200 tOpen 12:30pm–3pm & 7:30pm–1am Sun–Fri tDDDD $ Shabestan Award-winning. The emphasis here is on authentic Moroccan Shahrzad’s magical setting of cuisine. lamb and camel kofta on the as well as by the fresh bread. Mezze or harira atmosphere. The upper terrace offers Persian kebabs and rice dishes. classic Persian cuisine is combined with spectacular creek views and superlative service at Shabestan. Try one of the traditional kebabs served with saffron rice. menu.

BQ#t0OF0OMZ3PZBM Mourad “Momo” Mazouz makes Mirage. see p63. d Map B2 t(SPTWFOPS)PVTF%VCBJ %VCBJ Marina t04 399 8888 tOpen 11pm–3am tDDDDD A mouth-watering Lebanese dish at Awtar £ Eau Zone * Renowned restaurateur Pool-side setting and Almaz by Momo imaginative fusion cuisine. but the food. the superb Reflets views of old Dubai. The dim service and entertainment will sum is delicious (see p83). A must-visit restaurant offers fine dining for authentic Arabic and Emirati from the French master Pierre Gagnaire (see p63). cuisine served in a Far-Eastern arrive fashionably late. cuisine. Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 @ Mezzanine Visit for British classics overseen by celebrity chef Gary Rhodes. d . Al Sufouh t04 399 9999 his first foray into Dubai’s dining tOpen 9am–1amt DDDDD scene with this modish Moroccan establishment. 41 . Good for Sun-Thu. after 11pm. ) AlTo Tannour really soak up the * Hoi An French-Vietnamese fusion ebullient Lebanese atmosphere. Snack on mezze $ Fire & Ice Contemporary culinary or enjoy Moroccan classics such fireworks and icy concoctions as pigeon pastilla before (see p71).BZFE ) Peppercrab Sensational upmarket Road t04 331 1111 tOpen 8:30pm– oriental seafood cuisine – try 3am tDDDD. You will need a lie-in the served in style at an exquisite next day. 10am–1:30am Fri. their signature dish (see p71). but not alcohol For a guide to restaurant prices. when the live music kicks off at this hugely popular ( Zheng He’s Superb Chinese delicacies haunt. contemporary dishes at this chic restaurant (see p93). preferably atmosphere (see p76). friendly waterside location. checking out their sheesha salon. d Map E5 t$SPXOF1MB[B)PUFM 4IFJLI. 10am– Indian cuisine with a modern midnight Sat t/PBMDPIPM tDDD twist (see p83). includes entertainment. seated at a low table overlooking the torch-lit court- yard or in an intimate indoor & Bord Eau French classics and room (see pp12–13). Top 10 Restaurants ! Verre A consistently high gastronomic treat (see p63). d Map C2 tMall of the Emirates % Nina Stylish venue attracting t04 409 8877 tOpen 10am–midnight Bollywood starlets. ( Bastakiah Nights ^ Reflets Gagnaire par Pierre With its rooftop overlooking Located in the Inter- historic Bastakiya. this is a gem Continental Dubai Festival of a restaurant offering unrivalled City hotel. have been memorable.

@ Bahri Bar You’ll be impressed with the enchanting old-Arabian archi- tecture and sumptuous interiors of Mina A’Salam hotel and its Plush interior of 1897 colonial-styled bar with verandas covered in Persian carpets. Neos offers (tapas-style snacks). Dubai’s style. some of the best cocktails in Dubai. which attracts a C6 tAddress Hotel. spot for a drink than on Sho Cho’s wooden deck by the beach. Hotels were founded. Dubai fashionable crowd of regulars t 04 423 8888 tOpen 6pm–2:30am 42 Dubai’s resident expats hit the city’s bars around 6pm for sunset or after 10pm for post-dinner drinks. Madinat unbeatable views across central Jumeirah is perfect for a relaxed Dubai – the only building taller night out (see p85). It who flock here for the Oriental also offers a mesmerizing view decor. £ Sho Cho’s There is no more sublime Expect to see some dancing on the tables (see p85). than the hotel is the nearby Burj Khalifa. Dubai attract a sophisticated set who t04 341 0000 tOpen noon–2am are serious about their wine. Asian tapas and exotic of the Burj Al Arab (see p85). along with smooth jazz $ The Agency These stylish wine bars sounds. . This one is better than its more touristy Paris parent. cocktails. d Map atmospheric bar. d Map C2 tKempinski Mall of the Emirates Hotel. Emaar Blvd. The Jumeirah Emirates Towers branch is just right for a quick & Neos On the 63rd floor of the drink and tasty “wine teasers” Address Hotel. Low-key early in the ^ 1897 This stylish cocktail bar is evening when people head here named after the year Kempinski for the sushi. Sink into setters pack the place late for a purple velvet sofa and enjoy excellent DJs (see p85).Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left The stylish Bar 44 Centre Sho Cho’s wooden deck Right Moroccan-styled The Rooftop Best Bars in Dubai ! The Rooftop It’s easy to fall in love with the magical look and feel of this atmospheric Moroccan-style rooftop bar with its Arabesque lanterns and Oriental lounge music (see p85). Sit back and relax into the % Buddha Bar You’ll want to linger at this Art Deco furniture and watch the impressive Dubai Fountain.

t)FSJUBHF%JWJOH itself on its extensive vodka Village.BMM +VNFJSBI sophisticated local set as well as Beach Rd. Abu Dhabi t t Open 5pm–1am ( Al Hakawati Café Smoke amongst towering skyscrapers. expats looking for a little bit of sophistication and privacy.BQ%t5IF5PXFS  swanky circular bar or sink into a Sheikh Zayed Rd.BQ.tHeritage & Diving Village. Dubai t04 343 3128 tOpen 10am–1am ) Special Sheesha Café Join the locals at these simple cafés. Dubai. . d Map D4 Dubai Marina. perfect spot for a cosy drink or a bite to eat. is a popular Emirati pastime. d Several branches in the parks on the Abu Dhabi Corniche tOpen 24 hours Colonial-style interior of the Bahri Bar Smoking flavoured tobacco from a sheesha pipe. also known as a 43 hubbly bubbly or hooka pipe. and the Mina (port). tOne&Only Royal Mirage Hotel. Jumeirah. champagne and caviar (the house Jumeirah. Jumeirah. Arabic-themed maze of Souk Al Bahar. The bar is dimly lit and exquisitely & Zari Zardozi Soak up the exotic Indian decorated and provides the atmosphere here (see p93). Shindagha. d . 393 9913 tOpen 11pm–3am ( Bar 44 £ Cosmo Indulge in people-watching Prop yourself up at the here. Add some oysters.BQ#t%VCBJ Marina. It attracts a regular t5IF7JMMBHF. Dubai t04 332 plush chair at this swish cocktail 6569 tOpen 9am–1am bar on level 44 (hence the name) of the Grosvenor House hotel $ Shakespeare’s Popular French Baroque- with spectacular views over style patisserie. Dubai t04 menu (see p65). d .BQ#tSouk Al * Al Areesh A palm-frond summer Bahar. Dubai t04 399 9999 specialities) to the equation and tOpen 7pm–late you’re bound to have a sublime experience. Left Bank is the ^ QDs An expat favourite over- discerning choice for Dubai looking the Creek (see p65). Shindagha. d . d Map B2 Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 can get.* The Terrace Reclining on one of the low Top 10 Sheesha Spots sofas listening to the water lapping at the boats on Dubai Creek is about as relaxing as it ! Sheesha Courtyard Relax in a shady cushion- strewn courtyard. Dubai t04 visiting business people out to 331 1757 tOpen 8am–1am impress colleagues (see p85). t Open 6pm–2am daily d . magical sheesha- smoking spot (see pp18–19). Sheikh Zayed Rd t04 368 4501 house on the waterfront. % Souq Madinat Jumeirah Plaza ) Left Bank Sat snugly within the A breezy.BQ. pleased – the Terrace prides d . Vodka lovers will be @ Kan Zaman A smoke under the stars.

mythical Arabian palace. this landmark @ Mina A’Salam For a room with a view. this Built in truly regal style. this enormous resort boasts a fantastic water- park. Surrounded by acres of landscaped gardens water.Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left The Jumeirah Beach Hotel Centre Mina A’Salam’s beach Right Pool at Mina Seyahi Resort Beach Resorts ! One&Only Royal Mirage This luxury resort oozes old. this 600-room hotel has its own beach and six swimming pools. d . part of the vast Arabian-style try the adjacent Wild Wadi Water Madinat Jumeirah. of the Beijing Olympic Games. magical kasbah-inspired hotel. amidst rooms and suites. d Map C1 an enchanting harbour around t+VNFJSBI#FBDI3E +VNFJSBI %VCBJ which much of the hotel ttXXXKVNFJSBICFBDI experience is based. d . Explore this waterways and the pristine white divine escape’s three intimate sand beach TFFQQo . it forms a virtual island filled with beautiful palm-fringed that offers you a view of ancient pools. A giant castle at the end of the Palm Jumeirah. the Arabian Court and the Residence & Spa. a dolphin habitat and several kilometres of private beach. to which guests have disappoint. properties: The Palace. If you are feeling adventurous. will not Park. Relax in IPUFMDPNt%%%%% your room’s sea-facing balcony. see p63.BQ#t"M4VGPVI3E  $ Jumeirah Beach Hotel Set on the shores of the +VNFJSBI %VCBJttXXX Arabian Gulf and built in a POFBOEPOMZSFTPSUTDPNt%%%%% startling shape that mirrors a breaking wave. It is built overlooking unlimited access.£ AlDesigned Qasr in the style of a fashioned Moroccan romance. meandering candlelit walkways. gushing fountains and windtowers. The Palm Atlantis opened with a fire- terraces of its many restaurants. this A beach pavilion at One&Only Royal Mirage relaxed resort is just right for 44 For price categories. an aquarium. pools. work display bigger than that bars and lounges TFFQQo . which opens onto the soft sand beach or chill on the extensive % Atlantis.BQ#t5IF1BMN +VNFJSBI %VCBJttXXX BUMBOUJTUIFQBMNDPNt%%%% ^ LeSeyahi Meridien Mina Beach Resort If you love outdoor pursuits. it sits on magnificent hotel has deluxe its own sandy beach. .

BQ#t"M4VGPVI3E  comfortable rooms with +VNFJSBI %VCBJttXXX balconies.BQ#t"M4VGPVI3E +VNFJSBI  restaurants. a white sandy beach XFTUJONJOBTFZBIJDPNt%%%% 5IF1BMN+VNFJSBI "SBCJBO(VMG  "SBCJBO(VMG ' ' $/68)2 8+52$ ' -80(. Make sure you visit the stunning & Ritz Carlton With Mediterranean infinity pool on the mezzanine between the towers.BQ#t"M4VGPVI3E  restaurants.5$+%($&+5' 'XEDL0DULQD 8 0 068 4( . The impressive Atlantis Resort on the Palm close to Dubai Marina. a health club. Dubai rooms are located within two high towers. are after. a Balinese spa and classy Westin’s usual elegance and an sunset bars and restaurants. a spa. impressive array of bars and d . all with garden or you. fishing. including tennis. private beach. the Mina Seyahi %VCBJttXXXSJU[DBSMUPO has become a top centre for DPNt%%%%% watersports. Especially good for couples with made-for- two sun loungers. an adults-only ) Westin Mina Seyahi Aside from boasting pool. 05 ' 8PP ( $O6XIRXK 6XTHLP ' 6 +( . d . d Map B1 architecture. sailing. and a massive pool with a swim-up bar. Indulge in a variety of sea views. BiCE TFFQ . d .com 45 . . Guest Jumeirah. this 400-room windsurfing or even charter your family-focused resort offers own yacht. you can sign up for wakeboarding. Should you tire of the pristine private beach * Hilton Dubai Jumeirah If it’s a beach holiday you and swimming pools. Try the in-house restaurant. tropical gardens t"M4VGPVI3E +VNFJSBI %VCBJ leading to a golden beach and ttXXXHSBOEKVNFJSBI just 138 guest rooms. The hotel has its own activities. squash and tennis +VNFJSBI %VCBJttXXX courts. three swimming wind-surfing and deep-sea pools. a children’s club and a MFNFSJEJFONJOBTFZBIJDPN t%%%%% beach water sports centre. this hotel IBCUPPSIPUFMTDPNt%%%%% promises exclusivity.+  = $< ( ' 5 2 $/: $6/5 2$' (PLUDWHV $' ' +LOOV (  NJMFT  LN  Recommend your favourite hotel on traveldk. for some fine Italian food. d Map B1 t"M4VGPVI3E +VNFJSBI %VCBJt Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 tXXXIJMUPODPNt%%%%% ( Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa This shiny 446-room modern resort is located on the seafront.

Ask if any promotional packages are available. ^ Cleopatra’s Spa The spirit of ancient Egypt @ Givenchy Spa A Moroccan hammam infuses this spa. Dubai t04 324 The Male Spa has earned a reputation for its deep tissue £ Talise Spa Arrive by abra along massages and detox wraps for men. the Softouch Spa d .BQ#tOne&Only Royal Mirage. Dubai t04 332 sky. There is a 25-minute consultation session before the treatment – the choice here is luxury treatment rooms.BQ$tKempinski Mall of the Emirates Hotel t04 341 0000 twww.BQ)tWafi City. The serene decor at Willow Stream 46 For a luxurious day of pampering.oneandonlyresort. says it the treatments. including sunken.waficity.willowstream.BQ$tMadinat Jumeirah.softouchspa. d Map H5 signature feature of this tWafi rooms. d . The 72-jet strong hydrobath water-ways to the 26 treatment is an invigorating way to unwind. long views of sea and Sheikh Zayed Rd. Some original treatments include O-Lys light with heated marble tables therapy and exotic lime and under soaring domes is a ginger exfoliation. madinatjumeirah. Dubai t04 324 7700 understated spa. d . 18 floors up above Middle Eastern feel to the Arabian Gulf. wet. Dubai t04 366 6818 t www. with its d .com massages and wraps (see pp16–17). Wellness Centre Spas ! Assawan Spa The infinity pool in this % Willow Stream Spa This is a Greco-Roman stunning spa with its lavish themed spa with terrace ancient Middle Eastern sun-decks and a unique decor. d . all: pure luxury. rooms. Dubai t04 315 2140 & Male Spa at The Pyramids twww.Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left The Givenchy Spa Right Senso. It has 12 An objet d’art at twww. Visit for exotic twww. crystal and light therapy 7700 twww.BQ&tFairmont $ Softouch Spa This spa uses Ayurvedic healing combined with a range of modern techniques to combat the stress and strain of modern lifestyles. be sure to phone ahead and reserve a place.

this massage is uniquely personalized by your therapist located in the heart of Dubai after a personal consultation.BQ1tLe fruit extracts to hydrate and rejuvenate. Media City with five differently d Talise Spa themed treatment rooms. Top 10 Spa Treatments ! Canyon Therapy Love Stone Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 A 75-minute massage using warm and cold volcanic stones. aromatherapy.radissonsas. d Softouch Spa Hotel. ming ^ Essence Rose Oil of Moroccan ( Eden Spa & Health Club A treatment of exfoliation followed by a Moroccan rose Soothing daylight and the oil massage. Eden Spa A revitalising body massage and facial treatment using rooms at this very professionally French-derived phytomer. Dubai t04 366 9111 twww. d Assawan Egyptian-themed Cleopatra’s Spa $ Fingerprint Massage * A contemporary urban spa Senso. Wellness Centre As the name suggests.BQ1tHilton Hotel. d Male Spa Abu Dhabi t02 692 4336 Many hotel packages combine several treatments with use of the 47 hotel pool and leisure facilities. d .BQ#tThe Radisson Blu nous rhythm. Dubai Media City. d . d Cleopatra’s Spa £ Caviar Body Treatment A whole-body massage using La Prairie caviar-based products. Spa users can d Eden Spa enjoy the eucalyptus steam room. wraps and mineral * Blueberry and Blackberry Facial baths. There’s also a Turkish A delicious cocktail of natural hammam here. . Treatments include massage. d Willow Stream sound of rippling water create an air of serenity here. d Givenchy Spa @ Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap Tahitian coconut and frangi- pani flowers are used to give a glow. managed spa. Choose from a vast selection of therapies guaranteed to chase the stress % Ayurveda Massage A head-to-toe massage by two therapists using synchro- away. d . cold plunge shower. sauna and whirlpool overlooking the ) Elemis IQ Facial A performance-enhancing resort’s own beach and swim. d Senso under a glass-domed ceiling. The “aqua- medic” pools are filled with & Body Mask An anti-aging massage mineral-rich waters and situated and body mask using Ingrid Millet products. d Hiltonia Spa Meridien. deep-cleansing facial that helps to clear blocked pores. Abu Dhabi t02 644 6666 ( Sea Tonic Firming ) There are five treatment Hiltonia Spa Treatment.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left Lift stop at Ski Dubai Centre Encounter Zone at Wafi Mall Right Jungle ride.% Aquaventure Sprawled across 17 ha fuelled watery rides or just float (43 acres) next to the Atlantis about on a rubber ring along the resort on the Palm Jumeirah. .BQ-t%FJSB aroma of spices or the sounds of $JUZ$FOUSF TFFQ t an old school TFFQQo . d Map B1 on the slopes of this icy dome tPalm Jumeirah. Travel through rapids. 3-D theatre and this enormous amusement IMAX cinema. £ Dubai Museum The clever reconstructions pitch and putt and video games for children to a soft-play area for will ensure that you enjoy the toddlers. this waterways here (see pp78–81). vast waterpark has plenty to thrill visitors. plus a whole host The Wild Wadi’s water delights 48 The admission fee for Ski Dubai Snow Park includes hire of all the necessary equipment for children. @ Ski Dubai Snow Park Go skiing or snow-boarding waterfalls and the death-defying Leap of Faith slide. Sega Republic Activities for Kids ! Wild Wadi Water Park Dare to try the 30 adrenalin. bumper cars. d Map C2 tMall of the tXXXBUMBOUJTUIFQBMNDPN &NJSBUFT %VCBJtt0QFO BNoQN4VOo8FE BNoNJEOJHIU 5IVo4BUt"ENtXXXTLJEYCDPN ^ Magic Planet There’s everything from a merry-go-round. The 1BSL %VCBJtt"EN latest games. & Sega Republic Inside The Dubai Mall sits space maze. t"ENGPSSJEFTtXXXEFJSBDJUZDPN $ Stargate Kids will love the 3D games. d Map F6 tZa’abeel arcade and theme park. to ensure that you can experience of an Arabian souq’s shop in peace! d . Dubai t (see p32).

BQ)t8Bm4IPQQJOH. Older kids can try the Galactica’s ( Russian Beach This lively local beach is popular with Russian expats Crystal Maze (a challenging and tourists d . as park mini train. d Map K2 tDubai tXXXTFHBSFQVCMJDDPN $ Jumeirah Beach Park Landscaped play areas * Jumana. d Map F1 well as dancing and acrobatics. the anti-gravity racing simulator and 3D cinema. trick boxes. Top 10 Parks. t"M)BNSJZB %VCBJt d "M4BISB%FTFSU3FTPSU %VCBJ t0QFOBNoQN t"ENt 8FEJTGPSXPNFO ttXXXBMTBISBDPN BOEDIJMESFOPOMZ ( Dubai Desert Extreme Skate Park ^ Umm Suqeim Beach Public beach with shallow waters and great views of the Adventurous kids will love the Burj Al Arab. an enclosure with farm ) Encounter Zone animals and a miniature house exhibit. gentle rollercoaster and Skylab tunnels. d Map do.BQ% mental game). Lunarland is for under. Gardens & Beaches ! Creekside Park A huge botanical park with Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 BBQ areas. +t$SFFLTJEF1BSL %VCBJt t0QFOQNoQN4BUo8FE OPPOoQN Thu–Fri t"EN * Mushrif Park A desert park with pools. @ Za’abeel Park Technology-themed park The fun-filled Za’abeel Park with football field. rail slides +VNFJSBI#FBDI3PBE %VCBJ and mini-ramps for BMX-ers. Jumana areas and four swimming features stunning pyrotechnics beaches by hired bike or the and aqua and laser effects. mini golf course and cable car TFFQQo . The longest running show in Dubai is held in the Al Sahra Desert % Al Mamzar Beach Park Enjoy the huge picnic Resort’s amphitheatre. with a snow capsule. Try the trampoline cage for fun (see pp78–81). d . Secret of the Desert and a beach with showers and sunbeds (see pp78–81). d Map C2 t6NN4VRFJN CFIJOE 4BUo5VF BNoQN8FEo5IV QNo 8PMMPOHPOH6OJWFSTJUZ %VCBJ QN'SJt"EN Share your travel recommendations on traveldk. of rides make Sega Republic a firm favourite with local kids.BMM %VCBJt Creek action. boating lake and cafés (see pp72–75). All equipment can be 49 . & Safa Park A huge park with lots to helmets are compulsory. QN5IVo'SJt"EN 8s. skateboarders and inline skaters.BMM %VCBJ ) Kite Beach Popular for kite surfing tt0QFOBNoQN and parasailing. £ Al Seef Rd Park A great place to enjoy the d Map C6 t5IF%VCBJ. d Map C2 t0GG half-pipes. d %VCBJt0QFO Another shop and drop deal BNoQN4BUo8FE BNo for kids.

Several international competitions take where equipment is provided. Heritage and Diving Villages.dubaigolf. place every year. including the Cook your fish on board or even Dubai Desert Classic at the city’s charter your own boat. and patterns of light and shadow who can help connect you with $ Wind Surfing Great winds make Dubai ideal for wind surfing. You can hire or buy appreciate the waves of sand equipment from North Kites. Most good beach resorts hire out wind- surfing equipment and also offer windsurfing lessons. Dubai (see p44).com Dubai (see p44). d www. Club. Marina Beach Rotana Hotel & Towers. Shindagha. Jumeirah Beach. A hot-air balloon set to take off 50 .emiratesdiving. Hire a catamaran if you are an experienced sailor. the Emirates Golf & Q1 tLe Meridien Mina Seyahi Resort.Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left Wind surfing Right Pro-karts at the Dubai Autodrome Outdoor Activities ! Scuba Diving A popular local activity. Only by floating way surfers on Dubai’s popular Kite above the dunes can you fully Beach. Dubai tArabian Gulf Kite Club: 050 455 5216. d Map K1 tEmirates Dhabi Marina: 02 681 3446 Diving Association. Abu Abu Dhabi and some of the East Dhabi International Sailing School. North Kites: 04 394 1258 twww. d Map B1 tWestin Mina Seyahi (see p45) % Sailing The Gulf winds are great for sailing. d Map B2 largest course. Resort & are awash with world-beating courses. d Map C1 tKite Beach. Abu Coast towns. d Map B2 tLe Meridien Mina Seyahi will find good diving in Dubai. Jumeirah Beach Rd.dubaikiteclub. has information on diving in the UAE t04 393 9390 ^ Golfing Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi twww. you Beginners can take lessons. Abu Dhabi (see p116) & Hot-air Ballooning Getting a bird’s-eye-view £ Kite Surfing Join the friendly local kite from a hot air balloon is simply sublime. and new ones appear to @ Fishing Join an organized fishing trip spring up each month.

com Club: 02 445 5500 ( Al Ghazal Golf Club ) Adrenaline-junkies can burn A full-sand course with Motor Racing top-class teaching technology.dubaigolf. d Map B2 t04 390 5600 twww.hilton.BZtXXXCBMMPPOJOHBF through desert sands. d Dubai t04 273 8585 $ The Desert Course Challenging lush fairways t0DUo.dubaigolf. Dubai (see p44). Abu Dhabi: 02 692 & Four Seasons Al Badia ( Where better to mount a Horseriding Golf Club A superb Robert Trent Jones II-designed course. Marina. twww. Ask your resort for a trainer if you’re a first-timer. by Nad Al Sheba Racecourse Golfers can book ahead on the centralized www. d Map B3 t04 366 3000 twww. d Map B2 t04 380 2222 Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 twww. d Map B2 & ^ Dubai Sports City Look out for the Ernie P6 tLe Meridien Mina Seyahi Resort & Els-designed golf course. d Near Abu Dhabi International rubber driving pro-karts at the Airport t02 575 8040 Dubai Autodrome.themontgomerie. tXXXEVCBJTQPSUTDJUZDPN % Nad Try your hand at some Al Sheba Club wakeboarding tricks as you ride A Scottish-style 18-hole the waves on the Arabian Gulf course (see p74). on the European Tour @ The Montgomerie A splendid course with sprawling. sea. It features lessons at the driving school. d Map E3 horse than in the Middle East’s t04 285 5772 twww.adgolfsheraton. by the Creekside (see pp58–61). Hiltonia Beach d Map C3 t%VCBJMBOE A wakeboarder in action £ Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club One of the world’s best. (see pp72–5). d Map D3 tDubai Equestrian as you tee off with the pea- Centre. d Dubai Autodrome Kart-drome. d 04 804 8058 twww. undisputed equestrian capital? Indulge in a bit of horseriding in Dubai or even polo in Abu * The Resort Course Enjoy Arabian Gulf vistas Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Equestrian jebelali-international. The Formula 1 standard racing circuit has 17 hair-raising turns! Book ahead for ) Abu Dhabi Golf Club Golfers love this serene 18-hole course. Emirates d Map N2 t02 558 8990 Rd. * Wakeboarding arabianranchesgolfdubai. crafted by the ridges that are impossible to see from the ground. undulating lawns. Top 10 Golf Courses ! Emirates Golf Club The famous Dubai Desert Classic is held here (see p53). Dubai t04 367 8700 51 .

d Map L1 t"CV%IBCJ*DF 4LBUJOH3JOL "CV%IBCJ%VCBJ*DF3JOL  %VCBJ. stingrays and giant groupers. tXXXXBmDJUZDPN side Hollywood blockbusters.000 creatures. d . This impressive t0QFO QNoQN.BMM)ZBUU(BMMFSJB )ZBUU3FHFODZ Indoor rock climbing )PUFM %VCBJt"%*DF4LBUJOH3JOL %VCBJ*DF3JOL )ZBUU3FHFODZ)PUFMt"EN % Rock Climbing Try your hand at scaling the UAE’s only state-of-the-art 15 m £ Movie-going You’re likely to see films (50 ft) high indoor climbing wall. including tiger sharks. You can have skiing lessons.Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left Locals and expats queuing at a cinema Right The Hyatt Galleria ice rink Indoor Activities ! Snow Sports What better place to escape the scorching heat than on the slopes of Ski Dubai.BQ$t5IF%VCBJ.BMM %VCBJ$JOFTUBS.BSJOB ^ Shooting See how good your aim is in . the Arab world and 8Bm$JUZ %VCBJtt"EN the Philippines screening along. d . or try your hand at clay shooting on outdoor $ Dubai Aquarium Take a pause from shopping ranges at the Jebel Ali Shooting Club. Europeans head to the rinks when they get homesick in winter.BMM "CV%IBCJt3FFM$JOFNBT one of ten hi-tech pistol-shooting $JOFTUBS"CV%IBCJ lanes at the Cinetronic Firearms t0QFO BNoMBUFt"EN Simulator Room. .BQ" t+FCFM"MJ4IPPUJOH to marvel at The Dubai Mall’s $MVC +FCFM"MJ %VCBJt vast aquarium.BQ) t1IBSBPIT$MVC 1ZSBNJET  from India. There are tt0QFO BNoQN several bowling alleys dotted 4VOo8FE BNoNJEOJHIU5IVo4BU around the city though the lanes t"ENtXXXUIFEVCBJBRVBSJVNDPN of choice in Dubai are at the 52 Participating in and watching sporting events is a great way to get to know the locals.BMM %VCBJ amongst Emiratis. @ Ice-skating The cities’ ice rinks are ideal for cooling off while taking in a bit of local colour.POo8FEt"EN underwater world houses 33. d Map C6 & N5 t3FFM$JOFNBT 5IF %VCBJ. & Bowling Bowling is a popular pastime d . practice snow- boarding tricks or take the kids on a toboggan ride in the children’s snow park (see p32).

