Flex ETP Notes may not be offered or sold in the United States or to U.S. Persons (as defined in Regulation S) unless the securities are registered under the Securi-
ties Act, or an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act is available. The Notes are subject to certain United States tax law requirements.



EXCHANGE TRADED PRODUCTS Contents 1 FlexETP 2 Comparison 3 4 Partnership 3 .

FlexETP Welcome to FlexETP. Bloomberg page. The underlying assets are wrapped and distributed through a euroclearable. FlexETP. FlexETPs are exchange traded products providing a new solution for investment management and distribution. listed security. 4 . ISIN/CUSIP. trustee and audit services. the most efficient asset management program concentrating on price. FlexETPs work in collaboration with Citi. Euroclear and Sanne Group. The Program provides price (NAV) calculation and distribution. speed and flexibility. PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Investment managers and FlexETPs provide a simple and low cost solution advisors make an important with reduced regulatory oversight. no issuer risk. always. type of operating vehicle to underlying security flexibility and several other use for managing assets. additional benefits. tax deferment. 5 . Comparison the better option. distribution decision when choosing the acceptance.

for multiple accounts or to and track record. manage a single account. T h e euroclearable security. Products o f p u b l i c s e cu r i t i e s. 8 . securities and payment characteristic. the need to open and administer the investor’s statement. Private securities get instant and payments are distributed and can be used as a product global distribution. L FlexETP FlexETP FlexETP FUND WRAPPER LOAN In vestors par ticipate in Provide access to private Create a security tied to a a ny in vestment strateg y securities through a feeder loan agreement. Through Euroclear. which Portfolio Manager or by an investor's account preventing price/NAV is published in assigned third party. entities or to the underlying contract held in a custodial account securities can be including distributions and/ and are controlled by the distributed directl y to an or interest accrual. Products can include any fee new accounts and transfers. exposure to the investor’s account. Existing can be designed accordingly u n d e r l y i n g s e cu r i t i e s a re pri vate f unds. Benefits The key solutions.

Distinct flexibility and Our purpose to bring an efficient investment low cost development structure comes from a two fold market transition. Benefits Creating opportunities. Complete Administration Provided by Top Tier Professionals Investment Advisors Pooled Management via an Advantaged Investment Vehicle No Requirement to Generate Statements or Invoice Customers Listed FlexETPs as Propietary Name-Branded Investment Products Broker-Dealers Management Fee Generates Constant and Predictable Cash Flow FlexETPs are Purchased through any Investor Custodial Account Increase Management Fee Revenue through Reduced Costs Intermediary Advisors No Requirement to Calculate or Distribute Investment Returns Low Set Up Expense Including Legal and Issuance HedgeFund Product is Represented by Listed Security Hedge Funds Complete Flexibility on Product Fees and Payments Complete Administration Provided by Top Tier Professionals Ease of Accessto Foreign Capital via Global Distribution Project Developers Robust Program with Emphasis on Asset Protection Administration by Independent Trustees 7 . of a FlexETP provides Riskier and inefficient brokerage investment model. any alternative. significant benefits and and tighter margins on traditional investment solutions unequaled by products.

as well as the investment product characteristics investor’s information. compliance. 1 CONTROL 5 CONFIDENTIALITY Advisors control underlying assets and define Composition and trading in an account. transfer. trusteeship FlexETPs are titled as requested by the advisor and audit covered by industry leaders such as Citibank. Sanne Group and PwC 4 ASSET PROTECTION Claims limited to the underlying assets of the note 8 TAX DEFERMENT with no cross-claim among notes No capital gain or loss within custodial account FlexETPs are ‘ring-fenced’. calculation. currency and composition Advisors determine if the composition and trading can be defined and managed by the Advisor activity is disclosed 2 SPEED 6 DEPOSITORY REGISTRY Efficient issuance process and distribution Investors purchase securities via Euroclear Fast turnkey issuance process generally lasting FlexETPs are registered with established depositories such a few weeks trading participations directly to as Euroclear with a unique ISIN/CUSIP investors’ accounts without the need of new accounts or AML/ KYC 7 TOP TIER ADMINISTRATION Complete professional service by the most trusted 3 PRIVATE LABEL institutions Advisors choice of security’s name Custodial. Investment advisors benefit from a turnkey solution issuing a FlexFTP. Benefits plenty of advantages. remains confidential Product offering fees. term. quickly and easily establishing one of the most advantageous and flexible vehicles for raising capital and managing underlying assets. providing investors protection Capital gains or losses are realized only upon divestiture against cross-claim brought by other issuances of the FlexETP 6 .

and jurisdictions. audit and in more than 160 countries Governing Law investment management. Auditor Transfer Agent Legal Form Irish Public Limited Liability Co. Price Waterhouse Coopers The leading global bank. has employs about 180. administration and London. The laws of Ireland 9 . Depository Trustee Services Legal Services (ie) Euroclear is the world’s Sanne Group provides Mason Hayes & Curran is a leading provider of domestic trustee and related services full service business law firm and cross-border settlement to FlexFunds.000 over 200 million customer Framework Securitization Act of 22 March professionals covering all accounts and does business 2004 aspects of tax. Partnerships with our trusted partners. New York certain securities. and has over with 71 partners and offices and related services for $65 billion in assets under in Dublin.

com +1 646 820 8001 Miami .EXCHANGE TRADED PRODUCTS FlexFundsETP.com info@FlexFundsETP.