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130 N Edgefield Ave Dallas, TX

Lot 1, Block 26/3279

6/12/1914 Permit #1199 / Mrs. Anna Schulz / 7 Room, 2 Story Frame (See: Map of Records of Dallas
County, 1914. V.1, p.194).
Frank Schulz (possibly a real estate salesman) sold the property to Rhea Lowry in the summer of 1914,
for $5,250.

Residents per Worleys Dallas City Directories:

1915 to 1946 Rhea Lowry (see obituary below)
Throughout the years Rhea Lowrys sisters and brothers lived in the home at various
times. Including Elizabeth Bess Lowry (Artist/Art Teacher), Robert Lowry (employee
at Brown Cracker and Candy, Co., Inc.), and Margaret (Clerk, E. Snyder Grocery)
1947 to 1959 Bess Lowry
According to census and newspaper findings it appears the Bess housed boarders at
times, but it does not appear that the house was ever split into multiple units (rare for
a house of this size in Winnetka Heights).
1960 to 1961 Vacant
1962 to 1964 John R. Bumpas, Jr. (Bumpas Insurance Agency)
1965 to 1987 Billy Calcota (Mechanic, Braniff Air-Ways)
1987 to 2004 Michael and Melanie (Meeka) Bain
2005 to 2013 Heather Kerr (Read Kerr)
2014 to 2016 Barry Binder and Tracie Dockwell