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Rajasthan State Road

Transport Corporation
Parivhan Marg, Jaipur - 302001
0141-2374664, 2374662 Fax: 0141-2374654
1. Preamble
1.1 Genesis
Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation, (RSRTC) was established in 1964
and is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation in Rajasthan. The
Corporation has its Head Quarters at Jaipur. The Corporation has 48 depots
spread all over the State. The Corporation buses cover over 1.5 million
kilometres daily catering to nearly 1 million passengers through its network of
over 13000 services to all-important places in Rajasthan and adjoining States of
Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya
Pradesh and Maharashtra. RSRTC operates regular air-conditioned and super
deluxe buses between Jaipur-Delhi, Jaipur-Shimla, Jaipur-Dehradun, Jaipur-
Lucknow etc. To keep impeccable safety standards, RSRTC maintains a high
turnover of buses.
The Corporation also develops and maintains bus terminals in different cities and
towns in the State. RSRTC intends to develop state-of-the-art bus terminals in the
State by upgrading and modernising the existing terminals and constructing new
terminals. These terminals would be operated and maintained at a pre-determined
quality standard, rendering them cost effective and providing most efficient
service to the users

1.2 Nature of the proposed Complex

The project would aim at developing the City bus terminal with commercial
complex and Workshop for 300 bus. The main objectives of the project are:
1) To provide better facility to end-users of RSRTC passenger service and
facilitating passengers as well as inhabitants of the neighbouring areas
with enhanced and planned commercial activities.
2) To increase the use of transport system by integrating it with city transport
system which will result in decreased number of private vehicle users with
consequential reduction in traffic on city roads.

1.3 The Site

1.4 Object of the Competition

The success of the bus terminal with commercial complex and Workshop will
depend largely of its ability to attract prospective passenger, Businessmen,
shoppers, Tourism etc. in order to insure this, the complex must promise not
only essential facilities and conveniences but should be able to project an image
of a modern Bus Terminal with the right kind of urban environment. The object
of this competition is to elicit innovative ideas in design and select an outstanding
design solution for the proposed City Bus Terminal with commercial complex and

2. Terms & Conditions
2.1 Invitation

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation, The promoters of this competition,

invite Architects/ Planner/organizations engaged in development of Bus
Terminals to participate in the competition and offer designs for this proposed
Bus Terminal Complex.

2.2 Eligibility

The Competitor must be an architect registered with the Council of Architecture,

New Delhi, or a member of the institute of Town planners, India or organization
registered with respective Authority. Assessors, their partners associates or
employees, Members and employees of the RSRTC or its Functional Boards shall
not be eligible to compete or assist or act as a consultant to the competitor.

2.3 Panel of Assessors

The following shall constitute the Panel of Assessors:

2. Financial Advisor RSRCT JAIPUR Member
3. Chief Town Planer Govt. of Rajasthan Member
4. Chief Architect, PWD Govt. of Rajasthan Member
5. Mr. H.S. Sanchati Ex. Chief Town Planer Member
Govt. of Rajasthan

In case any of the assessors is unable to function or resign from the Panel
before the completion of the competition, another assessor will be appointed in
his place by the promoters.

2.4 Prizes

The award of the Panel of Assessors will be final and binding both on the
promoters and competitors. The Panel of Assessors may in its discretion decide
not to award the first prize & consolation prize if in their opinion none of the
entries submitted merits the prize. The prizes will be as under:

1st prize Rs 1, 25,000/-

Consolation prize Rs 10,000/-

The winner of the 1st prize will be paid half the prize money i.e. Rs. 60,000/- with
in two months from the date of announcement of the award. The remaining
amount i.e. Rs 65,000/- will be paid after the winning competitor submits further
clarification if any. In case the winner of the competition is appointed as the
architect of the project, the prize money will be adjusted towards his fee. The
architects fee would be negotiated for the total project/any part of the project or
any of the services required while implementing the project.

In case the winning Architect/Organization is not appointed for the work, RSRTC
would be free to use the drawings and designs in such manner as it deems fit.

2.5 Queries

Questions and inquiries pertaining to the Competition Brief should be addressed

to the G.M. (Project) RSRTC Jaipur ( and must reach
him by the 08.02.2013. The replies to the queries will be sent to all competitors by
11.02.2013 These replies will form a part of the Competition Brief.

2.6 Submission of the Design

The competitor must submit drawings, and project report mentioned in para 3.3
and 3.4 of the Design Brief to the G.M. (Project) The outstation competitor must
ensure that the material sent by post is properly packed so as to avoid damage
during transit.

