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Hllj IIol'Ough County FI", RlMt:ue

SECTION: Administrative Policies EFFECTIVE DATE: 1 March 2010
Su B- SECTION: County Vehicles, A ratus, and Equipment REVISION DATE: 24 January 2011
POLICY TITLE: Apparatus Cel 0 n 7l.lph meric Pagers REVIEW DATE:
POLICY NUMBER 103.15 Page 1 of 1
AUT HORlZATION: """'";::l,L----------::.p.~-- Ronald Rogers, Intenm Fire Chief


a. Each primary response unit has been equipped with a cellular telephone to be used for depar1ment business.
i. Examples of appropriate use include but are not limited to:
1. Contacting medical control.
2. Responding to request by EOC.

3 Communicating on a limited basis with the station or a superior officer as requested.

4. Assisting a member of the public in making contact with family members during an emergency.

S. Calling poison control.

b. Other uses of cellular phones for county business are acceplable on a limited basis.
c. County issued cellular devices shall be utilized for County business only. No personal communications shall be made
or received on a County Owned cellular device, unless the circumstances deem it an emergency.
d. Company officers will be held responsible for all calls made from unit cell phones during their tour of duty.


a. Alphanumeric pagers have been provided to every unit in order to enhance the dispatching process and improve the
efficiency of communication between fOC and field units
b. Additionally these pagers may be used by Chief Officers for administrative purposes
c. Pagers will be worn by the personnel they are assigned to throughout the duty day. Pagers will not be left in the
d. On apparatus consisting of three (3) or more members the pagers will be kept by the Company Officer and vehicle
e. On apparatus that have less than three (3) members the pagers will be kept by at least the Company Officer and If
more than one pager is avaIlable the vehicle operator.
f. All pagers are Ihe personal responsibility of the members 10 which they are assigned.
g. All pagers must be turned over to the oncoming personnel each day.

h Pagers that are taken home are to be returned as soon as possible.