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Official Visitors’ Guide

Dear Visitor,
Whether you are making your first of three championship-standard golf
trip to Abu Dhabi, or are on a return courses in Abu Dhabi, or enjoy the
visit, I hope you find in this guide a five-star facilities of the emirate’s
host of experiences to engage and numerous pristine beachfront
entertain you. and dazzling desert resorts. This
is a destination that will intrigue,
Abu Dhabi’s tourism offering, which captivate and entice you to return
is intertwined with our rich culture again and again. Throughout the
and heritage and an increasingly emirate, we are working to preserve
flourishing local and regional arts and maintain our cherished desert
scene, is constantly being refined and and seafaring traditions and unique
expanded and all with the underlying environment, while at the same
theme of delivering experiences which time looking to engage and nurture
enrich the lives of our residents and a greater understanding of other
valued visitors alike. cultures well beyond our shores. So
We in Abu Dhabi have been blessed you will discover a host of cultural
with a geographic diversity that allows activities, from museums charting our
us to introduce you to a destination of forefathers’ rich history, to modern art
true distinction. Whether exploring exhibitions, and world-class sporting
our many natural islands, visiting the and gourmet events. You can kayak
Arabian Wildlife Park in Sir Bani Yas through abundant mangrove forests,
Island in our Al Gharbia (Western) experience the popular desert sport of
region, relaxing under the stars of a falconry, and visit a centre dedicated to
desert safari, shopping in modern, air- the Saluki - the Arabian hunting dog.
conditioned malls or bargaining for Whatever the purpose of your visit, I
handicrafts in our traditional souks, believe we have much to enhance it
you will discover a destination where and I am confident that wherever you
hospitality and respect abound. You go in the emirate you will experience
can experience the architectural the traditional hospitality that
prowess of the Sheikh Zayed Grand ensures that throughout Abu Dhabi,
Mosque, enjoy the peace and travellers are truly welcome.
tranquillity of a stroll through Al Ain’s
cooling oases, or marvel at the history
of an emirate dotted with ancients
forts and historic sites – several of
which have been listed as official Mubarak Al Muhairi
UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Director General
Abu Dhabi is a genuine leisure haven Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority
and you can take to the lush fairways


OVERVIEW 1 Discover a Destination Apart 4 Ruling Family 5 Facts & Figures 8 Climate 9 Culture & Lifestyle 12 Getting Around 13 Useful Phrases 19 Money 20 Essential Info 21 Exploring Abu Dhabi 25 ABU DHABI 29 Abu Dhabi City Attractions 31 Abu Dhabi Experiences 35 Heritage 42 The Islands 46 Family 51 Sports & Recreation 55 Shopping 68 A Day Out in Abu Dhabi 79 AL AIN 83 Al Ain Attractions 85 Parks & Gardens 89 Heritage 89 Sports & Recreation 92 Al Ain Shopping Malls 93 A Day Out in Al Ain 96 AL GHARBIA 99 Al Gharbia Attractions 101 Heritage 105 Sports & Recreation 105 A Day Out in Al Gharbia 107 ABU DHABI EVENTS 109 FOREIGN EMBASSIES IN UAE 117 INDEX 119 .


engaging attractions and idyllic touches of luxury. The emirate abounds with compelling heritage sites. WHERE & WHY OVERVIEW OUR WAYFARER GUIDE A true destination of distinction. . Abu Dhabi is developing at a significant rate while keeping a watchful eye on its intriguing past.THE WHAT.


His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. a few coral buildings and the Ruler´s fort. Abu Dhabi Emirate was little more than an empty. desert inhabited by nomadic tribes. Oil and gas revenue was wisely invested and led to a complete turnaround in Abu Dhabi´s fortunes. The economy was based around pearl diving. Meaning ´Father of the Gazelle´ in Arabic. the emirate prospered and developed. This simple island settlement has since been transformed into the modern. 4 . fishing and date palm cultivation. Abu Dhabi was founded when a young antelope led a wandering tribe to fresh water. albeit beautiful. The discovery of oil in 1958 brought radical change to the emirate and its population. cosmopolitan city of Abu Dhabi and the highrise capital of the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to this new found wealth and the strong leadership of the late UAE President and Ruler of Abu Dhabi.DISCOVER A DESTINATION APART A relatively short time ago. on an island with no more than 300 palm (´barasti´) huts. with a sprinkling of villages around the more fertile oasis areas. with an infrastructure built virtually from scratch.

tranquil oases. desert retreats and business centre hotels. 5 . It also certifies and trains tourist guides to deliver memorable and informative guest experiences. with the emirate targeting 2. Abu Dhabi is working hard to reduce its reliance on hydrocarbons and to broaden the emirate´s economy. regulated and promoted by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) which operates a world-class hotel and hotel apartment classification system that ensures visitors´ accommodation expectations are met. many of which continue today. a gourmet food festival and a summer-long family carnival. The emirate´s tourism industry is managed. RULING FAMILY The Al Nahyan family has ruled Abu Dhabi since 1793 and has transformed the desert sheikhdom into a modern society. Abu Dhabi´s attractions are equally diverse. a desert rally. Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. modern cityscapes. transport. one of the world´s largest mosques. camel trekking and Arabia´s famed hospitality. The Ruler of Abu Dhabi is His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Enquiries about ADTA´s services and events can be made by calling toll free 800-555 in the United Arab Emirates. It is also preserving and leveraging its rich cultural heritage so that visitors can share in a centuries-old history and its traditions. forts. and awe-inspiring deserts. Growth While recognising the success of the oil sector. which maintains respect for its rootsandpreservesitsnaturalandcultural heritage. tourism. Investment in infrastructure. renovated oases. Sheikh Khalifa is ably supported by his brother. Visitors can tour former palaces. Tourism is playing an integral role in this economic transition. desert camps and experience falconry. Abu Dhabi also hosts many major international events. a PGA golf tournament. These range from an international aerobatics show.5 million hotel guests per year by the end of 2012. Abu Dhabi offers a diversity of visitor experiences. Major new attractions are being progressed along with luxury resorts. health and education is ongoing and in line with the government´s 2030 urban plan. UNESCO World Heritage Sites. more than 400 kilometres of pristine coastline. Tourism With over 200 natural islands. who is also the current UAE President. mountain-like heights. with a significant number being initiated and organised by ADTA. rocky. his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.



1. 10am in Johannesburg. the other 80% are expatriates from Asia. Hence. Shops and visitor attractions are open on both days.30pm in New Delhi. re-opening an hour or two after sunset. Australia.00 midday in Abu Dhabi.6 million. Local Time The UAE is four hours ahead of UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time -formerly known as GMT) and there is no daylight saving. Ramadan Hours During the holy month of Ramadan-shops often change their hours by closing during the day. The Islamic holy day is Friday and most organisations operate a Friday / Saturday weekend. Europe and North America. 8am in London. government departments. emirati citizens make up nearly 20% of the total population. The emirate´s population. now over 1. and 6pm in Sydney (not allowing for any summer time saving in those countries). Across the UAE. Food outlets and restaurants generally remain closed or offer takeaway services only during the day and then open up for Iftar after sunset. the emirate is emerging as a global cultural hub. Social & Business Hours Generally speaking. when it is 12. it is 3am in New York. Embassies and consulates may designate specific times of day for processing certain requests (such as passport applications) so always call before you visit. and staying open later at night. is expected to reach 3 million by 2030. though usually towards the end of the day or in the early evening on Fridays.FACTS & FIGURES With respect for its own culture and that of others underpinning Abu Dhabi´s character. Population Abu Dhabi is the largest and most populated of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. embassies and consulates work from 8am to 4pm. 8 . Africa. with over 80% of its landmass.

sand fox and desert hare. in most of the emirate. but Climate sightings of both are extremely rare. Rainfall is sporadic. to a high of around migrating between Central Asia and 42°C (118°F) on a summer´s day. as well March) and averaging 12 cm per year as gerbils. Indigenous near perfect winter temperatures. The emirate is home Throughout Abu Dhabi emirate. falling Other desert life includes the sand mainly in winter (November to cat. palm trees and flowers lining indigenous flora. The date palm is the Roadsides are incredibly lush. coral. Sunny blue skies and high you will see are camels and goats temperatures can be expected most of (often roaming close to the roads). due due in part to the emirate´s increasing to its proximity to the Hajar lushness. seas of green. cooler months. Within Abu Dhabi city. Flora & Fauna Four or five of the world´s seven turtle For an emirate with such an arid species are indigenous. hedgehogs and geckos. the emirate´s second largest city. fauna includes the highly endangered Arabian leopard and the ibex. there are more than 20 manicured Heading towards the mountains. November to April. The East Africa. Temperatures range from parks in spring and autumn. Abu Dhabi has a sub-tropical. especially in the oases. arid Realistically. local to about 3. Abu Dhabi hawksbill and leatherback. the only large animals climate. flora and fauna. This is most apparent in the mountains. CLIMATE This is a destination with almost year make the terrain feel more like round sunshine. dolphins. whales and seven dolphin species have been recorded in UAE waters. coastal waters being home to tropical when temperatures are around 24°C fish. topped acacia trees and wild grasses 9 . flat. providing wonderful main streets.500 native plants despite municipalities have established its high soil salinity and harsh extensive ´greening´ programmes. Rain is more Recent studies have shown that the common in the Oasis City of Al Ain. environment.public parks. the year. as the a low of around 13°C (50°F) on a emirate lies on the route for birds winter´s night. number of bird species is increasing. little rainfall and savannah than desert. Eight species of at night. the dugong (sea (75°F) during the day and 13°C (56°F) cow) and turtles. Marine life is also abundant with are the most pleasant time to visit. with most widely cultivated of the grass. including the climate and little rainfall. but can be seen offshore. All are has surprisingly diverse indigenous endangered.



a Muslim is practise their own religion and the required to pray (facing Makkah) five dress code is liberal. Foreigners are free to to Makkah. intriguing mix of new and old. Prayer. Religion Culture Islam is the official religion of the Abu Dhabi´s culture is firmly rooted UAE. and is widely practised. Islam is basis of Islam is the belief that there is more than a religion. Women are able times a day. The Tours run at different restaurant menus are in both times during the week. when the Among the most highly prized virtues modern day call to prayer is are courtesy and 12 . his messenger. and transmitted through loudspeakers on visitors are sure to be charmed by the mosque minarets. so long as they do and traditional dhow sailing.CULTURE & LIFESTYLE The combination of international pronounce.szgmc. of the spectacular Sheikh Zayed although English is widely spoken Grand Mosque. commitment to tolerance and Charity. and the Pilgrimage hospitality. Arabic isn´t Visit: www. The in Arabia´s Islamic traditions. but if you can throw in a influences and a strong commitment couple of Arabic words here and there to local heritage has created an they will be warmly received. languages. The UAE Constitution provides for Despite the speed of economic freedom of religion in accordance development over the last 30 years. Fasting. camel racing religious beliefs. The further out of town you go. or to email: tour@szgmc. to the position of the sun. not interfere with Islam. Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi continues to promote is tolerant of other religions with traditional cultural and sporting people being free to practise their events. genuine friendliness of the people. such as falconry. both written and spoken. The Islamic holy day is The UAE´s culture and heritage is Friday and there are five pillars of inextricably linked to its religion. Non- Muslims can get an insight into Islam Language through complimentary guided tours Arabic is the official language. For more information. and Islam. Additionally. it is a way of life only one God and the Prophet that governs everyday events from Mohammed (peace be upon him) is what to wear to what to eat and drink. which all Muslims must follow: it is a shining example of Islam´s true the Profession of Faith. The times vary according to drive and walk around unescorted. one of the world´s and most road and shop signs and largest. the more Arabic you will the easiest language to pick up. with established customs.

no live music or dancing is allowed (so nightclubs tend to close for the entire month) AROUND and cinemas limit daytime screenings. People often rely on landmarks to give directions. Sheikh this is the kandura -a white full length Zayed and Mussafah. drinking or smoking in public women. This is secured Muslims commemorate the revelation with a black cord (agal). wearing a leather veil places during daylight hours. flowing fabric with festive Ramadan tents are filled to the intricate embroidery and beadwork brim each evening with people of all along the wrists and hemline. friends. to do so could upset people or lead to cheekbones and lips. an official complaint. the sale of alcohol is restricted to after dusk. of getting around. which covers the nose. to rent a vehicle. which is worn with New York style grid road system. brow. loose black robe (abaya) the fast is broken with the Iftar feast. gold-trimmed robe abstain from all food. important businessmen may also It´s a time of fasting and Muslims wear a thin. which is characterised by gifts to navigate. women between dawn and dusk. year following the Islamic lunar Headwear varies with some women calendar. wear a long. For men. Non-Muslims are wearing a thin black veil covering respectfully required to refrain from their face and others. Failure (burka). Cheap taxis. National Dress Abu Dhabi city is linked to the UAE nationals usually wear mainland by four bridges -Al traditional dress in public. and it has a shirt-like garment. a well planned road Ramadan ends with a three-day system and plenty of sidewalk space celebration and holiday called Eid Al make Abu Dhabi easy and pleasant Fitr. that covers their normal clothes. At sunset. drink. Sheikh Khalifa. The abaya is all daily newspapers. smoking (bisht) over their kandura at and unclean thoughts (or activities) important events. 13 . often of very sheer. Due to the relative ease being given amongst families. The dates of Ramadan change each particularly among the young. a white or red checkered headdress. plus the timings of which are published in a headscarf (sheyla). and a statement of individuality. Sheylas nationalities and religions enjoying are also becoming more elaborate traditional Arabic mezze and sweets. Sheikhs and of the Holy Quran (Islam´s holy book). All over the city. Maqtaa. visitors may opt neighbours and charities. In addition. In public. During Ramadan. while shops and parks usually open and close GETTING later. Ramadan Ramadan is the holy month in which known as a ghutra. generally older eating.



and increase by an additional AED 1 for every 750 metres. It´s worth ringing around for rates. Many taxi drivers do not speak fluent English.60 and increasing by AED 1. although usually the most competitive rates can be found online. and are not always familiar with street names. Night fares are slightly more. many companies offer daily rates and there are booths at the airport and most of the major hotels. maintenance. All taxi companies service the airport in addition to specially registered airport taxis.20 per 750 metres. or by their silver livery and yellow roof sign. 24- hour assistance and insurance (comprehensive insurance with personal accident cover is advisable). All services are provided inclusive of registration. AED 8 for cabs booked by phone. replacement. The journey into town from the airport costs AED 70 -80 (approx US$30).Taxis Taxis are reasonably priced and plentiful and can be flagged down at the roadside or booked by phone through companies such as Al Ghazal and the National Transport Company (NTC). Street taxis are easily recognised either by their white and gold livery with a green roof sign. If you have a residence visa. To hire any vehicle you will need a passport copy. starting at AED 3. Taxi Service Abu Dhabi Al Ain Al Arabia Taxi +971 2 558 8099 +971 3 7211011 Cars Taxi +971 2 551 6164 +971 3 7228927 National Taxi +971 2 555 2212 - National Transport +971 2 622 3300 - Company (NTC) Trans +971 2 417 3888 - Car Rental You will find all major car rental companies in Abu Dhabi. It´s also helpful to take the phone number of your destination with you in case you get lost. plus a few extra. more reputable firms generally have more reliable vehicles and a greater capacity to help in an emergency (an important factor when handling the trying times following an accident). Daytime (6am -10pm) metered fares in the city start at AED 3 for flagged cabs. or a valid international driving licence. and it´s worth remembering that the larger. credit card and a valid driving licence from your home country. For short-term rental. A tip is not expected but always welcome. you will need to have a valid UAE driving licence. 16 . so it helps to know exactly where you are going. and numerous shops dotted throughout the city.

fastuae. Mawaqif – Paid Parking System The paid parking system in Abu Dhabi city is enforced round the Hertz Rent A Car +971 2 672 0060 www. In standard spaces. can be fined from AED 200 -AED Avis Rent A Car +971 2 621 5400 FAST Rent A Car (Al Ain) +971 3 766 7330 www.allorent. vehicles can park for up to four hours at AED 3 per Budget Rent A Car +971 2 443 8430 www.273).com Dollar Rent A Car +971 2 641 9002 National Car Rental +971 2 800 3130 www. indicated by turquoise and white or blue and black FAST Rent A Car +971 2 632 4000 ALLO Rent +971 2 575 7232 Emco Rent A Car +971 2 633 8933 Europcar +971 2 626 1441 www. At premium parking lots on main streets.europcar-uae.000 (US$54 .budget. which helps organise parking and prevent illegal parking. excluding Fridays and public holidays. Parking meters set time limits for use of public parking 17 .com Thrifty Car Rental +971 2 676 7649 Al Ain Avis Rent A Car (Al Ain) +971 3 766 7330 www. Drivers who park outside the designated spaces.thrifty. CAR HIRE COMPANIES Abu Dhabi Al Ghazal Transport Co +971 2 634 2200 Diamond Lease +971 2 622 2028 www. the rate is AED 2 per hour for a maximum of 24 hours.national-me.hertzuae.


thanks Ana bekhair. shokran And you? Wa ant? Thank you (very much)! Shukran (jazeelan) You´re welcome! (for thank you) Afwan Good night Tosbeho ala khair Goodbye Maía salama Asking for Help and Directions I´m lost Adaítu tareeqi Can you help me? Momkin mosaíadati? Straight/left/ right Ala tool/yisar/yameen How much is this? B kam hatha? (th as in bath) Excuse me. USEFUL PHRASES Greetings Hi Salam Good morning Sabah el kheer Good evening Masaa el kheer Welcome! (to greet someone) Marhaba How are you? Kaifa alhal I´m fine.! (to ask for something or to pass by) Law samaht 19 ...

