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VITROS 3600 Immunodiagnostic System1

Specifications Sheet

Measurement Principle: Time for Single Result:

+ Enhanced Chemiluminescence using MicroWell + MicroWell: ~16-73 minutes
technology + Real-time results data stream to LIS available
Sample Types:
Reagents: + Serum, Plasma, Urine, Whole Blood,**
+ No preparation, no mixing or reconstitution required Amniotic Fluid***
for Integrated Reagent Packs, Signal Reagent and
Universal Wash Reagent Sample Volume:
+ Onboard stability up to 84 days + Per assay: 10-80L
+ Shelf life stability up to 12 months from date of + Dead volume: minimum 35L
+ Onboard test capacity: Sample Capacity:
Up to 3,100 assays + Continuous load and unload
31 reagent positions + 80 samples in Universal Sample Trays
100* assays per pack + 10 samples in dedicated STAT lane

Consumables: Sample and Reagent Management Incorporating

+ VersaTips, Signal Reagent and Universal Wash Intellicheck Technology:
Reagent can be replenished without interrupting + Single-use Tip Metering verifies sample aspiration
system operation. Reagents replenished without and dispense, eliminates carryover and addresses
interrupting incubation cross-contamination concerns
+ Onboard capacity and typical replenish frequency: + Clot, bubble, low and high viscosity, thin layer fluid
VersaTips: 2000 24 hours and short sample detection
Signal Reagent: 3 packs 48 hours + Save-the-Sample Clot/Bubble Management
Universal Wash Reagent: 5 liters 72 hours + Liquid level sensing
+ MicroWell Dispense Verification
Calibration: + Reagent aspiration and dispense verifications
+ 25 lots per assay may be calibrated with automatic lot + Onboard IntelliReport provides complete traceability
switching and documentation of result quality
+ Stable for up to 28 days
+ Random-access calibration Sample Containers:
+ Bar-coded calibrators + Universal Sample Trays accommodate:
5mL, 7mL, 10mL collection tubes
System Startup: 1.5mL micro-collection containers
+ 2 4-hour ready mode VITROS microsample cups and 0.5mL and
+ No manual primes, purges, washes or tubing 2.0mLcups
+ No daily calibrations or calibration checks
+ Automatic integrated prime/purge

Availability is subject to local regulatory requirements
* HBc IgM and HAV IgM have 52 tests per pack.
** For Red Cell Folate
The science of knowing shapes the art of living. *** Not commercially available in the United States
Sample Bar Code Identification: Power:
+ Autodiscriminates by simultaneously recognizing + L ine Voltage: 1 dedicated 20 amp power line, or 1
all standard symbologies: dedicated 30 amp power line with UPS, nominal
Code 128 200-240V AC
ISBT 128 + Line Frequency: 47-63 Hz
Code 39
Codabar Environment:
Interleaved 2 of 5 + Operating Temperature: 15-30C/59-86F
+ Ambient Relative Humidity: 15%-75% RH
Dilution Capabilities: non-condensing
+ Auto reflex dilution + Altitude: up to 2,438 m/8,000 feet
+ Operator requested dilution + Plumbing: No water or drain required; self-
+ Off-board dilution calculation contained onboard waste management eliminates
special requirements for off-board plumbing
Automatic Reflex Testing (based on user-configuration):
+ Reflex to different assays Communications:
+ Reflex to the same assay + Laboratory Information System (LIS):
Bidirectional interface for ASTM and HL7
Operator Interface: protocols
+ Color-coded graphical user interface Broadcast download and Host Query
+ Ergonomic flat, low-glare, LCD, 17-inch touchscreen Results can be uploaded individually or as an
monitor entire sample
+ Numeric keypad on monitor + Laboratory Automation System (LAS):
+ Detached keyboard for maximum flexibility AT ready at launch
+ Onboard documentation and animated Help (V-Docs) 1 LAS interface, point-in-space
+ Onboard maintenance documentation + Ports:
RS 232 serial ports (for LIS and LAS)
Data Storage: USB ports (for printers)
+ Read/write disk drive for data input and archiving Ethernet ports (for e-Connectivity)
+ USB flash drive (memory stick) capabilities
+ 5,000 sample programs e-Connectivity Interactive System Management:
+ 25,000 samples with ability to archive and retrieve + Using the facilitys Internet connection or DSL,
through CD-ROM or memory stick VPN establishes a secure connection between
system and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Technical
System Dimensions: Support to enhance troubleshooting and increase
+ Width: 2.12 m/83.5 inches uptime
+ Depth: 0.85 m/33.5 inches + Automatic two-way data exchange to
+ Height: 1.64 m/64.5 inches automatically send and retrieve data
+ Weight: 717 kg/1580 pounds + Automatic download of system software updates
+ Remote connectivity provides the ability to
enable remote diagnostics and remote control
+ Enhance uptime with predictive alerts

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