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Mitologa de las Aguas

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Mitologa de las Aguas, or Mythology of the waters, is a composition

for flute and guitar by the Cuban composer Leo Brouwer, written in
2009 for the German-Venezuelan guitarist and composer Sef Albertz.

Brouwer defines this work as his first sonata for flute and guitar, and
especially dedicated the work to Albertz, who played the world premiere
in the German city of Leipzig on September 4 of that year, in the
Peterskirche, as part of the closing concert of the International Festival
"Con Guitarra" under the cultural patronage of the German Section of Sef Albertz & Leo Brouwer. Together,
UNESCO.[1] the interpreter-dedicatee and the
composer of Mitologa de las Aguas
The total duration of this composition, divided into four movements, is
approximately 25 minutes. Although Brouwer refuses to confine it to a mere description or imitation of nature,
the music of this monumental "sonata" is a kind of musical cartography Latin America, with its most
emblematic landscapes, characters and cultures. "The composition is a sort of sound film about the powerful
elemental force of the waters of my continent; we have the Amazon! This music are thinking about it":[2]

I. The Birth
of the
II. The
hidden lake
of the Mayas

Fragment of the manuscript of Mitologa de las aguas III. The

Angel Falls
IV. The Gije, goblin of the rivers of Cuba

The use of scordatura on the guitar, with constant support almost "pedal" on the bass string in E flat ("S" in the
German musical nomenclature) is a musical symbolism, which denotes the presence of the dedicatee (Sef)
through the musical discourse. Already at the very beginning of the work, Brouwer introduces the "SEF" motif
in retrograde combined with some of the most characteristic intervals of his own sound world (minor second,
perfect fourth & diminished fifth):
The premiere of the work was accompanied by a visual choreography and lighting design specially conceived
for the occasion by Sef Albertz and German lighting designer Jrgen Maak.
Brouwer himself was present at this concert, coinciding with the celebration of his 70th Anniversary.

th the "SEF" motif, intercalated in retrograde

Critical reception
"On Friday evening, the large audience was truly delighted with new music for flute and guitar,
plus video and laser projections" [3]

Duo ALBERTZ has performed the world premiere recording of Mitologa de las aguas, which appears on the
album "Con Guitarra!"
(GfzM Leipzig, 2011) [4]

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