A game of ice hockey Coincide your visit to the UAE with a major event to see the cities 53 at their best. this big excuse for a beer fest is loved by rugby fans the world over. d"M8BUICB 3FTPSU5PXFST "CV%IBCJ TFFQ  $BNFM5SBDL LNFBTUPG"CV t4VO5VFt"EN %IBCJt0DUo. d%FDtXXXGCPBUDPN ( Dubai Marathon Runners from all around the world compete on the city streets (see p35). You can also ZBTNBSJOBDJSDVJUDPN have a game of darts and a lager at an English-style pub.BQ") t%VCBJ#PXMJOH$FOUSF 4IFJLI. Snooker & Pool Hear tales of local life over ^ F1 Grand Prix Since 2009.BS5IVo'SJ ) Billiards. d . ) Desert Challenge Bikes. "NFSJDBO)PTQJUBM 0VE. d "CV%IBCJ *DF3JOL PGG"JSQPSU3E CFIJOE$BSSFGPVS $ Dubai Rugby Sevens The first leg of the Sevens tt"EN World Tour. Expats generally prefer Al Nasr Sports & Events Leisureland.BZFE ! Dubai World Cup Dress up for the world’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 richest horse race with a 3E %VCBJ"M/BTS-FJTVSFMBOE CFIJOE $6 million prize (see p35). d .BQ1 t3PDL#PUUPN$BGÏ "CV%IBCJ TFFQ  & UAE Football The fans’ choreographed dances and songs are just as "VTTJF-FHFOET %VCBJt"VTTJF-FHFOET riveting as the play on the  t"EN field. . 4WDs and even trucks take part in this inter- national cross country rally through the desert (see p35).BQ/t4IFSBUPO"CV%IBCJ 4WDs around the track beside their camels. dXXX snooker or pool. d8JOUFSXFFLEBZOJHIUT tXXXVBFGPPUCBMMPSH * Powerboat Racing Watch the lightweight catamarans in exciting action. d . d /PW ( Belly Dancing Join Abu Dhabi’s expat tXXXEVCBJSVHCZTDPN women for a lesson or two in how to shimmy like the best of % Camel Racing Watch Emiratis drive their them.Dubai Bowling Centre where Top 10 Spectator there are also arcade games.FUIB %VCBJ t%VCBJ#PXMJOH$FOUSF  -FJTVSFMBOEt0QFO @ Dubai Desert Classic Watch the world’s best BNoNJEOJHIUt"ENJODMVEFTTIPFT golfers compete in this 4-day tournament (see p35). Abu Dhabi has hosted a race at the Yas a friendly game of billiards. * Ice Hockey The Abu Dhabi Falcons meet £ Dubai Tennis Championships on weekday evenings at the See the big guns of world huge Abu Dhabi ice rink and are tennis serve action at Dubai Tennis Stadium (see p35). more than happy for you to join in or cheer them on. Marina circuit.

3pm–9pm Fri times. dating to 1670.Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Left Al Ain Palace Museum Centre Hatta’s Heritage Village Right Liwa’s sandswept roads Excursions ! Sharjah The Sharjah Art Museum. this the oldest mangrove in Arabia green emirate is home to the Al and is now a conservation area. Watch a bit • Sharjah Art Museum: 06 568 8222 of bloodless bull butting on a • Heritage Museum: 06 569 3999 Friday .com • Al Ain Palace Museum: 03 715 7755 • Jahili Fort: next to Al Ain Rotana Hotel • Al Ain Camel Souq: Al Ain-Buraimi border ^ Bidiya This tiny fishing village is home to the oldest mosque in £ Hatta Visit the Heritage Village at the UAE. A drive gypsum. d 105 km massive central pillar. The souqs are good Fujairah Fort is the oldest in the for shopping. Made from mud brick. d 38 km from Dubai • Heritage Village: Open 8am– north of Fujairah • Visit outside of prayer 7:30pm Sat–Thu. d 160 km from Dubai Desert Rangers: www.desertrangers. stone and this serene oasis town. d 10 km from Dubai UAE. dating back to 1446. $ Fujairah Fujairah has a coastline of the Heritage Museum and the coral reefs and hillsides with Archaeological Museum are a forts and watchtowers. Also here Explore its swamps by canoe. are the Al Ain Livestock Souq and d 10 km south of Fujairah • Canoeing: the Jahili Fort. accompanied by a mosque guide The Blue Souq at Sharjah 54 Share your travel recommendations on traveldk. Ain Palace Museum. it is now restored with into the mountains leads to the its four small domes held up by a clear Hatta Rock Pools. The must visit. d 130 km from Dubai • Archaeological Museum: 06 566 5466 @ Al Ain % Khor Kalba This small fishing village has Known as Garden City.

com mountain cliffs and a coastline of inlets and fjords. this makes a good draw for divers. d 300 km from Abu Dhabi 55 .net some hundreds of metres high. dhow cruises plus trips to Oman. around Dubai. thanks to $ Danat Dubai Try an Afternoon the excellent visibility and reef Sundowner cruise with this potential. mountain @ Net Tours Reliable city tours. d www. sand skiing and more.tour-dubai. Liwa or the Mussandam.arabian-adventures. d www. this northerly * Big Bus Tour Company enclave is part of Oman. desert safaris. Ain.wonderbusdubai. snorkel and see with one of the best dive centres in the area and close to an ocean outcrop called Snoopy Island – ^ Nad Al Sheba Club Tour Visit the world-class racehorse ideal for snorkelling and diving. beach. d 193 km from Dubai tKhasab Travel & CJHCVTUPVSTDPN 5PVSTXXXLIBTBCUPVSTDPNt7JTB available at Oman entry point ( Wonder Bus Tours An amphibious 2-hour bus tour that starts on dry land ) Liwa Liwa’s high golden dunes. training facilities at the venue Sandy Beach Motel is a lovely for Dubai World Cup (see p74). d 130 km from Dubai tSandy Beach Motel: 09 244 5555 t4BOEZ#FBDI%JWJOH$FOUSF & Arabian Divers & Sportsfishing Charters Sport fishing in the Arabian Gulf off Abu Dhabi – try to ( Boasting spectacular Musandam Peninsula spot dolphins and whales. lunch spot. Top 10 Tours ! Arabian Adventures Enjoy city tours. d 15 km north of Fujairah dhow sits on a curving bay. dune bashing. camel riding. producing farms – an awesome d www. are almost devoid of vegetation ) Orient Tours Ideal for 4WD tours to Al yet close by are flourishing date. d 04 351 1117 tKhor Fakkan Dive Centre: 09 237 0299 % Creekside Leisure * A sleepy spot with an open Dibba Recline in a cushioned majlis and watch the sun set aboard a dhow on the Creek. Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 d www. Nearby is Sandy Beach. and cruises on Dubai Creek.fishabudhabi.orient-tours-uae. desert A dhow trip at Musandam Peninsula £ Bateaux Dubai Cruises Lunchtime sight-seeing and gourmet dinner cruises & Khor Fakkan A pretty coastal town that down Dubai Creek. d www. d www. d www. Visit to Hop aboard an open-air enjoy day-long dhow trips into the double-decker London bus fjords. d www. jebelali-international.


AROUND TOWN Deira 58–65 DUBAI & ABU DHABI’S TOP 10 Bur Dubai 66–71 Sheikh Zayed Road 72–77 Jumeirah & New Dubai 78–85 Abu Dhabi 88–97 .

<$ 6  5 2 $ ' $. Deira is the source of Dubai’s trading roots and it is around the Creek that you really get a sense of this.$7  $ /  % $1 . it’s really best to explore on foot.Around Dubai – Deira Left Dhows moored at the wharf Right The stunning Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club Around Dubai – Deira T HE TERM DEIRA IS USED TO DESCRIBE the bustling commercial area north of the Creek. this area boasts some of Dubai’s most atmospheric souq-life. .7 7$ $/  2 52$ 805  5 $7 $ Heritage House ' +   . "M3BT %FJSB#VTTUBUJPO    $ /  . <$ .)  52 $ $' $/)$+. & Sights  . +$    & $/ $' . There is a telling contrast between the sight of the old wooden dhows moored at the wharfside reflected in the glass façades of the spectacularly sleek skyscrapers. The narrow streets and the general traffic congestion in the area mean that to enjoy it all. 5281'$%287 #BOJZBT4RVBSF A door at Heritage House    %   %85-1$+$5 %$ $ $ %VC / / 5281'$%287  $FNFUFSZ 0$ 1   $ /  1.ASIRŽ  1BMN%FJSB    6 . Much of the dhow cargo is destined for the souqs and shopping districts of buzzy Deira. <$ 6 % % 5. 0 $5    2  6OJPO4RVBSF 4 Gold Souq  2IGGAT $  !LŽ"UTEEN 75(( 7 5 Spice Souq  6  =(.'.7 BJ$SFFL +$ $/  28 $FNFUFSZ  $ /  0$ . / . 72 52 $' 0 6(() + $' !LŽ2IGGA 1 52 2  Al-Ahmadiya School 63  $ % .* $ 5MM 8 4 $% $7 Dhow Wharfs 0$. Spice Souq and Deira Souq. 81.+$  6 !L 67  52  /(( -52 $  $' . A major preservation effort by Dubai Municipality means that this area offers some architectural gems like the Al-Ahmadiya School and the Heritage House.+ "UTEEN    $%    / 6  & 52 $    $'   $  1 $. 72 8 ' (URAIRŽ *$5  9  5 ' Dubai Creek Golf & 52$' $ Yacht Club 2$' 0 0 52$ "M3JHHB National Bank of NP ' Dubai  ZBSET  NFUSFT  58 Previous pages The stunning Jumeirah Mosque at dusk . As a result. . especially at the Gold Souq.%$ 6  $ / /-$ Deira Souq    $      $ /   $/ % 7 0 8 5 $4  Baniyas Square %   % $ 1 .21 $/ 3 ' 2$' 75 $'(& (175(5' 648$5( 1 Watchtower %. !YAL   !LŽ2AS  + 2 5 6 7 5 ( ( 7 .

Unusually. as it has been for in Emirati coastal cities with the close on a century. Now a museum and worth in both Arabic and western visiting for its sheer architectural styles TFFQ . grace. d Map K1 t"M. seen so much gleaming gold as Maths. opened Al-Ahmadiya School $ Gold Souq in 1912. It has been support of leading merchants restored with a traditional and Sheikhs. The souq is still dominated by The boys sat on palm mats. was founded by a You are unlikely to have ever philanthropist pearl merchant.t0NBS#JO "M. with dioramas.IPS4Ut04 226 0286 tOpen 8am– QN4BUo5IV QNoQN'SJ @ Heritage House This beautifully restored airy courtyard house dates back to the 1890s. Arabic calligraphy were taught.t"M. This school closed in wooden roof.BQ.IPS4U t04 226 0286 tOpen 7:30am–2:30pm 4BUo8FE QNoQN'SJ Gold displays at Deira Gold Souq Share your travel recommendations on traveldk. You’ll find jewellery 1963. There are touch- screens too. the Holy Koran and in Dubai’s historic Gold Souq. Guards would scale the tower and keep watch for invaders during tribal disputes. The short masonry columns projecting above the roof level once held a palm frond The Al-Ahmadiya School CBSBTUJ roof. d . d . you can explore the different rooms.IBUUBC3E ! Dubai’s first school. £ Watchtower Tucked away in the busy streets of Deira is a surprise: a beautifully restored mud-brick watchtower that stands in its Around Dubai – Deira own gardens. This round tower is Burj Nahar. Now a museum giving an insight into Emirati life. It dates back to 1870 when it was one of three towers that served as part of Dubai’s network of defences. all furnished to period. it offers an educational insight into the past. who subsidised the Arabic arcade with arching education. but the upper floor is designed with open doors and windows to draw in the Creek 59 . this 10- room building does not have a windtower.BQ. Indian and Iranian craftsmen Many such schools were located and traders.

just about any modern item! Moored five or six abreast. henna kits (for hand and square is named after the body decoration). It became a natural haven for merchants who left Lingah. visible from both 60 . You’ll businesses. of Deira which. d Map K3 • Baniyas Rd largest souq on the Arabian coast. The Dubai Department of seed and oud. where you can Deira’s business district and is wander through a maze of narrow home to airlines. is a city landmark. This souq * Dhow Wharfs A walk along the wharfside is frequented by Emiratis and besides Baniyas Road allows you expats. cumin. shop. on the Persian coast. d Map L2 taste of the melting pot of cultures that is Dubai. and sitting the dhows in the Creek. amidst rolling greens. hotels. saffron and influential Bani Yas tribe of Abu fragrant rose water (see p20). If you do plan to these days is tyres. The burner). refrigerators. By night. as do many of the sails of a dhow. from which the ruling Maktoum family of Dubai is ^ Deira Souq This is where you get a real branched. shwarma stands and high with aromatic spices. after the ( Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club This soaring white building. by there in 1902. moored household appliances to pirated here. alleyways lined with shops piled restaurants. by the early 20th Pakistan and Sudan since the century. Dhabi. coriander signs. Some great Tourism and Commerce souvenir buys include Marketing has a useful Visitors frankincense (sold with charcoal Information Bureau here. with Tokyo-esque neon lights and frankincense. like the Burj Al Arab. They continued to trade with Lingah. the traditional colourful kitchenware to electric Arabian sailing vessels. electronics – without haggling (see p20). & Baniyas Square This busy commercial square the Spice Souq is a sensory trip and traffic junction is the heart of into the past. Their cargo wander in. nothing is sold air conditioners.Around Dubai – Deira Exotic spices at the Spice Souq % Spice Souq Moody and atmospheric. These ships still trade CDs. The shops sell everything to get up close to the painted from bright Indian clothing to wooden dhows. It’s a fascinating area to around the Gulf. remember. introduction of high customs inspired. it glows find sacks of cinammon sticks. these Deira History dhows have sailed to trade with Liberal trade policies are the roots Dubai from places such as Iran. had developed the 1830s.

building is clad in green glass Exit at the gold souq and representing water and its roof continue along Sikkat Al- Khail St to the tiny Per- is aluminium. the hull of the fume Souq.BQ. A Souk Stroll Opened in January 1993.BQ. at the spice souq especially at night when the entrance. d . among the fragrant alleyways here.Maktoum and Garhoud bridges. when the Around Dubai – Deira incorporates a 115-berth souq shops re-open after prayers and temperatures marina. You as well as one of Dubai’s most can disembark at Deira popular alfresco eateries. Evening Enjoy an evening snack by continuing along Sikkat Al- Khail St to Ashwaq Cafeteria (see p64). Dubai Abra Station. The base of the one of the small cafés. It is most striking at windows here are a sunset. serving shwarmas.t(BSIPVE t04 295 6000 spice souq at Al-Abra St. drop in at Radisson Blu Hotel’s Up on the Tenth (see p65) and chill with a cocktail and sensa- tional sunset Creek views. National Bank of Dubai’s stunning façade 61 . which sits underpass beneath on stilts and offers a Baniyas Road to emerge spectacular view of the Creek. The separate yacht club are cooler. the Old Souq Abra Station (see pp10–11). Ahead you will see the latticed achievement is the National entrance to the Gold Bank of Dubai – one of the Souq with its colonnaded city’s first iconic buildings. Enjoy a browse illuminated dhows pass by. Built interior (see p59). Take the Boardwalk (see p64). Next. return to the Creek to admire the Dhow Wharfage (see p84). a down-to-earth café with outdoor tables. Wander into the alleyways by the dhow. it is inspired (most take credit cards). an BCSB crossing from the Bur excellent seafood restaurant. Its curved curtain off the main thoroughfare glass wall symbolizes the and enjoy a cup of tea at billowing sail. the world-class golf course here is Afternoon the centre-piece of a sprawling Aim to start this walk leisure complex that also around 4:30pm.t#BOJZBT3E scents. Start with an incorporates the Aquarium. are more than 300 architect of the Opéra de la jewellery shops to explore Bastille in Paris. incense and oud. There in the mid-1990s by Carlos Ott. The shop boat. For a relaxed end-of- day. turn right along Al-Ras St ) National Bank of Dubai Another architectural which leads into Sikkat Al-Khail St. when the mirror treasure trove of bottles reflects its gold and silver filled with heady Arabian lights. Leave the d .

d . this store will also 0QFOBNoQN4VOo5IV QNoQN mix you a signature scent that 'SJtXXXBMHIVSBJSDJUZDPN you can design with the in-house perfumier. Kashmir and t(BSIPVE %FJSBt04 295 1010 t0QFO Turkey.BQ-t'MPPS 4UBOE £ Paris Gallery Bvlgari.BQ-t'MPPS  d . d Map L3 and spicier than Western t"M3JHHB3E %FJSBt04 222 5222 t fragrances.Around Dubai – Deira Left Al Ghurair City’s entrance Centre Textiles at Pride of Kashmir Right Paris Gallery’s displays Malls & Shops ! Deira City Centre This lively mall has 340 ^ Pride of Kashmir Presented as a mock souq. d . d .BQ. shops. . sunglasses is your best bet.BQ-t'MPPS 4UBOE' %FJSB$JUZ 4UBOE$ %FJSB$JUZ$FOUSF $FOUSFt04 295 0404 tXXXQMVHJOTDD ttXXXEBNBTKFXFMDPN % Al Jaber Gallery ) Reef Mall Especially good for home An Aladdin’s cave of furnishings and children’s wear. electronic goods can be a jewellery and watches. treasures. Al Jaber Gallery. a speciality. d . You can Specializing in Arabic shop for international as well as perfumes. d Map L5 rugs from Iran. City Centre ( Plug-Ins With tax-free shopping in Visit for a choice of branded Dubai.BQ-t'MPPS 4UBOE# %FJSB$JUZ $FOUSFt04 295 0655 @ AlA mall Ghurair City with an Arabic feel. Mikimoto pearls are and lap-tops to cameras and TVs.BQ-t'MPPS  and jewellery. Chanel – you # %FJSB$JUZ$FOUSFt name the perfume of your choice and you’ll find it at this upmarket * Magrudy’s If you’re looking for a good store which also stocks a vast read. Magrudy’s and Plug-Ins have multiple outlets in the city.t4BMBIVEEJO4U t04 295 4114 t04 224 2240 tXXXSFFGNBMMDPN 62 Paris Gallery. Chaumet and Vacheron stocks everything. 5IVo4BU tXXXEFJSBDJUZDFOUSFDPN d . Pick BNoQN4VO8FE BNoNJEOJHIU up a pashmina here. from printers Constantin. this is a great store you’ll find both the high street for souvenir-hunting. including good buy. a this store is packed with a wide kid’s entertainment area and selection of antique and modern good restaurants. This electronic giant Faberge. which are stronger local brands here. Damas. Dior. plus soft furnishings. d . d Map L5 brands as well as the economical t'MPPS 4UBOE# %FJSB$JUZ$FOUSF ones here.BQ-t'MPPS  4UBOE& %FJSB$JUZ$FOUSFt04 295 4UBOE& %FJSB$JUZ$FOUSFt04 295 7744 tXXXNBHSVEZDPN tXXXVBFQBSJTHBMMFSZDPN $ Damas. too. & Ajmal this is Dubai’s oldest. an 11-screen cinema. this well-stocked bookstore range of cosmetics.

BQ. d . d . A chance to sample Gordon Ramsay’s chic. d Map )ZBUU)PUFM %VCBJ$SFFL$MVCt04 602 -t"M#VTUBO3PUBOB)PUFM "M(BSIPVE 1234 t 0QFOOPPOoQNQNo 3PBEtt0QFOOPPOoQN NJEOJHIU t%%%%% QNoQN t%%% Recommend your favourite restaurant on traveldk. DDDDD Over AED 250 Around Dubai – Deira Left Café Chic’s French cuisine Right The stylish interior at China Club Restaurants ! Verre Dubai’s most consistent fine ^ The Cellar Have a pleasant alfresco dining experience. d .com 63 .t3BEJTTPO#MV 'FTUJWBM$JUZt04 701 1111 t0QFOo )PUFMt04 205 7333 t0QFOQNo QNoQNEBJMZt%%%%% QNQNoQNt%%% $ Glasshouse Mediterranean ( Ashiana Experience colonial India at Brasserie Ashiana.t)JMUPO%VCBJ tt0QFOQNoQN $SFFLt04 227 1111 t0QFOBNo QNoBN4BUo5IV QNo NJEOJHIU t%%% BN'SJt%%%% % Traiteur Relish the classic European ) Blue Elephant A must-visit for traditional cuisine as you admire the Thai decor.BQ. town.FSJEJFO%VCBJ (BSIPVE %FJSBt04 272 0000 t0QFOo tt0QFOQNoQN QNQNoBNt%%% QNoQNt%%%% £ This elegant restaurant China Club * Reflets Gagnaire par Pierre Enjoy fine dining from one of has crisp table linen. mellow jazz Café Chic & The Bombay This award-winning restaurant is considered to be and a menu by a Michelin-starred one of the best curry houses in chef – don’t miss the soufflé. dinner inside the Gothic interior. Price Categories For a three-course D Under AED 25 meal for one with half DD AED 25–100 a bottle of wine (or DDD AED 100–150 equivalent meal).BQ-t.BQ&t*OUFS$POUJOFOUBM%VCBJ classics. menu of dim sum and Chinese d .BQ.BQ-t5IF"WJBUJPO$MVC (BSIPVE 4Ut04 227 1111 t0QFOQNoNJEOJHIU tt0QFOOPPOoBNt%%%% 4VOo'SJt%%%%% @ French dining. woodwork and golden lanterns. d . glass.BQ-t-F.BQ. striking the French masters at the Inter- oriental decor and an extensive Continental Festival City hotel. Try the EFHVTUBUJPO menu.t)JMUPO%VCBJ$SFFL #BOJZBT d .t1BSL and a warm Thai welcome.BSDP1PMP)PUFM  d . delicious Thai food striking decor. d . Gordon lunch overlooking the lake of The Ramsay’s team is the best in Aviation Club or a romantic town.t 4IFSBUPO%VCBJ$SFFL dinner. Excellent for lunch or an informal d .BQ. exquisite cooking within an enclosed casual restaurant empire-inspired decor of dark serves comfort food classics. taxes DDDD AED 150–250 and extra charges.

room for an intimate Japanese it makes for a fun pit stop! d Map set meal of sushi.BQ. d . with a Settle yourself at an outdoor rustic decor and fresh breads. sashimi bar and terrace tables served mainly at long communal with creek-side views. soups. salads and sandwiches. with stunning sample many Thai delicacies views. table for some great falafels. pastas and pizzas. teppanyaki.FSJEJFO%VCBJt04 217 0000 t0QFO d . d Map K3 tables or on the outdoor terrace. .BQ.IBMJM4U %FJSBt% 64 Recommend your favourite café on traveldk. especially by night. The menu is varied with light d . t4IFSBUPO%VCBJ$SFFLt04 228 1111 d . from the four live cooking . d . sandwiches and )PUFMt04 222 7171 t0QFOQNo pastries.BQ-t-F shwarmas and fresh juices.BQ-t$JUZ$FOUSF  QNQNoBNt%%%% %FJSBt04 295 5238 t0QFOBNo NJEOJHIUt%% % Casa Mia It is “buon appetito” at this ) Ashwaq Cafeteria homely Italian restaurant. d .t%VCBJ QNoNJEOJHIU t%%% $SFFL(PMG:BDIU$MVCt04 295 6000 t0QFOBNoNJEOJHIUt%%% @ YUM! “Live Fast: Eat Fast” is this & Kiku noodle kitchen’s motto.Around Dubai – Deira Left Kiku’s minimalist decor Centre A noodle dish at YUM! Right Fishy dishes at Creekside Casual Eateries & Cafés ! Thai Kitchen The convenient tasting ^ Boardwalk Built on a wooden veranda portions here allow you to over the Creek.t$PSOFS"M4PPS4UBOE oQNoQNt%%%%% 4JLLBU"M. The wine list is on a couch with a cup of tea. Inspired Ask to sit in a private tatami by different Far Eastern cuisines.t1BSL)ZBUU)PUFM OFBS%VCBJ Mediterranean fare and Eastern- $SFFL(PMG$MVCt04 602 1234 t0QFO inspired dishes.FSJEJFO%VCBJt04 282 4040 t0QFO oQNoQNt%%%% £ Creekside Savour the freshest of fish. * More Café expertly prepared Japanese-style This bustling all-day café at this elegant restaurant with its serves up delicious home-style teppanyaki station and sushi.BQ-t /FYUUP8FMDBSFIPTQJUBM  t0QFOQNoQNQNoQN CFIJOE-JGDPTVQFSNBSLFUJO(BSIPVE 4BUo5IV QNoQN'SJt%%%% t04 283 0224 t0QFOBNoBN t/PBMDPIPMt%% $ LaTry Moda some of the great Italian ( Café Havana classics with a twist in a stylish Dig into a light lunch or relax setting. -t3BEJTTPO#MV)PUFMt04 222 7171 sashimi and tempura. d .BQ-t3BEJTTPO#MV warm scones. d Map L6 t0QFOOPPOoBNt%% t-F.BQ. expansive.

