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» Why do we need to enhance competency .The Competency Perspective » Identifying the key competencies required for achieving managerial excellence .

» Excellent organizations Capable of meeting challenges of today (survival) and tomorrow (growth) Meet expectations of all stakeholders Role Models » Excellent Managers Effective (do the right things) Efficient ( do things right) Adding value for all stakeholders + Value to customers + Value to business + Value to their people Excellent Managers are the foundation of Excellent Organizations .

independent of resources required Example Automation of manual Expansion of online processes presence Organizational restructuring Increased insight into / outsourcing customer behavior / preferences . Increase Efficiency Improve effectiveness Definition Allows organizations to do Allows organizations to the same amount of work generate higher with fewer resources revenues.

» Organizational capability is a function of the Competencies of the people driving and executing the strategies .» Organizational Strategy determines what the organization decides to do in order to sustain competitive advantage. » Strategy is determined by an assessment of what the organization is capable of doing. pitted against the organizational challenges.

Organizational Performance: The operating context… Financial and Knowledge Capital Human Capital Strategic Context Leader Org Performance = f (Competency. Environment) . Motivation.

»Competency Perspective .

which is causally related to effective or superior performance in a job’ which could be ‘a motive. Exists only with reference to a specific work-related task carried out within a given organisation. . trait. aspect of one's self image or social role. or a body of knowledge which he or she uses’. defines competency as ‘an underlying characteristic of an individual. In 1982 Richard Boyatzis a colleague of McClelland. skill.McClelland (1973) : Competencies are ‘task and organisation specific’.

’ . a further definition has become widespread - ‘Competences are defined here as a combination of knowledge. skills and attitudes appropriate to the context.In recent years. active citizenship. social inclusion and employment. Key competences are those which all individuals need for personal fulfilment and development.

Why do we need it?  People will have to know their respective * Roles * Key competencies  Address employee needs * What am I on skills? * What are the gaps? How to improve on skills? * What is expected of my role? * What are possible future roles?  People have to know about competencies which help them deliver better to customers  Address organizational / business needs * High performance * Expectation management on career and promotions * Higher productivity with improved skills .


What is it that challenges the journey towards excellence? . So… for us.

Input Raw Sustainable material Competitive Advantage Logistics and Infrastructure Growth and Change Organizational Cost Effective Challenges and Quality Human Resource Operation Management & Talent Retention Creating and Sustaining Social Customer Base Responsibility Technology Management .

Business Leadership Relations Leadership Business Customer Acumen Focus Strategic Focus Managing External Stakeholders Managing Self Change Management People Execution Management Excellence People Leadership Results Leadership .

Needs guidance » Improving Showing a reasonable level of proficiency .» Beginner Showing partial or basic level of proficiency. Can operate within structured conditions » Performer Showing good level of proficiency. role model and can see the future. can build systems and institutionalize practices . Can manage unstructured and new situations also » Mastery Showing high level of proficiency. plan and manage unexpected exigencies » Expert Highest level of proficiency. Can guide others.

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