If you´re shopping in the souks (markets) or in smaller shops. Money Exchanges Bureau de Changes are all over Abu Dhabi and offer rates often better than the banks. strictly controlled by the UAE Central Bank. offers a full range of commercial and personal services. 20 . Most ATMs.MONEY Local Currency The UAE´s monetary unit is the dirham (AED). Banks A well structured and expansive network of local and international banks. although credit and debitcardsarewidelyaccepted. which accept a range of cards. are part of a central network so you can transact with a bank card for a nominal charge. ATMs Most banks operate ATMs. although linked to a specific bank. ATMs can be found in all shopping malls. most petrol stations and the airport. They are usually open Saturday to Thursday. Money Cash is still the UAE´s preferred payment method. the exchange rates used in transactions are normally competitive and the process is faster and far less hassle than using traditional travellers´ cheques. You´ll find them in all major malls and popular shopping districts. Cirrus. Global Access. and often the only option. MasterCard. Common systems accepted around Abu Dhabi include American Express. which is divided into 100 fils. Many hotels will also exchange money and travellers´ cheques at standard (non-competitive) rates. cash is the best. major supermarkets. Personal cheques can be a bit trickier and many places won´t accept them. Plus System and VISA.30pm.a passport is required.1pm and 4. banks and hotels . Banking hours are generally Saturday to Thursday.30pm to 8. Foreign currencies and travellers´ cheques can be exchanged in licensed exchange offices. and on Friday evenings. Transfers can be made easily as there is no exchange control and the dirham is freely convertible. from 8am . 8am -1pm (some banks also keep later hours). For international cards.

call them at any time if you face any unwanted attention. In case of a minor incident. an ambulance or the fire department. 21 . move your car to the side of the road. If you are involved in a traffic accident. Abu Dhabi Police operates a dedicated Tourism Police section which will advise and guide you on a range of matters. you will automatically betakentoSheikhKhalifaMedicalCity. In a medical emergency. Abu Dhabi´s Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (+971 2 610 2000) and Al Noor Hospital (+971 2 626 5265) both have Accident and Emergency units. ESSENTIAL INFO Abu Dhabi´s virtually crime free environment and well organised emergency services will bring you peace of mind and a relaxing stay. as it has the best A&E treatment facilities Women Women should face no problems while travelling in the UAE. In Emergency The emergency phone number for Abu Dhabi Police is 999. as there are fines for obstructing traffic. it´s important to contact the police immediately. particularly in outlying areas where people tend to be more conservative. The police are helpful and respectful. this is the number to call. You cannot file an insurance claim without a police report. It is courteous to dress with a little modesty. For other enquiries. You can contact them on +971 2 699 9999. Whether you need police assistance. If you are injured in a traffic accident.


23 .

Abu Dhabi is a safe and entertaining place for children of all ages. There are
plenty of parks, some great sandy beaches, and kids´ zones and créche
facilities in all major shopping malls.
The majority of hotels cater well for children and offer everything from
babysitting services to child friendly activities and children´s swimming pools.
Restaurants vary; some welcome children more than others.

People With Disabilities
Most of Abu Dhabi´s five-star hotels, malls and heritage attractions have
wheelchair facilities. Wheelchair ramps often have steep angles. When asking
if a location has wheelchair access, make sure it really does as an escalator is
considered wheelchair access to some. Abu Dhabi International Airport is
well equipped for physically challenged travellers and it is easily accessible.
There is a special check-in gate with direct access from the car park, as well as
dedicated lifts, and a meet and assist service.

What To Wear
Lightweight summer clothing is suitable for most of the year, but something
slightly warmer may be needed for the winter months. Be sure to take some
sort of jacket or sweater when visiting hotels or the cinema, as the air
conditioning can be fierce. Although the attitude towards dress is fairly liberal
throughout the emirates, a healthy amount of respect for local customs
doesn´t go amiss, especially when shopping or sightseeing.
Short or tight clothing may be worn, but it will attract attention -most of it
unwelcome. Malls, health clubs and resort facilities are generally more
accepting of what´s fashionable, but when visiting government offices it is best
to cover your shoulders and legs. It is especially recommended that you dress
more conservatively during Ramadan. In the evenings, restaurants and clubs
usually have a mixture of styles -western, Arabic and Asian. Again, ladies are
advised to take a pashmina or jacket because of cold air-conditioning.

While normal tourist photography is acceptable, it is polite to ask permission
before taking photos of people, particularly women. Photographs of
government buildings, military installations and ports and airports should
not be taken. Also, cameras may be banned in public areas designated for
women and children only.


From Abu Dhabi city´s famous Corniche to the ´Oasis City´ of Al Ain and the
massive dunes of the western region´s Empty Quarter desert in Al Gharbia,
local tour operators will help you explore and discover this intriguing emirate.

Tour Operators
Almost all tour operators offer city tours and desert safaris, while some
specialise in more diverse activities such as tours of the Sheikh Zayed Grand
Mosque, rounds of golf, fishing or diving expeditions, kayaking trips through
mangrove forests, helicopter tours and desert driving courses or visits to the
Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital or Saluki (desert hunting dogs) Centre. Check out
the list for some ideas.

Desert Safaris
Starting with an exciting ride up and down some of the desert´s biggest dunes,
you can try sand skiing before watching the sun set. After driving a short
distance further to a permanent desert camp, you are treated to a sumptuous
barbecue, followed by shisha, camel rides, falconry displays and henna
painting. You can choose to stay overnight or combine it with a trip into the
mountains. Costs vary.

Abu Dhabi Tour
A tour of the UAE capital usually takes in everything from the evolving skyline
to sandy shores and iconic buildings. A stroll along the Corniche will give you
a glimpse of everyday Abu Dhabi life and the chance to savour some
picturesque scenes. A half-day tour will include the Sheikh Zayed Grand
Mosque, the Abu Dhabi Corniche, the Saadiyat Island Cultural District
Exhibition at Emirates Palace and the Heritage Village.

Al Ain Tour
Al Ain was once a vital oasis on the caravan route from the UAE to Oman. The
history of the Oasis City, the emirate´s heritage heartland and one of the
world´s oldest permanently inhabited settlements, can be explored through
visits to the 175 year-old Al Nahyan family fort, the Al Ain National Museum
and a trip to the prehistoric tombs at Hili Fort - known to be over 4,000 years
old. Other attractions include the Al Ain oases, Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort,
the camel market - one of the last few remaining, and the world´s most
advanced go-karting facilities, for a taste of the fast track. For family fun, try
the newly renovated Hili Fun-City, the Gulf´s oldest theme park, which now
offers one of the cheapest days out around, with entry no more than AED 40


Al Gharbia Tour
A great reason to start exploring this vast region is the drive to Liwa -a historic
oasis town at the entry to the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter) the world´s largest
uninterrupted sand mass. Liwa will blow you away with massive expanses of
awesome desert and the biggest dunes this side of the Sahara. Prepare for the
UAE´s most adventurous off-road driving and some of its most incredible
scenery. Al Gharbia´s history is encompassed in the myriad of ancient forts,
which dot the landscape, and together present a snapshot of this region´s
fascinating history -all set against dramatic landscapes. To get a real taste of
Al Gharbia´sauthenticheritage, visit one of the many festivals throughout the
year such as January´s Tel Moreeb Festival, the pinnacle hill climb event for
desert driving enthusiasts, April´s Al Gharbia Watersports Festival, fast
becoming a highlight on the international sporting calendar, July´s Liwa Date
Festival, a showcase for this valued desert fruit, and January´s Al Dhafrah
Camel Festival, which includes the world´s only camel beauty contest.



Abu Dhabi Travel Bureau +971 2 622 1100
Advanced Travel & Tourism +971 2 634 7900
Al Ain Travel Bureau +971 3 754 1159
Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism +971 2 556 6723
Al Etihad Travel & Tourism +971 2 765 5223
Arabian Adventures +971 2 691 1711
Arabian Odyssey +971 2 621 0101
Cyclone Travel & Tours +971 2 627 6275
Desert Adventures Tourism +971 2 556 6155
Emirates Adventure +971 2 6445117
Emirates Travel Express +971 2 765 0777
Hala Abu Dhabi +971 2 617 7810
Kurban Travel & Tourism +971 2 555 0566
Net Tours (Abu Dhabi) +971 2 679 4656
Net Tours (Al Ain) +971 3 768 7400
Omeir Travel Agency +971 2 612 3456
Orient Tours +971 2 667 5609
Safar Travel & Tourism +971 2 418 0888
Salem Travel Agency +971 2 621 8000
SNTTA Tours & Travel +971 2 444 6856
The Vision Tourism +971 2 294 2290
Travco +971 2 677 1484



Experience Abu Dhabi’s diverse and enticing attractions:
whether it’s zooming to the pace of a speedboat tour of the
city’s coastline, taking in the UAE capital’s signature Corniche
on a bicycle, or hopping on an open topped Big Bus for a
guided tour, you’re sure to find attractions to suit every taste.



Ferrari World Abu the five star Hyatt Capital Gate hotel. including Mamma Gulf’s greatest cities. the world´s largest Pisa. with a recreation of Enzo Ferrari´s first garage. complemented by a wide variety of The theme park houses the world´s new tours and attractions. a fantastic 4-D adventure by Guinness World Records. an elegant and natural wonders are dining à la carte restaurant. It leans through deep green jungles. an interactive display of cars from has been certified as the ´World´s 1947 through to the present. Abu Dhabi’s Rossella. heritage sites trattoria and Cavallino. this park is a must-see destination for fans and World’s Furthest Leaning Man families. Beneath its huge. the world´s fastest roller and you will see a modern day coaster. iconic red Made Tower roof. Dhabi has a range of Ferrari inspired 31 . history and adventure are restaurants and cafés serving exclusive encapsulated in one of the Arabian Italian dishes. icy caves 18 degrees westwards -more than and ravines and to the mouth of a fiery four times that of Pisa´s famous volcano. www. The products on offer range Ferrari World Abu Dhabi from custom made remote control It´s fast and furious fun for all ages at Ferrari cars to exotic gifts handcrafted Ferrari World Abu Dhabi -the world´s by Italian artisans. attractions include Formula Drive down Khaleej Al Arabi Street Rossa. ABU DHABI CITY ATTRACTIONS Culture.9 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi experience in ft). all offering largest Ferrari store and a unique exciting ways to see the capital-by air. 35 storey tower is fast becoming a top gear will get their adrenaline fix at postcard image of Abu Dhabi and G-Force blasting through the red roof. Capital interactive shopping and authentic +971 2 496 8001 Italian dining experiences. Telling the Ferrari where they can create their story with passion and excitement personalised souvenirs at innovative through more than 20 exhilarating interactive zones. The 160 metre (524. Speed of Furthest Leaning Man Made Tower´ Magic. reaching speeds of 240 kmph. complete land or sea. challenger to the Leaning Tower of Galleria Ferrari. Capital Gate houses height of 62m. From before dropping from a hair-raising September 2011. a traditional family style wealth of museums. ´past and present´ store. Guests can also first Ferrari theme park and the largest enjoy the unique Ferrari boutique attraction of its kind. and educational rides and attractions.ferrariworldabudhabi. Those wanting to start their Leaning Tower. makes a great holiday snap. developed by Abu Ferrari gallery outside Maranello with Dhabi National Exhibitions Company.



Admission is AED 5 for families noted for its architecture and maze. back. You can hail the taxi as adventurous to city bikes which can you see it or to request the service with fit two or three passengers on the a driver. The park has separate family are themed and signposted and men´s areas. You can´t swim King Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Street out very far. is noted for its creative within 40 metres of the beach. and even specially designed For more information bikes for ladies wearing abayas. and can usually find a beach umbrella. easytaxi@hotmail. The Family Park near space for everyone. Ticket booths are all along the Formal Park by Baniyas Street is beach. Operating for three kilometres hours of cycling are also available for along the Corniche. floating fences keep you (26th Street). and from 4pm to midnight mountain bikes for the more on weekends. simply call +971 56 145 4242. cafés. and AED 10 for single males. Off Corniche Road. handicapped. Ideal for rental stations along the Corniche the elderly. During the week you boarding park and restaurants.Abu Dhabi Corniche Corniche Beach Park Corniche Road now has an impressive This lengthy stretch of beach extends eight kilometres of manicured along Corniche Road from near the waterfront that includes children´s Hilton Hotel to beyond Al Khaleej Al play areas. a wake main entrance. the service is AED 200 (US$54). separate cycle and Arabi Street. Lake Park near Muroor complimentary bus service to the Street is known for its ´lake´ while beach. young boardwalk and its main station children and the foot sore. and climbing The company is also planning to bring Pedicabs to Abu Dhabi -a fun and environmentally friendly version 34 . The Urban Park there are plenty of lifeguards around. where you´ll find its pedestrian pathways. near Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al There is a dedicated parking area Maktoum Street has beautiful further along the Corniche with a gardens. the open air outside The Hiltonia Beach Club. Voucher booklets for 15 journey. Individual parks quickly. but the Corniche Beach -a new life during the weekend they may all go guarded beach park. Al Khubeirah Central Abu Dhabi Corniche Pedal Power A fun and healthy way to tour the The Easy Way to See the Corniche Corniche is to hire a bicycle from EZ Taxis is a taxi service using FunRideSports. bike taxis can carry up to four adults and hire starts at AED 20 (US$5) per hour two children at any time and all for the for adults and AED 15 (US$4) for bargain price of AED 15 (US$ 4) per children. Corniche Road West. FunRideSports available from 4pm until 11pm on has a selection of bikes for hire -from weekdays. With four accessible ecofriendly electric vehicles. and there´s plenty of accordingly.

