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A Sub-district is governments unit which is under of the district

that the assignment and obligations heavier in comparison of the

villages/wards that have a significant role to the community, where in
accordance with the development of science and technology to put society on the
heterogeneity (diversity) and complexity (clutter) problems and affairs faced.
This research have purpose to : 1) To find out the condition of public
services in the Sub-district of West Rungan after bloomed, especially related to
publishing service Family Card (KK) and Identity Card (KTP). 2) To find out the
inhibiting factor and supporting factor of the governments performance in the
Sub-district of West Rungan in publishing service Family Card (KK) and Identity
Card (KTP).
This research used base research the descriptive study, where the object or
problem examined then the analyzed thoroughly as a whole that the integrity with
the purpose to find the information from a number of informants.
Based on result the research and discussion, then be found concluded that :
1). Employee performance or office staff in the Sub-district West Rungan already
well, reviewed for quality aspect, quantity, cooperation and work connection
between each party or sector in the Sub-district West Rungan office. 2). The
Inhibiting factor employee on the Sub-district West Rungan in the publishing KK
& KTP that : 1). The transformation means and communication still very less
adequate, 2). Still their apathy (indifference) that exist in the society,
especially rural communities, 3). The electric that still less adequate,
4). Be required the additional power employee or staff that specialist in
the IT sector or information system, and 5). The total limited facility for
the taping process.

Sedangkan faktor pendukung adalah: 1). Pelayanan yang diupayakan

secara optimal diberikan oleh pegawai di kantor Kecamatan Rungan Barat kepada
masyarakat dalam menangani proses perekaman KK dan KTP, 2). Pegawai dan
staf di kantor Kecamatan Rungan Barat yang kooperatif, dan 3). Proses penerbitan
KK dan KTP secara onlinelebih memudahkan masyarakat daripada harus mondar
mandir berurusan ke Disdukcapil membawa berkas persyaratan.
Meanwhile supporting factor is : 1). The service that Attempted optimally
is given by employee in the office Sub-district West Rungan to society into handle
the tapping process KK & KTP, 2). The official and staff in The office Sub-
district West Rungan that cooperative, and 3). The publishing process KK and
KTP in online make it easier society rather than having back and forth deal to the
Disdukcapil to bring the file requirements.
Key words: Performance, Sub-district Government, KK and KTP