in Guinness batter. % Irish Village Throw back a pint or two. but Alpha is one of the best nightclubs in town – flying in ( The Cellar A restaurant and a bar with live bands and international DJs on an extensive wine list. it’s dark and InterContinental hotel TFFQ cosy. d Map E3 "JSQPSUt04 282 4040 t0QFOBNoBN t *OUFS$POUJOFOUBM%VCBJ'FTUJWBM$JUZ  t)BQQZ)PVSTQNoQN %FJSBt04 701 1111 £ The twinkling vistas. d . taxes DDDD AED 150–250 and extra charges. d Map K6 accompanied by an assortment t %VCBJ$SFFL:BDIU$MVCt04 295 of premium vodkas. the BBC.FSJEJFO has a pleasant outside space )PUFM t04 282 4040 t0QFOQNoBN overlooking a tranquil lake TFFQ . offers a wide range of seating amidst greenery. DDDDD Over AED 250 Around Dubai – Deira Left The dining area at Up On the Tenth Right Dubliners’ eye-catching exterior Bars. a sundowner or chill with a offering a selection of caviar. d Map K5 6000 t0QFOQNoBN t1BSL)ZBUU)PUFM %VCBJ$SFFL(PMG$MVC t04 317 2222 t0QFOOPPOoBN & Dubliners Another Irish pub that is @ Vista Lounge This stylish bar in the new always packed with expat residents. outside there’s a pleasant has stunning views of the Creek patio.FSJEJFO)PUFM OFBS cocktail creations. d Map E3 t (BSIPVE %VCBJt04 282 4750 t0QFO t $SPXO1MB[B%VCBJ'FTUJWBM$JUZt BNoBN'SJo5VFBNoBN8FEo5IV t0QFOQNoBN 65 . The wooden-decked terrace bar with Terrace features the Raw Bar. hookah at the NBKMJT area while oysters. The choice of music t3BEJTTPO#MV)PUFM #BOJZBT3E %FJSB varies each night according to t04 222 7171 t0QFOQNoBN the DJ but house is big. at this Irish. this venue weekends. d Map L2 t 3BEJTTPO4"4)PUFMt04 205 7333 $ It may not have a prime Alpha t0QFOQNoBN location. as it is affectionately style pub with outdoor bench known. Inside. live jazz Up On the Tenth * KuBu Abstract art covers the walls of this late-night night club and sophisticated atmosphere serving a speciality choice of will liven up your meal. Pubs & Clubs ! The Terrace Made for alfresco drinking ^ QDs Lounge at this Creekside and set on the marina front. d Map L6 Belgian ales and dishes. ) Belgian Beer Café along with some fish and chips A favourite among expats. A big choice of beers here. prawns and salmon the live band plays. Price Categories For a three-course D Under AED 25 meal for one with half DD AED 25–100 a bottle of wine (or DDD AED 100–150 equivalent meal). and an interesting selection of d .BQ-t -F.BQ-t -F. d Map L2 cocktails.

you’ll find a real community feel. Bur Dubai’s souqs. is the spot where Dubai’s role as an enterprising and cosmopolitan trading city really began. beginning with the textile.and curio-filled old Bur Dubai creekside souq are evidence of this.Around Dubai – Bur Dubai Left Dubai Museum & Al Fahidi Fort Right Sheikh Juma Al-Maktoum House Bur Dubai T HIS BUSTLING PART OF THE CITY IS now packed with hotels. If you explore the streets further back. now Dubai Museum. into the heart of the dizzyingly-colourful Textile Souq. This lovely atmospheric district is a quiet oasis amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. The Shindagha heritage area. Here too is the imposing Al Fahidi Fort. the original defence outpost for Dubai. right at the Creek mouth. yet over a century ago it was an area of sand and barasti (palm frond houses) and windtower houses around the Creek. office block and residential developments. J ROAD KHALEE Al 304 AL Shindagha Tunnel Al Ghubaiba Bur Dubai Souq 51 A 24 AL eek GHUB AIBA S Cr D T ROA Al Ras S Dubai Al Ghubaiba Sights B A N I YA 10 A L Al Ras KHOR S T R E ET 112 1 3A 11 Dubai Museum & 16 A 1 0 6 S I K K AT A L K H A I L S T R E 18 E T Al Fahidi Fort 2 1 13 10 26 Bastakiya 21 C 34 30 11 Al Buteen KA 30 1K C 3 SIK AL HA Al Souq 114 Heritage Village & BA A 25 L I D Al Kabeer Diving Village N FA IY A BI ID 20 H AS N 312 I 4 Sheikh Saeed Al- 3C 9B RO ST AL B 44 50 B RE AD Maktoum House WAL 15 ET 26 AL 0A 5 EED 6 27 E Sheikh Juma Al- RO D 39 Du RD LL 33 A L FA H I D I Maktoum House AR C 41 ROUNDABOUT ba D 306 MANKHO OL ROAD 6 Sheikh Obaid bin i 15 A Cemetery Thani House Saeediya Cre 6 AL 8A Al Hamriya 7 Bin Zayed Mosque SE 7 ek 1A 313 8 EF Bait Al Wakeel 3 12 A Mankhool 13A 9 17 ROAD 16 317 18 16 9 Bur Dubai Souq 1B 0 Ruler’s Court/Diwan 11 B 500 yards 0 metres 500 66 . The best spot to get a real sense of old Bur Dubai is the historic Bastakiya quarter where the charming courtyard houses have been restored beside the Creek.

! Dubai Museum & Al Fahidi Fort techniques. armoury displays. It’s worth visiting for the building @ Bastakiya This is one of the oldest itself. restored courtyard of development. you can walk through a souq this was the home of Dubai’s from the 1950s. it is now the city museum and worth a visit for an informative overview of $ Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House the emirate’s history. 3pm–10pm Fri tAdm throws the architecture into golden relief. Photographs and most atmospheric heritage from the 1950s–80s show areas in Dubai. There’s a tented Bedouin village. many crowned by oil prospecting agreements with barjeel (windtowers) which were international companies make the earliest forms of air fascinating reading on the Trucial conditioning. displays of traditional dhows and coloured Al Fahidi Fort was built black and white photographs. handicraft shops. It makes Built in 1896 from coral stone an entertaining visit for all ages: covered in lime and sand plaster. camel rides and an exhibition of Emirati cooking A windtower in Bastakiya Share your travel recommendations on traveldk. The Diving Village focuses on Dubai’s sea-faring Once Dubai’s main defence and pearl diving history.BQ+tAl the best time to spend a couple Shindagha t04 393 7139 tOpen 8am– of hours here. Here you can seaplanes landing in the Creek wander the alleyways between and reveal the extraordinary pace original. visit an oasis former ruler until his death in with a falaj (irrigation channel). tOpen 7:30am–10pm Renovated in 1970. The house was opened as learn about the desert at night a museum in 1986 and contains and visit a traditional barasti collections of photographs. with its four windtowers and 67 . stamps and documents. (palm frond) house (see pp8–9). when the light 10pm Sat–Thu. this traditional complex is a living museum staffed by potters and weavers practising crafts as they have for centuries. located near the mouth of the Creek in the old Shindagha conservation area. coins. Around Dubai – Bur Dubai in 1788 and has also served as a d Map K1 tAl Shindagha t04 393 7151 gaol and the ruler’s residence. £ Heritage Village & Diving Village A microcosm of Dubai’s cultural and historic past. with outpost. The area has become a cultural hub for the city with many buildings converted to art galleries and courtyard cafés (see pp12–13). Copies of early houses. d. 1958. Late afternoon is Coast “oil rush”. the imposing sand.

coral stone and gypsum – and the importance of the windtowers for internal cooling. They settled in & Bin Shindagha. d Map J1 materials used – mountain stone. • Al Shindagha mud. Close by is Al Mulla Mosque. Maktoum family’s of the residents. This early office building. is worth a Qatari royal family who married visit to check out the primitive into the Maktoum clan. d Map K1 • Al away from the Bani Yas tribe of Shindagha • Open 9am–2pm Sun–Thu Abu Dhabi. the Bin Zayed Mosque was built in 1968. * Bait Al Wakeel A fine example of early 20th- d Map J1 • Al Shindagha • Open 8am– century coral stone architecture. it was built in of the building is a casual eatery 1916. This spartan little place of % Sheikh Juma Al-Maktoum House worship is still used today. They designed to protect the privacy offer decent Thai and Arabic The Ruler’s Court/Diwan at dusk 68 . To the rear with a courtyard. Built in cylindrical minaret – restored 1828. made This building is a superb example from mud and topped by a of Arab structural design. the first This important property belonged building in Dubai built specifically to an influential member of the for administration. A facilities that Dubai’s bureaucracy magnificent two-storey house had to contend with. Offset entrances were offering Creekside views. The upper floor settlement on Dubai Creek has larger openings to draw in The Maktoum family’s reign as the Creek breezes. without a traditional dome. The large rulers of Dubai began in 1833. an ideal location for Zayed Mosque trade and for the development of Dubai’s pearling and An unusual square mosque fishing industries. lamp over the entrance harks when Sheikh Maktoum bin Buti back to the house’s seafaring Around Dubai – Bur Dubai and around 800 tribesmen broke trading past. 2:30pm Sun–Thu the beautiful Bait Al Wakeel was once the offices of the British ^ Sheikh Obaid bin Thani House East India Shipping Company. the rooms help you learn according to the oral accounts of about the indigenous building elderly Emiratis.

Now head in the opposite direction to explore the Beautiful street lamps at the Textile Souq rest of the Shindagha heritage area. head left to the here you’ll find moneychangers. glittery across to Deira Spice Arabian slippers and curios. Break for fresh lemon and mint juice at any of the nearby waterside restaurants. A Day’s Exploration of Old Dubai Morning Start your tour at the Around Dubai – Bur Dubai Heritage and Diving Village at 10am. Following the coffee to enjoy the bustling curve of the Creek you will Creek vistas (see p11). pp12–13). After- power and is the Ruler’s Court or wards. (see pp8–9). which is fun to explore – your right is the here you’ll see tailors working on unmistakable Al Fahidi old-fashioned sewing machines Fort and Dubai Museum (see p21). spend some time Diwan. peep down the water’s edge by the Dubai Old alleyways for views of Souq Abra Station and. where you can easily spend an ) Ruler’s interesting. This Souq (see p20). bargain clothes. including a dishes on their menu. At the end of the an imposing arcaded wooden first covered section of the roof. where you can learn about Emirati crafts and the history of Dubai’s pearling industry. arrive at the wooden- arcaded Bur Dubai Souq. ( Bur Enjoy a browse of the Dubai Souq textile and curio stalls This souq begins at the here. informative Court/Diwan hour. A handsome cream building with imposing windtowers sits Afternoon beside the Creek next to Head along Al-Fahidi St to Bastakiya quarter and the Grand the Bastakiya area where Mosque. don’t miss Bastakiah Nights and Mohammed’s offices are located. Then wend your way through to souq merges with the Textile Ali Bin Abi Thalib Rd – to Souq. since its restored windtowers and renovation. is now housed under small fabric and tailor shops. Creek for a great view textiles. The striking gold-topped you can enjoy a leisurely courtyard lunch inside the wrought iron gates give a clue to restored building of the its importance: this is the seat of Basta Art Café. Creekside 69 . (Persian for couch). the Majlis Gallery (see d Map K2 • Adjacent to Bastakiya. This exploring Bastakiya’s alleys is where Dubai’s ruler Sheikh and buildings. and it is visit to the museum within Sheikh Saeed Al- well worth taking time out and Maktoum House (see stopping here for a juice or pp10–11). Also. It’s a mix of old and new – souq.

d . this old renovated souq with dates and truffles. with Dubai has often been stores selling exclusive labels considered an electronics hub.BQ+t#VSKVNBO. For local flavour. d Map J3 the most gorgeous Brazilian tOEnPPS #VSKVNBOt04 351 0919 bikinis and beach accessories t0QFOQNoQNQNo here.BQ)t0VE. d . 70 .BMM QN4BUo5IV QNoQN'SJ tt0QFOBNoQN 4BUo5IV QNoQN'SJ $ Wafi City This kitsch. with t5SBEF$FOUSF3Et04 352 0222 t0QFO over 60 specialized retail outlets. plus boxes of small shops and stalls selling a delectable Lebanese pastries medley of goods from textiles to and chocolates. d . d Map J3 and this shopping centre. d . tailors and Indian sweet d .BQ)t8Bm$JUZ t04 324 4555 t0QFOBNoNJEOJHIU @ Burjuman Mall This chic shopping mall & Computer Plaza caters to those with money. BNoQN4BUo5IV QNoQN'SJ is the perfect place to pick up a discounted laptop or digital £ AlIf youOrooba Oriental are looking for an camera. Egyptian- ( Karama “souq” themed. Software is also available. * Praias Choose from hundreds of Kashmir and Kyrgistan. wooden arcade. pyramid-shaped building Hunt for cheap Arabian is the place to head if you love souvenirs. delicatessen.BQ)t8Bm$JUZt04 324 6754 shops – where the local people t0QFOQNoQNQNoQN shop (see pp20–21).FUIB3E designer goods at this shopping t04 324 4426 t0QFOBNoQN4BUo complex. fabrics. and glam accessories. wander 5IV QNoQN'SJ around the gritty neighbourhood afterwards (see pp20–21). They are sourced from as far afield as Iran. this is where you’ll t04 352 6663 t0QFOBNoQN find top-quality Arabian souvenirs. handicrafts and fake fashion. this uber-chic This suburb is known for its fashionista boutique is a real gem. Pakistan.Around Dubai – Bur Dubai Left The atrium at Burjuman Right A stained glass Egyptian panel at Wafi City Places to Shop ! Bur Dubai Souq This souq starts at the ^ Wafi Gourmet Stocked to the ceiling with creekside beneath a traditional Arabian cheeses and sweets. % Amzaan Specializing in funky foreign ) Satwa and Emirati labels. Wander through barrels of the plumpest olives.BQ)t"M"JO$FOUSF exotic gift. it’s no surprise shoes to bargain clothing to that this is Dubai’s favourite curios (see pp66–9).

taxes DDDD AED 150–250 and extra charges.BQ+t(SBOE)ZBUUt04 317 t04 334 2325 t0QFOOPPOoQN 1234 t0QFOQNoBNt%%%%% t/PBMDPIPMt%%%% % Medzo This stylish Italian-influenced ) Basta Art Café You’ll be delighted to have Mediterranean restaurant offers a light lunch or juice at this up an imaginative menu in a chic bougainvillea-clad historic setting.BQ)t/FBS-BNDZ1MB[B rous. d . d . d . Bluefields is very following for its Indian classics.t"SBCJBO$PVSUZBSEt04 351 t0QFOQNoBN t%%%%% 9111 t0QFOQNoQNQNoBN 4BUo5IV QNoBN'SJt%%%%% @ Peppercrab Devour a tasty.BQ. Price Categories For a three-course D Under AED 25 meal for one with half DD AED 25–100 a bottle of wine (or DDD AED 100–150 equivalent meal).t(SBOE a bamboo decor.BQ)t8Bm$JUZt04 324 courtyard.FUIB4USFFUt04 335 7377 t0QFOoQN t/PBMDPIPM t%% $ Manhattan Grill Dig into high-quality juicy ( Lemongrass steaks at this American diner. popular. d . d Map H5 )ZBUU%VCBJt04 317 2222 t0QFOo t 1ZSBNJET8Bm$JUZt04 324 4100 QN UPBN5IV'SJ t%%%%% t0QFOQNoQNQNoNJEOJHIU t)BQQZ)PVSTQNoQN t%%%% £ Asha’s Bollywood singing sensation * Bluefields Asha Bhosle’s glamorous The UAE’s only Caribbean restaurant has a loyal local restaurant. The wine list here is gene. peppery crab & Thai Chi at this Singaporean superb Experience Thailand here – seafood restaurant (aprons and authentic cuisine served amidst pliers provided). d . crisis of confidence in the kitchen.BQ.t #BTUBLJZB 4100 t0QFOQNoQNQNo t04 353 5071 t0QFOBNoQN QNt%%%% t/PBMDPIPM t%% Recommend your favourite café on traveldk.BQ. An innovative and affordable styled restaurant.BQ)t3BGnFT%VCBJ t d . DDDDD Over AED 250 Around Dubai – Bur Dubai Left An authentic Indian spread at Mumtaz Mahal Restaurants & Cafés ! Fire & Ice This place might resemble a ^ Mumtaz Mahal Dine here for an intimate Manhattan-style steakhouse with Indian meal with traditional live an identity crisis but there is no music and authentic cuisine. Try the salt fish fritter daring contemporary creations starter and then follow up with and equally adventurous cocktail either the succulent jerk chicken list. Set menu and Thai restaurant where you can vegetarian options are available savour some fresh. authentic too.BQ)t1ZSBNJET8Bm$JUZ or the spicy jerk lamb. dishes. d . d . d Map J4 QNoBNt%%%%% t 0VE. Service is t04 324 4100 t0QFOQNoQN relaxed but efficient. The LVMm desserts are 71 .

just as in Las Vegas. It’s becoming known as “The Strip” because. the road is the path to the city’s future visionary expansion programme. Symbolically too. Sights 5 Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary 1 Za’abeel Park 6 Souk Al Bahar 2 Dubai World Trade Centre 7 Al Quoz Art Galleries 3 Dubai International 8 Nad Al Sheba Race Club Financial Centre 9 The Dubai Mall (The Gate) 0 Emirates Towers & Burj Khalifa 4 Burj Khalifa Boulevard H ROA D D9 2 D9 4 JUM EIRA H BEAC RO AD AL WA SL D75 D9 2 AD AL AL SATWA AL WA SL RO Za’abeel D71 Safa Trade WASL Financial Emirates Centre Park AL SAFA Park SHEIKH ZAYED ROAD Burj Centre Towers Khalifa E11 Business Bay Al Quoz Dubai World Art Galleries Dubai Trade Centre Souk Al International Emirates AL Bahar Financial Towers D69 The Centre QUOZ Burj D73 Dubai D 71 Khalifa Mall E44 6 AD E6 RO A IL AL KH KH AL D AI L R A TH AL RO ME AD MARQADH D OU Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary RAS AL KHOR Nad Al Sheba Racecourse 2 miles 0 km 2 72 . SHEIKH ZAYED RD is the outset of the highway direct to Abu Dhabi. industrial Al Quoz has become a hub for art galleries.Around Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Rd Families enjoying the weekend at Za’abeel Park Sheikh Zayed Road T HE KEY ARTERY OF DUBAI. this symbol of Dubai’s meteoric development is flanked with the most innovative and contemporary of global architecture. Dubai’s greatest tribute to consumerism. Coming up at Interchange One are the Burj Khalifa. Gleaming skyscrapers tower above the lines of traffic beneath. Further out. the world’s tallest building and The Dubai Mall.

city’s development. It is also the Middle East’s first “technology park” and has three zones linked by pedestrian bridges: alternative energy. which (The Gate) spurts water some Behind Emirates Towers 150 m (500 ft) into the is The Gate. At AED 100 note. The world’s newest global 398 6888 t0QFOBNoQN'SJo5VF  financial hub was declared open BNoQN8FEo5IV for business in 2004. BMX track.BQ$t4IFJLI.BZFE the tallest building in the city. d . International Financial Centre d . d Map observation deck from &t4IFJLI. West and Hong Kong and Tokyo but back in 1979 the DWTC was in the East. d . 3Et04 362 2222 opened with great pomp by Sheikh Rashid and Queen Elizabeth II of England. £ Dubai International In front of the Burj sits the record-breaking Financial Centre Dubai Fountain.BZFE3Et04 where visitors can see 332 1000 tXXXEXUDDPN just about everything for several miles around.BZFE3Et04 (DIFC). This beautiful oasis boasts lakes. it 818 m (2. the striking air. play areas. Around Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Rd football field. ponds.BQ'o't4IFJLI.! Za’abeel Park Dubai’s newest park is a delightful sea of green amidst the city’s urban centre and offers spectacular views of the skyscraper-filled skyline of Sheikh Zayed Rd. The Gate is shaped like a bridge – DIFC is @ Dubai World Trade Centre Hard to believe today when designed to bridge the gap between the financial centres of you see it dwarfed by the London and New York in the skyscrapers of Sheikh Zayed Rd. the also comprises eight tower became the tallest huge exhibition halls. It has $ Burj Khalifa The Burj Dubai. as it was played an important role in the known during its construction.500. On the 124th door can accommodate floor is an impressive more than 6. cricket pitch.BQ%t4IFJLI. a fact was renamed the Burj Khalifa reflected by the continued in 2010 in honour of the use of its image on the President of the UAE. a jogging track. and a space maze based on the signature of the Dubai planetary system (see pp48–9). Dubai International Financial Centre communications and technology. shops and cafés. Today.700 ft) tall.BZFE 15-storey architectural World Trade Centre 3Et 73 . structure in the world The Dubai International long before building work Convention Centre next finished.

BQ%t/BE"M4IFCBt04 336 d www. This is the birds can be viewed on a marshy perfect spot for a stroll before reserve at the inner end of Dubai you attempt the shopping Creek. It starts with Probably the most famous racing a full breakfast at the clubhouse. d Map Emirates Wildlife Sanctuary. where the Dubai World Millennium. Souk Al Bahar is work (see p34). the equestrian-enthusiast Maktoum weighing room and the farriers’ Royal Family of Dubai in 1994 and facilities. which is quickly developing a Khalifa is a slice of old. waders and other cafés and lounge bars.Around Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Rd Pink flamingos at Ras Al Khor % Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary there is also a host of eateries. Godolphin followed by a behind-the-scenes was established by the tour of the jockey centre. this #t 4IFJLI.PO 8FE t"EN tXXXOBEBMTIFCBDMVCDPN 74 . Arabia. BNoQN4BUo5IVt'SFFUPUIFIJEFT including The Third Line. d . from upscale restaurants to Pink flamingos. which HSPVQTPGNPSFUIBOSFRVJSFQFSNJUT exhibits provocative art and serious Middle East talent. souvenir * Nad Al Sheba Race Club Tour shops and antique stores. all fitted out with telescopes.godolphin. albeit 3666 t0QFOBN4BU . stable on the planet. who won the Dubai Cup stands proudly on display. Along The early morning tour of these the souk’s waterfront promenade busy world-class stables includes a chance to see thoroughbred Godolphin training in action. d Map boasts the city’s most cutting &tRas Al Khor t04 206 4240 tOpen edge contemporary art galleries. bino. an Arabesque shopping mall with over 100 retail outlets including independent boutiques. & AlAl Quoz Quoz Art Galleries industrial district culars and picture panels. reputation for showing important ly built. the Millennium has won Group One races in 11 Grandstand and the Godolphin countries.BZFE3E tOpen urban reserve has three hides – BNoQN4BUo5IV oQN'SJ Flamingo. and ^ Souk Al Bahar Next to the futuristic Burj B21 Progressive Art Gallery. Managed by the World madness of The Dubai Mall just a Wide Fund for Nature and the few minutes’ walk away. Mangrove and Lagoon – designed as windtowers. It bred the great Dubai Gallery. World Cup 2000 by more than six lengths and sired 59 offspring.

Gallery & Spa Day premier shopping and entertain- ment destination. soar She should make a beeline into the Sheikh Zayed Road‘s for N. Now The mall’s promenade overlooks for some his and her the Burj Khalifa and has a range pampering. clad and pedicures). Afternoon Spend the afternoon browsing your favourite shops among more than 400 outlets here at Dubai’s biggest retail centre. and the or take a taxi down the other a 400-bedroom luxury hotel Sheikh Zayed Rd to the joined by a central podium con.IBMJGBt0QFOBNo gents salon. renowned for its designer stores. Plenty of choices for lunch here but the Emporio Armani Caffé is the most stylish spot (see p84). Jumeirah Emirates Towers Sign up for DK’s email newsletter on traveldk. Al Quoz district after taining a shopping boulevard (see interchange no 3 (just before Mercedes-Benz p36).BZFE3E %VCBJt Dubai’s most important art gallery exhibiting and selling works of art from the region and wider afield. AED 110). double shave and mask ) Emirates Towers & Boulevard (Tel 330 1847. shopping at the swanky games arcades. The hotel has a great choice showroom) where you’ll of restaurants and bars. in aluminium and silver glass.( The Dubai Mall This vast mall has become a A Shopping. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Leave the hotel and drive Maktoum has his office. an aquarium and Emirates Towers shopping more to keep visitors entertained. where Dubai Crown Prince treatment (Tel 330 1001. If you are up for a bit of action. To rest your feet.and high-end fashion brand Start your day with some Around Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Rd can be found here. Nearly every Morning mid. He should of al fresco restaurants. open 10am– 10pm. and ask for QN4VOo8FE BNoNJEOJHIU5IVo4BU the 1847 shave – a 35-min old-fashioned treat that tXXXUIFEVCBJNBMMDPN includes an oil massage. d Map C6 head for 1847. Return to the Sheikh Zayed Rd and continue to the huge Mall of the Emirates (see pp78–81).com 75 . d Map D6 find The Third Line. AED 90. a classy t/FYUUPUIF#VSK. boulevard.Bar where she can skyline: the Jumeirah Emirates enjoy the combined Towers. t4IFJLI. catch a movie at the multi-screen cinema. open 9am–9pm. The taller is an office manicure & pedicure block. plus cinemas. cool off with some skiing at Ski Dubai (see pp78–81). other treatments include facials Two triangular twin towers.

Around Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Rd Left Benjarong restaurant Centre Olive House Right Spectrum on One Restaurants & Cafés ! Hoi An Vietnamese fare served in diverse menu and global cuisine from numerous open kitchens. <$ )$ '      t'BJSNPOU)PUFMt04 311 5999 5' '      5 2 $' tXXXGBJSNPOUDPNtDDDDD =$ <(' 52 $'  6+( . d Map C5 t4IBOHSJ-B)PUFMt04 343 8888 * Noodle House Visit for a quick.BQ&t'BJSNPOU)PUFMt04 332 superb cuisine and service. 5555 tXXXGBJSNPOUDPNtDDDD d .BQ%t&NJSBUFT 5PXFST4IPQQJOH#PVMFWBSEt04 319 $ Benjarong A Royal Thai restaurant. this 8793 tXXXKVNFJSBIDPNtDDDDD offers impeccable Thai cuisine served in a regal atmosphere.. affordable tXXXTIBOHSJMBDPNtDDDDD and tasty bowl of spicy noodles. The 343 8000 tXXXSPUBOBDPNtDDD mezzes and mains are both outstanding here.BQ%t5PXFST3PUBOB)PUFMt04 atmospheric restaurant. d Map E5 $ + .+ 5SBEF$FOUSF ^ &NJSBUFT5PXFST Spectrum on One 'JOBODJBM$FOUSF ( ( / 5 ' “Taste a nation” is the motto      1 ' = $ŝ $ % at this spacious multi-faceted    $  restaurant offering a culturally 76 .BZFE3E %VCBJt04 343 3110 t%%/PBMDPIPM restaurant in town – the culinary   $ / ' finesse combines the classic  $/ 6$7 :$ 52$ ' and the innovative. elegant surroundings with d .BQ$t%VTJU%VCBJt04 343 3333 Mediterranean food make this tXXXEVTJUDPNtDDDD Beirut-style café ideal for a quick meal. accompanies dinner at this d . d .BQ%t&NJSBUFT5PXFST4IPQQJOH £ Vu’s This elegant fine dining #PVMFWBSEt04 319 8088 twww. d . ) Olive House Low-priced fresh Lebanese- d . d. d Map D6 ( Tokyo@thetowers Ultra-modern Japanese – eat t&NJSBUFT5PXFSTt04 319 8088 on the tatami or at the sushi or tXXXKVNFJSBIDPNtDDDDD teppanyaki bar. KVNFJSBIDPNtDDD restaurant on the 51st floor has food and vistas that are eye- catchingly engaging.BQ$t/VNCFS0OF5PXFS  % Exchange Grill This is the best steak 4IFJLI.BQ$t4IBOHSJMB)PUFMt04 343 8888 tXXXTIBOHSJMBDPNtDDDDD & Teatro The cross-Continental dishes @ Marrakesh Live Moroccan folk music here have made this restaurant a firm favourite for many years.