Company has carefully designed tours 35 . Al Bateen please visit www. takes off at approximately 4:30am from a Al Bateen Beach desert oasis north of Al Get Boarding! ABU DHABI Also on the Corniche is a permanent wakeboarding ´Beginners Park´ EXPERIENCES developed by Abu Dhabi Municipality Balloon Expedition into the Desert in conjunction with Flash Leave the glitz and glamour of the Entertainment. The Big Bus New Corniche as it is also or email info@ballooning. Well lit and develop as an interactive beachfront clean. head west -12 years).you´llse from September to May. dotted with ornate shelters points of interest along the Corniche. This is a great place for bird restaurants filling the boardwalk.ballooning. the desert. with the For more information or to book in waterway and mangroves bordering advance call +971 2 556 6113 or one side of the park. camels. It´s provided free of The Eastern Corniche Not to be confused with the Big Bus Tour Corniche on the extreme north of Famous for its traditional open top the island. gazelles and wandering and top tips for catching the Eastern Ring Road. or double decker red buses. email info@funridesports. you will experience on 19th Street (Saeed Bin Tahnoon unlimited fun and memories for a St) and turn left onto 16th Street lifetime! Balloon expeditions are when it ends. it is especially busy on winter with new events. This state-of-the-art city behind and join a one-hour park is open to the public daily from balloon expedition into the heart of 12pm to 6pm and is free to use.After200metres. and comes This service will become increasingly alive as families gather for evening relevant as the Corniche continues to and weekend picnics. emerald assist enthusiasts with taster lessons green oases. Enjoy a magical ride over Wakeboarding experts are on hand to the giant red sand dunes. The balloon adventure. of ´bicycle taxi´ which will take has a pristine stretch of immaculate visitors to the Heritage Village and lawns. This beach is popular with locals and transportation from Abu Dhabi is is used for fishing and swimming. ethebeach. the Eastern Corniche. Al Muroor www. For more information and bookings Al Bateen Beach Road. but if you AED 950 (US$260) for adults and venture into the water keep an eye AED 800 (US$219) for children (5 out for jet skis. To get there. watching and fishing.funridesports. festivals and nights. At a cost of great for waterfront picnics.and large wooden tables.



all hotels or the Big Bus sales desk at for only AED 150 (US$40) per person. Operating out of Falcon the plans for the renowned Cultural Aviation´s Marina Mall terminal. Mandarin Kayaking Tours and Russian) and provides a Noukhada´s kayaking tours take you fascinating insight into Abu Dhabi´s through the natural mangrove forests history and culture. Mosque and the luxurious Emirates For reservations: Palace hotel. Italian. the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. or call the and traditional souks. residential and for AED 830 (US$225) per person and cultural destination. or for something special Tickets are available from individual book the monthly Full Moon Tour . Get a bird´s eye view of the capital´s To book. this exhibition charts person or an overnight camping stay Helicopter Tours AED 500 (US$136) per person. Spanish.bigbustours. Tours can be taken on a Abu Dhabi landmarks -from the sharing or exclusive base (per seat or magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand per helicopter). 38 . The tickets are dotted around the plethora of islands valid for 24 hours and give access to all in view of the rising Abu Dhabi city the Big Bus Tour routes. will see you soaring over Yas Marina Louvre Abu Dhabi. Saadiyat and Yas Emirates helicopter sightseeing tour in a luxurious six seater Eurocopter Saadiyat Island EC130. a performing arts Circuit and Sheikh Zayed Grand centre and maritime museum which.which take visitors to all the major Mosque. email info@noukhada. to the Heritage Village sales@falconaviation. Cultural District Exhibition The tour flies over the Corniche and Open daily from 10am until 10pm at city as well as languages (Arabic. Personal 24/7 hotline +971 2 444 0007 commentary comes in a choice of eight www. Marina Mall and can also be bought Noukhada also offers half-day island online. Try either a Low or High Tide throughout the city enabling guests to 2-hour kayaking tour to explore the hop on and hop off at their leisure. Falcon Aviation Services (FAS) or landmarks and heritage sites with a find them on Facebook. The exhibition a 30 minute in-depth islands tour for traces the plans for the Zayed National AED 1250 (US$340) per person which Museum. exploring tours for AED 200 (US$54) per person.noukhada.falconaviation. French. mangroves. English. you District of Saadiyat Island -a 27 square can take to the skies on a 10 minute kilometre island offshore Abu Dhabi Joy Flight for AED 490 (US$133) per city. which is being transformed into a person with a 20 minute coastal tour signature leisure. with 11 stops skyline. where you can opt for a 800 BIG BUS (800 244 287) beach BBQ AED 300 (US$81) per www.

Jean ocean.artsabudhabi. Exhibitions are the boat´s position in an emergency. a professional www. accompanied by a series of workshops Individual life jackets and safety for all ages. Zayed National Museum model from a two-hour tour of the capital designed by award winning British city´s famous Corniche to diving. Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism just before Mina Zayed. Corniche Road West two crew members. two ADTA tourism licensed GulfCraft Entry is free. which each hold 18 passengers. will make up the world´s children´s beds. seven days a week. Zaha Hadid and emirati with a passion for sharing his Tado Andao respectively.seacruiser. which take place at the equipment are provided. cultural boasts five permanent tents with www. Al Badeyah camp info@seacruiser. visitors a unique insight into UAE To book a tour or to find out more. Emirates Palace boats. day cruises of Abu Dhabi´s stunning +971 2 690 8207 natural islands and emerald green prestigious cultural assets have been designed by architectural luminaries Sea Cruiser Boat Tours such as Lord Norman Foster. Offering different desert or safari services. Sea Cruiser operates designs are on display.emiratespalace.abet-uae. All tours begin at the Fish Market pier at the end of the pilot and lifeguard. All these www. Each boat has covered cabins with large glass Gallery One windows for sightseeing and is Another space at Emirates Palace specially designed to accommodate that serves as a platform of ongoing divers. They are This desert camp. an original majlis tent for evening activities. Their love of the sea. Sea Cruiser Education Room of Gallery One. traditions and customs as the guest of contact Yaser on +971 50 800 9495 a local family. along with a 39 . combined. cultural events in the lead up to the tracking equipment and DSC VHF Saadiyat Island Cultural District is radios which automatically transmit Gallery One. Frank A business venture from a young Gehry. two permanent bathroom facilities. Each boat also comes programmes of art exhibitions and equipped with GPS navigation. trampoline largest single concentration of premier and a petting zoo of goats and sheep. architect Norman Foster and snorkelling and fishing trips and all scheduled for completion in 2014. A tours are aimed at providing guests recent addition to Gallery One is the with the best Abu Dhabi has to offer. gives 8:30am to 8pm. nestled in the available at pre-booked times from desert dunes of Al Khaznah.


dining at the Shangri-La Whether you are looking for a relaxing Qaryat Al Beri or visiting the new and peaceful escape or an exhilarating Manarat Al Saadiyat exhibition centre activity at sea. Imagine arriving at Yas Marina Pearl Boats Circuit. and provide all the hints and tips To arrange a corporate tour or to ensure the perfect trip. +971 2 667 9776 including client hospitality evenings.empros. hiring Boats´ tours.theyellowboats. The company also developments and stunning coastline. call 800 4034 To book a tour or to find out more. or visit www. the UAE´s first speedboat a jet ski.Speedboat Tours Explore Our Waters Experience the thrill of ´The Yellow Whether it´s chartering ABU DHABI FALCON HOSPITAL . www. provides a range of family fun Offering guided tours of signature activities with banana boat and donut attractions such as the Corniche and rides. tours for a variety of occasions. water skiing and wakeboarding Emirates Palace. private charter. Tours to some truly stunning vistas. embarking on a fishing or tours and a unique way to explore diving product launches and team building. select the best places to reaching your destination! visit. They can plan a day-to-day of the most spectacular ways of itinerary. it´s a front row seat instruction and diving courses. Pearl Boats is your on Saadiyat Island by boat. The begin at the Corniche next to Yellow Boats can tailor corporate InterContinental Hotel. Empros water sports has Abu Dhabi´s headline grabbing new the contact Humaid on +971 50 642 9777 or info@ luluboats. truly one choice.

Syria. a features a rooftop café with panoramic goats´ hair tent. Entrance is free. groups of over 50 guests. is open daily from open museum. marble pieces. Heritage Village Miraj offers visitors a complementary Run by the Emirates Heritage Club. as it is a sensitive military zone. which gives an insight into them out. Traditional (cardamom coffee) and dates to aspects of the desert way of life. Breakwater to Thursday from 8am to 4pm. The centre Al Maqtaa Fort features museum-like displays of Your first glimpse of this 200 year old unique Islamic art pieces sourced fort. the fort was built to fend pictorial and bejewelled carpets. this pick-up and drop-off service from reconstruction of a traditional oasis their hotels as well as welcome village provides an interesting glimpse refreshments. Displays Abu Dhabi Island. Al Raha Miraj Islamic Centre +9712 575 5155 The Miraj Islamic Art Centre is in a www. Arabic Qahwah into the country´s past. and a falaj irrigation views of Emirates Palace and the system. +971 2 681 4455 Near Abu Dhabi International Airport. The craftsmen are happy You can visit the luxurious wards to share their skills. Al Maqtaa history and origin of the pieces and the techniques used in making them. and spinning. Open Sunday Near Marina Mall. Iran. are available. . explore the occasionally give you the chance to try museum. India approach Al Maqtaa Bridge towards Iraq. There are workshops 9am7pm. and may where the birds are kept. the most advanced and pottery. while women sit weaving of its kind in the world. hospital´s lush gardens. try your hand at the pursuit in the handmade soap and plenty of chatter. Standing on the edge include meticulously hand woven of the island.HERITAGE Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Guided tours of this award winning traditional skills. which houses an ADTA visitor from around the Muslim world from information centre. The little spice shop is a treat. staff is on hand to brief visitors on the Near Al Maqtaa Bridge. jewellery.mirajislamicartcentre. silk off bandits and provides a wonderful textiles. such as metal work specialist hospital. Kashmir and Russia. will be as you places like Egypt. Be careful when taking photographs miniature paintings and experienced two-storey villa behind the upscale Abu Dhabi Marina +971 50 2503950 42 . Arabic calligraphy engraved vases. are attractively displayed in the Arabian Gulf.falconhospital. where craftsmen demonstrate www. or you can get a range of dried herbs. the noble desert sport of falconry. The centre including a campfire with coffee pots. contrast to the modern bridge next to it.

handiwork.szgmc. which will last about two take photos – to wind down and chill weeks.000 worshippers. site. the Holy Quran printed in Europe +971 2 575 5330 between the years 1537-1857. silver thread Zayed Centre Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque For a fascinating sneak peek into the Centre Library life of the late Sheikh capacity for an astonishing 40. with a www. 24 carat small museum within is the chance to gold plated chandeliers and the examine and learn about local artists’ world´s largest hand woven carpet. Floor 4 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Open Sunday to Wednesday 8am - This architectural work of art is one the 8pm and Thursday 8am . handmade souvenirs. Women’s Association Complex afternoon breeze before taking the tour. +9712 447 6645 www. You should remove your shoes before Tip: Why not finish work. North Minaret. The round buildings near the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is open museum are workshops where female daily to all from 9am . The Library at Sheikh Zayed Grand affectionately known as the ´Father of Mosque promotes intercultural the Nation´ visit the Zayed Centre in 43 .ae tour@szgmc. shopping or entering each hut. Saluki Centre discourse and interaction by This centre honours the desert showcasing the powerful continuity traditions of hunting.8pm.4pm world´s largest mosques. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. of dog found in desert regions. incense. local Complimentary one hour guided tours dress. and weaving. Sheikh Zayed. There is also a shop on Unlike other mosques in Abu Dhabi. who is Abu Dhabi Women´s Association as a buried at the site. Al Mushrif. out for 20 minutes in the lovely. You can get 5pm ‘Sunset Tour’? Get to the mosque a simple henna design painted on around 4:30pm – a wonderful time to your hand. training and and traditions inherent in books breeding Salukis -a distinctive breed spanning Arabic and Islamic eras. showcase for local arts and crafts. The mosque´s first Women’s Handicraft Centre ceremony was the funeral of its This creative initiative is run by the namesake.arabiansaluki. run during the entire week. except on artists display distinctive Arabian oils. The approximately 1000 columns. It features 80 domes. Karama St. Friday morning for worshippers only. and ask for sight-seeing for the day and take the photography permission. The With approximately 5000 titles. centre invites visitors to learn more highlights include rare Arabic about the unique traits and care of calligraphy collections and copies of this type of dog.

Guided tours in English and Arabic are available. A photo gallery of Sheikh Zayed and many visiting regional and international royalty and dignitaries lines the walls of the museum.juma@torath. however you need to book at least one week in advance. housed in an Emirati heritage village replete with camels. Taking centre stage are the late President´s cherished vehicles -which he often drove through the city without a bodyguard . Zayed Centre is open Sundays to Thursdays (closed over the weekend Friday/ Saturday). is an incredible homage to the man who shaped the nation.Abu Dhabi´s Al Bateen SHEIKH ZAYED GRAND MOSQUE . Contact Juma Al Damarki Manager of the Zayed Centre +971 2 665 9555 or www.and gifts he received from all over the world such as stuffed lions and cheetahs. which is also full of personal memorabilia such as his favourite hunting rifles. This museum.


a five star. Both Saadiyat and Yas islands have a range of exciting facilities and attractions. the Yas Links Abu Dhabi Golf Yas Marina Circuit The state-of-the-art Yas Marina Circuit is home to the annual Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Yas Marina and Yacht Club are the jewels in the crown of Abu Dhabi’s ambitions of becoming a strong rival to traditional yachting grounds such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean. the FIA GT Championship. www. The majority of the islands are flat. A full calendar of motorsports and entertainment events include the future champions of Formula 1™ in the GP2 Asia Series and. has a long history and is packed with interesting flora and fauna. this emerging entertainment destination is within a 30-minute drive of the UAE capital and 50 minutes from Dubai. Futaisi Island.yasisland. It is 365 days of action at Yas Marina Circuit. a 10-minute boat ride south of Abu Dhabi. as year round the track plays host to some of the world´s top motor racing series. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and seven new hotels. exhibition orconference. Opportunities at Yas Marina Circuit extend well beyond the Grand Prix. iconic hotel breathtakingly built half on land and half over the Yas Marina. www. Yas Island Just off Abu Dhabi city. Australia´s legendary motor racing series. but each has its own character.THE ISLANDS Exploring Abu Dhabi needn´t be confined to the capital´s streets. You can also take to the sea and view some of the more than 200 islands that are scattered in the waters around the main island. with the Circuit being a state-of-the-art mixed use venue that can be adapted to meet any event. the stunning Yas Marina with its superb yacht club.yasmarinacircuit. Here you´ll find the fabulous Yas Marina Circuit -the world class motor sports race track which hosts the annual Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Forming the centrepiece of Yas Marina Circuit is The Yas Yas Marina and Yacht Club After attracting Super Yachts from as far away as Australia for the first F1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and playing host to the annual Abu Dhabi Yacht Show. the V8 Supercars. 46 . Top fuel dragsters made their Middle East debut at the International Drag Racing Festival and the world´s top sports car series. including the breathtaking signature Yas Hotel .the only one in the world straddling an F1™ race track. sandy and uninhabited.

