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Education 386 Mathematics Websites


Classification of Patterns --This site provides a lesson plan involving geometry and
wallpaper patterns.
Stars and Slopes--This site provides a lesson designed for students to investigate
patterns using coordinate systems.
Number Patterns in Pascal's Triangle --This site provides a lesson plan that allows
students to recognize patterns in Pascal's Triangle.

Relations & Functions

The Human Coordinate System--This site describes an activity to present

equations of lines by having the student bodies represent points on the Cartesian
coordinate system.
Applying Trignometric Functions--This site provides a multi-day lesson in applying
trigonometric functions in real life situations such as measuring the height of the
school flagpole.
Introduction to Functions --This site provides a lesson designed to introduce
students to the idea of functions and their representations as rules and data
tables, including the mathematical notions of independent and dependent

Problem-Solving Strategies

Practical Problem Solving Strategies for Secondary Mathematics--This site give

links to resources to improve deductive reasoning skills and critical thinking.
Flowcharting--This site provides a unit designed to develop flowcharting as a
problem solving technique for students.
Improving Deductive Reasoning Skills--This site provides a unit to enhance
student problem solving strategies and increase student ability to solve deductive
reasoning problems.

Numbers/Number Relations

Novel Math Ideas--This site provides a list of resources about numbers and
number relations.
The Perfect Number Journey--This site provides lessons about number patterns
and properties of numbers.
Investigating Number Patterns--This site provides lesson plans used to investigate
various famous number patterns.

Tantalizing Tessellations--This site provides a multi-disciplinary unit for the study

of tessellations. Although designed for upper elementary, this unit can be used for
high school students.
The Area of a Parallelogram--This site provides a lesson for students to explore the
area of parallelograms using trapezoids.
EUCLID'S GEOMETRY: History and Practice--This site provides units to study the
history of Euclid's Elements of geometry.


Investigating Slope--This site provides a lesson plan for students to relate

steepness to the slope of a line.
Regressive Music--This site provides a lesson relating music to sine curves.
Multiplying Binomials with FOIL --This site provides a lesson to teach the FOIL
method of multiplication of binomials.


Significant Figures --This site provides a lesson for students to understand which
digits are significant when dealing with numbers that represent measured values.
Units of Measurements --This site provides worksheets to practice unit conversion.
Measuring Circles --This site provides on online lesson to measure many circles
and discover the relationship between the circumference and diameter of a circle.

Estimation/Mental Computation

Crop Management Through Estimation--This site provides a lesson that requires

students to estimate in real world situations and exposes students to the relevant
uses of estimation.
Mental ComputationThis site provides two lessons that encourage mental
computation in calculating the day of the week.
Sample Lesson--This site provides a sample lesson for using mental computation

Data Analysis

The Stock Market--This site provides an interdisciplinary lesson involving analysis

of stock market data.
Fitness AssessmentThis site provides materials for lessons dealing with the
analysis of body composition measurements.
I Want a Credit Card, Or Do I?--This site provides a lesson about credit cards and
an analysis of credit card payments.

Area Probability--This site provides a lesson on dart throwing and the probability
of hitting a target region on the dartboard.
Probability Lesson--This site provides a lesson involving guessing on a test and
the probability for passing the test.
You Bet!--This site provides a lesson about probability and gambling.


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