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Capabilities Overview

Pressure Pumping Technology Center
Support for pressure pumping operations worldwide
Baker Hughes technology group
For more than a century, Baker Hughes has
been a global leader in oilfield technology
development. We start by listening to
customers’ technical and economic
concerns so we can provide optimal,
world-class solutions. Our pressure
pumping technology group, located near
Houston, Texas, relies on a full suite of
state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to
develop new technologies that support
our customer’s operations worldwide.

Guided by product line experts, the
pressure pumping technology group also
supplements a network of worldwide
regional laboratories. We also provide the
testing, analysis and laboratory services
that help maintain our reputation for
reliable, flexible solutions that suit your
well conditions.
In addition to conventional oilfield test equipment, the Pressure Pumping Support Center includes custom-
designed equipment that exceeds industry standards, helping to ensure our technology performs reliably under
Baker Hughes areas of your well conditions.
expertise include:
Cementing services „„ Advanced fracture simulation modeling Shale technology
„„ Standard API cement and slurry testing „„ Critical fracture system „„ Advanced reservoir studies
„„ Gas flow and gel strength analysis application testing „„ Production analysis
„„ Cement mechanical property testing „„ Log analysis

„„ Fluid compatibility testing under Production enhancement services „„ Geomechanical simulations

downhole conditions „„ Acid corrosion inhibitor testing „„ Reservoir simulations

„„ Critical cementing service modeling „„ Acid compatibility testing
(BJ CemFACTS™, BJ WellTemp™ software) „„ Surfactant optimization Geological services
„„ Ultrahigh temperature „„ Reservoir conformance „„ Mineralogical analysis
application testing application testing „„ Mechanical rock properties analysis

„„ Materials characterization

Fracturing services Sand control services „„ ESEM and thin section

„„ Standard API rheological „„ Remedial sand control application petrographic review
and breaker analysis testing (consolidation methods) „„ Reservoir porosity and permeability

„„ Standard API and specialty „„ Formation sand sieve analysis and studies Properties
proppant evaluation gravel sizing recommendations „„ Regained permeability comparisons

„„ Proppant conductivity testing „„ Fluid loss pill application testing

„„ Tubular friction pressure analysis „„ Well-inflow pressure analysis

(flow loop testing) „„ Full-scale gravel pack wellbore

model simulations

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