Saadiyat Island is just by the influential US publication Golf seven minutes from downtown Abu Magazine. the 27 square kilometre state-of-the-art Saadiyat Island Saadiyat Island is undergoing exhibition. The Dhabi clubhouse and world class. is a multifaceted featuring signature dishes from destination.all designed Marina & Yacht Club. It has a www. These will visitor and event pontoon and can include the Zayed National Museum. with all 18 from Dubai. It is zoned into seven Harry’s Bar in Venice and classic different districts. 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi 7. residential.aldarmarinas. It also has a 400 metre long premier cultural assets. each featuring Italian favourites. This purpose built visitor centre www. Saadiyat. Louvre (dependent on size). beachfront tourism destination and a The Yas Links was voted among the focal point for compelling sporting ´Top 10 New International Golf Courses´ experiences. and overlooking by Pritzker prize winners. It will also On the west shores of Yas Island. floodlit practise ranges. ‘The Saadiyat Story’.yaslinks. Cipriani is set in the stunning Yas and a maritime museum . Abu the Shangri-La. one of the Saadiyat will be a relaxed waterfront world´s leading golf course designers. a cultural magnet line with the traditional form of links for art lovers. Rotana and St. brings the island’s vision to life. It currently has Just 500 metres off the coast of Abu two galleries open to the public.saadiyat.450 yard par 72 course. Regis as well as a number of restaurants Yas Links Abu Dhabi and shopping malls. in home for residents. overlooking a world class leisure. a performing arts centre. a pristine coastal towns of Scotland and Ireland. The Yas Links features a Dhabi. designed by Kyle Phillips. benefiting from ocean views. the include schools and the New York Yas Links Abu Dhabi golf course is University-Abu Dhabi campus. diverse offerings. the home of dazzling golf commonly associated with the architectural icons. utilising five International Airport and 50 minutes teeing grounds per -Manarat Al Saadiyat (which translates from Arabic as ‘a place that Saadiyat Island provides enlightenment’). has been designed proportions. natural or range of hotels and resorts such as www. More information is in Manarat Al Saadiyat the golfing section. the F1™ circuit and neighbouring Yas business and cultural hub of global Links Golf Course. accommodate up to 25 yachts the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. housing the world´s specifically as a Super and MegaYacht largest single concentration of venue. a the stunning Yas Marina F1™ Circuit. is on remarkable transformation to become permanent display and gives visitors 47 . The 143-berth marina. Saadiyat will boast a yasisland@cipriani.



ae /www. lunch and dinner. Manarat also boasts the fully-licenced Al Fanr restaurant for Monte Carlo Beach Club. three lounges and restaurants. white beach.saadiyat. +971 2 643 5781 www. There’s also The Library Lounge. Saadiyat With its own unique style. sauna and steam rooms. Leisure services include. kids’ pool and playing areas. designed by golfing legend Gary Player.artsabudhabi. Additionally. workout room with fitness and wellness Saadiyat Beach Golf Club The magnificent 18 hole ´ocean´ masterpiece Saadiyat Beach Golf Club. outdoor swimming pool. reinforces the emirate´s fast rising status as a world class golfing destination of interactive narrative on the history and cultural vision behind the island and the Zayed National Museum model. Monte Carlo Beach Club celebrates the elegance of its renowned sister club on the Riviera.montecarlobeachclub. +971 2 656 3500 www.sbgolfclub. www. and private cabanas and loungers set on the stunning. a shop. spa facilities. the ‘Arts Abu Dhabi Gallery’ is a permanent space for a series of exhibitions and educational programmes organised by Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC).ae 50 . More information is in the golfing section.

The and slides. A large pond in the middle centre is open for educational visits and erupts periodically with bursts from can be contacted through its website. There are lots of animals in this five acre farm. and exotic Al Nahyan Garden fish and birds. Near Al Wathba Opposite NBAD. ibex.abudhabiwildlifecentre. Al Khalidiyah photography is not allowed. corals and This refurbished park is a welcome fresh water fish. The garden is open from 3pm to 10pm Kids Park (3pm to 9. Al Khalidiyah cooling to keep the temperatures down. It has a This large park near Airport Road is a variety of play areas. with a number of large trees fountains and ample car parking. It has amusement lovely grassy areas are great for park rides (with varying fees). camels. Its have a bit of fun. There´s a play park for This well maintained and compact children aged ten and under with a park near the Sheraton Khalidiya small train and bouncy castles for a ensures your little ones can´t get up to fee of less than AED 10 (US$3). and too much trouble. as it machines and an enclosed cafeteria can be a little tricky to find. Simple play the good news is that the whole park equipment helps the kids let off steam. On This is a petting zoo some 35 public holidays it is open from 9am to kilometres outside the city on the 12pm and 3pm to 10pm. patch of green in the middle of the city. is covered by a fog system for outdoor Sh Zayed the 1st St. ostriches. swings operating as a non-profit agency. swings. touch. the stunning fountains. horses. A recent addition is the ocean Capital Gardens park with sharks. The garden road to Dubai. It´s providing shade. selection of climbing Khalidiyah Garden Taking up a whole block. picnics. rays. ferrets. 51 . this large Al Mushrif Children’s Garden park is popular with families. provide refreshment. raccoons. children get up close to their favourite and its entrance is opposite the animals and combines learning with National Theatre. a popular ´ladies only´ facility so Al Khaleej Al Arabi St. Al Ain Road. Al Mushrif peacocks.30pm on Fridays). including Near Choueifat School. Vending Call ahead for the exact location. with equipment wonderful place to take the kids and for toddlers and older children. FAMILY Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre This is a rehabilitation and breeding Each little garden cove has a small centre for endangered species. Kids’ Park Zoo lets is to the south of Old Airport Road. Al Markaziyah +971 50 614 4024 www.



traditional dhow sailing to playing it›s a popular spot in the cooler on some of the regionís best golf evenings and during weekends and courses. With play and video games. Youngsters can also pilot their own dhow around Old Airport Garden obstacles. www. a water wheel details. boasts canals.kidsparkuae. with plenty 10am – 6pm on weekdays & 10am of trees for shade. a water vary). these parks waterfalls. if you want to relax after taking the kids ice-skating at the adjacent rink. with Al Bahya.The park is open every day (timings a giant tipping bucket. water guns. picnic other funfair facilities.adm. which needs to be experienced first person. visit the website for more umbrella. -7pm on weekends from October to Near Sheikh Zayed Sport Centre April Al Madina Al Riyadiya Entry: AED 40 (US $11).gov. The landscape parks at all malls in Abu Dhabi. From facilities and an outdoor auditorium. Inspiration for the gardens has been drawn from Arabic Play at the Malls and Islamic architecture and from the Get out of the heat and enjoy indoor world›s great trampolines. There are four water slides. Abu Dhabi is a city that there’s the Murjan Splash Park. carousels and equipment for children. while the other 4pm-11pm daily in September side is more ornamental. this is 3pm -10pm daily one of the city›s larger parks and a www. 54 . and a 257-metre long lazy river. Khalifa Park Opening timings of Khalifa Park Just off the Eastern Ring Road. lakes and Differently themed. Children under three go free. fountains. is great value-for-money fun for the little major landmark.6 metres and four +971 2 563 3100. through tunnels and past other boats in the radio-controlled This is a quiet park and an ideal place Dhow Derby. You can tour by hopping usually have an array of computer on the miniature railway. Opening timings of Murjan Splash One side of the park has swings and Park small tidy gardens. 35km from Abu Dhabi a depth of 0.

Powerboat racing now attracts a WATERSPORTS SAILING large. The Al Dhafra and Le Royal Meridien´s following companies offer guided Shuja Yacht. including cuisine. Cruises are flexible F2000 Powerboat Championship. it is advisable to which are open to all ages and check sailing times as occasionally the nationalities. appreciative www. 20 to 24 boats representing 12 The sunset dhow cruise is an hour nations compete at high speed along long scenic journey along the the narrow. spotted eagle accessible from Abu Dhabi.50) for children includes tea. with Arabic coffee and Powerboat Championship. Each season that departs from the Breakwater at also sees two open regattas for 5:30pm every evening and then every modern sailing boats (including hour. SPORTS & RECREATION From traditional dhow sailing to Marine Racing playing on some of the region´s best Abu Dhabi was the first Middle golf courses.leroyalmeridien-abudhabi. The average price is International Marine Sports Club AED 80 (US$20) per person. including wreck or deep water dives and reef Dinner Cruises dives. all of which are designed to encourage Blue Dolphin Company young Emiratis to remain close to Sindbad is a traditional Arabian dhow their marine heritage. The Abu Dhabi dates served. and much more. the and can be suited to fit everyone´s National Regatta. including organises the annual President´s Cup coach transfer.adnh. twisting course off the Corniche. At this ADNH Travco event. evening. while enjoying fine abundance of marine life. DIVING +971 50 685 8305 Many good dive sites are easily bluedolphinco@hotmail.aldhafra. Dinner cruises are available through 55 . dives from Abu Dhabi. dhow is chartered for private parties. www. barracuda. and there is a rich Dhabi Corniche. is a great dinner alternative. It is possible to dive year round An evening spent sailing along Abu in the warm seas. www. lasers and windsurfers). and the UAE Wooden +971 2 444 9914. on the hour. Near Marina Mall The fare AED 10 (US$3) for adults and +971 2 681 5566 AED 5 (US$1. However. Formula One Powerboat Race. the National Jet Ski tastes and budget. for the rest of the catamarans. Abu Dhabi is a city that Eastern city to organise a UIM needs to be experienced personally. Championship. coffee and soft drinks.

of those 18 years and older.850 (US$506) and the three day Intermediate and four day Advanced courses are AED 2. contactus@freedivinguae.881/3. tailored to introducing www.freedivinguae. to freediving and requiring no open water diving. the two day AIDA Foundation course is AED 1. Freediving UAE currently runs a basic ´Discover Freediving´ course. Costs for one day introductory ´Discover Freediving´ course is AED 800 (US$218).Freediving UAE Is the only company specialising in freediving training and courses in the United Arab 56 . and three AIDA accredited courses for the more advanced divers.344 (US$790/916) respectively.

. Arabian Divers & Sportfishing Lulu Boats Charters Humaid Al Qubaisi +971 50 642 9777 +971 50 614 6931 www. The following companies offer fishing excursions from Abu Al Jazira Dive Centre Empros Watersports +971 2 562 9100 +971 2 6289704 to catch certain species of fish throughout the FISHING Sea Tourism +971 2 681 3064 September to April is best for fishing in Abu www.seatourism. although it is possible www. Commonly caught fish include Sea Cruiser Sea Tourism +971 50 800 9495 +971 2 681 3064 Sheraton Resort Health Club Sea Cruisers +971 2 677 3333 +971 50 800 9495 Abu Dhabi Sub Aqua Club Beach Rotana Hotel & Towers +971 2 673 1111 +971 2 697 9000 or +971 50 614 6931 www. www. The more adventurous may prefer to try deep sea fishing or trawling. sailfish and tuna. 58 .DIVING CENTRES Alex Boulting AIDA Master Arabian Divers & Sport Fishing Instructor Charters alex@freedivinguae. kingfish.

The island also offers magnificent pure bred Arabian horses for all ages and skills riders. For a taste of this sport. or to the Al Maqam Track near Al Ain. Abu Dhabi Cricket Council +971 50 827 1646 Al Ain Cricket Association +971 3 703 6942 www. which has five international restaurants and cafés. and fishing trips. Entrance to the races is free. Khalifa City A +971 2 556 8555 www.futaisi. leisure. and the city´s many grassy parks all sprout stumps during evenings and weekends when people of all ages come out to play. world-class sports and leisure destination within 10 minutes of Abu Dhabi International Airport. Try to get to the racetracks as early as possible to soak up the atmosphere. +971 2 666 6601 www. with additional races on public CAMEL RACING Camel racing is a spectacular sport and a trip to the races can be one of the most memorable highlights of a visit to Abu Dhabi. rough land. The resort. More information from The Camel Racing Federation at Al Wathba +971 2 583 9200 CRICKET Cricket is a passion shared across many communities in Abu Dhabi. jet Al Futaisi Club Futaisi Island has various water sport activities to offer.uaecricket. wakeboarding and waterskiing. such as beach volleyball. motorsports. horse riding. caters to a wide range of sporting. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Al Forsan International Sports Resort This is a truly unique. Races normally take place on weekend mornings.alforsan. and meeting activities. Car parks. head to the Al Wathba Camel Race Track (about 45km east of Abu Dhabi on the Al Ain Road). paintball and other leisure activities. Guests can experience shooting. Cheer on the camels as they gallop around a specially made track. special occasions and family days out. The Island is also a shelter for a diverse variety of flora and 59 . The resort is ideal for people of all ages for international sporting events. and marvel at how these seemingly ungainly creatures can reach such high speeds.



www. Water challenges come into play on five of the holes. 6. a driving range. with two indoor (temperature controlled) and outdoor FIFA Grade 1 artificial grass pitches for all-year-round play. and a cafe.thedome. American football. creating an 18 hole. Set within the circumference of both grass and sand horseracing tracks. competitions and an array of food and beverage outlets.000 square feet and has male and female changing Those interested in playing golf.395 yard little gem. Near Carrefour +971 2 449 8480 Abu Dhabi Golf Club Abu Dhabi Golf Club is home to the annual PGA European Tour backed Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship and is managed by Troon Golf. 630 yard eighth hole. Abu Dhabi City Golf Club This nine-hole golf course offers a challenging game. and only two Par 3s. this is an intriguing course of nine holes that offers nightly flood lighting and different tee positions.abudhabigolfchampionship. Away from the action on the greens. can get in touch with any of the following clubs in Abu Dhabi. one of the sport´s foremost luxury brands. and the UAE´s first 2-tiered driving range. the club´s excellent facilities include two par 72 world class 18-hole courses. all of which make it a fantastic family day out.adcitygolf. the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship is the European PGA Tour curtain raiser which is held at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. featuring 36 individual bays. rather than watching it. etc. With Night Golf and tee times as late as 8:30pm. with water coming into play at more than half of the holes. Umm Al Nar St. The facility stretches over 24. par 70. this golf club is open to members and visitors alike. They can also be used for 62 .ae GOLF With some of the biggest names in golf appearing every January. www. with testing dog legs left and right and an enormous par five. where skilfully designed water hazards cross the fairway. Umm Al Nar +971 2 558 8990 www. The iconic clubhouse is built in the shape of a falcon overlooking sweeping fairways. putting and pitching greens and a golf academy that holds lessons for juniors as well as state-ofthe-art lighting to provide optimum playing conditions without natural daylight. a prayer room. rugby.FOOTBALL The Dome@rawdhat is a football facility open seven days a week. Just 30 minutes from the centre of Abu Dhabi.adgolfclub. there is children´s entertainment. Airport Road.

with over a third of the line with the traditional form of links course having views of the Saadiyat golf commonly associated with the coastline where dolphins are coastal towns of Scotland and Ireland. is the Arabian Gulf´s influential US publication Golf first and only ´ocean´ course with Saadiyat Beach Golf Club Yas Links Abu Dhabi The magnificent 18-hole masterpiece Voted among the ´Top 10 New Saadiyat Beach Golf Club. Barranca fine dining restaurant which From the creation of an aquatic has access to two outdoor terraces habitat. Anyone can play service restaurant. the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club from the capital´s international -which has the Player designed airport. Yas Links Abu Dhabi is the several beach-front holes on the region´s first true links golf course on iconic Saadiyat Island. the views of the glittering. beach and sand dunes. spectacular variety of golf featuring glamorous open terraces experiences. The green water lagoons and restoration of the lawned terraces can cater for up to 63 . the club offers a true ahead and reserve. the course has 6. The imaginative The AndalucÌa style Yas Links Golf golf course routing provides a Club has opened to rave acclaim. with every hole having with sea views. ´Member for the Day´ experience for Near. which boasts a full Championship. holiday-makers and Airport guests from surrounding hotels on a +971 2 575 8040 pay-and-play www. sports lounge and its own unique character.alghazalgolf. it´s recommended to call levels of golfers. teaching academy. sensitivity to the surrounding natural function facilities and licensed environment. and is just two minutes Golf. a here. With features for all however.724 yards championship standard been designed with strict ´sand´ golf course has a 30-bay environmental guidelines and driving range. as well home to the World Sand Golf as a Golf Academy. Abu Dhabi International UAE residents. designed International Golf Courses´ by the by Gary Player. Famous for its friendly and course at its heart -incorporates a hospitable ambience. meeting facilities. Operated by Troon clubhouse. www. Al Ghazal is distinguished practice range. locker rooms. Al Ghazal Golf Club This purpose-built 18-hole Par 71. amphitheatre style Par 72 Saadiyat Designed by Kyle Phillips. including transit passengers fully stocked golf shop and diverse with a just a few hours to spare. to the introduction of salt and a private dining room. one of the Beach Golf Club features spectacular world´s leading course architects. The the west shores of Yas Island. regularly spotted. crystal blue Yas Links Abu Dhabi Golf Course is in Arabian Gulf.



