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Bigdata Greenplum DBA Online Training

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Course Contents:
1. Greenplum Architecture

 Greenplum Master
 Greenplum Segments
 Greenplum Interconnect

2. Greenplum Concepts, Features and Benefits

3. Redundancy and Failover in Greenplum Database

 Segment Mirroring
 Master Mirroring

4. Data Distribution in Greenplum

5. Checking for Uneven Data Distribution

6. Database Installation and Configuration

7. Lab – Database Installation and Configuration

1 Bigdata Greenplum Online Training |

Configuring Client Authentication  Allowing Connections to Greenplum Database  Editing the pg_hba.conf File  Limiting Concurrent Connections 11. Database Administration  Defining Database Objects (databases. table.iqonlinetraining. sequence etc)  Creating and using database so Creating and using schemas  Creating and Using Sequences  Indexes in Greenplum Database 2 Bigdata Greenplum Online Training | www. Managing Workload and Resources  Overview of Greenplum Workload Management  How Resource Queues Work in Greenplum Database  Steps to Enable Workload Management  Configuring Workload Management  Resource Queues 13. Managing Roles and Privileges  Security Best Practices for Roles and Privileges  Creating New Roles (Users)  Altering Role Attributes  Creating Groups (Role Membership)  Managing Object Privileges 10.8. schema. Access Control and Security 9. Accessing the Database  Establishing a Database Session  Supported Client Applications  Greenplum Database Client Applications  PgAdmin III for Greenplum Database  Database Application Interfaces  Third-Party Client Tools  Troubleshooting Connection Problems  Lab .

iqonlinetraining. Configuring Your Greenplum System  About Greenplum Master and Local Parameters  Setting Configuration Parameters  Setting a Local Configuration Parameter  Setting a Master Configuration Parameter 20. Managing Data  Vacuuming the Database  Querying Data  Query Performance  EXPLAIN Output. Enabling Alerts and Notifications 3 Bigdata Greenplum Online Training | www. System Administration  Starting and Stopping Greenplum  Routine admin tasks  Uploading Configuration File Changes Only 19. Using the Greenplum Parallel File Server (gpfdist) 18.  Creating and Managing Views 14. EXPLAIN ANALYZE Output . Partitioning Large Tables  Understanding Table Partitioning in Greenplum Database  Deciding on a Table Partitioning Strategy  Creating Partitioned Tables  Loading Partitioned Tables  Maintaining Partitioned Tables  Lab 16. Greenplum Database Loading Tools Overview  About External Tables  About gpload  About COPY 17.

Performance Tuning  Common Causes of Performance Issues  Identifying Hardware and Segment Failures  Managing Workload  Maintaining Database Statistics 30.21. Backing up and Restoring Databases  Backup and Restore Operations 25. Identifying Statistics Problems in Query Plans 31. Recovering a Failed Segment 23. Monitoring a Greenplum System  Monitoring Database Activity and Performance  Monitoring System State  Enabling System Alerts and Notifications  Checking System State  Checking Disk Space Usage 27. Tuning Statistics Collection 32. Expanding a Greenplum System  Lab 26. Optimizing Data Distribution 33. Checking for Failed Segments 22.iqonlinetraining. Recovering a Failed Master 24. Optimizing Your Database Design 4 Bigdata Greenplum Online Training | www. Routine System Maintenance Tasks  Routine Vacuum and Analyze  System Catalog Maintenance 28. Managing Greenplum Database Log Files .

iqonlinetraining. gp_toolkit administration schema 38. Lab 35. Training ppts 2.34. Greenplum admin guide. Putty 7. . Internet. Greenplum community edition. 43. Materials/tools used 1. GP-development  Functions  Basic shell scripts 36. Pg admin installer for windows. Greenplum installation guide. Expected from audience (for Lab) 1. System catalog 39. Performance issues and tips 40. Investigating a Performance Problem  Checking System State  Checking Database Activity  Checking for Active Sessions (Workload)  Checking for Locks (Contention)  Checking Query Status and System Utilization  Troubleshooting Problem Queries 37. 2. 5 Bigdata Greenplum Online Training | www. Automation scripts for GPDB administration 41. (Greenplum client for windows) 5. Laptop or desktop with centos installed. 6. 4. Lab 42. GP connectivity tools.