DDDDD Over AED 250 Around Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Rd Left The Agency bar Right The stylish Cin Cin’s Bars & Clubs ! The Agency Choose from 50 different with good views of the skyline. claims to @ This sophisticated bar has Vu’s Bar have the longest bar in the UAE. d Map E5 that swing on chains from the t$SPXOF1MB[B%VCBJ t 04 331 1111 ceiling and an illuminated bar t XXXDSPXOFQMB[BDPN make this a stylish venue. d Map D6 t&NJSBUFT5PXFST)PUFMt04 330 0000 tXXXKVNFJSBIFNJSBUFTUPXFSTDPN * Harry Ghatto’s Pure entertainment can be enjoyed at this lively Japanese £ This chic champagne bar has Cin Cin’s karaoke bar offering over 1. $ Groovy house DJs.BQ%t&NJSBUFT5PXFST)PUFMt04 freshly-shucked oysters and 330 0000 tXXXKVNFJSBIDPN Wagyu beefburgers.+ = $< (' 5  52 $'  6+ ( .BQ%t5PXFST3PUBOB)PUFM unbeatable views and a selection t 04 312 2202 tXXXSPUBOBDPN of international cocktails. d . t XXXIJWFBF style ambience. with its small dance floor. d Map E5 t'BJSNPOU)PUFM t04 311 8316 tXXXGBJSNPOUDPN ( Oscar’s A taste of France. complete with a bicycle in the corner. served in a Manhattan. d Map &t8PSME5SBEF$POWFOUJPO$FOUSF t04 329 3200 tXXXMPUVTDPN ) Zinc Always packed. d Map D6 t&NJSBUFT5PXFST)PUFM t 04 319 8088 t XXXKVNFJSBIFNJSBUFTUPXFSTDPN & Long’s Bar This colonial-style bar. Price Categories For a three-course D Under AED 25 meal for one with half DD AED 25–100 a bottle of wine (or DDD AED 100–150 equivalent meal). this popular club has an ever-changing line % Low-key relaxed bar where Blue Bar up of live music and local DJs.BQ$t4PVL"M#BIBSt wines. d Map E5 t/PWPUFM)PUFM CFIJOE8PSME5SBEF  $/ 6$7 :$ 52$ ' $ $FOUSFt04 332 0000 '       ' ^ This chic boutique lounge 5SBEF$FOUSF Hive 2$ ' . a sublime snack menu. &NJSBUFT5PXFST is one of several bar/restaurants (/5 ' 'JOBODJBM$FOUSF NP  located along the Souk Al Bahar     1 '  = $ŝ $ % ( waterfront. d .000 songs to sing and great cocktails. taxes DDDD AED 150–250 and extra charges. d . featuring d .BQ&t$SPXOF1MB[B)PUFM t 04 you can chill to the tunes of the 331 1111 t XXXDSPXOFQMB[BDPN resident jazz band. There is a resident    $  DJ and a spacious outdoor area 77 . chairs Lotus One Oscar’s has one of the city’s best wine menus.

whether you choose to stretch out on your hotel beach or enjoy any of the public beaches. A DISTRICT OCCUPYING THE PRIME BELT of coastline stretching south-west from the port area. It’s no surprise that residential property here is pricey – it’s the ultimate location for a villa in the sun and the quiet leafy streets are filled with bougainvillea-clad luxury villas. plus a string of others stretching out along this all-important coastal strip of the Arabian Gulf. whose villa- topped fronds have extended the coastline by 120km. is the most glamorous and hedonistic of the city. Sights 1 Jumeirah Beach 2 Burj Al Arab 3 Madinat Jumeirah 4 Wild Wadi Water Park 5 Atlantis. the Arabian-styled One&Only Royal Mirage and the vast Madinat Jumeirah. Out at sea is the famous Palm Jumeirah Island. the wave-shaped Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Here too are the city’s most extravagant resort hotels. usually with a BMW or a monster four-wheel drive parked outside.Around Dubai – Jumeirah & New Dubai Left Public beach Right Weekend market at Marina Jumeirah & New Dubai J UMEIRAH. The Palm 6 Safa Park 7 Jumeirah Beach Park 8 Ski Dubai 9 Mall of the Emirates 0 Marina Markets The impressive Mall of the Emirates Arabian Gulf Burj Al Jumeirah Jumeirah Beach Park Arab Beach D94 5 km Wild Wadi H ROA D D9 2 JUM EIRA H BEAC Water Park D94 JUMEIRAH RO AD AL WA SL Madinat D92 Jumeirah AL AL SATWA D71 AL WAS L ROA D WASL AL SAFA Safa Park SHEIKH Ski ZAYED ROAD Mall of the E11 Dubai Emirates Emirates Financial Al Quoz Burj Centre Towers Business Bay Khalifa Mall of the AL QUOZ D69 First Gulf Bank D71 Emirates D73 2 miles 0 km 2 78 . The area is excellent for shopping and leisure and for enjoying beachlife in general. including the Burj Al Arab.

BSo. Kite Beach and located on a pier that stretches Russian Beach. There’s a views. into the Arabian Gulf.BQ"t+VNFJSBI Jumeirah Souq. For a great challenging ride. lined by some of the than 45 restaurants. There are more Beach Rd. Trilogy. cafés. Thrill-seekers will not needed to visit the interior of be disappointed by its most this opulent hotel. many offering waterside modation and hotels. a symbol for the city itself park offers a great day out to suit and distinguished by its unusual all ages and bravery levels with shape mirroring the billowing sail 31 water-fuelled rides and of a EIPX. it makes for a fun day out. Umm Suqueim. plus the Madinat day in the sun. bars and city’s most desirable villa 79 . the Jumeirah close-up view of the exterior. with the romantic seafood good choice of public beaches at restaurant. d . top floor TFFQQo . Pierchic TFFQ . while the plea. Well-staffed by lifeguards super-fast glass elevator to the and with plenty of food outlets. Jumeirah hotels. Al Qasr and Mina A’ Salam TFFQQo linked by a Beach is the 9-km (6 miles) series of seawater-fed waterways stretch of golden coastline navigated by silent battery- running parallel to the Jumeirah powered BCSBT. Around Dubai – Jumeirah & New Dubai People soaking up the sun at a beach along Jumeirah ! Jumeirah Beach Strictly speaking.BZBNoQN /PWo'FCBNoQN+VOo"VHBNoQN entertainment complex has t"ENtXXXXJMEXBEJDPNt5IFSFJTB become a major focus of the DBTIMFTTQBZNFOUTZTUFNVTJOHBO Jumeirah area – with its two FMFDUSPOJDXBUFSQSPPGXSJTUCBOE Share your travel recommendations on traveldk. anywhere in Jumeirah is the iconic luxury hotel. Reservations are attractions. d . a delightful reconstruction of a traditional @ Burj Al Arab Visible from almost Arabian bazaar TFFQQo .BQ$t+VNFJSBI#FBDI3Et £ This vast leisure and Madinat Jumeirah t4FQo0DU. the Burj Al $ Wild Wadi Water Park This huge world-class water Arab. Sceirah – it’s the tallest and drop into the Jumeirah Beach fastest freefall waterslide outside Hotel TFFQ and take the the US. Here too sant Jumeirah Beach Park is a you’ll find the city’s hippest dance delightful spot to while away a club.

d Map A4 ^ Safa Park You can’t miss the giant * Ski Dubai Ferris wheel here. There train.000 tonnes The green Safa Park 80 . It is a real gem and an Jumeirah is the unmistakable ideal place to spend a day in the Atlantis hotel. This sprawling. toilets. offering the You can’t miss Ski Dubai best views of this huge land. sun. barbecues. tennis courts. Jumeirah’s Beaches and Rd. It’s great for children and and other facilities are also on is equipped with lifeguards. a site to keep the entire family shallow beach. backs onto a beautiful stretch of white sand at the top end of the Palm beach. d Map A5 Jumeirah Beach Park. Holding over 6. scaped green park stretching jutting out like a giant space-age from Al Wasl Rd to Sheikh Zayed tube. full of % Atlantis. trampolining. many of whom make All of the hotels in Jumeirah are the most of its specially-sprung fronted by their own private perimeter jogging track. obstacle are also family-friendly beach course and lake where rowing parks with a small entrance charge: the best in this area is the boats can be hired. although weekends are best aquatic-themed resort boasts a avoided when it gets crowded. but there are lots of entertainment too with plenty of public beaches too. & Jumeirah Beach Park This lovely green park. an enormous marine You can access the beach from park where visitors can swim the park along wooden walkways with dolphins and an impressive and there is plenty of shade on adventure waterpark. entertained (see p44). It is hugely popular with local Dubai’s Beach Culture residents. picnic tables and small cafés. It’s great stretches of golden beach onto for kids to run free and there’s Around Dubai – Jumeirah & New Dubai the Arabian Gulf. showers. from the Sheikh Zayed Rd. The Palm Opened in 2008 and sitting mature trees. mini which fill up at weekends. An the sand under the many palm extensive range of restaurants trees. a merry-go-round. vast beach.

Ski Dubai Drive or hire a taxi to Jumeirah Beach Park of snow. relaxing in the sunshine. d Map C2 Evening • Interchange 4 • 04 409 9000 • www. late lunch. plus dozens of cafés and restaurants. If you the longest black indoor run in want to simply laze about. Arabian-themed seafood Friday sees the setting up of restaurant located on Marina Markets around the decking right on the beach stunning central fountain and where you can enjoy the dancing water features and the sound of the waves. marina-side development of From this alfresco spot. it offers five slopes where you can take a safe swim. Enjoy the gentle morning sun as you sip on some coffee or a juice. shopping with some sunshine. d Map B2 81 . to the Rooftop Bar (see p85).com resort venues. including manicured lawns. with more than choice of restaurants at 400 shops. DDDDD. the One&Only Royal Mirage’s ) Marina Markets Dubai Marina is a stunning Arabian Court. plus spend an hour or two shopping for souvenirs or myriad fashion labels. Leave at lunchtime and ( Mall of the Emirates This is Dubai’s swankiest head to Madinat Jumeirah (see pp18–19) where you have a huge retail complex. The Beach Bar stalls selling art and handicrafts. Ski gear is under the palmtrees and spend the morning provided in the ticket (see p32). Magic Planet. For dinner area. selling every product which to enjoy a leisurely you can possibly dream of. Unsurprisingly. Now head to one of Dubai’s most atmospheric malloftheemirates. A Day by the Sea Morning Start your day with breakfast on the outdoor Around Dubai – Jumeirah & New Dubai terrace of Lime Tree Café (see p84). where there head to the hotel’s Beach Bar & Grill. It’s worth booking a table here arrival of dozens of colourful beforehand. & Grill: One&Only Royal It’s a great chance to combine Mirage. There’s also a snow you can hire a sunbed park for little ones. 399 9999. alfresco Jumeirah Island (see p32) waterside life has really taken off and watch the sun set alongside the main pedestrian over the Gulf. Follow it up with a linked by chairlifts and tow lifts picnic snack on the to cater to all ski levels. Jumeirah Souq here. Afterwards Nichols and Debenhams. you can sip a cocktail over luxury apartment towers and superb views of Palm offices. the world. Marina Walk. many There’s also a huge branch of overlooking the Carrefour supermarket. Harvey waterways. a delightful are dozens of outdoor cafés. It has a browsing the lovely multi-screen cinema and big Arabian-style Madinat kids’ play area.

com ) Jumeirah Centre This small mall. this magical bazaar offers jewellery. This one has a large in the region with over 400 selection of fashion boutiques. d Map $tJumeirah Beach Rd t04 344 4161 twww. from themed mall with 90 shops. interspersed ^ Marina Walk This pedestrian-friendly with bars and restaurants (see market offers designer fashion pp18–19).Around Dubai – Jumeirah & New Dubai Left Ibn Battuta’s exotic interiors Centre The Village Mall emblem Right Souq Madinat Jumeirah Shopping Centres ! Souq Madinat Jumeirah A reconstruction of a archways. Good for d Map C2 tSheikh Zayed Rd t04 341 kids with a fun city play area and 8020 twww. Mercato is an Italian. based on the fun Café Céramique where you journeys of Arabian traveller Ibn can design your own pottery.BQ%tJumeirah within atmospheric Madinat Beach Rd t04 344 7714 cinema. tables to glasses. outlets and popular cafés by the beach. d Map pretty shopping centre with its D4 tJumeirah Beach Rd t04 349 9702 82 .com Carrefour (see p81). d Map C4 tJumeirah Beach Rd t 04 344 food courts and a 21-screen 0111 twww. is made of ice. antiques. this frequented by ( Times Square Center This smallish mall features $ Mercato Mall Resembling a vast Italian an impressive electronics store. popular with local residents. A good place for finding an traditional Arabian marketplace exclusive gift. plants and an Early Learning Centre.towncentrejumeirah.BQ#tAl Wasl Rd t04 436 1000 Harvey Nichols.BQ"tEmirates Hills t04 362 1900 twww. has a pleasant % The Village Mall An intriguing mix of niche coffee shop with outdoor terrace. Debenhams and twww. upmarket boutiques fill this sells handicrafts and gifts. £ Ibn Battuta Mall * Town Centre A community mall much- Great fun to visit. d . there’s a themed mall. handicrafts and art. restaurants and cafés.dubaimarinamall.ibnbattutamall. a boutique upstairs. has six shopping zones.timessquarecenter. Sunny Days. d Map B2 @ Mall of the Emirates Prepare to shop until you & Dubai Marina Mall drop and grab a map when you Just when you thought there arrive: you’ll need it! This is one were enough. d .mercatoshoppingmall. outlets and top names including d . Battuta. lounge where everything. It also has its very own ice film set. along comes of the biggest shopping centres another mall.

Madinat Jumeirah t04 366 #tLe Meridien Mina Seyahi t04 399 8888 tDDDDD 3333 tDDDDD Recommend your favourite restaurant on traveldk. adds to its Hotel. Tang’s tapas-size looking the Arabian Gulf. taxes DDDD AED 150–250 and extra charges.BQ#tOne&Only Royal .com 83 . d Map B1 alfresco dining are the main tOne&Only Royal Mirage t04 399 draws.BQ#tLe Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa t04 399 5555 tDDDDD * Shoo Fee Ma Fee Feast on superb Moroccan cuisine then sit back with a £ The Chinese cuisine here Zheng He’s bubbling sheesha on the terrace of this labyrinthine Moroccan focuses on fresh seafood. DDDDD Over AED 250 Around Dubai – Jumeirah & New Dubai Left A table setting at Maya Right Indian cuisine with a twist at Nina Restaurants ! Tagine Visit this candlelit restaurant ^ Indego Expect a contemporary take with live music and waiters in on traditional Indian cuisine at traditional dress for a magical this chic restaurant overseen by Moroccan experience. from a courtyard within chef to be awarded a Michelin Dubai’s most atmospheric star.JSBHF "M4VGPVIttXXX POFBOEPOMZSPZBMNJSBHFDPNtDDDD & Ottomans Dine on Turkish cuisine in Ottoman decor with views over @ Experience new-wave Maya Dubai Marina.BQ#tThe Walk. The restaurant overlooking the harbour view is stunning. Ask for a terrace table so you can enjoy the water Mexican cuisine within spacious views.BQ$tSouq Madinat Jumeirah Jumeirah t04 366 8888 tDDDDD t04 366 8888 tDDDD $ Nina Sample traditional Indian ( Butcher Shop & Grill Dubai’s favourite South ingredients with a new twist at African steakhouse chain has this sophisticated restaurant a branch on The Walk in the within the lush surroundings of marina.BQ#tGrosvenor House surroundings decorated with Hotel t04 399 8888 tDDDDD Mayan art and modern sculpture.BQ#tGrosvenor House Arabian hotel resort. d . d .BQ$tMina A’ Salam. d .BSJOBttDDDD % Pierchic Definitely book a terrace ) Tang Dubai’s first restaurant to table at this seafood restaurant offer cuisine based on molecular situated on a wooden pier over. Price Categories For a three-course D Under AED 25 meal for one with half DD AED 25–100 a bottle of wine (or DDD AED 100–150 equivalent meal). Dubai 9999 tDDDDD . d Map $tAl Qasr. d . d . d Map dishes delight the senses. Its Vineet Bhatia. the first Indian location. Madinat Jumeirah waterways. d . Al Sufouh t04 399 8888 tDDDDD charm. Madinat d . gastronomy. Fabulous steaks and this Arabian resort.

teas and Moroccan restaurant. with wonderful fruit cocktails eatery.Around Dubai – Jumeirah & New Dubai Left Fusion food at Fudo Centre The popular Lime Tree Cafe Right Visit Finz for seafood Cafés & Casual Eats ! Almaz by Momo The creative signature of ^ Lime Tree Café This homely café with a Mourad Mazouz. no alcohol tortillas and salsas. prepared by Italian chef Stefano This relaxed good-value Rutigliano. 10am– • Jumeirah Beach Rd • 04 348 9498 • 1:30am. £ Toscana Drop in with the kids for no alcohol some delicious Italian fare served up in a lovely mock * Dome Ask for the soup and sand- Venetian waterway setting at this wich of the day at this informal family-friendly restaurant. juices. no alcohol with leafy trees. Japan. d Map C4 • Mercato Mall at this off-street patio restaurant • 04 344 7701 • DD. d Map C2 • Souq Madinat Jumeirah • 04 366 8888 • DD $ Bella Donna Known for its excellent thin ( Fudo pizzas. d Map C2 • Umm Al Sheif St • 04 395 4454 • DD. founder of shady outdoor garden terrace Soho London celebrity haunt serves healthy homemade Momo. Emirates • 04 341 0591 • DDD. no alcohol restaurant next to Dubai Marina’s dancing fountain is good for a ) Finz This casual shopping centre light lunch or evening meal. no alcohol @ Emporio Armani Caffé This is a super-sleek rest. including where you can also sample lobster ravioli and seafood sheesha. d Map A2 • Ibn Battuta Mall • 04 366 3606 • DDD. soups. you’ll also find a wide Feast on fusion food from choice of classic pasta dishes at Lebanon. It C2 • Madinat Jumeirah • 04 366 8888 serves good coffee and juices • DDD too. Thailand and this contemporary styled Italian Italy. It eatery offers excellent value has a pleasant outdoor terrace. d Map C2 coffees. & Maria Bonita’s Taco Shop A visit to Maria Bonita is like aurant with classic Italian cuisine being transported to Mexico. d Map C2 • Mall of the restaurant serves great tacos. d Map C4 • Jumeirah Beach Rd. The café is popular with • Mall of the Emirates • 04 409 8877 the expat crowd. Fri-Sat • No alcohol • DDD DD. no alcohol • 04 368 5620 • DD. d Map café with a pleasant terrace. Mediterranean cuisine. d Map B1 • Dubai Marina bisque. no alcohol 84 . is strong in this lunches. d Map D4 • Open 10am–midnight Sun-Thu. next to Mercato Mall % Chandelier This casual Lebanese • 04 344 8896 • DD.

9999 tOpen 5pm–1am d .BQ$tJumeirah Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Beach Hotel ttOpen 5pm– Marina t04 399 3333 tOpen noon–3am 2am Sat–Wed.BQ#tGrosvenor House t04 317 6871 tOpen 6pm–2am £ This super-chic Japanese bar * The Agency Sho Cho’s offers a gorgeous terrace This wine bar offers “wine overlooking the Gulf and interior flights” – a chance to choose walls filled with fish tanks. d . Try the fabulous alcoves and colossal Buddha “espresso martini” for a real centrepiece. d Map D6 t04 346 1111 tOpen 7pm–3am tBoulevard. this the maximum experience at this Moroccan-styled bar with its 27th-floor cocktail bar where superb views over the Arabian you can enjoy tailormade Gulf makes for a memorable cocktails. d .BQ$tBurj Al Arab t04 301 7438 tOpen 11am–2am @ Bahri Bar An ideal spot for a sun- & Bar 44 downer with its wrapround Forty-four different types terrace and views of the light of champagne are on offer at shows of the Burj Al Arab. 4pm–2am Thu–Fri % Buddha Bar Expect a chilled-out Asian ) Koubba A rooftop bar of elevated vibe at this eastern-inspired Arabian style offering champagne cocktail bar with its tucked away cocktails. d Map this top-floor swanky bar with $tMadinat Jumeirah t04 366 8888 intimate sofas and a giant tOpen 2pm–11:30pm balcony. d Map from 50 different connoisseur- &tDubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa selected wines. Price Categories For a three-course D Under AED 25 meal for one with half DD AED 25–100 a bottle of wine (or DDD AED 100–150 equivalent meal). d . this is ideal for a DJs most nights.BQ$tAl 85 .BQ#tGrosvenor wake-up.BQ#tLe sunset drink. Emirates Towers t04 330 0000 tOpen 12:30pm–1am Sat–Thu.BQ#tArabian Al Arab decor alone makes this Court. Madinat House t04 399 8888 tOpen 8pm–2am Jumeirah t04 366 6743 tOpen noon–2am Recommend your favourite bar on traveldk. d . DDDDD Over AED 250 Around Dubai – Jumeirah & New Dubai Left The Rooftop bar Right A window seat at the Skyview Bar Bars & Clubs ! The Rooftop For a relaxed evening drink ^ Skyview Bar Choose a window seat for under a star-filled sky. taxes DDDD AED 150–250 and extra charges. It hosts live music or guest a breakwater. Barasti comes alive on the weekends when ( 360 degrees Located in a glass building revellers sprawl out across the perched out at sea at the end of sand. d . One&Only Royal Mirage t04 399 bar worth a visit (see pp16–17). $ Barasti One of the city’s most pop- 3pm–1am Fri ular beach bars. d . The extravagant Burj experience.



Local residents ritually power-walk along the city’s waterfront. NP 728 5 . An island-city with plenty of narrow white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters lapping at its shores. with its more glamorous sister Dubai likened to LA. Abu Dhabi is popular with beachcombers and lovers of the outdoors. while its green parks are packed with playground equipment for kids.& +(52$' ( $67. Home to the excellent arts centre. 67 &/8 %  675 ( ( 7 325 $/)(5' 28 6 675 ( (7 7 5  7 +  6 7 1ASRŽ%L 7+67 .Around Abu Dhabi Left The skyline Right Marble domes of Sheikh Zayed Mosque Around Abu Dhabi A STUNNING CITY OF SHINY SKYSCRAPERS LINING a splendid Corniche. The median strips of its wide streets are planted with towering date palms. the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage. it is also the country’s cultural and intellectual capital. It is often compared to New York. oil-rich Abu Dhabi is the capital of Abu Dhabi emirate as well as of the UAE.PTRVF (BSEFOT ' "AHR &251.

16$((' $/0$. $ 5 $ 0$ +  6 7 6 8 ' $ 1  6 7 Sights !L 4ABBIYAH 1 Emirates Palace . 1 *. 1 = !L $HAFRAH ($67 52$' !L 7AHDAH $/.728067 "M-VMV !L !L $ /   0 $ 1 + $ /   67 5 ( ( 7 A picnic at a public beach $ /   1 $ 6 5    67 *TMBOE +ARAMAH -ANHAL = $< ( '  7 + (   ) .  52 $ ' NP 7+67 4 Al Markaziyah +HALIDIYAH 6 8 /7 $ 1   % . + $ / ( ( -   $ /  $ 5 $ %. 2 Abu Dhabi Heritage 75((7 .. 1   = $ < ( '    6 7 5 ( ( 7 Gardens (67. +$/.77. 5 6 7   6 NP  6 7  6 7 5 ( ( 7 $ /   . )$  %. ++$0 '$1% . $66$/$067 NP 5((7 = $ < ( ' 7 + (  6 ( & 2 1 '  67 5 ( ( 7 2 +$0 0$'67 (7 ((7 -ADINAT $ /      )$ / $ +     67 5 ( ( 7 ( ' 675 ( $<( '   6 7 5 8 0 0   $ /    1 $ :AYED NP 5  6 7 5 ( ( 7 % $1 . <$ 6 67 6 + ( . . + % 8767 5 ( ( 7 Village &+ (5 2$'  : 3 Abu Dhabi Corniche #SFBLXBUFS !L $/   . )$% . 10 + $ = $ $  % .+$' 648$5( 6+(. =67 5((7 &251.+$/.+5$6+. 1$% ' ( /$ = . 1     = $ < 6 +(. +$/. .'%. '% .+ . 16 +$..

1 8 Sheikh Zayed Mosque %$ 9 Al Maqtaa Fort & 3BT" M .IPS"M Palace #BU FFO #BUFFO 0 Saadiyat Island  ZBSET  NFUSFT  88 Previous pages Sheikh Zayed Road. the key artery of Dubai . 7 75 ( ( !L 5  6  7+ Yas Island  7 + "ATEEN  7+ 6 67 Women’s Handicraft   67  67  7+ 7 Centre !L (( 75 +HUBEIRAH  6  7 Public Beach 81 $+  .

western end of the splendid Wide enough to accommodate Corniche. joggers. Bedouin camp and souq t#FUXFFOTU4U "M/BTS4U 5BSJR#JO are all worth a look. glass blowing. barasti the public all day. There’s an arcade of artisan’s workshops where you can watch basket weaving. jewellery. Head The delightful Heritage Village here any time of the day during provides a fascinating insight into the cooler winter period. d . Around Abu Dhabi The magnificent Emirates Palace ! Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi’s magnificent pink £ Abu Dhabi Corniche The Corniche curves from palace hotel dominates the one end of the city to the other. d Map P5 crystals. . d Map P4 house. everyday utensils. pearling tools and weapons.BQ/t5IF#SFBLXBUFS OFYUUPUIF nBHQPMFt02 681 4455 t0QFOBNoQN oQN4BUo5IV QNoQN'SJ The Corniche Always carry a bottle of water with you when walking around the 89 city. its paved extravagance by the dazzling path is lined with ice-cream interior. Mushrif Childrens Gardens and Al Khubeirah Gardens stand out. A recreation of a is packed. @ Abu Dhabi Heritage Village the new Al Markaziyah Gardens is the city’s most popular. power-walkers. weaving and brass-beating. in-line domed exterior is surpassed in skaters and cyclists. green dignitaries – from Saudi princes parks. The parks are open to traditional mosque. glittering with gold and dispensers and shady pavilions sparkling with Swarovski to escape the heat. and the garden discovered. but the star . Completed in 2005. it t$PSOJDIF3Et0QFOIPVST was constructed to provide opulent accommodation fitting for the capital’s visiting $ AlIn aMarkaziyah Gardens city of wide. especially during summer. The majestic multi. or in what everyday life was like in the evening during the steamy Abu Dhabi before oil was summer months. Al stars (see pp22–3).BZFE4UUI4Ut0QFOIPVST sight is an intriguing museum set in a fort with fabulous exhibits featuring costumes. to world leaders to Hollywood Khalidiya Children’s Gardens. of which Capitol Gardens.