call Horses are of great heritage 800 YAS (927). with spectator entry www. starting at array of karting options for groups of 30 minute intervals. is ideal for corporate events. Or all day dining sports lounge also has a bring your own car and drive the full private function room with access toGrand Prix circuit on the Yas track an outdoor terrace. HORSE RACING For information and bookings. and admission is free.yasmarinacircuit. above. on the drag strip at the Yas Drag Racing Centre. an Warm up on the Yas Marina Circuit. There is no 15 or more. Open from Tuesday to betting. The Karts for people aged 13 years and race night atmosphere is hard to beat. The YasPrices from AED 650 (US$180). there is action almost weekly and ´pay & play´ guests.yaslinks. with a pontoon that can Expert tuition is available in a variety accommodate 20-seater vessels and of cars at the Yas Racing TENNIS MOTORSPORTS The International Tennis Complex. In Links Golf Course is open to membersseason.adec-web. which has +971 2 446 0384 a wealth of equestrian talent. with 100 (US$27) for from AED 30 (US$11).300 people overlooking natural the most exciting tracks around. prizes for the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club Yas Kartzone This is the home of horse racing in the Experience the thrills and excitement capital with around 16 race meetings of karting at Yas Kartzone. steam room with driving tips and tuition if required. For information call 800 YAS (927) www. Additional day.000. www. but the Tri Cast Competition Saturday from 2pm to 10pm fees are invites race goers to pick the first AED 80 (US$22) for cadets and AED three finishers in each race. Hickory´s prices from AED 950 (US$260). ATP standard facility with six training which annually hosts the Formula courts and a centre court with a 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand spectator capacity of 5. hosts the Prix -and learn how to conquer one of annual Capitala Tennis Tournament. mangroves. 66 . Yas Kartzone also offers an with six races per evening. +971 2 659 9544 or significance in Abu Dhabi. and Senior season. The kart a year. rain showers and a pro-shop. The Yas Racing School´s clubhouse features include a qualified instructors will provide swimming pool. usually held in the afternoons fleet consists of Cadet Karts for or evenings throughout the cooler youngsters aged 8 to 12.

there is 6666). Squash courts are The biggest bowling alley in Abu available for hire at Abu Dhabi Golf Dhabi is Khalifa International Club (+971 2 558 8990). This huge complex dedicated to near Zayed Sports City. which has 40 lanes and is one of the Le Meridien Abu Dhabi (+971 2 644 world’s most modern alleys. has three alleys +971 2 681 0814 in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Mall. Bowling City just a taste of the ice. is an excellent sports has a very affordable bowling way to escape the heat for a few hours. Abu Visitors can play squash in many Dhabi Country Club in Al Mushrif (02 hotels and sports clubs throughout 443 6333) has a four-lane facility. SQUASH and one in Al Ain (Al Ain Mall). (bowling-city. Beach Rotana Bowling Centre (02 403 4648).ae ZAYED SPORTS CITY 67 . Club & Hotel (+971 2 441 4900). alley and an ice rink open to visitors. the emirate.zsc. ICE SKATING Zayed Sports City The Abu Dhabi Ice Rink (02 4034333). bumper cars and a restaurant. Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & also a bowling facility at the Armed Resort (+971 2 677 3333) and Officers Forces Officers Club & Hotel. there is a video +971 2 403 4200 arcade. INDOOR ACTIVITIES BOWLING A number of malls have ten-pin Lessons are available. Apart from the ice rink. Khalidiyah Mall and Al Mariah Mall). Hotel & Towers (+971 2 697 9000). Marina Mall´s bowling facilities for family Snow World has a smaller ´fun´ rink for entertainment.

local art.SHOPPING Shopping is something of a national pastime in Abu Dhabi. 68 . with many shops closing for the afternoon and reopening from 7pm until midnight or later. usually from 1pm to 4pm. souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes. especially for carpets. gold jewellery and carpets reflect the beauty and intrigue of Abu Dhabi´s Arabian heritage. you can get even better deals. You can buy a treasured Arabian antique. You can spend thousands of dollars on a bejewelled designer watch. If you are a good bargainer. and can be bought in Abu Dhabi often at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. or a technology busting super modern home entertainment system. Although most malls work straight through. BEST BUYS Shopping for souvenirs? Get into a historical habit. handicrafts. You can splash out on an haute-couture designer outfit or buy fabric and have a local tailor make up your very own creation for a bargain price. Ornate wooden carvings. From the smallest silver pillbox to a large hand- woven carpet. spices and carpets. The trick is to avoid the tourist trap and know where to find authentic items that you will treasure for a lifetime. Prices are often excellent in comparison to those abroad. perhaps because it´s so diverse .everything from ultramodern malls with the latest brands. to small. textiles and gold. or pick up a basic timepiece in a supermarket. Shops open at around 10am to 10pm or later on weekends. Hours usually change during Ramadan and Eid. souk like outlets where you can buy traditional perfumes. some independent shops close for an extended lunch break.

AlKhalidiyah can usually be trusted. the Near East. the include statues. China and artwork that can be printed onto and Central Asia. AlKhalidiyah browse displays of local pottery and +971 2 666 9656 service. Turkey. hand The funky Ghaf Art Gallery stages made carpets are never quite perfect exhibitions showcasing local and also and the pile is uneven. Al Ras Al Akhdar wool. most carpets found in Gallery One. and has an excellent framing www. Items vary widely and number of knots per square inch. (+971 2 666 0361) is a great place to Al Khaleej Al Arabi St. Check also whether the carpet was Ghaf Art Gallery made by machine or hand. higher the price and the better the necklaces and pottery. Abu Dhabi originate from Iran. quality. Silk is more expensive than Emirates Palace. traditional Arabian artefacts. will happily offer plenty of advice and Al Khaleej Al Arabi St.ghafgallery. The made counterparts. don´t forget to bargain . ART Salwa Zeidan Gallery Abu Dhabi is home to several This gallery serves as a contemporary reputable galleries featuring art space for international and Middle interesting exhibitions of local art and Eastern artists and emerging talents. or rolled up exquisite array of designs and colours. into a suitcase friendly tube (+971 2 To ensure you are buying the genuine 558 1822).com he has unrolled over 30 carpets for you. Greece very rough guide. jewellery. Pakistan. The Open Sunday through Thursday from Folklore Gallery on Khalidiya Street 9am to 7pm. and come in an canvas and mounted. has a range of beautiful photographs Afghanistan. quality and traditional designs. article at a good´s all part of the game and 69 . As a Egypt. and rugs from Iran are generally +971 2 690 8950 more valuable than the equivalent www. genuine antiquities from China. just don´t feel +971 2 665 5332 pressured into buying simply because www. +971 2 676 CARPETS 8614) is an independent gallery Buying a carpet can be a fascinating showcasing works by local artists. it is advisable to learn a bit about carpets before Barakat Gallery making your final decision. inside Qaryat Al Beri. Visit a Barakat specialises in ancient art with number of shops to get a feel for price. coins. the higher the and Rome. experience. Most importantly. Hemisphere Design Studio & Gallery (Khalifa Street. with more valuable than their machine new talent regularly exhibiting. yet they are sometimes international artists. Carpet salesmen gallery is near Khalidiyah from Turkey or Kashmir.salwazeidangallery. Africa.barakatgallery.

Apart from the souk. usually as tables with glass tops. You can also buy gold ingots in varying sizes. Chopard and Tiffany & Co. and woodcarvings in the form of dhows. Mina Souk is similarly well stocked. Genuine traditional items. and is available in 18. prayer beads in a multitude of colours. 21. 22 or 24 carats. although ´antique´ copies are widely available. Other items with a local theme include the Arabian coffee pot and cups (a symbol of local hospitality). and can be hung as works of art or transformed into furniture. Most malls also have well-stocked carpet shops. can be very expensive and increasingly difficult to find. GOLD JEWELLERY Gold jewellery is in abundant supply. A good starting point is the Carpet Souk at the port end of Mina Road. Regional jewellers to look out for include Damas. Traditional wooden doors are also expected. from clean and classic western designs to opulent. Gold is priced according to the international daily gold rate. such as Cartier. you´ll also find some big name jewellers in the shopping malls. Many outlets that sell these large items can arrange shipping back to your home country. ornate Arabian wedding jewellery. whatever your taste. a small charge is added for craftsmanship. Shopping for gold is a fascinating activity. such as wooden chests. which varies according to the intricacy of design. Pure Gold and Rivoli. due to the wide range of styles available. The Gold Souk on 4th Street in Madinat Zayed has many jewellers. In addition to the weight price. 70 . either for investment or to have moulded into your own design. including some of the Gulf´s largest.

Abu Dhabi´s souks and malls -aside this distinctive fruit holds an from the standard white. Ancient looking rifles. varieties. worn in the cooler months. Emirates General Market. Discover exhibitions). They are MADE IN UAE even available dipped in chocolate or Made in UAE Souvenirs was founded stuffed with almonds or candied in 2007 in Abu Dhabi by the emirati orange peel. honey and cocoa beans. Chocolate made from than gold. the dried resin from the camels´ milk is a luxurious treat with frankincense tree of southern Oman a smooth texture and a unique flavour has been traded for centuries. janice@miuaes. the renowned artist Azza Al Qubaisi. Today. and that comes from blending camel milk nowadays is often sold with a small with vanilla.miuaes. include delicious of heavy silver or later on gold and Lebanese sweets (most often made crafted into necklaces. Lulu and popular fashion accessory worldwide. the camel shaped figurines. and is distinctive white garment worn available from many souvenir shops. Bateel. with each having its own distinct colour and flavour. 71 .com. Iranian caviar is widely of historic art. from pastry. have become a Dhabi Co-operative Society. patterns such as chequered red and dates are available in many modern white. and make beautiful available and good value for money. they come in important place in Arabian heritage a multitude of different colours and as a vital source of nutrition. check first with your airline on procedures for transporting them. bracelets. Once valued more highly any added tax. SOUVENIRS YOU CAN EAT Traditional wedding jewellery made Edible souvenirs. curved dagger in an elaborately Locations: Marina Mall and Women’s wrought sheath) are also popular Union -Abu Dhabi +971 55 493 6308 buys. Ghitra headscarves. pralines and as incense kits. If you intend to purchase these. falconry equipment and canes showcasing handicraftsfrom (traditionally used in emirati dancing differentparts oftheworld. short. beautiful creations of local artistsand muzzle loading guns and the talentsbesidea wide collection of UAE functional yet decorative ´khanjar´ (a traditional and silver souvenirs. sparkling date juice. It is also home to a jams and preserves and even balsamic cultural exchange programme by vinegar from dates. Perhaps the You will find a huge range of ghitra in most classic edible souvenir is dates. ground nuts and earrings and rings are coveted forms dates). has an amazing local 100% non-profit project to selection of luxury dates and date develop and promote UAE handicrafts produce. date and artworks. www. wooden chest and charcoal burner as It is sold in bars. traditionally as headdresses by men as well as supermarkets such as Abu in the Middle East. and is the first dates delicatessen. displays when mounted into glass as it is sold without import duty or box frames.



Find Arjmst branches of Bateel at the Souk at A private atelier. Bateel sells every blended perfumes as well. The date palm has been a symbol of specialises in oud. unique Arabian experience. silver oud have different aromas. all of which make excellent souvenirs. Once you kind of date imaginable.arjmst. with a selection of French in the date trade. however. gold. from the history of pearl Yas Perfumes diving (represented in Angel Tears Made from the resin of the agarwood collection). Oud oil. deep rooted shopping in Abu Dhabi is that many tradition and the awareness of of the shops offer so much more than present and future issues in her the goods they sell . Skillful after luxury item. Emirates Palace and another in as juice. to present environmental tree. Turkish delight. long www. Abu Dhabi some fascinating date products such Mall. browse . deep scent when art its identity and Qubaisi. wide range of dates. balsamic vinegar and syrup.Shops with the Arabian Experience One of the great things about beauty of nature. Al Ain Mall. not only can you buy a Perfumes in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. and is popular with emiratis +971 55 471 0080 who use it as a distinctive. but they also sell including Marina Mall.from the hard. all of which are traditional centuries. showcases the work of Abu Dhabi Mall. and Bateel Dates has long regional scents used as perfume and been one of the most respected names incense. fully ripe tamr.they also offer a fabulous collections and sculptures. Her work combines the 74 . outlets are like luxurious There are numerous branches of Yas delicatessens.bateel. oud oils and life and hospitality in the region for dukhoons. along with a special affordable souvenirs to remember burner. an emarati company. Bateel Dates Yas Perfumes. but all and other materials give each piece of have a strong. unripened balah date through the incredible selection of to the soft. founded in 2004 in Qaryat Al Beri. She also draws attention to many subjects. Khalidiyah Mall and Abu Dhabi. oud was historically a valuable issues represented in the commodity and today is still a sought Sustainability collection. Bateel ornate perfume bottles to store it in. Various types of combinations of diamond. the first emirati designer Azza Al www. cakes. You can purchase oud as both exclusive one-off pieces and blocks or chips. result of a complex extraction +971 2 644 1575 process. Find lasting perfume. is the your Abu Dhabi experience. in every form have selected a fragrance.

+971 2 5506111 Abu Dhabi Mall www. This mall has an It world of choice when it comes to has a wide range of stores. Look out for mall: Marks & Spencer. International Airport. and more. malls are a small. local and 75 . cafés and www. and fancy goods. cosmetics. until late at night.dalmamall. There is also an +971 2 556 2229 www. With their +971 2 443 7000 imaginative designs and wide range of www. modern and air-conditioned. They also hold latest fashion brands and numerous raffles.alwahda-mall. prizes such as luxury cars or cash. SHOPPING MALLS Al Wahda Mall Spacious. a children´s play area and Several of the world´s favourite a this is more than just a brands are jammed into this spacious shopping destination. restaurants on Fotouh Al Khair Centre every floor. The bigger malls buzz with Dalma Mall activity as people meet. There is also a kids´ stores Debenhams and BHS. spacious sun Abu Dhabi´s malls are a welcome roofed design and a myriad of side escape from the summer heat and a passages to satisfy curious shoppers. Also (perfumes. Grand Stores and Salam Stores (all candles. In Abu With over 200 shops and upwards of 25. +971 2 645 4858 +971 2 681 1130 www. pose and Dalma Mall is moments away from parade. During festive occasions such Maqta Bridge and Abu Dhabi as Eid or Ramadan. with stores offering the international acts. often with huge entertainment facilities for all ages.fotouhalkhair. Adams. Jashanmal. cafés. leisure and shopping TThis mall on Al Nahyan Street (including fashion). big name outlets like Paris Gallery Monsoon. worth visiting is Falcon Gallery handbags and jewellery). shopping malls are perennially Al Raha Mall Khalidiyah Mall Al Raha houses a mixture of entertainment. and a large food court. flower arranging materials department stores).000 visitors a day. Nine West. This mall is a For special events such as dance or good shopping and entertainment cultural shows. -great for household decorations. as well place to catch up with friends or for a as a large supermarket and plenty of family outing -and the fun can go on dining choices. its many entertainment area. malls are outlets. often featuring destination. restaurants and a food court offer Highlights include UK department a choice of dining. sunglasses. eat. large and shopping. Two cinemas show features distinctive Islamic the latest movies and a number of architecture and over 160 shops.