No drawing, or the report submitted shall bear name, motto or

distinguishing mark of any kind and shall be accompanied by a declaration signed
by the competitor which states that he is registered with the appropriate Authority
and that the design is his own bonafied work, and that the drawings have been
prepared in his own office and under his own supervision, and that he undertakes
to accept the award of the Panel of Assessors as final and binding. Such a
declaration in the form provided with this brochure must be sealed in the
envelope. All entries will be numbered in order of their receipt, with the drawing
and the accompanied envelope bearing identical numbers. The winning
competitor should be prepared to satisfy the Assessors that he is the bonafide
author of the design he has submitted.

2.7 Disqualification

The design may be disqualified from the competition by the Panel of Assessors
for any of the following reasons :-

1. If the entry is received after the last date stipulated;

2. If the design does not conform to the design parameters stipulated in the
Design Brief;
3. If it exceeds the limits of site as shown on the plan issued by the promoters.
4. If any of the conditions or instructions other than those of suggestive nature
are disregarded.

The decision of the Panel of Assessors in the matter of disqualification shall

be final and binding on the competitors.

2.8 Announcement of the Award & Exhibition

The award of the Panel of Assessors will be declared as soon as possible after the
last date for accepting entries and will be notified to all the competitors
individually. An effort will be made to hold an exhibition of the entries for a week
at such place and time as would be notified individually to all the competitors. All
the entries, except those selected for award of prizes will be returned to the
competitors within two months after the exhibition. The promoters will exercise
all care in dispatching the drawings but will not be responsible for any loss or
damage in transit. It would be in the interest of the competitors that they
personally collect their designs from the G.M. (Project) RSRTC Jaipur.

2.9 Copyright

The winning design idea will be the property of the promoters and will be used in
such manner as may be necessary for development of the Bus Terminal.

2.10 Scope of the Work

The scope of competition is limited to the complete architectural

design of the complex. As stated earlier, The Bus Terminal is to be constructed
in phased manner (budget for 1st Phase is ` 10 cr.) by a single agency and would
require the detail designing of it.

2.11 Time Schedule

1. Last date for receiving queries 08.02.2013

2. Last date for dispatching
replies to competitors queries. 11.02.2013
3. Last date for submission of entries 27.02.2013

3. Design Brief

3.1 The Site Conditions

The proposal is for construction of a City bus terminal with commercial complex
and Workshop for 300 bus. The site is abutting 80'0" wide road on one side and is
located approximately 2 kms from the central bus stand, Jaipur. The site has been
divided into two parts

3.2 Design Parameters

Project Details Sheet

Facilities to be provided Site

Location Opp. Spece Cinema , Jaipur
Total Area 2330 Sq mts (Two parts)
Budget for 1st Phase ` 10 cr.
Basement For Car Parking etc.
Ground Floor City Bus terminal with some shops
\ stalls & Workshop of 300 bus
First Floor office and commercial premises
Second Floor office & commercial premises
Infrastructure & various facility for Bus Independent staircase, Verandah
Terminal & commercial premises passage, toilet blocks, drinking water
facility, U.G. Tank, O.H. Tank
Water supply, Drainage, Electrical
Installation Cable/Telephone, T.V.
Broadband, cables & connection
and other services lifts and Elevators

Following are the Project Components:-
Terminal Building:
a) Commuter/Passenger Terminal with State-of-the-Art facilities (General
Reception/Hall/Lobby/Passenger Shed, Reservation Counter, space for
Enquiry/Station In charge, Facilities for men and women)
b) Kiosks, Newspaper stand, Tourist Information Counter
c) Dormitory for drivers
d) Drinking water facility
e) Office Space for RSRTC for administrative purposes 500 sqm
f) First Aid facilities
g) Basement parking facilities to be provided as per JDA norms.
Workshop & Maintenance Shed
This shall comprise of a fuelling station , washing space for one bus (at a time)
along with other essential requirements such as tool room, spare parts room,
pressure gauge, Parking of 300 bus, underground water reservoir, pressure pump
for washing of buses etc.
Other requirements at Site
a) 10 Bus Bays/Platforms for buses
b) Idle Bus Parking for 15 Buses (can be accommodated in basement floors also)
c) Adequate area and facilities for Police Outpost and Infrastructure services like
Fire Services, Electric Transformer/ Sub-station, roads, etc.
Other Obligations:
Passengers shall be provided unlimited and unrestricted entry and waiting/seating
in the bus terminal area, free of cost.
Indiscriminate exploitation of Passenger Concourse Area for commercial use shall
not be permitted.
The operation of Work shop shall continue in an uninterrupted manner during
the Construction Period.