^ Women’s Centre Handicraft Completed in 2007. The Discovery of Oil asking first. This at the rear of the Women’s applies to both men and women. The discovery of oil in clear sea at the public beach at 1958 and its export from 1962 made Abu Dhabi a very rich Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.ferrariworldabudhabi. Take your shoes off before entering the work- shops and remember not to photograph the women without Weaving at the Women’s Handicraft Centre 90 . multi-billion dollar project modestly until you’re on the beach that includes far more than just itself. drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. although tours are chatting to each other as they available to non-Muslims. textiles and jewellery in the Exhibition Hall on your way out. d www. You can also buy their and women should also wear a work – which they would greatly appreciate. Browse through the displays of President of the United Arab Emirates. is a dominating * Sheikh Zayed Mosque This impressive structure is feature. embroidery.000 Watch veiled Bedouin women worshippers. Al . textile making and wearing loose-fitting clothing that henna art in a series of workshops covers the arms and legs. Visitors demonstrate basket-weaving. the eighth largest mosque in the parks and shopping malls world and a striking sight on the planned for the coming years. as will be the water. d .yasisland. Head here early morning for a dip in the warm water. Union. when you might share the % Yas Island Opened in time for Abu sand with horseriders exercising their mounts. The island is set to become one The mosque is named after of the region’s major tourist Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al attractions. of cricket. who is also buried here.BQ/t3BT"M"LIEBS QBTU the impressive Yas Marina UIF%JXBO $PSOJDIF3E8FTU race-track. should dress conservatively. the founder and the first www. It is advisable to dress going. the world’s biggest indoor theme park. Nahyan. Yas Island is an on. Ras Al Akhdar. It turned out to be a very sand or a swim in the crystal wise move. d Women’s Union.BSBNBI4Utt0QFO The Japanese invention of the cultured pearl and the subsequent BNoQN4BUo8FE collapse of the Gulf’s pearl industry led to the granting of & Public Beach Around Abu Dhabi petroleum concessions by Sheikh Join the locals for some Shakhbut bin Sultan Al Nahayan in sunbathing on the soft white 1939. the building can accommodate 40. The weekends see Dhabi’s inaugural Formula 1 Grand the city’s workers here for games Prix in 2009.

tered Share your travel recommendations on traveldk. the island will to see if there’s a cultural be home to a new Guggenheim performance in the Museum designed by Frank evening that’s worth Gehry. the Cultural Foundation development plans were unveiled. Take time to UPVSTBUBN4VOo5IV  admire the jaw-dropping interior and refuel at the ( AlThisMaqtaa Fort & Palace splendid 200-year old elegant coffee shop. the island for a barbecue. incense burner locals who liked to boat over to and perfume sprinkler. Lulu Island. cross the busy intersection with Al Island (Island of Happiness) made Nasr and Hamdan Sts to international news when its re. entertainment and check out Heritage Corner. Shoes must be pick up the pace for a brisk removed before entering the walk around the mosque. class cultural. Walk to the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village close by soon after opening. d Abu Dhabi. Grab a programme leisure precinct. for lunch at Delma Café Set to be transformed into a world TFFQ  After lunch. Once a sleepy retreat for cannon. stopping to sand-coloured fort has intricately catch stunning views of carved wooden doors and shut. a branch of the Louvre by returning for. and spend time admiring the recreations of old souqs. Then continue along the Corniche. you’ll see the signs to %VCBJ3EPOUIFSJHIUCFGPSFUIFCSJEHF Central Market – head JGESJWJOHGSPN%VCBJ down here to look at the giant white iconic statues ) Saadiyat of Abu Dhabi’s beloved Island symbols – a coffee pot. Stop by a coffee shop on Al Maqtaa Fort & Palace the white sand beach overlooking the city for a refreshment.saadiyat. a performing arts the hotel for a well-earned siesta and then return to centre by Zaha Hadid and a the Corniche to watch the maritime museum by Tadao beautiful sunset. You’ll need to headscarf. d www. d Al Khaleej Al Arabi St Breakwater and along the ttBNoOPPO4BUo5IV causeway to the Emirates Palace. Ando. Saadiyat From 91 . It has one white watchtower on a tiny Afternoon island in the sea and another When you get to Sheikh on the other side of the bridge. Corniche & City Walk Morning Get a taxi in the early Around Abu Dhabi morning to the big flag pole at the tip of the Breakwater for views of the city skyline. Head back to Jean Nouvel. Bedouin camps and barasti living quarters. Rashid bin Saeed Al A small museum has opened Maktoum St (2nd St) inside the palace.

this Arabic-themed mall houses $ Iranian Souq Amidst the plastics and the usual array of leading-brand stores plus the obligatory vast plants sold here. d Map Club area t02 667 9900 N5 tThe Breakwater t02 681 8300 twww.marinamall. d Map N1 cuisine. cinemas. Mall”. Arabic and Bollywood “Souq” music shops as well as discount Haggle for bargains at discount supermarkets. Tourist cafés and a snow % Carpet Souq This is more ) Liwa Centre Better for people- 325 7 5 about the experience.khalidiyahmall. you’ll find good food court offering international Iranian painted crafts. It has jewellery stores. opposite pects when it comes to shops. near Main Post Office t02 631 8555 ( Khalidiyah Mall Spread over three levels. Monsoon and other popular UK brands.Around Abu Dhabi Left The “AD Mall” Centre Khalifa Centre’s exotic ware Right Haggling at Madinat Zayed Places to Shop ! Abu Dhabi Mall Known popularly as “AD really good food hall). watching than actual ' $ 6  6 $ /$ 0 675( ( 7 &25 1 . &+ (   5 2 $ '  ( $ 6 7 .BQ1tAl Khalidiyah area tMina (Port) Rd t02 635 4000 & Khalifa Centre Bargain for exquisite Persian @ Marina Mall This enormous mall is rugs. d . tribal kilims or even silver prayer holders. P1 tTenth St.BQ1t4IFJLI shops here as well as at the Hamdan bin Mohammed St (Hamdan St) glitzy Gold Centre next * Hamdan St This local “high street” sells £ Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre & New Gold everything. d . opp Abu Dhabi Mall. sheeshas. d Map P3 tNear Etisalat. d Map P2 tEast Rd. Cultural Foundation t02 621 1133 d Map Q1 tTourist Club area t02 645 4858 twww.abudhabimall. d Map packed with stores. it has all the usual sus.

5 6 7  6 7 door) for cheap ^ Fotouh &2 Al Khair clothes.. =67 Expats love this bright souvenirs and mobile 2$ '  : ( 67 . ( 5 *TMBOE $%'(/$=. d Map N1 ( $67   52$' shop (along with tMina (Port) Rd Hamdan Centre next $ /  0 $1 +$ /  67 $ 6 5    67 = $< ( '  7 + (  ) . jewellery.1 glasses. $ /  )$ / $ +  6 7 quality.+$/ . accessories. = $<( '7+(6( &21'67 rather than the shopping these days. Buy a majlis Liwa is the place to setting here.&+ "M-VMV Centre .'%. $/1 51 .1*.

(with a small but Hamdan St t02 632 0344 92 . It is home 68/7$1%.1 phones.  5 ' mini mall. +$ / ( ( - $ / $ 5 $ % . d Map P3 =$<('67 to Marks & Spencer tNear Novotel Hotel. $ /  .

innovative cuisine. d Map N6 tEmirates Palace Hotel. DDDDD Over AED 250 Around Abu Dhabi Left Interior of the upscale Sayad restaurant Right A belly dancer performing at Marrakesh Restaurants ! Bord Eau This elegant French rest. taxes DDDD AED 150–250 and extra charges. Price Categories For a three-course D Under AED 25 meal for one with half DD AED 25–100 a bottle of wine (or DDD AED 100–150 equivalent meal). European cooking. Qaryat Al Beri succulent chicken lemon tajine. A complimentary Emirates Palace hotel (see pp22– amuse bouche is served between 23) has created a superb menu each course. Corniche Rd West t02 681 1900 tOpen 7–11:45pm tDDDD ) Marrakesh Savour authentic Moroccan % Shang Palace Chinese cuisine cooked cuisine at this opulent restaurant. d Map P6 tHilton Abu 7pm–midnight tDDD Dhabi. d Map & Fitness Club t 02 443 6333 t Open /t Emirates Palace Hotel. Khalifa of Asia. Corniche 7–11pm t DDDD West t02 690 8888 tOpen 7pm– 11:30pm Tue –Sun tDDDDD * Prego’s Sit on the terrace and enjoy £ Sayad Don’t let the blue lighting delicious olive tapenade. while enjoying the belly dancer with panache and expertise. awaits you at this smart St t02 695 0583 tOpen noon–3pm & restaurant. . Khalifa St 7pm–11:30pm tDDDD t02 626 2700 tOpen 7pm–2am tDDDD If bread and butter or olive oil are served at a restaurant. d Shangri- -B)PUFM 2BSZBU"M#FSJt02 509 8888 tOpen 7pm–11:30pm tDDDDD & Sardinia Possibly Abu Dhabi’s finest restaurant. this elegant restaurant $ An incredible blend of Vasco’s serves up well-executed Italian cuisine in plush surroundings. and Moroccan band. Try the d Shangri-La Hotel. hot breads and wood-fired pizzas. and playful decor distract you d . d Abu Dhabi Health using classic ingredients. but not so with water. Tourist classic French dishes and also Club area t02 644 3000 tOpen noon– modern.BQ1t Millennium Hotel. t02 509 8888 tOpen noon–3pm & d . Corniche West t 8888 tOpen 7:30pm–midnight tDDDDD ( Amalfi Popular with business people. the award-winning @ The Michelin-starred chef at Embassy kitchen serves up top notch inter- national cuisine that is beautifully this glamorous restaurant in the presented. There 3pm & 7pm–midnight tDDDD is an excellent wine list. you can 93 trust they’ll be complimentary.BQ/t Le Royal Meridien. ^ Finz This chic beach shack serves aurant in the Shangri-La Qaryat food in a nautical setting. with a pinch d .BQ2t#FBDI3PUBOB)PUFM 5PVSJTU too much from the fine seafood $MVCBSFBtt0QFOOPPOo cuisine on offer at this swanky NJEOJHIUt%%% restaurant. Al Beri hotel (see p116) offers d Map Q1 tBeach Rotana Hotel.

as this popular in an opulent Raj decor..BEJOBU t"M4BMBN4Ut02 644 8777 t0QFOOPPOo . serving tank under the floor and great classic unpretentious dishes.BQ1t"M4BMBN4U d .IBMJGB4Ut02 695 t#FIJOE#)4 PGG)BNEBO  67 0450 t0QFOQNoQN $/.1*.IBMJEZBt02 665 8700 / 666 6888 $ Pars Palace Feast on exceptional Persian t 0QFOBNoBNt%%OPBMDPIPM cuisine. d Map P2 $%'(/$=. d Map $' a mixed crowd of $/1  /t-F3PZBM.FSJEJFO "M-VMV *TMBOE .1 expats. d .BQ1t$OS)BNEBO/BKEB t0QFOQNoQN 4Ut02 677 2412 t0QFO QNoNJEOJHIUtDD. 5 67 $6 5  67 watch and there’s a saucy meat curries to 67675 ( ( 7 52 DJ after 9pm. of cheap Pakistani The chefs are fun to eateries dishes up $ /   0 $ 1 + $ /  6 7 = $< ( '        7 +().Around Abu Dhabi Left Soba’s heavenly sashimi Centre Chefs at Lebanese Flower Right A lit-up India Palace Cheap Global Eats ! Hanoi The capital’s original ^ Royal Orchid You’ll be lured in by the fish Vietnamese restaurant.'%.BZFEt t0QFOBNo QNQNoNJEOJHIUt%%OPBMDPIPM NJEOJHIUt DD £ Shamyat * Lebanese Flower A must-visit for scrumptious You’ll love the Syrian food. NF[[F (Arabic appetizers such as vine-covered ceiling and ladies hommous and vine leaves). =67 )PUFM .BQ/t.5' 4Utt0QFO  QNoQNtDDD IPVST t%OPBMDPIPM 94 . d .IBMJEJZB CFIJOE thick mango juice at this popular $PSOJDIF5PXFSTt02 681 8600 joint. d . Thai staples.BQ/t"M4BMBN4U OFBS honey-soaked CBLMBWB and Turkish "M%JBS3FHFODZ)PUFMt02 671 2600 coffee. Try the saffron rice with pomegranate seeds and kebabs ( Automatic Grab a delicious chicken and with rich sauces.BZFE4Ut02 t02 644 4400 / 644 1100 t0QFOOPPOo 626 1112 t0QFOBNoNJEOJHIU tDD QNQNoNJEOJHIUt%%OPBMDPIPM @ Beijing Authentic Chinese food need & India Palace Dine on North Indian cuisine not be expensive. $ /  ) ( 5 ' 2 8 6  67 5 (( 7 BNoBNt%OPBMDPIPM OPBMDPIPM ) Arab $6 6$ / $0 675 ((7 Udupi % $/  )$ / $ + 67 = $<('7+(6(& 21'67 Soba This popular This sushi bar is branch of the chain ( $ 67  52 $ ' &251.BQ1t/FBS$IPJUSBNT t 0QFOBNoNJEOJHIUt%%OPBMDPIPM 4VQFSNBSLFU DOS)BNEBO'PVSUI4U  . d . d Map P1 spot proves. d .+$/ . fire. baking traditional bread over a smoky mixed grilled meat plates.+$/( ( -$/$5$%.& +( ideal for a fast eat.IBMJGB#JO.BQ/t. d Map P4 garlicTIXBSNB sandwich and a t"M"SBCZ4U .

d Map it is too hot outside. Price Categories For a three-course D Under AED 25 meal for one with half DD AED 25–100 a bottle of wine (or DDD AED 100–150 equivalent meal).BQ/t-F3PZBM. DDDDD Over AED 250 Around Abu Dhabi Left Zari Zardozi’s exotic setting Right A cocktail maker in action at Trader Vic’s Bars & Clubs ! Cristal Cigar & Champagne Bar ^ Oceans Chill out on big white For a sophisticated evening. head in to 1t.728067 $MVCBSFBt  OPPOoQNQNoNJEOJHIU t 0QFOQNoBN5VFo4VO Recommend your favourite bar on traveldk. t02 681 1900 t0QFOQNoBN It is becoming the place to be seen TFFQ .FSJEJFO outside. live music and even a d 4IBOHSJ-B)PUFM2BSZBU"M#FSJ belly dancer at this big. ( $ 67 52 $' upstairs and VIP area d .JMMFOOJVN)PUFM .& + (  5 2 $ bar and restaurant. d Map P6 bar. lounge and members club is t)JMUPO"CV%IBCJ $PSOJDIF3E8FTU the first of its kind in Abu Dhabi.+$' t"CV%IBCJ..67& /8 % 67 ) Colosseum With different 325 Bar DJs every night.77.BSJOB 5PVSJTU 648$5( 6+(. 2700 t0QFOQNoBN d . d .FSJEJFO . stop cushions on high-backed cane by this “gentlemen’s club” style sofas at this breezy lounge bar. d Map P1 )PUFM 5PVSJTU$MVC"SFB $/.'%. exotic t 02 509 8777 t 0QFOQNoNJEOJHIU Indian hotspot TFFQ .. a quiet bar ' %. 7 5 '  7 +  6 7 7+67 Kickstart the night $66$/$067 the city’s oldest 5((7 with a lethal cocktail dance club is in a = $< ( ' 7+ (6 (&21'675((7 – in a big glass with cavernous space umbrellas – at this with a sunken dance $ /   )$ / $ +   6 7 Polynesian-themed floor. $ AlEnjoyFanar the views while ( Left Bank This intimate bar with a kitsch sipping a cocktail at this interior offers stunning views of revolving rooftop restaurant and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque from bar. Deco-inspired bar. taxes DDDD AED 150–250 and extra charges.1 t  t 0QFO 6$(('$/0$.BQ2t#FBDI3PUBOB behind the DJ. fusion.+5$6+. If bar for a glass of bubbly.102 +$00$ '67 6+(.IBMJGB4Ut02 626 the cool colonial-style interior.+ +$0'$1 & 2 51.BQ/t-F3PZBM. £ Pearls & Caviar Sip cocktails with Abu Dhabi’s * Zari Zardozi movers and shakers at this glitzy Enjoy DJs spinning Indian venue overlooking Maqta 95 . d 4PVR2BSZBU"M#FSJt 02 tt0QFOQNoQN 558 1680 t 0QFOQNoNJEOJHIU4VOo BMMEBZTQNoQN'SJo8FEQNo 5IV OPPOoNJEOJHIU'SJo4BU NJEOJHIU5IV % Trader Vic’s 728 5 .IBMJGB4U t02 674 1094 t0QFOOPPOoBN @ Jazz Bar Enjoy live jazz as you dine or & Embassy simply have a drink at this Art This exclusive restaurant.

sports bar. Tourist Club area English pub for • 02 644 6666 • Open Guinness and to hear $ /   )$ / $ +  67 5 ( ( 7  ( $67. Try the smoke is part of this popular bangers and mash. Tourist beers here are cheap. gets it is. d Map P6 Diar Sands Hotel. d Map P2 • Crowne Plaza Hotel. d Map P2 • Al Diar Dana • 02 621 0000 • Open noon–2:30am Hotel. 67 & /8 %67 Pally 752 $/)(5' 2 86 67 sunny garden outside. Mina Rd • 02 676 5000 • Open 5pm–2am £ Heroes Great table service ensures * 49ers you’ll always get a drink at this Head here early as this pub. d Map P1 • Al Diar Capital Hotel. d Map N2 live music. good and friendly staff. d Map P2 • Al institution’s attraction. largely British expat crowd.Around Abu Dhabi Left P J O’Reilly’s Irish pub Centre The 49ers horseshoe emblem Right Brauhaus’ German brews Expat Pubs ! Hemingways The stale beer smell and an on-screen match at this smoky basement bar. % Captain’s Arms Get cosy inside Hamdan Bin Mohammed St • 02 677 7655 • Open noon–2am this traditional English ) Ally 325 pub or lounge on its 72 8 5. The d Map Q1 • Beach Rotana Hotel. a boisterous atmos- • Le Royal Meridien. Corner $' d Map P1 • Le Meridien $66$/$067 Head to this typical 5((7 +$0 0$'67 Abu Dhabi. particularly when there’s Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed St a band on. Corniche West 633 5335 / 615 6666 • Open noon–2am • 02 681 1900 • Open noon–midnight @ Brauhaus & Regent’s Pub This endearingly old- Have a German beer with fashioned English pub has a old-timers on a lazy afternoon. no matter how packed subtitled “the Gold Rush”. packed. Zayed the First St • 02 645 8000 • Open noon–2:30am $ PThisJ O’Reilly’s Irish pub keeps every- ( Rock Bottom Café one happy with its “pub grub” The big juicy steaks. d Map N1 Club area • 02 644 3000 • Open 4pm–1am • Al Diar Regency Hotel. Zayed the First St • 02 • Hilton Abu Dhabi Hotel. Khalifa St • 02 695 phere and discounted beverages 0515 • Open noon–3am will keep you coming back for more.

+5$6+. 10 2 7 = $< (' 7+(6( &21'67 6 +(.)$% . 8 0 0   $ /     1 $ noon–midnight 5   6 7 5 ( ( 7 Gulf war stories and 6 + ( . & + (   5 2 $ ' ^ The Pub Harvester’s ($6752 $' from the city’s older expat males. +$/.728067 Corniche East • 02 679 dartboards to enjoy 4777 • Open noon–1:30am 96 .1 crowd leaving their 6$(('$/0$. 1 = $<('6 tales of pre-oil times & 251 .. . The 6+(.+. d Map N2 You’ll see a rowdy • Al Ain Palace Hotel.'%.. ++$0 '$1% .

BSJOBBU5IF#SPBEXBUFSt t5JNFTWBSZTVOTFUBOEEJOOFSDSVJTFT £ Go shopping Laidback Abu Dhabi is a QNoQN t"EN more relaxing place to shop than Dubai and the air-conditioned * Sunset drinks at Al Fanar Enjoy a bird’s eye view of malls provide relief from the this stunning city of skyscrapers heat. Savour shops of the swish shopping the fresh seafood and sparkling malls but its vibrant atmosphere. their high while listening to fabulous live walls. t"M#BUFFOBSFBt5BYJ"&% IJSFDBS Book in advance for weekends GSPN"&%QFSEBZ (see p95). . the sun set from this stylish revolving restaurant (see p95). You & Polo Club can explore yourself but a guided Watch Emirati and Argentine tour ensures you don’t miss a polo teams practice or play an single detail and includes exciting match on sprawling afternoon tea (see pp22–3). d (IBOUPPU 3BDJOH1PMP$MVC %VCBJ"CV%IBCJ3E % Take a taxi or hire a car to Palace drive tt/PWo"QS explore impressive Al Bateen neighbourhood.BQ/t%FQBSUTGSPNUIF shop (see p92). verdant gardens and jazz – often performed by armoured vehicles make for a excellent South African bands – memorable experience. Around Abu Dhabi Left Marina Mall Centre Hitting the Corniche for a walk Right Emirates Palace’s opulent interiors Best of the Rest ! Corniche walk Pack your walking shoes and ^ City skyline view Spectacular views of the schedule your saunter down Abu city’s Manhattan-like skyline can Dhabi’s splendid Corniche for the be enjoyed from the big flag pole late afternoon so you won’t miss at the end of the Breakwater the spectacular sunsets (see (see pp88–91). Evenings are best. Following pages The Heritage Village Museum. @ Bustling neon-lit Hamdan Hamdan Street & Cruise The stunning Corniche and Abu Dhabi skyline are best Street doesn’t have the stylish appreciated from the sea. landscaped lawns. when as you sip a cocktail and watch local Emiratis love to shop. make Meridien’s sleek Shuja Yacht on a it a more interesting place to cruise. The colossal ) Dine at Jazz Bar Enjoy an exquisite meal Sheikhs’ palaces. d . pp88–91). d Map Q5 at this Abu Dhabi institution. Abu Dhabi 97 . $ Emirates Palace tour Not staying at this opulent ( Ghantoot Racing hotel? Then a tour is a must. city views from Le Royal best appreciated at night.


STREETSMART Planning Your Trip 100 Travel Information DUBAI & ABU DHABI’S TOP 10 Sources 101 Arriving in Dubai & Abu Dhabi 102 Getting Around 103 Banking & Communications 104 Things to be Aware of 105 Things to Avoid 106 Useful Information 107 Security & Health 108 Budget Tips 109 Accommodation 110–117 .

It’s not a bad idea to ) Opening Hours & Weekends international sporting bring an adaptor that The UAE weekend is events take place. Add 1–2 days drug-use or any content sive health and dental to visit Abu Dhabi. Hospitals are very efficient. sex. it is for- net. a of tobacco. such as visa extension Dh500 for 30 great 2–3 day stopover firearms. It is 6 hours £ When to Go Winter is usually three prong plug operating on 220/240 behind Australian Eastern Standard Time. The duty free allowance streets open approxi- is 400 cigarettes or 2 kg mately the same times $ What to Take Bring swimwear. 10am–10pm Sat–Thu. is always good to have. illegal drugs and days • dxbimmig@emirates. adaptors you can borrow. but the services are expensive. so buy duty available on arrival at transparent – remember. % How Long to Stay While Dubai makes a items on most countries’ blacklists. the good hotels will have Business hours aren’t UAE has had cool. Most hotel rooms feature global satellite channels like CNN and BBC. Bastakiya and nudity or semi-nudity. Loose alcohol in the UAE the public around 3pm. Creek. Shops in the best avoided. Government hat and sun block litres of wine or spirits. as well as take may include scenes with loss of luggage and theft in the sights of Dubai passionate kissing. 5 days to a week is bidden to bring in any wonderful if you want to banned movies. along with comprehen. Most Friday and Saturday. so you need to drinks on the balcony but be valid for 6 months dress modestly. There is when Dubai is at its best. * Prohibited Items In addition to the and Residency (Tel: 02 398 1010).dnrd. without a liquor license (only available to UAE day visit visas are Make sure they’re not Residents). Passports must country. insurance. volts. on your way somewhere. tv @ Insurance While petty crime is relax at a beach resort. 100 Dubai has several good local English-language TV stations. Summer is & Customs Free & Duty afternoon and evening on Fridays. but generally. do some serious programs and offensive publications. relating to Israel.Streetsmart Left A sunny day at the beach Right Deira City Centre mall Planning Your Trip ! Passports & Visa Complimentary 60- linen and cotton clothes are best for sightseeing. In works for • www. wet winters. So those or you can buy them in shopping malls open wanting guaranteed local supermarkets. free at the airport if you UAE airport immigration it’s a conservative want to have sunset desks. d Visa free. departments open (expensive in the UAE) It’s illegal to purchase around 7am and close to for the beach. ^ Electricity UAE power sockets ( Time Zone The UAE time zone is generally accept the UK although you may no daylight saving. . This is when the Dubai also see the European Shopping Festival. Shindagha. recent years though. insurance covering and malls. sunshine should visit opening in the late during Oct–Nov or Mar– Apr instead. Global Village and most major two round prong plug. cigars to the value of AED 3000 and 5 but close for lunch from 1pm–4/5pm. especially extremely rare in the shopping in the souqs films and programs that UAE. Pack a want to avoid expensive from the date of entry to cardigan or sweater as mini-bar costs. Visas can be most indoor places are extended at the Depart- ment of Naturalisation air-conditioned. fixed. the UAE. grey.

