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Newsletter Week #21

Reading Focus: Homework

RL1.1 Students will answer and ask questions about Read 15 minutes
details in a text. Monday
Math and Reading Activities
Read 15 minutes
Phonics Weekly Words: Tuesday
Math and Reading Activities
RF1.3c Students will read long vowel words with a
Wednesda Read 15 minutes
silent e. y Math and Reading Activities
RF1.3g Students will recognize and read irregularly
spelled words. Read 15 minutes
Notes from your
Math and teacher:
Reading Activities
Writing: Informative Writing Mon- PE Tues- Music, Wed- Art
(W1.2 Students will learn about informative Thurs- Media, Fri- Art
writing, and apply what theyve learned in order to Important Dates to
complete a non-fiction book about the animal they Remember:
If you have not already sent in
signed report card envelope,
Math: Geometry please do so immediately.
(1.G1) Students will distinguish shapes by defining We will pilot a recess time change
attributes (# of sides, closed, etc.) Students will this week. Wed like to move
build and draw shapes to show defining attributes. recess from 2:05 to 12:30. This
(1.G2) Students will compose two dimensional
will allow students to have recess
without the 5th graders resulting in
shapes or three dimensional shapes to create a
a safer space with less students
composite shape and compose new shapes. (and it is easier for us to see
everyone). We are also hoping
this will allow for more efficient
Science use of instructional time as we are
Students learn to measure and compare using non- eliminating some transition and
standard units. clean up time!

Feb 14th: Valentines Project due

Feb 14th: Passing out Valentines:
o Boys: Danny, Juan, Aidan,
William, Elliott, Nathaniel,
Felix, Finn, Brandan
o Girls: Ava, Valeree, Moriah,
Emma, Emery, Ashley, Miley,
Emily, Valerie, Melanie,