A true Abu Dhabi landmark.amusement centre with arcade coffee shops make it possible to spend a games. a brand new dedicated 3D full day here. a bowling alley. the mall is CityStore which is the region’s first standalone store of an Marina Mall English Premium League team. musical fountains and hundreds of big name brands and +971 2 681 8300 stores. this mall range of Club merchandise. annual sale period from mid-January to +971 2 635 4000 the end of February. an ice rink.khalidiyahmall. Marina Mall´s many restaurants and 76 . including a features a 100 metre high viewing shirt printing service to create platform. The Manchester City FC store features a full Located on the Breakwater. A new addition to www. a personalized items. Watch out for the huge cinema and a bowling alley.

and you The Souk at Central Market can buy by the kilo or the box. today alongside the spices. Over the years the Mina Zayed Free Port. goods on sale have diversified Souk Qaryat Al Beri dramatically. www. surroundings. man-made canals.soukqaryatalberi. catch on to the quayside and prepare dhows from the Far East and India for a day of haggling.centralmarket. and the stunning waterside complex offers alfresco Al Mina Fruit & Vegetable Souk dining in beautiful architectural Across the road from the Fish Souk. fashion sellers will make up Arabic majlis and diverse restaurants. and to observe the you around the souk via meandering traditional way of doing business. Opened recently as a soft opening. coffee souks are worth a visit for their shops and a diverse range of bustling atmosphere. Abu Dhabi´s and international retail brands. The fish souk is in nearby souks. Abras (water taxis) take of goods. excellent photo opportunities. Some of the antiques to traditional tailoring. near the main port area. carpets. The Souk at Central you are not buying. MARKETS/SOUKS Traditional markets have evolved into Fish Souk bustling tourist attractions selling a fascinating collection of goods. clothing typical Arabian souk is home to local and household items. eclectic variety restaurants. style cushions for a very reasonable +971 2 499 8444 price. souvenirs. You´ll find it on Mina arranges his produce outside the shops. this area provides Market will offer more than 250 shops. Souk is Every morning. fishermen load their Arabic for ´marketplace´. 77 . what you are looking for. it is a fascinating would offload their cargo and the insight into the way traditional goods would be haggled over in the business is done. this traditional Arabian souk is a must visit Carpet Souk destination for residents and tourists Yemeni mattresses and machine with the emphasis on displaying and made carpets dominate this souk. silks and perfumes you´ll find This contemporary adaptation of a electronic goods. but selling traditional and regional products bargains can be found if you know ranging from jewellery. Even if When fully opened. The choice is amazing. this fruit and vegetable market is +971 2 558 1670 bursting with colour as each seller www. +971 2 644 0808 www. Shoe Mart (huge range of shoes).ae Liwa Centre This is where to head on Sheikh Hamdan Street for designer jewellery. +971 2 632 8555 Khalifa Centre This ethnic mall is teeming with craft and souvenir shops. perfume. inexpensive fashion). as well as shops selling Iranian carpets . clothes. 78 . It also has a pharmacy. bookshops and more. Be sure to visit the vibrant food court on the second level or relax in the coffee shop. It is home to Abu Dhabi’s gold souk with 85 stores selling a range of traditional and modern jewellery. all at bargain prices. Other smaller shops include computer suppliers and ladies´ fashion outlets.a great place for souvenirs. Its main draws are now Splash (trendy. +971 2 667 9900 kcenter@eim.adcoops. Lifestyle (funky gifts and much more) and The Baby Shop. especially during weekends and evenings. a substantial market specialising in UAE traditional dress and an accessories and cosmetic Hamdan Centre Something of an institution on Abu Dhabi´s shopping scene. sports equipment and touristy knick-knacks. makeup. Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre & Gold Centre This down-town centre has over 400 stores including a big textile market. this vibrant centre in the heart of the city is a good place to buy leather goods. which is open until midnight. shoes.CENTRES & BARGAIN OUTLETS Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society Complex This older shopping centre still buzzes.

Catch a cab up to the Heritage Village on the Corniche Breakwater and step back in time to a traditional desert lifestyle. including the Louvre Abu Dhabi and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. 1.000 columns. 11am or 5pm every Saturday to Thursday. partake in the ultimate luxury tradition of afternoon tea at Emirates Palace with platters of dainty sandwiches. complimentary guided tour at 10am. Afternoon Visit the Saadiyat Island Cultural District exhibition at the opulent Emirates Palace hotel and get an insight into what will be the world´s largest single concentration of premier cultural institutions. Take a one hour. weaving and metal work. Morning Learn all about Islam and some UAE traditions with a visit to one of the world›s most impressive mosques. A DAY OUT IN ABU DHABI CITY ITINERARY ONE A Dose of Culture and Cruising through Dinner. Evening Enjoy an Arabian feast whilst cruising along the Corniche on a traditional dhow (sailing boat) converted into a restaurant.000 worshippers. 79 . petit fours and fluffy scones and a pot of expertly brewed tea. gold plated chandeliers. It´s free of charge and From 4pm. Be mesmerised by the glittering lights of Abu Dhabi´s Manhattan style skyline. Bargain with souvenir sellers and watch craftsmen at work producing pottery. the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. the world’s largest hand woven carpet with the most knots and space for 40. This architectural marvel features 80 domes.

80 .

Take a fishing tour with Sea Cruisers and get to know all about Abu Dhabi´s rich maritime heritage whilst taking in its stunning coastline.seacruiser. Tel: +971 50 721 8928) for a bright and early eco-tour. and air-conditioned and be ready to snap up photographs. kayaking through Abu Dhabi natural eastern mangrove forests dotted around the plethora of islands in view of the rising city You´ll spend 1.yasmarinacircuit. team garages and the working environments of the F1™ teams in the Paddock Club´s team villas. including shark.5 hours with an experienced guide who can share details on natural wildlife habitats and point out some of the iconic buildings transforming the horizon. Evening Head to one of the city´s fabulous seafood restaurants for a gourmet experience that you will savour long after the meal is over. Arrange for Sea Cruiser Boat Tours (www. You´ll arrive in style. choose your favourite seafood and get it cleaned on site ready for a lunch or evening barbecue. Afternoon Head off for a day´s fishing and how you should easily be able to recognise your catch.yasisland. If you´re self catering. Tel: +971 50 800 9495) to pick you up from an agreed destination on the water. and transfer you to Abu Dhabi´s signature entertainment destination.noukhada. stopping for refreshments on one of the pristine islands. The tour ends with a photo finish opportunity on the Main Straight podium. Yas Island ( Tel: 800 927). Escorted track tours in an air-conditioned coach with a trained tour guide provide an inside view of the pits. 81 . Experience one of the world´s most technologically advanced motorsport´s circuits by taking the official Yas Marina Circuit Venue Tour (www. ITINERARY TWO Fishy Tales of Arabia Morning Rise early to catch the action at the Fish Market in the Mina Area. ITINERARY THREE Islands in the Sun Morning Set sail with the Noukhada Adventure Company (www. Be astounded at the astonishing array of fish. to the 143 berth Yas Marina which overlooks the Yas Marina Formula 1™ Circuit. The hustle and bustle of the market brings you wide awake.

connecting to the 27 sqm Saadiyat Island (www. Take an afternoon break in the centre’s Al Fanr restaurant. Afternoon Transfer from Yas Island along the incredible Sheikh Khalifa Highway. 82 . Saadiyat Island will eventually house the world´s largest single concentration of premier cultural assets. including the Zayed National Museum.theyashotel. ´The Saadiyat Story´ at the island´s dedicated exhibition centre Manarat Al Saadiyat (www. a performing arts centre and a maritime or email manaratalsaadiyat@tdic. business and cultural hub. the only one in the world to straddle an F1™ a magnificent 18-hole ´ocean´ masterpiece designed by golfing legend Gary Player. Tel: +971 2 557 8000). Evening Finish your perfect island day with a visit to Saadiyat Beach Golf Club (www. Tel: +971 656 0600).Lunch Delight in the art of cuisine at one of the fine dining restaurants at the extraordinary The Yas Hotel ( which is undergoing a remarkable transformation to become a world class leisure. brings the history and cultural vision of Saadiyat to life. A permanent interactive display. sbgolfclub. Squeeze in a game of golf or kick back and relax at the club´s signature Hawksbill Restaurant with its sweeping views overlooking the rolling cascades of the course.saadiyat. Louvre Abu Dhabi. the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.

Meaning ‘The Spring’ in Arabic.EXPLORE. Al Ain city is fed by natural springs originating in the rocky heights that surround it. Set among lush oases and towering palm plantations. and is the birthplace of Abu Dhabi’s ruling Al Nahyan family. the emirate’s heritage heartland and one of the world’s oldest continually inhabited settlements and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Al Ain - the Oasis City . ENGAGE – AL AIN (EASTERN REGION) Al Ain was once a vital oasis on the caravan route from the UAE to Oman. .


There are eight different entrances. but it´s best to stick to the paved areas. It is set in beautifully landscaped gardens. It has been carefully restored and now housesapermanentexhibitionof thework of British adventurer Sir Wilfred Thesiger (whom the locals affectionately refer to as Mubarak Bin London) and his 1940s crossings of the Rub Al Khali (The Empty Quarter) desert. watch locals arrive in pickups laden with goats and 85 . East of Jebel Hafeet Al Ain Oasis In the heart of the city. The cool. People will try to sell you a tour around the pens. and entry is free. the UAE´s traditional irrigation system. Farms occasionally have signs welcoming tourists to walk around. and there is a restaurant in the centre of the plantation. the force that protected the mountain passes and kept inter-tribal peace. AL AIN ATTRACTIONS Al Ain Centre Market This is the last souk of its kind in the UAE and is an excellent opportunity to see camels up close. ready to do some hard bargaining. +971 3 763 0155 Al Jahili Fort The picturesque Al Jahili Fort is one of the UAE´s most historic forts and is the birthplace of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The farms have plenty of working examples of the falaj. and to see and hear the traders discussing the price and merits of their animals. Near Al Ain Museum. In the livestock section. all you´ll hear is birdsong and the rustle of the palm fronds. which has been used for centuries to tap into underground wells. close to the centre of town www.adach. It was erected in 1891 to defend the city and protect precious palm groves. it also served as a residence for the local governor. which will take you on a relaxing meander through the trees. but be careful where you point your lens and always ask permission first. Picnic tables are available at the main entrance to the oasis. The former headquarters of the Oman Trucial Scouts. many of which are still working farms. Near Public Garden. You are welcome to wander through the plantations. this impressive oasis is filled with palm plantations. some of which have arched gates. but feel free to walk around on your own. shady walkways transport you from the heat and noise of the city to a tranquil haven. There are some excellent photo opportunities. and visitors are encouraged to explore it.

while wildlife typical of the local region. a cafeteria and a train tour of the wildlife area. and at least 30% of its 180 species are considered endangered. 800 2977 www. zebras and rhinoceroses co-exist in the mixed African exhibit. Conservation efforts have been strengthened by partnerships with San Diego Zoo. Near Traffic Police. The centre has an extensive arts and culture programme with strong emphasis on local and Arab art. such as the indigenous Arabian Oryx and sand gazelle also share a habitat. Giraffes. and the World Association of Zoos & Aquariums. Jebel Hafeet.Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort This is home to over 4. Visitors can see the large animal collection in enclosures that resemble their natural habitats as closely as possible. The park covers 900 hectares near the base of Jebel Hafeet. There are plenty of green public spaces ideal for picnics and also Al Qattara Arts Centre This historic renovated fort now houses the Al Qattara Arts Centre whilst carefully maintaining a blend of the traditional architecture with stateof-the-art facilities. the park is also open nightly from 4pm to 10pm.awpr. 86 .000 animals. In summer. with a special bird show at 7:30pm. UAE heritage and culture and advanced facilities for studying and improving art skills. the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden in Miami.

place for tourists and residents alike. a rocky terrain that has been landscaped. which was www. Accommodation is exhibition hall. Advance www. Green a wet studio for drawing and painting. It is 87 . UAE´s most surprising sights. Abu a dry studio for a variety of activities Dhabi´s highest peak. including At the bottom of Jebel Hafeet.30pm.5002. cafe and library. lies one of the such as music classes and art crafting.000 BC) excavated and restored in 1995. the road to Dubai) are the Hili You can find informative books with Archaeological Gardens. 1pm and 5pm –10pm and on Friday The archaeological site has remnants from 4pm -10. digital room suitable for photography giving the impression of rolling grassy and computer classes. Near the base of Jebel Hafeet Classic Cars Museum at Al Ain +971 3 783 9555 Sportplex www. preserves. JEBEL HAFEET Green Mubazzarah Hot Springs With excellent reservations are taken. Mubazzarah is a park of undulating a fully-equipped pottery studio.adach. interprets and Hili Archaeological Garden exhibits vehicles related to the Just 10 kilometres outside Al Ain (on evolution of transportation in the UAE. Open archaeological site.emiratesresidence. available in chalets. a spacious hillsides with streams. Combining valuable information about old both a public garden and the transportation in the This museum is an educational facility that collects. of a Bronze Age settlement +971 5 623 1323 (2. hot springs and calligraphy studio as well as an waterfalls.30am. this is a popular Saturday to Thursday from 9.

000 years have also been found in the foothills of Jebel Hafeet. cycle to the top via a winding highway. Weekday timings are 4pm to 10pm. Significant fossil discoveries have been made in the area. which are vital pieces in the jigsaw of the city’s ancient Hili Fun City This flagship family entertainment destination has been a firm favourite since opening in 1985 when it became the Gulf’s first theme park. and a small children´s play area. Jebel Hafeet is the UAE’s second highest 88 . Mohammed Bin Khalifa St www. but it is chiefly a garden with plants. The park is open from 10am to 10pm on Fridays and Public Holidays and from 12pm until 10pm on Saturdays.tamouh.89m and above covers entry to the park and 25 rides. Wednesdays are reserved for ladies only and the park is closed on Sundays.visitabudhabi. The all inclusive price of AED 40 / AED 35 Mondays and Tuesdays (US$11/9.hilifuncity.the source of some of the richest finds in the area. kayaking and surfing playground in the shadow of Jebel Hafeet.240 metres.50) for adults and children of 0. a family show amphitheatre. or if you have the stamina. you’ll be rewarded with magnificent views over Al Ain. fountains. Once you reach the top. +971 3 784 5542 www. picnic and play areas. where you can take a break at the Mercure Jebel Hafeet hotel near the Jebel’s peak. Rising 1.000 years old. Now Jebel Hafeet This towering rocky height. Hili is near Fossil Valley. WADI ADVENTURE A man-made white-water rafting. Over 500 ancient burial tombs dating back 5. an area rich in a variety of fossils dating back many thousands of years to when it was covered by sea. com (the automotive information online source) described as among the world’s greatest driving roads. is forged out of craggy limestone that has been weathered over millions of years. which stands guard over Al Ain and borders Oman. You can drive. There are other archaeological structures around the park. www. which edmunds. the expansive park boasts 28 attractions for all ages. many of which are believed to be over 4.

is a tranquil The archaeology displays are spot amid the hustle and bustle. mixed Al Ain Paradise Garden use play areas. women and children only (boys under Zayed Bin Sultan St. the towering trunks Record for the most hanging baskets. a native This expansive park – the size of four plant garden with species indigenous football pitches – is home to to the UAE. extensive. New at the Al Ain Wildlife Park & slides and climbing frames are sure to Resort (AWPR) is the fun-filled. Play areas with swings. A dry wadi. offer a genuine horticulture lesson in having 2. Designed to inspire children through the middle of the park and of all ages with a love for biodiversity.awpr. For such as the one from Garn Bint Saud the older kids. Some of the displays. PARKS & GARDENS Al Ain Ladies Park Commonly known as Basra Park. there is also a small snack bar to the new garden showcases the beauty satisfy the day´s cravings. picnic spots. With metre tall replica of the Eiffel Tower spectacular African Baobab trees and it holds the Guinness World framing the area. of plants. outdoor learning scheme ‘Children’s crossed by wooden bridges. how specific plants can adapt to dry On Nahyan Al Awal Street at the soil conditions. runs Garden’. rolling hill. www. date back to the first millennium BC. www. the age of 10). this amusement arcade tucked away near quiet and attractive garden is for the back entrance. keep the kids HERITAGE Al Ain Public Garden Al Ain National Museum The main park in Al Ain. If you are looking for +971 3 708 4832 somewhere to sit and enjoy the On Nahyan Al Awal Stree at the Zakher roundabout. Zakher roundabout.alainparadise. Already up and running are a flower garden. fountains are attractively lit at it is helpful to visit the museum before night and areas for younger children the gardens. a recycling garden and a approximately 10 million flowers. a 12 vegetable. there is a small (12 kilometres north of Hili). The gifts 89 . fruit and herb garden. Entrance is free. have a variety of play equipment.85) so trees. there are plenty of benches under the Children’s Garden shady trees. and include many artefacts Walkways meander under shady from the nearby Hili Gardens (p.968 in total.


