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Indonesian Economic Outlook

Post Tax Amnesty

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Prof. Dr. Sri Faisal Basri, Antonius Suryanto

Adiningsih, Chief Advisor of Budiman, Gobeawan,
Chairperson of the IRSA & S.E., M.B.A. Group CFO, Jimac &
Advisory Council to the Economist at Chief Advisor
President of the University of Toppan
Republic of Indonesia Indonesia
Jointly organized
Clearance Levy
Clearance Levy Rates | July Sept Oct Dec Jan Mar
Tebusan 2016 2016 2017
Offshore Assets Non
4% 6% 10%
Dana Luar Negri Tanpa
Offshore Assets Repatriated*
2% 3% 5%
Dana Luar Negri Repatriasi*
Onshore Assets*
2% 3% 5%
Dana Dalam Negri *
SMEs with Sales T/O > Rp. 10M
0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
UMKM dgn Omzet > Rp.10M
SMEs with Sales T/O < Rp. 10M
2% 2% 2%
UMKM dgn Omzet > Rp.10M
* Assets must be invested in Indonesia for a minimum of 3 years.

CONFIDENTIAL - Copyright Suryanto Gobeawan

Requirements for Participation
Availability of a tax ID number (NPWP) it is still possible to register
now before participating;
Payment of the Clearance Levy;
Settlement of all outstanding tax liabilities;
Submission of its latest income tax return in accordance with the
financial year and tax regulations;
Revocation of all outstanding on-going legal (tax) procedures
including but not limited to:
Refunds for tax overpayments
Reduction or cancellation of administrative sanctions in tax
assesment letters
Tax collection letters
Tax objections
Tax appeals
Tax lawsuits
Judicial reviews
CONFIDENTIAL - Copyright Suryanto Gobeawan
Information to be Declared &
Taxpayers ID Number
A detailed list of the assets and their supporting documents such as
location, year of acquisition, etc
A detailed list of any related liabilities and supporting documents
such as loan agreement
Net Asset Value calculations
Clearance Levy calculations
Payment slip for the Clearance Levy
Copy of the latest annual tax returns
Evidence of settlement of all outstanding tax liabilities
A statement that all letters related to tax disputes and tax refunds
will be withdrawn
For repatriation: a statement that all offshore assets would be
invested in Indonesia for a minimum period of 3 years once they are
For on-shore assets: a statement confirming not to transfer these
assets outside Indonesia within
- Copyright Suryantofrom the issuance of the tax
Easy Procedure
1. The signed Declaration Letter and its attachments must be filed with
the Ministry of Finance through the local tax office where the
taxpayer is registered.

2. During the time between submission of the Declaration Letter and

the formal Tax Amnesty Approval, the taxpayer will not be subject to
tax audits, preliminary evidence audits and/or tax crime
investigations for tax periods up to and including its latest tax year.
a) Any running tax audits, preliminary evidence audits and/or tax
crime investigations will be suspended;
b) And they would be discontinued if and when the Ministry of
Finance issues a Tax Amnesty Approval / Confirmation Letter.

3. If subsequent declaration or a revision results in an overpayment of

the Clearance Levy, the overpayment must be refunded and/or taken
into account with regard to other tax liabilities within 3 months after
the Tax Amnesty Approval
- Copyright the submission
Gobeawan of subsequent
Positive Outlook on Indonesias

Additional Information
The government can take advantage of the Automatic Exchange
of Information (AEoI) program, to be implemented in 2018 by
members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and
Development (OECD):
Australia Estonia Ireland Mexico Slovenia
Austria Finland Israel Netherlands Spain
Belgium France Italy New Zealand Sweden
Canada Germany Japan Norway Switzerland
Chile Greece Korea Poland Turkey
Czech Rep. Hungary Latvia Portugal United
Denmark Iceland Luxembourg Slovak Rep. United

CONFIDENTIAL - Copyright Suryanto Gobeawan

Tax Rates in Neighboring Countries
Personal Income Tax
Country Income
Tax Min. % Max. %

Indonesia 25% 5% 30%

Malaysia 25% 0% 26%
Philippines 30% 5% 32%
Singapore 17% 0% 20%
Thailand 20% 5% 37%
Vietnam 22% 5% 35%
Tax Amnesty in Other Countries
Indonesia Infrastructure Budget
Infrastruktur merupakan prioritas utama 2017 untuk mengejar
pertumbuhan ekonomi

Anggaran RAPBN untuk belanja infrastruktur 2017 berkisar Rp. 311,9


Dana hasil Tax Amnesty akan di gunakan untuk proyek pembangunan

& infrastruktur melalui Viability Gap Fund (VGF)
Infrastructure Project List 2016Q4 -
Jalan Tol Balikpapan Samarinda Jalan Tol Manado Bitung
Jalan Tol Trans Sumatra KA Express SHIA
MRT Selatan Utara KA Makassar Parepare
Pelabuhan Internasional Kuala
Inland Waterway Cikarang Bekasi
High Voltage Direct Current Transmisi Sumatra
PLTU Mulut Tambang SumSel Kilang Minyak Bontang
Pelabuhan Jawa Barat bagian Utara PLTA Peusangan 1 & 2 Sumatra
Bendungan PLTA Jatigede Jawa
Bendungan PLTA Poso Sulawesi
Bendungan PLTA Genyem Papua PLTU Cikampek & Aceh
Jembatan Tano Ponggol Terowongan Balinka Matur Ngarai