Optional Development
a) Shopping Mall
b) Multiplex
c) Hotel
d) Food Courts/Restaurants/ coffee shop
e) Commercial (Retail cum Office) Area would include retail shopping, branded
showrooms, anchor stores, Food Courts/Restaurants, Entertainment Complex/
Zone and business spaces
f) Banks and ATMs
The following functions / products are not permitted for development
a) Industrial activities
b) Hostel
c) Warehousing (except such warehousing facility which is incidental to the use of
the Project)
d) Wholesale Activity
e) Workshops & Car Service Garage
f) Any other activity which is in conflict with the interest of operations and
functions of RSRTC including leasing of space to private bus operators.
g) Any other restrictions imposed by GoR/GoI.
The key project/ bus terminal facilities as proposed shall include:
(a) Segregated areas for bus bays for boarding & alighting of passengers.
(b) Idle bus parking area segregated from main terminal area.
(c) Maintenance shed.
(d) Well designed bus circulation area & approach roads.
(e) Well designed parking area for private vehicles (bicycles, two wheelers,
three wheelers and cars) and intermediate public transport like auto
rickshaws, taxis along with their approaches, entry and exit, drop-in and
drop-off areas, pick-up zones.
(f) Aesthetically designed boundary / compound walls for the entire project.
(g) Exclusive passenger entry & exit to the bus terminal facility, bicycles, two,
three and four wheelers (as far as possible).
(h) Interconnecting pathways, travelators, lifts, ramps between various
components for seamless movement of passengers/ commuters.
(i) Rain water harvesting system.
(j) Ticketing counters, enquiry counters, reservation office.
(k) Tourist information centres.
(l) Administrative office space RSRTC, Police outpost etc.
(m) Management information system including public address system, public
announcement etc.
(n) Toilets and washrooms.
(o) Cloak rooms.
(p) Security guard cabins.
(q) Infrastructure facilities like water supply, sanitation, solid waste
management, fire service, electrical substation, roads, etc.
Requirement of Future Bus Stands
1 Automatic Ticket Machines
2 Computerized Passenger Information System
3 Automatic Parking Payment System
4 Pay Card Service
5 Computerized Lockers
6 Passengers Conveyer Belts
7 Telephonic Reservation System
8 Platform Ticket System
9 Baggage Inspection System
10 Vending Machines
11 Automatic Baggage System
12 Tele Ticketing System

Factors to be considered for Bus Terminal Design

(a) Segregation of terminal and non-terminal traffic as far as possible.
(b) Segregation of vehicular and passenger traffic and movement.
(c) Segregation of traffic by type, function and direction.
(d) Co-ordination of different activities in terms of functional and spatial
(e) Provision of user and vehicular information.
(f) Provision of necessary and identified facilities to meet requirement of all
user groups.
(g) Achieving minimum passenger and vehicular processing time.
(h) Achieving overall functional and space efficiency.
(i) Achieving smooth flow for all types of traffic to and from the terminal.
(j) Boarding, Alighting and eased accessibility of Passenger Amenities by
Differently abled Persons.
Project Safety and Security as per best industry standards and practices.

3.3 Project Report

The competitor must submit a report briefly highlighting the salient features of the
proposed design. The report among other things, should include the following:-
1. Design considerations underlying the concept.
2. Assumptions, standards or norms used.
3. Rough cost estimates of the infrastructure, provision of public areas
and facilities.

3.4 Submission Requirement

The competitors shall submit prints on super-fine ammonia printing paper of the
original drawings drawn in ink or equivalent with soft copy. The prints should be
of uniform size. All dimensions in the drawings shall be in metric system. The
drawings required to be submitted are as follows:-
1. Complete layout of the scheme (Scale 1:400)
2. Detailed plans of the Bus Terminal Area (each floor) (Scale 1:200)
3. All the elevations of the complex (Scale 1:200)
4. Sufficient number of sections
5. Detailed architectural control proposed for City Bus Terminal complex
specifying the finishing material, texture and colour, supplemented by typical
architectural construction details at 1:25 Scale. (Scale 1:100)
6. Computer generated perspectives and 3Ds


Architectural & Engineering
Design Competition
For City bus terminal with commercial complex and Workshop at Jaipur


Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation

Head Office, Parivahan Marg, Jaipur-302001


(Delete whichever is not applicable)

I/We have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of this
competition as contained in the Brochure and the same are acceptable to me/us.
I/We agree that the award of the Panel of Assessors shall be final,
conclusive and binding upon me/us and shall not be called in question in any
court, tribunal or otherwise.
I/We declare that I am/we are not associated with any of the assessors, in
the capacity of partner (s), associate (s) or employee (s), nor have I/We been
assisted by, or received consultation from, any person so associated with any of
the assessors, in the preparation of the Competition Design.
I/We declare that the entry submitted by me/us is my/our bonafide work
and has been done by me /us in my/our office under my/our direct supervision.

Name and Address Registration/Membership No. Signature

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