alainsportplex. Muraijib Fort section houses an unusual collection Built in 1816. museum was once the home of the You must register before attending! late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Open Saturday to Thursday from Nahyan and was also a hub of the 9. Built in 1910. Open Saturday to Thursday For those interested in the UAE´s flora from 9. the attend if they are above five years old. experience UAE’s traditional life. Hours of operation are generous. learn how to make traditional Near Al Ain Oasis. The palace was Friday from 4pm -10. and two theatres where you can enjoy watching art shows and Al Ain University Natural History listening to poet artists and music Museum concerts. from 8am to 7:30pm Al Reef handicrafts training centre every day except Monday (closed) and This educational centre at Al Ain Friday. The labelling on all displays is in Al Jimi St English and Arabic. +971 3 764 1595 handicrafts of various of various species of animals and birds. this museum is a small but and on Friday from 4pm -10. which and a golden palm tree. +971 5 623 1323 It includes a herbarium and collections www. known as the Qasr Al Ain Museum) is Thesessionsareclassifiedaccording to near the commercial area on the road age group and gender and kids can to Sinaiyya.aam. The museum is open from 8:30am to Heritage Village at Al Ain Sportplex 7:30pm Tuesday to Sunday and Here you can journey to the past and between 2:30pm to 7:30pm on Friday.aam. 91 .ae centre encourages residents and tourists to know more about the UAE Al Ain Palace Museum heritage during the training sessions The Al Ain Palace Museum (also held by specialised staff.30am -1pm and 5pm -10pm and on city´s political among others.30pm informative centre run by the university.30am-1pm and 5pm -10pm and fauna. A collection of material concerning the ruling family. +971 3 751 7755 village includes an old café. Muraijib Fort is the of gifts that Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al oldest in Al Ain. The Al Ain St. popular market. when the hours are 3pm to Sportplex gives you the chance to 5:30pm. The www. It is on Al Jimi Street Nahyan received during his lifetime. . It and its restored remains are within includes golden are reserved for women and children.30pm turned into a museum in 1998 and +971 5 623 1323 now holds a large collection of www. minerals and fossils is also on display. silver daggers beautifully landscaped gardens.

al-ain. Kattam Al Shaklah St www.SPORTS & RECREATION Al Ain offers a wealth of indoor and outdoor active pursuits. features three distinctive configurations. all-grass golf also boasts a restaurant. shisha lounge course under the shadow of Jebel and meeting rooms equipped with the Hafeet. Hilton Al Ain . Visitors are kind in the Middle East. booked in advance. welcome. The Al Ain Raceway This has an 18-hole. and lessons are available. It is open to non- calendar. and their skills on top-of-the-line Intrepid Golf Club brand rental karts.4 km Al Ain Raceway www. The course Max Challenge Grand aagc0071@yahoo.alainraceway. Shooting. +9713 768 4888 Al Ain Sportplex . the Al Ain Sportplex is clubhouse and a floodlit driving home to the 1. Go-Karting Hilton Al Ain Golf Club The state-of-the-art Al Ain Raceway is This par three course has an average ranked as one of the world´s top three distance of about 80 yards between go-karting tracks and is host to major each hole and.the largest of its valid internationally. first class equestrian facilities latest technology and is an ideal venue and a stunning clubhouse with an for team building and corporate events.palmsportsresort. Open to the public. excellent restaurant signposted from Exclusive use of the circuit needs to be the Horse Roundabout. although short in international events such as the Rotax length. paintball and other club boasts an 18 hole sand course. it can play drivers of all +971 3 768 6662 www. this soccer. the biggest has nearly 30 bunkers and very small annual event on the global karting quick greens.aesgc. Here’s a selection: GOLF Al Ain Sportplex Al Ain Golf Club Aside from motorsports. but should phone 92 . drivers can hone Al Ain Equestrian. Handicaps gained here are go-karting track . The fully floodlit circuit members. Kattam Al Shaklah Street Near Danat Al Ain Resort +971 3 768 8888 +971 3 706 7051 www.alainsportplex.hilton. a attractions.+971 3 768 6666 providing an exhilarating challenge for www. Near the Danat Al Ain Resort.

ae showcases some of the most unusual and unexpected rock formations and Al Jimi Mall plant life in the country. experienced hikers shouldn´t miss the +971 3 766 0333 Hanging Gardens hike. long walks and quiet picnics. including Women`s HORSE RIDING Secret. this is Bawadi Mall the resort for you. carpets and and closed on Sunday handicrafts in a traditional souk +971 3 702 5000 environment. Whether it´s learning to www. Golf Club has excellent facilities for the +971 3 763 8883 equestrian. More Home Centre and Paris Gallery. shaded settings for Anchor stores include Grand Stores.palmsportsresort. corporate groups and includes a ski a range of high street and designer 93 . equipments advice.aesgc. rollercoaster. The club is also a eight screen cinema and a bowling good resource for information on alley.aesgc.aljimimall. and www. Nine The Al Ain Equestrian. provide gorgeous. Family entertainment For beginners. Open 2pm -10pm classic souvenirs like gold. modern mall has over perfect for day hikes or long walks. a food court and many casual Shooting Club dining outlets. Offers hundreds of shopping options in over 70 shops. There are also two www. AL AIN SHOPPING MALLS HIKING Al Ain Mall The areas surrounding Al Ain are This bright. The 175 stores selling everything from plantations scattered around the city greeting cards to gold jewellery.bawadimall. gun The Heritage Village features beautiful tips.alainmall. and competition opportunities for Islamic architecture and shops selling registered members. Bawadi Mall +971 3 702 6405 has over 400 outdoor markets. and West. shooting tips. Shooting. which ride. The largest mall in Al Ain. Bawadi and Al +971 3 784 000 international and regional brands. looking to take part in competitions or be a spectator at regular races. Areej and Body Shop. www. an experienced shooters. representing both www. Early Learning Centre.


Emirates Commercial Complex Foah Mall Nearly 50 shops line the pavements of This is Al Ain’s newest entertainment this mixed use complex that is and shopping centre. where you can entertainment area everything is buy fabrics and readymade garments under one roof. From fashion to particularly handy if you´re looking for accessories. multiplex screen theatre. books to toys. One of the most popular to restaurants.alfoahmall. and a kids’ outlets is Odel Style. +971 3 751 2111 +971 3 766 3 560 95 . home ware souvenirs. You can see in the 12 with a distinct Arabian feel.

Be cooled by the wafting palms and see the traditional falaj 96 . outlets including banks. The +971 3 762 1868 souk itself is a rather ramshackle affair but it is certainly different from many of the modern. Catch the attached to the huge Bawadi Mall. There are plenty looking for traditional garments. A DAY OUT IN Muwajei Souk This modern souk is a long strip of AL AIN handy shops. a Al Ain Souk section exclusively for women that is Also known as the Central or Old staffed by female shopkeepers. true emirati culture and tradition Safeer Mall is on the way to Hili while being new. or satisfy every shopper. Wild Side even more outlets can be found across the road. Shoe Mart and The Body ITINERARY ONE Shop. money Back for breakfast and pool at the exchanges and travel agents. Open Souk. including big guns like Choithram. a baby Excite. Morning Wake up at around 5:30am to catch Souk Al Bawadi & Souk Al Qaws the action at the Maqam camel Both of these outdoor markets are racetrack outside Al Ain.Safeer Mall Souk Al Zafarana Revolving around the popular This is a jewel of a find which reflects supermarket of the same name. Feel the pride architecture. 10am to 1pm and 8pm until midnight. Souk Al hotel. Relax and Take a Walk on the shop. a butchery and a toy shop. with over 40 service as the trophies are awarded. air-conditioned markets found elsewhere. with over 50 shops selling traditional Afternoon items and souvenirs. excitement as owners follow their Souk Al Qaws features shops of a prize animals in 4x4s from the safety practical nature set among unique of the inner enclosure. There is also a bakery. Bawadi has more of a heritage feel. this is a great place to explore. of clothing and accessory shops to incense or spices. dallah (Arabian coffee pots) this is the +971 3 763 3215 marketplace for you. This is the new home of Al Ain`s old AL AIN SOUKS souk and features Mubdia Village. savour the local atmosphere and Around the corner from Al Jimi Mall practise your bargaining skills. Whether you´re Archaeological Park. Wander through the ancient Al Ain Oasis and feel the cares of the world drain away. henna or oud.

irrigation system in action. musical instruments. Evening Set out late afternoon and head towards the towering Jebel Hafeet. The more adventurous may cross the Omani border into Buraimi to explore Hili Fort.built in 1816. First. weapons and a reconstruction of a traditional majlis. which contains several artefacts from the nearby forts that you will have visited in the morning. Afternoon Al Ain National Museum is varied enough to take up a full afternoon. Evening Take a night time guided tour through the Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort with its night safari. head to the impressive Al Jahili Fort -birthplace of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan -and see the permanent display of the work of British explorer Wilfred Thesiger. If you time it well. End with the ethnography section which has a huge collection of Bedouin jewellery. you can enjoy the sunset while driving up one of the world´s most incredible roads.Muraijib Fort . Start your tour with a look through the archaeology section. ITINERARY TWO History & New Horizon Views Morning Become immersed in Al Ain´s history by visiting its many forts. Before you reach the top. Let your imagination take you back to the days when this was one of the most welcome sights on the Silk Route. Next head to the museum´s gifts section to see a collection of gifts given to the late Sheikh Zayed. Next head to the landscaped gardens of Al Ain´s oldest fort . turn off for a break at the Mercure Hotel. 97 . Since many of its animals are nocturnal you get to see species that are hidden from you during the day.

Afternoon Enjoy 18 holes of golf on the all-grass course at Al Ain Equestrian. take your wallet to buy some handmade camel accessories as they make great souvenir gifts. Warm Springs. Evening The live entertainment and great food at Min Zaman in Al Ain Rotana attracts a large crowd so reserve a table before hand. 98 . Shooting & Golf Club.ITINERARY THREE Hot Souvenirs. Later travel to the other side of Jebel Hafeet to explore the bizarre landscape of Green Mubazzarah and its hot springs. Cool Golf and a Chilled Out Dinner Morning Wake up early to catch traders at the country´s last remaining camel market near the base of Jebel Hafeet and get up close to the desert way of life. Although you won´t buy a camel.


Along its hundreds of kilometres of coastline are stunning beaches and islands. Prepare for the UAE’s most adventurous off-road driving and some of its most incredible scenery. AL GHARBIA ENGAGE – AL GHARBIA (WESTERN REGION) ‘Where the desert meets the sea’. which are gradually being developed for visitors. EXPERIENCE. .the world’s largest sand desert. Al Gharbia makes up over two thirds of Abu Dhabi emirate. a historic oasis town that sits at the entry to the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter) . Al Gharbia is home to Liwa. EXPLORE.

Jebel Dhanna are on hand. this is the UAE’s Home to the Al Gharbia Watersports only discovered Christian monastery. gazelles and provided for participants and visitors. kids arrivals. 600 AD. the public can visit the site one of the region´s best kept secrets. offering free sessions for +971 2 801 5400 those wanting to learn more about www. guests of festival is a family Archeological Site on Sir Bani Yas Island Al Mirfa Public Beach Open to the public. takes up more than area. this is Al Gharbia´s only Believed to have been built around developed beach. Guests at the champions from across the globe and boutique Desert Islands Resort & Spa enthusiasts keen to take part in by Anantara can take 4x4 Nature & adrenaline inducing competitions Wildlife Drives of the park in specially such as kiteboarding. There are and relax. Camping facilities are many Arabian Oryx. The 10-day island staff. supplies for a night of camping or a day and more than a thousand years since of enjoying the turquoise waters. The festival gathers together half of the island. from Jebel Dhanna. giraffes. the picturesque harbour component of the planned Desert town of Al Mirfa boasts a stunning Island multi-experiential destination coastline and hosts the annual Al 240 kilometres west of Abu Dhabi - Gharbia Watersports Festival.000 free explore this pristine and undiscovered roaming animals.algharbiafestivals. which the Arabian Wildlife Park. small town nearby where you can buy Almost two decades since its discovery. which is is focused on encouraging visitors to home to more than 10. and experience another piece of the 101 . hyenas and cheetahs. play areas and a magical ´Sunset Seaplane flight transfers are available Souk´. watersport activities. it was initially discovered on It´s almost never crowded and there is a the island during excavations in 1992. www. Professional trainers and instructors Sir Bani Yas Island. wake boarding made vehicles accompanied by expert and surf-ski kayaking. Festival. AL GHARBIA ATTRACTIONS Al Gharbia Watersports Festival Arabian Wildlife Park Approximately 120 kilometres from On Sir Bani Yas Island -the core Abu Dhabi. where the Danat Resort Jebel Dhanna can visitors are encouraged to kick back book a three hour tour. It´s it was built. a traditional market that opens from Abu Dhabi and a ferry service as the sun goes down every day.desertislands. along with the newest with live evening entertainment.



enthusiasts. collection and a great place to stop on Sir Bani Yas Island. Off E11 Island was once one of the Gulf´s +971 50 829 3952 most important pearl diving centres. Opening +971 2 406 1400 times are 9am to 6pm seven days a www. Dune Bashing quad bikes and dirt bikes compete in The vast expanse of desert that lies the Moreeb Hill Climb event. Some 45 kilometres south of Abu Dhabi tapestry that makes up the UAE´s rainbow collection of Mercedes and fascinating history. It´s well worth the trip if With 300 metre dunes and long sand you think you can handle the constant valleys. The large flat drive from Abu Dhabi. which is outside the Liwa oasis is perfect for part of the Liwa International Festival adrenaline fuelled off-road driving. this is a fascinating enthusiasts worldwide. The museum is home to almost 200 cars. the base camp for competitors and spectators of the annual Abu Dhabi Emirates National Auto Museum Desert Challenge cross country rally. this impressive pyramid houses an assortment of cars from one dedicated collector: Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. but are subject to change. Delma Hamim week. the region´s most powerful four wheel drives.000 years. you´ll never get bored with humming of super modified engines desert and it still maintains strong links to its maritime heritage.and loud Arabic music. get a good map area at the base of the dune acts as and explore to your heart´s content. tallest sand dune. in February. www. Located just 30 Tel Moreeb kilometres off the mainland.enam. Jebel Dhanna the way to or from Liwa. it can be Considered by many to be the world´s visited by ferries from Jebel Dhanna. and treasures are still the BBC television programme Top being unearthed. including a vast collection of off-road vehicles and classic American cars. Rent a four-wheel. the Sheikh´s 104 . Each year. making the site a Gear. Even if you´re not particularly significant focal point for history interested in cars. Delma Island South of Abu Dhabi Inhabited for over 7. with incline to the top makes it a prime many farms and plantations growing destination for motorsports´ a wide variety of produce.desertislands. Entry is AED 10. A new phase of the world´s largest truck. Some of this work is currently underway by impressive collection was featured in archaeologists. Tel Moreeb is over With a good supply of fresh water. the 300 metres high and the 50 degree island is surprisingly fertile.