(www. £ Dubai Tourism & Commerce news releases on this d Dubai The fascinating website 7 Days. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid * Entertainment Media of the UAE Ministry for Al Maktoum. & Media sights. check What’s On magazine is @ UAE Federal e-Government d AED 5 for 5JNF0VUNBHB[JOFtXXX Portal on the websites of UAE’s timeoutdubai. sheikhmohammed. destination content and property laws. but it range of information sent a telegram to that will reopen once the for travellers. its government. www. Creek or shopping in the transport and tele. The UAE has a number of dreadful ) Dubai Visitor Tourism d You’ll find the excellent complimentary Concierge and Visitor 101 magazines in most five-star hotel rooms. customs. not only provides Spend some time looking windtower trawling through the building. but also helpful information to emirates. d www. restaurants. ( Dubai Tourism Info Centre travellers about % UAE Airlines Access destination tickets to big events online. The Time Out aspects of Emirati royal response! d 4RVBSF %FJSBtXXX to more interesting and budget airlines Air Arabia (www. This outstanding website airlines – Etihad Airline timeoutabudhabi. as well as magazines include everything you need to sections featuring the comprehensive listings know about the UAE Sheikh’s poetry and for arts and cultural from daily news and wisdom. d www. Streetsmart Left An Emirates Airlines flight Centre Local papers & magazines Right Dubai Visitor Info logo Travel Information Sources ! UAE Interact The excellent website of Dubai. You’ll dig up every- The Info Centre is temporarily closed due to Marketing thing from which world the construction of Look here for a wide leader the UAE President Baniyas Station. .etihad. Expat-focused information. (www. Much more interesting Information Bureaus at the airport and all major Website is the free mation on the UAE and Emirates Airline (www. shopping and other things to do. The website lets events.uae. airarabia. useful information to you write an email to the clubs and sporting fascinating articles on Sheikh and receive a activities. book flights online or even hire a car. shopping malls.BQ-t#BOJZBT accommodation newspapers which print Information Bureaus government press You’ll find helpful Visitor $ Sheikh Mohammed’s releases word for word.timeouttickets. also good. from day. for information. source of information so loadable annual reports you can plan and buy and short videos. d Dh2 for t0QFOIPVST tXXX Prime Minister and Ruler most newspapers dubaitourism. ^ Emirates News Agency (WAM) tourism office on Baniyas Square. which focuses on Airport: 04 224 5252 of the visionary UAE UAE content. head to the main communications information and links. d .com). has com. website is also a great coverage on local culture. Time Out Dubai and Information and Culture prehensive information Time Out Abu Dhabi is easy to use. and flydubai If sightseeing along Deira passports. with down. to the changes to green line is in a traditional- d www. bars. It covers on the UAE.

It would be a one of the world’s best. For a fee. you’ll come to Abu Dhabi Airport into the you with your luggage. with your embassy before City Centre to Karama. If you don’t come from the airport. d %VCBJ All planes pull into Abu documents. 102 Taxis can be reluctant to hand over change. visa. and if you come choose the “Nothing to ferry you to the city centre from one of the 34 Declare” or “Declare” exit. Try cash from the ATM here own. To enjoy five-star service into the country. car rental start one. hotel desks. for around AED 65–75. d 02 tXXXEDBBVI their luggage through the X-ray machine again or ( Dubai Airport Bus Budget travellers can HPWBF may ask you to open your use the convenient Airport bags. the Arrivals Hall. Dubai or Golden Class in mentation TFFQ . If you’re from one of the 34 countries which they should warmly respond: “Wa’alaykum & Dubai Airport Taxis It isn’t difficult to find eligible for an on-the-spot salaam” (literally meaning a taxi at Dubai’s airport. helps Customs. Check The 402 travels via Deira or for special assistance. to Bur Dubai AED @ Abu Dhabi Inter- national Airport make sure you have your UAE embassy-issued visa 35–45 and to Jumeirah AED 55–75. Baniyas Rd. travellers should call 04 224 5780 an accommodation 02 443 1500. ATMs and mobile phone Sleek Dubai Airport is immigration procedures retailers. Al-Sabkha bus station Services are banned from coming and Deira bus station. Service is collecting your luggage side Abu Dhabi’s airport efficient. After The Al Ghazal taxis out- beyond. d (PMEFO$MBTT  representing tourism municipality has plans to "CV%IBCJ agencies. and some prescription drugs to Union Square. the select passengers to put process is quick. Abu Dhabi. go smoothly is to greet good idea to get some Emirates Airline has its officials in Arabic. d 04 224 5555 you”). whisks you through a special ^ Once through Arrivals Hall There is currently no Airport Bus service from immigration line. it is and escorts you to your jam-packed with desks rumoured that Abu Dhabi transport. a hostess greets you on d XXXBVIDVTUPNTHPWBF ) Abu Dhabi Airport Bus arrival. which is city centre. 35. The 401 goes £ Marhaba & Golden Class strict narcotics laws.Streetsmart Left The Abu Dhabi Airport terminal Right Abu Dhabi’s Al Ghazal taxi Arriving in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ! Dubai Inter- national Airport $ Immigration One way to help booking service. ultramodern terminal “As’salam Alaykum” for the taxi to your hotel. For updates on t. 5SBOTQPSUt  Dhabi airport’s attractive   mushroom-shaped satellite. However. so you don’t % Duty-Free & Customs tXXXEUDEVCBJBF have far to walk to Immigration and the There are duty-free shops at Arrivals at Dubai and * Abu Dhabi Airport Taxis baggage carousel Abu Dhabi airports. The fare tXXXEVCBJBJSQPSUDPN from a country eligible into Deira is around AED for an on-the-spot visa. organize to be met by flying. The UEA has very Bus Service. countries eligible for Customs officers randomly d "M(IB[BM visas on arrival. as you may have to Mankhool and Bur Dubai.BSIBCB4FSWJDF %VCBJ companies. . the Marhaba Service in ask your doctor for docu. Both cost around AED 3. the process is a “and peace right back to The flag fall is AED 20 breeze. this. (3) and Emirati staff are (“Peace be upon you”) to efficient. Leave a few coins if the driver has helped you with your luggage and been courteous.

be cautious on pedestrian crossings. Zayed Rd around AED 15. speed limits “journey planner”.50 at night. The fare is are 60km/h on city range from AED 1–3. d %VCBJ well as a drop-off and During peak times from 5SBOTQPSU pick-up service. bus service to other Park and Dubai Muni- emirates. for AED 50. Streetsmart Left An abra ride Right A local bus Getting Around ! Car Rental There are car rental $ Abu Dhabi Taxis Regular taxis are faster. Do not 100 an hour. in the scor- AED 25–45. and they desks in the Arrivals halls cheap in Abu Dhabi. Else- ride in Deira or Bur Dubai might cost you AED 10. Drive and Transport Authority’s criss-cross Dubai Creek on the right side of the (RTA) website www. Al Seef spend the night in jail. linking up  Al Ghazal service. Not all have air-conditioning. Dubai of the airports and also at short ride in the city will Transport operates a most hotels. Docks are drink and drive. There is a zero-tolerance policy – if ^ Inter-Emirate Bus Service handily situated at Bur Dubai Souq. use metres. from Deira to Sheikh There are long-distance which drivers ignore.rta. Fares midnight daily. d &VSPQDBS"CV%IBCJ %VCBJ weekend evenings and prayer times. Else- 6am to midnight daily from bus stations in ) Walking There are few places where. connecting Deira and road. AED 1 per person. you’re sure to The RTA also runs a Souq. 100–120km/h 0QFOIPVST  cruise the Creek for AED on highways. d %VCBJ Taxis leave when they’re ching heat of summer. driverless metro began %VCBJ phone ahead and book service in 2009 and has t#VEHFU"CV%IBCJ one through the become an integral part %VCBJ upmarket but expensive of the city. It includes a helpful Bur Dubai from 5am to sign-posted. Frequent cipality. 80km/h on major d  can hire your own BCSB to city roads. & Long Taxis Distance where. However. Unless otherwise ae. d  £ Dubai Taxis services operate from There are taxi ranks at shopping malls. 5SBOTQPSU full. the UAE. 8am–9am and 5pm–6pm. and Bastakiya and Abu 3. A ride on an abra across bustling Dubai Creek is for many a 103 highlight of a trip to Dubai – make sure you do it at least once! . All taxis emirates) and Bur Dubai and Abu Dhabi. which has one of the highest road death Details of routes are available on the Roads ( Abras The BCSBT continually rates in the world. Fares are similar to it’s not advisable as there tXXXEUDEVCBJBF the buses but taxis are is little shelter. areas difficult to get to by car. Al Sabkha. Europcar cost from AED 3–15. t5ISJGUZ"CV%IBCJ impossible to find a taxi. Single journeys are @ Driving Conditions & Road Rules % Dubai Bus Service The bus service has inexpensive – only AED 2. The flag fall Dubai (to Abu Dhabi apart from Dubai’s souqs is AED 3 by day. when it’s * Metro Dubai’s impressive. d XXXSUBBF Only the brave drive in 62 routes around Dubai. You streets. shared taxi services from Walking is better in the from Bur Dubai to Dubai and Abu Dhabi bus cooler winter months. Deira Spice caught. Flag shared taxi to Abu Dhabi offers the best prices as taxis down on the street. AED and Al Ain). A can get cramped. A short taxi Dhabi’s Corniche. flag them down Deira (for northern that are walkable in on the street. Jumeirah Beach from stations to all emirates.

UAE. AED 30 for 3 hours. Within the UAE. A as AED (Arab Emirates prepaid card costs AED Dirham) or as Dh. restaurants and the UAE dirham. You can buy @ Exchange Rates The UAE dirham is number. & Phone Cards Buy an AED 20 Pre- surface and air delivery services for sending allowing you access to Paid Card to make calls large parcels. Citibank lasts 90 days and is avail. international access 60-day stay. See their your home account. Mail to Europe. Aramex. to call Dubai from shops. One dirham is divided into % Calling the UAE To phone the UAE 15 an hour. but at the time from another emirate. AED 20. 4BUo5IV BNoOPPO'SJ and Standard Chartered able at the Etisalat tXXXFNJSBUFQPTUDPBF Bank. tXXXFNJSBUFTQPTUDPBF 104 .etisalat. coffee shops. the UAE country cafés are widely available 50. dial 971 50 UAE’s national postal followed by the mobile service. Coins are available as 25 fils. d www.BJOQPTU operate in the UAE. Good local banks kiosks. Companies with a good reputation Cheques internet services at for service include While travellers’ cheques Etisalat iZone Hot Spots. 50 fils as well as followed by the local number. to make calls to the Courier services are $ Credit Cards & Travellers’ UAE from other countries and to pay for Wi-Fi more reliable.Streetsmart Left An exchange centre sign Centre An Emirates Post mail box Right A prepaid phone card Banking & Communications ! Currency The UAE’s currency is using travellers’ cheques. Dubai or 2 for Abu Dhabi. 04 stamps at any post office and at some stationery pegged to the US dollar. AED 200. AED 500 and AED 1000. from public phones in the website for details.67. Etisalat’s excellent “Ahlan: Visitors 0GmDFt"CV Dhabi Central Post Office: international banks Mobile Package” for cell t. shopping ) Shipping & Couriers Bank and National Bank Emirates Post provides of All will pick-up from your UAE. code 971. AED 70 for 24 100 fils. ^ Mobile Phones Etisalat is the national anything valuable or use a courier for anything telecommunications urgent. dial 050 for mobiles. US$ 1 is equal to AED outside the emirate and North America and 3. phones costs AED 90. d Dubai Main Post £ Banks & ATMs Numerous company. Notes are in from abroad. dial your hours or AED 120 for a denominations of AED 5. include National Bank of Abu Dhabi. written which has local branches. FedEx and DHL. d "SBNFY are widely accepted and Internet (Wi-Fi) service t'FE&Y credit cards can be used can be accessed at iZone t%)- almost All other currencies 02 to phone Abu Dhabi Australasia takes about fluctuate. credit cards are hotel – you can pay on preferred. 10 days. from abroad. opt for Thomas Cook.5 and £1 was worth AED 6. AED code. If Hotspots at airports. To dial a mobile ( Post Offices Emirates Post is the one dirham. Mashreq petrol stations and street kiosks. Globally linked ATMs are everywhere. so register to AED 5. of writing €1 was equal however. It’s unreliable. Internet AED 10. can be changed in the d www. PGmDFT0QFOBNoQN including HSBC. American Express and Mastercard * Internet Access Etisalat’s wireless pick-up if you don’t have an account. AED 100. then 4 for in the cities. grocery stores. business centres. Visa.

an Emirati woman unless most shops close during offered her hand first. the call-to. ^ Dress Code Open Minds” program. the of affection among such as Spinneys. passionate kissing and embracing is * Alcohol It’s illegal to purchase language. you’ll hear scores of languages on % Photographing Women alcohol at the airport duty free shop. Share your travel recommendations on traveldk. During the holy $ Respectful Conduct Sharjah. & Pork Muslims do not eat the day. Visitors should dress modestly. Open Minds” Things to be Aware of ! Languages Arabic is the official acceptable. wearing these clothes in public can month of Ramadan. Sharjah is a dry emirate – alcohol is not state following a tolerant ladies prepare local food sold or allowed there. Even at places where covered heavy. Women should not (see pp12–13). version of Sharia Law. number of activities the pilgrimage to Mecca. you’ll hear the suited to the scorching yard house to book a tour beautiful sound of the heat. ( Sheikh Mohammed adhere to the conduct of Photography of Sheikhs’ Centre for Cultural Islam. ports This organization runs a charity. UAE Muslims displays. pork public is forbidden. donating to military buildings. £ Call-to-prayer If you stay in Deira. If visiting someone’s home. and eating. Most mood is festive – malls couples in public are restaurants at five star stay open until midnight frowned upon. Broadcast 105 . license (only available to As 80% of the population UAE Residents) so buy are foreign. Rude gestures and alcohol without a liquor English is widely spoken. skirts above the knee. women is not acceptable Penalties for drunken without asking their behaviour in public are @ Islam The UAE is an Islamic permission first. operate on shorter hours. Streetsmart Left An Emirati woman Centre A local mosque Right A session of “Open Doors. government offices Never shake hands with incur a severe penalty. swearing are offensive. prayer beckons Muslims men should refrain from Alcohol is not served the to come and worship. While hotels include pork on and the celebratory spirit holding hands is their menus. fasting and doing and airports is forbidden. Signage is Photographing Emirati alcohol in hotels and generally in both Arabic and other Muslim licensed venues. Displays Rooms” in supermarkets (breaking of the fast). ask first before taking their photo. and English. straps in public. Stop Bastakiya area in respectful and is also at the Bastakiya court- particular. sleeveless tops. In holiday. police and Understanding a day. under the “Open Doors. is infectious. drinking and smoking in remove your shoes. You can drink the street. There show the soles of your products are for sale to is no music or dancing feet and don’t eat with non-Muslims in “Pork either. call-to-prayer echoing wear tight or transparent through the streets five times a day. for sale as part of the with both Sharia and civil law courts. while the sighting of the moon. however. although not. Loose long which is aimed at promoting tolerance of Bur Dubai or the linen or cotton clothing is culture and religion. wearing shorts and night before a religious sleeveless tops. ) Ramadan & Islamic holidays from the minarets of halter-necks or shoestring Religious festivals rely on mosques. After Iftar your left hand. praying five times palaces. don’t pork.

However. When you see and sentences are harsh. Always look seriously. often for parking signs and swimming if you’re not a from China and former orange parking metres strong swimmer. Touts aggres- UAE’s ferocious heat. And while they’re value but illegal). speed you want to buy these more water than you bumps and sand on the counterfeit goods (great normally would at home. when everyone means conditions are applied. Slow down and bags. copy sun in the hottest part of reason. Prostitution return to a parking ticket have very powerful is illegal and prostitutes on your windscreen. more likely to serve a long sentence and get $ Parking & Speeding Tickets & Swimming Dangers deported. they’re there for a buy “copy watches. Decelerate banned (see p102). 106 . it is an option. undercurrents. extra care. Be vigilant as a the freeway.Streetsmart Left Soft drink vending machines Centre “Camel Crossing” road sign Right A beach warning Things to Avoid ! Dehydration Whether lying by the % Road Surprises! While you might find * Souq Spruikers The most annoying pool or walking around those “Road Surprises!” thing about shopping in town. camels can be best strategy is to ignore @ Traffic Accidents Dubai’s traffic is troublesome – they just love to take a stroll on them completely. you’ll in areas where there are these should be taken see prostitutes on the road works. Penalties 6:30pm. particularly strong undertows. wear take a photo of the camel customers into shops to light clothes. the very cute. you’re equally at signs amusing the first the souqs is the risk of dehydrating in the time you see them (and spruiking. Despite the also frequent many bars especially at night. are best avoided. Keep in mind that even some prescription going anywhere in Dubai necessarily slow down. from 8am–10am (when The rate of accidents is and anti-depressant and commuters head to considerably higher in HRT medications are work). UAE parking and traffic cops take their jobs very When you see signs warning bathers about ) Prostitutes If you stay in Bur seriously. Rainy weather makes driving hazardous simply ( Drugs Do not attempt to because UAE residents bring drugs into the £ Rush Hour Don’t think about aren’t used to driving in the rain. Also avoid the poor. To everyone loves to stop to sively attempt to lure avoid dehydration. road. Show even the slightest bit of horrific. such as codeine. driver to “shway shway!” (slow down!). avoid the sign). so they won’t country. roads around 8pm–9pm oncoming drivers with While the death penalty on Thursday and Friday their hazard lights on. pedestrian and as a and they’ll never leave passenger don’t be embarrassed to ask your ^ Driving in Rain & Sand Storms you alone. expect to water. Look out for dangerous rips and Dubai neighbourhoods speed signs. drugs. it’s rarely nights. interest or politeness. noon–2pm (when wet weather. Avoid streets at night. Dubai’s beaches and Bur Dubai. calm appearance of the and nightclubs in Deira Otherwise. such as Mankhool. you’re seems to be going out. Madam!” Unless the day and drink much look out for dips. even worse up ahead. or take Soviet countries. They wherever you park. The they go home or out for or pull over in sand UAE has a zero tolerance lunch) and from 4pm– storms when visibility is policy on drugs.

5 per cent. which 107 totals to 17. five star hotels and good wide range of measure. infrequent rainfall. Smaller malls and cards. Saturday. The provided for a ban on country was synonymous with year-round sunshine smoking in public places. At the time comparable to Europe £ Weights Measures & of research the UAE was set to enforce laws and and Australasia. Baniyas Square. Friday and Saturday. including shopping malls. you’ll see Emirati men rub The official weekend is are on alcohol and the noses when they meet. while some work half or full days on % Photography & Video Mediterranean countries. give officials power to issue on-the-spot fines to ) Toilets All shopping centres. restaurants are on the shelves alongside degrees Celsius in required to have non. restaurants and be purchased in one of the wettest on entertainment venues. pharmacies in the UAE record. the practices are punishable shopping centres and Middle East and North with harsh penalties. The price is most don’t. close male friends kiss on the main Friday prayer cheeks in Europe’s day. You’ll see men from you may come across Central Asia and the “hole in the ground” $ Taxes Residents of the UAE Indian Subcontinent holding hands – this does Oriental toilets alongside Western toilets. If you norms. except for petrol. when it uses gallons. Likewise. By They’ll generally be kept Celsius in winter to 45 law. They should sit in major malls open 10am– need additional memory the back seat of taxis. You will don’t pay income tax. restaurants and bars ment systems are used for clothes and shoes & Homosexuality Homosexuality is have clean toilets – it’s okay to walk off the which are manufactured illegal and homosexual street to use these. in 10pm. afternoon on Fridays. Dedicated women’s queues at banks and @ Climate The UAE has an arid ^ Smoking UAE legislation government departments mean women get sub-tropical climate with introduced in 2004 preferential service. The UAE uses the metric system. Deira. A lawbreakers. smoking sections but products. not mean they are gay. tapes or batteries the “women’s section” of independent shops do try the myriad electronics buses and eat in “family not open until the stores in City Centre and rooms” in cheap hotels. average 20 degrees not been enforced. Supermarkets range of well-priced ment if they follow local open 8am–10pm while digital cameras. Streetsmart Left Year-round sunshine at Dubai beaches Right Signs for public conveniences Useful Information ! Business & Shopping Hours expats to build a life here. . Asia. municipality and service in the same way that Everyone has a day off taxes on hotel rooms. In in Europe. All restaurants charge municipality tax and service tax. women’s hygiene summer. also find bidets or a hose This is a big incentive for they are just good for ablutions. The only taxes here friends. ( Contraceptives Contraceptives can until the 2006 winter. Government departments open Emiratis are obsessed with technology so if * Women Travellers Women travelling 7:30am–3pm while you’re after something solo in the UAE shouldn’t private companies work new you’ll find a wide experience any harass- 9am–5pm. Temperatures Unfortunately this has without a prescription. cheaper street eateries America.

sunburn and that is available in most have your camera handy. You will find that the service is unheard of. When eating street food. numbers are listed in the the police. do not sign adjusts to new bacteria. Centre Medical be vigilant. The daily $ Consulates Generally. first call – they can help Abu Dhabi that are open facilitate contact with a 24 hours. At most. The UAE has pecting religious customs Medical Centre 04 331 one of the highest rates and decency laws. arms or back. and in Abu Dhabi consulate’s UAE website way.Streetsmart Left Pedestrian crossing sign Centre A local bottled water brand Right A traffic policeman Security & Health ! Precautions The biggest danger to for travel warnings and security information. 108 Global media surveys frequently place the UAE in the top 20 safest destinations. embassies local bilingual lawyer. sunstroke. it’s illegal for Franco-Emirien 02 626 5722 not stop for you on a women to travel in a crossing. Do not move the car unless your health and wellbeing Consulate phone instructed to do so by in the UAE is the heat. If you get Clinic 02 681 2921 days as your body arrested. d Dubai: around. & Road Traffic Accidents can phone 04 223 2323 to find out the pharmacy although there are a few If you’re in an accident. so cross only at lights where possible. public hospitals. in Dubai. phone the * Hospitals Hospital standards air-conditioned taxis. be sensible – faster at emergency don’t dress like a tourist and don’t flash cash ^ IfTheYouUAEGetis anArrested Islamic departments at private hospitals. American Dental Clinic 04 The tap water is safe to foreigners being too 344 0668 • Abu Dhabi: drink. In Dubai d Dubai: British Dental £ Drinking Water & Food Safety and Abu Dhabi. Under 5000 • Abu Dhabi: Gulf of road deaths on the absolutely no condition Diagnostic Centre 02 665 planet. tell modestly and not show consultations are him to slow down. Operator 181. anything in Arabic immediately. take photos for insurance August in particular. UAE at both private and @ Personal Safety While petty crime is Fire Department 997. 7777. then call the police call 02 777 929. ( Dental The UAE has your taxi driver is driving Women must dress excellent dentists and too fast or recklessly. Ambulance 998/999. arrests have resulted from Clinic 04 342 1318. walking as much as % Emergency Info possible and take advantage of the cheap In case of emergency. In 8090. Advanced Dental tummy for a couple of Ramadan. Al Zahra Private the road. . drivers will Sharjah. upper reasonably priced. Your ) Pharmacies There are many only try eateries popular consulate should be your pharmacies in Dubai and with locals. you may affectionate in public. From June to hotel rooms. If another Take precautions to avoid Etisalat phone directory party is involved and you dehydration. However. Check your first get out of harm’s open. following numbers: Police are outstanding in the 999. If vehicle with men other than their husband. newspapers list them. As a pedestrian drink alcohol and drive. avoid purposes. you are in Abu Dhabi and consulates in Dubai. The most state and you can land in American Hospital 04 336 dangerous place is on trouble for not res. their décolletage. British Dental Clinic 02 677 experience an upset particularly during 3308. (999) for instructions. nearest to you that’s exceptions.

from as low as AED 47. 109 . and January are the % Supermarkets coolest months. on Shindagha waterfront £ Internet Deals Travellers averse to Five star hotels offer great value all-you-can- is free. Always keep small notes in your wallet when shopping. These open-sided wooden boats cost just head to one of Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s many cheap Dhabi during major AED 1 per trip and ethnic eateries (see p64) events and conferences connect Dubai’s main where you can spend as (unless it’s something sights in Deira and Bur little as AED 30 per you actually want to go Dubai. Many bars ideal time for budget deli counter where you and clubs offer half-price travellers. winter is the peak season and The supermarkets are excellent in the UAE. Carrefour has a is taxed). possible to find products expensive in the UAE Ramadan is another from all over the world. cheeses and drinks. The buses are a person for a curry or to!) when hotel room cheap alternative to taxis biryani or a few mezze prices go through the (see p103). you pay cash or buy two. while it costs nothing to stroll along package deals can find eat-and-drink brunches. drop their rates by 50% cold meats for picnics two free drinks or “free and offer excellent and balcony snacks while bubbly for the ladies”. particular nights. probably drop their price. Most hotels buy olives. Summer Surprises shopping festival means there are great bargains ^ Brunches & Buffets ( Free Stuff to Do In Dubai. on holiday packages. such as the Accor site. two-for-one deals. this is the pastries and an excellent promotions. it’s acceptable to a great source for shwarmas and a fresh ask if that’s the best discounted rooms. The Friday Brunch is a through the Bastakiya or ritual for many expats. you can drink reputation for having the cheaply if you take @ Summer Savings While summer is lowest prices. While December Arabic grill. Streetsmart Left Enjoy a walk through the Bastakiya Right An abra ride is a cheap way to cross the Creek Budget Tips ! When Not to Go Avoid Dubai and Abu Creek. If you’re after elsewhere and they’ll the abra across Dubai something more filling. It’s * Happy Hours While alcohol is hotels charge rack rates. Abu Dhabi’s beautiful great deals on the including alcohol. are also & Cheap Eats A couple of electronics and jewellery stores. Accommodation websites such as Similar mid-week buffet lunches and dinners are ) Discounts Bargaining & Expedia offer great hotels also great value. Internet if they can be AED 70–200 per person. It also has the best bakery with advantage of happy hours (generally from best avoided due to the delicious Middle Eastern 6pm–8pm) and drink ferocious heat. mango juice make a price or for a discount if great cheap eat. half the price and work events and conferences. In Hotel websites. a walk to be found. (it’s the only thing that period to avoid. $ Transport Budget travellers can Shwarmas cost around AED 3 and juices from Let them know if you found something cheaper save money by catching AED 6. dishes and a mixed roof. up from there. The you enjoy the sunset. the souqs and carpet particularly in the quiet Check local magazines shops. flexible. starting Bargaining is expected in at bargain prices. from Corniche. Make an offer at periods between big for the latest offers.

minibar. The best guests pay for valet parking if they’re staying ( Meal Times UAE residents and hotels also provide at a hotel. Rarely will facilities. If you’re to North American. anything from 5–10 restaurants. charge on hotel rooms. considerably reduced & Tipping discounts or book hotels as part of a package deal. around 8:30pm–9pm. although there locals eat late compared complimentary news. UAE are spacious and you’re better off buying Restaurants fill quickly in also extremely secure. Dubai and Abu Dhabi Most rooms are air. cent government tax and If you need to make lots Take advantage of these a 10 per cent service of local phone calls. include a service charge. significantly to hotel Most hotels have visitors to the UAE can room bills include phone “Restaurant expect to pay a 10 per calls and minibar costs. They a tip. In fine dining transport and tours.Streetsmart Left A helpful concierge Centre Tipping etiquette Right Dress up well to eat out Accommodation & Dining Tips ! Hotel The UAE is a tax-free % Extras that can add Taxes Extra costs * Restaurant Reservations country. $ Concierges UAE concierges are waiting staff. tea and coffee free-of-charge. a residents discount. sometimes optional). don’t wear trousers (never recommend and book tip. (although a tie is a late flight. it’s customary to tip. Arab expats and £ Rack Rates & Discounts may have to park your car at a nearby parking Emiratis tend to book restaurant tables from While rack rates are station. While tedious as having to visit @ Rooms Hotel rooms in the minibar prices are comparable to bar prices. Reservations” services. buy to make your bookings. and it can be hard to get conditioned and come well equipped with ^ Valet Parking Almost all UAE hotels a table on weekends. 110 Recommend your favourite hotel on traveldk. contact your hotel ahead any earlier and you’ll Travellers can book online of time to enquire about miss out on the fun – through accommodation parking facilities. are exceptions. Give porters a couple jeans) and a long sleeved restaurants and organize of dirhams per piece of shirt. Make bookings as far in television. half a dozen eateries before you find a table. If European expats eat guide. They luggage and if the taxi restaurants. The average cost 10pm onwards. If the service was good. Eat paid in the UAE. telephones. a local SIM card and as there’s nothing as phone card. women will are a good source of per cent. require smart-casual to call hotels and request While most restaurants formal dress in the . toiletries and in-room safe. leave him a few coins. In the UAE. you diners. papers and bottled water. duty free liquor. provide valet parking advance as possible. If it didn’t meet look glam while men will local information and can your expectations. leave while expats dress up too – even in casual generally excellent. a smart suit can also arrange to store driver was friendly and jacket is expected your luggage if you have helped with luggage. staying in a mid-range or British and Australasian budget Deira hotel. you’ll only be dining with booking sites with other tourists. Emiratis wear their best this doesn’t always go to dishdashas and abayas. However. while quoted throughout this is AED 20 per night. ) Dress Codes Good restaurants while UAE residents can although not obligatory. they are rarely you’re hiring a car.

