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No man is an island this saying has been as notable for almost all of as.
Indeed it is, because as part of the society we must learn to live in harmony with
the people around us. And to be able to achieve this we must learn to learn to care,
love and share. No one can live without others we are a society where everyone is
counted for the prosper of all. One must share and care not just for him but also for
the others. Sharing not only the physical necessity like money, food, clothes or
shelter but in all the matters. It may be also through the form of emotional comfort
or even sharing of the knowledge to those who are in need.

Being a future teacher and as human of humane, one must learn how to
extent and his or her hands for his community. And as an educator it would be a
great opportunity to involve ourselves to the different activities in which we could
develop our skills in honing young minds and at the same time help the children
with needs.

But of course, for us to be prepared and be sharpened to become tutors to

the pupils of Canbanua Elementary School who are struggling readers. We need to
go through the different trainings for us to be able to equip with the skills needed in
tutoring students in the discipline of beginning reading.

The first training was the Trainers Training on Professionalism in the

conduct of Extension Activities on July 6, 2016 where Dr. Lynette Matea Camello.
Lectured us the needful things the we must learn for us to act accordingly and
professionally during the conduct of extension activities.

The second training was the Trainers Training on Teaching Reading which
was conducted at the Berks Activity Center at July 9, 2016 where the speakers
where the teachers from DepEd namely Mrs Elma Felia M. Zeta and Mrs. Ritchelle A
Sombilon.During the conduct of the training the trainers taught different
techniques and methods for us to easy handle and tutor children reading.

The third training we had was the Trainers Training on the Principles of
Visual Arts which was conducted last July 17, 2016 where the resources speaker
was Dr. Laura A. Alcazar. During the training we were taught on the proper matching
of colors in choosing such for the instructional materials. We were also given the
chance to create our own instructional materials where we can use in the tutorial of
the pupils of canbanua.

The fourth training that was conducted was the seminar themed, Trainers
Training on instructional material making and teaching Demonstration; July 24,
2016. The speakers of the said training where the same speakers of the second
seminar which where the deped teachers. Though the speakers where just the same
as the previous one the enjoyment was still there. We were learning a lot from them
at the same time we had quality time having fun from all the activities we had.

The second to the last training was the Trainers Training on policies and guidelines
in the conduct of pagkaton sa pagbasa phase 2. Where the resource speaker was
prof Virginia albaracin held last july