Governor Ehrlich & Mary Kane Endorse Senator Alex X. Mooney

Contact: Senator Alex X.

Mooney Phone: (301) 620-0200 *** PRESS RELEASE *** 6 July 2010 GOVERNOR EHRLICH & MARY KANE ENDORSE SENATOR ALEX X. MOONEY Ehrlich Calls Mooney the “Taxpayer’s Best Friend,” Kane Commends Mooney’s “Leadership” ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Bob Ehrlich and his running mate, Mary Kane, endorsed State Senator Alex X. Mooney on the streets of Annapolis today. Citing Senator Mooney’s commitment to fiscal responsibility, Ehrlich said, “We need him (Senator Mooney) back here (in Annapolis).” “I just want to remind everyone that Senator Mooney has been the taxpayer’s best friend in Annapolis, and the small business person’s best friend,” said Governor Ehrlich. Senator Mooney serves as the Americans for Tax Reform’s “Taxpayer Protection Caucus Chair” in Maryland, and ATR President Grover Norquist awarded Senator Mooney with the “Hero of the Taxpayer” award in 2003. Senator Mooney proudly admits he has never once voted for a tax increase, a statement few in Annapolis can make. “In these economic times, it is important that the people of Maryland are afforded opportunities – rather than obstacles – for economic prosperity,” Senator Mooney explained. “I look forward to fighting for families and small businesses in Annapolis again.” Former Maryland Secretary of State and current candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Mary Kane, cited her work with Senator Mooney to protect victims of domestic violence. “[Senator Mooney] and I worked on one of the most amazing bills to prevent domestic violence here in the state of Maryland, called the Maryland Safe At Home Act (SB 25 – 2006),” explained Kane, “It was with his leadership that we got that through.” They Maryland Safe At Home Act prevents those who commit acts of domestic violence from obtaining the addresses of their victims. Senator Mooney noted that Democrats prevented passage of this bill for three years before it finally passed in 2006. “I refused to give up the fight for victims of domestic violence, and I applaud then-Secretary of State Mary Kane for her crucial advocacy in helping establish the program,” said Mooney. Senator Mooney continued, “I am proud to appear on the ballot with Governor Ehrlich and Mary Kane, and I am confident that they can bring fiscal sanity back to Annapolis, and I look forward to working with them.” Governor Ehrlich and Mary Kane’s video endorsement can be viewed at ###

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