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Level 1

1. What _________________ your name?

a. is b. are c. am
2. How______________ are you?
a. name b. fine, thank you. c. old
3. What ________ your job?
a. is b. truck-driver c. am
4. _____________ are you from?
a. what b. Moldova c. where
5. What____________ is it?
a. time b. 2:00 oclock c. I dont know
6. In Engleza, camionul se numeste.
a. IVECO b. truck c. car
7. In Engleza, remorca se numeste..
a. boot b. wheel c. trailer
8. In EnglezaIncarcare se numeste.
a. crossroad b. loading c offloading
9. In Engleza, la descarcare spun.
a. offloading b. gloves c. wait a sec
10. In Engleza, la combustibil spun..
a. Disel b. fuel c. filling station
11. In Engleza la marfa spun.
a. products b. marfa c. Cargo
12. In Engleza la permis de conducere spun.............
a. Insurence b. passport c. Driving license
13. In Engleza la oficiu vamal spun ................
a. Train station b. officer office c. customs office
14. In Engleza mergi la stanga, spun..
a. go back b. go left c. open the door
15. In Engleza mergi la dreapta, spun
a. go right b. stay where you are c. go rait
16. In Engleza, la frn spun.
a. stop b. signal c. brake
17. In Engleza platesc amenda spun
a. I pay a fine b. I am sad c. speak slower, dude!
18.Daca nu inteleg spun
a. I dont know b. ce? c. I dont understand
19. I __________________ problems at the customs office.
a. am b. drive c. have
20. I_____________ goods.
a. carry b. sign c. Poland
21.Fa click pe cuvintele care auzi:
a. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen !
b. I am a truck driver!
c. I have to load!
22.Fa click pe cuvintele care le auzi :
a. Speak slower!
b. I am on Broadway street!
c. I am at the office!
23.Fa click pe cuvintele care le auzi:
a. I am here to unload goods from Poland.
b. I am here.
c. I came to load goods.
24.Fa click pe cuvintele care le auzi:
a. Where is the parking ?
b. Where is the filling station ?
c. Where is the market?
25.Fa click pe cuvintele care le auzi:
a. I am ready to go
b. I want to go home.
c. I am lost.