BQ. The catch. d .BLUPVN3E %FJSBt tXXXJDIPUFMTHSPVQ action of Deira’s souqs tXXXTVO DPNt%% and Baniyas Square. offers decent ttXXX clean hotel apartments Italian fare. taxes DDDD AED 730–1100 and extra charges. d . If you do. But there’s Internet access. Cubo. this is also one OFUBFt% The budget hotels are mostly occupied with male traders.BQ-t0GG . Price Categories For a standard. wireless apartments include satellite TV and small * Ramee Hotel Apartments in the public spaces. clean and stylish accommodation is a It’s a short stroll away rooms. stovetop. While the One of Dubai’s best Dubai’s best value and rooms are basic. d . d Map E6 MFNFSJEJFODPNt%% are great value. this decent mid. DDDDD Over AED 1100 Streetsmart Ibis World Trade Centre lobby Cheap Accommodation: Dubai ! Ibis World Trade Centre Hotel $ Residence Deira by Le Meridien of the cleanest of Deira’s budget hotels. Media City and Knowledge Village) and smoke even in the non- smoking rooms. ttXXX offers daily shuttle buses Rooms and facilities are DBQJUPMIPUFMDPNt%% to Jumeirah’s beaches. d Map ( Sun and Sand Hotel makes a great base for 't"M. d . It offers the from Baniyas Square. the Ibis offers most central budget come with satellite TV. generous for the price. They are t/FYUUPUIF%VCBJ equipped with satellite $POWFOUJPOBOE&YIJCJUJPO $FOUSF 4IFJLI. t3JHHBU"M#VUFFO %FJSB Dubai.BQ+t"M3PMMB3E #VS This budget hotel is right spending much time at %VCBJttXXX in the middle of Dubai’s the hotel. they bargains. There’s also a rooftop d .BQ#t. microwave and JCJTIPUFMDPNt%% range is ideal for those washing machine. is that there’s most professional service d .BQ-t"M4BCLIB3E  no service or extras for of any budget accommo. main draw is the Dubai’s only youth hostel Located on the Deira location. Women 111 travelling unaccompanied may feel uncomfortable.BQ't"M/BIEB3E  4DIPPM %FJSBTPVR Situated in one of the OFBS"M2VTBJTt ttXXX most modern buildings in tVBFZIB!FNJSBUFT BMIJKB[NPUFMDPNt%% the area. d . these spacious.BQ-t"M may not be central but it side of the Creek. D Under AED 365 double room per DD AED 365–550 night (with breakfast DDD AED 550–730 if included). The who want to experience undercover parking is an @ Holiday Express Inn it all – the old and new Dubai – and don’t plan on advantage in this area. %FJSBt this price – don’t expect dation in Dubai. . t/FBS"M"INBEJZB &Hotel Florida International rooms in the old building. ttXXX Rd.BQ- In a bustling street of Bur the hotel restaurant. hidden gem. in a renovated courtyard and basic dorm-like building. you’re SBNFFHSPVQDPNt% media hub (Internet in for nightclub noise and City. but the ) Dubai Hostel Youth taste of heritage flavour. however.BZFE3E % Capitol Hotel Well-located on Mina television and include kitchenettes with fridge. and kitchenettes. small. this TBOEIPUFMDPNt% budget hotel’s simple £ Al Hijaz Motel Book here for a real rooms have satellite TV and balconies. Al 4BCLIB3E %FJSBt offers cheap and clean Hijaz has spacious. tXXXQBDJmDIPUFM hotel-style accommo- traditionally styled rooms EVCBJDPNt%% dation in its new building.JOB3E 4BUXB This central Deira hotel exploring New Dubai. The tXXXnPSBIPUFMTBFt% someone to help with spacious studio your bags. d .OPXMFEHF 7JMMBHF /FX%VCBJt ^Pacific Hotel Close to the shopping pool.

d Map P4 you can get it for mid- range prices off the web This rather conservative t. Rooms are bright. with sees a lot of action in the hotels. d Map splendid sea views. It’s also one of sents a good deal only if @ Hilton Corniche Residence the few hotels in the city to allow pets. Yet. the Centro is just tXXXIJMUPODPNt%% blocks away. well. The rooms minutes from the Yas are spacious and Marina Formula 1 race £ Hilton Hotel Baynunah executive suites have kitchenettes. d Map P2 spacious rooms are not five-star classification it t)BNEBO4Ut particularly clean. The one feel claustrophobic and who don’t feel like advantage Al Mina has the tiny windows don’t heading out after a hot over the Regency is its take advantage of the day’s sightseeing. a tower have fabulous 4UttXXX bar and a swimming pool.BQ1t)BNEBO does have a restaurant.Streetsmart Left Novotel Centre Hotel Centre HJ Diplomat Hotel signboard Right Al Maha Rotana Suites Inexpensive Hotels: Abu Dhabi ! Al Maha Rotana Suites % Howard Johnson Diplomat Hotel * Al Diar Capital Hotel Abu Dhabi’s best value With several bars and Slightly more upmarket accommodation is on the clubs on site. Hilton is a favourite with tXXXIPKPDPNt%% d . HSBOEDPOUJOFOUBMnBNJOHP d(PMG1MB[B :BT*TMBOE d . The restaurants. it repre- facilities. d .BQ/t. high-speed Internet ^ Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel BMEJBSIPUFMTDPNt%%% access. Wi-Fi and the stunning sea views. city views. you’d expect the Al Ain quality to the chain’s hotel looks worn around Palace to have an infer. business travellers.BQ/t$PSOJDIF DPNt% ttXXX 8FTUt SPUBOBDPNt%%% tXXXIJMUPODPNt%% & Al Ain Palace Hotel ) Al Diar Mina $ Novotel Hotel Centre With the elegant Royal Meridien towering above While Al Diar’s Mina property is very similar in Centrally located. this hotel than its nearby sister bustling Hamdan St. but isn’t really nowhere near the quality and interesting views suitable for families. while hotel is geared towards executive apartments in efficient. modern and equipped The spacious.IBMJGB4Ut or as part of a package.FFOB3E business travellers who ttXXX love its personal service.BQ/t.FFOB3E t)BNEBO4Ut ttXXXBMBJO ttXXX tXXXOPWPUFMDPNt%% QBMBDFIPUFMDPNt%% BMEJBSIPUFMTDPNt%%% 112 . Rooms on track. views over the city. Al Mina’s the edges and smells iority complex. The you’d expect from the of the city. This shiny glass tower has shops and cinemas ( Centro Yas Island One of the first seven d . cinemas evenings. d Map P2 /t$PSOJDIF3PBE&BTU d . can be imper. this it. this rooms are more expen- of smoke. Service. high floors have fantastic with Wi-Fi access. More of a mid-range tXXXSPUBOBDPNt%% have good coffee-making business hotel. Regency hotel. It is centrally with package tourists some of the best situated and guests can and airline crew. but this 42-storey blue glass sonal. but has. The equipped suites and views. but is popular friendly hotel is home to sive.BQ1t$PSOJDIF3E  at its doorstep and the hotels to be built on Yas $FOUSBMt Corniche a couple of Island. making it an use the facilities at the low-ceilinged rooms can attractive option for those Regency. the Capital is access to shops.

% Rydges Plaza Not exactly central. £ Rihab Rotana d . Price Categories For a standard.BQ. Dubai road are ideal for popular with business Museum and the business travellers and travellers and tourists on wonderful Bastakiya. d Map J2 downstairs. d . The hotel is situated in a has a couple of excellent stylish hotel rooms are renovated courtyard restaurants. this decent equipped kitchenettes ttXXX hotel is fine if you’re only and all mod cons. While the rooms SPUBOBDPNt%%%% ttXXX are comfortable. ) Regal Plaza Hotel A short stroll from porary suites on a busy this standard hotel is Bur Dubai souqs. D Under AED 365 double room per DD AED 365–550 night (with breakfast DDD AED 550–730 if included). If you Don’t head here for rest can’t face another meal out. tXXXMBNBJTPOEIPUFT EVCBJDPNt%% Rooms are spacious and this old hotel is still well-equipped.BQ- star may seem like it’s t"M. seems to keep this out.IBMJGB Suites Five minutes from Dubai ^ Four Points Sheraton #JO. The @ Al Bustan Rotana The airport location #VS%VCBJt tXXXBSBCJBODPVSUZBSE accommodation com- prises 20 charming rooms. The ttXXX here. t. building in the historic t"M.BQ+t4IFJLI.t#BTUBLJZB courtyards are wonderful house is perfectly nestled ttXXX for relaxing in after a hot in the heart of Jumeirah YWBHBMMFSZDPNt%%%% day’s sightseeing. The hotel is full of atmosphere.t"M'BIJEJ3PVOEBCPVU  from the beach.BQ%t#FIJOE standing five star hotel’s . clean rooms are some. %VCBJ*OUFSOBUJPOBM"JSQPSU well equipped. and couples. Dubai Deira City Centre mall. as it tends to get noisy.BOLIPPM3E #VS t(BSIPVE OFYUUP$JUZ off the beaten track. d . d Map J2 next-door to electronics rooms with well. taxes DDDD AED 730–1100 and extra charges. The ( Regent Hotel Palace the city’s best eateries. these sleek contem- Museum. d Map and is just a short walk .BQ& this hotel has a great ttXXX t4BUXB3PVOEBCPVU 4BUXB location.BZFE3E #VS%VCBJ ttXXX International Airport and Conveniently located for SBNFFHSPVQDPNt%%%% a few minutes walk from Bur Dubai souqs. but who needs traditional rooms with NBSDPQPMPIPUFMOFUt%%%% them when you can hear high ceilings are deco- the call-to-prayer echoing through the streets? rated in Arabian and Indian decor. are TUBSXPPEDPNt%%% after a bed for the night. they’re SZEHFTDPNt%%%% in need of renovation. there’s a café & Marco Polo Hotel This excellent four- or recreation.BMMt pricing well below other hotels of similar quality. Opposite the swish Bur d . d Map M2 minimalist in design. DDDDD Over AED 1100 Streetsmart Left Traditional decor at the Orient Guest House Right The Rihab Rotana Suites emblem Mid-Priced Hotels: Dubai ! XVA This elegant hotel in a $ House Orient Guest a 15-minute stroll to the fascinating EIPX wharves restored courtyard house This delightful boutique or Deira souqs. but come Juman shopping centre. 113 . the Bastakiya and Bur Juman shopping.FSDBUP.BUFFOB4U %FJSB Don’t expect any extras Bastakiya area. DPNt%%% d . The spacious stopovers.IBMJE#JO"M8BMFFE3E mall Al Ain. but %VCBJt $FOUSFt it’s only a 10-minute taxi tXXXSBNFFHSPVQDPN tXXXSPUBOBDPNt%%%% ride from the airport and t%%%% Look online for the best deals on hotel rates. The hotel is also home to some of popular with Australian and British travellers. The quiet * La Maison d’Hôtes This gorgeous guest- d. excellent value.BQ-t(BSIPVE OFBS what cramped.


Left Dhow bottoms in the Grand Hyatt Dubai ceiling Right The elegant Sheraton Dubai Creek

Creek View Hotels: Dubai
! Park Hyatt Dubai
This white Moroccan-
striking exterior and
a sleek black marble
probably won’t regret it
after a sweaty day in
inspired low-rise hotel is interior. d .BQ- Dubai’s heat. d .BQ-
situated on one of the t#BOJZBT3E %FJSB t#BOJZBT3E %FJSBt
most sublime spots on ttXXX tXXXDBSMUPO
Dubai Creek, overlooking IJMUPODPNt%%%%% UPXFSOFUt%%%%
the attractive marina and
yacht club. d Map K5
* Riviera Hotel
This is one of Dubai’s
$MVC %FJSBt This massive property best-located hotels for
tXXXEVCBJQBSLIZBUU may have marvellous sightseeing. It’s a short
DPNt%%%%% views over Creekside stroll to Deira’s many
Park across to the Dubai souqs, while the
@ InterContinental
Dubai Festival City
Creek Golf & Yacht Club,
but it’s easy to let the
fascinating dhow docks
are just across the road.
The InterContinental at myriad attractions within d .BQ,t#BOJZBT3E 
Dubai Festival City is the hotel distract you. %FJSBt
a chic property, with There’s a wonderful tSJWJFSB!FNJSBUFTOFU
superb attention to detail interior rainforest garden BFt%%%
and well-drilled staff on with EIPX bottoms
hand throughout the
hotel’s vast amenities.
embedded in the ceiling
and myriad bars and ( Arabian Courtyard
Hotel & Spa
Creek-view rooms have restaurants. d .BQ+ The fine views from the
breathtaking vistas. t"M2BUBJZBU3E #VS%VCBJ Arabian Courtyard are
d .BQ&t%VCBJ'FTUJWBM ttXXX some of Dubai’s most
$JUZ %FJSBt EVCBJHSBOEIZBUUDPN fascinating. The Arabian-
tXXXJOUFSDPOUJOFOUBM t%%%%% inspired rooms are
DPNt%%%%% spacious and the staff is
^ Radisson Blu friendly. d .BQ+t"M
£ Sheraton
Dubai Hotel
While the rooms here
About as close to the are comfortable, and tXXXBSBCJBO
Creek as you can get, there are Creek views DPVSUZBSEDPNt%%%
it’s as if you’re right on from the small balconies,
top of the shimmering
water when you’re in the
the design doesn’t take
advantage enough of its ) Hyatt Regency
Stunningly situated
elegant rooms at this wonderful waterside and completely
striking hotel. d .BQ, location. d .BQ, renovated, the Hyatt
t#BOJZBT3E %FJSBt t#BOJZBT3E %FJSB Regency has spectacular
tXXXTUBSXPPE ttXXX views over the Arabian
DPNt%%%% SBEJTTPOCMVDPNt%%%%% Sea. It has one of the
most atmospheric
$ Hilton
& Carlton
Tower lobbies, with palm trees,
Make sure to book a With views of the Creek balconies and glass
Creek view room for the that are just as stunning feature floors with
best bird’s-eye-view of as those from the Riviera sand beneath them.
Dubai’s bustling waterway. next door, you’ll pay d .BQ-t"M,IBMFFK
This Carlos Ott-designed more for a room at the 3E %FJSBt
hotel is one of Dubai’s Carlton because of its big tXXXEVCBJSFHFODZIZBUU
most stylish, with a swimming pool. And you DPNt%%


Price Categories
For a standard, D Under AED 365
double room per DD AED 365–550
night (with breakfast DDD AED 550–730
if included), taxes DDDD AED 730–1100
and extra charges. DDDDD Over AED 1100

Left The beach at the Meridien Mina Seyahi

Luxury Beach Resorts: Dubai
! Burj Al Arab
Dramatically jutting $ Mina A’Salam
The old-Arabian
windsurfing and wake-
boarding to sailing and
into the sea, Dubai’s architecture of Mina deep-sea fishing. There
iconic, luxury property A’Salam is inspired by the are several swimming
provides the ultimate ancient towers of Yemen pools and also a compli-
in personal attention – and Saudi Arabia as well mentary kid’s “Penguin
from your arrival in a as by the local wind- Club” TFFQ
Rolls Royce, to the staff tower architecture of
greeting you in the
flamboyant foyer with
Dubai’s Bastakiya area.
The rooms feature rich * Jumeirah

welcome refreshments, upholsteries, inlaid While the interiors of this
cold towels, incense furniture, Oriental lamps wave-shaped hotel are
and dates, to the and Arabesque-patterned rather gaudy when
personal butler in your prints and tiles. The compared with Dubai’s
duplex suite. The interior lattice balconies overlook chic new hotels, families
is gaudy but the spec- the manmade waterways love the bright, bold
tacular coastal views, and splendid palm-lined colours, excellent beach
especially from the beach TFFQQo
. facilities and myriad kids’
Skyview Bar, make up activities TFFQ
for it TFFQQo
% Grosvenor House
The well-appointed
( Westin Mina
@ One&Only
Royal rooms at this swanky
hotel are spacious with
This elegant addition to
One of the world’s most stunning marina or sea Dubai’s five-star coastline
romantic resorts, this is views. Guests can use boasts spectacular views
an exotic Moroccan- the white sand beach over the Arabian Gulf.
inspired hotel set in lush and access water The beautifully appointed
palm-filled gardens with activities at its sister rooms are spacious and
serene ponds. The white hotel across the road, the well-equipped; some, but
sand beach is lined with Royal Meridien. d Map not all have balconies.
elegant white umbrellas #t%VCBJ.BSJOBt Other facilities include
and regal private VIP tXXXHSPTWFOPS a spa, gym, several bars
canopies overlooking the IPVTFEVCBJDPNt%%%%% and restaurants and an
Palm Island development excellent watersports
^ Ritz Carlton
This sumptuous hotel
centre TFFQ

£ Al Qasr
The opulent Al Qasr
lives up to the reputation
of this renowned chain, ) Atlantis, The Palm
Located at the top of
(“the palace” in Arabic) with lots of marble, the Palm Jumeirah this
is graced with enormous chandeliers, Persian vast complex has a wide
wooden doors, elegant carpets and fresh flowers choice of rooms, most
arches and Moroccan everywhere. Its palm- with views over the gulf.
stonework. You’ll find filled gardens and white The ultimate in luxury,
mashrabiya screens, sand beach are out- however, are the Lost
Moroccan lamps and standing TFFQ
. Chambers suites with
terracotta urns all over underwater views into the
the place. There’s a
gorgeous white sand & Le Meridien Mina
Seyahi Resort
lagoon. Among the many
facilities are a waterpark,
beach and great views Indulge in a wide range a dolphinarium and a
of Mina A’Salam and Burj of beach activities and kids’ club, making it ideal
Al Arab TFFQQo
. water sports from for families TFFQ



Left Emirates Palace Centre Millennium Hotel lobby Right The Beach Rotana swimming pool

Luxury Resorts: Abu Dhabi
! Emirates Palace
Choose from
the many excellent
restaurants, then join the * Anantara
Al Sarab

amongst the Coral, Pearl locals for coffee late in This unique fortress-style
and Diamond Rooms, the evening at the lobby. resort sits majestically in
Khaleej Suites or Palace d .BQ2t5PVSJTU$MVC the middle of the desert.
Suites. All the rooms BSFBttXXX The rooms feature five-
feature wide plasma TVs SPUBOBDPNt%%%%% star luxuries and there
and extras such as are private villas, each
welcome cocktails,
flowers and fruit in the % Millennium Hotel
This swanky hotel
with a pool and butler
service, too. d"
room, butler service, has elegant expansive NJOVUFESJWFGSPN"CV%IBCJ
complimentary minibar rooms with splendid ttXXX
and Internet access (see views over the Corniche BOBOUBSBDPNt%%%%%
pp22–3). and Lulu Island and out
to sea. Ideally positioned
( Hilton Interna-
@ Le Royal Meridien
While all the rooms
for sightseeing, the small
swimming pool is a dis-
tional Abu Dhabi
Long a favourite of Abu
are beautifully appointed appointment. d Map N2 Dhabi’s expats for its
and have sublime views t,IBMJGB4Ut excellent restaurants and
of the Corniche and tXXXNJMMFOOJVNIPUFMT bars, holidaymakers love
Arabian Sea, the Royal DPNt%%%%% the hotel’s beautiful
Club rooms are worth the swimming pools and
extra dirhams for the
Hermès products alone. ^ Le Meridien
The rooms here are
Breakwater beach, lined
with shady palm trees,
d .BQ/t,IBMJGB4U very plush, with velvet and myriad water sports.
ttXXX upholstery and dark Rooms are spacious and
MFNFSJEJFODPNt%%%%% wood. The interactive TVs comfortable and come
and high-speed Internet with many little extras.
£ Shangri-La
Al Beri
Qaryat make this hotel ideal for
business travellers. The
The Shangri-La is a superb highlight, however, is the IJMUPODPNt%%%%
hotel with rooms over- Meridien Village, with 15
looking either the long
private beach, or one of
restaurants and bars set
in lush tropical gardens. ) Sheraton
Khalidiya Hotel
the swimming pools. It d .BQ1t5PVSJTU$MVC After a recent and long-
also has a spa, restaurants BSFBttXXX overdue refurbishment,
and a shopping centre. MFNFSJEJFODPNt%%%% the Sheraton Khalidiya
d 2BSZBU"M#FSJt now has plush, comfort-
t%%%%% & Sheraton Abu
Dhabi Resort
able rooms to rival the
city’s very best hotels.
& Towers The spacious suites have
$ Beach
Rotana There are good water and
leisure activities here and
separate living and dining
areas, all rooms have
While the well-appointed the beachside sheesha wireless Internet access,
rooms are comfortable spot is lovely. Eat at the and most have wonderful
and come with good excellent restaurants on views over the city and
facilities, the attraction at site. d .BQ/t$PSOJDIF out to sea. d .BQ1
this splendid hotel is the 3E&BTU 5PVSJTU$MVCBSFB t$PSOJDIF3E8FTU
white sand beach and ttXXX ,IBMJEJZBt
school. Dine at one of t%%%%% LIBMJEJZBt%%%%

116 Business travellers should ask hotels for corporate rates, which
are considerably less than rack rates.

Price Categories For a standard. a spa and vard shopping centre excellent business with excellent eateries and bars TFFQ . The pyramid building. Its Emirates and Ibn Battuta tower. pre-dinner drinks and canapés. Ski Dubai (see p32).IBMJGB tXXXSBGnFTDPNt%%%% canapés.BZFE3EOFBS%FGFODF City is ideal for those tXXXTIBOHSJMB 3PVOEBCPVUtt doing business here or DPNt%%%%% XXXSPUBOBDPNt%%%%% “Club” rooms come with extras such as use of the “Club Lounge”.BQ&t4IFJLI. the hotel’s architecture and Fountain.BQ$t4IFJLI. ) Al Murooj Rotana The well-equipped rooms are spacious and very & Shangri-La Known as the hotel Hotel & Suites This is a popular swanky. The hotel d . d .BQ%t+VTUPGG4IFJLI centre of Dubai Media t4IFJLI. . fitness become one of the city’s coming Thai hospitality.IBMJGB beach resorts. Facilities include evenings.BQ$ where Hollywood’s stars Mediterranean-style hotel. d . especially in the d . EVTJUDPNt%%%%% restaurants.BQ)t4IFJLI from the “Sawadee-ka” restaurants. which SBEJTTPOCMVDPNt%%%%% hotel’s attention to detail gels with the Wafi is evident in the stylish shopping complex. d . t%PXOUPXO#VSK. taxes DDDD AED 730–1100 and extra charges. d .BQ$ 3BTIJT3Et greeting to the Thai t%PXOUPXO#VSK. ^ Fairmont Conveniently located facilities.BQ$ d. Al Bahar is this luxurious vibrant. it offers a plush rooms ooze experience. include a spa. a stay here is a calm and tranquil style hotel.BQ$ swish alternative to the elegance and style. the Burj impeccable service. The spacious ttXXXUIF rooms cater well to the BEESFTTDPNt%%%%% @ Jumeirah business traveller. Fire % Dusit Dubai What sets the Dusit guestrooms while the outstanding facilities & Ice TFFQ . shopping Dubai Mall and Dubai £ Kempinski Hotel A contemporary city and sightseeing. has apart is its gentle wel. expats have taken a liking $ Radisson Blu Dubai Media City with a dramatic lobby. d . afternoon tea. Despite its proximity to the busy for business. centre and seven gourmet best. posh rooms and splendid to the many relaxed rest- aurants and cafés on site.BZFE3E  choose to stay – George Regular guests like the *OUFSDIBOHF "M#BSTIB Clooney and Matt Damon comfortable rooms and ttXXX did so when making the personable but prof- LFNQJOTLJDPNt%%%%% movie 4ZSJBOB – this is essional service.FEJB$JUZ impressive sweeping distinctive Egyptian-style ttXXX views of the city. d Map modern hotel still offers great views from the #t%VCBJ.BZFE ttXXXUIF is attached to Mall of the 3EttXXX QBMBDFEVCBJDPNt%%%%% Emirates’ indoor snow GBJSNPOUDPNt%%%% park. while one of Dubai’s swankiest. The hotel’s restaurant.BZFE offering. Mall of the to its neighbour.BZFE3Et . This smart hotel in the restaurants. but it’s Emirates Towers This elegant hotel’s lobby worth paying extra for Club Rooms. Adjoining the 3EttXXX three international hotel is the chic Boule. this elegant and enormous rooms have Mall are nearby. that come ( The Palace Adjoining the Souk is one of the city’s most with enticing perks. t4IFJLI. DDDDD Over AED 1100 Streetsmart Left Kempinski Hotel reception Right The Thai experience at Dusit Dubai Business & City Hotels: Dubai ! Raffles Dubai The Middle East’s for tourists looking for an alternative to the beach * The Address While its 63 storeys first Raffles combines experience – Dubai may pale in comparison warmth and luxury with Marina. D Under AED 365 double room per DD AED 365–550 night (with breakfast DDD AED 550–730 if included). 117 meeting rooms.

