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An Introduction to

Advanced DATA

An Introduction to
Advanced Analytics.
Where Business Intelligence Systems End...
and Predictive Analytics Tools Begin
Advanced Analytics is the analysis of all kinds of data using sophisticated quantitative methods (for example,
statistics, descriptive and predictive data mining, simulation and optimization) to produce insights that traditional
approaches to business intelligence (BI) such as query and reporting are unlikely to discover. 1

Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms, Gareth Herschel | Alexander Linden | Lisa Kart, 19 February 2014

Figure 1:

Business Advanced
Intelligence Analytics

OLAP Reports & Data Descriptive Predictive Optimization Multimedia

Text Analytics
(Queries) Dashboards Discovery Modeling Analytics & Simulation Analytics

Data Infrastructure
RDBS, Hadoop, Text Indexing, NoSQL, Files

Structured Semi-structured Unstructured
tables XML, graphs, series texts, images, audio, video

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Analytics Analytics refers to the skills, technologies, applications and practices for continuous
iterative exploration and investigation of data to gain insight and drive business


1. Business Intelligence -- traditionally focuses on using a consistent set of

metrics to measure past performance and guide business planning. Business
Intelligence consists of querying, reporting, OLAP (online analytical processing),


2. Advanced Analytics -- goes beyond Business Intelligence by using sophisticated

Business data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes. BI tools, at the
Intelligence most basic level, help business users interpret voluminous data. BI focuses on the
storage and retrieval of data from the past, using technologies like data cubes and
query engines. Being able to measure past performance is essential in complex

market advantage.

The term Business Intelligence also often refers to the creation and maintenance

querying and reporting. Besides the querying and visualization of data, traditional
BI environments make it possible to implement rule-based alerts to inform decision

Analytics goes beyond Business Intelligence and expands the horizons of traditional analytics.
With traditional analytics, analysts look at the data and ask What happened? With

Methodologies and technologies from both statistics and computer science have
played an important role in the development of advanced analytics, and have
contributed to the discipline of Advanced Analytics. The main contributions come
from Machine Learning and Data Mining.

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Data Mining Data Mining has enriched machine learning by also covering the necessary steps of
data integration and preprocessing in order to create better models. Machine learning
focuses on model building. Today, the term data mining is used less often. Among
analysts, this term has mainly been replaced by Predictive Analytics, Descriptive

Predictive Predictive analytics is the practice of analyzing data to make statistically accurate
predictions about future events. Predictive Analytics encompasses a variety of
Analytics techniques from computer-aided statistics, machine learning, and data mining that

exploit patterns found in historical and transactional data in order to extrapolate to

future events, and, by that means, predict the most likely future. Models describing
those patterns capture relationships among many more factors than human beings


Generally, the term predictive analytics is used to mean predictive modeling, that is,

disciplines, such as descriptive modeling and decision modeling or optimization. These

market segment.

Going Beyond When most business people think about data, they envision a classic database, or a

Tabular Data

data like text collections.

unstructured data like images, audio, or video into a structured format
that can be used as the base for predictive or descriptive analytics.

Analytics models that can process unstructured data provide better predictions.

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Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Quick Comparison Table

Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics

Orientation Rearview Future

What will happen?

What happened
Types of questions What will happen if we change this
When, who, how many
one thing? Whats next?

Reporting (KPIs, metrics) Predictive Modeling

Automated Monitoring/Alerting Data Mining

(thresholds) Text Mining

Methods Dashboards Multimedia Mining

Scorecards Descriptive Modeling
OLAP (Cubes, Slice & Dice, Drilling) Statistical / Quantitative Analysis
Ad hoc query Simulation & Optimization

Big Data Yes Yes

Data types Structured, some unstructured Structured and Unstructured

Knowledge Generation Manual Automatic

Data scientists, Business analysts,

Users Business Users
IT, Business Users

Business Initiatives Reactive Proactive

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Advanced Analytics vs. Business Intelligence
Sample Questions
Where Business Intelligence is focused on reporting and querying, Advanced Analytics is about optimizing, correlating,
and predicting the next best action or the next most likely action. This table compares the types of questions.

Vertical Application Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics

Which credit card How likely is it that a

Financial Services Fraud detection transactions have been credit card transaction
will be fraudulent?
Investment holding How likely is it that
Which companies went
company: Business a company will go
bankrupt last year?
development bankrupt?
Provide me with a list Is this person likely to
Insurance Underwriting of people who had have an accident and
department accidents in the last 6 should we continue to
months. insure them?
How likely am I to
purchase a particular
product if I have
Retail and Consumer Who bought both beer
Retailer purchased another
Products and pretzels?
product? (If I buy beer,
how likely am I to buy
What books might you
What books did you buy
be most interested in
Sales and marketing from our website last
based on your previous
patterns of interest?
What is the amount of Predict when individual
time between purchases consumers will exhaust
CPG Sales and marketing
of our product by a their supply of a certain
single customer? product.
Which customers will be
Telecommunications and Telco Marketing, Which customers
most likely to leave your
Media customer service cancelled their service?
Which ads were more
Which ads will be more
Media marketing
channel, on a particular
What movies did your What movie will your
Media Sales and
customers rent or customers be most likely
purchase? to buy or rent?
Which chemical
Product design and What ingredients can be formulations will create
development found in our products?

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Vertical Application Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics

What happened last time What will be the impact
Product development we introduced a new
product? a new product line?
Whats the last time this
If I changed the
machine broke down?
maintenance schedule
Whats the maximum
maintenance for this machine, how
production we have
would it impact my
ever realized from this
production throughput?
What reasons did What actions will cause
Cross industry Customer service customers give for customers to leave your
cancelling their service? service?
Where are our biggest Where should we focus
Economic development
markets currently?
Which partner was Which partner has
Strategic alliances responsible for the most the biggest and best
Determine the likelihood
Collect existing patent
Legal department of a patent infringement
infringement cases.

What crimes occurred When are certain types

Law enforcement in a particular of crime most likely to
neighborhood last week? occur?
How can I optimally
assign packages to
Which packages are on delivery trucks so as
Shipping services Logistics
which delivery truck? to minimize the time
required to deliver all the
How many connections Who is the optimal
Marketing agency Social media marketing does a person have in connector in a social
social media? network?
Who won the most Who will win next years
Sports/gambling Odds makers World Cups in the history World Cup, SuperBowl or
of the game? World Series?
What cancellation will
have the least impact on
Transportation Logistics cancelled the most last
travelers and our bottom

processes to leverage their data assets, the true potential of data is still untouched in many organizations.
Advanced analytics, particularly predictive analytics, can help reveal the future and optimize operations.

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