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Newsletter Week #20

Reading Focus: Homework

RL1.1 Students will answer and ask questions about Read 15 minutes
details in a text. Monday
Work on Valentine Box
Read 15 minutes
Phonics Weekly Words: Tuesday
Work on Valentine Box
RF1.3c Students will read long vowel words with a
Wednesda Read 15 minutes
silent e. y Work on Valentine Box
RF1.3g Students will recognize and read irregularly
spelled words. Read 15 minutes
Notes from your
Work teacher:
on Valentine Box
Writing: Informative Writing Mon- PE Tues- Music, Wed- Art
(W1.2 Students will learn about informative Thurs- Media, Fri- Art
writing, and apply what theyve learned in order to Important Dates to
complete a non-fiction book about the animal they Remember:
In order to boost participation and
quality, there is no homework
Math: Geometry packet this week. Please focus on
(1.G1) Students will distinguish shapes by defining finishing your Valentine box and
attributes (# of sides, closed, etc.) Students will reading each night.
build and draw shapes to show defining attributes.
(1.G2) Students will compose two dimensional Feb 10th: Early Release @ 1:15
shapes or three dimensional shapes to create a Feb 14th: Valentines Project due
composite shape and compose new shapes. Feb 14th: Passing out Valentines:
o Boys: Danny, Juan, Aidan,
William, Elliott, Nathaniel,
Science Felix, Finn, Brandan
Students learn to measure and compare using non- o Girls: Ava, Valeree, Moriah,
standard units. Emma, Emery, Ashley, Miley,
Emily, Valerie, Melanie,
SeRiya, Olivia
Feb 20th: Weather make-up day