you could probably buy a tent and Non-locals can attend and it´s an two sleeping bags from a hypermarket incredible way to experience emirati for less than a guided www. never drive alone in the that celebrates local culture. Camel breeders come from rent a four-wheel-drive. in which emirati farms need to buy high quality equipment. Be event takes place on a huge. Prizes are given away for the top dates in each category and there is a live date auction where some dates sell for over AED www. fact. of course. you should first learn the ropes Zayed City with one of the several tour companies +971 2 621 5300 in Abu Dhabi.650) per Camping A trip to the desert isn´t complete Liwa Date Festival without a night under the stars.000 (US$1. spectators every January. four wheel drives. the Liwa Date can arrange camping adventures with Festival promotes and celebrates the a tour company or rent a four-wheel symbolic and historic role that the -drive and buy the equipment yourself. handicraft equipment. Liwa www. events.adach. date palm plays in emirati culture. You Held each year in July. www. Camping supplies are surprisingly The festival revolves around the date cheap in the emirates and there is no competition.algharbiafestivals.000 camels and The massive Empty Quarter dunes attracting several thousand present an awesome driving 105 . find a group of throughout the region to compete in eager drivers (you´ll need at least three this massive camel beauty pageant vehicles. SPORTS & HERITAGE RECREATION Al Dhafra Camel Festival Off-Road Driving Featuring nearly 24. barren sure that your vehicle is insured for off- plain that transforms into a lively city road use and that you have the proper of tents. culture up close. camels. this is one If you´re in the country during the of the world´s largest desert heritage cooler months and you like adventure.algharbiafestivals. In vie for the title of best date grower. road.adach. If you´ve never driven off- shops and. The desert) and set out for the sand.


cook yourselves a The water is practically untouched. Once past the Liwa Oasis. Dune Barbecues and feast. There´s nothing like sitting around a campfire with good friends and great ITINERARY TWO food. Start preparing your evening Desert Driving. shaped Liwa Oasis. take some time to feast like a king. never venture into the occupied: desert alone. so 107 . heat up the barbecue and put Moonlit Campfires. If you´re camping with a for swimming or activities with the guided tour. Swim and Dine yourselves an area to camp and pitch your tents. Head back to camp. and that hotels in Al Gharbia have a host of there is more than one vehicle on adventure activities to keep them your part. As you wait for the coals to heat up. Fire up barbecues. You should Evening also try your hand at sand boarding. climb the Morning highest sand dune you can and watch Head towards the Liwa Oasis at dawn what might be the most majestic and prepare for one of the most sunset of your life. Morning Head off to the public beach at the Afternoon picturesque harbour town of Mirfa. hold on tight while the Western Marine Sports Club. your last stop for supplies before heading into the massive dunes. the long shadows incredible landscapes you´ll ever cast by the dunes only magnify their witness. Once you reach the crescent incredible size. This will be and endless stars. Make a reservation at the Zaitoun the desert equivalent of snow restaurant at the Danat Resort Jebel boarding. some wood in the fire pit. Find Sunbathe. then sit back and drive between the small towns that enjoy the company of good friends populate this fertile area. meal and get ready to blast through perfect for a morning in the sun and the dunes. A DAY OUT IN AL GHARBIA Guests at the growing number of make sure you are prepared. experienced drivers take you on a drive you´ll never forget. you´ll quickly be blown away ITINERARY ONE by the sheer size of the dunes. Dhanna for a masterful menu of Middle Eastern and North African Evening dishes.


FORMULA 1TM ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX . find out what is on during your stay. Check out the websites and www. exhibitions and performances are held emirate wide throughout the year. A host of music . ABU DHABI EVENTS ABU DHABI EVENTS The emirate’s packed events calendar means visitors can enjoy a host of world class experiences all year round. .

restaurants. email engaging spectator village and great abudhabiterryfoxrun@gmail. An intriguing the new ADNEC complex includes insight into the relationship of this luxury hotels. and lives of UAE FEBRUARY Arts Abu Dhabi Gourmet Abu Dhabi Runs throughout the year. roller bladers and cyclists.artsabudhabi. divided between Gallery One at Emirates Palace and Arts Abu Dhabi Tel Moreeb International Festival Gallery at Manarat Al Saadiyat. JANUARY after play live www.adach. the emirate´s largest indoor only camel beauty contest. the world´s festival is a visitor experience with a most inclined tower and Abu Dhabi difference and includes the world´s Hall. a marina.adnec. The exhibitions are www. the the iconic Capital Gate. The pinnacle hill climb event for desert Saadiyat Island . near Zayed Sports City.000 standing. venue which can accommodate up to www.abudhabigolfchampionship. Throughout the year desert´ and the role it plays in the it hosts a variety of exhibitions. is Madinat Zayed. Championship is the European PGA The eight kilometre route runs along Tour curtain-raiser. it experts. and chateau and gourmet promotes cultural appreciation through dinners hosted by a range of the city´s a variety of expansive educational top hotels. in golf. free master classes. this annual festival the regionís largest and most modern celebrates the cherished ´ship of the facility of its kind. programmes. www. the event has an For more information. crucial desert animal and man. Dhabi Golf 111 .000 seated and Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship Terry Fox Run Featuring some of the biggest names This is a charity event for walkers. Development & Investment Company´s industry insights from hospitality (TDIC) Cultural 6. driving enthusiasts eager to climb 300 www. Held at the Abu Abu Dhabi Corniche. and is the Gourmet Abu Dhabi is a ´lifestyle platform of art exhibitions which gastronomic extravaganza´ featuring a creates cultural awareness to the star-studded cast of Michelin chefs and public. quad bikes and dirt bikes.gourmetabudhabi. Organized by the Tourism special guests.algharbiafestivals.terryfoxrun. JANUARY/FEBRUARY ADNEC Exhibitions Al Dhafrah Camel Festival Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre Held in Al Gharbia´s capital of (ADNEC).ae metre sand dunes with powerful four wheel drives. the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf runners.

This joint venture between KITAB. the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage and the Frankfurt Book Fair is held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. titles on display. www. GOURMET ABU DHABI MARCH Abu Dhabi International Book Fair This is the Middle East´s fastest growing book show with in excess of Abu Dhabi International Triathlon Abu Dhabi International Triathlon boasts a testing 223km ´pure power´ course 112 .

this adrenaline pumping event is a top tier fixture on the annual global triathlon racing calendar.abudhabidesertchallenge. www. both of which make this race the only one of its kind outside of Europe in terms of length and discipline distances. With the route taking in a host of Abu Dhabi city landmarks.abudhabifestival. This is the season opening round of both the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup and the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Abu Dhabi Festival This is the UAE´s premier classical arts event. this five day motor sport spectacle is entirely staged across Abu Dhabi´s diverse landscape under the auspices of Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority.abudhabitriathlon. www. musicians and MARCH/APRIL Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge One of the world´s most prestigious international cross country rallies. The culturally rich and diverse Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation (ADMAF) concerts are held in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.5km route. 113 . The festival programme is filled with world premieres. with the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE) acting as event organiser. new commissions and the Middle Eastern debut of many acclaimed artists. SUMMER IN ABU DHABI and a shorter 111. www. the festival attracts enthusiasts to adrenaline inducing competitions such as kite JULY/AUGUST Summer in Abu Dhabi An annual six-week family carnival takes place in a variety of venues throughout Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. children’s activities and cooking classes are also featured.algharbiafestivals. with a special selection of entertainment also performed in Al Ain’s Jahili Fort. entertainment. www. www. the festival includes a date auction and educational sessions on how to care for palm trees.adach. Gathering champions from across the globe. Camping facilities are provided for participants and visitors. this festival provides a welcome escape from rising temperatures. wake boarding and surf ski SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition 114 . kids play areas and a ´Sunset Souk´. Packed full of fun. www.APRIL Al Gharbia Watersports Festival This 10-day festival is held in the picturesque harbour town of Al Mirfa in Al Gharbia (Western Region).com WOMAD (World of Music and Dance) The free to attend WOMAD Abu Dhabi festival brings the city’s diverse community together to celebrate the world of music with a spectacular and eclectic roster of internationally renowned artists. Check out the many two-for-one entertainment offers which are part of the festival. action packed activities and shows. www. Special musical workshops. including Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre. A fascinating insight into many desert traditions. The three day open air festival takes place on the Corniche JULY Liwa Date Festival This annual event explores the intricacies of date production and the varied products in which the desert fruit is a key ingredient. with live evening entertainment.

the Grand Prix is held at the state of the art Yas Marina 115 . Showcasing Abu Dhabi´s distinctive traditions. visitors can get up close to desert pursuits including falconry.abudhabifilmfestival.the cherished breed of desert hunting dog. Ten days of cinema screenings and events are held at various Abu Dhabi venues. and becomes more adventurous every OCTOBER . while nightly circuit concerts by international stars bring added value for race goers. www. arts and crafts are also explored. OCTOBER Abu Dhabi Film Festival This festival has grown rapidly with each event bringing more films. www.abudhabiartfair. Abu Dhabi Art Hosting 40 exclusive selections of high level art galleries and innovative emerging galleries from Europe. Now taking place in the former UAE Pavilion created for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai which has now been re-erected on Saadiyat Island. www. the Middle East. The festival gets bigger. camel raising. Asia and the United States. An engaging visitor experience. www.MAY Abu Dhabi Classics Abu Dhabi Classics concerts take place at venues across the emirate and have become an indispensable part of the cultural NOVEMBER Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix The highlight of Abu Dhabi´s annual motorsport calendar. some of them making their Middle East debut. and more stars to the UAE capital. highlights include a unique indoor camel auction. more awards.abudhabiclassics. lasts longer. A fan zone on the Corniche takes the event beyond the racetrack. and the training of salukis .adihex. Fishing. although the entire city catches race fever. while feature and short films from all over the world compete for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. This annual event at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre is a window to the Emirate´s culture and heritage.

UAE National Day - 2 December
This annual two day festival on Abu Dhabi’s Corniche features live concerts
and entertainment as the city literally comes alive with joyful and exuberant
celebration. Buildings are decorated with thousands of lights, which
illuminate the city with brilliant colour.

Al Ain Aerobatic Show
Held at Al Ain Airport, this international event attracts over 150,000
spectators. It features some incredible aerobatic and stunt flying with model
aircraft, helicopters, wing walkers and gliders, military and civilian planes,
and exhibitions, all with the backdrop of the red dunes and Jebel Hafeet.
There is a festival atmosphere, with tents and displays related to flying.
Children are also well catered for with a play area, bouncy castles and, of
course, much to see in the air.

Abu Dhabi World Tennis Championship
The International Tennis Complex, Zayed Sports City Presented by Flash
Entertainment, this championship is one of the Gulf region’s fastest-growing
and most popular sporting events attracting close to 15,000 fans and the
world’s best players who battle it out for US$ 250,000 in prize money.


Foreign Embassies in UAE
Country Telephone number

Algeria 02- 4448949
Argentina 02- 4436838
Republic of Armenia 02- 4444196
Australia 02- 6346100
Austria 02- 6766611
Bahrain 02- 6657500
Bangladesh 02- 4465100
Belarus 02- 4453399
Belgium 02- 6319449
Belize 02- 6333554
Bosnia and Herzegovina 02- 6444164
Brazil 02- 6320606
Brunei Darussalam 02- 4486999
Canada 02- 6940300
China 02- 4434276
Czech Republic 02- 6782800
Egypt 02- 4445566
Eritrea 02- 6331838
Finland 02- 6328927
France 02- 4435100
Germany 02- 6446693
Greece 02- 4492550
Hungary 02- 6766190
India 02- 4492700
Indonesia 02- 4454448
Iran 02- 4447618
Italy 02- 4435622


Japan 02- 4435696 Spain 02- 6269544
Jordan 02- 4447100 Sri Lanka 02- 6316444
Kenya 02- 6666300 Sudan 02- 4446699
Kuwait 02- 4477146 Sweden 02- 6210162
Lebanon 02- 4492100 Switzerland 02- 6274636
Libya 02- 4450030 Syria 02- 4448768
Malaysia 02- 4482775 Tanzania 02- 6313088
Mauritania 02- 4462724 Thailand 02- 6421772
Morocco 02- 4433973/74 Tunisia 02- 6811331
Netherlands 02- 6958000 Turkey 02- 4460941
Norway 02- 6211221 Ukraine 02- 6327586
Oman 02- 4463333 United Kingdom 02- 6101100
Pakistan 02- 4447800 USA 02- 4142200
Palestine 02- 4471440 Yemen 02- 4448457
Philippines 02- 6345664 / 665
Poland 02- 4465200
Qatar 02- 4493300
Romania 02- 4459919
Russia 02- 6721797
Saudi Arabia 02- 4445700
Senegal 02- 6336929
Slovakia 02- 6321674
Somalia 02- 6669700
South Africa 02- 4473446
South Korea 02- 6439122


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.Al Ain 92 Language 12 Gourmet Abu Dhabi 111 Liwa Date Festival 106..Al Ain 91 Hiking 93 Made in UAE 71 Hili Archaeological Garden 87 Manarat Al Saadiyat 47 Hili Fun City 88 Malls Hilton Al Ain Golf Club 91 ...Abu Dhabi 75 Horse Racing 66 ...........Al Gharbia 105 O The Islands...Abu Dhabi 62 L . 46 Off-Road Driving 105 Old Airport Garden 54 Outdoor Activities 59 121 . Fun City 51 J Foah Mall 95 Jebel Hafeet 88 G K Gallery One 39 Kayaking Tours 38 Getting Around 13 Khalidiyah Garden 51 Get Boarding 35 Khalidiyah Mall 75 Ghaf Art Gallery 69 Khalifa Centre 78 Gold Jewellery 70 Khalifa Park 54 Go-Karting 92 Kids Park 51 Golf 62 ..Al Ain 91 ..Abu Dhabi 79 National Dress 13 .....Al Ain 89 Markets & Souks 96 ..Al Gharbia 105 Mawaqif – Paid Parking System 16 Heritage Village 42 ..Al Ain 90 Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition 115 Money 19 Horse Riding 93 Money Exchanges 20 Heritage Village Al Ain 91 Motorsports 66 Muwajei Souk 96 I Muraijib Fort 91 Ice Skating 67 Monte Carlo 50 In Emergency 21 Miraj Islamic 42 Indoor Activities 67 Itineraries N .Abu Dhabi 42 Marine Racing 55 .114 Grand Mosque 43 Local Currency 20 Green Mubazzarah Park 87 Local Time 8 Growth 5 Liwa Centre 78 H M Hamdan Centre 78 Madinat Zayed 78 Helicopter Tours 38 Shopping Centre & Gold Centre Heritage 42 Marina Mall 76 .Abu Dhabi 77 .

Abu Dhabi 55 . 13 Tour Operators 25 Religion 12 Tourism 5 Ruling Family 5 The Souk at Central Market 77 The Easy Way to See the Corniche 34 S The Eastern Corniche 35 Saadiyat Island 47 Saadiyat Beach Golf Club 50. 55 Sea Tourism 58 What To Wear 24 Sheraton Resort Health Club 58 WOMAD 114 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 43 Women 21 Centre Library Women’s Handicraft Centre 43 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 43 World’s Furthest Leaning 31 Shopping 68 Man Made Tower Shopping Malls 75 Wadi Adventure 88 ...Al Ain 93 Shops With The Arabian Experience 74 Y Yas Island 46 Silmi Garden 87 Yas Links Abu Dhabi 47....Abu Dhabi 75 ..63 Saadiyat Island Cultural 38 U District Exhibition UAE National Day 115 Safeer Mall 96 Useful Phrases 17 Sailing 55 Saluki Centre 43 Sea Cruiser 58 W Sea Cruiser Boat Tours 39 Watersports 34..63 Social & Business Hours 8 Yas Marina 46 Souk Al Bawadi & Souk Al Qaws 96 Yas Perfumes 74 Souk Al Zafarana 96 Yas Kartzone 66 Souk Qaryat Al Beri 77 Souks 74 Souvenirs 71 Z Souvenirs you can Eat 71 Zayed Centre 44 Speedboat Tours 41 Zayed Sports City 67 Sports & Recreation 55 ....P Squash 67 People With Disabilities 24 Summer in Abu Dhabi 114 Pearl Boats 42 T Photography 24 Taxi Service 16 Play at the Malls 54 Taxis 13 Population 8 Tel Moreeb 104 Tennis 66 R Terry Fox Run 111 Ramadan 8.AlAin 92 . 38.Al Gharbia 103 122 .

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