94 Al Maha Resort 27 Majlis Gallery shopping 92 Al Maha Rotana (Bastakiya) 13. 68 tours 55 Amzaan 37. 96 Al Areesh 43 Arabian attars & best bars 42–3 Al Bustan Rotana 113 perfumes 38 Deira 65 alcohol 105 Arabian Courtyard Hotel Jumeirah & New Al Diar Capital Hotel & Spa 114 Dubai 85 112 Arabic & Middle sheesha spots 43 Al Diar Mina 112 Eastern music 39 Sheikh Zayed Rd 77 118 . 8–9. 115 Abu Dhabi public beach Al Quoz art galleries 74 Automatic 94 90 Al Seef Rd Park 49 Awtar 40 Abu Dhabi Taxis 102. 62 Hemisphere Gallery 35 restaurants 93. 24–5 Ghaf Art Gallery 35 pubs 96 Al Jaber Gallery 39. 103 Al Tannour 41 Azza Fahmy Jewellery 37 accommodation tips 110 Al-Ahmadiya School 59 activities Allah-din Shoes 39 B children’s 48–9 Ally Pally Corner 96 B21 34 excursions 26–7. 12. Café & 7. Abu Dhabi Mall 36. 113 Abu Dhabi Golf Club by Al Murooj Rotana Hotel Art Space 34 Sheraton 51 & Suites 117 Asha’s 71 Abu Dhabi Heritage Al Nafoorah 40 Ashiana 63 Village 89 Al Orooba Oriental 39. The Palm 44. pubs & clubs Al Ain Palace Hotel 112 Arabian handicrafts 38 Abu Dhabi 95. 62 Aquaventure 48 Barasti 85 Al Ain 54 Arab Udupi 94 bars. 85 Ajmal 39. art galleries 34–5 49ers Pub 96 48. 85 116 Bar 44 43. 77. 34 Abu Dhabi Airport Bus Suites 112 The Third Line 34 102 Al Maktoum family 68 Total Arts at The Abu Dhabi Authority for Al Mamzar Beach Park 49 Courtyard 34 Culture and Heritage Al Maqtaa Fort & XVA Gallery. 70 Baniyas Square 60 The Address 117 Anantara Qasr Al Sarab banks & ATMS 104 The Agency 42. General Index 1897 Bar 42 Al Fahidi Fort (Dubai Art Dubai 35 360 Degrees Bar 85 Museum) 6. 103 Al Hakawati Café 43 Gallery One Fine Art Abu Dhabi 88–97 Al Hijaz Motel 111 Photographs 39 bars & clubs 95 Al Hosn Palace 7. 115 Atlantis. 92 Al Qibab Gallery 35 80. 54–5 Almaz by Momo 41. Abu Dhabi Corniche 89 Al Markaziyah Gardens 89 34. 67 Al Qibab Gallery 35 Index Al Fanar 95 Al Quoz art galleries 74 A Al Ghazal Golf Club 51 Art Space 34 Abra (water taxi) ride Al Ghurair City 62 B21 34 10. 44. 85 outdoor 50–51 Amalfi 93 Bait Al Wakeel 11. 70 Ashwaq Cafeteria 64 Abu Dhabi International Al Qasr Hotel (Madinat Assawan Spa 46 Airport 102 Jumeirah) 19. 84 Bab Al Shams Resort 27 indoor 52–3 Alpha 65 Bahri Bar 42. 24–5 Palace 91 Hotel (Bastakiya) 13.

67 Café Chic 63 Deira City Centre Bateaux Dubai 11 Café Havana 64 36. 26–7 Bella Donna 84 Casa Mia 64 dhow wharfs 60 belly dancing 27. 53 The Cellar 63. 85 Corniche (Abu Dhabi) 89 35. snooker & children’s activities 48–9 11. 115 D Dubai International Jazz Burj Khalifa 33. Gate) 73 79. 12–13. 75 119 .Basta Art Café business & shopping Deira (cont. 70 Champagne Bar 95 Dubai International Film Bur Dubai Waterfront 11 culture & tradition 30–31 Festival 19. 41 C shopping 62 Index Bastakiya 6. 16–17. 62 Festival 35 Burjuman Mall 36. 97 Dubai Festival City 33 71 Creekside 64 Dubai Fish Souq 21 shopping 70 Creekside Park 11. Bedouin feast 27 Captain’s Arms 96 Arabian Ranches Golf Bedouin jewellery 38 Carlton Tower Hotel 114 Club 51 Beijing 94 Carpet Souq 92 desert escapes (Abu Belgian Beer Café 65 carpets 38 Dhabi & Dubai) 7. 71 hours 107 cafés 64 Bastakiah Nights Butcher Shop & Grill 83 pubs. 69 pool 53 China Club 63 Dome 71. bars & clubs 65 Restaurant (Bastakiya) restaurants 63 13. 93 Colosseum 95 Dubai Creek Golf & bowling 52 Computer Plaza 70 Yacht Club 51.) (Bastakiya) 12. pubs 103 The Bombay 63 & clubs Dubai Creek 6. 84 Bin Zayed Mosque 68 Cin Cin’s 77 dress code 105 Blue Bar 77 Cleopatra’s Spa 46 driving in the UAE 106 Blue Elephant 63 climate 107 Dubai Aquarium 52 Bluefields 71 Club Joumana 51 Dubai Bus Service 102. 70 Deira 58–65 The Dubai Mall 36. 49 Dubai International Bur Dubai Covered Cristal Cigar & Airport 102 Souq 21. 53 budget tips 109 Cosmo 43 Dubai Desert Extreme Bur Dubai 66–71 credit cards 104 Skate Park 49 restaurants & cafés Creek Cruises 11. 65 dhows 10 Benjarong 76 Centro Yas Island 112 Dibba 55 Bidiya 54 Chandelier 84 Diwan/Ruler’s Court billiards. 73 Damas 37. 10–11 Bord Eau 41. 69. 35 Burj Nahar customs & duty-free Dubai International Watchtower 59 100. Boardwalk 64 clubs see bars. 60 Beach Rotana Hotel Camel Company 39 Deira Gold Souq 20 116 camel races 53 Deira Perfume Souq 20 beaches see parks. camel riding 27 Deira Spice Souq 20 gardens & beaches Candylicious 37 Delma Corner Café 25 Bedouin culture 9 Capitol Hotel 111 The Desert Course. 102 Financial Centre (The Burj Al Arab 6. 13. 60 Brauhaus 96 consulates 108 Dubai Desert Classic Buddha Bar 42. 39 cafés see restaurants Deira Covered beach resorts 44–5 & cafés Souq 21. 62 Bateel 37.

12. Hive 77 Centre 73 gardens & beaches Hoi An 41. 54–5 The Harvester’s Pub 48. 53 Encounter Zone 49 Hamdan St 92. excursions 26–7. 53 Fotouh Al Khair Centre 92 Heroes 96 Dubai Tourism & Four Points Sheraton 113 Hilton Baynunah 112 Commerce Four Seasons Al Badia Hilton Corniche Marketing 101 Golf Club 51 Residence 112 Dubai Tourism Info Fudo 84 Hilton Dubai Creek 114 Centre 101 Fujairah 54 Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Dubai Tourism Visitor 45 Information Bureaus G Hilton International 101 Gallery One Fine Art Abu Dhabi 116 Dubai World Cup 35. 103 Fire & Ice 41. 20–21 festivals and events 35 35 Dubai Sports City 51 Finz 84. 97 Dubai Marina Mall 82 Exchange Grill 76 Hanoi 94 Dubai Museum & Al exchange rates 104 Harry Ghatto’s 77 Fahidi Fort 6. 53 Photographs 39 Hiltonia Spa 47 Dubai World Trade gardens see parks. 76 Dubai Youth Hostel 111 Ghaf Art Gallery 35 Holiday Inn Express 111 Dubailand 33 Ghantoot Racing & homosexuality 107 Dubliners 65 Polo Club 97 horseriding 51 dune “bashing” 27 Givenchy Spa 46 hospitals 108 Dusit Dubai 117 Glasshouse hot air ballooning 50 Mediterranean Hotel Florida E Brasserie 63 International 111 Eau Zone 41 global designer brands hotels 111–17 Eden Spa & Health Club 39 beach resorts 44–5 47 Global Village 35 business & city electronics/digital Godolphin 74 hotels (Dubai) 117 products 39 gold 38 cheap accommodation Embassy 93. 67 96 Index Dubai Rugby Sevens 53 F Hatta 54 Dubai Shopping F1 Grand Prix 53 Hemingways 96 Festival 35 Fairmont 117 Hemisphere Gallery Dubai souqs 7. Grand Hyatt Dubai 114 luxury resorts (Abu 89. Dubai Marathon 35. 116 Green Art Gallery 34 Dhabi) 116 Emirates Palace Grosvenor House 115 mid-priced hotels Theatre 23 (Abu Dhabi) 113 Emirates Towers & H Howard Johnson Boulevard 36. 71 Heritage Village & Dubai Tennis fishing 50 Diving Village 67 Championships 35. 22–3. 8–9. 74 Habtoor Grand Resort Diplomat Hotel 112 Emporio Armani Caffé 84 & Spa 45 Hyatt Regency 114 120 . 93 Heritage House 59 Dubai Taxis 102. 95 Gold Souq 59 (Dubai) 111 emergencies 108 golf courses 51 inexpensive hotels Emirates Golf Club 51 Golfing 50 (Abu Dhabi) 112 Emirates News Agency Grand Continental luxury beach resorts (WAM) 101 Flamingo Hotel 112 (Dubai) 115 Emirates Palace 7.

92 Index ice-skating 52 Koubba 85 Marina Markets 81 Indego 83 KuBu 65 Marina Walk 82 India Palace 94 Marrakech (Shangri-La) indoor activities 52 L 40. 82 Naif Rd Souq. 115 Medzo 71 Iranian Souq 92 Le Royal Meridien 116 Mercato Mall 82 Irish Village 65 Lebanese Flower 94 Metro (Dubai) 103 Islam 15. Secret of the Lotus One 77 The Montgomerie 51 Desert 49 More Café 64 Jumeirah & New M mosques Dubai 78–85 M’s Beef Bistro 63 Bin Zayed Mosque bars & clubs 85 Madinat Jumeirah 7. 115 Jazz Bar 95 Long’s Bar 77 moments in history 31 Jumana. 79 Jumeirah Mosque 6. (Bastakiya) 13. 76 InterContinental Dubai La Moda 64 Marrakesh (Millennium Festival City 114 language 105 Hotel) 93 Inter-Emirate Bus Le Meridien 116 Masdar City 33 Service 103 Le Meridien Mina Maya 83 Internet access 104 Seyahi Resort 44. Deira 21 Karama “Souq” 21. 80 Magic Planet 48 Mumtaz Mahal 71 Jumeirah Centre Magrudy’s 62 Musandam Peninsula 82 La Maison d’Hôtes 55 Jumeirah Emirates 113 Mushrif Park 49 Towers 117 Majlis Gallery Jumeirah Mosque 6. 70 malls & souqs see National Bank of Kempinski Hotel 117 shopping Dubai 61 Khalidiyah Mall 92 Manhattan Grill 71 Neos 42 Khalifa Centre 39. Club Tour 74 Kan Zaman 43 81. 83 121 . 115 New Gold “Souq” 37. 95 Mezzanine 41 Lemongrass 71 Millennium Hotel 116 J Lime Tree Café 84 Mina A’Salam Hotel Jambase (Madinat Liwa 27. 34 N 14–15 Male Spa at The Nad Al Sheba Club 51 Pyramids 46 Nad Al Sheba Race K Mall of the Emirates 36. 105 Left Bank 43. restaurants 83 Madinat Theatre 14–15 shopping 82 (Madinat Jumeirah) 18 Sheikh Zayed Mosque Jumeirah Beach 79 Madinat Zayed 90 Jumeirah Beach Shopping Centre & motor racing 51 Hotel 44. 68 cafés 84 18–19. 82 Kite Beach 49 Shop 84 ice hockey 53 kite surfing 50 Marina Mall 36. movie-going 52 Jumeirah Beach 92 Mumbai Se 37 Park 49.I Khor Fakkan 55 Marhaba & Golden Ibis World Trade Centre Khor Kalba 54 Class Service 102 Hotel 111 Kiku 64 Maria Bonita’s Taco Ibn Battuta Mall 36. 92 Marco Polo Hotel 113 Nina 41. 44. 55 (Madinat Jumeirah) Jumeirah) 19 Liwa Centre 92 19.

Noodle House 76 R Sauce 37 Novotel Centre Hotel 112 Radisson Blu Dubai Sayad 93 Media City 117 scuba diving 50 O Radisson Blu Hotel 114 security & health 108 Oceans 95 Raffles Dubai 117 Sega Republic 48–9 Index Olive House 76 Ramee Hotel Senso 47 One&Only Royal Mirage Apartments 111 Shabestan 40 44. 105 parking 106 Dubai 83. Open Sanctuary 75 Shakespeare’s 43 Minds Tour (Jumeirah Reef Mall 62 Shamyat 94 Mosque) 15. 115 90 Peppercrab 41. 115 Ras Al Khor Wildlife Shahrzad 40 Open Doors. 85 bars & clubs 77 photography & video rock climbing 52 restaurants & 107 Royal Orchid 94 cafés 76 Pierchic 83 Ruler’s Court/Diwan Sheraton Abu Dhabi Pink Sushi designs 38 11. 105 Reflets par Pierre Shangri-La 117 Orient Guest House 113 Gagnaire 41. gardens Middle Eastern 40–41 House 68 & beaches 49 Sheikh Zayed Rd 76 Sheikh Saeed Al- Pars Palace 94 Rihab Rotana Maktoum House 67 passports & visas 100 Suites 113 Sheikh Zayed Mosque Pearls & Caviar 95 Ritz Carlton 45. 65 Satwa “Souq” 21 Fee 40. 83 Quad biking 27 Satwa 70 shooting 52 122 . 62 rush hour 106 Sheraton Dubai post offices 104 Russian Beach 49 Creek 114 powerboat racing 53 Rydges Plaza 113 Sheraton Khalidiya Praias 70 Hotel 116 Prego’s 93 S Shindagha (Waterfront Pride of Kashmir 39. 63 Shangri-La Qaryat Al Oscar’s 77 Regal Plaza Hotel 113 Beri 116 Ottomans 83 Regent Palace Hotel 113 Shang Palace 93 outdoor activities 50–51 Regent’s Pub 96 Sharjah 54 religious festivals 105 Sheesha Courtyard 43 P Residence Deira by sheesha bars 43 P J O’Reilly’s 96 Le Meridien 111 Sheikh Juma Al- Pacific Hotel 111 restaurants & cafés Maktoum House 68 The Palace 117 Abu Dhabi 93. 84 Sheikh Obaid bin Thani parks. 94 Sheikh Mohamed The Palm Jumeirah 32 Bur Dubai 71 Centre for Cultural Paris Gallery 37. 69 Resort & Towers 116 Plug-ins 37. 80 couriers 104 sailing 50 Sho Cho’s 42. 91 shipping & & clubs Safa Park 49. 64 Understanding Park Hyatt Dubai 114 Jumeirah & New (Bastakiya) 12. 62 Saadiyat Island Heritage) 10 pubs see bars. pubs 33. 85 Q Sardinia 93 Shoo Fee Ma QDs 43. 71 Riviera Hotel 114 Sheikh Zayed Road pharmacies 108 Rock Bottom Café 96 72–7 phone cards 104 The Rooftop 42. 62 Deira 63.

53 Zinc 77 123 . 69. 95 Souq Madinat UAE Desert Challenge Zheng He’s 41. 70 Textile Souq. Bur Dubai women travellers 107 Carpet Souq 92 21 Women’s Handicraft Deira Covered Thai Chi 71 Centre 90 Souq 21. Deira 21 transport 33. Art 43 Villa Moda 37 & Frames 39 spectator sports and Vista Lounge 65 Sir Bani Yas Island 32 events 53 Vu’s 76. Bur Index New Dubai 82 Dubai 21 V malls & souqs 20–21. souvenirs 39 Vasco’s 93 36–7 spas 46–7 Verre 41. One & Only Westin Mina Seyahi 45. 63 things to buy 38–9 Special Sheesha Café The Village Mall 82 Showcase Antiques. 113 Iranian Souq 92 Total Arts at The Karama “Souq” 21. 82 Talise Spa (Madinat Wharf Walk 11 Souq Madinat Jumeirah Jumeirah) 19. 48. 79 souqs 20–21 see taxes 107 Willow Stream Spa 46 also shopping Teatro 76 wind surfing 50 Bur Dubai Covered The Terrace 43. 77 Ski Dubai Snow Park Spectrum on One 76 32. 82 35. 60 Thai Kitchen 64 The World 32 Deira Gold Souq 20 The Third Line 34 Deira Perfume Souq 20 Times Square Center X Deira Spice Souq 20 82 XVA Gallery. 85 (Bastakiya) 13 smoking 107 Stargate 48 Wafi Gourmet 70 snow sports 52 Sun and Sand Hotel 111 wakeboarding 51 Soba 94 walking 103 Softouch Spa 46 T Watchtower 59 Souk Al Bahar 37 Tagine. 46 Wild Wadi Water Plaza 43 Tang 83 Park 48. 65 windtowers 12. Gold Souq 59 Toscana 84 34.) UAE Football 53 Abu Dhabi 92 Souq Madinat UAE Interact 101 Bur Dubai 70 Jumeirah Plaza 43 Umm Suqeim Beach 49 Deira 62 Spice Souq 60 Up On the Tenth 65 Jumeirah & Textile Souq. Trader Vic’s 95 YUM! 64 92 Traiteur 63 Naif Rd Souq. 73 Souk Al Bahar 37. Café & Dubai Fish Souq 21 Tokyo@thetowers 76 Hotel (Bastakiya) souqs (cont. Souq Madinat Jumeirah Royal Mirage 40. 83 Jumeirah 18. 70 Courtyard 34 tours 55 Y Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre & Town Centre 82 Yas Island 90 New Gold “Souq” 37. 103 Z Satwa “Souq” 21 Za’abeel Park 49. 83 115 18. 13 Souq 21. 80 Spice Souq 60 W Skyview Bar (Burj Al Stamp & Coin Museum Wafi City 70 Arab) 17. 74 U Zari Zardosi 43.

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. Phrase Book In an Emergency Making a Telephone Call Help! Enjedooni Hello Aloo Stop Wak-kaf I’d like to speak to… Areed akal-lim … Can you Momkin tatlob This is… Ana … call a doctor? tabeeb? I’ll call back later Raa’h at-tasel ba’adeen Phrase Book Can you call an Momkin tatlob Please say … Khab-birho an-na … ambulance? el es’aaf? called et-tasal Can you call the Momkin tatlob police? el shorta? In a Hotel Can you call the Momkin tatlob hotel fondok fire brigade? el etfaa? Do you have a room? Ladaykom ‘hojra? Where is the nearest Wayn agrab I have a reservation Endi ‘hajz hospital? mostashfa? With bathroom Bee ‘ham-maam Is there a telephone Ako telefoon single room ‘hojra fardiy-ya here? huna? double room ‘hojra le etneen porter natoor Useful Words and Phrases shower dosh Yes Na-am key meftaa’h No Laa Hello Salaam alaikum Sightseeing Goodbye Ma’aa al salaama art gallery ma’arad luw’haat See you later Ela al lekaa faney-ya Excuse me ‘Afwan beach shaate’e Sorry (said by man) Aasif bus station muwgaf el baahs Sorry (said by woman) Aasifa district mentakaa Thank you Shakereen entrance madkhal Please Luw tasma`h exit makhraj garden ‘hadeeka Peace be upon you Al salaam ‘alaikum guide morshid Peace be upon you Alaikum al salaam guided tour morshid al juwla (as response) map khaarta Good morning Sabaa`h al khayr mosque jaame’a Good evening Masaa-o al khayr museum mut’haf Good night Tosbihoona ala khayr park motanaz-zah Pleased to meet you Ya ahleen river naher How are you? Keef al ‘haal? taxi taksi I’m fine Zeen ticket tathkara tourist office maktab seyaa’hi I don’t understand Ma afham Please put the (taxi) Luw tasma’h.. this means that you pronounce the letter after it with a little puff of air.? table for…? Shopping I would like to reserve Areed a’hjiz taawila How much is it? Kam floos? a table I’d like… Areed Can I have the bill please? Al ‘hesaab luw tasma’h This one Haaza I am vegetarian Ana nabaati Do you accept Hal takbaloon credit cards? kredit kaard? God willing Inshaal-la That’s too much Haaza waayed No problem Maafi moshkila I’ll give you… Ana raa’h a’ateek .. daw-war What did he say? Shenu kaal? meter on al ‘ad-daad Do you speak English? Ta’hki enkleezi? How much is it to…? Kam raah tekal-lafni Does anyone speak Aku ‘hada ye’hkee ela .? English? enkleezi? Please take me to Khothni ela (this address) (haaza al ‘onwaan) Have you got a Aku taawila hug . .... I’ll take it Raa’h aakhdoh big kabeer market sook small sageer expensive ghaali hot ‘haar cheap rakhees cold baarid chemist’s saydalaani bad say-ye’e good tay-yeb Menu Decoder open maftoo’h ‘aish rice closed mesak-kar ‘aseer fruit juice on the right ‘ala al yameen bedoon without on the left ‘ala al yasaar bee with near kareeb beera beer far ba’eed beez egg men’s toilet twalet hug al rejaal beez maslook hard-boiled egg ladies’ toilet twalet hug al ‘hareem beriaani al dajaaj chicken biryani a little kaleel beriaani al lahem meat biryani a lot waajed beriaani al robiaan shrimp biryani 126 When you see an ‘ in the Arabic.

meat. 40 arbe’een dried lemon and saffron 50 khamseen kabsat dajaaj dish of rice. chicken. meat/chicken. 80 thamaneen dry lemon and saffron 90 tes’een kereem cream 100 me-aa khal vinegar made from 1000 alf molasses khamr wine Time khoboz bread Today el yoom khoboz jabaab large spiced pancakes yesterday el bariha with cardamom tomorrow baaker khoboz shaami pita bread morning sabaa’h khoboz tost toast afternoon zaheera kofta grilled meatballs evening masaa koozi lamb night lail koskos plain couscous now al ‘heen maglee fried tonight el laila malh salt marag spiced meat/chicken stock minute dageega marag dajaaj chicken stock hour sa’aa marag lahem beef stock week osboo’a mashroob ghaazi soft drink month shahr mashwi grilled year ‘aam mashwi ala el fa`hm barbecued over coal masloog boiled Days of the Week mohal-li senaa-ee sweetener Monday al ethneen moham-mas toasted Tuesday al thulathaa nabeez wine Wednesday al arbe’a neskafee coffee Thursday al khamees orz rice Friday al jomo’aa orz bil zafaraan rice with saffron Saturday al sabet robyaan large grilled shrimp Sunday al a’had shai tea shawirma doner kebab Months suk-kar sugar January yanaayer sulsa tomato purée cooked February febraayer in stock March maaris tahye motawas-sit medium April abreel tshaaw meen dajaaj chicken chowmein May maayo tshaaw meen lahem beef chowmein June yonyo tshaaw meen samak seafood chowmein July yolyo tshoop sooy chop suey August agostos wajba khafeefa snack September sebtamber zaatar thyme October oktoobar zangabeel ginger powder November noovambir zobod butter December deesambir 127 . 60 sit-teen dry lemon and saffron 70 sab’een kabsat lahem dish of rice.beriaani samak fish biryani (with bones) Numbers bolti spiced tilapia (fish) grilled 1 waa’hid and served whole 2 etneen da-en mutton 3 thalaatha dajaaj chicken 4 arba’aa faakiha fruit 5 khamsa falaafel vegetarian burger made 6 sit-ta Phrase Book with chickpeas 7 saba’a fee al forn roasted 8 thamaaneya fulful white pepper 9 tes’aa fulful aswad black pepper 10 ‘ashra gabgab steamed crab 11 ‘hedaash guhwa bitter Arabic coffee 12 etnaash haleeb milk 13 talat-taash halwa Turkish delight with 14 arba’-taash cardamom 15 khamastaash ham-moor local fish that tastes like 16 sit-taash snapper 17 saba’ataash ham-moor magli deep-fried hammoor 18 tamantaash harees gruel cooked in beef stock 19 tesa’ataash heel cardamom 20 eshreen holo sweet 21 waa’hid wa eshreen kabaab kebab 30 thalatheen kabsa dish of rice.

Selected Street Index Dubai Al Seef Road K2 Al Ittihad Square P3 Al Urouba Street B4 Al Karamah Street Q3 Abu Baker Al Wasl Road B5 As Salam Street P1 Al-Siddiq Road M4 Baniyas Road K2 Bainunah Street P6 Selected Street Index Airport Road L5 Baniyas Square L2 Baniyas Street Q2 Al Adhid Road F5 Baraha Street M2 Corniche Road (West) P4 Al Athar Road A4 Burj Nahar Corniche Road (East) N2 Al Dhiyafa Road E5 Roundabout M2 East Road Q2 Al Dhiyafa Clock Tower Hazaa Bin Zayed Street Q2 Roundabout E4 Roundabout L4 Khalid Bin Al Fahidi Roundabout K2 Defence Roundabout C6 Al Waleed Street P3 Al Fahidi Street J3 Doha Road C6 Khalidiyah Street P5 Al Garhoud Road L5 Fish Roundabout L3 Khalifa Bin Al Ghubaiba Stoud Jumeirah Beach Road C4 Shakhbut Street Q4 Metha Road J1 Khalid Bin Khubeirah Street P5 Al Hadiqa Street A5 Al Waleed Road J3 King Khalid Bin Al Hudaiba Road E4 Mankhool Road F4 Abdel Aziz Street Q4 Al Ittihad Road L4 Omar Bin Liwa Street P3 Al Jazeiba Street L3 Al Khattab Road M2 Lulu Street P2 Al Khaleej Road L1 Oud Metha Road J4 Port Road N1 Al Khor Street K1 Salahuddin Road M3 Sheikh Hamdan Bin Al Maktoum Sheikh Zayed Road E5 Mohammad Street P2 Hospital Road L2 Sikkat Al Khail Street K1 Sheikh Khalifa Bin Al Maktoum Road L3 Trade Centre Road F5 Zayed Street P2 Al Mateena Street M3 Umm Hurair Road J4 Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Mina Road F4 Umm Hurair Al Maktoum Street Q3 Al Muraqqabat Road L3 Roundabout J3 Stiglal Street N3 Al Mussallah Road L2 Union Square L3 Sudan Street Q3 Al Nakhal Road L2 Za´Abeel Road J4 Sultan Bin Al Qataiyat Road H6 Zayed Street Q5 Al Rasheed Road M2 Abu Dhabi Taarig Bin Al Rigga Road L3 Ziyad Street P3 Al Riyadh Street J6 Al Falah Street Q2 Tourist Club Street P1 Al Rollard J2 Al Nasr Street P3 Umm Al Nar Street P2 Al Sabkha Road L1 Al Ferdous Street P1 Zayed the Al Safa Street C5 Al Khaleej Second Street P2 Al Satwa Road E5 Al Arabi Road Q4 Zayed the Al Satwa Roundabout E5 Al Manhal Street Q3 First Street P4 128 .

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