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The When to Chart For Baby Animals

Animal Bo-Se De-Horn Castrate Dock Vaccinate De-worming

Lamb .5cc at N/A Usually Castrate and dock tails If ewe was vaccinated, start at 2 TX for
birth. between 2-4 weeks. months, boost at 3 & 4 months. If coccidia as
Give tetanus antitoxin; Ewe was not vaccinated start at 1 needed,
should be done while month, boost at 2 & 3 months, then starting as
lambs are small enough yearly. C&D antitoxin at 10 days early as 1
to restrain. (lasts 3 weeks). month.

Kid .25cc to Bucks 10 Castration can be done If doe was vaccinated, start at 2
.5cc at 14 days. at the same time as months, boost at 3 & 4 months.
birth. Does 14 days disbudding without Doe was not vaccinated start at 1 Deworm
or slightly anesthesia. month, boost at 2 & 3 months, then starting at 2
earlier if 1-4 months of age yearly. C&D antitoxin at 10 days months.
large horn anesthesia will be (lasts 3 weeks)
buds for best used. Give Tetanus What to use:
cosmetic Antitoxin. Ivermectin
results. Docking not needed Panacur
Calf 3.75cc At 2-4 weeks Banding at 2-3 weeks, If cow was vaccinated, start 8way Valbazen
per can burn surgical castration if at 2 months, boost at 3 & 4
100lbs horn buds. older. months. If cows vaccine history is
at birth. unknown start at 1 month, boost at
Docking not needed. 2 & 3 months. C&D antitoxin at 10
days. Heifers get brucellosis
between 4-12 months.
Foal Do not N/A If mare was vaccinated, start at 6 Start at 2
give inj. Average is 6 months months, boost at 7 & 9 months. If months. Do
selenium and up, though can be mare was not vaccinated certain NOT use
done earlier if both vaccines may need to be done at 3 Quest until at
testicles have months. Contact DVM. least a
descended. Less stress yearling, all
if weaning and other
castration occur dewormers
separately. are fine.
Piglet 1cc per N/A 7-10 days, no tetanus Pleuroshield at 7 weeks, booster in Injectable
40lbs at antitoxin needed. 2-3 weeks, then yearly. Ivermectin at
weaning 2 months.
When dehorned/docked or castrated at young ages, animals are easier to handle, cost is less, and they heal/recover
The manufacture does not recommend giving injectable Selenium to pregnant animals, consult veterinarian.
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